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January 23, 2017

NBUS Challenge #9!

Greetings, NBUSers!

Today is the start of the second week of my three-week blog birthaversary NBUS celebration!! As I am wont to do in my talkative way, this is a novelette, so grab yourself a large drinkie-poo and a boxed lunch!

The basic idea of this challenge is evident in the name. You are to use schtuff never before used (virginal) on your creation. It can be something you've had for years or something you got yesterday. For the history of NBUS and to see prior challenges, please see the tab above or click HERE

If you would like to see last week's challenge information and gallery, click HERE.

January 23, 2017 ~ January 29, 2017

🔹Please use a NBUS item and share what it is.
🔹Please follow using the blue "Follow" button on the side bar.
🔹Please only enter this challenge three times with new work only.
🔹Please only enter four other challenges, for a total of five, including this one.
🔹Please mention the NBUS Challenge and link your post back here.
🔹Please leave encouraging comments on each other's creations.
🔹Please click HERE for how you enter if you don't have a blog.
🔹Please enjoy!

Note: These are all NEW prizes for this week's challenge!

  1. $25 gift card. Winner's choice to any American company. [GC]
  2. $25 gift card. Winner's choice to any American company. [GC]
  3. Adhesive Tape Glider and three tape refills. [ATG]
  4. Mini MISTI Stamping Tool. [M]
  5. Chameleon Pens [CP]
I will hold three separate drawings for each of the three NBUS Challenges. Winners of ALL THREE challenges will be published on February 13, 2017. These prizes are open to participants from all over the world who enter their creation in the gallery. (The ATG is gently used.)

Important: In your comment (or after your name in the gallery when you link up), please indicate which of the prizes you would like to win by including the alpha letter(s) shown above after the name of the prize. If you have no preference, please indicate [ANY]. To be fair, for the non-gift certificate items, please don't request them if you already own them or something substantially similar. If you do not make an indication of your preference, I will assume that you do not want to be included in the drawing for a prize. 

Contact InformationAlso, if you and I have not communicated via email in the past five years, please make sure you use the secure "contact me" form on the right to provide me with your email address! Commenting doesn't always provide me with your email information if you are a No-Reply blogger. If I can't contact you, you can't win!  💙



Thank you so much to all of you who tackled the optional theme last week of using colored pencils on kraft! I was so glad to see all the enthusiasm and find out I wasn't the only one who had never tried that technique!

Even though I mentioned several times in my post last week that the theme was optional, there was still some confusion. So this week I'm going to put the optional theme(s) further down in the post to differentiate the required from the optional. 

Feel free to stop here if you just want to make a creation using something NBUS. That's perfectly fine and I can't wait to see what you make!


If you'd like to check out the Optional Theme(s), read on!

My inspiration card:
I used a heart e/f from Sizzix for SU on the top and bottom of the card base and I added score lines with my Scor-Buddy. For the hidden word panel of the card, I used an ancient heart stamp from SU. You can't really see it, but it is heat-embossed with red e/p. 

Then I cut out the "hello" from the panel using a NBUS die by WPlus9. To give the hidden word dimension, I cut another hello from a piece of adhesive white fun foam, glued it to the top die cut and inserted the word back into the negative opening. A few splatters and baby pearls and wallah!


OPTIONAL Theme Elements

1.  The first optional theme I used this week is a NBUS Technique called "Hidden Word" or "Camouflaged Word" or, if you want to get technical "Steganography."
Steganography is the practice of concealing a file, message, image, or video within another file, message, image, or video. The word combines the Greek words steganos, meaning "covered, concealed, or protected", and graphein meaning "writing."
This practice goes all the way back to 1499, so you see how ridiculously tardy I feel finally getting around to trying this technique!

2.  The second optional element I used this week is CASEing. I am going to try and do more CASEing (copy and share everything) this year. I originally wrote a whole section on what CASEing means, how I interpret it, etc., but this post got too long (even for me!), so if you are new to this hobby or would like more information about CASEing, please use the Contact Form on the side bar to let me know.
Note: The most essential element to CASEing is that you give the original artist credit. If you don't know the artist because you found the card you are CASEing on Pinterest, etc., then include a link to your source.
Now let me show you the friend I CASEd this week and her card. She is Chrissie Stokes of Simply One of a Kind and here is HER card:
I think Chrissie's card is just gorgeous and so perfect as inspiration for the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday! Note: Chrissie made her hidden word card by making two stamped images of the heart and superimposing her die-cut word over the other one on the base, rather than die-cutting directly from her card base as I did. Either way is fine. You can see Chrissie's original post here.

It was fun CASEing a friend and finally making a stegosauri whatchacallit card! I've always thought this technique looked so neat when I've seen it done. 

I look forward to seeing you try either (or both) optional themes for NBUS Challenge #9, but remember, it's strictly voluntary!


Enjoy your day! Enjoy the surprise NBUS ChallengesNo, seriously, enjoy! LITS!*

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse. Thank you very much for participating and for being incredible friends and followers and supporters! Your friendship and your encouraging comments keep me going! MWAH!

Remember, if you have any questions, please use the contact form on the right or email darnell dot knauss at gmail dot com. Also, if you want to be in the drawing for a prize, please make sure to let me know which prize you want and your email address!! 


Edited to add:

I wanted you to know that I was recently scheduled for abdominal surgery this coming Friday, January 27th to repair a prolapsed bladder. 👵 

First my face fell into lovely pouches called jowls, 
then my boobs fell into size 44 extra-extra long, 
and now my bladder is trying to fall out my hoohaw!
Surely, fallen arches will be next! 

I decided not to cancel the NBUS celebrations because I've been planning this for months, the posts were scheduled already, and I know you look forward to them. So do I! I just didn't want you to worry if you don't see much of me in Comment Land for a while and let you know that even if I'm not up to commenting, I promise I will be visiting all who enter and pinning your cards to my special NBUS Pinterest Boards! Thank you for understanding! 💗

(And please be careful, ladies. The medical literature online indicates that a leading cause of prolapsed bladders is repeatedly jumping up and down when NBUS goodies arrive!)

*Life is too short!
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Rahmat said...

Oh Darnell, take care of yourself, even if you have to hold NBUS for a while. I really hope you recover fast from the surgery, wishing you a speedy recovery!
Now to the Card, I love your card, and you did a brilliant job CASE-ing Chrissie's card. I for some reason am not a big fan of the hidden die cut technique, something must be wrong with me, lol...i see all the crafters using it. I know how to do it, but really have never wanted to try it. Your optional choice might want me to try, and again because it's optional I might totally skip it.
Will play, just recieved more goodies, the previous haven't been used yet.
Take care, and please don't visit commenting for a while.
Ps. Love the jumping up and down joke! Love your sense of humour!

ike said...

Ooooh - these are just gorgeous - I might well have a go at this myself. Nipping off to browse my embossing folders now :-)
So sorry to hear about your 'falling bits'. I hope they can get you sorted out real quick !!! Sending healing hugs and thinking of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jane said...

Aww Darnell I'm sorry to hear that you need surgery but I did laugh so much at your description...you are hilarious, what a great attittude! Get well soon.Your card is a brilliant technique...I had to look twice at how you did it..so neat. I hope to join in again and thanks for the clear explannations. Hugs xxx

Sue said...

Hi Darnell, Loving the cards.

Sending heaps of positive healing and calming thoughts and loads of hugs (((Darnell))). Hope the op goes ahead and you are soon home and on the mend. Sue

Liz said...

Gorgeous card, Darnell, great CASEing of Chrissie's card. I've never tried the hidden word technique before, although I've seen cards with it on. I'm not sure I have any suitable word dies, so I might have to think outside the box! I'll be playing for [M] and [CP] as I already have an Adhesive Tape Glider.

Good luck with your op on Friday. You know we'll all be thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. For future reference, remember to glue your feet to the ground if you are expecting NBUS crafty goodies! 😉 xx

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Oh Darnell! I was just popping in to say hi and noticed you have a new NBUS started, but then read you're about to go in for surgery! Oh my, you do have your hands full right now! How lovely you have some joyful browsing to do looking at everyone's cards, whilst you're convalescing. I wish you love and fast healing for your surgery and will try to find a minute to put a card together to share with you. Big hugs, Wends xoxo

Kath said...

A fabulous card and a great technique - I'll dig out some more NBUS and join you in the week - I would love a chance to win the Mini Mist, please.

I hope your surgery goes well and look after yourself.

Kath x

Hannelie said...

Oh Darnell, hugs and best wishes for a speedy recovery!
(And thanks for making me giggle , once again!)

Jasleen Kaur said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your health, Darnell and I wish your surgery goes well. I love your positive outlook to everything though and your ability to laugh at your own situation and see it in a lighter vein is truly inspiring.
Your card is AWESOME. Very well CASEing of Chrissie's gorgeous card. That's a technique I think I must give a try. Looks interesting ! Looking forward to participating in your NBUS challenge.

Redanne said...

I will be thinking of you when you have your surgery... and thinking how wonderful (hopefully) you will feel when your bladder is back where it belongs! But seriously, I do hope it all goes well and you really do feel much better afterwards!

Another wonderful challenge theme! I love your CASed card, red and white are always a winner in my book and your card is gorgeous! Big hugs, Annie xxx

Deepti Aggarwal said...

Hello Darnell..A big hug and best wishes for your speedy recovery..I love your attitude towards life..I think that the reason you look so young..seriously I was shocked to know your age ;)...you really inspired me..and I just love your Cased card..this hidden word technique is my fav..already tried in 4-5 cards.I just loved it..missed playing in last challenge..coz of cobfusion..he he he..Will definitely play along with my nbus. Thanks . Get well soon..hugs xx Deepti

Lynn said...

Saying prayers that all goes well for you on Friday Darnell! Thanks so much for your generosity and caring heart. xx

KandA said...

I'll be thinking of you and sending lots of love and get well wishes. I'm sure Hammy has got everything in the Playhouse under control so you just take things easy.
Love your fabulous CASE of Chrissie's super card and as I've just sorted out a pile of NBUS I'll be along later to join in and again I would love to be in with a chance to win (M) the Mini Misti xx

Jeanne said...

So sorry to hear you have to have surgery. I do hope you recover quickly. I wouldn't have minded you holding off on the NBUS challenge, but then this gives you something to take your mind off any discomfort. Your card is beautiful. Such a pretty heart! It's a good thing the hello is partially out of the heart, I might not have seen it otherwise. ;) It was hiding pretty well! Thanks for sharing and will be sending healing thoughts your way!! Hugs!!

ionabunny said...

OK, lets start with the bottom and work up oooh errrr!! Sending positive thoughts for a problem free and pain free procedure. Or at least excellent drugs LOL. Wishing you a speedy recovery. So glad you are continuing the NBUS xtravaganza. I am having such fun. Might have a go at the hidden word thingy. Keep meaning to try that. Love that name, but then your second pronuncicaion had me all thinking dinosaurs so maybe one of those will turn up in the gallery...... Gorgeous card. In regards to prizes would love the tape runner but would not subject you to international postage rates so I'm going to have everything crossed and wish for a GC. I thought jumping up and down was supposed to be good for leaky bladder but maybe that's a whole other problem. I assure you I will still jump up and down if/when happy mail arrives and to beegeezes with the risks. Take care. Off to hunt for NBUS dinosaurs. Hugz

Colleen said...

I love that technique, Darnell...happy to give it a try and maybe win the (M)Mini Misti or a GC! Now friend, take care, no more jumping on the bed for you!! I will be sending prayers and good wishes for a speedy recovery! Heart Hugs, col

Ros Crawford said...

I'll be thinking of you my friend and hoping that you will soon be on the mend. Gorgeous cards today and this is a technique I love... I haven't had much time yet to create for fun but I do love to stop by and see the creations here. Sending hugs...

Mary-Anne V said...

Will be praying for a successful and quick surgery for you and that all goes well with your post op healing. Thanks for the new challenge.

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

So sorry for your surgery Darnell, I wish you a successful surgery and a very speed recovering!
But your last words has made me laught! :D You are just fabulous!
Thanks for another NBUS challenge and for the inspiration for optional technique: your card is a delight!!

Petra Swart said...

You are really inspiring me to try new things with your challenges, Darnell!!!!! Have never tried the hidden word thing and I'm really excited to see what I can come up with using my one and ONLY word die that says 'hello'!!!! LOL!!!! And thank you so much for offering such great prizes again ...you are such an angel and please include me for all the draws on this challenge!!!!
Your CASE of Chrissie's card is fabulous and you've inspired me play along CASEing as well!!!!
Thinking of you on Friday and praying that all goes well!!!!!
Have a great day!!!!

Pat said...

I love your great CASEing of Chrissie's pretty card and this hidden word technique is certainly a good one to do. Sorry to hear you have to have surgery Darnell and will be thinking of you and hope it doesn't take too long before you are feeling better, and no jumping about for a few weeks! Some really wonderful prizes again, and this time I would like to play for the Chameleon Pens (CP) again providing the international post isn't astronomic, and the Gift Cards (GC). x

Janis said...

Darn it, Darnell....I thought your were going to do something funny with jowls and bowels...but it is a gravitating bladder, instead! So sorry surgery is needed, but so thankful that modern medical assistance is available to keep all of us old "tried and frieds" in semi-working order! Will be keeping you in prayer!

Your card is lovely and a wonderful CASE! I'm not so sure I am up to your clever hidden dinosaur trick, but I do love to gain inspiration from other card artists so CASEing might be the best I can manage this time.

Thank you for the lovely challenge!!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Cheryl W. said...

Oh, man - abdominal surgery is tough duty! So sorry you have to go through that. Just know that there are thousands of crafters swirling around in the interwebs, thinking of you and wishing you well. We'll try not to make you laugh for the first week or so. That can hurt! But we will try to bring a smile to your face and a twinkle to your eye with our NBUS creations. Big, healing hugs to you!!

Nan G said...

Gorgeous card Darnell! Love hidden word cards. My goodness, aren't you the trooper...surgery and running NBUS! Hope all goes well with the surgery and you're back to your normal becited self in no time. Warm hugs

Kay Miller said...

Darnell your card is just beautiful! I love that technique but didn't use it on my card. I actually got confused and thought I was doing the first challenge, but came to find out, this was a whole new one, so I'm doing this one :) haha! Anyway, you have my thoughts, prayers, and well wishes on your surgery! Big hugs and get that thing fixed so you can keep jumping when that NBUS arrives! :D

Krisha said...

G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S card my friend! Love the technique and how you applied it to your card.....even if you were "inspired" by someone else.....CASing is always good in my book...*grin*

I thought gravity was my enemy, but now I find out it has a NBUS partner!! I will still take my chances on a "win".......I already have to stand on my head to get things back into the appropriate sections of my body anyway, and cross my legs when I feel a sneeze coming on!

Sending you lots of hugs and prayers to the Man above!!!


Lisa Elton said...

Sending lots of love, hugs and prayers that all goes well Friday along with a speedy recovery. You are kind, loving and extra sweet. You deserves nothing but the best. Love your pretty card today!

Macimbalo said...

Oh Darnell, even when you are facing surgery, you make us all laugh so much with your positive, happy outlook and posts. We all feel so blessed by you and your blog and we wish you the best on your surgery and a comfortable recovery. Take care, love your card!

Laurie Unger said...

Don't worry about commenting until you feel up to it. Take care of YOU first and foremost. Hugs and prayers!

Cat Craig said...

I'm going in order...its just easier that way. Your card is fantastic. It has such interest and texture. I am sorry to hear you need surgery...but unexpected fallings out of hoohaws is not a good thing. Sending hugs and prayers for successful surgery and fast healing. Looking forward to playing again in your NBUS challenge #9.

JennyH said...

Darnell, your card turned out beautifully. Not sure if I'll be attempting this technique but definitely playing with lots of NBUS anyway.
Good luck with your surgery and rest up, commenting can always wait : )
Prize choice this time round is M or CP.

Pia S said...

Ah, that heart card looks totally awesome! Going to have to find some NBUS items in my stash (that's not going to be hard, lol). Good luck on your surgery.

conil said...

Sending huge hugs and massive amounts of positive vibes for the bit day on the 27th and the ensuing recovery from it.
"Love" your hidden message card (I'd use your fancy word for it but I don't think I could concentrate long enough to remember how to spell it). That said...it is the perfect CASE.

Carole said...

Do hope the surgery goes well for you Darnell and everything is soon back where it should be! So sorry that to date haven't found the time to join in the NBUS challenge...life gets in the way sometimes, as it is for you now and things must take a back seat. Hugs xx

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

Your card is beautiful! And so sorry to hear about your surgery! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! And I hope for a smooth recovery for you!

Fikreta said...

I hope the surgery goes well for you.
I wish you fast recovery.
Sending hugs and prayers.

Your card is gorgeous.
I will try to participate in this challengge.
never try this so I think I will try it.
if random chose my name i would like prize 4 or 5.
because we dint have those in Croatia.
thank you for the chance!
have a wonderful day.

hugs, Ŧĭƙĭ

Barb Ghig said...

Oh my gosh Darnell, I feel so badly that you have to go through surgery right in the middle of your challenge! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers all the way...and don't worry about visiting anyone...just take good care of yourself!

I love, love, love your card! The beautiful pattern on the heart looks amazing with your die cut sentiment, and I love your embossed background! Fabulous take on Chrissie's card, too!

Thank you so much for being so incredibly generous with your giveaway, too! And, for sharing the formal definition for this technique :)

Take care, sweetie...and God speed you to a 'Betta Blatta'!!! Mwah ♥

Sarah said...

A fabulous card and, as usual a wonderful post Darnell. Your edited section made me roar with laughter...couldnt help myself. I hope the surgery goes well on Friday, I will be thinking of you xx

brandco2450@gmail.com said...

Gorgeous card! Thanks for your add-on. Good luck on Friday and I wish you a speedy recovery.

Jean said...

I am sending good thoughts for your surgery! Will be thinking of you! Gorgeous cards! I look forward to participating in the challenge!

Michele K. Henderson said...

I hope you feel better soon, Darnell! This looks like a fun challenge for #9! I would LOVE to win either option (GC) or option (GC)! Thanks for a fun opportunity. Your cards are gorgeous!
Take care!

Karenladd said...

You never fail to inspire me Darnell...or to make me laugh! Not that your surgery is a laughing matter, but your description surely is. I hope the surgery goes smoothly and that you are jumping up and down with joy very soon. In the meantime, I can't wait to try that hidden word technique (I won't even try to spell the "stegasaurus" word)and am glad to have an impressive word to add to my crafting vocabulary this week. I would love another chance to win the Mini Misti (prize M), or any of the GC's. Thank you for motivating us to pull out those NBUS and actually use them instead of hoarding!

Theresa's Studio said...

Wishing you a Speedy Recovery. Decided to make my card a Get Well one so consider this one for you. The cabin kinda reminds me of your playhouse. Love your card. Just used NBUS and did not use the option this week. Would like the Mini Misti if I get lucky.
Hugs to you!

nancy littrell said...

I LOVE your gorgeous hidden word Valentine card Darnell. Sorry you have to have surgery my friend. Hopefully you will be up to enjoying all your fans creative NBUS #9 cards and get well messages. Take care and hopefully hammy will be able to visit you and that your stay in the hospital is short! Big Hugs, Nancy

Barb Ghig said...

I'm so sorry...after all that, I completely forgot to say that if I should be so lucky, I would love to have M or CP. Thanks so much, Darnell ~ Hugs to you!

Cathy said...

Hi Darnell, best wishes for a quick recovery from your surgery. Note to self no more jumping up & down lol! Will try and play along with your celebration this week.Take care, Cathy x

Lisa said...

I hope all goes well with your surgery, Darnell. Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. Your card is stunning!! I so hope to be able to play along this week!! Good luck with the surgery and I hope the recovery is quick an painless. Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Nonni said...

Steganography... I've never tried that! I hope to make a card trying that! By the way I just realized I was only following you as "old Nonni", since changing my blog address and profile I had forgotten to click the button again so if you wonder who is the "new" follower, it's just the old me! :) Best of luck for your operation this Friday. I hope everything goes well and I'm sure everything will. Sending hugs!

I Card Everyone said...

You know, D. I cannot resist am embossed card! Your use of the old SU heart made my old heart happy. I completely understand you CASEing Chrissy's card it is gorgeous!
Your use of hoohaw had me heehawing ... why is it that gravity is so hard on us girls? Do your ears hang low?
I'm going to start standing on my head three hours a day ...
take care of you, don't sweat the comments for this week - we'll all be thinking of you! xx

Susan said...

So sorry to hear about the upcoming surgery - this getting old stuff is no fun. Loved your list of the falling body parts! You left off eyelids - I've sure noticed that one!!

Love the two optional theme ideas - will definitely do both as I've never tried the steg.... whatever it's called (that's another thing that's fallen - a junk of my memory ability has fallen right out of my head - so I will never remember that word!!). And CASEing is one of the best ways of learning new techniques.

Lindsey said...

Heehee..I guess we were channeling the same wave length or something. It is pretty unusual for me to be ahead of the game, but I don't mind doing the camouflaged technique again. After using it on my card I wondered why it had been so long since I'd done that. It's too fun not to use it more often. I chuckled right out loud with your "ridiculously tardy" comment. You poor thing. I'm so sorry you will be having surgery. I just love how you tackle life with humor, though. You constantly bring me a smile. PS You are offering such generous prizes. SO sweet of you! I love them all and would be happy with any, but I have a mini misti already, so I don't need that one. :)

Zelda said...

I LOVE your card Darnell! It's a beaut! I'm looking forward to playing in the fun challenge. You'll be in my thoughts on Friday and wishing you a speedy recovery. As always, loved reading your post - the best way to start the week :) Hugs, Zelda

Kathleen said...

First of all huge apologies for not entering the first NBUS challenge, I really don't know where the week went and to be honest I thought that we had to use pencils on kraft, which was very iffy for me as I had only two pencils
Some really fabulous cards shown here, yours and the original that you cased, I always feel really guilty casing a card as feel that I have cheated but have seen so many cards that I would love to have cased.

Lastly but no means least, thank you so much for the lovely Birthday card that you sent me.

So sorry to hear that you are having more surgery, my Mother had a prolaps but I think it was her womb and I was pregnant at the time and she said to me, when you have this baby if they tell you to jump out the window, then do it, as you do not want to have this horrendous opertion, Thank goodness they didn't tell me to jump out the window, that was nearly 45 years ago though, and a different prolapse op and no doubt things have improved.

Best wishes and thanks again.

Kath x

Gerrina said...

Two so beautiful and inspiring cards that you made for the secind week and challenge 9. I'm so sorry, but I totally forgot to link one of my projects... I will try this week... Enjoy all the beauties in the galery; an unbelieveble inspirationpoint! Have a colourfull and fun week!

Anonymous said...

All the best for the op. Trust it all goes well and you are back in the play house soon.
Gorgeous card too :)

Brenda said...

Oh Auntie, I hate to hear you are going in for surgery. I will however pray for you and hope that you are back in the action soon! Thank you for doing the challenge, but you know we would have understood if you held off for a while! You crack me up! My jowls came too, my boobs fell a long time ago, but I think my bladder is good....for now anyways. lol I don't want your bladder falling out of your hoohaw!!! And hope mine doesn't either. lol So go get it fixed dear Auntie, and we will do the praying for you and God will handle the rest.

I am excited about this NBUS challenge! I have done this before, but it has been a while and while I love it, I'm not always the best at it, but practice makes perfection right?!! So practice I will! I love your card Auntie! Is that heart a stamp? Oh my I so love it and I love the card you CASED! Now I gotta get my butt in gear and decide what I will do for this challenge. Big hugs and sending lots of love your way. Brenda

Shelly said...

Yay for your NBUS Challenge! I see I'm a little late to this party...heehee. Well, I'm gonna try my best to join in on the fun!! With sick kids and myself feeling a little under the weather, it's been hard doing almost anything! ;) (Please forgive me if I don't happen to play along.) And you take care of yourself...I'll be thinking of you! Lots of hugs...<3
Oh, and Happy Blog Birthaversary!! :)

Verna Angerhofer said...

I love your beautiful card and I must say I may have to try that technique of using a hidden sentiment that way. Not sure I can pull it off though. And, I wish you the best of luck with the surgery and that you will be healed up really fast. But do take the time to rest up and heal properly before you try to get to active. Be keeping you in my prayers.

Rose said...

Hope your surgery goes well Darnell & you feel so much better for it. Will be thinking of you. Love your CASE of Chrissie's card!

Susanne Vargas said...

Another fun theme and inspiring card for this week's challenge! Not sure if I will be able to play because I have a medical procedure scheduled myself (routine, no worries). I hope everything goes smoothly with yours! And if you are right about the cause for prolapsed bladders then it is probably pretty widespread among stampers... ;)

Pam said...

Oh, my! You just take care of you, my dear. I hope all goes well and you're feeling better quickly. I have a mountain of NBUS on my table, so I should be able to play along. Not sure about the option, tho. Your card is gorgeous & so is Chrissie's, just haven't had time to tackle that yet. Take care!

Sandi said...

Please rest and recuperate after surgery to let your body heal. I will be thinking about you and sending prayers and good vibes your way on Friday. I would love to be in the running for one of the gift cards or even the mini MISTI...I have been wanting to try that out for sometime now. Your card is absolutely gorgeous but I think it may be way outta my league so I am going to stick with the NBUS challenge.

Tracey McNeely said...

Take care of yourself Darnell! I hope all goes well on Friday, I will be thinking of you. Your card is lovely! ~hugs

Greta said...

LOVE your card, Darnell! I've done the technique, but not with one end staying white like this & it really looks cool! Sorry about the surgery--will be thinking positive thoughts that you recover quickly & it works great! Big hugs, Greta
PS--I'll play for a gc or ATG.

Misty Elam said...

HAHAHA, I love your sense of humor. Love your card too!! Sending lots of positive thoughts, prayers and hugs your way, Darnell. I CAN'T BELIEVE I ALMOST MISSED THIS!!! I just happened to pop in to say hello and just about fell out of my chair seeing that my all time favorite challenge is back and going on without me!!!!!!

Shell said...

Hi Darnell :) Your card is fabulous and your sense of humour always brings a a smile to my day. Wishing you all the very best for your surgery and recovery. Thank you for all the inspiration... I love your blog. Take care xx

sandie said...

Oh hon, I am sending you love for Friday xx
This is a new term I have learnt today. Thanks for the education! I adore your card, love the subtle spallters. I am hoping to play along especially as this theme is more up my street than colouring....so might get to include the themes also. Sending hugs xx

sandie said...

Oh and GC
Will ah e to fund some NBUS!!

Aileen said...

Well Darnell I hope all goes well with your surgery and thank you so much for the medical warning, no more jumping up and down over the delivery of NBUS. Also told John no more swinging from the light fittings. Beautiful beautiful card, brilliant case too. Off to see if I can narrow down my choice for CASeing. Hugs Aileen

Linda said...

Another fab challenge theme and a gorgeous card too.
Hope everything goes well on Friday ...... sending love and hugs xx

Gerrina said...

Only now saw the bit of the op...Wish you well! Hope you have your energy back soon; know that if all goes well it still needs time and patient; something most of us do not that well :)! Sending some positive energy to you! Hugs, Gerrina

Diane said...

Love, love your card and now really need to try your technique, sounds like funa dn I am lways game for new things (well most things anywho)!!

Wow, I am right there with ya sister about falling apart, who invented these 'golden years' anyhow!! I wish the best to you and know that all will go just fine as you have a HUGE support system wishing you well!

We were out of town for your first challenge to 'the outhouse' races..yep ya heard me right lol....well you take care and all kidding aside I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy and easy recovery!!

maria f. said...

You and your hoohaw take care, now!

Robin said...

I just found your blog and I'm excited and saddened. First congratulations on your birthaversary! What amazing prizes you are offering! I read through it all but didn't need a samich or anything. I am saddened to hear of your health issues. My prayers will be with you to come through everything ok. I'll be getting on that NBUS card soon and back with an entry. Thanks for such wonderful things being up for grabs (I have so been wanting a Misti)! Hugs, Robin

Em Louise Fairley said...

Oh Darnell, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your medical team. As always your card is absolutely gorgeous, and if I have time to play, I will.
Gentle hugs,
Em xxx

Bunny said...

Thank you for the challenge. I pray your surgery goes well. I don't know what the recovery time will be like but I pray it will be quicker than what they tell you.

Getting old is not for sissys. Getting old sucks the life out of you. No pun intended. No laughing after the surgery either.

When you feel better, pretend you still don't feel well for another week and let everyone wait on you hand and foot. It works for my husband. Actually we let it work for him. Hah!

Bobby said...

Only you could make major surgery sound funny, Darnell. I know it's not but a sense of humor can get you through anything. I'll be praying for a quick recovery.

I can't believe how well that red embossing powder turned out on your card. I'd have a mess. It's lovely and the added dry embossing and score lines set off the heart panel beautifully. I'm thinking GC this time.

Viv said...

Gorgeous card again Dee! I will try and join in this challenge seeing as I missed the last one. Wishing you good luck for Friday too, will be thinking of you, get better soon ;) big hugs Vee xx

Judy1223 said...

Darnell, I always love coming to your blog...even through the "tough stuff" you manage to make me laugh! I love your card (a perfect CASE) and I appreciate that you keep hosting these NBUS challenges because I have so many supplies I need to use for the first time! I hope all goes well on Friday...best wishes for a speedy recovery! (ATG -- the one thing I wish I had in my stash but don't!)

Loll said...

As always, I enjoy each and every word of your post. First off ... your card is AMAZING! I love the idea of the hidden word challenge. Have not done this technique before so thank you for encouraging me (and thousands more!). :) And I can see why you CASED Chrissie's card ... it is SO BEAUTIFUL! Hope to make something soon and join in the fun. You are so generous with your prizes. I am not needing anything, so you can leave me out of the draw this time.

Take care of yourself. I know all will go well next week and that Mister will take good care of you as you recover. Lolly xx

Casandra Bennett said...

Thank you for your continued inspiration. You always craft the loveliest posts.

Geri said...

Despite an upcoming "lift", you continue to make us laugh out loud AND spit coffee through our noses if we (as in me) happen to have been sipping a nice hot latte!!!

First things first...will be sending wishes for a successful procedure and healing power to you via cyber waves . Does this mean that you won't be doing any of your 'cool dance moves' when we get into laughing bouts at the LH?

AWESOME card and a really cool theme idea! I love the splatter and of course, I love the embossed polkie dots!

REALLY, really hoping to find time this week to play along. Had great intensions to play along last challenge...but that never happened! Brady's b-day is this weekend and I have yet to start her card! No 'bout adout it'...the older I get, the slower I move!

Wishing you a speedy recovery pal!

Tanvi said...

Oh Darnell! Take good care of yourself & wishing you a speedy recovery! Both the cards are gorgeous!

Mac Mable said...

You are one amazing lady..To think of still running these fun and wonderful NBUS challenges and going into hospital! Had a chuckle reading your blog...other than the hospital part...of course! Gorgeous card Darnell and so creative x Will be thinking of you on the 27th x

Carol H. said...

Well I'll certainly be saying a prayer for you Friday! My sister had that done and it went so well and helped so much! You gotta get it done so you can keep getting new crafty schtuff!! Haha!

I adore your card, and the hidden word technique is one I've wanted to try! So thanks for the nudge! I look forward to it! Maybe I'll find a card to case for it too! Thanks for the challenge and many well wishes to you. Hugs!

Damjana said...

Dear Darnell, such a lovely inspirational card.
I'll be playing for [ANY] if possible.
I wish you a good luck with your operation on Friday. We will all be thinking of you. Hugs. Damjana

Jane said...

I'm back Darnell with my first entry, I hope to manage one more this week too. I would love to win ANY of your gorgeous prize but put GC and CP on my entry as my faves! I hope you are not too anxious re the impending surgery. Thinking of you, take care xxx

*Vicki* said...

Darnell, I really hope everything goes smoothly for you on Friday. It's not fun getting older sometimes as I'm finding that out myself! :)
I love your technique card as well as your beautiful CASE! I agree with you on doing these things more often and finding the time is hard too! LOL!! I thank you for your generous prizes too! I would love any of them! Sending you HUGS

Barb said...

I'm so sorry Darnell to hear that you have to have surgery on Friday and I wish you a very speedy recovery and hope you'll soon be up and about again.

Your card is a real beauty and a lovely technique. I'm sorry not to have used a new technique as time has been so short recently but I'm very happy to play just for fun. Barbxx

JD/ Jill said...

I haven't has a chance to work on a card yet for this NBUS..but I wanted to make sure I stopped by to tell you that Jim and I will be thinking about your on Friday and saying prayers that all goes well and you have a very speedy recovery.

Before I forget, great cards!

Sheila H said...

I love your card, Darnell. I've entered a card - managed to do so well before the deadline this time. I tried hidden word, but wasn't successful. I'll try again if I find time. I'll be thinking of you and sending prayers Friday. Take care, my friend 😀

Kate said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery Darnell, love Kate. Fab card BTW!!!

oldpunca said...

Dear Darnell, thank you for this challenge. This time I'm playing just for fun. I already won a price on one of the previous NBUS. I was too late for the week 1 with my card. But you wrote the instructions are optional. :-)
Take care about your healt. I'm sending sweet and positive thoughts over the ocean.
Hugs, Sonja

Jeanne H said...

I guess you must realize that many, many, many of us in blogland love you. Just look at all those comments. You are the best! Sorry to hear of the need for surgery, but trust all will be well afterwards. Heal well and hopefully quickly. Love and Hugs.
.S. I'll try your new challenge. Never done that! tfs

MaryH said...

Oh dear, You have been jumping up and down with too much "Schtuff arrivals", and I surely am sorry to hear it's had an adverse effect on you. Best wishes & prayers that it is a smooth recovery and that you get LOADS of TLC from Mr & Hammie. They will hear from me if not!!! I Love this beautiful heart card (and did you ever do a super job of the wonderful CASE that you did! Both of you are just too darned talented). Enjoyed reading the little background history. You're amazing that you find all this info, and pass it along! Will be sending up prayers that no discomfort after this is fixed. Big gentle hugs....and we'll be missing you, while you are recovering in splendid care! TFS

Nora Noll said...

Hey Darnell!! First, your card is STUNNING!! I love the hidden word and the colors that you used. Will be trying this over the weekend. However, I am entering today with a creation I made with stamps I have never used before. I would like the CP if I win. I am dying to try them!

As for your surgery-I had this last year, along with a hysterectomy. It isn't that bad and the recovery was not painful. Thank goodness!! I was supposed to have a third surgery with it but they did not do it. Now I am wishing they had as I have had other issues. I will be thinking of you!! Holler if you have any questions. I would be happy to answer!!

My Card Attic: Hazel said...

LOVE your CASE Darnell! Fabulous card! Sorry to hear about the need for surgery on Friday, but we are thinking of you and praying for all to go well and for a very speedy recovery! Take care of yourself and rest up to ensure that you soon 100% fighting fit again! Hazel xx

Lucille K said...

Darnell, wishing you the best with your surgery. I love your NBUS challenges because as we all know we always have new schtuff. Take care of yourself :)

JoAnn said...

Darnell, I am sorry to hear that you have to have surgery. I will keep you in my prayers that all goes well and you will be back to your cheerful and encouraging self real soon.
I love your beautiful card. I have not done this technique but will have to give it a try with some of my new schtuff. :)

Susan said...

Hope you're recovering nicely....glad I'm getting to participate in this challenge. In fact, this might be the first time I've participated in one of your challenges...or maybe the second. Anyway, hopefully, I'll get to play next week too (except...believe it or not...I have hardly any NBUS around!) Love your CASE of Chrissie's card!

Janis said...

I see I forgot to mention my prize preference in my comment way far up there. No option for editing or replying, so I HOPE you see this one waaaaaaaaaay down here....just in case Mr. Random draws my number!

Please put my name in the hat for the (GCs) and (CP). THANKS so much!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Sheila H said...

I had a senior moment (imagine that!) and forgot to add GC to my earlier comment. Please forgive me 😀

Jane Willis said...

Oh goodness, so much going on in your life and yet you're still carrying on with the NBUS challenge - well, I hope it keeps your mind off points south and that they manage to tuck everything back into place to your satisfaction and comfort. Don't you wish we were like cars, and when something went wrong it could just be whipped out and replaced?

Trina P. said...

You are either incredible or crazy. 😂 With surgery coming up, we would have all understood if you had to postpone the NBUS challenges. Best wishes for a speedy recovery with as little pain as possible. 😉👍
As far as your card, you did a fantastic job CASEing and camouflaging your sentiment. 👏 This time for my card, I did the optional camouflage theme. I would like to play for the 2 GC's and the Chameleon pens (CP). I've always wanted to try those pens.

ps. would it be possible to get your mailing address?

Take care,
Trina xo

shirley-bee said...

Every time I do my hoohaw exercises (locked bathroom optional) I'll think of you ;). Hope all goes well and that everything is restored to its rightful place. I'm loving this excuse to buy more NBUS - wait what, we're supposed to use the NBUS we've already got?? I may even try the hidden word technique, not done that before. Take care - you'll be leaping and pirouetting in no time!

lilian said...

Darnell I hope everything goes well with you and your operation. Sending healing thoughts and Hugs

If i was lucky enough to win i would love the Misti

Lilian B

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there dear friend,
saying a special prayer for you for the 27th dear Darnell for successful surgery ... and healing mercies as well, with no infection etc.
I have finally tried another new technique (not mine this time)...
.... and not 'zactly the same as a CASE but have linked over none the less. And love new technique.. totally recommend it with right die.
You'll like it cos it is CAS.. you maybe have done it...

Re the exceedingly abundantly generous prizes:
Have both the mini Misti (love it) and tape Gun .. so yes please to:

***Both GC and also the **(C)Chalmeleons .. been wanting to try them out..
thanks again dear friend and praying for many blessing on 27th,
Thanks so much for encouraging us to use up our NBUS!!!

Shaz in Oz.x

{Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

Marianne said...

A gorgeous CASE of Chrissie's wonderful card, Darnell. I don't have any big heart stamps, although I think I do have 1 or 2 digital ones... Now there's a thought. Digital stamp...finally install my NBUS laser printer...finally do some foiling using my NBUS laminator...and THEN using my NBUS W9plus scripty Hello die... You are certainly keeping us on our toes. I will try to keep at least that last bit of my feet on the ground lol. Don't want to chance a prolapsed bladder.

Hope everything goes well with the surgery. We will all be thinking of you and send positive thoughts your way for a speedy recovery.
Marianne x

Ros Crawford said...

Finally got to enter my card ... Should I be lucky enough to win anything I would opt for the pens - Never even heard of them! But then the postage would be too much so no worries... Have a great day!

Carole Pollard said...

Just love your cards today so stylish I hope your surgery goes well thinking about you take care Love and hugs Carole x

Carol L said...

I tried this technique - I really did, but it was an epic FAIL, so I just went with NBUS :) It looks so easy but my brain found it to be an incredible challenge I couldn't meet.........sigh. Your card is beautiful and I love how simple and clean it looks! So sorry to learn about your surgery, but I'm sure you're going to feel a whole lot better after it's done! Best wishes and warm healing hugs! {M} {GC}

Pen Sunshinepen said...

Hi Darnell, fantastic prizes I have to say. If I am lucky I really do not mind what prize I have but if I had to choose then it would be (any) :)

Have a great day x x

Brenda said...

Yay, playing along again Auntie! I think I will though my hat into the drawing for a prize, but would have played anyway. Hugs, Brenda

Anita in France said...

As well as being an absolute riot, Darnell (you had us both in fits!), you're an inspiration! Your CASE of Chrissie's camouflaged word card ... gorgeous ... such precise embossing, yummy texture and delicate splatters ... and just the loveliest hidden hello! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers on Friday and in the following days and weeks as you recuperate ... take care of you ... and let Kevin too! Wishing you a swift recovery ... and hoping that all your bits end up back where they should be! LYAMYAWBTOYMCA! Double hugs & bisous, bisous, Anita :)

Ruth said...

Darnell, you are awesome! And you will be even more awesome when your bits are sewn back in nice and neatly. I do hope you have a handsome surgeon. Makes all these things much better. Good luck with the operation. I actually did some Kraft colouring and didn't get round to posting in time, so I will aim to try the optional theme because it is something I love doing :) Love to you! xx

Karen Petitt said...

Darnell hun don't worry about the visiting. We all just want you well huni. I already have the fallen arches, lol, and fallen other bits too! Keep my name out of the draw again sweetie and please take care of yourself above all else x

My Paper Epiphany said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear about your surgery! I hope all goes well and you have a speedy recovery! hugsx

Michelle said...

Darnell, I'll be thinking of you on the 27th! A prolapsed bladder must not be very much fun at all. :-( I hope the surgery is a raging success! Your card is beautiful. I love the hidden sentiment technique. I didn't use it this time, but I have used it for an upcoming card. ;-) I wasn't going to enter for prizes, because (as you know) I just love playing along with your challenges, but then I saw a prize that I've been coveting forever and thought I'd throw my hat into the ring. Still know that I would have played without the prize offering, because I love NBUS as one of my favourite challenges by one of my favourite people. Take care of yourself and you'll be in my thoughts. xxx

KT Fit Kitty said...

Hello, Darnell! Congratulations on your big blog celebration! So sorry I haven't been around! I'm starting to feel better so here I am for your NBUS challenge! Your prizes look amazing! Wow!!!! I would be thrilled to win items 1, 2, 4, and 5 (GCs, Mini MISTI, or Chameleon Pens). You are very generous!

Your card is beautiful! This is a cool technique and I love how it turned out! I wish you well with your surgical procedure and wish you a speedy recovery! Big hugs!

Janelle said...

I am just one of many to wish you a successful surgery and speedy recovery. Love love love your card! The colours, stamping and embossing just work brilliantly together. Even though you CASEd it, you did it brilliantly! Big hugs to you from Janelle. :)

kiwimeskreations said...

Oh Darnell - love, hugs and prayers and stop buying Stash so you won't jump up and down!!
Hoping the surgery goes smoothly and you recover quickly.
I have only done a NBUS card - not even any CASING - so don't feel bad if you have to discount my entry :-) Should have come back and read the destructions again.
If by any chance you include me in the draw, I wold take the GC,s. ATG or the CP's.

TK said...

Let's comment on you first! My prayers for you will be sent out for speedy recovery, for minimal pain! We hope to see you soon, because that will mean my prayers are answered!
Until then, we will appreciate your wonderful challenge and ohhh and ahhh at your lovely creations like this one! Beautiful!

Jane Willis said...

And I'm back, with my card, using S that's so NBU that my fingers are now blistered from cutting up that blooming red rubber on the stamps.... I'd like [ANY] please if I'm picked.
Once again all the very best for the op tomorrow

Lisa T said...

Firstly Darnell, I really hope your surgery goes well on Friday. when you get home, make sure you have your bell at the ready to ring for Mister to run around like a headless chicken after you! Fantastic theme for this week's challenge - going to get my thinking cap on, so many fabulous people to CASE it's going to be hard to chose, and I love a hidden word, so that will be fun. You produced a lovely super pretty card with your CASE, and it makes me want to get my embossing folders out again (always forget those). Once again, hope you are back on your feet soon, hugs, Lisa xx

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Keeping you in thoughts and prayers as your surgery is approaching. It will all be better soon.....Do not let them take your wonderful sense of humor! I have been away from blogging for a few months, but it feels great to get busy and create. Thanks for hosting this great challenge, once again!

Lia said...

I really hope, the surgery goes well and I will think about you!
I have just posted my card with the 'hidden' words. You have to take a good look to find them....It's a great challenge again!
Lia xx

Sue - said...

Hoping all goes well tomorrow! Love your card and Chrissies too. I id try this technique when it was a LIM challenge. I might be back with another entry if I get time! If I'm lucky enough to win I would love the CPs.

Sybrina K said...

Darnell, Love these sample cards! Gorgeous! I just linked up for NBUS #9... although I haven't yet tried the technique you shared here. Should I be lucky enough to be a winner, I'd love a gift certificate. Thanks for encouraging the use of more NBUS and best of luck. :)

Sybrina K said...

Just read the edited text. Sending huge hugs... along with thoughts and prayers for tomorrow's surgery. All the best, my friend. :)

Monika Skinner said...

Hi Darnell. Wishing the best of luck for tomorrow. Will be thinking of you. hugs xxx

Julia Aston said...

Hi Sis! Sending warm hugs and fervent prayers your way as you have your surgery - I have had this surgery 3 times - over a 15 year period - You will do fine and just take care recooperating! Thanks for this 2nd fun NBUS challenge! Julia xx

Cris G. said...

That's a great CASE of the beautiful CASED card, the stamped heart is really gorgeous.
Hope all goes well with your surgery tomorrow. You will be in my thoughts and wishes for a full recovery very soon.

Di said...

Ha! I CASE'd your CASe and didn't use NBUS - me Dumbo! Back to drawing board and have done an entry anyhow - who wouldn't wanns play?! LOVE your CASE Darnell - and most of all am wishing you a really positive outcome from the surgery, Otherwise I'll be over there to sort out the surgeon's own hoohaw or whatever in a trice! Take care sweet friend. Playing for the Mini Misti again as I know how much you love yours.

Love and hugs

Di xx

Sheila H said...

Hi, Darnell, I'm back!! Here's another entry, and I'm proud of this one because the technique worked for me this time. I paid attention to the stamp I used and the area I used for the die cut. If I'm lucky enough to win, I'd like the GC. I'm wishing you a safe and speedy surgery. Hugs to you!

Sherrie M. said...

You are a trooper Darnell for hosting this NBUS party with all you have going on! Hope surgery went well and you are recovering OK. Hugs to you!

Jane said...

I managed a second entry Darnell...I haven't got any foam so I just inset my sentiment instead. Thinking of you today and hoping everything goes just to plan. Take care, hugs xxx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Praying for you friend. For Gods hand of mercy in all aspects of the surgery, with those treating you also and in it all that you'll have peace in your heart. Sending hugs and prayers.. Xxxx

Helen F. said...

Thinking of you today, Darnell and praying for your speedy return to creating and blogging!

Valerija said...

Wonderful card again. Very interesting technique.
I would be happy with any of the prizes [ANY]. Thanks for the chance to win.
Hugs Valerija

Megan said...

On a total aside, I think you consistently have more comments than almost any other blogger I follow. You have definitely created a community among crafters! Thanks for creating a happy crafty, hummingbird-y, flowery, hamster-y place! :) Hope you have a speedy recovery! You could try hanging upside down for a bit to see if things settle back into their original position ;)

Milka Gubo said...

Hi Darnell :o)
Gorgeous card!! Love it!
Thank you for another NBUS challenge. I linked up my card. This time I didn't go with optional twist. :o)
Also, thank you for the opportunity to win some amazing goodies. You are so kind!! :o) [CP]
Big hugs!
Milka xx

Neets B said...

What a gorgeous CASE of Chrissie's card, that technique looks fabulous with the red heart. I've played along and would love the opportunity to win the ATG! Fabulous prizes by the way :D
Apologies for not getting here in time to wish you love and luck before your surgery yesterday. I hope it went well and that you'll be right as rain very soon. Sending gentle hugs xx

Keti's Projects said...

Firts of all, great challenge, fabulous prizes and gurjuss inspiration. Thanks for sharing. I really hope your operation goes well and you be on your best health soon. Take care and looking forward to see what you'll come up next. Best wishes and hugs from Slovenia, Keti

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Darnell
My goodness! I'm obviously behind due to my own foibles so a day late wishing you well. That's obviously been brought forward but hopefully will get you sorted and unprolapsed. Everything crossed for a speedy recovery dear girl.
Love the cards. The embossing folder is fab.
Take care.
Ang x

JD/ Jill said...

My second comment on this post...I posted earlier hoping you would see my comment before your surgery...
By now, surgery should be over and I hope all went well...Miss seeing you on line...It's never the same without you.

I finally made a card for this challenge...(At least, it's not at the last minute this time...Thanks for all the fun challenges!

Nonni said...

HI Darnell, I hope you are recovering well. I so wanted to try the "hidden sentiment" technique but didn't have time for it... But thanks for the inspiration, will surely try it another time. I just linked my card and if I'd be the lucky winner, the chameleon pens would be AN AMAZING prize, wow! CP Thank you for the chance to win! Many hugs!

BożenA said...

Darnell Hello, I hope you feel good after the treatment and quickly return to power. I also hope that your jaw and breasts already returned to their seats after the first shock :-). Firmly embrace and thank you for another great time.

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

I hope your surgery went well and you are on the fast road to recovery! Don't worry about commenting. Not important! Get well, that is all that matters and get your anatomy back in place :)

Thanks for yet another wonderful challenge!

scrappymo! said...

Hi drarnell. Finally getting over to enter my CASE card. Hope you like it. The photo is a little dark but it was night time when I took the shot..whoops!

This is such a fun challenge. I am hoping to get back with a partially hidden sentiment card tomorrow.

Sandma's Handmade Cards said...

Hi Darnell, It's lovely to be joining you again in another fabulous challenge. First of all though, I'd like to send you lots of love and a virtual hug after your surgery and to say that I hope all went well and that you get well soon. xx Thank you for giving us all the chance to win such fabulous goodies and if I was lucky enough to win, then I would choose the Mini Misti Stamping Tool, thank you. Good luck to everyone :) Crafty hugs, Sandra x

Donna said...

What a fun theme and great card Darnell! Keeping you in my prayers for a speedy recovery. GC drawing please.

Helen J said...

Hope you're over the worst by now & starting on the road to recovery, Darnell. If my card is lucky enough to be chosen from amongst all the lovely entries I'd like a gift card please.

Chrissie said...

Back once more in the land of wifi, I just want to say I hope you are now feeling good with all your bits and pieces reassembled and suitably situated around your anatomy!
I feel so flattered that you chose my card to case and I love your creation based on it. Sadly I haven't had time to enter this time as we only got home this morning!
Continue to get well my friend!
Big healing wishes!

Jenny L said...

Hi Darnell,
oh I hope your surgery has gone well, and your are feeling comfortable at the moment, and not in any pain.
Get Well Soon.

Thank you for your wonderful comment the other day.

Congratulations on your 5th Blog Anniversay you are so very kind to be offering these wonderful prizes.
May I say Good Luck to everyone that enters.

Love and big gentle hugs from my house to yours.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

Forgot - going for GC and CP :)

Tina Z. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tina Z. said...

Dear Darnell,
I hope your surgery has gone well ... wishing you a speedy recovery.
Your card is amazing, I love your CASEing, soooo perfect.
and I would like to choose gift card (GC) please, thank you for the chance to win it.
big hug xx

Berina RGA said...

I hope your surgery has gone well. And wish you a speedy recovery. I have linked my creation. If I win, I'd like to pick the GC. Thank you.
Moxie Craftie

Susanne Vargas said...

Hope your procedure went well and the recovery will be quick!
Didn't think I would manage a card but I did! Both the die and background have been in my NBUS box for way too long! Unfortunately I wasn't able to cooperate this cool technique. Your card looks fabulous!
Susanne (GC or ATG)

scrappymo! said...

Hi Darnell. Hope you are OK. Thanls for hosting this fun challenge even when you willbe having your surgery!
I am droipping off my second card. I can not remember if I mentioned which prize I would like to win this week I think I would love the chameleon pens but would take anything! teehee

baileyrosy.com said...

Darnell wishing you a speedy and pain free recovery and hope you are soon back to full health and are able to jump up and down once again albeit more gently.

Take care and lots and lots of hugs


Maura said...

Hi Darnell,
Glad to hear that your surgery went well - continuing to send you healing wishes!! I linked my card to this #9 challenge but forgot to say what prize I was interested in. I would like to be considered for the GC if I win. Thanks so much, hope this isn't too late!!!
Maura (#143 in the links)

BożenA said...

Darnell sorry for the confusion, but I forgot to add signature under the picture of the symbol, what I dream. This time it had to be a chameleon Pens [CP]. Just in case, though hardly count on winning :-)
I hope that with you is already OK and you came back to power.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Where does the time go? It's February already. :) Pretty soon we'll be looking back at 1 year from the 1rst HLS retreat! Hope all is going well and that you are healing up quickly. I think maybe I'd like to give the ATG a try if I got the chance. :)

Neet said...

Only just found this post (after much scrawling down) as I was in America at the time - just think, I could have come to visit you and brought you flowers, or chocolates, or a strap for your earlier bits that went south.
Just so glad you are ok now and I do hope that you really are well and back to your normal lovely self.
Hugs, Neet xxx