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January 26, 2017

Hello Lovely Hummer Surprise!

Hi there!

Thank you all so much for your get well wishes for my upcoming surgery tomorrow. Between your good wishes and prayers, the learned hands of the surgeon, and the tender care of the Mister, I will be up and about and jumping around in no time! Mwah!

This is a scheduled post relating to Monday's NBUS Challenge #9 post. (If you are looking for it, click here.) I mentioned that one of the optional themes was the "hidden word" technique. The card I posted Monday was actually my second attempt at this technique. Today I'm showing you my first attempt which failed so it didn't count!

But first, let's look at this card:
I colored this NBUS stamp ("Hello Lovely" by Concord & 9th) with my Ziggies. I gave it a very pale blue background wash. I love this beautifully drawn bouquet stamp and was pleased with my watercoloring.

So what happened was, I decided foolishly (because Hammy had abandoned me to go on his Christmas hols) that it would be a good idea to use this pretty little card as a candidate for my first time trying out the "hidden word" technique.

Okay, great. I looked through my word dies and choose a beautiful NBUS die from Papertrey Ink's "Graceful Greetings" set.

Well, ahem. Who knew that this beautiful floral image and the beautiful NBUS sediment that I picked were not a great match? Not me. The words were SO well hidden that they were impossible to read even with the layer of tangerine-colored fun foam I had used to make the words stand out!

(Sorry, I didn't think to take a photo at that point what with the shock and all.)

What a bummer. Still, I didn't want to bin the card so I thought if I inked the coordinating stamp and stamped it, at least then a person would be able to see the greeting. What did I have to loose at that point?

So I inked the stamp and very, very gingerly stamped the greeting on top of the popped up words! By some miracle, I was able to stamp it cleanly and now the words can at least be made out.

What the what?

"Sending Things?" "Sending Huge?" "Sending Fhugs?" (A couple of you said, "Sending Thugs!" I can't believe I didn't think of that! I get the best comments!)

In case you can't read it, even though it is stamped, it says, "Sending Hugs," although the lines of the stamp and the lines of the "Hugs" are strangling each other. It is still better than when it wasn't inked. Oy.

We live and learn!

I wanted to share this with you in case you are trying this optional hidden word technique and having issues with it. Now you know you aren't alone, but I do hope you persevere!

And if you aren't trying the optional technique, that's fine, too! Just feel free to use your NBUS and play along here!


Hummer Surprise

I have to share some becitement that is happening in the backyard, even though torrential rains have poured down and nights are getting at or close to freezing. Those of you who have been friends for a long time know that I love hummingbirds and we have been very fortunate to have had them in our backyard for years. A few have even become quite tame.

Some hummers fly south for the winter, but some hang around because they know we will always have food for them. So this past Christmas, the Mister got me a pretty new feeder:
We placed the old feeder right outside one of the Playhouse windows so I can enjoy their visits up close and personal. These photos were taken from my desk.
A coupla weeks ago, I spotted a female hummer making a nest in the oleander tree just to the right of my window.  The skill and workmanship amazes me. And they make them look so pretty!
Here is photo looking out of my window at the tree. I placed a red circle around mama on the nest.
Here's a closeup:
On Sunday, I had the Mister take a peek in the nest while mama was away and he found a single wee baby, already hatched! (Normally there are two chicks, but we are happy to have one.)

I'm so blessed! Yesterday I was able to get this photo right through the window:
This is the fourth nest in two years we've discovered in different places in the yard. The other three nests all ended sadly. Twice a scrub jay took the eggs and once a scrub jay took twin babies. I know that's nature's way, but as you can imagine, I am SO pulling for this mama and baby! The odds MUST be in their favor, right?!


Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy! LITS!* 

I'm delighted you are enjoying the NBUS Challenges! I will see you on the other side ~ er, wait, I don't like the sounds of that! Let's just say I'll see you on Monday with NBUS Challenge #10! I should be able to do a quick edit to let you know how I'm doing. Again, thank you for all the prayers and positive thoughts! I feel the love and fhugs!!

*Life is too short!

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Lia said...

Darnell, I wish you the very best for today! And thanks for showing the wonderful photos. I have never seen a bird like this, because they don't live here in our country.
Your card is amazing with these bright colours. It gives me a good feeling!
Lia xx

scrappymo! said...

Best of wishes for a speedy recovery! I know you will be wanting to get back to creating!!!

Your card looks wonderful. The first view of that beautiful floral scene...oh my...it was so beautifully coloured.
Then you showed it with the sentiment and I had to chuckle...I am glad I am not the only one who sometimes regrets how things can turn out, yet still see the humour in it!

Will be entering my card towards the end of the week. Tied up with appointments and short of time till then!

kiwimeskreations said...

Thank you for sharing your card, the hiccups you had with it, and the wonderful hummer photos - like Lia we don't have them here, so it is wonderful that you share your pictures.
Praying all goes well for you.

Sue said...

Hi Darnell, Loving the card.

You are so lucky to have that beautiful little hummer bringing up it's chick in your garden.

Good luck for tomorrow. Sue

Valerija said...

Wonderful card. Love the colours.
Thanks for sharing your amazing pictures.
Best of wishes for a speedy recovery!
Hugs Valerija

Sue - said...

Here's wishing you a speedy recovery! So lovely to see your hummingbirds - you are so lucky to have them nesting so close to you. That is a beautiful floral stamp and you've coloured it beautifully. Sending you big hugs xx

Anita in France said...

That's such awesome colouring of this beautiful image, Darnell ... your precise stamping on the camouflaged die cut saved the day! It is a lovely scripty sentiment ... wonder if black fun foam would show it up slightly less camouflaged, or would it blend with the outlines? Just pondering! Oh your little hummers ... hope nature is good to them both this year, what a joy to look out on all that loveliness! Talking of loveliness (ie you) ... prayers heading your way for tomorrow ... LYAMYLFTSYBOTFMA! Big hugs and bisous, Anita :)

AlisonC said...

Hehe, I thought it said 'sending thugs', please don't do that. The bouquet is fabulous though. Your photos are wonderful, you are very lucky to be able to see this from you window. Best wishes. A

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Best Wishes for your coming op Darnell. I love the bouquet card at the top of the post but can see why you abandoned the next one, I agree with Alison I thought it said thugs too. Fabulous photos of the gorgeous hummingbird, how lucky you are to see these lovely little birds on a regular basis.

Sue xx

Lucy E. said...

Your flub up card is still very pretty!
Best wishes for a successful surgery :-)
Love those hummers! I had one of those
kind of feeders in front of my kitchen window
during the summer (they definitely don't hang around Chicago
winters). I got to watch quite a few feeding, resting their weary
wings and even some territorial chases. They are
definitely fun to watch. Here's hoping that your baby makes it to adulthood!

KandA said...

I know what you mean about the 'hidden word' hiding - I'll be posting my card later and you can see a couple of the letters blending in too well with the stamping. But I think your card worked out fine in the end and it's a beautiful result with the lovely image and gorgous colours. Great photos of the hummers too xx

Mac Mable said...

Thank you for the information on the hidden word message. Your card is so very pretty with wonderful colouring and colours and well done on fixing it with the black stamping over the pop up message...clever idea! So enjoyed reading about the wonderful hummingbird and family...will keep my fingers crossed. Sending hugs x

Ros Crawford said...

Ooooh! I don't know what I love best ... Your card or your photos!! I must say that your watercolouring is beautiful!! Stunning colours too ... Sorry about the sediment problem.
LOVE seeing those photos and you must spend more time gazing than crafting... Come on hummingbirds!!!
Thinking of you and hoping you are soon feeling well and everything else stays in place! Huge hugs!

Jeanne said...

The watercoloring on the flowers is gorgeous, Darnell! Oh my such lovely and happy colors. I'm so sorry you had such trouble with the hidden sentiment, but a bit relieved that hiccups like this don't just happen to me. So thank you for that. Oh my goodness, LOVE the hummingbirds. I will absolutely be rooting for them to be successful this year. I love how green your backyard is in the thick of winter. So pretty! Heal well my friend! Hugs!!

Nora Noll said...

How do you get your Zigs to color so beautifully? I always wind up going out of the lines when I add the water and it KILLS me. That bouquet came out so beautifully.

As for your hidden words-don't know how many times I have done this and then have been so mad. Why I don't even try to do that with a sentiment anymore. I always wind up having to cover it up with a banner die stamped sentiment.

Your photos of the birds are so fun. What a great thing to watch.

Good luck tomorrow!!

Birgit said...

I love your card because of the bright pretty colours and the saying works too:) I read it correctly:) I love hummingbirds and these are great pics you have. I have to read your other post about your surgery but best wishes and you will get through this with flying colours! I will be thinking of you and sending a little prayer also

Pat said...

I adore uour beautifully coloured flowers Darnell and sad that it didn't turn out quite the way you intended, but thanks for showing it and I am still debating what to do and hope to get my card done in time. The hummer photos are wonderful and hope that cute baby survives. Will be thinking about you tomorrow. Take care. x

Marilyn said...

Sending prayers for a speedy recovery!! I have that same hummingbird feeder. Your card is beautiful!!

Canonbury creations said...

Beautiful card Darnell, fabulous colouring! I love to read about other crafter's disasters,it was certainly worth saving.
Love the hummingbird photos I do hope the baby survives.
We'll be thinking of you tomorrow and wishing you a speedy recovery xxx

Brenda in IN said...

The top card is so pretty. The coloring is perfect. I haven't tried that technique yet. Oh, that baby hummer is adorable. How lucky to just look out the window and watch mama feed it. I thought from the title of your post you had acquired a new vehicle and I was so happy for you. But a bird is good too. You will be in my thoughts and prayers all day tomorrow and can't wait to hear a short hello from you when you're home. Hugs.

Whisper said...

Oooo what an absolutely stunning image and beautifully coloured too.

Oooo you are so lucky to have Humming birds in your garden, the once and only time i have been lucky enough to see them in the wild, was when we were at Machu Pichu, Peru and will always remember that ear piercing screaming, from the noise, when they flap their wings, Luv Sam x

G Peplow said...

OOh Thinking of you and your surgery, hope all goes well and you recover quickly :) Fabulous cards, that technique looks great!!The anomoly on my card was the simple fact that candles don't burn well under the sea LOL!!! I'm sure you were just joshing with me anyway LOL Big hugs Gay xxx
p.s the hummers are amazing too, I love the tenacious little things and am so jealous that you have them in your backyard :) xxxxx

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Darnell, gosh you make me laugh :):):) The new hidden word technique, fabulous! It does look like it could say thug, but I'm sure 'in real life' it clearly says hug. Beautiful colouring and card. Your hummer photos are fabulous, the nest is fascinating. We had a lot of hummers visit at our place in the country but I've never seen their nest. Nature is cruel, it breaks my heart when I see larger birds or animals stealing eggs. Good luck with the surgery and recovery. I just read your previous post, your description of how everything drops is hilarious and somehow makes me feel better. I hope you know that you are not alone! Good luck! Hugs, Shirleyxx

Lisa Elton said...

You've colored those flowers so beautifully Darnell! I have to admit, that when I zoom in on the hidden sentiment I DO SEE sending thugs LOL, too funny!! Love the hummer pictures and looking forward to more. HUGS

Sheila H said...

Darnell, thanks so much for showing this card. I feel so much better about my attempt now. As you know, mine was a "hidden word...not" for the very reasons you talked about. I just "saved" my card in a slightly different manner, but didn't use the technique I started out to use. I want to try again. Your coloring on this card is first rate. I don't think I would have thought to do what you did to save it. And your bird pictures are lovely. I always enjoy your nature pictures. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow. Be blessed!

Redanne said...

Your colouring on that first card is just superb Darnell!! I did see the word hugs but it is funny that some people think it says thugs - I love that!

How absolutely adorable are those little hummers, I have got my fingers well and truly crossed for the one baby, hopefully with it being so close to your window, if you see anything untoward, you can bang on the window and hope it scares it off..... I hope so..

I will be thinking of you, take care and very best wishes for a speedy recovery lovely lady! Big hugs, Annie xx

Krisha said...

ROTFLOL! Thanks for showing how thugs worked out. I was wondering just why you were sending your thugs out...haha!

LauraJane:) said...

BEAUTIFULLY colored Darnell..LOVE the Apricot tones you have going:) Simply Scrumptious!
I see Thugs...hence the need for the lovely floral arrangement. Always give hope;)
Just a note,the stamp is from C&9. Sending HUGS to YOU my dear!!!

*Vicki* said...

Well I have to say that your flowers are colored just beautifully my friend!! I have not ever tried this technique before...so I will definitely need to hurry up and get brave with it!! LOL!! Who knows what will happen, but I really love your flower coloring!! Sending you best of luck hugs for tomorrow!! :)

Gerrina said...

You are more a daredevil as I am... still ddn't try the hidden-wordtechnique...just afraid to smash up a beautful coloured card I think...
Think you coloured your flowers so beautifully; I am glad we can still see them through the sentiment :) Hugs, Gerrina

Monika Skinner said...

Great card Darnell! But I am so smitten by the hummies. Your photos of them nesting are superb! I am truly rooting for their survival. hugs xxx

Mrs A. said...

Super duper colouring of the image. Love the colours. Good luck for tomoorow . Am rooting for you. Hugs Mrs A.

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

My best wishes for a speedy recovery, Darnell!
Your watercoloring is wonderful and I can see so well the word "Hugs" :)
I'm so impressed by your new mama hummingbird and his little baby, such cute they are!! You are so lucky to have them just out of your window!! Fabulous! Sorry for the other eggs... But one baby is better than no one. :)
Hugs and take care!

conil said...

Fhugs right back atcha, girl. Actually, I think this card is gorgeous. Love (and have used) the stamp myself but your coloring of it is spectacular...excellent color choices. And the sentiment on it looks terrific. I could read it immediately, although we all know how weird I am (maybe I was a spy in a former life???). Honestly, your card is lovely, delicate and elegant. I went really simple with the one I did...now I feel like a piker.
I'll be thinking of you all day tomorrow and thereafter. Will, also, be looking forward to your Monday post.

Jane said...

Thinking of you and sending healing good wishes Darnell. I hope you are up and about really quickly. I had a play with the sentiment hiding but didn't have any foam to raise it on so I cheated a bit and just infilled....it still looks pretty. I'll put it up on my blog tomorrow all being well. How delightful to have a family of humming birds right outside your studio window...fingers crossed for them.
Take care, hugs xxx

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, oh, OH! So beautiful! I love a large image for coloring, and you did a stellar job on this. All those colors in the largest flower are pretty, pretty! Made me go look up the stamp set. Quite a journey you had. I fell over laughing about the "sending thugs"! We're all just having fun. In fact, you made a clever recovery and the sentiment looks great, I think. Your hummers are so sweet, too. I love all the birds that visit here year round. I was surprised to see your hummer nesting this time of year. If you have Oleander I'm guessing your climate is warmer than ours. California, maybe? Wishing you a quick and easy recovery from your surgery!

Julia Aston said...

How funny your hidden word stayed hidden!!! what absolutely wonderful news and photos of your beautiful hummers and the nest and baby! Now that I'm retired I'm hoping to find a spot to have a hummingbird feeder where I can see them from a window. Prayers flying around you for your surgery tomorrow dear friend! Julia xx

Bunny said...

I shared your pictures with my brother who lives in Washington and I'm on the other coast in Florida. We are both birders. He loved the pictures and wanted to know the area you live. What state do y'all live in? If you prefer not to answer, that's fine.


Tracey T said...

Just wanted to wish you the very best for a speedy recovery from your surgery to have things tucked back into where they should be! I look forward to heading south for my holidays but I do wish that certain bits of me wouldn't take that as a hint to do the same ;) Sending hugs, Tracey

Gramma Sarah said...

Continuing to enjoy your blog and humor. TFS the hummers....they are so special. Wishes for a speedy recovery. Hugs or Thugs or Lhugs...any way you can get them! Sarah

Maura said...

OH, my gosh, Darnell - I am still laughing at Sending Thugs"!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for brightening my day! Your flower bouquet is GORGEOUS (with or without the accompanying thugs), and I am sending healing wishes your way. I have the same problem as you do and you had my laughing out loud AGAIN when I read your description of it in the previous post - who knew that could even happen????!!!!!
Thinking of you tomorrow!!!

Tina Z. said...

I wish you a speedy recovery, Darnell!
I love your bright card, great bouquet.
And fingers crossed for a family of humming birds.
hugs xx

Verna Angerhofer said...

I love both renditions of your card and thanks for letting me know I was not the only one having issues making the hidden word type of card. But at least i tried and may one day have the courage to try again. LOL Good luck Friday and hope all goes great and that you will be well on the road to recovery soon.

Verna Angerhofer said...

Oh, I forgot to mention I redid my card with the hidden word too. But I die cut the sentiment in black and placed it over the top instead of stamping it. I got it aligned fairly well too and now I can also see the sentiment more clearly. LOL

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Hope you have a speedy recovery! Wonderful pictures of the humming birds and great card! Carri~Abusybee

Unknown said...

Dear Darnell,
Fingers crossed for tomorrow and I wish you a very quick recovery !
So happy to read that I'm not the only one not happy with the first attempt of the hidden word technique ! I tried at least 3 times but at the end I succeed to have something correct !
These birdies are so cute ! We use to have pigeon nests in our garden ! The other little birds are afraid with our cat !
You will be in my prayers for tomorrow ! See you soon !
Hugs !
Izzy Scrap

Anonymous said...

SUCH a gorgeous card, love how the paint mixes in the flowers!! Sending many healing thought for your surgery tomorrow!!

Vicki Dutcher said...

Fabulous coloring of this amazing image! I did chuckle about your trial and tribulation of the inset wording. At least you were still able to use it. Love the HB viewing you get. They are such fun birds :)

Maria Rodriguez. said...

Darnell, first of all, best wishes for your surgery tomorrow, praying that all goes well and that you will recover fast and soon. Now my dear, you are so lucky to be enjoying this gorgeous little flying jewels so early in the year, up here in NW Indiana, we still have to wait quite a while to see them back on the feeders, for now, we are still enjoying Cardinals and Blue Jays and little Chickadees plus our usual little ground critters, squirrels and chipmunks.
Now, on to your lovely card.....it's beautiful, I've not tried this technique yet, I need to see some videos on it, looks a bit intimidating but you did a wonderful and amazing job on both cards, I'm going to make a sincere effort to make one card with this technique and share it with you on your NBUS challenge #9.
Big hugs,
Maria Rodriguez.

Janis said...

What a lovely stamp and gorgeous coloring on your card. Hehehehehe....thank you for the giggle as you recounted your cardmaking surprises! We have ALL been there....and, honestly, I didn't have time this week to go there with the hidden sentiment! So I just went NBUS, plain and simple. Call me a chicken....(bawk, bawk, bawk)...but there you have it! I vote for Sending Thugs, by the way...and please keep your thugs to yourself. :)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hummingbird photos!! How privileged you are to have them nesting in your yard. I didn't even know they nested this time of year anywhere!! They don't migrate to my latitude or elevation until May and then the males to stake out their territory and fight with each other while they wait for the females to arrive. Do the hummers there double brood??? Seems like they might have time to even triple brood in some years!! Thank you for sharing your pics with us and we all are pulling for a successful chick!

Keeping you in thoughts and prayers!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

I Card Everyone said...

I couldn't BE more envious to have those darling creatures ALL year long? would be the most wonderful gift ... keep those Thugs away, yes, do send them AWAY as far as you can!!!
xo congratulations!

Kathleen said...

I am with you in hoping the little baby Hummer survives, I also know that it is nature but you don't expect Mother Nature to be so cruel.
Love your card, beautiful image and gorgeous colours.
Thinking of you.

Kath x

Brenda said...

I will be praying for you and your surgeon Auntie! I sure couldn't see your "hidden" word either, lol, then I ready you didn't get that picture. But I sure do love those beautiful blooms and you have colored them up so well! Oh how I wish I could color like that with my Zigs. sigh I'm not sure how you stamped the sentiment over the raised die, but you did well getting it on there. It really does look like "sending thugs". lol But now that I know what it says I can see that too. Too bad it didn't work out well. A lot of people are having the same problems so I'm glad you put this up Auntie, it will help them see that it doesn't always go the way you intend it too! Best wishes, big hugs and sending much love to you for tomorrow!! Brenda

Donna said...

What a gorgeous cheery card Darnell and always love to see your hummingbirds. I will be sending prayers your way tomorrow and the days after. Hugs, Donna

BożenA said...

WOW! It looks really amazing! I love watercolor background on a beautiful image. Beautiful card! I fit very well into the family of hummingbirds :-) Thank you for sharing these remarkable photographs. I wonder how it feels to see a hummingbird in reality?

Bobby said...

That was such a beautifully colored bouquet, Darnell, and I'm sad it didn't turn out quite as expected with the hidden word die. I am elated about your little hummers though. How sweet to see mama and baby so up close and personal. I'm praying that this is the year that the baby makes it.

My Paper Epiphany said...

Good save and your colouring is gorgeous! Wishing you lots of luck for the op! Here is a video about Hummingbirds you might like

Berina RGA said...

First of all, wishing you all the very best!! Hope you have an easy and fast recovery. I love your card! Your coloring is beautiful!! I actually like how it has turned out!! Your pics of humming birds are beautiful! Hope the baby survives this time.

Bonnie said...

How special to have a ringside seat to watch the hummer and baby! Hope this one makes it! Love your watercolor bouquet! Sending your thugs right back! LOL! You make life so much more fun!

Barb said...

That really is a beautiful bouquet stamp and I love your lovely vivid colours. Great work with your stamping onto the hidden message.

How lucky you are to have humming birds in your garden. I do hope this little babe manags to survive. Thank you so much for sharing the photos. Barbxx

Sarah said...

What a stunning bouquet and the thugs look great!! Fingers crossed for your hummers, we have house martins that nest every year in our garage and we have to watch out for the cuckoos who throw the eggs (or worse... the chicks) out and lay their own instead...lazy devils!! Hope all goes well for you, I am sure you will bounce right back xx

Linda said...

I'm sending You hugs my friend ... big ones!
Love the pictures of the hummers ..... they are so beautiful. The only birds I see up close and personal from my craft room window are seagulls ... noisy devils, cheeky too!
Gorgeous cards btw ..... beautifully coloured. Hope everything goes well Friday ..... mwah! xx

Cris G. said...

You are so funny :)! Despite of all the possible sentiments, your card is gorgeous!
You must have special skills to deal with little critters, because they love to visit your place. Such a sweet family, hope the mama and baby will stay safe.


oldpunca said...

The bouquet on your card is coloured fabulous. I'm admiring your effort to try out different techniques.
My sweetest thoughts will be with you tomorrow. <3

nancy littrell said...

Absolutely Gorgeous Flower bouquet and so beautifully colored Darnell. I posted my hidden word card yesterday..I kind of cheated..I left my die cut pieces out so the white card front showed thru and added a layer of coaster board under my die cut to pop it up so you could see it more. It really blended in without these steps. So maybe I should call it a faux hidden word, but it was fun to try the technique.

Get well really quick my friend after your surgery tomorrow. How fun to watch your hummer and baby while you recover :-) TFS your card and birdies. A big hug, Nancy

OH Babs said...

Your hummingbird stories are a delight to read. I see hummingbirds often from my craft room window. No nests. I will have to work on the hidden word technique but understood it a little better viewing Loll's card. The zigs are fun.
Hugs and blessings for tomorrow and hope all goes easy peasy. 🤓 Barb

adele holcomb said...

Sending you good thoughts for a speedy recovery from your surgery!

Thank you for sharing your card. Your cards are always so beautifully made, as was this floral; but it's heartening to know that even the best crafters sometimes have a less than perfect result. :-)

Your little hummers are so exciting, and how very cool that they nest in your yard!

Anonymous said...

Once again all the best for your op.
Gorgeous colouring saved. I probably would have die cut in black cs rather than attempting to stamp. Cause I know I wouldn't be able to stamp on to a die cut as well as you have!
Thanks for visiting me the other day - I was pleasantly surprised cause I knew you had loads on.
Thanks for the pic of the mama and her bub - what a fabulous view you have.

Greta said...

You better not re-read this post after surgery--the part about "sending thugs"--don't want to rip anything--haha! Just too funny! That is a gorgeous bouquet & your coloring is amazing, Darnell! Gotta say, my favorite versions of the technique are like the one you posted where it's plain at one end or across the top or bottom. You're in my thoughts, sweet friend!

Greta said...

Totally forgot to say how exciting that you can now see the hummers right from your desk! I'm so hoping this baby makes it! Remember, the baby hummers last year at hubby's daughter's house made it & it's time one did at your place! I was shocked to find out some hummers stay here year round--even with our temps below freezing at night! I can see them feeding while I get my hair cut--my gal works in a shop behind her house & her hubby keeps their feeder full year round.

Linda said...

Darnell, these cards are so gorgeous, so beautifully colored with you Ziggies. Lovely photos of the Hummer's. Prayers to you for you surgery tomorrow. Hugs, Linda

Fikreta said...

Gorgeous card! Words are so well hiden.
Gorgeous coloring.
I looveee photos of birdies!
They are so sweet. Take care of them and take care yourelf.
Sending you lots of hugs!

Carol L said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one that failed the hidden word technique! Unfortunately I trashed my attempts because I needed to LOL Thanks for sharing the pics of your new hummer - what a wonderful show that little bird puts on for you while you're crafting!!
Sending thoughtful and warm wishes for your surgery tomorrow. Sending big (((hugs))) too for a speedy recovery!

Jo Herbert said...

What a beautiful card. I love this floral image and great colouring in. Hugs Jo

Helen F. said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful hummingbird photos, Darnell, what a treat!
Sending thoughts and warm wishes your way for your scheduled surgery. You have many peeps in Blogland praying for a speedy recovery back to your craft room.
Sending big hugs (or thugs if you need 'em)too!

Helen F. said...

PS: Love the card and that pretty stamp...those flowers are colored beautifully!

TK said...

Love your card -- and it definitely says Hugs to me! Also, so excited for you to have another hummer -- what a blessing! I too love the wee little things....

Aileen said...

Sending lots of Thugs your way today and hoping you are doing marvi darl. Wonderful card even though there was a problem, at lest you looked at what to do rather than bin it and give up---- never. Beautiful colouring too. I have this stamp and its NBUS but screaming at me - stamp me stamp me stamp me from the flower stamp collection so might get to compete yet.
Love your humming birds as I have never seen them except when you post so I hope the baby makes it. How wonderful your photos are, though I have to wonder how much time you spend loitering on the bench at the window waiting for a shot or two!!!
Lots of thugs and kisses mwah Aileen

Loll said...

I've been thinking about you all day today. I know things will go smoothly and you'll be back home before you know it. Sending love and hugs ... and lots of healing thoughts.

LOVE the beautiful flower bouquet ... you have some serious colouring skills, my friend! The flowers are gorgeous. And then the hidden words ... crazy!! It's a special person that you'll be sending this to ... sending thugs isn't a card you would send to just anyone. :) Thanks for the laugh!

LOVE seeing the pics of your hummers ... the mom and baby are so sweet. I'm pulling for them too! xx

Kathyk said...

Just stopped by to say "ALL THE VERY BEST" for today's surgery - hope to see you back and blogging in the blink of an eye matey, take care


ike said...

What super watercolouring :-) I definitely read 'Thugs' too hahahaha
Wishing you well and sending healing vibes.
The Hummer is delightful and you are so lucky to have her so close to see. I send lots of good luck to her and her weeny baby :-) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

lilian said...

Wishing you all the very best today Darnell.

Lilian xx

Sandra H said...

Wishing you all the best and a really speedy recovery can't have you out of action for too long missing your incredable creations already!! l just love this post bringing your garden onto the blog and seeing that cute baby bird and the nest is amazing they really do work hard sending lots of hugs xx

My Card Attic: Hazel said...

First, Darnell, I will be praying for a smooth operation for you and a very speedy recovery! I hope all goes well, I will be thinking of you! Secondly, I may have got this wrong, but are you saying that the first picture of your stunning card contains the cut out word? Or was that photo taken before the word was cut out, because I have zoomed right in and can see no sign of a word! A great save of a very beautiful card my friend! Secondly, how wonderful that you have those marvellous birds right outside your window, you really are blessed in that way! Coming from a fairly large city, all we see from our window are, seagulls, magpies and crows! We'd love to see such beauty! Wishing you a very speedy recovery! Sending healing love your way! Hazel xx

Em Louise Fairley said...

Gorgeous card, as always, Darnell. I'm pulling for you and those precious birds.
Gentle hugs,
Em xxx

Vikki H said...

Oh Darnell, thanks for your flub card posting. I like the result and "thugs" is priceless! My avid, world exploring bird watcher hubby appreciated the hummer pics too! We're on a seven week RVs jaunt and seeing hammers here in Yuma, AZ. Blessings

Jean said...

I posted my card and also commented. I keep forgetting about the prizes. I would be happy with anything! Thank you for being so generous!

Misty Elam said...

Oh my. First off, that bouquet is absolutely beautiful in every way. Including the hidden message. ;) And 2nd, how blessed are you to have that nest right outside your window?!!? That's so cool!! Well, I've said a little prayer for you and also for that mama and baby.

Stamps and Paper said...

Darnell hope your surgery went well and I wish you a speedy recovery....thank you for your sharing a our beautiful photos


Sybrina K said...

Darnell, Just stopping by to wish you well with your recovery. :)

Rose said...

You've coloured the flowers beautifully Darnell! Absolutely stunning! Such lovely photos of the hummers too! Hope you are recovering well.

KT Fit Kitty said...

Oh WOW Darnell, I am a hummingbird lover so I really enjoyed your photos! We are patiently waiting until mid-May when we can put out our feeders again! To have a nest and baby so close is amazing! They are so tiny! Thank you for sharing your photos! Very exciting! I do hope the baby survives. I wish you the best with your procedure, which by now is hopefully behind you. I'm a bit late as it's been slow going trying to catch up with everyone after being offline for so long. I hope your recovery is quick and trouble-free. Your card is gorgeous! I do see what you mean about the sentiment - it is difficult to read and your write-up made me chuckle! You're such a fun person, Darnell!

Sarn said...

Beautiful stamp & beautifully coloured too. Great pix of the humming bird hope her chick makes it.

Sending you get well wishes for a speedy recovery xxx

Carole Pollard said...

Great post and fab card hope things are going well take care Love and hugs Carole x

Cat Craig said...

I love that you posted this card, the technique can be a bit of a hussy. Sending well wishes!

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Darnell
Well, at least its not "Sending Slugs" or there wouldn't be much left of those beautifully coloured, vibrant flowers.
I'm rooting for your baby hummer and for you too dear girl. Hope all went well yesterday and you aren't too sore today.
Ang x

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

I'm wishing you a speedy recovery Darnell! The card is fabulous, the hidden sentiment makes it very special.

Love and hugs

Cathy said...

Beautiful card Darnell, stunning colours and what amazing pics of the hummingbirds! Hope you are recovering well, Cathy x

Cheryl W. said...

I hope your surgery went splendidly and you are now on the mend. Take it easy and give your body time to rest and recover. We'll all be here when you are able and up to writing in your blog again. gentle {hugs} to you!

Liz said...

Had a chuckle when I read your post about the hidden message, definitely says 'Sending Thugs'! Great photos of your little visitors - how wonderful to have a baby!! Hope your recovery is going well. Sending lot of hugs. xx

Jenni's Jems said...

Hope you are recovering well Darnell and Mister is taking good care of you! I always seem to miss your NBUS challenges but I really want to play along with this one LOVE hidden messages!:)xx

Craftychris said...

Gorgeous card! Love how you rescued the hidden words. Your watercolouring is awesome! So are your photos! How super cool to have a baby hummer in the nest! Sending oodles of love for a speedy recovery! Hugs Chris xxxxxxx

Petra Swart said...

Oh, Darnell you had me burst out with laughter with your thugs!!!!! Not being so good at English I googled THUGS to see if there is a word like that and I came to the meaning of THUG: - a Violent Criminal or a Person struggling to make something of their life!!!!! LOL!!!! Sending thugs!!!!! Oh, my!!! (is that a well known word for you English folks????) I have to add that the bouquet is really beautiful and your colouring is great - love the black splatters!!!!!
And the little hummer baby is sooooooo cute - hoping that he will survive!!!!!
Hope that everything went well with the op - was thinking of you a lot - hope my card wouldn't take forever to reach you!!!!!
PS I'm sending HUGS with this comment!!!!

Marianne said...

Awesome colouring, Darnell. I'm often unsure about how to finish a card panel. I'm always afraid I will mess up. Well done on saving your sentiment by stamping on top. Quite an achievement if you ask me.
Marianne x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Ah yes, your card did end badly. Too bad as it was gorgeous. I appreciate the offer to send thugs. I want some to beat up my hubby since he gave me his cold (and now denies ever having a cold even though he's still full of gunk). Pfft! Great hummer shots. None around here in my very urban house (city bus even goes down my road) but we had them at our apartment, but only in the winters, probably too hot for them in the summer.