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March 17, 2019

Happy St. Pat's, a Balloon Bunny, and a Rad Dad!

Hello Stamplings!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We always celebrate this holiday because my sainted MIL, Genevieve, was a hundred percent Irish, making the Mister fifty percent Irish, our son a quarter, and so on. I'm Irish by marriage. Plus, we all love corned beef dinner.

Time for my annual soda bread story: It became painful obvious early on that I was only Irish by marriage because of how my Irish Soda Bread turned out. One could use it to build a stone wall around the premises that would last for centuries. Everyone was too polite to tell me and then one year we went to my SIL's for Irish dinner and I was enlightened when she served beautiful tender soda bread. "Me, lass," I cried, "how does thee make this heavenly confection?" And, thus, I learned my recipe was wrong and it's not sposed to bake for hours and hours. Is there a dish you found out years later that you had been making wrong?

I don't always make St. Patty's cards, but yesterday I found I had the prettiest shamrock Washi tape so I had to make this:
Since it was too late to add my one Happy St. Patrick's Day sediment, I added a simple strip of a minty green sediment Washi tape which says, "Make today awesome." Now I can use this card for any March occasion. That's a Brusho background from my stash behind the sweet NBUS flower from "Floral Squares" by Pink Fresh. You might notice I'm trying to use my stash of Brusho makes, as well as my pp. I feel like I should use up what I have before I have another play with Brushos.


Now we will return to our regularly scheduled program which was to remind you that we are at the halfway point over at Twofer Card Challenge #14 where the brief is BALLOONS.
 The balloon my reminder cards have in common is a die from MFT.

I've used more of the beautiful DSP from Our Daily Bread, and a sediment from Paper Smooches. I used the balloon to create the body of my bunny. The head, ears, and feet are from a PTI die. The tail was shaped by Hammy. As you can see from the size of the irises, my bunny is just a wee thing.

Using the same balloon and some cool DSP from the pad "Hey Mister" by My Mind's Eye, I created my second design for Father's Day. The metallics look like gold and copper, but in real life it's all copper. Very QACAS and, well, RAD!

[As you can tell, I'm trying to tackle PP Mountain. Hammy and I are really chuffed whenever we manage to use something from NBUS Mountain and PP Mountain on the same card! I still get requests from some of you to start up my NBUS challenge again. I could do a NBUS/PP/LOAF Challenge. That last one is a new one I thought of and it stands for, "Loved Once and Forgotten." How often have you done that?! Wait. What? Yes, I see that: if I do a LOAF challenge, then I'll simply have to change NBUS to BUNS. I mean, right?! What would that stand for? How about, "Beautiful Unused New Schtuff?" Hmmm, ... .]


I would love to see your two designs using the same BALLOON stamp, die, or stencil over at Twofer Card Challenge #14. You have until the end of day on March 24, 2019 to play.
Please do not be put off by the new Inlinkz sign-in requirement when you go to link your cards. You will only have to do that one time and you'll be set for all future Twofer challenges. I don't know why they had to "fix" a format that I thought worked beautifully, but I must have been gone the day they called to ask my opinion. Don't you hate it when that happens!


Triplets now!
Both mom and dad tend the nest and feed the babies. I always thought birds regurgitated the food for the babies, but eagles just tear off a hunk of fish and give these tiny birds big pieces! That littlest guy has some catching up to do and it's hard to watch sometimes when he/she gets overlooked during feeding. But this pair at Fraser Point successfully fledged three babies in 2017 and again in 2018, so we have to trust they know what they're doing.


Thank you if you made it to the end! This was epic, even for me! Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy! LITS!*

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower! Please let me know you came by so I can be sure and return the flavor!

*Life is too short!

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