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June 5, 2023

Best Day Ever!

Hello Stamplings!

How are you doing? Are you outside more often, enjoying the fresh colors of springtime or the last colors of fall? I hate to jinx it, but our weather has been glorious! Our busy lives continue with family, projects, traveling, appointments, and visitors. Life! Hurrah! But when I can, I escape to the Playhouse for playtime with Hammy.

Because I was short of time, I decided to simply pounce ink over this hydrangea image and I was pickled tink when it worked. Now that I see it on the monitor, however, I think I'm going to color in the flower centers with black to define each cluster of petals and give it a more finished look.
I have a few of these slim ink blenders from The Rabbit Hole. You can see they have small round brushes for blending. And since my hydrangea stamp from Ellen has small-ish round petals, I just gave pouncing a try using pretty hydrangea colors. It's a different look, but I quite like it. Plus, it's QACAS and that's always a bonus! 

Hammy winked the flower, of course, and he is now on a mission to sniff out other images that will work for this technique.

I made the grandtwins simple graduation cards using their favorite colors. 
Many of you have watched these young men grow up in the blink of an eye. We're so proud of them and wish them every success in life! (Yes, I look like Lilli Pution, but in all fairness to them, I have shrunk a bit!) 


Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy! LITS!* As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse

*Life is too short!