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March 28, 2020

I Dirtied Poured a Christmas Card

Hello Stamplings,

Our minds were taken off the Coronavirus this week when our hot water heater went belly up. The bad news is we weren't able to take hot showers, the good news is we weren't seen by any other people! Let me tell you, when you can't get hot water out of the faucet and have to go back to heating it on the stove, you realize how much you take it for granted!

But that's behind us now and I'm here to take your mind off C-19 for a bit as I share a Christmas-in-springtime card with you today. Now that I look at it, the colors are Christmas-in-springtime, too! 
I was hoping to get this made before the CAS Mix Up challenge ended. They called for the use of acrylic paints and said if we were really feeling adventurous, we could use cards made from a "Dirty Pour." That reminded me that I still had remnants of the dirty pours we did two years ago at the Eat, Sleep, Craft, Repeat (ESCR) retreat. We used canvas paper:
You can see that a few of them will end up on awesome ocean-related cards, but I chose one that I thought might work for Christmas to make my tag card. I missed the CAS Mix Up challenge, but I can link up to Rudolph Days where the brief is "Anything Christmas Goes."

Beware the Crumble

I have a funny story to share of something I did a few days ago. I told you that the Mister can drive now, thankfully, since I can't be out and about. He went to the grocery store and was able to get some staples we needed. I was working away in the Playhouse when he came home.

He walked out from the house carrying something, pleased as punch. It looked like he was holding something very precious. It turned out to be a crumble-topped coffee cake, baked in the shape of a small loaf. I was delighted! I brought it to my nose, as one does, inhaling the heady aroma of cinnamon right through the plastic wrap. "Aaaah," I sighed. He carried it back in the house to be served later.
I sat back down in my chair and suddenly I had this visual: 

Five minutes before the Mister walked over to the speciality loaf section, a little old lady had been there. If you had watched, you would have seen her picking up each loaf, bringing it to her nose and inhaling deeply before she put one down and picked up another. She was riddled with Covid-19 and I had just put my nose right where her nose had been!

Well, of course, that was in my imagination, but then again, it could have happened! How could I have been so stupid?! It just shows that no matter how careful we've been - and we have been very careful - something can happen to throw a wrench in. All I could do was laugh out loud. 

I told the Mister of my thoughts and then, still laughing, I told him that when the CDC came calling after my death to ask where I'd traveled and who I'd been around, I wanted him to tell them very firmly to write this in their reports: "She's been absolutely self-isolating since March 10th. She died because she buried her nose in a crumble topping."

And another laugh ...

Take care and stay safe. And enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy! LITS!*

*Life is too short!

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