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August 4, 2020

Add Schparkle at The Flower Challenge!

Hello Stamplings!

Welcome to August already! Whoosh!

August's full moon is the Full Sturgeon Moon.🐟 It's a wonderful month for star gazing and the month of the Perseid🌠Meteor🌠Shower, which peaks between August 11 and 13. This year, the falling stars peak right around the last quarter moon🌗, which means the moon shouldn't wash out too many of them!

August 1-7 is International Clown Week!🤡

And August 4-25 is the running of the internationally popular Flower Challenge! I happily have the honor of being the Guest Designer this month and the challenge prompt is perfect for me: "Add Sparkle!" 

Who doesn't love a little schparkle on a card?!
This pretty flower (which in itself is shaped like a schparkler!) is a Penny Black cling stamp called, "Together." Loll taught this technique at our last retreat. In brief, you stamp your image with Versamark ink, set it with sticky embossing powder, brush it with Pearl-Ex pigment powders, and then heat-set it again. Loll does a great job of explaining it here.

I was itching to add schplatter, but decided to keep it simple with just a lovely sediment and a pointed narrow Poppystamps frame to draw your eyes in. You know, to the flower, but not so far in that you're cross-eyed.

Here's a closeup:
I hope my card has inspired you to glitterize, glossify, wink, or otherwise add schparkle to your pretty flower design for this month's The Flower Challenge! I can't wait to see what you create!!👀

I. Hammy's Union Update

You might wonder if Hammy was upset that I used Pearl-Ex instead of letting him wink on the schparkle. He wasn't. I've given him some time off after several exhausting negotiating sessions with me about the advisability of joining/forming a union.

After my post about this, Hammy was very kindly invited to form an offshoot chapter of the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Horse's Union by his friend Susan. And then Mrs. A. (his friend from England) formed HAMAS (Hampster and Mice Appreciation Society) in Hammy's honor. Lastly, he discovered that there was an old unexpired Union licensing agreement available on Ebay in South America. 

But in the end, after a lot of defibrillation, he decided that I provide a pretty amazing environment for him and I meet his every little need. So we're all good for now, but I must hurry and finish this because he asked me for some peeled grapes ten minutes ago. 

II. Nellie Update

Nellie made it through her appointment at the vet where she had a great checkup and she got a passing grade on her teeth, except for her two teeny-tiny front teeth on the bottom which had to be pulled because of bad pockets of bacteria. Two days later, she was pampered at the groomers, so her needs have all been met now, too. 

Well, except for the ever constant . . .
Sugar-free from now on, little girlie!


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