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September 20, 2018

Lovely Shenanigans and Glory Hallelujah!

Hello Stamplings!

Greetings on this last week of summer 2018! How's it going?

I'm really sorry I missed your call yesterday. Michael's (I call him Mike) is having his "lowest prices of the season" sale so I ran over there just to take a peek. You know, in case they got in something new since I was there last week. They didn't, but it would have been rude not to buy something(s)!

Why do I always fall for that "lowest prices of the season" line, anyway? We all know the calendar has four seasons in a year and yet businesses have 32 of them!!

Hammy and I have sadly not been able to mesh our creative juices with the cue cards of one of our favorite challenges for months. That changed this week, YAY! CASology's cue card for this week's challenge is DRESS and we immediately thought of this sweet dress and hanger from Memory Box.

I cut the dress from a bit of left-over stencil monoprint background from my stash and just love the fun "fabric" it made. I outlined the dress with a black marker for some definition and that's why it looks like it was cut from something thicker than plain white paper.

The panels for the dress were cut in pink and black using a Lawn Fawn zigzag die and they were offset because they created a cool diamond border. The sediment is from Concord & 9th. Since I was making fabric and making a dress, I finished off the card by cutting a border on the right with my rarely used pinking shears.

From sweet and ladylike to rakish and rowdy, here's a card for kicks and giggles! (Management's Legal Department has issued the following warning: engagement in activities depicted above by two consulting adult pumpkins may result in a baby pumpkin.) The pumpkins are very old wooden stamps that still know how to amuse a card recipient! The fun sediment is from Riley & Company and the angled frame die is from PTI. 


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Thank you!

I am thrilled to give you an update on our grandson Adam following his shallow river dive in July. This week the neurologist declared that Adam's C1 neck break had healed sufficiently, so the neck and body braces were removed and there shouldn't be a need for surgery! Adam still has to be very careful, however. He can't ride his bike for a while yet and he isn't sposed to roughhouse with Henry until after Christmas! Obviously the doctor doesn't have teenage sons because, bwahahahaha, that's not gonna happen!

We feel very blessed and are very appreciative. Everyone in the family would like to thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers! Mwah!

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To this!

Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy! LITS!*

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*Life is too short!

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