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April 17, 2021

When a Fern Becomes a Fir

Hello Stamplings,

How are you as you start the weekend? I hope you've had a great week and enjoyed some sunshine. It's been really perfect here with cool temps and I'm loving this time before it gets too hot for my delicate sensibilities.😂

Okay, let's begin our program for today. Our guest star is the stunning Fresh Fern from the Penny Black family! Please give her a warm welcome!
Fern is a NBUS stamp and today she is wearing an outfit of three shades of green, which she misted with water, before laying on the paper. Hammy chose simple faceted glass for her earrings and necklace and she has been photographed against a linen embossing folder, whose edges were lightly tinted all around with green.

Fern wanted to appear today to remind you about the current Twofer Card Challenge where "Leaves" is the prompt word. But is she the appropriate choice for such a reminder? Well, the Board of Directors of today's Art in the Park program had a spirited debate about whether Fern would be allowed to be a leaf model. After thorough research it was found that "the botanical world considers the frond to be a large divided leaf." 

Loud applause erupted from the park bleachers where Fern's many fronds were seated. Too bad this is a birthday card, or I would have channeled Michele and computer-generated a punny sediment like, "I'm grateful you're a frond of mine!"

The more I looked at Fern's full glory on my first card, the more I began to see Christmas trees, so, tada, I made a second design using a fun pickup truck called "Big Delivery" from Taylored Expressions. I did the marker/spritz on the tree (fern) and used my Karin brushes to watercolor the truck. The diecut sediment was a gift from a friend. To finish the design, I hand-doodled a frame and Hammy winked the fiery truck.


I hope you will have time in this coming week to stretch your design skills and join in before April 24th. Remember you do not have to make one design an unconventional one; they can both be conventional. 

When you click over to the Twofer Card Challenge blog, you will see that our talented Designer Anita has created another incredible pair of leaf designs to remind and inspire you! You won't want to miss that, nor all the wonderful creations already in the gallery!

Coupla 😒 things:

  • Subscribers to my blog: By now you have prolly heard that Blogger is discontinuing Feedburner email subscription service in July. That means if you are receiving email notifications in your inbox via Feedburner whenever I post on this blog, or on my NBUS or Twofer Card Challenge blogs, that will no longer be happening as of July. I think this will be a profound change for a lot of us. I know I subscribe to hundreds of you via Feedburner and I'm sad that I will no longer be notified when you publish a new post. Until I find out any more information, these are options for you:
    • If you own a blog and you haven't already done so, you can click on the blue "Follow" button on the right side bar of my blogs. You will then be able to see when I publish new posts on your dashboard list or on your own side bar. For this blog, you also have the option of subscribing via Bloglovin by clicking that link to the right and Bloglovin will notify you when I publish a post. (bloglovin dot com)
    • If you do not own a blog, please email me if you wish to continue receiving notice when I post and I will let you know via personal email. (darnell dot knauss at gmail dot com)
    • Either way, you can save my blog URL in your bookmarks for easy reference. (djkardkreations dot com)

  • Taking medical leave: As you may remember, since the beginning of the year I have been dealing off and on with a fractured T10 vertebrae in my back. It did get better for a while, but a few weeks ago I did something to reverse the healing and it has become very painful again. Sadly, the worst pain happens when I type, no matter which chair or position I use. Every day I have done less on the computer, but it isn't getting any better and it seems the only way it can heal fully is by complete rest. So ... except for a bit of housekeeping for Twofer and NBUS, Hammy and I are taking a long break from the computer. Thank you for your patience and good wishes! 

Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy and keep safe! Life is too short! 



Julie B said...

What a gorgeous stamp that fern is and it also looks great as a Christmas tree.
So sorry to hear of your setback Darnell, hope the complete rest from your computer will see you back hale and hearty! :)

Aquarius said...

Such clever use of this stamp for a 'twofer'. You will certainly be missed here in blogland but taking care of your back is definitely the priority. Hope the rest does the trick for you - keep smiling which hopefully doesn't hurt!!!

Craftychris said...

I love both of these gorgeous cards - so clever! I am so sorry your back is not recovering properly. You will be missed in blogland but you need to rest and take care of your back. That is most important! Sending lots of love and hugs my friend. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Stamps and Paper said...

Love how you've used your fern stamp Darnell, two lovely cards...thank for the info on the feed burner.
I understand why you are taking a break from the computer Darnell but we shall miss your wit as you always make us smile with your posts.

Take care of your back...hope to see you back on line soon
Anne x

Viv said...

Oh Dolly - am so sad your back is causing you so much pain. Keep taking the tabs - you never know they may cure everything??!!!!
Just keep simpering quietly (even when you're better)and then the Mister will run round after you
Hoping to get an entry in Twofer this month too - I am now inspired by Fern who quite simply is too darn good looking for her own good.
And Hammy winking at Fiery trucks could cause an accident particularly when he is covered in sparkle.
Take care my friend. xxxxxxx

Jeanne said...

Wonderful cards! Please take care of yourself so that your back can heal fully. You will be missed, but would rather have you avaialbe pain free! Gentle hugs!

Bonnie said...

After seeing this, those ferns are going on my list! They are beautiful against the crisp embossing of the white background! They make a perfect Christmas tree too! Love that "fiery" truck. Great coloring! Take good care of yourself and listen to your body, my dear friend. xoxo

Sharyn Polesel said...

I love reading your posts. They are always creative and make me smile. When I saw that beautiful fern I was thinking Christmas tree too. Both cards are beautiful! I'm sorry you are having trouble with your back and are in pain. I live with pain in my back. It's not fun. Take care! I hope you will be feeling better soon. Hugs, Sharyn

Pat said...

That is a beautiful fern image and is perfect to take centre stage on the first card with the pretty textured background, and what a wonderful idea to use one of the fronds as a Christmas tree carried on the back of that lovely bright truck...brilliant Twofers Darnell. So sorry to hear you have had a set back in your recovery and that you are experiencing lots of pain again. We will miss you lots but it is important to give your back the chance to heal properly, so just take it easy. x

Jean said...

These cards are just perfect! I saw the change about receiving email notifications and am trying to figure out how to deal with it for my blog. Take care of yourself.

designbydonna said...

Very creative to use a fern leaf for a Christmas tree. Love the CAS fern card. So sorry you are in pain. Rest and take care of yourself. Prayers for quick healing.

Diane said...

Very creative using the Fern for a Xmas tree, you have the best ideas!! Off to check out the Twofer!

Brenda in IN said...

Fern looks beautiful in her leafy dress and lovely jewels. The Art Board chose wisely. Wouldn't all of us look fantastic driving that truck down the street. It is awesome and I bet hubby's motorcycle is jealous of it. The fern made a great Christmas tree. Health is always a priority and you need the time to rest and take care of your back. It remains to be seen how well we will do without you and you will be missed. I don't know why Blogger makes changes that cause more turmoil than helping us, which I thought was the point of Blogger - to connect people. Duh.

nancy littrell said...

So sorry your back has gotten worse again and sure hope your backing off your time on the computer will do the trick. In the meantime, we will all be patient while you heal:-) LOVED your Twofer cards, my friend, especially the ferns. Take care.....Love and Hugs..Nancy

Marcia Hill said...

Your cards are fabulous and your write up just as awesome Darnell!! I'm sorry to hear about your back and hope the rest will heal you up fully this time! Pain is NO fun (I'm dealing with my own right now too, so I can totally commiserate!!) and I'll be sending up some extra prayers for you as you rest and heal! Take care. Hugs. :0)

BożenA said...

But ride, Darnell. Great designs for Twofer! Yes, I also used a fern leaf as a Christmas tree once and I think it looks noble. I love your second card, this car with a Christmas tree - a real revelation. And the first card is stunning - I love this fern leaf stamped in 3 shades of green. It looks phenomenal against a white background creating such a strong contrast
Your car on the second tab has an amazing paint job. Is it a chameleon varnish that changes color depending on the angle of the light?

Nina said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Janis said...

Oh, these are just gorgeous, Darnell! Love botanical prints, but who would have guessed a fern could be a fir? You are a genius!
I sent you info on https://blogtrottr.com/ which I use for getting email notifications on blogs without the widget. They are fabulous.
So sorry abt your back. Take care and relax. Sending hugs and prayers!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Chris said...

The fern stamp is stunning Darnell, as is your card, love the look of the embossed background too. Great thinking to use the stamp as a fir tree- always good to get some extra mileage.
Sorry you are still struggling with your back- hope the complete rest does the trick.
Take care

Sue said...

Hi Darnell, Fab cards. I particularly like the fern one.

Sending heaps of positive healing thoughts and gentle hugs (((Darnell))). Hope your back eases.


Verna Angerhofer said...

Dear Darnell. I love your cards with the fern and you again showed how clever you are with turning the fern into a Christmas tree. I feel so bad though that you are in such pain. I will keep you in my prayers. And, thanks for the suggestions about the new blogger issues. It just makes me feel bad that I will miss so much from all my blogging friends.

Bonnie Lynn said...

Fabulous cards Darnell! I've got a fern stamp around here somewhere - key word is somewhere! Thanks for the giggle with your write up. I will, however, gladly trade out our warmer temps for your cooler ones. It's going to be hot next week in the Central Valley.

Carol L said...

I'm so sorry you have to take a leave to heal your spine, but do whatever you must to take care of yourself. Pain is not fun.
Love love love the linen look of the first card with those ferns, and the fern makes a great tree in the back of that pick-up truck too!
I thought of you yesterday as the local water company posted a new sign. It reads..."Whoever said the truth doesn't hurt never did their own taxes." A big Amen to that as it took me 5 hours to file my state taxes earlier this week. AWRGH!! Keep smiling and take good care!

conil said...

It's a good thing I'm so frond of you because I keep getting gently schooled on how to make outstanding cards like these two.
You must take as much time as you need to get better. Think about yourself for once and stay away from the media. Here's hoping your hiatus heals you. (How's that for use of the "H" key). Big fat hugs to you across the miles.

tonilea said...

Be well. I will miss you

Lisa Elton said...

Wonderful cards today, Darnell! That fern makes a great tree. So sorry you're dealing with more pain. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. XO

Donna said...

Fabulous twofer Darnell! Hope your rest will do the trick for you. Hugs and prayers.

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Amazing elegant card with the fern on linen paper and such clever idea creative using it for a Christmas tree on the truck!! You are a genius.
Hugs and take care of your back!

Susan said...

So sorry to hear about your back! Here's wishing a speedy recovery and much less pain. We will miss you.

Love your twofer - and so brilliant to see a Christmas tree in a fern! It's a really fun Christmas card. But have to say I love the other card - so perfectly CAS and so beautiful with the linen textured card base.

Thanks for the explanation about Feedburner. I was most confused by the email they sent out. And not at all happy as I like email subscriptions.

Cat Craig said...

Feel Better. Take your rest seriously. Sending much love and prayers for healing.

I love the fronds, and the punny sentiment you might have used made me laugh.

oldpunca said...

I am so sorry there has been no progress on your back. It is a very good decision to cut back on any activity that leads to pain. I will miss your posts but health is priority. Feel better soon!
Your fern Twofer is stunning. Great motive of the fern. And fantastic turn of one part of the fern into Christmas tree.
Hugs, Sonja

Vikki H said...

Sending a non-squeezing virtual hug today, Darnell! So sorry to hear about your setback with the ol' back. Your two cards are so clever as well as the word craft that explains them. Take care. 💕

Celeste Goff said...

Love both of these beautiful cards but the Christmas one is my fave! I'm so sorry to hear about the back. I hope things will get better for you soon!

Carole said...

What a beautiful fern stamp Darnell ad thus a beautiful card...simple and stunning. Clever use of same in card number 2! Hope the rest will ease your problem...see you anon. Take care. Hugs xx

Cheryl W. said...

So sorry to hear that you are continuing to experience pain from the fracture in your spine. I hope the rest and time away from the computer does the job. Don't worry about your followers, we'll be here when you return, no matter how long it takes. How you continue to make such amazing cards is beyond me! Your creations always inspire. Sending you my best healing vibes and a big virtual hug.

Bunny said...

Darnell, some days I wonder if it wasn't for bad health we wouldn't have any health at all..........that's what good granny used to say. Or she'd say she was enjoying bad health again. Sigh!

I'm so sorry you're having issues. Do get a good rest so that you can get better. Does your computer have the function to speak into it rather than type? Our Mac does.

Have Hammy and the Mister take good care of you. We'll be praying for you. Lots of prayers.


Nan G said...

Love Fern’s cards. �� I believe I’m getting notification via your email list already. Take a good long break my dear Darnell. I’m being forced to do the same. And I truly love the cards no matter they look similar. ;) Warm hugs from me and the Girls

Nan G said...

Duh I guess that’s the feedburner huh. Please send me links via my email which you have.

TK said...

Great cards, and frondly bunch they are! Love your pun, and your cards

Greta said...

So sorry about your back, Darnell! Take care & feel better soon! Love that fern stamp & oh how clever to use it for a Christmas tree--love it!

Linda said...

Your new fern stamp is beautiful ..... I love how you've used it as a tree, very clever.
So sorry to hear about your setback. Take as much time as you need to recover fully, your health must come first.
Don't get me going on Blogger ..... why can't they just leave things alone!! If it ain't broken, don't fix it I say. I'm sure we'll all find a way around it eventually.
Take care hun ..... sending love & hugs xx

My Paper Epiphany said...

Gorgeous cards and very clever Twofer! Thanks for the inspiration! Thanks for joining us at PBSC:)

Mac Mable said...

Fabulous use of the 'fern' Darnell on both of your wonderful cards.
So sorry to hear about your continued pain and I am sending lots of love and hugs x. I wanted to leave a longer reply until I got to the end and read you where in pain......x

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

2 Beautiful cards as always and glad to hear a fern is a leaf! I always thought it was! Oh! well. Great ideas on both cards Darnell.
I am so sorry that your back is not behaving itself, I think that means you HAVE to listen and slow down. The body makes you if you don't. Get well soon.

As for Feedburner, I guess us Bloggers aren't that important, with changes meant to confuse and make things difficult. A blogger friend and I have been looking into things and she went here https://www.feedio.co/ she asked them about more than 100 followers. I'm sure she won't mind if I add the answer she received here -

Thanks for reaching out!

Yes absolutely, that’s possible also on the basic plan.

For that, could you please provide proof (e.g. screenshots, or a screencast with a tool like https://www.techsmith.com/jing.html) that those emails have signed up to your Feedburner feed?

Please then send us the CSV with the emails so that we can import them.

Thank you,

Hope it helps a few people.
Faith x

Lynette said...

First things first - your cards are amazing! Second, I hadn't heard about Feedburner. But, most importantly, I'm SO sorry about your back!!! I sure hope you get back on that road to recovery and it gets much, much better - and soon!!

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Darnell, your two cards are gorgeous, I especially love the first one, the simplicity of the design really appeals to me.
I don't understand the feed burner thing, even although Donna tried to explain things. Why oh why do Blogger not just leave things alone!
So sorry to hear that you are experiencing such a painful back, and yes you must rest and not do anything which makes the pain worse. I hope you find ease soon, take care of yourself, Kate x

Sharon Underwood said...

Oh, Darnell, so sorry to read of your back pain! I just herniated another disc, (L5-S1), so I totally get your discomfort. Living in constant pain is no joke. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Love what you have done with the fern in both cards! Genius, again.

Redanne said...

I absolutely love these cards today, the tri colour ferns look stunning against the textured paper. The Christmas tree is such a clever use for the fern and you have coloured that truck so beautifully!

So sorry to hear that your back is bad again and I really do hope that a break from the computer is just what you need to help your back recover somewhat. I will write soon with an update. Love and hugs, Annie xxxx

Colleen said...

Hi Darnell! I love your cards...I must pull out some leaf stamps 'post haste' and enter this challenge! I am sad that you are hurting! Please do nothing, and do what the doctor tells you, we need you back in tip top shape to start planning some retreats with us! But you have to be stronger and pain free before we can even think about that! So in the meantime, don't visit me on the blog...I do NOT want to see you in the comments at all...you hear me? I know you will send good vibes my way, but no need to hurt your back any further by just writing sweet nothings to me! *wink *wink! Take care my friend! Feel better real soon! Heart Hugs, Col

frommycraftroom said...

Fern is beautiful - love how you have used her.

All the best for a super speedy recovery.

Cathy said...

2 fabulous cards using the glamorous leaf Darnell! Love the botanical look and gorgeous texture in the first one and yes, it does look like a Christmas tree! The pick up truck is awesome! Best wishes for a speedy recovery, and thankyou too for sharing at Watercooler wednesday, Cathy x

Glittered Paws said...

Hope you are feeling better - take care - then your twofer is fantastic. Love fern stamps - and love the way youused them. Hammy did a great job with helping you on the first one. Then the watercolored truck - awesome. I just can't seem to master watercolors.

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

I am loving the colour of your truck, looks fab

Thank you for sharing with us at 'Happy Little Stampers Christmas' this month
Stay Safe
Hugs Shell xx

Em Louise Fairley said...

Gorgeous cards, Darnell. Bloglovin is an alternate way to receive blogs by email (it's how I get yours) xoxo

Sandra H said...

Absolutely fabulous cards Darnell and the fern stamp is gorgeous lovely that green used on the white background both cards are just amazing take care x

Bobby said...

I almost used a fern for my card knowing it would be considered a leaf but changed my mind. It's good to know I could have. Yours are so delicate and lovely whether as is or as a Christmas tree, Darnell. And I do wish you had used that frond sentiment. So like Michele and so much fun.

I'm going to have to research how to get the list on my sidebar so I can see the blogs I follow. Going to my reading list is something I forget to do but I may have to get in the habit.

I am so sorry that your back is giving you fits, Darnell. We have to fix you up with a voice activated computer so you can just record your witty repartee from whatever position you're comfortable. Please take it easy and let Mister wait on you for a change. We'll be here when you return but we'll miss you.

Christi Conley said...

Oh Darnell!! I am crushed to hear of your back issues!! Someday you & I need to compare notes as I, too, have two broken vertebrae {I forget which ones, honestly, between the rods, and shots and other treatments!!} and I know ho bad it can hurt!! I will be zipping along with my day and then suddenly, the zipping ends - the pain begins and it STINKS!! You have become a staple in my card making life {you wouldn't know it of course, because I never actually SEND any of my cards!!} and I will keep you & Hammie in my thoughts. . . get in touch if you'd like to commiserate!! OH I saw your card on the NBUS site & had to pop in and say HI!! So, hi!! xoxoxo

maria f. said...

Well, hot diggity my frond, that is one clever twofer. Came for the fern - what a beautiful image that is. Stayed for that dang pickup. LOVE your coloring. I need to see one of those hot trucks on the road. Probably in MI, not here ;)

Ros Crawford said...

I will miss my daily laugh with your fun posts but girl you MUST rest! We'll all still be here. Loving the fronds and her fancy necklace and earrings... And the twofer is a really clever idea to use the stamp as a Christmas tree. Be safe be well and REST!!! Mwah!

kiwimeskreations said...

Fabulous cards Darnell - sorry I am late commenting, but I and two others ran away to the beach for a loooong 'girls weekend'... two merry widows and their cohort..
Now what's this all about, you giving Hammy more time off - can't he type yet?? You will have to teach him how to dance on the keyboard and write up your posts!
Will miss your zany posts, but you gotta do what you gotta do, and that's look after yourself and recover fully.
Stay safe
Prayers and blessings

Vicky Hayes said...

I'm so sorry that the healing of your back has been interrupted Darnell. I do hope that a good rest will help you get on track. Perhaps you need a full time secretary? NO Hammy! Not you!
I love the way you wrote this post. Anthrop...Anthropomor... humanising 'Fern' is a wonderful way to describe your card AND we get to learn something as well! It's fun to see Fern turning up as a Christmas tree in the back of the truck too. She sure does get around!
Take care of yourself won't you. Mwah! Vicky x

Happy Dance said...

So while you heal up completely this time...(don't make me come out there young lady!!), rest assured that we will be rooting for you and totally understand your health needs. Take all the time that's necessary, and maybe a little extra, then we'll see you when you get "back!" (hahahaha - sorry, bad pun...)
And Miss Fern has shown off her fronds perfectly on your cards. Smart to see an individual frond as a Christmas tree. But then you're always brilliant. Awesome cards, lovie. xoxo Miss you. bkb

HilaryJane said...

What a fabulous and versatile fern stamp, love both your cards. I am sorry to hear that your back is still not healing properly but very glad that you are going to take a rest to try and get it healed, very good luck with that. We will all miss your posts but completely understand. Thanks too for your explanation of the email issue. I have decided that I must get better at using the reading list on blogger. You take care xx

Leslie Miller said...

I started out smiling about you and Fern's pretty card and then how you used it as a Christmas tree in your second cute card. Then I felt the frustration about our email subscriptions, and then I felt sad for your pain and inability to do one of the things you enjoy. I would not want to give up blogging, but it's getting harder to keep up, all things considered -- busy life stuff, painful joints, and now this Feedburner change which will make things more difficult for many of our readers. I don't subscribe to blogs as I use Feedly and love it a lot, but a lot of people are simply not up for change. Gentle hugs, Darnell!

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Beautiful fern card, Darnell, and the fern image looks great as a Christmas tree too!! Sorry about your back - wishing you happy healing as you take a blogging break!!

Loll said...

First, your fern cards fabulous! LOVE the texture of the card on the first one, and such a great idea add it to the back of a truck! :) Great fun!

So sorry about your pain Dolly! Taking a long break from typing will hopefully give you time to heal and get stronger. Since I can't go long without my "Dolly fix", I will be calling you regularly to keep in touch. For now, rest up, my dear friend! Love, Lolly

Tina Z. said...

This is so creative, I always love your ideas. And both very beautiful.
Please take care, I hope you are feeling better now.
Sending crafty love xx

Inkyfingers said...

Miss Fern came up trumps with these lovely cards, Darnell and I am wowed by the vibrance of the colour on your truck! Karin pens! Why haven't I heard of them and I wonder how well they blend????

I'm so sorry to hear about the setback with your back/neck and hope that the keyboard break will bring some ease.

Take care my friend.

PS I nearly forgot - thanks for sharing this beauty with us at ATSM. xxx

Anita in France said...

Priorities ... that's you, my dear frond! Do take all the time you need away from the keyboard ... it'll be hard for you not to be active in blogland and equally hard for us not to have you and your uplifting sense of humour and fun around. However, if that's what it takes to fully recuperate, it'll be worth it ... and we'll await your return with happy anticipation! In the meantime, I'm keeping you close in prayer ... thinking of you ... and sending positive healing vibes across the miles. Mwah! Fern made an awesome debut here didn't she ... the elegant simplicity she's displaying on that first card is just beautiful! How wonderful to be so versatile too and take on that yummy Christmas tree style in the bright truck ... seems she can turn her hand (or frond) to anything! Splendid cards, Darnell ... now look after yourself ... and let Kevin do the same! LYAMYSMMA ... HYGTC! Big gentle hugs and bisous, Anita :)

baileyrosy.com said...

Hi Darnell so sorry to hear about your back how awful ~I do hope you recover soon and are fighting fit in no time.

As for your frond she is beautiful and a star in the making. Your Christmas tree is a beauty waiting in that fab truck to be delivered to a loving home.

Do take care and keep away from the keyboard.


shirley-bee said...

Two fabulous cards, Darnell! I love how you turned the fern into a Christmas tree, and I always love a spritzed image. Great colouring on the pickup truck, too.
Sorry that your back is giving you so much gip, but the only thing to do is stay off the keyboard. (You could get speech recognition software, but how would it cope with all your Darnellisms? 🤣). Rest up, take care and be well. 😘

foleysfriend said...

I hope you find some relief from the pain and discomfort soon. I love your "Just for you" card. I feel a sense of calm and peace when I look at your card. The fern is beautiful and the textured background lovely. Thanks for joining us at Addicted to Stamps and More!

sue n.

samantha's cards said...

What a delightful Christmas card, thanks for playing along with us at THAIC.

Marlena M. said...

I love both of your fern creations (and you CRACK ME UP every time I come to visit you Darnell ;) ). I am so sorry to hear about your back, that sounds so painful! Praying you get some much needed rest and healing~

R's Rue said...

Keep smiling friend.

Viv said...

Two fabulous cards as always Dee! Oh my I do hope you manage to sort your poor back problems soon and that you are more comfortable too. You will be missed, stay safe and well my lovely friend and feel better soon , gentle hugs Vee xx

foleysfriend said...

Good for you for knowing that you need to take time for your back to heal. Love your two cards and how different you have made the fern look. Love the hand-drawn borders - you're so brave, I wouldn't attempt two borders! Thanks for joining us at Happy Little Stampers ~ Christmas Challenge.

sue n.

Di said...

Oh Darnell - I just knew I needed to hop over and see what you're up to. Bless your heart. I wish you some good healing time - and REST! This is your Granny speaking.

Much love
Di xx

Karenladd said...

Oooh, that fern is SO beautiful and I love the simplicity of it's feathery awesomeness. On the other hand, I'm so sorry to hear about your setback and hope that the pain abates at least a bit once you rest completely. I have been having terrible sciatic, and it's caused in part by too much sitting at the computer as well. However, until it gets even worse, I still punish myself by browsing and blogging...sigh.
Feel better soon!