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May 5, 2021

Daisies and Pears on Parade

Hello Stamplings!

Remember me? 🙋 I've missed you all and hope you are doing well!

To be honest, I'm not a whole lot better, but it will be a while before I can see a specialist because everyone is catching up on doctor appointments that they put off last year. I'm tired of letting this pain dictate my days and I'm finding the longer I'm away from Blogland, the harder it is to come back. That's not good, so three days ago I decided to type this post a little at a time and make it work. After all, I don't want to get too isolated from you nor become too lackadaisical.

And what better way to ward off lacking a daisical, then to make a daisy card?
I used a wonderful punched border panel (a gift from a friend) for the background, which was adhered to a black card base. The daisies are from MFT's Build-able Bouquet set. The MFT vase is a NBUS die (also a gift from a friend) which I cut from a snippet of green suede paper. I colored the daisies with my Ziggies and Hammy added his winking. 


This very QACAS design came about because I had some left-over poppystamp harvest pears (cut from pp) in my doodads binder and I simply set them free to cascade down the card to form a panel on the left. I added three score lines down the middle and stamped the greeting on the right panel, punctuated by a teeny pear for balance. There were so many pears in my stash, I was able to make three cards using this design and still make The Mister a small pear cobbler. 

If only. Can you imagine how supportive our families would be if we could turn stamped images into something edible. Someone get on that.


During my keyboard lockdown, Hammy and I have been very slowly using up schtuff and we've made lots of cards, so daren't think we have turned into sloths. You know Hammy gets restless if I don't keep him busy with something schparkly. And you prolly also know that I don't mind getting weighed down with potatoes and sweets, but I don't like being smothered by too many unfinished parts of cards which I have set aside to complete "soon." 

I looked up "soon" in the dictionary and it means "1. in or after a short time." Oh, bwahaha🤣, what a laugh that is!

I've written to dictionary.com and suggested they expand the definition to be more reflective of the truth:

Soon. Adverb

1. ...see above.

2. a vague reference to a point of time in the future that is unknown. "I will _______ [paint the deck/clean out the garage/go on a diet] soon."

3. an alternative word commonly used in place of the words, "when hell freezes over."


Thank you for your emails, prayers, and cards which have meant so much to me. I'm hoping to post again on a regular basis at least once a week and, of course, I'll see you on the 10th for the May Twofer Card Challenge.

Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy, but continue to take care! LITS!*

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower.

*Life is too short!

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Gerrina said...

I love your daisy card! Something that gives some sunny fibe on a bit rainy day here... Sorry to read that you are in pain and have to wait. Hope you can tell your mind to focus on other things and so can do things you like!
At the moment ny nojo has gone a bit, but think that has to do with the turn of a year of the pandamic and all wath is going on. I am glad that the shops are open again here after being closed from 15 december, but feel not so good that I'm still wearing socks this late in the year (it still is too cold in the morning; round 5 degrees) I hope the weather is going back to normal soon, so a big part of our lives here will feel normal again... Sending positive energy to you! Hugs, Gerrina

Aquarius said...

Great to see you in blogland - missed you and your so witty words of wisdom. Really happy colours on these two cards - is there such a thing as a happy colour?? - think there must be. Take care and see you 'soon' whichever definition suits. Love your take on this 😉😉

Julie B said...

Two fab cards Darnell, good to hear you are keeping Hammy busy. Sorry to hear you are still in pain but I hope that you can keep your spirits up by crafting and blogging in your own inimitable way! x

Kathyk said...

Morning matey, sorry to hear you are still struggling and hope it won't be too much longer before you can see someone and get yourself back on track - wishing you well

FABULOUS makes and lovely sunny colours too, you've been using your time very usefully

All the best and Happy Wednesday


Surekha Galagoda said...

Dear Darnell
The card is really cute and what a great idea to make a card. I am looking for ways to make cards and I will pick on your idea if you dont mind. Hope you are a lot better. My prayers are with you.tc stay safe

sandie said...

I am so sorry you are not getting much better and I am sending big hugs. Super you got to craft and with 2 sunny cards, to make us all smile! Hugs and love xx

Marilyn said...

Pretty cards! Sorry to hear you are still not feeling well. Hope you will be able to get a doctors appt soon. Sending prayers
Have a great day!

Bunny said...

Lovely cards. I sure do wish you were fairing better. It is hard to get in to see a doctor now that people have gotten their vaccinations. It's like someone turned on a light switch. Pain is a terrible thing. I know. I have chronic pain and it's hard sometimes to put one foot in front of the other. Hang in there. We've missed you. [Bunny]

Diane said...

Beautiful cards!! What a fun post but I sure hope you are feeling better soon. I have had a hard time creating due to pain myself, I think it might be my kidneys and can't sit in my chair long or I would rolling on the floor in pain, makes it kind of hard to post so I understand but I sure do miss my working ahead for my DT work! Your flower card fits our challenge at Double D! Take care of yourself, I have a DR appointment tomorrow!

Bonnie said...

I've been wondering how you are but didn't want to bother you and make you type a response! I'm so sorry you aren't lots better and hope you can get in to see a Dr. soon and the Dr. can give you some relief. Meanwhile, it's good to see you are creating and using up those leftover bits. We could all stand to do that! Love the bright daisies and the pear card has a wonderful layout! Take care, my friend.

Pat said...

Two beauties Darnell and love your pretty vase of flowers on that wonderful punched border panel, and the paper pears do look good enough to eat and love the vertical embossed lines with your wonderful sentiment and another weeny pear to decorate. I'm glad you are managing to make cards and just doing short stints of typing up and posting to save your back. I hope you manage to get an appointment with a specialist 'soon', i.e within the next few weeks! x

Carole said...

A lovely fresh and happy card with your daisy Darnell.Your second card, a great use of those left overs! 'Soon' yes I am going to do a lot of things 'soon' including crafting! I have a good bit of NBUS to use so may re-christen it 'New but use soon'..what do you reckon...lol! Sorry to hear you are not much better, lets hope a little of things in moderation may help you on the path to recovery. Hugs xx

designbydonna said...

Darnell, so glad you are at least a teensy bit better enough to post a blog. You have been missed. Ssending wishes for feeling better soon. It is good that at least you can at least still create lovely cards. Love that pretty daisy card. Great use of your leftover pears. I like the division by scoring, I am going to have to try that.

Stamps and Paper said...

Lovely to see you posting again Darnell...nothing worse than pain to drag you down...two lovely cards, your vase of flowers would cheer anyone up and your s'sweet' pears are lovely

Anne x

Darlene said...

Hello my friend! I'm so sorry you are still plagued with this pain and pray you can get into the doctor soon & find relief!
Your cards are just fabulous and I truly don't know how you do it all and still keep up your FABULOUS GOOD ATTITUDE ... Koodo's!!
Thinking of you and wishing you sunshine & love in the coming days! Hugs from Ohio!

Donna said...

Two stunning cards Darnell, the first is a lovely design and the pears are stunning! I'm glad you are able to still stamp. Hope you are on the mend soon.

Linda D said...

So happy to see that you and Hammy are still creating. He could get up to all kinds of mischief if you don’t keep him occupied. Hope you will be on the mend soon. Keeping you in my prayers.

conil said...

It's good to know you haven't been idle while dealing with the pain. My hope is that the M.D. will magically contact you soon to begin the process of healing you. No one could EVER accuse you of being either lack or daisical.
That daisy card is perfect for this post, not matter how long it took to type and the pears card is the bomb (do people even say that anymore?). I'm glad you took the time to touch bases with us, your fans. Hugging you virtually.
Hang in there...

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Sorry for your health!!
Two lovely cards, great use of snippets! Love especially the daisies one!

Brenda in IN said...

It's such a shame we have to wait so long to get into a Dr. I know they are overwhelmed while in the meantime you are in pain. You made good use of your resting time with this happy card. It's so cheerful and I love the bright daisies and great frame. Soon to me means when I get around to it. No pressure, just when I can. In other words, it's on my list. Please keep us updated when someone figures out changing stamped images into food. I'm so on board. Imagine - stamping and cooking all at the same time!

Em Louise Fairley said...

They are both beautiful, Darnell xoxo

Daffodil Cards said...

Gorgeous cards, BOTH of them, love the die frame with your daisy and the pears, good enough to eat! Your, I'll do it "soon" reminds me I was going to defrost the freezer today, Oh! well I'll do it tomorrow or "soon". Such a fun explanation of the definition. Hope you feel betterer soon.
Faith x

Glittered Paws said...

Sorry to hear you are still having challenges - Covid took over medicine for a year - and now doctors especially specialists are "trying" to catch up. Happy to see yu post again and love your twofer. Love daisies so this one is my pick but the pears is cute as well. Got to keep that Hammy busy no telling what he would do with "nothing" to do.

I Card Everyone said...

D I'm so sorry you're having such troubles - glad you have Hammy to keep you crafting when you feel up to it! He's inspired two beauties today!
Love and hugs, my friend...

HilaryJane said...

How wonderful to have your post drop into my inbox, I will miss that when it goes. So sorry that your back isn't making a speedy recovery, but that is backs for you, they don't know the meaning of the word soon either! I love your cards especially the first one. I like the simplicity of those blooms and that lovely frame xx

Carol L said...

It sucks when life throws something at you that you're unable to fix! I had hoped by now you'd be feeling much better, but I'm still hopeful for the future. I don't think anything will improve in seeing our doctors again - it seems to be the new way of managing health care.
So glad you're able to make sit for a while and make cards. The vase of flowers is so pretty and the floating pears is a cute idea.
Do take good care of yourself and I hope your spine heals sooner than later. Huggers!

Verna Angerhofer said...

Both your cards are so beautiful and I am so enthused about your daisy one especially. I do love daisies. So sorry you are still not any better and I hope that until you can see a doctor that you can find some way to cope with the pain. I will be praying for you.

oldpunca said...

Great to see you in blogland. I've missed you. I'm so sorry that you still have pains. Hope that you get appointment by the doctor soon (after a short time :-D ) and everything will be well.
The daisy card is amazing. Punched border is a great idea to make a frame for the perfect bouquet. Pears card is amazing too. Great idea to use snippets and creat fantastic card.
Take care! Hugs, Sonja

Kathleen said...

Two super CAS cards, great images and colours. Nice to 'see' you again and don't forget to come back soon!

Kath x

Jenny L said...

Hi Darnell,
I am so sorry to hear you have health issues I do so hope all is resolved soon and you are out of pain.
As you know my blogging is curtailed some what from health issues too especially my RLS which strikes quite often when I want to blog.
I am afraid it's our age letting us down rather badly.
I love your Daisy card and the fab design is gorgeous.
Who knew pairs oops I mean pears could make such a great CAS card only you.
There I go miss spelling again. LOL
Sending lots of hugs your way to try and help.
Lots of crafty love from my house to yours. Jenny L.

Redanne said...

It is so lovely to see you in blogland again but I am sorry that you are not able to see a specialist soon (that could mean anytime, like your definition, sadly). I am keeping my fingers crossed that you do get to see someone in the not too distant future.

Oooh, I love your daisy card, the vase looks so tactile and I just love that border, such a great die! The pears look so realistic and I love the embossed lines, they add some wonderful texture.

I think about you every day and am wishing you well my friend. Hugs, Annie xxx

Jean said...

Beautiful cards. Glad to see you hoping you can get an appointment soon.

Lisa Elton said...

Well shucks, I was hoping you were feeling better. Prayers for that to happen and for that doctor appointment. Lovely cards today, my friend. Hope the Mister shared his small cobbler with you ;)

Cat Craig said...

Your daisies are so sweet, love that look. YOur fruits are artsy and fun. So wishing you are feeling better, hate knowing you are not feeling good. Long distance hugs!

Christine Alexander said...

Sorry to hear you're still out of sorts :) those cards are enough to cheer anyone up ♥

Cheryl W. said...

%#$*&^%#$! That's me swearing at your pain and telling it to get the @#%$ out of town!! I'm so sorry you're still a bit miserable and hoping you're able to see a doctor soon. Your cards are wonderful. You amaze me at how you continue to make so many cards. BTW, that pear cobbler sounds delicious.

Sue said...

Hi Darnell, Lovely to see you posting again.

Cards are fab.

Sending heaps of positi8ve healing thoughts and gentle hugs (((Darnell))).

Hope you are having a nice week. Sue

Jane said...

Stunning! Love the crisp fresh feel of your card. Thanks for playing at AAA Birthday, hope to see you join in with future challenges too. Stay safe and keep crafting!

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Great to see you out and about in blogland Darnell but sorry to read that you are still in pain, I hope that you will get an appointment to see someone shortly (didn't want to use soon here) :) Two fantastic cards easpecially the daisy one at the top.

Sue xx

Darlene said...

Love this vase of flowers! Thanks so much for joining in the fun at our Double D ‘Flower of the Month’ challenge! Good Luck and we hope you’ll come back often.
DOUBLE D Challenge Blog
Please stop in for a visit!

Bobby said...

The daisies are adorable, Darnell. I can't believe that those pears are from patterned paper. It's perfect for them. Thanks for sharing that card with us at Just Us Girls.

I hope you get better soon. And I mean definition 1.

Loll said...

So happy to see your post pop into my email, Dolly! I have missed you on-line. Two fabulous cards that are so fun! Those daisies would make anyone smile a big smile! And the pears, awesome and fun card. I wish I too could turn some of my leftover scraps into a delicious dessert (are you kidding, with all the leftover crafts it would be make enough to feed an army or two!). :)

Take care my sweet friend. Love, Lolly

cuilliesocks said...

Hi There Darnell, glad you managed to create another post with these two fabulous cards
I love the designs and colours.
I hope you get your appointment soon, and that your health issues ease soon, take care, Kate x

Craftychris said...

Ooh how lovely to see your post! Two wonderful summery gorgeous cards that make me happy to see! I am happy to see you too and laughing out loud at your 'soon' definitions - oh Darnell my friend - you are such fun! Even when you are struggling with your pain bless you! Take care and I'm sending you lots of love and hugs. xxxxxxxxx

Cathy said...

Love the daisies with the pretty border Darnell, and yes, the pears look scrumptious!! Hope things improve for you soon...waiting is a pain in itself! Sending hugs, Cathy x Oh and thankyou for joining in at Seize the Birthday too :)

frommycraftroom said...

Such gorgeous cards! Love the vase with the flowers.

When you find that someone who can turn my creations into food please share in the meantime I will delegate that duty to my kiddos as often as I can! :)

I do hope the pain subsides in the near future...

TK said...

Two wonderful cards, and I'm so glad you and Hammy are staying busy but so VERY sorry that you're still not better! Love the daisies and pears, but please don't tax yourself thinking you have to entertain us -- let the pretty cards do that!