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January 16, 2017

Blog Birthaversary SURPRISE! NBUS Challenge #8!

Greetings, my friends!

Today is a day of many celebrations for me and I'm becited to share them with you! You're gonna wanna grab a jumbo beverage and maybe a large sammich.

First, and most importantly, it is the 46th wedding anniversary of me and the Mister! Trust me when I say it seems like 146 years! No. Stop it! It truly does feel like we've only just begun, which just happened to be our wedding song! Happy Anniversary, K2, and cheers to many more loving years together!!

Second, today is the 5th anniversary or birthday or, as I like to say, birthaversary of this little ol' blog! I'm delighted to have become friends with over 1,000 like-minded card artists in that time and written over 1,000 posts! I'm very passionate about this hobby and hope I'll be able to continue for many more years.

Third, as you can see, I've had a face-lift for the special event thanks to my friend Loll! She took a piece of Brusho art that I had created to make a custom background, which I love. And since so many of you use my first name rather than my blog name when you mention me, I decided to change the header design with Loll's help. I hope you like it! Thank you so much, Loll! 


I couldn't let my blog birthaversary go by without throwing a giant NBUS PARTY now could I? No way! So here we go!

For this event (and this event only) I am running three NBUS Challenges back-to-back for three weeks, with a different challenge running each of the three weeks. Each week there will be different prizes and themes. 

  • So today is NBUS Challenge #8, which will run for a week. There is an optional theme and five prizes, and you can enter three times;
  • Next Monday, January 23rd, will be NBUS Challenge #9 which will run for a week. It will have a new optional theme(s), and five new prizes, and a chance to enter three more cards; and 
  • Then the next Monday, January 30th, will be NBUS Challenge #10 which will run for a week. It will have a new optional theme, five new prizes, and a chance to enter three more cards.
  • Winners for all three challenges will be published in one post on February 13, 2017. 

Squee!! Let's have fun with our bad selves and our NBUS!

The basic idea of this challenge is evident in the name. You are to use schtuff never before used (virginal) on your creation. It can be something you've had for years or something you got yesterday. For the history of NBUS and to see prior challenges, please see the tab above or click HERE.

January 16, 2017 ~ January 22, 2017

🔹Please use a NBUS item and share what it is.
🔹Please follow using the blue "Follow" button on the side bar.
🔹Please only enter this challenge three times with new work only.
🔹Please only enter four other challenges, for a total of five, including this one.
🔹Please mention the NBUS Challenge and link your post back here.
🔹Please leave encouraging comments on each other's creations.
🔹Please click HERE for how you enter if you don't have a blog.
🔹Please enjoy!

In the past, other than the requirement that you use NBUS, I've run Anything Goes challenges. For this NBUStival, however, there will be fun specific optional themes. 

Personally, in addition to using NBUS this year, I'm challenging myself to start using those NBUS techniques that I've been meaning to try for ages. (These techniques are old ones that many of you have done before and I'm just late to the party.) 

So for this challenge I would like you to join me and

Note: If your thing is using colored pencils on kraft and you've done it a million times, or you don't own any colored pencils, or you don't own any kraft paper, I would love it if you could instead try some other NBUS technique, something you've been meaning to try. Please share with us what it is. Of course, you still must use some NBUS product. I do hope a lot of you will be able to use colored pencils on kraft if at all possebley, because it will look really cool in the gallery, but remember, this theme is entire optional!

For the September NBUS Challenge #7, there were no prizes, just to see if you were entering because of the prizes or because I encouraged you to use your NBUS. You proved you played whether there were prizes or not (thank you!), but this milestone calls for PRIZES!

These prizes are open to everyone worldwide, provided the rules are followed.
  1. $25 gift card. Winner's choice to any American company. [GC]
  2. $25 gift card. Winner's choice to any American company. [GC]
  3. Faber Castell Polychromos. [P]
  4. Mini MISTI Stamping Tool. [M]
  5. Clarity Stencil Brushes. [C]
Important: In your comment (or after your name in the gallery when you link up), please indicate which of the prizes you would like to win by including the alpha letter(s) shown after the name of the prize. To be fair, for the non-gift certificate items, please don't request them if you already own them or something substantially similar. If you want to participate in the drawing and would be happy with any of the prizes, please type [ANY] in your comment. 

If you do not make an indication of your preference, I will assume that you do not want to be included in the drawing for a prize! Thank you!

Also, if you and I have not communicated via email in the past five years, please make sure you use the secure "contact me" form on the right to provide me with your email address! Commenting doesn't always provide me with your email information if you are a No-Reply Blogger. If I can't contact you, you can't win! 💙

I will hold three separate drawings for each of the three NBUS Challenges, but winners of ALL THREE challenges will be published on February 13, 2017.
Here is my entry as inspiration for you.

The swooning lady is Madge from Art Impressions. I just found via Google that Art Impressions has a challenge and the current challenge is about trying new techniques, so I'm going to enter Madge over there!

For the sediment, I did a little creative and unauthorized manipulation of a "You Make Me Smile" stamp from CFS. You can see it here:
I just masked the "mile" and handwrote "woon" instead. I mean, don't get me wrong, the Mister still makes me smile, too, but with the fabulous posturating of the theatrical Madge, I had to acknowledge that he still makes me swoon, too!

Then I thought, well, maybe I can kick it up a notchlet, so I did this to it:


And then what happened was, right after I finished the above card, I got my Happy Mail and in it was a NBUS stamp from Penny Black ("Kisses For My Sweet"), which I've been loving for quite a while and finally bought. How could I not make another card for this special day? It isn't colored pencils on kraft, but it is NBUS!
I used my Zig KGT paints to watercolor the sweet couple. I embossed the side with a heart e/f from Sizzix for SU and offset the panel onto a matchy-matchy card base. The sediment is from Papertrey Ink. A crop-o-dile chomped the corner.

Here is the most recent picture of the Mister and me at Christmas at the Mister's sister's house holding the Mister's sister's dog Cisco. (Sorry I made you spit with all those esthes.) We're not looking too bad for being 78-years-old and married for 46 years, huh?! Well, oookay, we're not that old, but you did think we were looking especially good there for a second, dincha?! 

Enjoy your day! Enjoy the surprise NBUS ChallengesNo, seriously, enjoy! LITS!*

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse. Thank you very much for participating and for being incredible friends and followers and supporters! Your friendship and your encouraging comments keep me going! MWAH! 

If you have any questions, please use the contact form on the right or email darnell dot knauss at gmail dot com. And, remember, if you want to be in the drawing for a prize, please make sure to let me know which prize you want and how I can contact you!!

*Life is too short!
Let's also celebrate Dr. King today!
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Click "Jump to Comment Form" and wallah, no more car pool tunnel!
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Loll said...

Congrats to you and Mr. on your 46th wedding anniversary!! And congrats on your 5 year blog birthaversary. It's been a great five years and I believe we "met" not long after you launched your blog. You are an inspiration ... not only with your creative style, but with your wit, humour, and with your generosity to all. I'm so happy to call you friend, my dear Dolly! :)

So excited about your new look. It was so much fun working together. Here's to many, many more years of blogging. Also excited to join in the new NBUS challenge. LOVE your colouring on kraft ... and your second sweet anniversary card too. Your colouring and shading of Madge and the Happy Couple really brings them to life. Great job! Lolly xx

Rahmat said...

Happy Anniversary Darnell, and also happy blog anniversary. I love all cards you shared, love the sentiment in the first one.
This might give me a boost to go and dog in the NBUS, some goodies are sitting and crying out loud to be used.

Marianne said...

Happy Happy Happy Everything, Darnell! Your do know how to throw a party here on the blog.
I have been hoarding some more NBUS so I could play in your next NBUS challenge, which I wasn't expecting until next month. Even so, I have made an effort to regularly use my NBUS and show my creations on my blog. Love your new header and the cards you've created, especially the colouring on kraft and the altered sentiment. So fun!
Marianne x

Redanne said...

Wow Darnell, so much to congratulate you on! Is it really 5 whole years since we became friends? Happy, happy blog birthaversary my dear friend! Happy Anniversary to you and Kevin too, that is such a lovely photo of the two of you.

Your new blog header is gorgeous, the white is stunning against the brusho background - you and Loll did a magnificent job! What a fabulous challenge too - I predict a larger than normal response - I hope every one of your 1,000 plus followers joins in! Love and hugs, Annie xxx

PS, almost forgot to say, love your cards today too!! xxx

ionabunny said...

Happy Anniversary. Happy blogaversary. You look amazing and happy. Congrats to you both. Love that card. The image made me laugh and I must applaud your adjustments to the sentiment. I tried that myself a little while ago, and it looked like I had adjusted it by hand, but I didn't spot yours til you pointed it out. Very neatly done. Oh sweet NBUS challenge. You have made my monday and restoreth my mojo. 3 NBUS weeks! Fabtastic. Off to craft like a good 'un. Big hugz and much love. Hugz

ionabunny said...

Oops, forgot to say the new look looks wonderful. Hugz

Aileen said...

Wow Darnell theres lots of congratulations due here. The blog looks fantastic with the new header and layout and so glad you changed the name to the name everyone would search for you on google with. You and DH look wonderful and like mere little chickies rather than 46 years married. Congrats to you both. And over 1000 followers and five years just brilliant.

Then you tol it off with two stunning cards, your colouring on kraft is unbeleivable, was that with those same pencils. I have been haunting the ebay and that looking for some and keep putting in my shopping cart then logging out. With our dollar so low over here they have become a luxury item.. And those blending brushes, I hear they are the bees knee, not available over here. I am so glad there are three challenges so does that mean I can add 3 or 4 cards to each challenge or all up. I know I sound beserk but I am really trying to work my way through my mount nbus and have promised myself no shopping no shopping till all used and accounted for. What would we do without you, such happy moments. Hugs Aileen

Stamps and Paper said...

Many congratulations to you and Mister Darnell and happy blog anniversary ... A great picture of you both and you both look so young.
Love your two cards especially your colouring on Kraft card your card really made me smile.

Loving your new blog look too


Creative world said...

Congrats on your 46th anniversary...boy...what a BIG number,LOL,I am on a half way to catch your number :),and HAPPY 5th BLOG BIRTHDAY...wish you many,many blog years and crafty times...This would be my first NBUS challenge...so see you dear Darnell...and yes,almost forget...LOVE your new header on the blog,awesome job from LOL and it fits to you perfectly...hugs Željka

Sue said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby. You must be up for parole soon?:) LOL

Happy 5th Blogaversary. Like the new look.

Loving the cards.

Really nice photo of you and your hubby.

Hope you have a good start to the week. Sue

Kathyk said...

To Darnell and her Mister - warmest congratulations on 46 years of wedded bliss, to Darnell solo - YAY on the blogversary too - no mean feat either!

FABULOUS giveaways, I have my eye on those FAber Castell pencils so I'm off to the Table of Craftiness (or ToC as I like to call it)!!!! BBL


Mrs A. said...

Loll has woven her magic again. I love your new look. Congratulations on your anniversary and your blogaversary. Funnily enough I nearly bought the madge stamp but then decided against it cos I chickened out needing to colour her stick pin legs.! You did just swell. Hugs Mrs A.

Kath said...

Congratulations to you and Mister on your anniversary, and congtrats on your blogversary too!

Love your cards and the additional sentiment is fab! I'll be joining you soon with one of my NBUS stamps and would love a chance to win the Mini Misti [M] which has been on my 'wish list' for ages!

Take care
Kath x

Sue - said...

Huge congrats to you and the Mister! Love your new look too, and a NBUS challenge as well, what a great start to the week! Hope you have a super anniversary day!

Hannelie said...

A BIG, HUGE and HAPPY anniversary to you and the mister Darnell. It was on this occasion a couple of years ago that I met you. I can't remember whose initiative it was that we throw you a little anniversary party. I made a card, and shared it via the Linky Party, and well, so glad I did it, and in the process met you!
Also A BIG congratulations for the 5 year birthday celebrations . Thank you so much for bringing us the NBUS challenge and for making us smile with you fun(tastic) blog posts!
... and last but not least... I LOVE the new look!
Thanks also for the generous offering of prizes! [GC]

Kim M said...

Happy Anniversary Darnell and the Mister!! 😊 Happy Birthaversary as well! I do so enjoy your NBUS challenges. They are always such fun and get me to use my NBUS items. Your generosity with the prizes is always amazing. You are so fabulous!
I wish you many more happy years with the Mister and with your blog. Big hugs!

KandA said...

Huge Congratulations to you and the Mister on your 46th anniversary and wishing you many more happy years together...... and happy 5th birthaversary too. I love your new look blog with that fabulous header - Loll is one very talented lady.

Now I'm off to find Mr Mojo and search through my stash but I'm pretty sure the cheap supermarket coloured pencils I had were given to a pair of tiny hands last year - still I do have one or two (hundred) NBUS items to play with! xx

Gerrina said...

You both look so young; can't believe you are already married for 46 years! Congrats to you and more loving years together!
The header looks so fresh and beautiful; fits your style perfect!
And Congrats with 5 years of blogging, what you have done with such a great spiret and with such an enthousiasm to get crafters from all the globe together!Thanks for all the times I kept on smiling while leaving you a comment from wich I always hope I can get my message across to you...
And congrats with 1000 followers and more than 1000 blogposts (don't want to know how many letters or words you must have typed to get them on the blog)...
Snd to top that you start your new blogyear by letting us think about all the things we wanted so badly and can't seem to find the time for to give them the love (or is it ink?) they should get....super that you organise NBUS challenges again!
Don't know about NBUS techniques here; love to try all, not allways with a fun result :)!
Your card is a beautiful inspiration (pitty you didn't set some time to use by use on the blog :) ) My old head is already spinning with ideas!
Celebrate all in style and hugs, Gerrina

Birgit said...

Wow! Wow! and Wow!! There's so much fun stuff to comment on today Darnell. First, I love your new look. The face lift is wonderful and Loll did a great job creating your new header. 5 years of fun and inspiration from you and even better than that a wonderful celebration for you and your dh. You are a beautiful couple. Congrats on everything! Your coloring on kraft came out so great! I think I've only tried it once so hopefully I'll get to try it again for this challenge. Madge looks like she's had a tough day but I know she'll bring a smile to someone's face. Both of your cards are so fun!! Congratulations and happy birthaversary!

!neke said...

Congrats to you and the meter !!!!
46 years !!!!!!
And stil looking very good , not to say , yes indeed young !!!!!!!

Ineke X

Jeanne said...

Congratulations to you and the Mister, Darnell! Quite the feat in this day and age and you still like each other! Whooo hoooo! Happy Blogaversary, too! Quite wonderful as well. Where would the blogging world be with your wonderful wit and wisdom and generosity? A lot less fun, that is for sure. Dang, I should have held off a few days with my NBUS card the other day. LOL Your cards are fabulous. I love the dramatic swoony Madge and the sweet couple kissing. Lovely coloring. And finally...the remake of your blog is beautiful. It's grand to have special friends to help you out when needed. Happy to see the photo of the Playhouse is still in the sidebar. I can still gaze longingly at the photo dream of having a wonderful creative space like that. Big, happy hugs to you! :)

None None said...

Happy Anniversary, Darnell & Mister!! Such a wonderful accomplishment! Glad yo hear you're just as swoon-y as ever. :) Love the refreshed look of your blog - the header is gorgeous and so you. The April 1, 2017 "coming soon" sounds interesting!! Can't wait to read more about it when its time to share. Glad to see NBUS is still going strong!! Best wishes to everyone who enters!!!

Ruth said...

Darnell!! Darnell! Happy happy anniversary and blogoversary. Srsly, you are looking awesome for 46 years married. I only hope we look half as good - 37 years to go! And an even more amazing milestone is your blogoversary. Thank you for all your support in the past year or so since we find each other in blogland. Here is to many more. I love the idea of your challenge. I have a million and one techniques that are NBUS and your prizes are wonderful! I shall be taking part. I have only ever done coloured pencils on Kraft once before and it needs to be tried again. Have a fabulous day! Xx

designbydonna said...

Congrats on your anniversary. You 2 don't look a day older than you are willing to admit to. hahaha! I love the Madge card and can't wait to try that coloring on Kraft technique. I have some new Prismacolor pencils to try. That kissing couple is so cute--great for anniversaries or Valentines.

Bunny said...

Happy wedding anniversary. What a wonderful blessing to be married to your loved one for so long. The cards you made are great. Especially the Kisses For My Sweet.

Happy Blogaversary, too. I love the clean look of your blog as blue and green are one of my favorite color combos. It's quite an accomplishment to have two significant anniversaries. A different love for each one.

I really hope I can get Karen Carpenter out of my brain now. I can envision singing y'all's song all day.

Have a Happy Happy Happy!

Happy Dance said...

I'm starting at the tippy-top. Your new header and the whole new look of your blog is FABULOUS!! That the ever clever Loll used a piece of your Brusho art is not only beautiful, but what a brilliant idea as well. Love your 'make over!' Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. You and the Mister must have been married when you were 4 or 5! Many more to you! And congratulations on your blogaversary too! Much like marriage, it takes dedication, love and hard to work to keep it fresh, something you've accomplished with grace, wit, and much laughter! It's always nice and refreshing to stop here for a visit! Onto to those cards... Brilliant coloring of fun/sweet images. Saw that PB one and thought it was chock full of love! Love the swoon-stars she's seeing in the 'still' card. And everyone should own at least one pair of purple shoes! I'll have to dig through my stash and see if I can find my colored pencils, or call Lizzy and see if she has any I can borrow...I want to play along!! Well, since this is becoming as lengthy as a novelette, I'll stop with one more word - Congratulations!! xoxo Bev

Heidi MyLittleStampingBlog said...

Oh, fun! I did notice your new blog header right away! Many congratulations on all the 'versaries and thanks for hosting the challenges. I will definitely play along as I have plenty of NBUS.

I really love the cards, especially how your handwriting mixes in flawlessly! That really impresses me!

Those prizes are really great, I think I would be most interested in the clarity brushes, although winning anything would be amazing!

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Wohoooo!! BIG CONGRATS for your wedding anniversary! You and your hubby are wonderful toghether! :D
And BIG CONGRATS for your blog's birthday, too! TWO great milestones, Darnell!
Your new header is so lovely!
Thanks for your NBUS challenges and the prizes offered! Hope to have time to enter!

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Happy Wedding anniversary to you and the Mr and also Happy blog Birthaversary too. I love the cards that you've made all three are fantastic. Off now to see what I can use of my NBUS for the challenge.

Sue xx

Carole said...

CONGRATULATIONS Darnell..to you and the mister on your 46 years together...long may it continue. Also Congrats on the blogaversary I have a pile of NBUS waiting for a home in the craft room...maybe I will find time to use it first and join in your challenges. Love your cards...great colouring...and they sure bring a smile to your face! Hugs xxxx

Viv said...

46 years!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Anniversary. x
Happy Blogaversary!
(But I'm not happy cos I added a card BEFORE YOUR BLOG POST WENT LIVE using my NBUS set - the first I've bought in eons - so now I will just have to use your Happy everythings as an excuse to lock myself away for the next 3 weeks!!)

Happy new blog header too - like it - she's too darn clever that Loll!!!! X

Brenda in IN said...

I'm sending you happy wishes for a wonderful anniversary for you and Mister and for your blogaversary. Your cards are so cute, especially the "swoon" one. He will love that! I love the picture of you both and the dog is cute too. Loll did a fantastic header for you. I have seen posts in blogland that just mention Darnell or NBUS and we all know who and what that is. You are our cardmaking, blogger celebrity. What a truly great five years your blog has been and we look forward to many, many more fun filled years with you. I have never, or, never have I ever, used colored pencils on kraft. That is not a technique I have mastered. However, I have my eye on those Clarity brushes so I am going to give it a try. Big hugs to you my friend. You have brought so much fun, friendship and caring to this world of blogging and deserve the "Medal of FunFriendship". I am humbly clasping it around your neck today.

Marcia Hill said...

Happy Anniversary, Blogaversary, & 1000 postsaversary Darnell! LOVE the new look of your blog (isn't Loll great at figuring all that fun stuff out?! She helped me with my watermark and I still get tickled every time I use it!!). Your cards are fabulous and I love the look of the colored pencils on the kraft...going to have to see if I can fit that in this week! Loved the "swooning" sentiment too! And your last card is precious and colored beautifully! Congrats on all your versaries and I will definitely try to make it to at least one of your challenges as I definitely still have a mountain of NBUS!!! If I have time to make cards AND am lucky enough to win one of the prizes, any of them but the Clarity Stencil brushes would be wonderful (already have them and love them!!). HUGS!!!

Ros Crawford said...

WHOO HOO!!! Congrats to you both!! I love your cards! I've never used pencils on kraft or anything else ... We don't get Kraft CS like you do ... It's not the same at all but I'm going to try ... I mean just look at those prizes HOLY MOLY!!
Well done on your blogversary too and your new header is indeed beautiful and perfectly fitting for such a beautiful lady!

Leslee said...

Happy Anniversary! Both to you and the mister and your blog!!! You cards are perfect and I look forward to participating in your NBUS!

Sandy said...

Happy anniversary Darnell and the Mister!. Congratulations on your 46 years together.
And Darnell, congrats on the bloggy-versary, too. 1000 friends/followers is a reflection of how much we enjoy your sunny personality and lovely creatiions.

Canonbury creations said...

A very happy double anniversary to you Darnell! Loving both of those cards, the first one gave me a giggle!
Val xx

Canonbury creations said...

Forgot to comment on your lovely new header and of course that photo of such a good looking couple!!!

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

Yay! Thank ou for the fun challenges and inspiration and happy anniversary on so many levels! I would love the GC or p thanks for the chance! Lisascreative@gmail.com

Greta said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary to both of you! You look absolutely wonderful & like you couldn't possibly have been married 46 years--& I'm not kidding! I so love your new header--gonna have to treat myself to a chance this year. Love both your cards, Darnell--the coloring on kraft with colored pencils looks absolutely amazing! Thanks for including new techniques with this special NBUS celebration as it's on my list for 2017, too. I don't have many colored pencils & not sure I can color good enough to post it, but will give it a try. I'd love to win the clarity brushes (on my wishlist for ages) or could always use the gc. Hugs, Greta

Linda said...

Happy Anniversary to you and the Mister. You look fabulous for 78 (wow, I thought they can't be)and the weren't. Happy 5 years on your blog also. You make so many people smile with you wit, humor and stories. I am excited about the first challenge cause I just saw a card using that technique and thought I need to try that, so thank you. Have a great day and see you in the gallery.

Milka Gubo said...

WoW Darnell!!
I wish you and your Mister happy anniversary. :o) 46 years... so cool! :o)
Congratulations on your 5th blogoversary. I love your cards, photos, your super fun writing... Congratulations also on your 1000th post! WOW! :o)
Love your new blog header. :o)
And oh WOW new NBUS challenge!! Wohooo!!! The challenge is great and I'm definitely play and use those NBUS I got myself as a Christmas present. :o)
Lastly, LOVE LOVE LOVE your cards!! Super fun! :o)
Thank you for everything and congratulations for everything. :o)
I'm so happy I know you. :o)
Big hugs!

Lisa said...

Huge congrats to you and your hubby!! What a beautiful picture of both of you!! Congrats on your blogaversary, too!! And 1000 posts!! So many congrats to you my friend!! I absolutely adore the new blog header!! It looks amazing!! And thanks for a fun new NBUS!! I hope I can make some time to enter!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Viv said...

Happy Anniversary Dee! and Happy Blogaversary too! lovely pic of you and the Mister too. Love the new header and loving your beautiful cards too. I still have this horrid coughing virus but will try and join in with the challenge. I certainly have plenty of NBUS 'shtuff'lol! big hugs ;) Vee xxxx

Julia Dunnit said...

I love this post. Congratulations and love on your anniversary...s'a big number huh....marvellous. Love the cards, expecially the colour pencils on Kraft, my word they must be better pencils than mine....the colours are so opaque and popping! I really especially li,e the manipulation of the text stamp, you clever stick. But I guess he will have said that already. Love ❤️ to you both on a special day.

conil said...

New look for the blog, Anniversary, blogoversary, NBUS (separate challenges) ...do you think you could have crammed any more into this blogpost. I mean...I'm, actually, hyperventilating. Holy cow...my brain (such as it is) just went into overdrive. So you and Mr. K have been married a lifetime already and there is more to come...Congratulations are, most definitely, in order. And the cards you created for him are perfection.
But I have to go now and see if I can come up with something for the challenges. Hopefully, with all this thinking, my brain won't explode.
Incidentally, for 78, you both look amazing.

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

So many reasons to celebrate!!!! Big congrats in order!!! I am so happy to be one of your gazillion followers - not knowing about your hilarious posts would really be such a miss in my life! Beautiful new blog header - Loll is amazing! LOVE, LOVE your cards - especially the first one - made me laugh!
Guess now I have to pull out my Kraft paper. You'll see me coming back!

Birgit said...

46 years! Congrats to you both and here is to the next 45:) You also had me going when you said you were both 78 because I thought...Dang! You look great...wait....ok leg pull time:) I, myself, think I look great for being 85:) When you said virginal I almost spit my drink out because, for me, that ship has sailed but i do have stuff I have never used so it will be fun. I love your new look and your wit and your creativity.

baileyrosy.com said...

Congratulations on both your wedding and blog anniversary. I wish you and the Mr many more fantabulous years to come. I also want to thank you for your kindness and support which has meant so much to me over the years. You have been there through sickness and health and I really do appreciate every comment and card I have received. Not only are you a lovely, witty and kind lady but a wonderful artist, its always a pleasure to visit your blog and I wish you many many years to come of happy crafting. Once again a HUGE thank you Darnell.


baileyrosy.com said...

Forget to say that Loll has done a great job with your new look.


Colleen said...

Happy Anniversary to you and the Mister! You were just young 'uns and you still look so young and vivacious
! Thank you for this wonderful challenge and for in spring us with your amazing cards! I am on my way home from a volleyball tournament and This is what I am going to play! Happy Day

Lynette said...

Happy Anniversary to you and the Mister, Darnell!! Your cards are fabulous. Happy Birthaversary to your blog, too:)

Darlene said...

Oh Darnell you are such a hoot!!! LOL Congrats on all the birthaversaries! You & the Mr. look pretty dang good for your age ... lol. I'm going to do my best to join in your fun challenges. HAPPY HAPPY to you and congrats again!

Susan said...

Congratulations, Darnell, on the anniversaries!! You and the mister look great! And I love your new blog look - isn't Loll just the best!! Two fun cards and great news about NBUS challenges. Now to decide what of my many NBUS items to use!!

Janis said...

Married 78 years and only 46 years old. I honestly DON'T know how you do it!! lol... Many congratulations, Darnell! You are such a bright spot with your wonderful cards and entertaining posts. Love the anniversary cards you made!!!

WOW!! What a fabulous NBUStival!! I have been making a concerted effort to use things from my stash that have never seen the light of day, so this comes at a great time for me! Fabulous prizes, too!! You are so generous.

Please put my name in for the (GC)s (Eeek!..Do I even dare remember what happened last time???!!!) and the (C).....THANK YOU!!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to you and the Mister ! You both look great (and young !) on the picture ! And your cards are just amazing and so fun (love your "still" addition, it made me laugh !). Your new blog look is fabulous, definitely those Brushos make wonders ! Santa has been so nice with me that I had a lot of NBUS, so for sure I will join the fun ! Even if I do not understand every time all what you are writing, it's always a pleasure to read you, you're such a good living person and so funny ! Thanks for sharing and above all your good mood !
Izzy Scrap

Cat Craig said...

I noticed that new header first thing, and it is FABULOUS. So wonderful that it was created from some of your original artwork. Bravo! Second, congratulations on your anniversary, may you both have many many more loving and happy years together.

What a fabulous surprise to see a nbus challenge...well three of them. I am actually not traveling at all those three weeks and I do have some nbus stuff to get through...so I am jazzed.

And lastly but by no means leastly...I love that coloring on Kraft look. I've attempted it only a couple of times so I definitely need some more practice. Madge is fabulous in that swooning orange...and your sentiment surgery...kudos the writing looks so much like the stamp font. Some great forgery there Darnell. And your second card...what a fun and wonderfully sweet image. I love that you love and used that stamp...now I am feeling all mushy.

Have a wonderful anniversary and thanks for such a wonderful start to the week!

Dana M said...

A huge congratulations on 46 years! Happy Anniversary - to you and the Mister and the blog. You are a very handsome couple and I love the new banner! I hope to get organized enough to play along with the 3 weeks of fun. I always love your NBUS challenge and am in desperate need for time in the craft room.

Linda said...

Happy Anniversary to you both .... you look great on the picture
Happy Birthday to your Blog too ..... I didn't realise that we were so close. Life in the Craft Lane was 5 yesterday too, and I think we've been blog buddies from the start. Here's to the next 5 years ... and more.
3 NBUS challenges eh .... better get searching through my stash!
Congratulations hun ..... it's quite the celebration ...... mwah!! xx

Linda said...

Forgot to mention ..... love the new look x

Linda said...

Forgot to mention ..... love the new look x

Macimbalo said...

Happy anniversary and bday to your blog! You always make me laugh and bring a huge smile to my face when I read your posts!!! And I love your new header-it's gorgeous! I guess "any" would be my choice and thanks for offering such grand prizes!!!

Trina P. said...

Big CONGRATULATIONS all around, Darnell! 46 years of marriage with the Mister is AMAZING! 5 years blogging is fantastic! Wishing you many, many more happy and healthy years to come.
Love the fresh updated look of your blog.
Your cards made me smile. You did a great job colouring on Kraft. And your second card is so sweet.
I've been focusing on my NBUS list lately and can't wait to join in the fun. And you are so generous with your prizes. I love them all and would be so lucky to win any of them.
Thank you for sharing your exciting celebrations. Have a great rest of the week!


Berina RGA said...

Happy anniversary to you and your husband. Wish you both many more years of happiness. Congratulations on your blogoversary!! I have submitted my card for the challenge and I'd go with one of the GCs if I win.

Jean said...

Happy anniversary! You spread joy all over the internet! Love the cards and the new NBUS!

Zelda said...

Congrats x 3 Darnell! What a fabulous day. Love your new header and so impressive that it's your own artwork. Congrats to you and the Mister - wow 46 years. Wish you many, many more happy ones! And congrats on your blog 'versary. I'm not surprised that you have 1000 followers - your posts are such a treat and I always look forward to reading them and seeing your creations. Thank YOU for your generosity, not just in your giveaways and challenges, but how your support this community. You're a gem. Oh and of course I love your cards.... genius to change the sediment :) Have a wonderful day xx

BożenA said...

Woohoo! Congratulations! Each occasion is equally important. And wedding anniversary, and 1,000 post and over 1,000 followers! And finally woohoo because another fun on your blog. As I mentioned once before, there are important awards, it is important to good fun, hey! And this at your never run out :-)
Only because of your extraordinary personality everyone who once came to you my dear Darnell returns always already :-) So it was with me.
I wish you all the best my dear Darnell :-) How much further success. And many more years in good health, love and happiness with your husband.
Hugs from Poland,

Lindsey said...

Congrats on your doubleanniversiblogibirthday!!! Your cards are perfect for celebrating such a fine occasion. (I did once give mine three for an anniversary, only because what else can you do with lovey-dovey cards! haha) Also glad to see the return of the NBUS challenge! And a threefer! Especially good since I can't play this week. :(

nancy littrell said...

OMG Darnell...I LOVE your new header..I noticed immediately! Congratulations for 2 very big events..your 46th Anniversary and your 5th blog anniversary...GREAT reasons to Celebrate with NBUS challenges and...fab prizes. I will be playing..even if there were no prizes. A Big Hug, Nancy

nancy littrell said...

P.S. I LOVE both your cards and have been wanting to try watercolouring on kraft with watercolor pencils forever!!!

Kathleen said...

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on the Wedding Anniversary, and I do realise that you are both only 58 and you were a child bride.
Totally gorgeous cards and a fantastic photo.
Nice of you to run another NBUS challenge, not sure if I have any pencils though.

Kath x

Vicki Dutcher said...

Everything is fabulous love the header, congrats on both anniversaries, fun cards! Looking forward to playing color on kraft now what NBUS can I use......

Jeanne H said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeanne H said...

Hey Darnell~ Congratulations on your and your hubby's 46th anniversary. Should have sent a card because I remember seeing your pic a few years ago of Kevin and his motorcycle taken years ago and swooned! teehee Anyway, thanks for showing your cards. They are both great! Happy hugs to you both.

Rose said...

Happy Anniversary! You & the Mister both look fantastic & what a wonderful milestone! Happy 5th Blog Birthaversary too! Hope you have many more of both! Your blog make-over looks fantastic & that brusho header is just gorgeous! Love your three cards as well. A big thank you for the always entertaining blog posts, inspiring creations & for bringing a smile to our day!

Inkyfingers said...

Congratulations my friend - what a lot of milestones you have had lately! 46 years together is an achievement worth celebrating. I love the new look on the blog and I know you new NBUS challenge will be a great success.
Hugs to you both.
Carol x

Bonnie said...

Happy anniversary to you and the Mister! What a lovely picture of the happy couple and the pooch! And happy blog birthaversary! I know I can speak for all of your followers in saying how much we enjoy your talent and wit! You are a dear friend to all of us!

Love that you're adding an optional challenge. And it's one on my list to try. Must get busy! Love your cards and don't know how you can possibly choose between them to give on the special day. xoxo

Bonnie said...

Oh, and I love your new blog look! A gorgeous header!

TK said...

Beautiful! Lovely work from Loll... but technically YOU created it! Happy Anniversary for you and The Mister, and Happy Birthaversary for your blog! What a tremendous place you've created for us to visit, and two more amazing cards for us to enjoy!
NBUS Challenge? Oh Yah! Love it! Thanks for your generosity, kindness, friendship!

Catchy Sketch said...

Happy anniversary and birthaversary to you, Darnell!
I rarely comment, but your posts usually make me smile. New design of your blog looks very nice!
Thanks for this new challenge!

Pat said...

Wow! Multiple congratulations to you Darnell. Forty six years with the Mister is fantastic and wish you many more wonderful years to come. The Christmas photo of the two of you is just great and with that cutsy Cisco as well. I love your new header using one of your own masterpieces and Loll has done a great job! Five years of this blog is wonderful too, it is always such fun and the amount of followers you have is testimony to how much you are respected and admired here in blogland. I love the cards and two such fun images beautifully coloured, and either would be great for your anniversary. Thank you for your wonderful prizes this week and would like to be in the draw for the Faber Castell Pencils (P) providing international post is not astronomic, also the Gift Cards (GC). x

Laurie Unger said...

Happy Anniversary all the way around! You both look awesome!

Loly Borda said...

Congratulations on your anniversary, bloanniversary, new name blog and all you are celebrating today! Many blessings to you both and for many more!

Geri said...

Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds!!! Wishing you a kazillion more years of wedded bliss! Nice pic of you and the Mister. You two still look perzactly the same as you did in that 'hot' motorcycle picture!


I love, love, love your 'swooning' cards! Both versions made me laugh out loud! Nice touch with the 'swooning stars' on version two! Really, REALLY nice job adding your own handwriting too! Looks like an actual stamp!!!

BTW...this is perzactly how I look with no bra on!!! Total pancake city!

Adore the 'seniors in love' stamp! GORGEOUS coloring once again! Best part of this image is that mister's kiss still makes you kick up your heel!!!

Now, I'm off to find some cool images to color!!!

JoAnn said...

Wow, congrats on your 46th wedding anniversary. That is a great photo of you two. Also congrats on your blogaversary. Such fun cards. Love your NBUS challenges and will have to play along.

JoAnn said...

Forgot to tell you I like your new blog look. Loll did a fabulous job.
Also, if I happen to be one of your lucky winners, I would love a GC.

Harriet Skelly said...

I love the new header Darnell! You and Loll did a great job on it! Happy anniversary to you and Kevin!! Also happy blogaversary! I hope to play in your NBUS challenge! Hugs, Harriet

HJ said...

Happy Anniversary to you and the Mister. Congrats on the new look of your blog and to your 5th birthversary. Love both of these funny cards today. Your coloring is awesome. Thanks for a chance to win some blog candy - my choice would be GC. Have a wonderful week!

Lisa Elton said...

A toast to you and the Mister!! Congrats on 46 years, look how cute you both are. Another congrats on 5 years of blogging. I love popping in here for your wit, humor and fabulous cards. Love the smooching couple and the swooning lady! Very fun, both of them!!

Tonniece said...

My Goodness, Happy 46th Anniversary, Love the pic of you and the mister. You both look so happy and may I say quite young looking. I think it's wonderful that he still makes you swoon.

Also Happy blogaversary. I hope you continue blogging for many years, your witty and gracious, your humor is refreshing and contagious, and your creations are beautiful and inspiring. What more can a viewer ask for.

I have never joined in on your NBUS challenges, although Dianne has told me I should. Sadly I'm in a bit of a crafting slump at the moment, but hope to join in in the near future.

Off to explore a bit more. Have yourself an awesome week.
Hugz Tonniece

MackieMade Paper Creations said...

Congratulations !!! 46 years! Y'all must have been 12 years old when you got married!! Y'all look great!!!!
Love your new header design!!! And your cards are so cute!!! Great job coloring!

Pam said...

Happy, happy everything & I LOVE EVERYTHING! That new blog header is fab-o and your cards are the bomb! The picture of you & the Mister is lovely. I have more than my usual mountain of NBUS diue to my slacking on the card making, So I better get moving! Those Clarity brushes are something I've been ewanting for awhile.

Cheryl W. said...

LOVE that new blog header! So gorgeous with the white images on it. The NBUS challenge sounds like a lot of fun - and I've been meaning to color with pencils on kraft for a looooong time. Thanks for the push in the patoot! Now I just have to figure out what image(s) to color. I know you'll have lots of fun entries and I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Neha said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you and happy blogoversary too! I haven't started crafting much in 2017 so your back to back NBUS will help me to kindle my mojo ! Your both the cards are superb! Loce the sentiment and stamp selection and coloring of first one. Amazing! I would like to win Clarity Brushes [ C ]. Thank you so much for the chance.

Donna said...

Congratulations on all counts! I've enjoyed your humor and your cards for some time and you never disappoint! Best wishes on both of the anniversaries!

Angela Walters said...

Congratulations on your anniversary with your Hubby! 46 years is definitely something to celebrate!! Congratulations on 5 wonderful years of blogging as well! You have connected to so many people and made their lives better, including mine! I look forward to coloring on Kraft paper this week so I can enter your challenge! Your shading on your card looks wonderful! I hope mine turns out half as well as yours did!

Dena J said...

Looking fabulous! Congratulations to you and the Mister. The new look of the blog is gorgeous, too. I look forward to the fun and creativity in your posts. Today was over the top....swooning like Madge here :-) And a surprise NBUS?! Thank you for bringing your love, humor, and inspiration to me through the blog.

Donna said...

I love your new blog header, Darnell. :)
Many, many, many congratulations to you and the 'Mister'. You look so happy together.
Big hugs... and congratulations on reaching your bloggy anniversary, too.
PS. Awesome job on your cards. I especially love the fact that you edited the stamp to make it suit. X

Liz said...

Congratulations on your 46th Anniversary, Birthaversary, 1000+ followers and 1000+ posts. So many special things to celebrate! Love the new look on your blog too.
Super cards, I just love the images. Very clever how you've changed the text on the first one to make the perfect sentiment. :-)
I'm hoping to play along this week and if I was lucky enough for my name to come out of the hat, I would love to win [P] or [M]. I already have Ink Dusters, which I think are similar to the Clarity Stencil Brushes.
Off to find my packet of Kraft card, which I used just once many months ago and see if the children's colouring pencils I own work on it..........xx

JennyH said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julie B said...

Loving the new look Darnell.
Congrats on your's and The Mister's anniversary, hope you have many more blissful years.
According to Blogger this should be comment 100 unless some one else is a faster typer!
Sorry for not visiting more but this new blogger layout is not as user friendly as the old one. xxx

sandie said...

Congrats on all fronts-love the new look-have a fun day x

JennyH said...

Happy Anniversaries Darnell, love your new look : )
Thanks for another NBUS challenge, I always need a kick up the bum to locate my unused (usually forgotten) stuff, and thank you for introducing me to a great never-done-by-me-before technique.
If a winner, I would love P for my love of colouring or M for my required assistance in stamping : ) but of course if my name is drawn and they have gone, I would love ANY

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your Anniversary! and on your blogversary too.
Gorgeous cards :) So happy to hear you still swoon.
I have some NBUS goodies too and I don't think I have ever coloured on kraft before (stamped yes). I need a little prompt to get inky again :)

Julia Aston said...

Wow Darnell - SO many happy things to celebrate! congrats to you and the Mr. - well done! Love the blog header Loll created for you - so nice to have your own work up there - and what fun challenges coming up!! I am presently home recooperating from back surgery - and after that I'm RETIRED!!! so I am finding lots more time to craft during the day - I'll start working on a colored pencil kraft project today! Julia xx

Christi Conley said...

Hapiest Anniversary darling Darnell!! May the next 146, uh, 46 years bring you more happiness <3 I would be thrilled to win anything you have for a prize; your prizes ROCK xoxo Christi

Em Louise Fairley said...

Wow! Now where to start? There's so much in this post, so I guess you could say my replies are in no particular order, much like my mind recently. Grin. I love the bloggy makeover - the colors are some of my favorites and I love the new header too. Happy bloggy birthaversary - I love all your posts and by the number of comments above mine, I know I'm not the only one! Happy anniversary to you and the Mister - you both look fabulous! NBUS, oh NBUS - I hope I have time to play and post, but I can't promise to adhere to the theme. Sorry!

Em xoxox

Fikreta said...

Happy anniversary!
wish you many more!
and happy 5th birthaversary!
you made gorgeous card!
love how you color it!
and other card is very nice!
I would like to be in drawing for Faber Castell Polychromos or Mini MISTI Stamping Tool,because we dint have those in Croatia.
thank you for the chance!
have a wonderful day.

hugs, Ŧĭƙĭ

Barb said...

Many Congratulations to you both on 46 years of marriage.
Congratulations also on your five year blog birthaversary. What super work Loll has done and I love your new header. Barbxx

Theresa's Studio said...

Congrats on your Anniversary and Blog Birthaversary! Love your cards and thanks for another challenge! Love all the prizes and would love any one of them. Also love the new look of your blog. Always love to visit and am a long time follower. Hugs!

Lisa T said...

So many things to celebrate Darnell! Congratulations on your 46th Wedding Anniversary - that is wonderful, and I wish you many more happy years together. And only 5 years blogging.... I don't know why, I thought you had been doing it for longer, bearing in mind how many followers you have, you are very popular! And yay for the NBUS challenge, so fun to start the year with. And let's face it, let's start with good intentions for the NBUS even if it only lasts for this challenge haha! Imagine my frustration when I spent 2 hours doing my card today, only to find my web hosting company is failing me miserably today, and I cannot write my blog post. Oh well, maybe later or tomorrow. Congratulations once again Darnell! Hugs, Lisa xx

Lisa T said...

And in all my wafflings, I totally forget about your two fabulous cards! I love the idea of NBUS technique, and you did a great job for your first try with the kraft and colouring - I like this technique, especially with white embossing (hint hint at what my card is using :)

designbydonna said...

I was so excited about your cards and techniques, I forgot to tell you I would love to win that #4. Mini Misti stamping tool. I have had my eye on that for quite a while but haven't taken the leap to purchase yet.

My name is Cindy said...

How lovely! Just did a 'NBUS' challenge with another a group and was thinking about you.... and there you pop up in my feed! Hope you are well. Cindy xx

Sarah said...

Congratulations all round Darnell!! Love your cards and the photograph of you both is wonderful xx

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Darnell, wow a lot to congratulate you on :) First congratulations on 46 years with your handsome Mister, you make a beautiful couple, even after 46 years, how do you do that? What do you eat and drink :) You either a) got married at 10 years old or younger or b) you have a fountain of youth hidden somewhere, maybe Hammie brings you love & youth potions?

Second, congrats on 5 years of blogging, over 1,000 posts and over 1,000 followers. All of these are amazing accomplishments.

Not that I'm in competition butI had to make a personal comparison and I'm way behind. I couldn't keep up with your posts, comments, challenges, and humourous writing:) I've blogged for 5 years and 5 months, I have 1/4 the followers and 1/2 the posts. You put your heart and soul into your hobby and that is a wonderful way to enjoy life :)

Well I could continue to ramble on, but should sign off.. oh wait I almost forgot... love your cards, the pencil on Kraft and white are both very beautiful, great theme for your NBUS challenge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers & hugs, Shirley xx

Lucy E. said...

Congrats on your Blogaversary celebration! I love visiting your blog, reading about yours and Hammy's adventures in the playhouse! I have also discovered some fun blogs from your posts.
I would love to win those Polychromos Pencils (P) if I am chosen as a winner.
Thanks for all of your wit, charm and inspiration to use our NBUS!

*Vicki* said...

Happy anniversary and a happy blogaversary too! :) All wonderful news!! I know that I'll never be able to keep up with all that you do and you've worked so hard on everything! Congrats and I certainly would love to play along with your wonderful NBUS challenge my friend! Now find the time..right?! LOL!! Thanks for your inspiration! HUGS

Verna Angerhofer said...

Congratulations to you and the Mr. on your 46th anniversary. That is awesome. And, thanks again for hosting this wonderful fun challenge. I always look forward to this each year as it helps me get to those NBUS supply that has built up. And, your prizes are wonderful too and you are so generous! Any of them will work for me as I can use any of them. You have a great week and wonderful new year too!

Carole Pollard said...

Brilliant cards a loving photo and loving your new header Congratulations to you both Happy 46th Anniversary Love and hugs Carole x

Anita in France said...

Just sat with a delicious hot cuppa and enjoyed every word and every photo in this hugely celebratory post, Darnell ... congratulations again (to you and your dishy Mister on 46 loving years) and again (1000+ lovely friends) and again (1000+ joy inducing posts) and again (amazing new look blog) and again (another wonderful NBUS challenge)! Oh, and your cards ... Madge looks especially stylish in her beautifully coloured swooning ensemble (love that you added the 'still') ... and that sweet couple, I can imagine you and Kevin in about another hundred years just like this ... it's beyond special! Thank you for all the fun, creativity and ingenuity you have brought and continue to bring to blogland ... and for being such a dear and treasured friend ... it's truly an honour to know you! LYAMYWLTBCWYIPMA! Big hugs & bisous, Anita :)

oldpunca said...

Dear Darnell, congrats to you and Mr. on your 46th wedding anniversary!! And congrats on your 5 year blog birthday. I'm proud and happy that we met in virtual world.
Thank you for the new NBUS Challenge. Your cards are the best!
Hugs, Sonja

Claire Broadwater said...

WOW! Congratulations to you and the Mr. 46 years and going strong! I love that! What an accomplishment! Your new blog looks amazing! How fun that you are hosting 3 NBUS challenges! I love the theme idea! Hope to get a card linked up! Have a wonderful week! XX

Sybrina K said...

Darnell, Congrats and love to the newlyweds. (Great photo, BTW) And, congrats to you on your blogaversary. So happy to be playing along with your most recent NBUS Challenge. Should I be lucky enough to win a prize, I'd love a gift certificate. :)

Bobby said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your Mister, Darnell. Here's to many more years of wedded bliss. You had me there with the 78. I didn't think you were older than me and you sure don't look it so I'm glad it was an exaggeration. ;)
Congratulations on your blogaversary. Can't wait to celebrate with a NBUS card or three. I love your new header and your darling cards. If you used Polychromos to color on kraft I may want those for a prize. I have Inktense pencils and they're okay on kraft but not as good as on yours. Or a GC is always welcome. I can always use more NBUS. ;)

kiwimeskreations said...

Dear Darnell - thanks you for the smiles from your post, and Happy Anniversary - we make 43 years this year - doubt we will make the 46 yrs :-( Darned big C!! Your new blog header is wonderful - well done you and Loll.
Love your cards - they are such fun and so beautifully executed - not the cards themselves, just how you made them!!
Hopefully I can get out into the studio and craft... rain is due soon, so that will keep me out of the garden :-)

Craftychris said...

Happy Anniversary! (A bit late) - such a lovely photo! Congratulations on your blog anniversary too! Loving your new design blog! Fabulous, fun cards showing your awesome talent as usual. Wow, another NBUS challenge, how fab! Will do my best to join in the fun! Oodles of luv! xxxxxxx

Berina RGA said...

Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my card. I'm so sorry that I missed to read the rules. I will try to make another card for the challenge.

Whisper said...

OMG 46 years, gee they get put away for less that that LOL, on a serious note, it's so wonderful that you have found a soul mate that you want to spend so long with.

Oooo what a lot to celebrate including your 5 years in blogland.

You have given me the perfect excuse to use up stash that i buy, because i love it, with the view to use - just like the vellum, that i only found last week, whilst clearing my house of 11 and a half years of s**t, so i can sell it !!, i had better not tell my other half otherwise he will say i need to get rid of some of my craft stuff LOL

Oooo you are so much braver than me for colouring on kraft - it's probably because i still use Twinkling H20's, later this year i'm going to a class to learn how to use Copics, then i will try, promise and your PB is just simply perfect and classy.

If i won i would love the GC, then it would save you on the postage, plus i could buy more PB's he he he

Luv Sam x

Jane Willis said...

Happy anniversary - 46 years is a heck of a long time to put up with each other, as I well know because we'll be hitting the 40 year mark in a few months. And happy Bloggiversary too.
I've just popped my card in the gallery and would like to go into the hat for the Polychromos P or the Misti M please

sandie said...

Hi Darnell-just made a card for this using a NBUS but no coloured pencils, just urged me to use a stitched die that hasn't had a play yet-realised I hadn't put code on-will go with GC

Thanks hon-will link card on Friday-have a fun day xx

Kylie said...

wow.... I am in awe of you, woman! 46 years - congratulations!! I love your cards, they make my heart sing. You were very clever with your sentiment surgery. I hope to play along and love the look of those pencils - hmmmmm ;) Take care, miss you, and keep on keeping on xx

Lia said...

Darnell, it has been much fun visiting your playhouse today and reading your story. Congrats to the wedding anniversery (we still have 2 more years to go before we reach this!) and 5 years of being in blogland.
And all these challenges...wow!I am entering today with a card with a Pion image on it. I never used Pion images before, so that's new to me. And as for the prizedraw: everything is fine to me, except the brushes because I have got some of my own.
Wish you lots of success with everything you are doing and be sure: I am enjoying your blog a lot!
Lia xx

Carol L said...

I LOVE your card, and it looks EGGzactly like me today after the sleepless night I had! LOL Fun cards, both of them, and congrats on your great blogaversary! Congrats on your anniversary too - I'm ahead of you by 2 yrs of marriage - wow! where have all those years gone? Great photo of you and the Mister!! What an exciting array of prizes too!! I'd love to be entered for the prizes, because I'm with a gazillion other stampers who would love to get her hands on a Misti! I'm not into art too much but I'd love to be entered for the {M} and {GC}. Thank you so much for your generosity!! Enjoy these special celebrations and thanks for sharing them with all of us :)

Sandy said...

Back to post a card. I've been wanting to try this technique for a while, so you pushed me over the edge. Cant wait to visit some of the other posters.
I'd love to be entered in the prize draw (ANY except for C)

Craft-E-Place said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy 5th Year blog celebrations! Your blog goes from strength to strength and your generosity knows no bounds!! I'me entering the first challenge... and hopefully the second and the third!! If I was lucky enough to win I would be ecstatic to win any of the wonderful prizes!
Keep up the excellent work ...

Krisha said...

Shoot, I'm heading for Vegas, as soon as my Mr. gets things loaded.....be back late Friday, hope I can make the #8 NBUS....but if not I'll be HERE for #9 N #10 The added theme is a cool idea....more challenging!

I LOVE the "swoon" card....I used to have that stamp.......loaned it out.....it never came back :((
The kissing couple......that you and the MR.??? *grin* cute as can be!

laurie said...

Happy everything Darnell! So much to celebrate and be happy for:)

Awesome cards as usual! Cute as can be...love that fun image.

I would be happy to win any of the prizes!Thanks for some fun challenges!!

Petra Swart said...

Big, big, BIG congrats on the anniversary and the Blogerversary, Darnell!!!!! May there be many more!!!! And I love your new header!!!! Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow - colouring on kraft - can't miss out on these three NBUS challenges - thanks for a chance to win a fabulous prize!!!
Have a great day!!!!!

Jean said...

I forgot to comment that I would love any prize. I added my card and have left love on the others! Thanks for the challenge!

Carol H. said...

Happy, HAPPY 46th anniversary and 5th blogaversary!!!! Such great milestones! And, yes, you had me at 78!! I thought NO WAY, LOL! You still don't look old enough to have been married 46 years though! Your Mister is obviously a good one for not having given you wrinkles! Haha! Thanks so much for offering up some prizes, but I would've done this challenge without as I've been wanting to try coloring with pencils on kraft! All the prizes are fantastic too; and I'd love any one of them, but maybe not [M] as I have a regular one already. Well, many blessings for your celebrations and here's to many more years for both! Hugs!!!

Jane said...

Hi Darnell, it was lovely to see you over at mine....wow popping over here I find that you are celebrating not just your wedding anniversary but your bloggerversary! Many congratulations on both counts. You and your dear Hb look just great! I agree blogging is such fun isn't it and it's amazing to make friends with people all over the globe. Your challenge sounds such great..I have had a good read and will pop back and join in with the fun in the next day or so if that OK? I have far too much NBUS and I plan to try a new technique rather than the kraft pencils...watch this space. Hugs xxx

BożenA said...

Darnell Hello! I'm so glad that I was able to post my card. Last time I somehow not conducive, but failed to :-) Thank you for this great fun :-) know that I love the party from you :-) I wish you many happy years successive in love, health and happiness with your husband. And congratulations to these great achievements! 1000 Post and more than 1,000 followers !! Wow, I never attain :-)
Loll is a great friend, did a great job and your new design looks stunning :-)
And since this time are the rewards that I dream of a set of colored pencils Polychromos ...

Karren said...

You are a legend! Congrats on all the celebrations - you and the Mister look fabulous - as does Madge! Love your themed challenges and how fortuitous that a set of Polychromos just arrived at my door today ;) I've been hankering for them for a long time and your challenge was the catalyst I needed to actually order a 24-set (look how good at justifying I am!)

Joyce said...

Wow, where to start--happy anniversary, happy blogoversary and happy NBUS challenge. Will definitely try to play along. Lots to read about in this fun post. Love your cards, too. Both of them very sweet.

SHartl said...

Congrats to you and your happy anniversary, with the Mister and on your blog. I'm excited to see another NBUS challenge, which will (hopefully) get me motivated to make a card or two. I have so many ideas, but little time, so we'll see. I've never even thought of using colored pencils on kraft so this would be a real challenge for me, but I love the look of your results. My mom is coming to visit for several days, which should mean I'll have time to craft...yes!! I would love to win either a GC, or M. A Misti is something I've been eyeing for a long time because I can use all the help I can get. Thanks for the challenge and for sharing your hilarious cards!

Sindhu said...

Hello Darnell!! Happy Anniversary and also blog anniversary! You are a beautiful couple..wishing you many more happy years together. Hugs

Rahmat said...

Just came to link my card and to see if I am breaking any rules, i will be bit greedy for a prize this time ;), and if I am eligible for a draw then I would opt for the P, M or C.

Jeanne H said...

Just re-read the rules and see you need a comment...what 100's aren't enough? LOL I am #30 using the optional kraft and colored pencils. IF I should be lucky, I'd love a GC as one can always use more NBUS! Thanks!!

Karenladd said...

Wow Darnell, congratulations to you and the Mister on your 46 years of married bliss, and here's a wish for 46 more...which would get the two of you in the Guiness Book for certain. How fun to see your new NBUS challenge, and even more exciting to see that you used colored pencils on kraft. I have several sets of colored pencils but use them so rarely that I can't even think where they are. However, your new challenge has me fired up enough that I plan to rummage through boxes and bins to find them...and then to USE them on kraft. I've been unmotivated the past several days but this challenge has caught my imagination and I hope to be on a roll in the next day or two. Thanks for always inspiring us and for making us smile along the way. I would dearly love to win a Misti (prize M), because I am still trying to get by without one, in spite of all the hoopla. Of course, a GC would also be something to celebrate if the Misti is gone. Hope your New Year is good and crafty!

Petra Swart said...

Hi, Darnell!!!!!
Have just entered my card and have all my fingers and toes crossed for a lucky prize!!!! I would like to be in the draws for a GC or the Polychromos, please. Hope to be back before the end of the week with another card!!!!

My Card Attic: Hazel said...

WOW Darnell! What fabulous milestones!! 1000 followers, over 1000 posts, 5 year blogaversary AND 46 years of happy marriage!! Amazing achievements and you are so right to celebrate BIG!! Such a lovely picture of you both too. LOVE your inspiration cards, and I hope to get some time to play along, if possible! Have a great time celebrating such wonderful events and have a great day my friend! Hazel xx

Bunny said...

Thank you for the challenge. I meant to add GC to my comment.

Sathya said...

Congratulations and Happy anniversary to you. Lovely cards there...Happy to share my newer creations here...
Like to win Stencil brushes (C) or GC. Thanks for the chance!

Janeen said...

Congrats and Happy Anniversary. You do indeed look like a wonderfully happy couple. Me and my mister have 46 years in also last month. Marriage is grand. Also have twin grands. ~~I love your new look and five years of sharing with us all is awesome.

Gotta go grab my pencils and kraft and see what happens. I'm sure i have some NBUS hiding in a drawer somewhere. :)

Those stencil brushes would be awesome to win C. Or a GC would let me buy them on my own. WIN WIN. Thank you so much. Always fun to see your posts.

Carol H. said...

Hey, another big congratulations! I just saw your Madge as the winner of the challenge on Art Impression's blog! Love your coloring!

KandA said...

Well I'm finally back with a card - Nbus AND new technique.... need to have a lie down with a glass of something now to replenish the grey cells! Fabulous prizes and I woukd love to put my name in the hat for the Mini Misti (M) as Santa forgot to put one in my stocking.
Thanks for motivating me into crafty action xx

Jane said...

I'm back Darnell....I made my card and meant to say how much I loved your creations. I used Kraft as a card backing but used a new technique! If my name was lucky enough to come out of the hat I would love to win the Clarity brushes (C) or the pencils (P) but any (A) of the prizes would be awesome. Thanks so much and looking forward to seeing all the entries coming in...there is some lovely work here.. xx

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

I've just popped back to add my card to the challenge. the prizes look fabulous and I wouldn't mind winning any one of them.

Sue xx

hellerlittle said...

Congrats to you and Mr. on your 46th wedding anniversary!! And congrats on your 5 year blog birthaversary. You are an inspiration ... not only with your creative style, but with your humour and with your generosity to all.

So excited about your new look.LOVE your colouring on kraft ... and your second sweet anniversary card too. Your colouring and shading of Madge and the Happy Couple really brings them to life. LOT OF HUGS FROM OVER THE BIG SEA

Christine Alexander said...

Darnell, congrats on the wedding anniversary. I'm so happy for you both. Great challenge to pullout the pencils again, and would love to have the pencils (p) and the clarity brushes (c).

Trina P. said...

Hi Darnell.
I just linked my first card and wanted to revise my prize selection. Although they are all awesome prizes, I already have the pencils and own the regular size MISTI (in fact, I have 3*lol*). Please enter me for the 2 GCs and the [C]larity brushes which are on my wish list. 😊


kiwimeskreations said...

I made it Darnell!!! I would love any of the prizes EXCEPT the MISTI (I have one), but my first choice would be the Polychromos :-)

Nonni said...

Thank you so much for hosting another fun NBUS challenge! Love the addition of optional theme, I didn't go for it now but hopefully in challenge #9! If I would be so lucky that I would win a prize, I'd choose a gift card (GC). Thank you for all the inspiration!

Linby said...

Congratulations on both of your anniversaries! Here's to the next 5 years of your wonderful blog.
Love your new header. Great cards and a great addition to the card too - I didn't realise it wasn't part of the stamp!

If I am lucky enough to win a GC or the brushes would be wonderful.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Oh dear dear Darnell, you so utterly crack me up, I just love your way with the mother tongue 😝
So very well done on the five year blogaversary, over one thousand followers is an astounding achievement and lot of hard work!!!
... and you an Mister are looking so young for your 78 years 😉or so.. minus a few eh???
Two stunning cards love them indeed! Think it's the second that takes top rates but then I think the Swoon was funner and funner!!!! 😁👍
I'm not sure if I will blog, but if I do, I have ( and love) the Mini misti, plus have three excellent dearly loved, much used big sets of pencils and think it would be greedy to have four so would go for the brushes, they do look so fab when used or gift cards.... so [GC] or [C].... if I have time.
Hugs..dear friend.
Thanks for sharing your inspiration,
Shaz in Oz.x

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Lisa T said...

I forgot to mention Darnell, I would love to be considered for either of the gift card giveaways, I am lucky enough to have the clarity brushes, misti and polychromos :)! Thanks for the opportunity, you are so very kind xx

Bonnie said...

Thanks for another fun challenge, Darnell! Not only did I use some of that mountain of NBUS, but I used the color pencils that I hadn't used in ages! Can't wait to see the option for next week.

Michele K. Henderson said...

Congratulations, Darnell, on so many happy occasions! I love the new look and the name change too! I am going to try to find the time to play along with this big celebration! Thanks for sponsoring such a great give-away too! I would LOVE to win one of the gift cards (GC)!

This summer, hubbie and I are celebrating the BIG 10 with a second honeymoon! I am so happy to see love last!

Best Wishes!
Michele H.

*Vicki* said...

I come back here because I failed to tell you that I was interested in one of the prizes! :) I would love to TRY and get more experienced with the pencils and I heard those were wonderful pencils to try, but don't have them! So please put me down as being interested in [P] ! :) Thanks so much you wonderfully kind lady!!

BożenA said...

With admiration for all that I forgot to write that your cards are wonderful. I love the fainting lady :-) I understand that it was at the sight of her husband :-)
I love your humor. Thank you for a wonderful fun and unusual inspiration. For the fact that you mobilized me to delve into this technique, because it turned out that I loved her, and now for me will be on a par with watercolor. And if I would have been happy a drawn, my choice is unchanging - Faber Castell - (P)

BożenA xoxo

Di said...

Happy 'versaries' my friend! LOVE your new look to the blog, brilliant cards and what a great NBUS selection. I'll add my card on Sunday as it's my Snippets card - if that's OK. I used NBUS but no time to follow an optional theme :) And would love to be in the pot of chance for M, the Mini Misti! I love my full sized one but have read you waxing lyrical about the mini - but if it seems greedy then please leave me out as I have the pencils, brushes etc.


Di xx

I Card Everyone said...

Hi D!! Just LOve Marge, and those smooching lovey doveys ... and you've really done a bang-up job of coloring all three of these darling characters!
I'm happy with any prize, but since I have won, and given away my mini-misti to my newest card-making-11-year-old-granddaughter, the $25 will help supply Lola with a few extra goodies for her growing stash! Thanks for this very fun challenge - I don't color on kraft often enough! xx to the two of you for your anniversary!!
=] M

Beverley said...

Congratulations on your 46th Wedding Anniversary and to many more! Congrats on your blog birthday too AND awesome to have a trio of NUBS challenges to join in on :) Love the colour on Kraft technique and your cards are fabulous. Hope to link up my card tonight. Thanks for the chance to win, so generous of you and I'd love to try the Polychromos (P) Hugs Bev x

Craftychris said...

Yay! I managed to join in! Please may I go in the draw for numbers 1 and 2? Thank you so very much! xxx

jimlynn said...

First of all, BIG congrats on not only the anniversary but also the blogging birthday as well. I've loved every post of course and hope you and the Mister have another forty plus years together.
Love your cards and they put a smile on my face as always.
Believe it or not, yes, I'm here!!! As soon as I saw your challenge, I stopped unloading boxes and started grabbing whatever I could find. Found the colored pencils and cardstock really fast - the rest took a few days. So,as far as the prize goes, I probably deserve at least a little prize because I got my card posted! LOL! In all seriousness, another big congrats to you (and the Mister) and I'd have to say the gift cards look good for me. After unloading 48 thousand boxes of craft stuff, I"m sure I can always use more!

AlisonC said...

Many congratulations on your special events. A great opportunity to celebrate. What generous prizes and I like to be challenged to try a new technique but there are so many and not enough time! I'd love to be entered into the drew for GC, P or C. Thank you x

Claire Grantham said...

Congrats my friend!! That is a long time married. And 5 year blogaversary is impressive too ;) Love a NBUS challenge.. Cx

Barb Ghig said...

Hi Darnell ~
Firstly, Happy 46th Wedding Anniversary to you and your Mr! And CONGRATS on your 5 year blog birthaversary!!! Your blog is such a fave for many of us, and it's great to know that the last 5 years have been fun for you as well! I'm so happy to play along in your latest NBUS Challenge!

LOVE your new blog header, too...Genius idea to use a design from one of your creations...I love it!!! I would love to win GC, P or M! Thank you so much for your generosity!

Nora Noll said...

Happy 46th Anniversary!! That is AMAZING!!! I LOVE your new banner. It is so pretty. I also am in love with your fun cards. Art Impressions is such a great company. I am going to maybe enter. If I do, I would love to win Gift Cards (GC) OR the Clarity Brushes (C). I own a MISTI and the Colored Pencils already!!

Cris G. said...

Happy belated 46th Anniversary and 5th blog birthaversary! Congratulations on two memorable milestones. You make a sweet loving couple, one of those "meant for each other" cases :). The new header... I mean the blog, of course, looks perfect. Besides it is much easier to spell Darnell than djkardkreations :).
I'll try to enter one of your challenges, but I'll skip the prize.
Wish you many, many fabulous and happy years with the love of your life!

Susanne Vargas said...

So many milestones! Congratulations on the 46 years with the Mister and on 5 years of very successful blogging! The numbers are all awesome! Your first card is so funny and perfect, and the second one very sweet (but you and the Mister look much younger than that couple)! Both are beautifully colored using two very different techniques. Love the technique you picked for this weeks NBUS challenge! Hope you like my card! (GC,C) Thank you for your generosity!
Have a great weekend!

Kathy Schweinfurth said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Darnell, such wonderful celebrations!! I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing your gorgeous creations. Thank you for the very fun challenges, too! (GC) Many more years of happiness with your Mister and your blogging!!

StampedByBibi said...

WOWZA, so much to celebrate! Congrats all over the place!
Thank you for this challenge - it made me finally use some die cuts I received as a gift from a friend for Xmas, and I think she will be pleased to see that (I know I would, if I were her ...).
Thank you for the chance to win one of your amazing prizes!!! If I am so lucky, I'd like to get a CG.

Kathyk said...

WOW! FABULOUS prizes matey - thanks for encouraging us all to use our NBUS .. prize P for me if I'm lucky enough


Jane said...

....I've even made a 2nd entry Darnell...whoop whoop....I put in 2nd comment further up re prizes it I'm lucky enough to win..... xx

Maria Rodriguez. said...

Dear Darnell: Better late than never, to wish you and The Mister, a very happy Anniversary.
And more celebratory hugs for your awesome blog's birthday, wow!! 5 years and 1000 posts, that is amazing.
Also, a bit late but here is my card for your challenge, this both this images in the front have never been used.
Thank you for a chance to win this over the top amazing prices.
Big hugs,
Maria Rodriguez.

shirley-bee said...

Late to the party again, Darnell, but here I am to wish you and the Mister and very happy 46th wedding anniversary (cue an excuse to have another celebratory wodka). You're both looking fantastic! Happy blog birthaversay too - its always a joy to read about your and Hammy's antics, and I love the facelift, it suits you :)

I adore your cards and how you've personalised the first one. To be honest, the Mister makes a few of us swoon :) Great colouring on both!

Leslie Miller said...

Darnell, whether I get around to playing or not, I just want to wish you a happy blogiversary and anniversary. You and Mister do look darn good for not being 78 years old. I'm keeping an eye on you now (following), along with your bazillion other followers. Love your AI and Penny Black images. Always wanted to try pencils on kraft.

Marlena M. said...

Happy Anniversary Darnell! You make a lovely couple~may you have many more years of happiness. ;) Your cards are a delight, as is you! You always make me smile~

OH Babs said...

Darnell thanks for all your hard work and enjoyment you give to your fellow card makers. Having us use kraft paper and pencils is genius and it certainly will introduce people to a new technique in card making. Personally I love the look of kraft paper. Why did SU! change the name to crumb cake? Dumb. Sending a big hug and good wishes. BBB

Brenda said...

Gracious me, I'm so late to the party, but not so late that I shouldn't be able to get something made and in the gallery! As soon as my granddaughter leaves, I will be on this! I hope! Can't t say that to loud since Bret is home this weekend. But it is good for me that I am 3 hours ahead of you so that give me some additional time! lol I love both of your cards. The "swooning" one is perfect and makes me smile from ear to ear! So I guess I'd better say, Happy blogaversary to you!!! Happy Anniversary to you and the Mister, you both are so lucky to have each other still to continue to grow old together. I'm envious of that! But happy for you both!!! And yes, you both look amazing!!! Now for that second card, I love that image and your card came out so cute! You will be able to shower the Mister with such fun and fabulous cards. Hugs, Brenda

Mrs A. said...

Happy anniversary twice over my friend and wish you many more trips around the block. Just playing for fun in this challenge. Hugs Mrs A.

Valerija said...

Happy Anniversary Darnell.
Thanks for the new NBUS challenge.
I would be happy with any of the prizes [ANY]. Thanks for the chance to win.
Hugs Valerija

Lindsey said...

Darnell, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY first and foremost to you and the mister. What an incredible blessing and achievement to be celebrating your marriage! I'm also so thrilled for your blog anniversary. Your face lift looks awesome! I've been wanting to play along with your challenge and have been waiting for my Christmas gift (colored pencils) to arrive. I wish I would have held out with the hopes of winning yours...that would have been my preferred set, but alas I ordered them before I saw your challenge announcement. Regardless, I tried a new technique this week, so even though I was really hoping to play with your desired theme, I hope this will suffice. :)

Oma said...

Congratulations on your 46th anniversary! Hubby and I will be married 45 years on July 15th and our wedding song was also "We've only just begun". We are both retired now and enjoy spending time and going to our 3 granddaughter's hockey games in the winter and softball games in the summer. It's hard to believe that they are now 11, 9 and 6. We moved to the town my daughter lives in with her 3 girls to be closer to them and to help out with babysitting. We also have a son who got married last April for the 1st time at the age of 38 to a lovely woman who we love dearly.

maria f. said...

Whoa Nellie! That Mister must really be something if he knocks your socks off like that. Easy, girl! What a riot that Madge is. (Kinda like you, Darnell, which reminds me... GREAT IDEA to use your name on the beauteous blog header. When you are the only one - and the one-and-only - in blogland ya gotta go with it. Congrats on all your achievements and here's to the next years. BTW, you guys are much cuter than those old fogies on your last card.

My Paper Epiphany said...

HAPPY EVERYTHING! Especially your 46 years!!!! Your new header looks fantastic and I love your cards, especially the colouring on kraft. I hope to play along and use some new techniques and NBUS thungs!

Glennis F said...

Somehow I think I have missed commenting! Have a wonderful Anniversary, and lots more to come.
Fabulous prizes too, I would love any of those!

Lindsey said...

PS Though GCs are always fun, .I'd play in your challenge with or without the chance of a prize. I appreciate you for inspiring me to be better, helping me be grateful and use what I have, and also helping me recognize when it is time to part with things so they can find homes with someone else who will put them to good use.

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