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June 29, 2020

Over the Hill to Christmas

Hello Stamplings!

I hope this finds you doing well! I am at my one hundred and eleventh day of lock-up and I am now spending part of each day sitting and visiting with all the fence lizards in the backyard. We've gotten to know each other well enough that I've given them names. The main dude, who we call Stubby because he's lost his tail, is responsible for several of the younger lizards and he's now making the rounds again with the lady lizards if you know what I mean and I think you do. It seems to be a really good year for him. 

What's that? No, of course I haven't named the ants. That would be daft!

This very QACAS card was made for a dear friend who turned 50 this year. Before I mailed it, I stamped a five and a zero on the uphill side between the two blue sequints because now that 50 is the new 40, it is no longer considered "over the hill."

I'd like to tell you where the swirly die is from, but I can't find it. (Slap me for not using my Evernote!) I've looked through all my dies under every word I can think of to describe this swirly hilly dotty loopy curvy line, but none of them worked. Someone will know and report back. I cut another die for Hammy. He's surprising nimble for his age and he's been having a blast running back and forth pushing a hazelnut from hole to hole!

Right Click to Save
This sweet little stained glass tag is NBUS from PTI. There are three beautiful little images and several sediments in the set called appropriately, "Stained Glass." I watercolored it with my Ziggies and Hammy winked it. The bow hanger die is called "Crisp Bows" and it's from Memory Box. The joy is from Lil Inkers. The background was dry-embossed with a snowflake e/f and then sanded to give the flakes a little more Jenny Saquaw. 

Snippets Playground Badge

Empathy, Common Sense, and Covid-19 (a small rant)

Face with Medical Mask on Samsung One UI 1.5Please continue to keep safe and wear your mask when you're out and about where there are other people. Sometimes things get overblown and people incorrectly think they're being told to wear a mask 24/7. Even if you don't mind getting Covid yourself because you're healthy and you'll probably recover, you might unintentionally infect someone else who may die. (BTW, we don't know the long-term effects of Covid yet on people who survive.)

We are all weary of the situation, but it's the way it has to be until there's a vaccine. And that won't take forever. Maybe you don't know anyone who's been sick from Covid or died from Covid complications. That's wonderful, but many people are forgetting that the reason more people haven't gotten sick or died is because we wore our masks and kept our distance in March, April, and May. It's cause-and-effect. By not practicing these two simple things, Covid is on the rise and business and economic recovery across the globe is going to take longer.

This just occurred to me: I understand taking temperatures isn't that effective, so why aren't all of us pushing our respective governments for test kits which would let us know each day whether it is safe to be in public? Why can't they come up with an immediate response test like a finger-stick test for diabetics, or like a pregnancy test, which could be made by the millions, and provided free to us at our local pharmacies? (Maybe there's a reason that won't work and one of you nurses or doctors can explain it to me.) 

Anyway, I got off track there. I just wanted to add that I feel like this pandemic is testing us when it comes to common sense and empathy. Empathy is simply the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Let's do the right thing and be patient until there's a vaccine and let's also remember how blessed we are. 
Strode College

I have several dear friends who live alone and aren't blessed with a Mister or family member who lives with them and can provide companionship and run errands. In addition to physical challenges, they are depressed, lonely, and bored. Now, because some people are no longer practicing social distancing or wearing masks, they are even more stressed and afraid. If you know someone alone like that, please check in with them often. Older people have trouble reaching out, so don't wait to be asked.

Let's all put politics and wild accusations and unproven allegations aside, practice the Golden Rule, and imagine what it's like to walk a mile in someone else's shoes, especially the shoes of people who are lonely and extremely vulnerableWe don't want historians to write that the year 2020 was a time when we put our politics over the health of others and we were divided into groups based on our ages, our health, or the color of our skin. Rather, we want them to write that the year 2020 was a time when all people came together to fight a harmful virus that was killing both people and economies.

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, given the kindness and consideration innate to this caring community in Blogland, but I had to get this off my chest. Thank you.💕


And now for a chuckle I stole from Gay Peplow over on Facebook!
©Rowe Made A Thing

Mwah! Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy! LITS!* 

*Life is too short!

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Sue said...

Hi Darnell, Love the cards.

Here a lot of people seem to think life is back to normal, but it won't be until there is a vaccine. Our politicians say if you think your life is normal, you are doing something wrong.

Just dreading if we get another peak, as now we know what it means.

You stay safe. Sue

Julie B said...

I'm afraid there are a lot of thoughtless people out there who don't appear to think before they act! Our news was filled with images of packed beaches last week and people driving miles to be there, no toilets available so you can imagine the results of that!
On a more positive note, also on the local news. a group of scientists have come up with a quick test prototype much like a pregnancy test strip. So your wish may come true sooner than you think!
Keep counting the lizards, always good to keep the mental faculties sharp and keep safe. :)

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Two fabulous cards Darnell. I love the Over the Hill one especially.

Some people have forgotten what we've just spent all these weeks and months avoiding each other for.

Sue xx

Craftychris said...

Love your swirly line card, gorgeous colours and soooooo cool! I am imagining Hammy playing his game. Your Christmas card is beautiful with the lovely embossed background and the pretty stained glass tag wonderfully coloured.

I totally agree with everything you said. We all need to be kind and mindful of the situation we are in. The mind numbingly high figures of deaths should remind us all that it's not over yet and what could happen if we 'get back to normal' too fast. In the meantime, keep counting those lizzards, take care and stay safe my friend. Hugs xxxxxxxx

Kath said...

Fabulous cards Darnell and I love the swirly card.

There are far too many idiots about and I could rant all day. We live in a seaside town and there are now dispersal orders in place to try and help the police with the hundreds of teenagers who are congregating whenever the sun comes out. And as for the litter they leave behind - oh, I'd better stop now!!!

Stay safe.
Kath x

Marilyn said...

Love your cards! Love the simple look on your Over the Hill one
Have a great day!
Marilyn ❤️

Chris said...

Beautiful cards Darnell- especially love the over the hill one!
Nothing wrong in chatting to the lizards- it's when they chat back you've got a problem!
Wise words about the dangers of behaving as if we're living in normal times- cannot believe how careless and thoughtless some people are.
Keep safe

Jeanne said...

Your cards are great, Darnell. I don't know the die, and haven't read over your comments, but I hope someone knows for you. The second card is just lovely. What a sweet Christmas card! Thank you for sharing both. :)

As for your rant, I couldn't agree more! Preach on Sistah! I've got my own little struggle going on that I hope will be resolved very soon. A fundraising program for the high school music program is about to start again and right now the rule will be the workers(students and parents) have to wear masks, but the patrons won't be required to "because other programs aren't requiring them to." This is just wrong to me. Everyone that will be in extended contact should be required to wear masks. I'm concerned enough that I am considering pulling out of participating in the fundraiser and not requiring my daughter to as well. I got word they are reevaluating the mask situation, so maybe others have felt the same and spoke up. I hesitated, trying to figure out how to express my opinion in an effective way. We shall see. Thanks again, Darnell! Hope you have a good week.

Lynette said...

I love your cards, Darnell - of course! :) I think the second is actually my favorite of the two, although the first one is also wonderful. Thanks for the "rant." I totally agree with you. I hope more people around the country will get the message SOON.

Cat Craig said...

Fabulous cards and so good to start out the week with you. We wear seat belts for the most part as a preventative measure whats the deal with a mask in public when we are not able to maintain social distance? I rarely leave the house. Waiting on a vaccine. Love you much.

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Two fabulous cards, Darnell - those meandering dots are adorable and I love your stained glass atop the embossed/sanded background!! I have some lovely bunnies in the yard - haven't named them yet but getting close - LOL. The ants don't stick around long - maybe they don't like RAID! I and many of my friends (some way younger than I) totally agree with you! Hard as it is, we're keeping our distance, wearing our masks, and staying home except for necessities. I want life to return to normal as soon as possible!!

Pat said...

I love your over the hill card, such fun and your pretty snowflakes and stained glass window is extremely pretty. I understand your concerns Darnell and there are unfortunately many people whose only concern is to do just what they want to do. We are lucky enough to live near the coast and we have been out and about for walks but only where we know it is likely to be quiet enough for us to social distance and will certainly not be going on to any packed beaches. I do on the other hand understand that bars and restaurants are anxious to reopen in order not to go out of business, but just hope that strict rules will be in place, especially inside so that people will remain as safe as possible. I think we may go to places if we can sit outside but common sense needs to be used at all times. I think I would gain pleasure from watching the lizards too. x

Lisa Elton said...

What a fun over the hill card Darnell! It gives the illusion that after climbing to fifty (for your friend) it's all downhill from there! Stay well XO

Lisa Elton said...

Ooops, forgot to mention how much I love the sweet little stained glass angel!

Marcia Hill said...

Amen! Couldn't have said it better myself! I'm guessing though that the people that need to hear this are not stampers! :0( But on the bright side, your cards are wonderful Darnell!! Hugs. :0)

Brenda in IN said...

This is so well said and I agree completely. Those that don't wear masks could very well be putting others at risk. I just can't bring myself to go out in public even though many of my friends are running all over the place. Seeing my family was wonderful and now I'm done. I'm tired of getting conflicting stories on the news from people who really don't know what they are talking about so had to turn it off. Two great cards and over the hill is so fun and colorful. The angel is the sweetest card. Be safe!

Em Louise Fairley said...

Both your cards are beautiful, Darnell! Regarding watching my live video demos, they are done in my private FB group, so if you're still interested in watching them, let me know and I'll invite you xoxo

cuilliesocks said...

I would love to watch the lizards too Darnell, sound so relaxing.
Your card and tag are both beautifully designed. I love the simplicity of the card and the lovely stained glass window of the tag is super.

Just you get it off your chest. Really the world is in an awful state with this virus, and not helped by the dreadful no caring for right wing governments who are more interested in getting the economy up and running than making sure that there is ongoing testing for front line workers. As far as I'm concerned Boris Johnston is nothing but an incompetent idiot with blood on his hands. I'm stopping here as I can feel my blood pressure rising, take care of yourself, Kate x

Vicki Dutcher said...

Fun use of the die with the subtle H2O background! Thanks for joining in at STB

Lindsey said...

What a brilliant way to use that roller coaster of a die! I love everything about the card, except perhaps for the theory that 50 is over the hill...
Your stained glass and snowflake card is an instant classic! Beautiful.
I don't LIKE wearing a mask, but I wear a mask. And then I think about the people wearing masks and more 8+ hours a day, and suck it up. :D

Ruth said...

They are fabulous cards, Darnell. I love those dots - so simple and effective. Also your words of wisdom about Covid-19 resonate with me so much. I'm living near people who have abandoned social distancing and it makes it so so hard when we are trying our best to do what is advised, which includes my children only seeing their grandparents last weekend for the first time in 14 weeks. As someone who made and sold a significant amount of face masks, I'm still daily surprised at the number of people who don't wear them in shops. Someone in a shop the other day jokingly said he thought he was being burgled. That's so helpful..... Keep fighting on lovely Darnell! xx

brandco2450@gmail.com said...

GREAT post!
Sharon in Toronto

cm said...

Your duo of cards is wonderful, Darnell. Your over-the-hill dots are fun; some days I feel really, really over-the-hill!
Your well-articulated issues and concerns with the virus and all its residual complications are spot-on. I've not seen my mom and family since mid-February, and even though restrictions are loosening here, we are not taking chances to visit any time soon. Things are still just too unpredictable. Outside of walking Lily, I've had 'one' outing, masked and practicing physical distancing, and that was enough! Hopefully a vaccine or some means of destroying the virus will appear soon...
Keep safe!

Jean said...

Gorgeous cards! It is so sad to see everyone throwing caution to the wind. We are still trying to be as careful as possible and wear masks all the time.

Verna Angerhofer said...

Your cards are both wonderful and filled with Christmas cheer. And, I am so agreeing with your post about the pandemic and how people are not following rules and think it is a thing of the past. So I hope the advise and words you wrote will be taken to heart by all.

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Your over the hill card is quite clever, love you put the 50 on it too. Your Christmas card is an absolute delight.

As for the mask thing - OH! what is wrong with people? We are still only allowed to go within a 5 mile distance of our home, but the shops have opened and my hairdresser has rung me to let me know she is opening up in July. BUT! there are still people in queues at shops not wearing masks and not social distancing Grrr.

My SiL told me of a friend in a queue where a woman was too close, so she asked her to move back a little, the woman replied "what's it to you?" My SiL's friend turned to her and said " I've just been tested positive for Covid" the woman fled from the queue! So she DID care ay? True story.
Take care
Faith x

conil said...

Well and kindly said, my friend. I just get pissed about the lack of caring others have. I need to take a page from your book and be a bit more "empathetic". This whole exercise is NOT political...it's about caring for others.
Anyway, both your cards are clever and lovely. "Over the Hill" really speaks to me because, not only am I over it, but I'm 3/4 of the way down the other side.

Helen F. said...

LOVE your QACAS card with the swirly hilly dotty loopy curvy line, but I have a problem with 50 being 'over the hill'! Does that mean that I am 'under the hill' at a # substantially more than 50?!? LOL
Pretty stained glass Christmas card, thanks for the reminder and inspiration to get cracking on my stash! It's not like I don't have the time. ;-)
Thanks for the post about masks also, Darnell! FL is in another HIGH wave of confirmed cases now and the re-openings of some businesses are re-closing again :-( It's so sad that people are not getting the seriousness of this virus!

Bonnie said...

Well said, my friend! Wearing a mask is such a small thing to do with a big impact. As to the cards...I LOVE your over the hill card! A fun way to celebrate 50! The stained glass angel is adorable hanging from the sweet bow. Love the sanded snowflakes!

HilaryJane said...

2 amazing cards as ever. I share your sentiments re masks etc. I have just seen on the news that the UK has had the worst outcomes in the world re Covid. That is very telling and very depressing. I just stay at home and let the days slip by but, I have just made an appointment at the hairdresser for 1st September! I am hoping I will feel like going by then because things will be better. My husband says don't bank on it we will be in the second phase by then especially with people banging so stupidly xx

Sandra H said...

No social distancing with Stubby then as he’s making his rounds to the ladies 🤣 that’s a lot of days being in lockdown and l am sure there will be many more - l have started supermarket shopping but l don’t go when l know it’s busy and l am in and out like a shot no hanging around - your cards are gorgeous Darnell as always you deliver - there are lots of people who just don’t care 🤷‍♀️ I can see a 2nd lockdown in some places due to there own stupidity take care and stay safe xx

Bunny said...

Amen to the safety about COVID. We also have a bumper crop of lizards. Ours ( the biggest one) is named Fred and he eats dried mealworms. Now he's spoiled.[Bunny]`

oldpunca said...

There is all truth in your text about empathy and covid 19 and I'm happy you gave it off your chest.<3
Both of your cards are fabulous. CAS card with blue hills is just perfect. Amazing idea to add age of your friend. I can imagine that 50 perfectly matches with the sentiment. :-) Your Christmas card is amazing too. Very nice design and wonderful colored picture on the tag.
A big hug to you. <3

Kathleen said...

Well I can not see a 50 on this card at all, up hill or down dale. Super CAS and a great idea.
Super tag and a great background on your RD card.
A brilliant post as always and like you I am s disgusted with the way some people are not following the rules, we have a bit of a saying here "I'm alright Jack, sod everyone else" When you get to be over 70 then we have no idea how much time we have left and everyday is a blessing (obviously we hope to have quite a bit of time left) we really don't need these idiots that could be shortening our lives.
Thanks so much for the mail from Mary, made me cry.

Kath x

Redanne said...

I just love how you created the hill on the first card, it is such fun. The second card has such a joyous feel to it with the gorgeous bright colour!

I wholeheartedly agree with all you say about Coronavirus, I really do wish people in this country would behave better, stop flocking to the beaches and holding raves and other large gatherings... I do despair at times...

Glad to hear that the lizards are amusing you, there will clearly be lots more next year! Thank you for sharing that great cartoon too, it is fabulous.

Hugs, Annie xxx

Brenda said...

I hear you on knowing and visiting the backyard "critters". I'm there as well. lol Stubby better slow it down on visiting the ladies lizards! I have to many ants to name! They actually got into my homemade banana walnut muffins and I had to throw them out. I'm not happy with the ants in my world, so there are some curse words from time to time as I spray them with ant killer! Loving the dotty card, that is such a cool die! Love the sequins on it. Yes, I guess 59 is the new 40 unless you are me and 60 is the new 100. lol Your twofer is so pretty, loving the stain glass image, you are good at using those Ziggies! Love the embossing and that cool bow. I love the empathy, common sense and Covid 19 speech. You have said everything I've been saying! So AMEN to it. Yes, if people don't start using common sense, this country is going to be in serious trouble and no one will have a job, business will be under, etc...We must protect those who are at risk and help out our elderly that live alone. I'm with you Auntie! Hugs, Brenda

Colleen said...

I agree 100% and sure wear a mask when out...I have a SIL who refuses to wear a mask, selfish and irresponsible is what I think. Can't change his mind though...BUT, your cards are fabulous as always and I am so glad you are being safe and getting to know your local visiting creatures! Heart Hugs!

Bonnie Lynn said...

Hi Darnell. Love the cards and I totally hear you on the mask and social distancing. There are too many folks not following the guidelines and the county I live in is now paying the price for it. Case numbers here are doubling every day and people are acting like COVID is some made up story. Thank you for keeping your sense of humor and heart. I always look forward to seeing your posts even if I can't comment all the time.

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Hi Darnell,two lovely CAS and the second one is just adorable with the stained glass angel tag!
You chat with the wizard, instead I chat with my chickens and they chat back to me! :D :D
Sorry for the following words, but can't agree with some things about the Covid. I know that you will be shocked, but I don't think to be fool.
Things are not what the media want us to believe. Things are not so simple as stay in lockdown, put a mask and keep the social distance for a while. No. We all are expecting the vaccine because someone wants that we all are vaccinated. We will stay months and months again in this situation even if no one virus has needed a so hard and long isolation.
See here, just to make a very simple example. History speaks by itself
TV, journals and so on are working to frighten people in all the world. They take money. And when there are too much different informations on the web, someone obscure them.
In Italy some doctors have founded how really the virus works and now there are some cures, that cost a little and aren't invasive. A lot of persons that had covid-19 have been cured with plasma, for example. In Italy now there are a really very little number of positives. But we will have to maintain distances and masks also in September. Government said so, also for kids at schools. But a lot of doctors say that kids can't spread the virus. A lot of studies have been done here and in other states. But media don't say about it to us.
Masks are dangerous for our health. A lot of doctors say this. We breathe our own carbon dioxide and our own bacteria. Our immune system weakens. We instead need clean air for a healthy life.
Notices about Milan's big number aren't correct. The deaths counted aren't ONLY for Covid: most of the people had other serious illnesses, they would also be died for those, or for a normal flu in those conditions! And a lot of deaths was caused by the wrong cares when nothing was yet known about the virus. Now we know that the virus causes pulmonary thrombosis, that could be cared easily enough. Instead they intubated and gave oxygen that could not pass, so sadly there were a lot of deaths.
But international pharmaceutical companies have a very big power over politicians all around the world, and they want sell billions and billions of vaccines.
Do you know how the Covid-19 vaccine will work? It will be a RNA/DNA vaccine,it will change our own DNA! This will be really horrendous.
Do you know what there is inside some of the vaccines that are used just now, by some years, especially for KIDS? A lot of allergens, cancerogenic substances, DNA of monkeys or mouses, and a lot of very dangerous things, including viruses of other ills. Here there is an expert pharmacologist that say what has founded inside some used vaccines. Hope that you could put the English subtitles.
We all have also to know that pharmaceutical companies cannot be indicted for damaged people caused by the vaccine. Contracts with the governments say so: they aren't responsible for any damage caused by the vaccines. In Italy this rule on contracts there is by the 2003. I think it is so also in your country.
Our government recently paid a lot of money to B. Gates, for the vaccine. Most Italian people doesn't want the vaccine.
At first I didn’t believe about all these notices, but then I have seen a lot of videos, interviews and have read many things, because I wanted understand better what is happening. There are some persons in the global world that move the money, the media, the governments and so we hear, see, and think what they want about this surreal situation. Deep states, do you know it?
For fear of dying, we all will forget to live. We will not embrace our loved ones, we will not stand among our fellow men/women. We will have fear of others and of life.
Sorry again for my words, hope that nobody could think that they are offensive or that my brain is gone. :)
Hugs and love

TK said...

Two fun cards, and I love that PTI Stained Glass, that I have but hasn't seen the light of day for years! Thanks for the push (maybe I'll actually get back to making Christmas cards)

Your rant is so relevant and SO true! Kudos for you! And your funny? I resemble that remark :o(

kiwimeskreations said...

Fabulous cards Darnell, and so glad that Hammy is fit and can have lots of fun still - and still enjoys winking card elements for you :)
I love that top card in particular... your humour appeals ... but I would hate to think what you would do for a 70th birthday card!!
I hear your rant - we have been blessed to have had no community spread for weeks now - all the current active cases are people coming in from overseas, and they all have to undergo 14 days managed isolation, with tests on days 3 and 12!! There have been a few slip ups, but no spread, thankfully, so for most, life is sort of back to normal, at least in the small towns, although some things are in short supply, and overseas mail coming in is next to impossible.
Stay safe

Carole Pollard said...

Two fabulous cards loving that stain glass window die Like you we have been in lockdown now for 14 weeks they have told hubby he can maybe go out at the end of July if cases keep going down No point moanin* about it just keeping busy and staying safe sending love and hugs Carole x

Ros Crawford said...

Wonderful cards Darnell and I'm happy to know that Hammy is doing well along with you all. Terrific post and well said... Here very few are wearing masks... The younger generation don't bother at all and probably think it isn't cool and those 30 - 40 year old are even worse. I watched a program following nurses and doctors in Italy during the worst of their pandemic... It was so heart wrenching. Unfortunately we live in a society of self centred inconsiderate beings bred by inconsiderate and selfish people.
I will continue to wear a mask if I have to venture out and use common sense regardless... Another thing this world is sorely lacking in.
Big hugs to you

Diane said...

Fabulous cards, both, you always have the most creative ideas!! I think a lot of people don't take this virus seriously and if I hear one more time that more people die from the influenzas' then the covid I will SCREAM as they are not the same thing and tell THAT to the families of the loved ones lost. WE take it very seriously here, but I will quit and not take up your space with my rants, but we are on the same page! Take care and stay safe.

Carol L said...

What a fun over-the-hill card that is! So CAS and so fun, and I love the stained glass angel on the 2nd card. In this world we live in, we can all use an angel watching over us! Have fun watching the lizards! In my area, it's watching squirrels and chipmunks with an occasional bunny :)

Mac Mable said...

Yay.....Go stubby x......
Fun and fabulous over the hill card and the texture and the stained glass tag, on the Christmas card looks amazing Darnell x.
I totally agree with your sentiments and comments Darnell and yes the pandemic is truly testing us when it comes to common sense and empathy but wouldn't it be great if we all had the same common sense and empathy, sadly not....?x.
Rant away Darnell and I couldn't agree more, my friend and a great funny at the end, which I am very much supporting....all three of them!...x.

Sarah said...

Fabulous cards Darnell, I can see Hammy rolling his hazelnut!! Hilarious!! We don't have lizards here but get to watch "rabbit porn" on a regular basis in our garden!! Many baby rabbits have appeared this year much to the dogs' excitement!! I made face coverings in preparation for when we were finally allowed out. We ventured into our local town last Saturday, wearing our masks, and vowed not to go out again in a hurry as we appeared to be in the minority. At work, in our local medical centre I have to wear a clinical mask and we ask that all our patients that have need to enter the building wear a face covering too. If nothing else I think this pandemic has told us that it does not discriminate and we should care for others as ourselves xx

Whisper said...

Oooo what a stunner Xmas card, i so love stained glass windows, i used to have one in a house i used to live in & with my DT hat on, thanks for joining us at June's Rudolph Days Challenge, luv Sam x

Vicky Hayes said...

Eleventy one days of lockdown as Tolkein would say! Lizards are nice but Nellie is better conversationist I'm sure, not to mention Hammy, and your Stubby doesn't sound like a very MORAL lizard!!
Love the cards - that swirly die is sensational and I'm a big fan of the sequints! The Christmas tag card is lovely too with those bright and merry colours (or do I mean merry and bright?!) I think some of my cards could do with some more Jenny Saquaw. Do you have her address?!
Bless you with your virus rant. There is so much fear being generated isn't there but there are many, many different opinions and theories and experts out there with conflicting views and essentially none of us know the truth - and you can bet your bottom dollar we're not getting that from our governments or the mainstream media. Whatever we believe, we really need to respect the reasons people are terrified and try to behave in such a way as to make everyone feel safer - and if that means masks and keeping our distance then it is kind and thoughtful to do so. Hugs, Vicky x

Jenny L said...

Hi Darnell,
Happy Rudolf Days.
love your twofer cards and as usual they are both brilliant and wonderfully created.
I do so love your words about covid and think you are so right.
It makes me mad to see people flouting the rules as you know I live alone and have kept to them after all it's for our safty and that of the ones we love and also our community and even the world.
I was told today that my town is one of the worst in England for cases of late.
Fab that enjoy the Lizards and have given them names.
I have moved my chair so I can look out at the birds who visit my garden sadly not so many now as I had to stop feading them because I have a fishing lake the other side of my garden fence and if I feed the birds the rats also come calling.
Love and lots of crafty hugs from my house to yours.Jenny L.

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Loll said...

Two beautiful cards Dolly! I LOVE the first one with the dotty design. Such a fun die! Love the colours in the background. Your stained glass angel tag is so pretty! Love the snowflake background with sanding.

Great write-up about restrictions. So many think that as soon as things start opening, it means life is back to normal. I'm not sure life will ever be back to normal. We must all do our part to protect ourselves and others. Sad to see the number of cases of Covid 19 raising so rapidly in the US. Time to pull back on the openings to get things under control again. Take care my friend. I know that you have been so diligent because of your health, and it's maddening to see others breaking all the rules. Love, Lolly

Cheryl W. said...

Both your cards are definitely awesome. Did Jenny Saquaw have a hand in helping with both of them? They definitely seem to have her touch. Thanks for reminding us all about what this pandemic can do to those who live alone. We all need to reach out a share our concern and empathy for others.

Dotty Jo said...

Always love your posts, Darnell! Go Stubby - you dah man! Love your cards, and I especially love your tag card which is so pretty. I am totally with you on the whole Covid 'rant'. I work in a school and am so proud of the children and how careful they are being of their friends safety. Some adults should come and visit. Thanks for playing along with Tracey and me for this challenge at Christmas Kickstart, Jo x

BożenA said...

Your thoughts are so accurate, Darnell. The world has turned upside down, fortunately we can unite not only by gathering in one place. It's important to help yourself in these hard times. This is the measure of our humanity. Thank you for saying that, we all feel.
The cards are beautiful, always with a good dose of humor and good taste.

Glittered Paws said...

Love both cards - the "over the hill" card is so simple but so pretty. And then the PTI Christmas. Love the bow, in fact I think I may have that bow die. I totally agree with you on this C-19- if everyone would just take a little bit of precaution we could get a handle on this.

scrappymo! said...

Your first card is so fun and I know the receiver will just love it too!

The second card looks great. Loving the tag and the non traditional colours.

Rant away my friend. You said all the things many of us are thinking. I do not think that the citizens health should ever be wrapped up in politics!
Stay strong...we will eventually see an end to this. We are still staying home. Al ventures out for grocery pick up, but that is all. We are allowed to renew prescriptions by phone appointments now, so that is a very good thing!

We miss going out to supper, so I have started looking up online recipes for some of our fave places and recreating a night out. We even get dressed up on those days!

Hugs my friend, and thanks for taking part in the June Rudolph Days Challenge

Unknown said...

Love the Over the Hill card Darnell! Thanks for joining us at Krafty Chicks Challenge this week xoxoox

Fikreta said...

gorgeous cards!

Pia S said...

The over the hill design is so clever, colorful yet ultra CAS and I completely agree on the placement you later chose for her birthday number. The Christmas card has beautiful, fresh colors.
I think we will see a lot of changes in how we do things, permanently. Like, blowing candles off a cake? Not seeing this will happen again. Maybe on a muffin or cupcake, to be eaten by the one blowing the candles only?

Leslie Miller said...

I enjoyed both your cards, Darnell. Just wanted to say that first before I lose my train of thought after reading the rest of your post and scanning all the comments. Cute and fun die on the first and, yes, for sure 50 is the new 40. Very festive Christmas card with pretty colors. Love the stained glass stamp. You probably know we're on the same page about the COVID situation. I can't even get into it. I'm exhausted from the weight of realization of how self centered, uninformed, ill informed, and/or idiotic so many people are. I don't even want to know where they get their news. Back to my bubble now. Thank you.

Vikki H said...

What a great sentiment for your die cut holes! I love your posts and appreciate the humor for the day. Stay safe and have a wonderful birthday celebration. Hopefully you'll see those handsome twins again.

Greta said...

Such a fun BD card for someone turning 50! I remember thinking my dad was ancient when he turned 50 & now I can barely remember my 50th--haha! Sad to say--you'd think you were preaching to the choir, but lots of people from every walk of life in the US have bought into making the pandemic a political issue. Empathy has apparently been eradicated, in spite of all the talk about kindness. We have to hope an effective vaccine becomes a reality. Of course, getting people to take it is a whole other issue. Thankfully, making cards is therapeutic for me. If you send me Verna's address, I'll mail another card to her.

Sharyn Polesel said...

Your cards are lovely, Darnell. The Over the Hill card made me smile...so fun! I totally agree with all you have said about the pandemic. We haven't been out much, but always wear a mask. Some people, though, don't think the rules apply to them. Hope we all make it through these scary times. Stay safe, my friend. Hugs, Sharyn

frommycraftroom said...

Such beautiful cards.

Rant away! As you may remember I live in Melbourne Australia and neighboring suburbs have just gone back into lockdown due to the virus. I suspect we will be again soon. It has all happened as the kiddos were starting to go back to work, school and sports and this is all again on hold. I do feel for the local family businesses which are suffering. My little rant over.

Thanks for the meme it was a good way to finish the post. Oh and I can't forget the lizzard! so glad he is having a good year :) stay well :)

Di said...

Oh Darnell - you do my heart and soul the world of good. Love both cards as I always do - the Christmas tag one for Snippets is so fresh. You sure generated some comments with your post, eek! As for us here, we got Dudley groomed and are still lying low until them darned varmints get past us. I can't recall if I thanked you for my gorgeous 'Just because' card - it meant and still means so much to me. On my desk in front of me as I type.

Much love to you, The Mister and darling Nellie of course.

Di ..........and Len and Dudley the Dog Dude!

My Paper Epiphany said...

Two wonderful cards!I love the 'over the hill'!!!
Well said re: covid.
We are not required to wear a mask here in Australia. It's so confusing with all the different advice. Meanwhile I stay in my craft room and avoid most contact. My daughter and Husband do the shopping. There's been a spike here in Melbourne, but it's all relative when I look at figures in other countries.
Take care and keep crafting. Hugs x

Stamps and Paper said...

Two fun cards Darnell...I do wear a mask when I can buy being a chronic asthmatic its not easy at times I feel like I am suffocating....No way has this virus go away and with the idiots all gathering on the 4th July is a real struggle trying to keep this virus under control.
Hope you and the Mister are well..and of course Nellie...

keep safe


Anita in France said...

The Golden Rule, common sense, empathy, Darnell ... yep, the world's guides for centuries (two+ millenia even!). Delicious cards ... one wonderfully crisp and clean ... the second beautifully texture-y and with that gorgeous stained glass window tag ... love it! Lizards ... funny little things ... especially when you spot one sitting on the sofa next to you, enjoying the conversation!! LYAMYBLMA! Big hugs and bisous, Anita :)

Sari / Granne said...

Love your card, very nice thinking and awesome result. Thank you for joining us in our Use Die Cuts -challenge at The Male Room. Looking forward to seeing you again in our next challenge that starts tomorrow.

Lady Joyful said...

Both of your cards are lovely, and I particularly like the one you entered to our challenge. Thank you for joining us at The Male Room - Charlotte/Lady Joyful, DT

Kara Lynne said...

Hey, I recognize that card - up close and personally! It's a fantastic design even if it does mean it's all downhill from here. What a sweet Christmas card with that wonderful little stained glass window. I love how you hung it on the card with that darling bow. Your safety message was well said, Darnell. I love hearing your heart and your passion for others' well being. Miss you!

Tracey McNeely said...

Love your fabulous cards Darnell! Your over the hill card is so fun and the stained glass window Christmas tag is coloured perfectly. I enjoyed the read as well, I wish people would not forget why were spent so long in isolation and wear a damn mask! Masks have become mandatory anywhere inside in most parts of Ontario, stating today with Toronto. It's for the right reason! Thank you for joining us at Christmas Kickstart!

MA-MI said...

Great use of the die-cut for this CAS masculine card! I love it!
Thank you so much for playing along with us at The Male Room.
Ma-Mi, The Male Room DT member