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July 10, 2020

Butterfly ~ Butterfly I

Hello Stamplings!

How are you? I hope you've been doing well. Have you missed me? I took a bit of a break the last coupla weeks. We celebrated both my birthday (2nd) and the 4th of July very quietly. Thank you for all the messages and beautiful cards! The Mister gets jealous because I have one of those first week of the month birthdays where you turn the calendar and slap your forehead because you forgot to send someone a card. He's jealous because that means my cards keep coming in for days and days!ðŸĨģ

It felt good to step back from the computer and television and accomplish all these things:
  1. Cleaned and purged all the clothes closets and dresser drawers.
  2. Cleaned and purged the linen cabinet.
  3. Deep-cleaned the house.
  4. Cleaned and purged the garage with The Mister's help.
  5. Cleaned and purged the Playhouse with Hammy's help.
  6. Worked in the yard.
  7. Prepared my July cards for Twofer.
  8. Started on my Christmas cards.
Pretty good, eh? 

Oh, shoot. Wait a sec. I'm sorry. That's the wrong list. That list is my list of things to do!

Sorry about that. Here's my list of what I've accomplished:

Well, never mind. I did do #7! This month the prompt for the Twofer Card Challenge is the always-popular:

Once again, someone will have to help me out with who the manufacturer is of these butterflies. I thought it was an old set from PTI, but I spent an hour trying to find it online without success. I even searched my own blog, thinking I've used it before, but apparently it's NBUS.

Anyway, it's a great set of butterfly stamps and dies, with these three sizes and three teeny-tiny sizes. ETA: Thank you, Colleen! It is a set from Mama Elephant called, "Butterfly Kisses."

I stamped and cut several butterflies and painted them in rainbow colors using my Ziggies. Hammy added his winking. I thought it would be fun to have the butterflies bordering the scored sediment in opposite directions. The sediment is NBUS from PTI's "A  Bit More: Butterfly Blooms" set. QACAS and done!

Grab our Badge!RRCB 138

For this simple encouragement card design, I stamped the NBUS floral border from Altenew with watermark ink and embossed it in gold. The gold-embossed sediment is also NBUS from the same set. I attached the panel to an aqua card base and added two painted and winked aqua butterflies as a pop of bling. QACAS and done!

  • Mix It Up: AG + Optional Twist of Open Technique. (Heat Embossing.)
  • NBUS: Anything goes never-before-used-schtuff.
  • TIME OUT: Days Gone By. I keyed on the word "Day."

Join Us!

I really enjoy seeing your creative designs in the gallery, so I hope you'll join us for this month's Twofer Card ChallengeFor more awesome inspiration, check out what our talented Guest Designers Barb and TK and the entire Design Team have made for you!
Please remember that you can make two conventional designs or one conventional design and one unconventional design using your butterflies. We have winners for both categories. 

Also, do you Instagram? We are resurrecting our presence there, so please share your art by tagging the new account (#thetwofercardchallenge), so everyone gets used to the change. Mwah!

From Facebook

Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy! LITS!* Stay safe! Be a racoon!

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower!

*Life is too short!

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Julie B said...

Sorry I can't help you with the make of the butterfly set but they are v pretty and have made two excellent cards, can't see why they were NEBUS, you naughty girl!
Congrats on your birthday too Darnell, glad you managed to have a good day despite the current state of affairs. Despite all the time I've had without visitors, my eyes are still drawn to the jobs to do list, not for long though. ;). Keep smiling. :)

Loraine Long said...

Hi Darnell, what lovely cards. Wishing you belated birthday wishes. What a find! Sorry, I too don't recognise the set 😞. Have a wonderful weekend.

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Two gorgeous butterfly cards Darnell. Sending you a very Happy Belated Birthday.

Sue xx

Anita in France said...

You have those gorgeous rainbow, shimmery butterflies flying in border formation beautifully, Darnell ... they're so vibrant and fresh ... and pop wonderfully against the crisp white! How yummy are those aqua winked lovelies with the rich gold embossing ... and what a fabulous (and oh so true) sentiment! We did laugh at your lists ... similar experiences abound here at the moment too! Hope your cards are still arriving in droves! LYAMYHAHMCA! Big hugs and bisous, Anita :)

Liz said...

Two wonderful cards, Darnell.

I was beginning to feel guilty when I read your jobs accomplished list, until l carried on reading! My jobs to do list is almost as long as it was at the beginning of lockdown...... even forgetting to post one birthday cards on the right day so it arrive in time. 😉 xx

Sandra H said...

Love your post your so amusing me thinks wow that’s a lot of jobs in a short time 😉 then see the space below love your cards and hope you had a fabulous birthday take care & safe xx

kiwimeskreations said...

Beautiful, beautiful cards from you and Hammy, Darnell - loving those butterflies.
I am purging and sorting and, and, and ... I am downsizing, so you may not see much of me either in the next few months.
Stay safe

Marilyn said...

Gorgeous cards! Love, love, love the second one with all of the gold. Good luck accomplishing everything on your list. I really need to do everything you have listed on that list also, but know it will never happen LOL!
Have a great day!

Jeanne said...

You had me going for a second, LOL Good one, Darnell. Glad you took a break if you needed it, though. Your butterfly cards are lovely! Hope you figure out what you need to. And yes, let's all be racoons. :) Hugs!

sandie said...

That kind of looks like my list of 'TO DO' but as well as you, it remains...undone! Super cards. Love the vibrant colours of the first one and I adore the sentiment in the second and how true it is! Love how you have framed this as aqua does so well with the gold....oh and fab to see you at Time Out x

Em Louise Fairley said...

Both cards are gorgeous, and for once I might actually enter the challenge. Well, that's the intention right now! xoxo

oldpunca said...

Fantastic butterflies! They are lovely on the rainbow card and also on the elegant blue-gold creation. Great design on both cards. I like your twofer very much.
I almost forgot to close my mouth as I saw your list of done things. Thank you for update. :-) My to-do list is even longer. :-)
Enjoy admiring all birthday cards. It is a pleasure to know, how many wonderful people are thinking of you. :-)
It is a great comparison of current situation with the racoon photo.
Have a great day and take care!
Hugs, Sonja

Lisa Babitz said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the gold embossed floral border and sentiment on your second card; it looks great with the aqua butterfly and base. Love your colorful butterfly border on your first card as well. I had to scoop my jaw off the floor while I was reading your list of things you got done and then got a good chuckle - that looks like my list as well! Glad you were able to take a little break and enjoy your birthday and the 4th. Happy belated birthday. Love the mascot bit - clever!!

Donna said...

Laughing out loud at your list Darnell! At least one item is scratched off and your butterfly cards are fabulous! Glad you had a wonderful birthday!

Maria Rodriguez. said...

Awesome prompt for the July challenge, Darnell, popular too, who doesn't love butterflies!!
Now, I'm totally impressed with your list of accomplishments, not only you cleaned up and created lots of space for new clothes and stamping stuff, but you kept busy doing something that all of us, at one time or another, need to do.
I'm glad you had a couple of fabulous and willing helpers, LOL!!
Take care, my dear, stay healthy and safe.
Maria Rodriguez.

Jean said...

Happy belated birthday! Your to do list looks a lot like mine. Your cards are beautiful. I enjoy seeing you two fers..

I Card Everyone said...

I was slack-jawed after reading that list, D! oh you tricked us again, you trickster! I've done one out of those 8, too!
I MIGHT have a few flutterbys hanging around, we'll see!

Brenda in IN said...

Those bright and colorful butterflies are gorgeous and the gold embossed card is stunning, Darnell. I love that sentiment. Who knew we could learn medical advice from a racoon!

I Card Everyone said...

OH I forgot to tell you how much I love your cards - both gorgeous - though I am loving the rainbow of the first! I'd guess Clearly Besotted by the size of that set?

Loll said...

Two butterfly beauties, Dolly! Love the bright colours of your rainbow card. It's a feel good card! And beautiful border stamp for your second card. Gorgeous done in gold with the blue butterflies. Love you list of accomplishments ... mine is the same! :) Love Lolly

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Your cards are so beautiful, vibrant and shiny, - Fabulous.
As for your list, it's the same as mine, I may have made 2 cards too. :)
Take care
Faith x

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Forgot to say Happy belated birthday.

TK said...

They're beautiful, Darnell! Love the boldness of the first, but the beautiful pop of blue against all that embossing is fabulous too!
P.S. So glad you didn't get all of that done, I was feeling really neglectful!

Cat Craig said...

I was a wee bit jelly reading your list...I should have known better. I did actually get one cabinet cleaned out this week and that is a Huge accomplishment when I'd rather be napping.

Gotta say I am loving your rainbow of flutters, they look so perfect together in their synchronized dance. YOur gold and blue card is quite elegant with that lovely sentiment and delicate floral garden...it is perfectly complete with your two sweet blue butterflies. Fab cards my friend.

Happy Dance said...

Can't help with the maker of the butterflies, sorry. They're pretty though, and of a perfect size if you ask me. The 'toy' card is so pretty with those butterflies all dressed in rainbow colors, and Hammy did a great job of winking too. They really pop against all that lovely white. But I think I'm in love with your second card...That sentiment is just true. I love it, along with those two little blue butterflies perched among your golden floral border. I personally, have a Ta-Da list. "Ta-Da...I made it out of bed. Ta-Da...I loaded the dishwasher. Ta-Da...I remembered to take my pills." Not going in my garage to clean until next year, hahaha. Your list had me going, and then gave me a good laugh. As I was reading, I thought maybe I should clean out the closets and drawers, but that too shall wait. And with all the disarray, I have to walk around all the stuff moved from one room to the next while waiting for the bedroom floor to be refinished. Ok...I'll shut up now. Just love your cards. And the mascot. You're a hoot. xoxoxo Bev

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Fab Twofer, Darnell - thought I had the same set but it wasn't in any of the usual hiding spots....So can't help with the maker. Just love all the rainbow butterflies on card one and the duo on the gold embossing on card two. Wow - you really got me with your list; I was thinking "well done" but should've known better! Hope you got a nap in there somewhere with all your "hard work"!! Hugs!!

Lynette said...

You got me on that one, Darnell - I was SO impressed with what you got accomplished!!! :)

I love your butterfly cards - they are both so pretty. Welcome back. Yes, I missed you.

Jeri said...

Darnell, I was about to ask if you hire out when I read the list of all you had accomplished. Then I read on. Whew. Thank goodness, feeling much better.
I always enjoy (love!) your writing, admire (love!) your cards, look forward to hearing about Hammy's adventures. Thanks so much for your wonderful and clever creativity.

Mrs A. said...

You had me going there for a bit with your list.. I started one on Monday and still have as many listed on it. Two smashing butterfly cards. Hugs Mrs A.

Jeanne H said...

Love your cards, especially the gold and blue one. Sorry, don't know the stamp set. My lists...I make smaller ones with ONLY the things on it that I WILL do. LOL

conil said...

Once again, I let your birthday slide by without any acknowledgement. It's even on my calendar. I'm so ashamed of myself. No excuses...just dumb.
Both your cards are exceptional,as usual...LOVE the flutterby rainbow your created and the ones dancing around that wonderful gold embossed sentiment. BTW, you're not alone...I have a huge pile of unlabeled products...it's daunting.
Who knew the raccoon would be 2020's spirit animal? The good in this is people are learning how to wash their hands. The bad is we're learning how selfish non-mask wearers are.

HilaryJane said...

I am so glad you have had a little break and enjoyed your birthday. These two cards are wonderful. My favourite is the gold heat embossed one (I love heat embossing), no it isn't it's the thinking of you one (I love the black with the rainbow colours. They are both so good. I am also glad you didn't really complete that list of things because you would have shamed us all xx

Carol L said...

Your butterfly cards are gorgeous with great vivid colors and beautiful designs! Love the gold embossing on #2 card, and I love your list of accomplished chores too! Oddly enough, mine is the same!! You are ahead of me though as you've already finished your twofer and I have yet to begin mine! LOL TC and enjoy the weekend and I hope your birthday was the best!

Sarah said...

Belated birthday wishes Darnell, hope you had a good day. These are fantastic cards, love the rainbow of butterflies and the sentiment on the second is just so wonderful xx

Pia S said...

I did miss the last Twofer challenge but hopefully I will find some butterflies in my stash for this one. Your rainbow inspired butterflies are beautiful, super layout. I also like them with the golden frame and sentiment and less colors. Both beautiful, in their own way. And happy belated birthday!

Fikreta said...

Beautiful cards!

Maria said...

LOL, you had me feeling inadequate with your list of having things done! I finished the house work for the week, but quickly retreated to the craft room today. There is always things that I need to do with cleaning, etc. But, my sanity is more important with my craft therapy, lol! Very pretty butterfly cards, Darnell! Wonderful rainbow of lovely butterflies on your first card! And, second card is so pretty in the gold with the perfect sentiment! Well done as always, my friend! Take care and have a great weekend!!

GerJanne said...

Hi Darnell,
Many happy returns of the day (the 2nd) . Hope you had a wonderful birthday!
Your list was impressing me and then you told us you did #7 and it was your to do list, whahahaha...
The cards are so beautyful. I hope I can join you this fortnight...trying..
Stay safe! The covid-19 is still going around in your country. Here in the Netherlands there are not so many people ill anymore. Fingers crossed!

cuilliesocks said...

Hi there Darnell, just love the raccoon photo, I should send this to Boris Johnson.
Your cards are stunning, beautifully designed and coloured. As for your list, it's the thought that counts lol, Kate x x

Kathleen said...

Well you really had me going there, was calling you Wonder Woman. Two super cards and love the gold embossing with the tuqiuoise. Great butterfly card too.

Kath x

Bonnie said...

WOW! Love, love, love the rainbow of winked butterflies, Dolly! Such a bright and happy card! I love the elegance of the second card with the gold embossing and the pretty turquoise butterflies! What a fun challenge this month!

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Mrs K
Glad all is good with you.
This is a twofer triumph!!! A delightful duet!!!
Can't go wrong with a butterfly or two.
Take care.
Ang x

Pat said...

I love your double row of prettily coloured butterflies framing the large sentiment Darnell, and then the second with gold embossed flowers and lovely sentiment framing two of those wonderful butterflies flitting about, and love the blue card which coordinates perfectly with the butterflies. Two gorgeous cards. I was beginning to think you were some sort of wonder woman with your list of accomplished tasks, but was relieved when you turned out to be quite as normal as the rest of us...well as me anyway..lol. I love this definition of a racoon, really made me laugh. x

Lisa Elton said...

HEAD SMACK!!! I missed your birthday!!! I thought for a second that you had become a super hero, then you pulled a quick one on us! Now about your cards... WOW ~ GLORIOUS!!!

frommycraftroom said...

Wishing you an absolutely fabulous belated birthday!

I was so impressed with your accomplish list! haha then I saw the real list - um more like my lists now :)

Love the butterflies - hope someone has been able to help you out there I have no idea!!

Stamps and Paper said...

Lovely selection of cards Darnell... you’ve been like action woman..but doesn’t make you feel good when things have been cleared and cleaned out....I’ve done wardrobes I’m now doing my craft room which is going to take me a long time...


Sue said...

Hi Darnell, Glad you had a nice birthday.

Loving both cards. Particularly like the blue butterflies on the card with the gold.

Did laugh at the Racoon:)

Hope you have a lovely day. Sue

Darlene said...

Oh my friend you are just too ambitious and creative! LOL You can send some of that 'drive' my way! LOL Anyways, your butterflies look awesome and love your designs ... so inspiring! Thanks so much for joining in the fun at our Dies R Us challenge! Good Luck and we hope you’ll come back often.

Please stop in for a visit!

Brenda said...

Oh Auntie, you do crack me up! Love your humor. Glad you had a good birthday and love that the cards keep coming! Yes, beginning of the month birthdays do tend to slap one in the face. I was like the Mister when it came to Dwayne's birthday, as his was the 3rd of January. So get those holidays winding down and then bam! A birthday too. lol Your to do list or done list is a lot like mine. lol Although I have boxes stacked up in the dinning room for when the donation picks ups start back up. One day....I will finish. What a fun twofer challenge as who doesn't love butterflies? I am so loving the butterflies you have used on your sweet cards. The rainbow thinking of you card is so sweet and delicate, a CAS beauty for sure! Your twofer card is so true. Loving that flower border in gold and then the beautiful blue butterflies, but I am really loving the sentiment. I think I need that sentiment/stamp set. lol Will have to check it out. The guest designers and design team has wonderful inspiration! I will have to get my thinking cap on and see what I can come up with. Oh I do Instagram, so will have to remember to tag over there, even if I rarely post my crafty stuff. lol Mwah & Hugs, Brenda

Marcia Hill said...

Phew...I'm so glad you only accomplished one thing on that list so we can still be friends!!!!! Your cards are both absolutely beautiful Darnell! I'm in love with your rainbow butterflies and the CAS design...definitely need to remember this one! And your gold embossed card is so elegant and truly lovely! This was such a fun prompt this month (they all are, but I really, REALLY LOVE butterflies!!) and I'm really looking forward to seeing the gallery flooded with color!! Take care my friend and stay safe! Hugs. :0)

Redanne said...

Oh how I love your butterfly cards, they are absolutely gorgeous!

I am so glad you didn't do all of that list, I was exhausted just reading it. Making cards is much more fun and less stressful I am sure!

Whoever thought that up about the racoon was a genius, it is so clever! Keep safe and well...

Hugs, Annie xxx

Barb Ghig said...

Oh my gosh, Darnell, you really had me going for a minute...it's definitely a great 'to-do' list, though :)
Your butterfly cards are absolutely beautiful! I love the rainbow of colors on the first one...and your gold embossing on the 2nd card is so elegant! Both cards are sure to inspire everyone to play along!

Thank you again for choosing my card as the conventional winner and for having me along as GD for July...it's always fun to play in your Twofer Challenge! Hugs, Barb xx

Kara Lynne said...

Two fantastic cards, Darnell! Your rainbow butterfly borders are such a wonderful way to highlight the sentiment on your first card. I love that sentiment and the color combination on your second card. I just made a gold and aqua butterfly card myself that will appear later next month - great minds think alike! You had me going at first that you did all of that organizing!

Trina P. said...

OMGosh, you are priceless!!! Loved your opening... my husband gave me a concerned look when I started LOL for reals. 😂😜ðŸĪŠ
Wonderful twofers. You know I have a thing for rainbows... and I love those rows of beautiful rainbow butterflies! Too bad you missed entering it at JUGS. And glad Colleen was able to help you figure out where they cane from.

The official mascot is so true!... whoever came up with it is either a genius or had a lot of time to kill. 😂

Always leaving your blog with a big smile on my face and spirits lifted. Thank you. Hope you’re keeping well. Take care and have a great week.

Celeste Goff said...

Girl, you've been busy! What a sense of accomplishment you must be feeling after all of that work and knocking out two gorgeous cards too!

Liz Williams said...

Love both of your cards. The one with the colorful butterflies is a wonderful use of bright and cheery colors, and the other card lets your little butterflies accent this beautifully embossed message and border in gold.

Gerrina said...

I like both your cards; the first so bright and thr 2nd so elegant! And that list> I recognize that...my to do list is stil long and jet I did so much already... Well a few days sunny-somer weather to enjoy and than again back to the list... Hugs, Gerrina

Cheryl W. said...

Butterflies are always fun to create with. Both your cards are uplifting with those colorful beauties. I will definitely have to give this challenge a try. We're traveling home right now from a quick trip in our RV--and we've been very good about always wearing a mask, washing our hands, social distancing and, generally, staying by ourselves! We would not have gone anywhere had we not had our little home on wheels where we have the same bed every night and cook our own meals.

Joyce said...

Hey there Darnell. What a lovely pair of cards. Both so very beautiful and different.
Thanks so much for playing along at Time Out.

Greta said...

Those are such sweet butterflies! 2 great cards, but I'm always drawn to gold embossing & that is a wonderful sentiment! So relieved when you admitted you didn't do everything on the list--haha! Glad you enjoyed your BD & the 4th!

Nora Noll said...

Now that you are done purging at your house, want to come over to mine and help me? I did do my closet and one other but the rest of the house has me overwhelmed!! I need to get rid of some craft stuff but just cannot do it. Not in me because I "might" use it.

Your cards are GORGEOUS!! That butterfly does look familiar and I am glad that you found out where it was from. I love the rainbow of colors on the first card with the mirror images around the sentiment. The gold of the second with the pretty aqua beauties is my favorite, though. Who can resist gold embossing? STUNNING design for both cards!!!

Glittered Paws said...

Absolutely beautiful cards - both of them - I just can't pick a favorite - so I will claim tie. Love the split row images of the butterflies and then the beautiful embossed card is well off the chart of beauty. Your list of things to do looks like mine and I just have no desire to tackle any of the jobs. My hubby htinks I need to purge and clean up my craft room - well THAT is not happening.

Mac Mable said...

What a beautiful rainbow of colours on your thinking of you card Darnell and the font looks great too...great winking as always from Hammy x. Stunning second card with marvellous embossing and what a great sentiment x.
The gallery is looking beautiful with tons of inspiration and amazing cards x.

Leslie Miller said...

I'm soooooooo far behind, but wowie, am I ever loving your butterfly cards! Starting with these very colorful fluttering beauties... CAS fabulousness and, ohhhh, that gold embossed border! You had me going, Darnell... I was wondering how you got that MUCH done in two weeks! In reality you're more like me, I guess. Happy birthday month! BTW, I made my butterfly cards today. Now it's just a matter of getting them posted, sheesh.

Vicky Hayes said...

Oh, these are my favourites of your butterfly cards EVER! Love the bright colours of the butterflies in the first and that squiggly sediment - and best of all how cleverly you have them facing opposite directions. And just when I thought you could never top that, along comes the aqua and gold card and floors me with its celestial beauty!
I'm amazed at the cleverness of the racoon encouragement photo. I was just thinking 'Who has time to think these clever things up?!' and then I thought 'Wait...!'
Mwah, Vicky x

Robyn Oliver said...

Nearly missed my Twofer cards this month, just made it.... even though the butterfly stamp I used was selected at the beginning...just slack hey..... and like you Darnell - hubby and I wrote up a TO DO list back in March and that was the end of that great idea... I did have a big chuckle as I read your post - wondering about the blank space, you so brighten everyone's day... and Oh Yes.. your two cards are fabulous- butterflies and rainbows seem to go together and the little butterflies just add the finishing touch to the aqua blue card... take care my friend and a very belated Happy Birthday and Hugs, Robyn

creative lady said...

Love your butterflies and the rainbow colors! Thanks for playing along with Retro Rubber Challenge Blog.

Whimsey said...

These are fabulous; love the colorful butterflies!

Thank you for joining us at Mix It Up!
~Michele, DT

Bobby said...

That is a great butterfly stamp set, Darnell. I love the different angles that they take. Both cards used the beautifully. I was impressed with your 'done' list and truth be told, it could have been mine. We moved recently and all those things except the playhouse and cards for the Twofer Challenge we accomplished. Now that we've settled in our summer home I hope to be able to enter the August challenge. That is if I saved the right stamps to bring with me.

creative lady said...

Love both of your cards. The butterfly card is just beautiful! Thanks for playing along with Retro Rubber Challenge Blog.