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November 24, 2013

Birthday! Birthday! NBUS #74; PSP #100

Hello!  How's your Sunday?

I have two bloggie friends with birthdays today!  And if it's a special day for you, too, yippee and applause!!  I hope you celebrate in style!!

One of the birthday girls has a hop in full swing with links below!  She is none other than the fabulous Jeanne of A Kept Life.  (Isn't that a great blog handle?)  Jeanne's so nice and so incredibly talented!  If you haven't befriended her yet, you are in for a treat!!
I've heard tell that Jeanne loves red and purple and ribbon.  I made my card for her using red and ribbon, so I'm two for three. 
I used my pretty ribbon very CASly, not even attempting to do fancy bows and ribbon creations which Jeanne does so expertly.  My ribbon is one of those no-name brands you find in the big bins at a craft store.  The sediment is SU! and the NBUS cherries are from the PTI Scentimentals set.
The ribbon has gold threads running through it and I shimmered up the cherries with some Glossy Accents. 
Heavy sigh. 

As I sit here typing this, looking at my card on the monitor, I spotted that I made a huge booble on this card.  Do you see it?  So often these patterned ribbons have no up or down.  When I made it, I thought the fruits were tumbling around, you know, some upside down, some downside up. 

Um, no.  That would be wrong.  Now, when it's too late to do anything about it because my card is winging it's way from my house to Jeanne's, I see that the fruits on this ribbon are not tumbling, they are just raining down . . . and I've got them defying gravity and raining up!  Sorry, Jeanne.  Instead of an upside down cake for your birthday, you got yourself an upside down ribbon card!  (Ya gotta love me.)

Well, now, hold the phone.  Aren't most of you into yoga?  Don't you stand on your heads for that?  Your welcome.  Oh, wait.  Then the cherries would be upside down.  Ah, darn it.

Here are the links to Jeanne's other friends who made her beautiful cards today and who are a great source of card inspiration you won't want to miss!  These ladies put their ribbons right-side up on their cards! 
and Jeanne, don't forget the honoree!


Today is also the birthday of another bloggie friend of mine, Harriet of Ally Cat Cards.  Some of you may remember that I sent Harriet her birthday card back in September.  It cornfused her, seeing as how it wasn't her birthday, it was her anniversary.  (Ya gotta love me.) 

Well, you know what's coming, right?  For her birthday today, I had to make her this card:
It pickled me and I think she will be pickled, too, expecting to see a birthday card.  Then again, Harriet knows me pretty well by now, so she's prolly expecting an anniversary card!  That beautiful sunflower background is from a piece of designer paper by the artist Tim Coffey.  It deserved to be the star of the card.

I used a snippet of the green on this card, so I'm heading over to join my friends at Pixie's Snippets Playground.  This week is the 100th challenge led by our well-loved headmistress, Di!  It's a lot of work, and we appreciate her very much!  Well done, Di!  If you use snippets (scraps) on your card, come on over and join in the fun!

Stopping in to meet you today are two new friends!  Please welcome:
My Photo
On the left is a photo of Pia of Pia's Papir og Perler.  Pia has been blogging her outstanding cards since February 2012 and she has lots of wonderful creations for you to see!

Also joining us is Michelle Zerull of Pinch Your Chic, (love that!) whose photo is on the right.  Michelle has been blogging her fantastic card art since 2011 and she is on the Design Team for Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog. 

Enjoy your visits to these two outstanding blogs while you relish the loads of card inspiration you will find! 

Welcome, ladies, and thank you so much for joining the fun over here!!


Enjoy your day!  No, seriously, enjoy.  LITS*  

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to leave a comment and/or join as a follower!  Please let me know you came by, so I can be sure and return the flavor! 
*Life Is Too Short! 

Jeanne's card:
Paper:  PTI white, SU! cherry cobbler
Stamps:  SU! and PTI "Scentimentals"
Ink:  SU! cherry cobbler, pear pizzazz
Ribbon:  Richard's sale bin
Corner Chomper; Glossy Accents

Harriet's card:
Paper:  SU! pistachio pudding; K&Company
Stamps:  PTI "Think Big Favorites"
Ink:  SU! baked brown sugar
Pearl embellie:  stash
Corner Chomper


Gerrina said...

Love the images on the cards and he, we all made that mistake ones...twice.... Have a fun sunday, Gerrina

Sindhu said...

Beautiful cards Darnell! About that upside down thing, I do it all the time! There were many times when I would place my base scored card upside down and realised that I had done a mistake after completing my card! :D

Pat said...

Hi Darnell, these are both lovely cards. That ribbon is so unusual, and the direction of the pattern is not that greatly obvious, and really love those shiny cherries. You are right that gorgeous sunflower does deserves to be the focal point on that anniversary card - beautiful! xx

Mrs A. said...

You know what? I never even noticed it was up side down or that the whole of it was the ribbon! I thought you were referring to the side strips down either side and was desperately reading through your post to find what the backing paper was.!!!
Hugs Mrs A.

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Happy Sunday Darnell, I hope you are having a great day. Winter arrived early here, ugh. Hope it goes away soon (snow & quite cold).

Both of your cards are very pretty, love the upside down ribbon (I would not have noticed if you didn't say anything) and the glossy cherries look perfect with it. The Sunflower paper is gorgeous, it looks painted. Hugs, Shirley

cm said...

Another 'start my day with a smile' post! Your fruits raining 'up' is wonderful! My repertoire of 'intriguing' cards is quite substantial (cards opening backwards, being pretty standard!). The sunflower Anniversary/Birthday card: beautiful. Yes, we 'gotta love ya" and we certainly do!!
Hugs ~ c

Alanna said...

What beautiful cards you've showcased today even if the fruit ribbon on your first card is upside down. I never even noticed until you pointed it out.

Jill Norwood said...

Darnell your witty and fun writings never cease to make me smile or giggle out loud! Love both of these cards upside down and right side up! Your glossy cherries are so pretty and the sunflower paper is definitely star quality! :)

Marybeth said...

All I know is Jeanne will love this ribbon wrong or right side! What a thoughtful and beautiful card and I LOVE the glossy cherries.
Both cards are wonderful! Hope you enjoy your Sunday !

jimlynn said...

I just flipped my computer upside down and it looks great!!! LOL! Actually, both of these are great no matter which way you look at it. So very lovely!

Redanne said...

I have been having a good giggle - I had to go back to see where this 'mistake' was, I still cannot see it......it looks perfect to me. Love the sunflower too, that paper is just so beautiful. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Annie x

Jessi Fogan said...

Oh man. I could have written this post, swear to peanuts, mistakes & all. I happen to like upside down fruit, because it makes me think of upside down cake :D
Both of these are gorgeous cards, Darnell.

Canonbury creations said...

Fabulous ribbon Darnell even if it's doing the impossible! Love your sunflower card too:)
Val x

Shannon J said...

If you hadn't said a peep, I wouldn't have noticed a thing! I personally LOVE the idea of tumbling fruit! A touch of whimsy, really!! Love both cards, that sunflower is gorgeous!!! And I think Harriet is going to laugh her pants off when she get her "anniversary" card!!

Bobby said...

To solve the upside down fruit problem, I'd just lay the card down. Then it just looks like the fruit landed when it was dropped. ;) And if you hadn't mentioned it, I wonder how many would have noticed? Anyway, great card with the ribbon and I love the designer paper on the other one. These ladies are so lucky to receive cards from you.

Sue said...

Gorgeous cards Darnell. I am another one who would not have noticed the upside ribbon if you hadn't mentioned it, it's beautiful ribbon too and I love the glossy cherries.
It sounds like Harriet will not be at all surprised to receive an Anniversary card on her Birthday and I am sure she will love it!
hugs Sue xx

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

Gorgeous cards Darnell
I am impressed
hugs Tamara

Kathleen said...

Mmm did that recently, but two fabulous card, love the fruity one and the sunflower is lush.

Kath x

Barb Ghig said...

Your cards are just beautiful, Darnell! I didn't even notice your mistake until you mentioned it...honestly, and I love your design with those shiny sweet cherries! Your 2nd card is also stunning! I love how you allowed the art to take center stage, and that you added such a clever and elegant sentiment!

Jeanne J. said...

Oh Darnell I love the card you made and I love it exactly how it is! I didn't see anything wrong with the ribbon - and wouldn't change a thing. I'm absolutely honored that you made me a beautiful card today - I love your style and wonderful approach to all you do. I love the fruit it makes me wish for my garden on this cold day! It looks YUMMY! Big hugs to you!!

Vicki Dutcher said...

I can always count on smiling and/or laughing out loud when I read your posts~ Too fun! TFS~

Geri said...

Yep, we really do love you! I honestly did not notice that the ribbon was upside down until I read the post! It was just so considerate of you to think of the yoga people when you made this :)

The cherries are fantastic! You sure have the highlighting technique down pat - love the shine! Gorgeous paper on the anniversary card - a pretty sentiment panel is all that the card needed! Great choice of color for the base and the panel.

Thanks for making my afternoon so delightful :)

Jenny L said...

Hi Darnell,
these are very lovely cards. I would not have noticed the fruit if you hadn't said. I was admiring those lovely glossy cherries.
The sunflower Anniversary card is also very lovely. I bet they were so pleased to receive them.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Carole said...

Yep we love you and your corny ways and your tipsy topsy way of seeing things.Simply delightful Darnell. Great cards.

Harriet Skelly said...

Yup I knew this was coming Darnell - and I expected nothing less!! I received the card yesterday and it is beautiful - that paper is just gorgeous! Thank you so much! Bruce, Lexi and I celebrated with a brunch at Scotts in Alameda. It was awesome! Hugs, Harriet

Benzi said...

Oh, Miss Bama that sounds like Mama except with a "B"", you always send me away with a big laugh. I love reading your posts. Yours cards are just gorgeous (upside down or downside up or whatever) and Harriet is sure to love her card.....anniversary, birthday....no matter what it is. I'm still laughing. Hubby will probably come to check on me and want to know what is so funny.
Actually, I sent a friend a birthday card earlier this year and it was months until her "real" birthday. Duh! We all do it so we just have to laugh and go on.
Thanks for coming by my blog today. You're the best.

Anonymous said...

llenraD, tiaw ... oops sorry, wait, Darnell ... that's better. I was upside down looking at Jeanne's card and found that whichever way up it is makes no difference ... nope, both ways it's simply divine ... and both ways those cherries are luscious! Harriet's card is beautiful ... I'm still laughing with you about the birthday/anniversary swap! Anita :)

Greta said...

OK--the card blogging world is cracking up again! Love that you showed us your goof & can laugh at yourself, my friend! It'd be really fun to know how many people never noticed it--probably a lot! Anyway--I love the cards & now you've given me an idea of how to use my wide ribbon left over from years ago--thank you!

Happy Dance said...

So....the card works two ways, right side up or upside down...that's double the fun, if you ask me! You're a hoot, girl. And your card is absolutely lovely...both ways! Have a great Thanksgiving too, my dear friend. : ) Bev

Sue said...

Fab cards Darnell huggles Sue xxx

Lisa Elton said...

Both of your cards are FABULOUS Darnell!! I don't think Jeanne will care one bit that the ribbon is topsy turvy! (Had to throw those last two fun words in just for you !!!) she'll love it just the same! And those cherries look good enough to eat ;)

Nan G said...

Now being a true friend I would not have mentioned a word about the 'raining upside down fruit'....I would of thought you were going for a tossed fruit salad look. te he Really I too did not notice and had to enlarge the pic to see what you were going on about. It is a unique card, Darnell, from a one of kind gal!! Fab sunflower paper and a gorgeous make from it. Big hugs ;)

Colleen said...

fun story and a great "specialized card" made with things you know she likes!!What a good friend you are!!

Carol L said...

They're both pretty cards regardless of your upsidedown doodle! The glossy cherries look just yummy!!

Words and Pictures said...

Two fabulous cards - and what's an upside-down ribbon between friends?! They're both delightful.
Thanks so much for your visit and comment - so much appreciated!
Alison x

Dianne said...

Oh boy, it's nice to know other make little booboo's too,and who would make a bow out of that gorgeous ribbon, I think your card is still GORGEOUS, those cherries are fabulousss, we love you no matter which way your ribbon goes or what the occasion is LOL.. Your second card is beautiful the paper is the star, thanks for sharing and making me SMILE BIG...

Vickie Z said...

Goofy girl!! she'll love it raing up or down!! It's hard getting the purple in there...well for me anywho!!!

Cindy Brumbaugh said...

Hey, fruits fall off of trees and vines so it is just fine, my dear. Love all your wonderful stamps and ribbons and paper, oh my...(the Wizard of Oz is playing in the background). That sunflower is truly a star...love the sentiment put upon the paper!

Kim Heggins said...

Love your card...love that your ribbon is upside down too! Just makes your card that much more special. Your cherries are amazing, so bright and shiny.

Anonymous said...

I just love you, my upside down fruit cake!!! I have to apologize for my absence ~~ I have no excuses other than: sick kids, sick me, too much work, not enough time... blah, blah, blah!!! (I even did a super naughty thing and combined 2 guest design spots and only made 1 card!!!) Yep, I am that pressed for time!! :(

Any who ~~ on to your party ~~ I love your upside down triple decker yum yum card and I know she will, too!! :) :) The next bday card, I mean anniversary card is a stunner w/ that huge sunflower!! :) :)
Super lovely!! You have some lucky friends, indeed!! xo

I'll try to be back before the next millennium!!

Unknown said...

Happy Sunday Dippy. Two fabulous cards and so interesting reading in most of the comments that people didn't even notice the ribbon was a different way up (or down in this case!!!) Love those glossy cherries. Jeanne obviously loved your card. Harriet's card is wonderful - love the Tim Coffey paper and great sentiment.


Karendipity xxx

scrappymo! said...

Two great cards Darnell///and just a hint...that fruit is not really upside down...oh no...it is just in the process of being dropped into the bottle of sangria! So it is exactly in the direction it should be!

Di said...

Fabby card Darnell and the sunflower is absolutely right for the Anniversary card.

I have to say, I laughed at your 'upside down' card - which I would never have noticed. And the comments left gave me a good giggle as well as your post :)

Hugs, Di xx

Chris Dring said...

So glad I'm not the only one who does the upside down thing with what I make! LOL! (It's a true talent! Well, that's my story and I'm sticking with it!) Darnell, both of these cards are sooooo gorgeous! TFS!

Cathy Weber said...

No, I didn't even notice that little boo-boo, but I love the card you have made for Jeanne. Love the shine on those pretty cherries...I am sure she loved your card.

Bonnie said...

I know it's been a long day cause I didn't even notice the falling fruit! I was focusing on the edges of the ribbon and those shiny cherries! I'm sure Jeanne will lurv it. And that sunflower is gorgeous! What a beautiful day to say Happy Anniversary on someone's birthday!

Anonymous said...

These are both beautiful cards Darnell, so CAS but so stunning. I see nothing wrong with that lovely fruity ribbon and wouldn't have noticed the falling fruit if you hadn't pointed it out!


Michelle said...

Your cards are gorgeous! Thank you for the warm welcome! :)

Sarn said...

Hi Darnell . . .chuckling at your blog post.

Now then . . . ANY fool can put the ribbon on the RIGHT way up . . . it takes someone SPECIAL to put it on upside down and wait to see if anyone notices - which we prolly wouldn't have if you hadn't said!!!!

Sarn x

Debs Willis said...

Two fab cards Darnell, and I wouldn't have noticed the tipsy fruits if you hadn't said!
Debs x