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December 16, 2017

More Sharing Time

Good Day, Stamplings!

While I have candied nuts roasting (making the house smell amazing), I wanted to share a few more Christmas makes and support many of the challenges and the designers who work very hard for us. I'll put a lid on the chatter box and just get goin'.

I tried to channel my inner Kay Miller! Here is a closeup of the winking. Can you tell I used a new Stella?!

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I really overworked the Zigsters with this one. Peace on earth looks like there might be some storm clouds brewing! (Obviously, my inner Kay went on lunch break.) 

You know how you keep going and going some times like you're having an out-of-body experience? You can see yourself watching your hand continue of its own volition and you're thinking, "Why is my hand acting on it's own without any communication from my brain which is yelling, "STOP!"? 

I'm sharing it anyway because I feel like I saved it a bit with the framing and bow. It's prettierer in real life when you see the shiny leaves and Nuvo berries on the holly.

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This super-QACAS number is a repeat of a design I made last year, but never posted. A minimal effort at stamping and embossing and a maximum effort at using up some ribbon.

Challenges (badges below)
  • Curtain Call: Inspiration graphic. Please note: This is the last challenge for the Curtain Call. I hope you will be able to join in to show your appreciation for all that the current and past teams have done to inspire you! Thank you, CC!
  • Stinkin' Inkers: Celebrating the holidays.
Here is another card with more of my Brusho background. The NBUS Reindeer Window is from Memory Box. I hope you can see the beautiful texture on the card base. I've been hoarding these ancient yummy pieces of colored and textured card stock forever. I decided that makes no sense, so I'm setting them free.

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Enjoy your day!  No, seriously, enjoy!  LITS!* 

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