July 21, 2014

Beside the Sea ~ NBUS #142


I was going to welcome you to a fresh new Monday, but Monday has already slipped its way into Tuesday for many of you, so may I just say I hope your week has started off well and stays well throughout!

We had a busy weekend of household mediocrity followed by the exciting arrival of company in the form of long-time-old-timey-friends. We're at that age where conversation consists of half-present-day and half-bygone-day dialogue. It's a nice balance, but without saying so in so many words, we all feel the pull into Geezerville. It didn't help when I asked the nice young waitress if they could turn down the music.

And that's how it begins. We four looked at each other in horror, Mister called me a cranky old bag, and then we burst into raucous laughter. You see how I purposely used the word raucous there because in common dalliance the word is usually followed by "youths." I'm a rebel like that. A delusional one.

I had a full calendar lined up this week, but today's activities were cancelled at the last minute so I enjoyed an unexpected play in a couple four challenges. In honor of summer, I made this:
The vision for this card was born from the current sketch at Case This Sketch where the spectacular Kay Miller (My Joyful Moments) is the Guest Designer:
I immediately pictured this awesome deck chair as my card focus pocus, with two loops of wave on each side. Then, since I'm trying to excavate Mt. NBUS, I had Hammy go through the embossing folder binders and let me know if the card needed a little embossing interest. 

And here is where the hamster shines. He hands me this NBUS embossing folder which is meant to be long grass. I cocked my eyebrow and he laid flat out on his tummy with his paws stretching out front and back. Ah ha. I turned the folder sideways and saw what he saw.

Ripples in the sand left by receding waves. 

Do you see it now? I have to say I thought it was pretty cleaver myself.

The deck chair is made by Technique Tuesday and the NBUS little wave is from a Paper Smooches set called "Surf and Turf." As it happens there is an "Anything Goes" challenge happening at Paper Smooches Sparks challenge blog. I admit it's stretching things a bit to enter with just this wee itty-bitty wave stamp, but hey, it's a stamp and I'm happy to let you know about this fun set which includes an ocean wave, just when you need one.
I'm also playing in the current ColourQ Challenge which is a photo inspiration challenge. We are to use black and white and one of the featured colors or all five of the featured colors. Check out this outstanding dress. My alter ego looks mighty fine in this dress. (Yes, there are more characters besides the hamster up there in the party in my head.)
And over at Simon Says Stamps Monday Challenge, the brief is "A Mid-Summer's Challenge."
Simon Monday Challenge Blog
And, finally, the current theme at Addicted to Stamps and More is CAS (clean and simple), which I love.
I hope you can join in some or all of these challenges! The links will take you to the challenge headquarters where you will find all the information regarding rules, sponsors, and prizes.

Edited to add: So a few of my eagle-eyed crafty friends told me that the "grass" e/f is really supposed to be horizontal and it is supposed to be "branches," not grass. Apparently we were vertically challenged while looking at the e/f and not even paying attention to the direction it was going when running it through the BS! Oh, well. We thought we were really cleaver there for a minute! But we still think the branches make great looking ocean ripples in the sand!

New Friends Corner

I am so happy to welcome five more new friends today! I'm especially delighted because three out of four of the blogs being introduced today are all brand new bloggers!! So I do hope you will take some time and pop in to leave some love for these newbies. We never forget how scary it is to start up a blog!

Laura Jane of After-Hours Ink and Flowers. What a fun name! LauraJane is from Missouri and she only started sharing her creations on her blog this past April, but she is already an award winner! She's an excellent card artist and challenge participant who has lots of inspiration to share with you. I would love to have you take a few minutes to visit LauraJane and make her feel welcome!

Colleen. Welcome, Colleen! There is no link from your name in my follower thumbnails to a blog and I don't see an email comment from you, and with only your first name, I can't find you on Google. If you have a blog that you would like me to share, please email me to let me know. If any of you recognize Colleen's smiling face and have any information, please let me know. My email address is on my profile page which you can access via a link following the text under the photo of the Playhouse.

Riette of Red's Card Corner. Riette has been blogging and amazing the stamping community since 2011! She is a designer and award winner and I love the designs she creates from the challenge briefs. She also has a thoughtful page regarding getting started with card making. I think you will enjoy your visit and return again and again!

Sandy Iverson of Sandra's Creations. Sandy gets the prize for newest of the newest bloggers today as she just started her blog in May ~ only eight posts ago! I may be closing in on my 700th post, but I still remember my first few posts like it was yesterday! Sandy is an Australian transplanted to Texas and the mother of two adult children. She and her husband are transitioning to empty-nesters and this is a great opportunity for Sandy to become immersed in this fulfilling hobby!

Janis Woolbright of Her Peaceful Garden. Janis is also a newcomer who has only been blogging since February of this year, so your encouragement would be terrific! Janis lives in Idaho and loves making cards and cats. I mean, she doesn't make cats, but you know what I mean! I think you will enjoy your visit to Janis and she will make you feel most welcome there!

Thank you for joining, ladies, and welcome to the Playhouse!


Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy.  LITS!* 

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to leave a comment and/or join as a follower! Please let me know you came by, so I can be sure and return the flavor!
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July 18, 2014

Angled Anniversary ~ NBUS #141

Hey there!

Here we are whooshed around to another Friday already! That makes 29 Fridays we've whooshed around to out of a measlesly 52! Gulp! Pass the drinks trolley.

I really intended to get back to making Christmas cards once a week what with that rapidly ticking clock, but instead I had to heed the current month, which is still July, and make a coupleteen birthday cards and an anniversary card. Today I want to share the anniversary card I made. Which I made without a sketch challenge, if you can believe it!

I was actually updating my dies and seeing if one of them would spark an idea. A piece of paper was half covering a die and it made me think about how angled cards are back in fashion and this evolved:

What's really fun about the card is that you might not notice that the angle in the front is the bottom of a heart until you open it up and find this on the inside:
At least I hope the recipients get that it's the top of a heart and not some crazy cutout of big bosooms! Well, regardless of their possible confusion, I got a kick out of making this one! The large heart die is from Spellbinders and the word die "together" is a NBUS die from Papertrey Ink, which has a matching NBUS stamp.

The colors were provided by the current challenge at The Card Concept:
I'm also playing in these challenges:
The links provided will take you to the challenges where you can find the details on the rules, sponsors, and prizes. Join in the fun why doncha!!


New Friends Corner

It is my pleasure to introduce you to five more new friends! I do hope you are managing to find a few extra minutes to read these introductions and click over to meet these talented card artists! 

Lynne J. of Ruby-Dooby-Doo Crafts. Lynne is from Northern Ireland. She has been making cards since 2006 and blogging since 2012. Lynne's cards are such happy things, more often than not there is some kind of critter showcased. And speaking of critters, wait until you see her adorable Westie named Ruby!

Ursula Uphof of My Crafting Corner. Ursula is from South Africa and she came to me via my friend, Petra. Ursula and her husband Robert have been in the business of making ceramics and candles for many years. They have four sons and nine grandchildren! In 2008 she started making cards and she started blogging in 2010. Ursula is a Queen of Challenges! She loves digital crafting and she is a designer and an award-winner!

Lynette of My Stamping Addiction. Lynette is from Minnesota. She and her husband Jim have a son and a daughter and five grandchildren. Lynette makes fantastic cards that are impeccably executed. She has been blogging since 2008!! That always gets two exclamation points because I'm thrilled to send you to a blog that has that many years' worth of inspiration waiting for you!!

Ingrid Blackburn of The Creative Grove. Ingrid is a lifetime crafter who started scrapping in 1994, joining the online scrapbooking community in 1999. She became a card artist in 2002 and began her blog in 2012. Ingrid produces a newsletter and holds online classes to inspire and educate you. Her cards are terrific and her passion is contagious!

Chris Dann of Chris's Cards and Bits. Chris is known to many of us as Mrs. D. She is from North Wales and she and her husband Adrian have two daughters and three grandsons. In addition to making cards, Mrs. D loves knitting, crocheting, and sewing. She started her blog in 2013 where she loves sharing her desk and her projects via the famous What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday!

Thank you for joining, ladies, and welcome to the Playhouse!


Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy.  LITS!* 

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to leave a comment and/or join as a follower! Please let me know you came by, so I can be sure and return the flavor! 
*Life Is Too Short!


Just for fun, appropoopoo of nothing:

Spiders in the Bathtub
by Darnell (Irma Iowa)

A couple of times a year, we see daddy long-leg spiders or other little harmless spiders show up in the bathtub. It's often very hot and dry. Mister says they are looking for water. I don't blame them.

I think they come up through the drain. Mister thinks I'm nuts because, of course, in order for that to happen, you'd have to have a hole in the pipe somewhere and that's not a good thing to have in a pipe. But it just makes more sense to me that they are coming in that way, through some imperceptible teeny pipeseam opening, than that they are climbing into the bathtub from all the way outside. Because, I mean, let's think about this for a second.

The bathtub is dozens of feets from the nearest window or door leading from the outside of the house to the inside. So there's that. According to Mister's thinking, that would be the point of entry.

So let's say there's a daddy long-leg spider named Gary who is really thirsty and his family is really thirsty and he needs to find some water.

So Gary climbs up the side of the house and squeezes in under the screen in the bedroom window. He slips in over the sill just before the window is closed for the night. 

Phew, he made it! He clipped the end off leg #5, but that's no biggie.

Now all he has to do is climb down the wall and make his way along the baseboard all the way around the bedroom to the door and down the hall to the nearest bathroom. But just as he is about to step into the hall, the light comes on.

Panicked, he pulls in his legs and shrinks back into the bedroom and under the dresser. Footsteps thunder down the hall and into the bathroom. "Well, dang," Gary mutters, "I wonder how long that will take. I'm really dying here." He passes the time by thinking about his family outside in the dark under the hydrangea, waiting patiently for him to appear with his Thor Axe full of refreshing water. He knows the missus will wring his scrawny neck if he comes back empty.

Finally, he hears the toilet flush. The door opens and the footsteps recede back down the hallway and the light goes off. "Hmpf," he thinks to himself, "someone doesn't wash their hands." But it's not his place to judge and even thinking about water gives him renewed energy to scoot down the hall and skitter over the threshold and into the bathroom.

"I made it!" he exclaims to himself, taking a moment to roll over onto his back and clap four sets of feet! There is nothing as fun as clapping four sets of feet! He doesn't revel long, however, as there is work to do. Righting himself, he realizes that he now has a decision to make.

"Oh, crap," he mutters, "why did I have to be selected for this mission? Everyone knows I am the most indecisive spider in the family! Just because I screwed up the design on that last web is no reason to send me on a water mission that requires a decision!"

Because there he was. At a vary-table smorgieboard of watery relief!

To his left a sink. Dry.
To his right a toilet. Wet.
And straight-ahead a tub. Dry.

Swinging his eight eyes from the sink around to the toilet, he thinks and thinks.

The sink is dry. It is the closest.
The bathtub is dry. It is the furthest away.
The toilet is full of water. It is closer than the tub.

Brilliantly, he chooses the bathtub!

That is dry.
And farthest away.

And that requires quite a lot of effort to get into because there is that sliding glass shower door blocking entry.

So like an idiot, Gary dances across the floor and behind the toilet which is full of water. Because he left his little suctioned socks at home under the hydrangea, he can't climb up the bathtub, up the glass and over the top. Already tired, he neverthemore scoots up the wall until he is higher than the shower glass, walks along the ceiling and and then down the other side.

"Hoo Ray!" Gary cries from the edge of the tub. "I've made it!" Tucking his stick legs in, he dives over the side and body surfs down the slick porcelain sides of the bathtub to the bottom. Slowly, he untucks his limbs and looks around him at a sea of boundless white.

dry sea of boundless white.

Where the only way to get water is to sit there like a flippin' sitting duck and wait until someone comes along and turns on the water.

Praying he is invisible. With his darkly colored body surrounded by white.

Praying that he won't get squished.

Praying that somehow when the water is turned on he can leisurely fill up his water tank and not be picked up by the rushing water and propelled rapidly down the drain and out to sea.

Yeah, okay, like that makes any sense.

I'm not a big fan of spiders, believe me, but I think they are smarter than to walk past a toilet full of water to get into a bathtub.

I think they come up through the drain.

The End.

July 15, 2014

WOYWW #267

Greetings! I'm back!!

I've had a lovely bloggie break, but I missed you all! I'm coming back today with a What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday (WOYWW) post because it's always fun to share the kind of covering that I have all over my desk today: beautiful birthday cards from so many of you!!
Thank you so much! More are still popping into my letter box every day which means I am continuing to celebrate! These four arrived after I had taken the above photo:
I want to again thank Ardyth for hosting a surprise linky birthday party for me and Bev for providing all the virtual refreshments and good food and decorations, and all of you that joined in! I have made a Pinterest board for all the gallery cards and the cards I have received in the mail. The cards that have been sent have also been added to my Happy Mail tab above. You have more than spoilted me this year! Mwah!!

While I'm never one to pick favorites and equally adore every card and gift I've received, I do want to share a close-up of the two magnificent ATC booklets made for me by the enormously talented Dianne of Magpiedi-Magpiedi:
Aren't they fantastic?! You can find a video on how to make them via the above link to Dianne's site. Thank you, again, Dianne!!


I'm very behind on introducing new friends to you, so I can't miss this opportunity to welcome five more! 

New Friends Corner

Marilyn S. of One Stamping Fool. Marilyn has been blogging since 2009 and I guarantee you will find her cards sparkly and full of life, just like she is! She is a designer and award-winner and brilliant colorist. You will stop in for a minute and just keep on reversing back through her posts for hours and hours!

Vickiebryn (hamptongal) of Vickie's Scrappings. Vickie is a mother of three and grandmother of six and she has been blogging since 2011. She doesn't post as often as we'd like, but you are bound to find something to inspire you from her wonderful cards, projects, and scrapbook layouts!

Glenda Marklew of My Paper Cat. Glenda lives in South Africa and she is a primary school teacher. She has only just started her blog last month, so I know you will all make a special effort to visit her, welcome her to Blogland, and leave her some encouragement! Glenda's card art is unique and amazing in that there is normally incredible stitching of some kind on her cards. They are breathtaking!

Lisa of Lisa's Creative Niche. Lisa has been blogging since 2010. She is a SAHM to two beautiful young children and fortunately for us, she shares her scrapbook layouts of them! She is a designer, award winner, and published card artist ... I think that says it all!

Margaret Rorie of Island Scraps. Like Glenda, Margaret is also a newcomer to Blogland, having started her blog in March in order to play in challenges. She is retired and she is a great challenge player. I'm sure her card art will be featured often in the future! Her CAS cards are impeccably made and beautifully designed!

Thank you for joining, ladies, and welcome to the Playhouse! Thank you, too, to my many newcomers who are subscribing! I know you are there, even if I can't see you to introduce you!


I also received several store-bought cards from non-stamping friends and family:

A few of them bear closer inspection to leave you with some chuggles and gickles!
Inside: "You're not old until having a happy birthday 
requires an underwear change."
Inside: "Getting older is fun if you do it with the right people."
Inside: "Going over the hill is more fun when you go with friends!"
Inside: "So get out there and show off your favorite package!"


I hope to see you on the WOYWW hop! If you want information regarding WOYWW, the above link will take you to the wonderful blog of Ms. Julia Dunnit, Headminister of Desk Affairs.


I'll be back soon with a handmade card of my own. I've missed making them and playing in the challenges!

Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy.  LITS!* 

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to leave a comment and/or join as a follower! Please let me know you came by, so I can be sure and return the flavor! 
*Life Is Too Short!

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July 7, 2014

A Baby? May Wee!

Happy Monday-It's-A-Brand-New-Week Hello!

Why am I still here? I meant to take a break and I AM going to take a break, I promise. In fact, this is my last post for at least a week, maybe two. I am taking a few days off to travel and have fun with a long-time girlfriend. If there is any down time, I'm hoping to catch up with some of your blogs which have been woefully neglected (honest, I'm woed about it), but there will be no new listings. A break for everyone! 

I actually hadn't planned this post except that I needed to make a new baby card for a young couple we know and since it fit into a couple of challenges, I thought I would go ahead and post it. 

The new mama and papa are French. We got to know them when the young man worked as a post-doc for the Mister until last year when he got a job and they moved back to France. (That's why I spoke some French in the title, in case you missed the Seq Way Significance.)

Now they have started their little family with sweet baby girl Alix and I made them a card.
This is my second time making a shaker card and I used the new SU shaker frame circles made of foam tape. They work great, but I wish they made bigger ones. My image, which (of course) I stamped and colored before fingering out how big the appleture needed to be, has only just made it through the port hole!

And I can see now that I was a bit stingy with the sequints. And that I forgot to chomp the corners which I meant to do so baby Alix doesn't poke herself in the face when rattling her little shaker card!

Crafting. It's a process.

Or at my age:

Thinking. It's a painful.


I'm squeezing into the current challenge at The Card Concept which is, "Oh, Baby!" My card for this challenge is Clean and Layered.
Over at the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge, the theme is "Shake It!"
Simon Wednesday Challenge Blog
At the awesome Virginia Lu's fifth Virginia's View Challenge, the theme is "Die Cuts." Virginia's is a popular and fun challenge with famous and talented guest designers who come to visit with incredible tutorials!
Welcome to Virginia's View
Lastly, I'm going to quickly dash over to the Playground full of snippets run by a Pixie named Di so I can see my pals there before I take off!
Pixies Crafty Workshop
Please join in the fun of these challenges! If nothing else, stop in to visit them and check out the sensational projects the design teams have for you! The links will also provide you with information regarding the rules, sponsors, and prizes.


New Friends Corner

I am pleased to also have another opportunity to introduce you to five more new friends who have joined our party!

AJ (Art Jypsy) of AJ's Creative Energy. AJ has been blogging since 2013. Her name suits her perfectly as she has loads of energy! She is a very productive and talented card artist so you'll get filled up to the brim with inspiration when you visit!

Connie of Grammy's Attic. Connie has been blogging since 2011. She is the proud Nana of six and Great-Nana to two! She is also a designer and a card artist who loves entering challenges and she is well-recognized for her happy, colorful, and often whimsical cards! Connie was also born with an extra aorta of energy because she blogs nearly every day, providing you with incredible inspiration!!

Bonnie of Stamping in the Light. Bonnie is the mother of two children and she's been blogging since 2009! The name of her blog comes from her love of lighthouses. Her love of cardmaking comes from her desire to bring joy to others, which I think we can all agree is our primary motivation. Lots of delight awaits you from this designer and award-winner!

Vickie Doswell of Okienurse's Paper and Ink Therapy. Did you guess that Vickie is a retired nurse from Oklahoma?! She has been blogging since 2008! Like many of us, Vickie has medical issues which are relieved somewhat when she gets into her happy crafting place. Vickie's talents are far and wide when it comes to creativity, so you will find an enormous range of fascinating and fabulous works of art when you visit!

Rahmat Gouse of Cards and Cooking Corner. As the name suggests, Rahmat will bring you wonderful inspirations of both card art and recipes! She's only been blogging since February, but she has already received lots of recognition for her fantastic cards! When you visit, please leave her an extra-special welcome to our blogging cardmaking community!

Thank you for joining, ladies, and welcome to the Playhouse!!

Thank you again for all your heartfelt birthday wishes and/or cards!!

Enjoy your week! No, seriously, enjoy.  LITS!* 

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to leave a comment and/or join as a follower! Please let me know you came by, so I can be sure and return the flavor! 
*Life Is Too Short!

Project Details
PaperPTI white; SU pink pirouette
Stamps    Booties-All Night Media (995G07); sediment-SU
 InkArchival jet black; SU pretty in pink
AccessoriesDies: Spellbinders circles and scallop;
Darice sequins

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