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January 17, 2013

LIM OLC 102 ~ Squats and Jacks and Balls

Hi Gang!  In all the excitement, I almost forgot to post this!!

I was in a Quandry all this week and then the dealership called and said they needed it back. 

It had to do with those fun girls, Chrissie and Jen, and their latest challenge over at Less Is More ~ Challenge #102.
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They want a one-layer card (OLC) having to do with "Sports or Exercise."  First I had to look up the definition of both of those words.  Then I had a bit of a lie down. 

Turns out because of the twins I have a few stamps of balls: footballs and soccer balls and baseballs, but they are all different sizes, and even though I stared at them a long time, absolutely no card ideas popped into the Cranial Design Room.  Oh, I also have a couple of fishing images and a couple of golfing images, but those were done.  I decided to sit this one out.  Hahahahaha - get it?!

Then I remembered I had a stamp with an image of "jacks."  Anyone remember playing jacks?  Basically, you gather in a circle and the person whose turn it is, throws the jacks onto the sidewalk.  The she bounces the ball and while the ball is in the air, she picks up the jacks, one at a time, then two at a time, etc., bouncing the ball each time until she is able to snatch up all the jacks in one hand and catch the ball before it bounces!

That's the best I can do to explain it to you.  Maybe there is a video on UTube or Me2Tube or one of those Tubes.

Is jacks a sport or exercise?  Let's go over it.  Well, you squat.  That's really good for the umguats or watermelons or whatever you callem, thigh muscles.  Bouncing the ball is great for the bounce muscles located in your hands and wrists.  It developes your eye-hand cord nation; very few people even know we all have eye-hand cords that need developing.

Jacks also exercises your brain because you have to know how to count in order to play and you have to know how to Keep Track.  It really exercises your espionage and squinty-eye muscles as you watch, eagle-eyed, for your opponent to miscount or try to cheat as jacks were grabbed off the sidewalk while the ball was in the air.

Oh, and it developes your precision muscles because you could only touch the jacks you were picking up.

And, finally, the game usually ends up with someone pushing someone else, which developes your upper hydrant.  Inevitably for the more sensitive kids, pushing turns to shoving, which turns to wrestling, and everybody knows wrestling is a sport!

So there you go.

Does my card ring some bells?  (Ringing bells is a whole nother sport.)

I used some Smooch for the first time to color my jacks silver and I like it.  I used JudiKins Diamond Glaze on the red ball.

And that's it.  The challenge doors are closing soon at LIM, so off I go. 


Enjoy your day!  No, seriously, enjoy your day.  Lits*!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by to visit the Playhouse.  Special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower or leave a comment!

Paper:  PTI white
Stamp:  River City Rubber Works
  "Jacks & Ball!" 1679-L
Ink:  Memento black
Other:  Smooch 10161 silver;
  JudiKins Diamond Glaze
Corner Chomper

*Life Is Too Short!


Ardyth said...

Great images and good random placement on the card - love the silver and that ball almost glows with that glaze! Well done. I gave up on the exercise challenge (at least the cardmaking one, I've walked over 30k in the last week! Woohoo!)

Redanne said...

Gosh Darnell, I do remember playing Jacks with my big Brother and he always won...nice memories though. Loving your card, that is some shine on the ball! Brilliant card and thanks for the giggle, as usual. Huggles, Annie xx

Unknown said...

Campanology definitely rings my bell Dippy!!! lol You brought some great memories with the jacks - I used to love playing and was quite good (as I remember......so long ago, you understand!). This fits the LIM bill perfectly. Must admit I've been pondering this challenge and think I've nearly finished my first card in my brand new craft room......whoop, whoop! Will try and post it tomorrow. So glad you enjoyed the outcome of Ardyth's underhandness.........brilliant eh? Just shows how much you are loved.


Karendipity xxx

Sue said...

Oh yes, I remember playing Jacks too but the worst thing for me was getting scratched knuckles. I hadn't realised what a skilled sport it is until now!
Your card is fabulous. I love the silver Smooch used for the jacks and the glaze looks wonderful

Kathyk said...

YAY Darnell and a fab take on the theme too.


Happy Dance said...

Love the card and the segue (I asked my DH the college professor how to spell that, looks wrong to me too...)into jacks as a sport. One more thought. Some consider jacks a game, though I am not one of them, but what does one consider baseball, or football or basketball, I ask you? GAMES! Jacks is a sport then!!! Bev

Tracey McNeely said...

Oh Darnell I remember playing jacks as a child, Ii don't think I every played properly, self taught, like so many things in my life. I do adore your card with the shiny red ball!

Unknown said...

I remember my mom trying to teach my daughter how to play jacks...so funny. Super cute card.

Bonnie said...

Oh yeah! I remember Jacks. How I practiced! And your Jacks are perfect, Darnell! They look 3D, but I know they aren't cause it's a one layer card. A perfect LIM card!

Carol L said...

OH yeah, onesies, twosies, threesies, etc etc! I played jacks endlessly as a child, so thanks for the memories ;) Great card too!

MaryH said...

Ho, ho, ho.(That's a laugh, not Santa coming back). I DO indeed remember playing jacks. (Do they still make this toy?) Loved your recitation & definition of the muscles involved, as I never thought about it like that. (It was also a good solitary sport too!).You did a fantastic color on those jacks & especially on the ball. Very realistic with the shading & Judikins really made it sparkle. The jacks are ready for pickup too...smooch made them pop off the card. Great job, super story, lovely post. Thanks for the chuckles. Hugs

Deborah Frings said...

LOL!!!! I so remember playing Jacks at school - your post really brought back the memories.

Love your card - you really have got a super shine on the jacks and the little red ball is fab! Love it!

Hazel said...

Found your blog through going on a little trip round other blogs ( just love doing that ) but then one forgets where one started never mind I just love your card and oh boy it brought back memoies. Your take on the fitness theme is great. Hazel.

Chrissie said...

Always a delight to visit you Darnell!
What a fun post yet again, it exercised my chuckle muscles and no mistake!
I remember playing jacks at grammar school, I'm incredibly impressed that you have some to include in the pic of your terrific card...what great effects you have achieved.
'Til next week...thanks so much
Less is More

Sue - said...

Love the card and yes I remember jacks too!

lostinpaper said...

What a fabulous idea and super FUN card! LoVe it!

lostinpaper said...

What a fabulous idea and super FUN card! LoVe it!

Di said...

Great card Darnell - and I remember playing jacks only too well :) Hugs, Di xx

Anonymous said...

Brilliant bouncy ball and shiny jacks ... and after that lol (with tears!) explanation, how could anyone dispute that jacks is indeed a sport! Anita :)

Emily Keaton said...

Such a delightful and fun card, Darnell, just like you! All the smooch and diamonds glaze make this sparkle! Great card, really fun :-)

Jen Nelson said...

just fab darnell... funny thing is my MIL bought me some jacks for christmas

Thanks for joining us
Jen xx
"Less Is More"

Suze Bain said...

Fabbie card Darnell. I used to love playing Jacks and I was pretty good at it - even if I say so myself! Lol. Xx

GeeCee said...

luv today's post darnell! yup, i remember playing jacks as a little girl. simple but fun. luv the card...brings back good memories...exercise for the brain? that counts right? :)

Judy Inukai said...

LOVE how you did the jacks. They look so real. I learned the finer points of playing jacks in gym class my freshman year in high school, so yeah, jacks qualifies as a sport!

Carole said...

Super sharp looking jacks...and the ball is marvelous. Yes they do still sell them yet I believe they're plastic neon colors now.

Anonymous said...

Heh heh, if a mouse swinging off bells (my LIM card) can be considered exercise then jacks must be an Olympic sport!

20th May is the date you wanted. The church has gas lamps, no electricity and no organ. The organist brought a portable keyboard and a couple of car batteries that were under the white cloth he put over the little folding table he also had to bring!! After 3 days of torrential rain, we woke up to sunshine, blue skies and beautiful temperatures for the big day. We were truly blessed.

As to Deb - we always commented on each others blogs for LIM, then I got so busy and had to drop a few challenges and unfortunately LIM was one of those, so although I've seen her around I haven't been on her blog in a year. In that time, she's moved from Wales in the UK to maybe, 5 miles from me. And reading back on her blog when they were visiting the area, she was in a hotel for a couple of weeks just one mile from my house! How amazing is that! I've emailed her my phone number so I hope we can meet up.


Geri said...

Okay, the way I figure this is: if Bingo is a sport (and it is cuz you have to raise your hand quickly and forcefully yell Bingo to alert the referree...I mean Bingo Caller; card making is also a sport because I'm sure that we have all sweated over a looming deadline, so yep, Jacks is almost an elete athlete type sport because it requires multiple tasks in one swoosh!

Love the card. Winner, winner in my books!

Kim Heggins said...

Darnell, this was such a fun post...I laughed so hard reading it. I have to say that playing jacks (a fabulous game by the way) is exercise, in fact in my family if you have to bend over to pick something off the ground that counts as a work out, so why not jacks, there is much more involved in playing jacks. Fabulous card by the way, you are just an amazing card maker...so much fun.

JoZart Designs said...

I too played Jacks but with a marble which we through up in the air and we had to grasp the jacks before catching the marble too. Here in Liverpool we called the marble an olly so it was called Jacks & Ollies. In other areas marbles are known by other names... murps, steelies, etc., what do you call them?
Thanks for your lovely response to my LillyBo Quilts. Hope you do end up making one, however small and simple.
Love from snowy cold England
Jo x

Annie said...

How funny. Hubby and I were only talking about playing jacks a couple of days ago....not seen any for years :-)
Would you like to snap a pic of something that has made you smile and join in the fun over on my blog?...after all we can never have too many smiles can we?
A x

Karen B. said...

What a fun post to read! I adore your silver jacks, what a cool card.

Craftychris said...

I love your card and it certainly brought back memories for me. I was completely useless at most sports but I could play jacks - I have the urge to try and find some now and have another go! Have a good weekend xx

Jean said...

Love this fun one ~ the red ball is fantastic with the glaze ~ great placement of the jacks!

Jules said...

Hi Darnell

Love your card .. .. and the trip down memory lane.

Dread to think how many hours I spend as a kid playing jacks .. .. but we never used a ball just threw a jack in the air whilst you collected the jacks!

Hope you are having a good weekend.

Love Jules xx

Loly Borda said...

Your post is very informative and fun, I smiled all the time reading it, after 8 long hours at work today (Public Library) I'm very thankful for that. More smiles :)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Please will you consider releasing an exercise video...it would be so much better than Jane Fonda. Good old fashioned belly laughs MUST be good fir the abs....non??
LLJ xxxx

MagsB said...

Fabulous! I remember jacks - and all the pushing and shoving and yells of 'cheat!' Ah, the happy days of childhood innocence!

I love your posts, they make me giggle! And it's true, LITS!! Have a great week!

love Mags B x

Jen W. said...

Poor Luis is desperate to know what the heck I'm laughing about but it's too far out of the realm of my Portuguese speaking abilities to explain to him. He had to settle for, "Essa senhora esta muitos engracada." (This is probably all spelled completely wrong but whatever...)
Your card rocks! Love the smooch and shine and I'm thinking that jacks might be the sport for me!

Kelly Griglione said...

oooooh ... love the smootch on this one!!! Such a great effect!!! Clean, cool, and classy.