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January 17, 2013

Udderly Astounded And So Thankful For You!

You Guys!
Here I was, thinking I was going to surprise YOU, working in cahootie pants with my friend, Ardyth, to set up a fun "Anniversary Photo Linky," which idea floated between the two of us in a non chalet manner, as ideas sometimes do.  Tuesday night, I checked in with her, "Are you putting the linkie on tomorrow?" 
"Yes," says she, Ms. Ino Cent.
"How fun," say I, "no one will expect it."
There Ardyth was, ROTFL!  Turns out she was a busy, busy girl over the weekend, spreading the news to a lot of you about the upcoming anniversary of me and my Mister!  I understand that a lot of you then got yourselves busy, too, and spread the word!  You guys!  If you didn't get contacted, it's only because they ran out of time or couldn't find an email for you. 

So Ardyth did, in fact, set up an "Anniversay Photo Linky," on her blog, MASKerade, which I expected.  What I did NOT expect was the avalanche of anniversary cards and emails and and dedicated posts on your blogs and best wishes that poured in from all over the world!
You guys are lucky my defibrillator didn't go off!! 

You guys stunned, surprised, gob-smacked, and udderly astounded me and Mister!

You guys choked me up with tears and with laughter!

You guys filled me up with an abundance of love!


If you haven't received a personal email or comment from me, it's only because I'm still responding and I'll get to you soon.  (I've had to put in an emergency request to Blogger for extra exclamation points!)
Thank you seems so inadequate for how deeply appreciative I am of the outpouring of love I have received. But unless you need one of my organs (and I wouldn't if I were you), then that's the best I can say from the bottoms of my feet.
Except, mwah! 


New Friends

You've been so kind, I hope you will extend that kindness to the following new friends we are so fortunate to meet and have join us!  I'd like to introduce:

Jo, from The Girl Bags.  (Jo is sister of the talented Jules.)
Sue, from Creations by Bearhouse
Sue, from Susie's Stamping Story
Carole from 8th Wonder Art
Natasha from Natasha Marr
Gita from Gita's Creations
Andrea of EnchantINK
Donna of Designing Keepsakes
Susan from Expression Avenue
Lyndal from Dreams & Other Realities
Debbie from Tatter Rocks
Aileen from Stamp Up Your Craft
Lynn from Creative Crafts by Lynn

Welcome, ladies!!  Mister is busy this morning, starting an addition on the Playhouse so everyone will be comfortable and the party can keep on keepin' on!!  Thank you so much for joining us!!

And Trina, too, welcome, my new friend!  I can't find a blog for you, so please let me know if you have one that you'd like me to introduce to everyone!


Reminder:  Link Up at Ardyth's If You Haven't Done it Yet!
If you haven't checked out the love link over at Ardyth's MASKerade, please do yourself a flavor and check it out and join in! It is going to be open for two weeks, so there is plenty of time. If you have posted a card, please post again with a wedding photo.  If you have trouble, just let Ardyth know and she'll fix it for you.

As Ardyth says, it's a wonderful way for us all to get to know each other a little better!

And besides, I'm thinking the timing turns out to be perfect because, as card-makers, we are all thinking about love and hearts and VD.

You can't help but smile as you thumb through the nails of the wonderful photographs of people in love! And just to be clear, we want to see your pictures from when you first fell in love, even if you aren't married, and no matter who your partner is.  We don't judge.  We LOVE LOVE!  And everyone would love to see yours if you haven't linked one yet!

Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy your day.   LITS*!
As always, thank you very much for stopping by to visit the Playhouse. Special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower or leave a comment.

You guys are the best!!



Harriet Skelly said...

I am so glad you got filled with love from all the posts - that was the point! Hugs, Harriet

Carole said...

It certainly sounds like you were a bit overwhelmed. A well deserved acknowledgement of who you are in the blog-asphere. Your following is growing by leaps and bounds as proof. Blog on my friend...blog on!

Geri said...

Great party! A lovely lunch was served and a great time was had by all!

mwah back at you dear friend :)

Susan said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary...hope you two have a wonderful day and night!

Redanne said...

Hi Darnell, you so deserved all the love you got and I am glad to see a couple of my other blog friends on your list of new friends too! Blog land is such a wonderful place.

Big mwah from me too, Hugs, Annie xx

Anonymous said...

Such a boat load of fun, haha, we really got you didn't we??!! VD card!! What!???!!! I'm not making a card about Venereal Disease no matter how much I like you!!!!


Suze Bain said...

Oh happy days! I can feel the lurve circumnavigating the world! Xx

Anonymous said...

I missed it, what rubbish new blog friend I am!! Happy Anniversary to you both!

Craftychris said...

You deserve all the love you have received! Your blog is fab and you keep us entertained and laughing lots with your posts and you inspire us with your crafting! Take care xx

Hazel said...

I was glad to be part of the fun xx

Carol L said...

We're all thinking love, hearts and VD?!?! wha???! Oh snap, there went my mind into the gutter again! Woot!
I'm glad we surprised you - it was fun and I was happy to be a part of the celebration! Just look at all those new followers too! WTG!!
BTW, you asked me when my anniversary is - it's December 28th and we were married in '68, so I've gotcha beat by a couple years of bliss! *snort*

Deborah Frings said...

So glad you were surprised!!! It's been such fun! And I found that Brenda (Butlersabroad) lives just up the road from me!!

wienerhoneymooners said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! (and signing up too!) This means alot. PS I LOVE what you did with the Jacks... Silver Smooch, I love silver...have to try it! Just keep getting better and better with all of the ideas and inspiration I am getting. Thanks again!

NO, seriously, thank YOU!

Shoshi said...

Mwah back atcha, Darnell! So glad you've had such a nice celebration with Mister. This whole swap has been amazing, and it doesn't take much to get everybody going on a subject so close to all our hearts! There's certainly a huge outpouring of love, and it's so lovely to share.

Thank you for such an awesome comment on my blog, and for all the lovely things you said about my dresses.

Have a great weekend with Mister, and long may the celebrations continue!


Jean said...

No one deserves this more than you! You bring a smile to so many with your fantastic, funny posts and comments!