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September 28, 2023

Reinker Watercoloring

Hello Stamplings!

And squeeeeeee, the roller coaster called September is braking to a finish! Grab your knickers and prepare to disbark! As you get a hold of yourself, I'll show you the cards I made for the September Group of Seven Cardmakers.

This month we used reinkers to paint random colors onto watercolor paper. Once dry, the panel is embossed with either a regular or 3D embossing folder. That's cool enough at that point, but to make the embossed image really pop, black ink is swiped liberally over the debossed side of the e/f and the panel is re-inserted into the folder and run through. When you open the folder, the black ink is transferred to the panel. 

The 3D folder I used is from SSS called, "Floral Harmony." I thought a border was needed so Hammy smooshed a die-cut frame into the same reinker colors. I didn't apply a die-cut sediment because, ahem, I just plumb forgot! 


I used a Park Lane (Joanne's) regular embossing folder for this card and the finished panel is adhered to a red card base. The sediment is from a poppystamps die called, "Festive Noel."


You can find more details on this technique with video information and wonderful examples from the entire Group of Seven Cardmakers by clicking on the link. You will also find a linky tool so you can share the cards you make following this month's technique. We love seeing what you make!

And now we will have our "Submit Your Caption" contest! (This photo is from my sister Diana who attributes it to someone name Lisa.)
My submission: "Ew! A rotten one!"


Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy! LITS!*

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower! 

*Life is too short!

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Loll said...

Gorgeous cards Dolly. I LOVE the colours of your flowers ... so pretty and the contrast with the black background is fabulous. Your Christmas card is awesome. LOVE the traditional colours paired with black. Great work, my sweet friend.

"Here's to you sweetheart. (Wink)"
Love, Lolly

Julia Aston said...

My submission: yeow - who sprayed lemon juice on these seeds!

Two beautiful samples using this technique sis, The floral one is so pretty in the lighter colors against the black and I love the Noel die cut in the white and red - the green and red background on that one is so fun with the red showing up randomly on berries or leaves - and it works! Julia xx

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Such stunning technique, both your cards look so dramatics! A true explosion of colours against the black!
The squirrel photo is hilarious!! :D

Christine Alexander said...

Two great cards Darnell, love the soft pastel colours on your flower and your Christmas card really pops. I hope you managed to clean off your EF's :)

jimlynn said...

Beautiful cards and a great technique too!

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Oooo - love your colorful flowers on card one, Darnell, and the holly looks amazing too! Thanks for the inspiration with that technique - I must try it!

Vicki Dutcher said...

The end results of this technique is very cool!

Ps. “Darn dentist” 😉

TK said...

Wonderful cards -- both! I think the technique is awesome but I fear the mess -- I always fear the mess I would make!

Caption: "Hold onto your knickers, I feel a blast coming!"

kiwimeskreations said...

My submission - "You tell your friends that the nuts are over there, wink wink... the reality is that I got them all...."
Loving your cards Darnell, with or without a sediment - I love the border that Hammy created, that is perfect.

Sandra H said...

Stunning are both cards Darnell the floral flower heads and colours are amazing so soft colours too and your Christmas card just spells Christmas absolutely beautiful as alway ......colder and windy weather here so big knickers on and that squirrel 🐿 says it all from the expression lol xx

Julie B said...

Now this is a technique I've not come across before but must as it certainly packs a punch!
The squirrels around here are getting the OH agitated so I best not show him. The pesky blighters are stripping the bark off his trees!!

'Here's looking at you blue eyes!' ;)

Kate said...

Stunning cards Darnell - you get up to some stuff in this group!!!
Caption A - "Here's looking at you kid (wink)!"
Caption B - "What they weren't for me!!"

Hugs, Kate!

Jeanne said...

What an eye catching technique there using the black ink on the embossing folder. I'd sure make a huge mess of it, but man, it looks amazing! Thanks for sharing. Caption: What's a cute squirrel like you doing in a place like this? eh, eh, eh.

Gerrina said...

A great technique and such a great effect! They noth are stunning! Hugs, Gerrina

Stamps and Paper said...

Two stunning cards Darnell....my caption..."they are all mine!"...


I Card Everyone said...

You seven have enough fun for a dozen! I will be trying this one, D!

For your squirrel: "That's gonna need a crown." [ask me how I know]

Marcia Hill said...

Two great cards Darnell, but I especially LOVE the 1st one! So dramatic with all those bright colors surrounded by the black...BEAUTIFUL!! Your Christmas card is very pretty too...I love traditional colors!! LOVE your squirrel photo too...my caption would be - "What the .... Who's been messin' with my feast??!!" Hugs. :0)

Liz said...

Super cards using the technique, Darnell. xx

“Ouch! I’ve cracked a tooth!”

cuilliesocks said...

Two stunning cards Darnell, I love the designs and the wonderful colours, Kate x

Pat said...

Two very different looks Darnell, and I love the bright and beautiful flowers which really pop and what a great idea to add a smooshed frame made using the same colours. I love the holly leaves and berries on the second which I see is a normal EF and it has work brilliantly..love the added Noel and more holly and berries and backed by the bright red card to match. That's a fun photo your sister sent, and I think that squirrel is saying 'Ouch, I think I've broken a tooth!' x

Sue said...

Two gorgeous cards Darnell really love them both! and that photo is hilarious hahahaha hugs Sue x

nancy littrell said...

Such a pretty colorful stenciled bouquet using the Group of Seven Cardmaker's Sept. Technique, Dolly:-) Your 2nd card is Gorgeous and very creative as a Christmas Card using your Christmas colors and Holly stencil design. TFS both your beauties, my friend:-) Love and Hugs...Nancy

I think the cute squirrel made a face because it just broke a tooth when biting into all the nuts...Oh dear!!!!

Cat Craig said...

That squirrel is clearly flirtin and smirkin...silently.

Love the cards, and what a great show of the technique.

Bonnie said...

You got great results, my friend! I am especially amazed at the results using a regular embossing folder. You must have a very steady hand! Brilliant colors and cards!

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! Amazing cards Darnell, gorgeous colours that really pop. Love them.

My submission? - I told 'em not to add cashews, they're fattening.

HilaryJane said...

I love this technique and your cards are such fine examples. Sorry no submission from me for the caption - I am hopeless at such things. I am enjoying everyone else's suggestions though xx

Donna said...

Amazing card and technique!

Brenda in IN said...

Both of your cards are so colorful and happy. The bouquet is lovely and that Christmas card just vibrates with color. I love them both.

Papercraft Boutique said...

Both cards are absolutely stunning and so different, Darnell! Love the beautiful blend of ink colors you've used for the flowers on the first card. A great job of Hammy smooshing a die-cut frame into the same reinker colors!
The second card is gorgeous with its dramatic color contrast.
The squirrel is so cute! "Just trying to win-k over your heart!" ;-)
Hideko xx

Lisa Elton said...

Great job with this technique, Darnell! Caption: What? I'm just organizing the seeds for the birds ;)

Cheryl W. said...

Your technique reminds me of reverse stenciling where you ink up a panel in your favorite colors and then use a stencil to apply black ink. The colors show through in the design of the stencil. It's so pretty!

I think the squirrel in your photo might be saying, "Awww, nuts! Broke a tooth on that one."

Lynette said...

What a cool technique, and great cards! I love your caption, too. :-)

Em Louise Fairley said...

Both cards are stunning, Darnell xoxo

Susan said...

Lovely results from our technique at Group of Seven! Gorgeous colours on both cards!

Neet said...

Hi Darnell, I love your cards. The first one really stands out with those gorgeous colours against that black background and the second one puts me to shame as I am so behind with my "C" cards. Again the black background makes the holly leaves and berries pop. Love the lighter green that you have used on your leaves, looks fantastic on here.
Not good at captions but here goes : - Darn it! That's another filling gone, what a nut!
Hugs, Neet xx

frommycraftroom said...

What an awesome technique!

Great pic - Absolutely a rotten one I'd say! :)