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July 16, 2022

Summer Greens, Pretty Flowers, and Winter Dudes

Hello Stamplings!

How are you? I hope you are safe, especially if you are living in areas of the world that are experiencing extreme heat and breakout Covid. The world can't seem to catch a break.

Never mind. I'm here to help you sneak off for a few minutes to a little place we call Cardville in a small corner of Blogland ... 

I have accumulated several sheets of acetate and other than making shaker cards, I am clueless about what to do with the schtuff. So I brought some to my recent retreat and we all had a play by first embossing the sheets and then coloring them with alcoholic inks. It was very fun and the results were amazing.

It is hard to photograph acetate, so I leaned the card at a rakish angle. Rakish is one of those words you only see in trashy novels, so for today I'm elevating it to an old-lady blog.πŸ˜†Brilliant and underpaid Hammy suggested I use a simple sediment to let most of the vivid colors show, so that's what I did. I will link this to the gallery at Addicted to Stamps and More where the brief is Birthdays.

This panel was also made at the retreat, this time using colored pencils and Gamsol. It is made from one-half of a full-size image stamped by Linda for us to color. (The other half is similar, but with a "thinking of you" sediment.) This was the most successful coloring I've done using pencils and stumps and Gamsol. The stamp is from Altenew, called "Fragrant Florals," and it was nice to get two clean and simple cards made from one image. After I got home, I added the sediments and Hammy winked them both. 

I will link this to the gallery at The Flower Challenge where the brief for July is CAS.

And, of course, I want to play in some Christmas (in July) challenges to keep my stash growing. This chubby happy fella and his trusty Rudolph are pretty self-exploratory. I stamped them in black and then clear heat-embossed them. Then I colored them with my watercolor brushes and Hammy lit everything up with his Winker.

Santa is actually a gnome from Paper Smooches, but I thought if I added a cotton ball to his cap and colored him in red, I could turn him into a Santa! The reindeer is from Your Next Stamp and the OH OH OH, I mean HO HO HO, is from Uniko. Ask me how I know that the stamp says OH OH OH if you accidentally stamp it upside down.😩




That's it for cards if you want to sign off, but if you want to hear me vent, you can continue. This might be the first in a new series called, What in the World? 

I'm fortunate enough to have good medical and drug insurance and when it is time to renew my meds, the pharmacy is on top of it. This week the prescription had expired for one of the meds. When that happens, the doctor has to write a new one, so the pharmacy conveniently contacts the doctor for me. That's all fine until it snot:

Pharmacy, via email: We have been unable to connect with your doctor. Please reach out to your doctor and ask them to contact us.

☎ I telephoned my doctor's office. They don't have email and they don't answer the phone. You have to leave a message. But first you have to listen to prompts for ten minutes because "the options have changed." I left a message that the pharmacy had been trying to reach them and I left the pertinent info and numbers.

The doctor's staff called me back and said the pharmacy had not contacted them nor faxed them. I was to call the pharmacy back and have them fax the request to #____.

☎ I telephoned the pharmacy to speak to someone there. But first I had to listen to eleventeen-hundred prompts because "the options have changed." I told the pharmacy person, "The doctor's office says they have not heard from you and you are to fax the request to fax #____."

Pharmacy person to me: "We have tried to reach them. We faxed the request to them on 7/12 and earlier today (7/15) to that same fax #. Please call your doctor's office back and let them know that and we will fax them again right now."

☎ I telephoned the doctor's office again, listened to all the changed options again and left a message again, to wit: "The pharmacy told me they have faxed the request and they have the correct fax#. They faxed it on 7/12, earlier today, and they are faxing it again right now. Perhaps it was filed under someone else's name?"

The doctor's staff calls me back: "No, they haven't faxed it. We only have one fax machine and I am the only one who sees the faxes when they come in."

Me: "It is utterly ridiculous that I am now in the middle of this. Can't YOU call the pharmacy directly and work this out between the two of you?!"

Doctor's staff: "No, I cannot talk to the pharmacy. You have to call them and tell them."

By now 45 minutes have gone by and nothing has been resolved. I am in the middle of a she-said/she-said. And I'm exaspergasted. I don't do stupid. And it's not like doctors are a dime a dozen so I can just fire this one and go somewhere else. Besides, I like the doctor. But what a stupid system.

I couldn't face another phone call to the pharmacy, so I blasted off an email to them asking if someone there could please call my doctor's office directly and speak with the staff person in order to get me out of the middle between the two of them!!

The pharmacy emailed me back almost immediately. They told me they called the doctor as soon as they received my email, but ... ta da! All they got was a message machine! 

Aaacckkk! Things don't have to be this hard, people! 

By now it was closing time on Friday, so I had a cocktail with The Mister. I'm sure I'll be playing whack-a-mole with them again Monday morning. 

And I'm sure you have your own "What in the World?" stories to tell! Do you think anyone is studying the disappearance of common sense from modern society? 


Thank you for letting me vent! Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy! LITS!*

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse, being a follower, and leaving me some love!

*Life is too short!

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LesleyG said...

I have tears running down my face! Tears of laughter at your description, but tears of empathy of the frustration of our world today!
I do hope you get it sorted. If not, give us their emails and we’ll all get on their case!!!
As for the cards….(love Cardville, what would we do without it)…the acrylic is AMAZING!, the pencilled flower, so pretty, and the Santa gnome so funny and clever.
I now have to get onto Mr Google to find out what rakish and gamsol are πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Enjoy YOUR day xxx

baileyrosy.com said...

Oh dear Darnell what a to do!!!!! How awful. I do hope by Monday the doctor a d pharmacy are able to communicate. My sister in the UK has similar issues if you are I'll you ha e to talk to the machine thingy and tell it your symptoms and if you are lucky someone mY call you with a diagnosis.!!!! Your cards are a. Amazing especially the beautuful green on acetate. The colouring on the others is sublime

Aquarius said...

Three brilliant cards as always. I hope your 'what in the world' problem is resolved eventually. There must be so many of us who can identify with this sort of thing which seems to happen increasingly - as you say common sense seems to have disappeared. Despite all the technology in place it does seem to be so very difficult to get anything resolved without a lot of hassle. Take care

kiwimeskreations said...

Oh Darnell - I HATE it when that too-ing and fro-ing happens - thankfully we can still get to a person at the GP's, when needed, and they send the prescriptions to the chemist. I can also order ongoing prescriptions online, which helps too.
Loving your rakish alcoholic card I must try that technique.
The pencil colouring is exquisite, and your Christmas card is fabulous.
So glad to hear that you acknowledge Hammy is underpaid - sounds as though some back pay may be needed ;) - he really is a brilliant, hard working little fellow!!

Julie B said...

I can quite see your problem Darnell, it happened to me! Last time I collected my monthly prescription from the chemist, it was the final one before review by the doc, so would I kindly call my GP she asked, of course said I! How difficult could it be, well as you know ...! I rang on my mobile as the OH has changed landline contracts and the cost of a phone call is astronomic, waiting whilst musak played and the tinny voice repeated that they were sorry but staff were dealing with other patients.
After 20 mins I finally got through but after explaining what I wanted the receptionist asked me to hold then the line went dead!!!! Not wanting to spend my life on the phone at the bottom of the stars where I can get a signal, I resorted to email, no response for a few days then an email appeared saying they would send me a blood test form. Great, you guessed it, no form and blow me the email disappeared too!!! WTF!!!! Not in trash or anywhere else. In the meantime the chemist texted me to say that my prescription was ready for collection, 7 days after I picked one up. I duly arrived at the chemist and picked up another 28 days supply. A few days later a form did arrive in the mail and I managed to book a test 3 weeks after the initial request! What will happen when I ring for the results is anyone's guess.
Sorry venting over, 3 fab cards Darnell BTW. :) x

Liz said...

Three beautiful cards, Darnell. I especially love the first one with the acrylic, alcohol inked, embossed panel….. very effective. I have a pile of unused acrylic, so thanks for the inspiration to use it.
Sounds like a nightmare trying to sort out your meds, hope you get it sorted soon. xx

Sue - said...

OMG I’m the first to comment! Great set of cards Darnell. Love the green acrylic one - it made me feel cool in this unusual heat! I certainly understand your frustration with your phone calls. All these options are a real pain in the a…. Our doctor goes through a whole list then says if it’s an emergency phone 999. You could be dead by then! Hope you get it all sorted tomorrow! Hugs xx

Glennis F said...

It is incredible that there is so much difficulty to speak with someone! The new technology is supposed to be an improvement for customers, but I would much rather go back to speaking directly!!
Good luck for Monday

Jeanne said...

I sure enjoyed your trio of terrific cards, Darnell! Love what you have done with the acetate, embossing and alcohol inks. Does it take a long time to dry? The result sure is pretty. Your coloring on the 2nd card is beautiful! I haven't done that technique in quite awhile. Mayhaps I need to see if I still have some gamsol that hasn't evaporated! And your dressed up gnome looks fantastic! Regarding your merry-go-round with the doctor/pharmacy, that is simply ridiculous! I have a similar set up between my doctor's office and pharmacy and never have I ever had to play hot potato like you have. I think common sense is disappearing at an alarming rate. I truly hope it gets resolved next week and without your intervention! Hugs!

Bonnie said...

I LOVE the first card, Dolly! Is that what you sent in your birthday card? If it is, the alcohol is going to be busted out soon! Your flowers are gorgeous and so well blended! I've not had good results with that technique. Maybe I need to try it again. Great job on changing that gnome to a perfect Santa! Love his smug looking Rudolph! I'm having similar problems at my pharmacy. For some reason they are not communicating with my doctor and I'm having to get in the middle of it. Some of it is the Dr. going on a new system. Fortunately I am friends with the nurse's mom and she will get right back to me. If she leaves, I'll be up a creek. But hey, I could buy a lot more crafty stuff if I didn't have to buy medicine....

Maria Rodriguez. said...

Hello and good morning, Darnell: Well, that was one epic adventure you had with your doctor's office and your pharmacy, goodness, my dear!!, you are right, things shouldn't have to be this hard!!!
You didn't say if you finally got your prescriptions in order, I really, really hope so, let us know.
Ok now, I want to thank you for playing along with us over at THE FLOWER CHALLENGE, this card you shared in our gallery is so gorgeous, and beautifully colored, I love all the soft shades of blue, peach, and green.
Thank you!!
Stay healthy and safe.
Maria Rodriguez/DT

I Card Everyone said...

OH, D! It's these darling cards I'm going to concentrate on, because we all know how infuriating doctor/pharmacy calls can be!
I love your beautifully CAS florals - but I'm not seeing them in our gallery! Maybe Hammy was in charge of the 'enter' key?
Sending lovin' good vibrations to you, my friend!

Linda D said...

Oh Darnell,
I wish we could believe your “pharmacy versus doctor” experience was uncommon. BUT, I’ve had several of these too. It seems that no one wants to do their job! And they certainly don’t want to do anymore than they absolutely have to. Just when I think there is no intelligent life on this planet - someone steps up and does the right thing. My pharmacist did that just yesterday and we love him for it! Hope you find one of these phenomenal people too. Although they seem to be mighty scarce.

Vicki Dutcher said...

Love the acrylic! Your gnome is so fun too 😊.
Gotta love customer service….not. I felt your frustration!

Gerrina said...

Love the bright colours on the alcohol card! The colouring on the 2nd one is beautiful! I don't know who started this Chr.. in July shit, but hope they get no chr... cards! Here the birds don't dare to sit on the roof because they are scared to be roosted by doing that... so no weather for chr... cards and winter themes! But your chr. card is funny! Enjoy the wekend and stay safe!
P.s. had something like you disripe and solved it by getting on my bike and talk to them in person; super old fashioned, but it did work!

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Hi Darnell, world is a crazy, crazy, crazy place... especially after the last two years. They want we died. Privacy interests only to complicate our lives. Sorry for your wack-a-mole playing, it's no fun at all. Hope you have your prescription quickly.
Your alcohol ink acetate card is just SUPER-AMAZING!!! So fresh and vibrant!!! It take this very hot weather away, only looking at it! :D LOVE!!
Sweet floral CAS card and the Christmas one is so fun and cute!! Love Santa's cotton ball pom-pom!!
In Italy we say Oh Oh Oh... Instead "Ho" it's the verb "to have" at the first person (I have = io HO) :D For us "Ho ho ho" is an error... A a teacher, I have to sign it with a red pen LOL :D I told you, world is crazy LOL :D

Darlene said...

Oh you poor thing! I feel your pain! During June I was in the hospital twice with a heart issue ... then got covid 3 days after getting out of the hospital. Two of the three new drugs prescribed from my hospital visit & called into my pharmacy were supposed to be ready for pick up ... being so ill Hubby went to pick them up only to find they only had one ready and didn't have enough of the other two to fill them until the following week (keep in mind I was to begin them the day I got home ... grrr) ... he was LIVID from fighting with them so I CALLED and told them only to have them tell me I needed to contact one of their other stores ... I immediately told them NO ... YOU have to call one of the other stores and get them for me ... I needed them NOW! She said 'Well, which store would you like?' ... I told her I didn't care find one that had what I needed and we would go get them!! GRrrr ... like you said ... why is this so hard ... they are to be a SERVICE to the customer ... the customer should not have to call/run all over town finding meds!
ANYWAYS ... not that you had to listen to my rant LOL ...
Your cards are all just beautiful and LOVE that new technique with the alcohol inks ... beautiful ... will have to try that once my mojo decides to return!
Hope you're having a better day! HUGS and HANG IN THERE!

designbydonna said...

Your cards are all gorgeous. Love that coloring and stamping on acrylic. I wondered about doing that but thought the color would just rub off. I hear you on your frustration with the pharmacy story. As a nurse, I don't understand how this can happen. I had a similar frustration with a health issue ended up going to the doctor's office and stood there while they signed the required paper and carried it over to the audiologist office so I could get new hearing aids ordered. Don't get me started on having to wait 4 months to get a sleep study and Dr. appt. I think they have snuck in socialized medicine without our consent. So there, I have had my rant too. Hope next week goes better for you.

Bobby said...

Your retreats sure do produce some fabulous cards, Darnell. Alcohol ink on acrylic looks glorious at a rakish angle, and Santa might just be saying oh oh oh if you've been naughty. ;) Your work with pencils and Gamsol is fantastic and I'm so glad you shared that one with us at The Flower Challenge.

As for the back and forth, sometimes protocol is nothing more than 'this is the way we do it and who cares if it doesn't work for you'. I hope you get it resolved.

Jean said...

Gorgeous cards. Sadly, your experience has become the norm these days. I think all offices are playing the listen to the options tune. It is so frustrating. Hope you get it sorted out.

Stamps and Paper said...

Lovely cards Darnell…I am pleased to hear we’re not the only ones who have problems trying to sort out medication …it’s even more frustrating when you can’t actually speak to a human!, hope you’re soon sorted out


Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Absolutely LOVE your card and the "rakish" angle is perfect to show your card off. Love the colour mix and colouring of your beautiful flower card and your OH OH OH card is a delight, a wonderful selection as always Darlene.

As for pharmacies and Doctors? My son needs tablets occasionally when he is very ill. I gave him 4 as he was so bad. I told a lady who rang, after I had told the Dr in the hospital when he was admitted. She told me I should not have given him 4 it was dangerous. I told her he, nor we, had support and I had to administer what I felt he needed. Dr called me, I should not give him 4, told him the same story, no support. This month, after talking to my son, Dr told him they weren't strong tablets and take 3 or 4 when needed! AARRGGHHH all after me feeling like a murderer with how they spoke to me. Don't let me start on the phones and pressing so many options.
Hope you have a good day hahaha
Faith x

Ann D said...

I love your creative cards!
We have a similar tale to yours. Our doctor’s name begins with O’M. When he moved his office and got a new fax number, the pharmacy could not confirm who was sending them a prescription. After several weeks of research, the doctor’s office learned that the pharmacy had no fewer than 20 – TWENTY! – profiles for him with various combinations of capital and lowercase spellings both with and without apostrophes and of course with various correct and incorrect fax numbers. Technology types never should have stopped saying, “Garbage in, garbage out.”
I sincerely hope your craziness improves on Monday.

JD/ Jill said...

As always, Your cards are lovely.

I can so relate to what you went through with getting your medicine. we just went through the same run around and it certainly wasn't the first time.

What complicated it for us...is that my doctor left the practice. (without informing us) I tried to get to see Jim's doctor (in the same office) She's out on maternity leave. and the other doctor who's taking over for the two that left...is over booked... etc.

Welcome to todays world... is what I keep reminding myself... It's the way it is and I don't think it's going to get any better...but one can hope.

Take care...blessing, Jill

Viv said...

Oh what a to do Dolly. But not uncommon! 26 options - press #1 for.... press #2 for... press #300thzillionth for..... and then when you do press it - you get another robot! What is happening to all the hoomans?????
Your cards are as fab as ever though so exaspergastation might be feeding your creativity! xxxxx

Linda said...

Some beautiful cards you shared with us from the retreat. Phone calls back and forth are so annoying. Ridiculous, what doctor's office does not have email? Sorry for the frustration.
Your gnome Santa is just too cute. Thanks for joining us at CAS Christmas.

Barb Ghig said...

Seriously...it's so much fun to read your blog, Darnell! We've had the same issues with Dr. and Pharmacy, and it's enough to make you SCREAM! I'm sure you'll take care of it on Monday, but not without just a little more torture dealing with the system ~ Geez!
Your Birthday and Thank You cards are beautiful and I love your sweet Santa! I love how you colored the images and his over-sized pop pom is fabulous! Thanks so much for playing along with us at CAS Christmas...we always enjoy seeing your creations in the gallery! xx

Leslie Miller said...

Ack!!!!! I read your vent to Rich because YES I have been through that sort of thing very recently. Mine was in regard to a referral to a specialist out of town. They did not receive the referral fax... over and over again... I had to call back and forth just like you until the matter was resolved. And THEN it was months before they could schedule an appointment for a TELE-MED visit! A face-time phone call, for heaven's sake. Now I have recently learned from my doctor that the specialist will probably not be willing to order the treatment for which I was referred because I'm not close enough to Death's Door. That's the nutshell version. You are not alone.
Okay... let me catch my breath. Your first card is absolutely spectacular! Your second card is beautiful with such lovely coloring. Your Santa is so dang adorable and now I'm wondering if any of my gnomes will work for Santa because I don't have but maybe one or two in my collection and didn't really want to use any of them for this challenge. Where is the time, hmmmm? I think I remember your "OH OH OH" card. I could be wrong.
Good luck with everything, Darnell. I constantly wonder what is going on in the world. Was COVID an excuse for everyone to totally lose it? Sheesh.

Lisa Elton said...

Wowee, your first card is a fancy one and I'm loving the CAS florals! Your Santa is a cutie patootie and I loved seeing him in our gallery! Phone tag with doctors is the worst and some are impossible to get through to. I hope your issue gets resolved. I received one of my RXs through the mail a couple of weeks ago... well I got the mailing package with the invoice and no meds... WHAT!!

Nan G said...

Gorgeous! I’ve not tried putting acetate in an embossing folder. Wow! However, I do not have any alcohol inks. Something I’ve had to give due to breath issues. Your card turned out fab! I love the simply colored flowers and you can’t beat 2 for 1 either. Oh my, Santa is just the cutest. I should get started on my holiday cards, said she who is always behind. LOL Have a wonderful week my friend. And Thank U! Hugs Nan

Karen said...

First of all, your cards are just wonderful! I'm seriously in love with that Altenew floral card! That set just went on my wish list. I think almost anyone can relate to your frustrating set of phone calls. My husband was recently "told" by a tour company (with whom we are touring in August) that the hold time was "currently five hours!" Doesn't engender much confidence. Luckily for me, the doctor usually isn't a problems. We have a message system so we can send written requests. The doctor(s) almost always respond in 24 hours or less. I'm always amused by my PCP who signs his messages "Best, Andy." Can't imagine calling him Andy!

Christine Alexander said...

Wonderful cards Darnell, I especially love your AI card with all the embossing ♥
Santa is so adorable and thanks for joining in at CAS Christmas :)

Now onto the phone call, I almost cried laughing and for you- apply that to the Hospital, Bank, the Tax office and any other business you need to call. Don't you love it when they say they will be recording the call for quality purposes- that's to make sure you don't loose it on them and spew out a bunch of expletives' :)

Carol L said...

Your cards are all fabulous, especially the first one with the embossed acetate. Nice job on all of them. I can relate to what you described in your process to refill a script. I go through it all the time with Butch's meds. I refilled one of his meds a week ago, and yesterday I got the automated phone reminder that one script needs to be refilled with all the prompts, push this number, type that number, etc. Honestly, why does life have to be this hard? I get so frustrated on a daily basis that I just stop talking. I'm feeling better, thanks for asking, but this dreadful medical process has hit the skids for me and I'm ready to just throw the towel in some days. It's not only you - it's just the stupid way these parties refuse to communicate with one another in a normal fashion in this day and age. Who ever thought you'd have to call and leave a voice mail to make an appointment and they call you back 4 hours later? It's madness. Good luck getting your meds!

Em Louise Fairley said...

Gorgeous cards, Darnell! I feel your pain... I've just requested my meds online and will hopefully pick them up at the pharmacy on Friday. xoxo

Lynette said...

Your cards are all so pretty and cute, Darnell! I love your Gamsol-blended coloring - great job. And oh my - what a runaround trying to get your prescription!!! I wish you the best of luck in getting that resolved this morning. Insane!

HilaryJane said...

All three of these cards are pretty special but the alcohol ink on acetate is something else, simply amazing. I think I will have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing your prescription saga, I know the feeling well. why do such simple things have to be so complicated these days? Sometimes you feel like you are losing the plot xx

Donna said...

You always brighten my day Darnell! Beautiful cards too, especially love the deep beautiful colors on the first! Take care!

Colleen said...

Darnell, seriously, what is wrong with people? I just can't believe your story, well, I do believe it, but your know it is almost a made up unbelievable story...like: the dog chewed up my homework kind of story. I sure hope you had better news today. I do very often wonder about people common sense. Oh, Lily went to a zoom care doctor yesterday specifically for her back, but the girls eyes were all red (pink eye) and you know they would not even consider looking at her eyes because that was not the reason for the appointment. What in the world?

Okay back to your cards. I am here to say your Santa card is adorable with that so cute little reindeer..so clever of you to use a gnome for your Santa, I bet I have one or two I could magically turn into Santa's as well! And I do recognize your flower coloring with pencils and gamsol (it is so pretty and I am so happy you made two cards out of one big stamp! brilliant as usual!!) Oh and the acetate sheet with the alcohol inks is so very pretty! Well done my fabulous friend!!

Have a great week!!

brandco2450@gmail.com said...

Fabulous cards, Darnell! And what a super "rant"!
I love it and totally agree!

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Fabulous trio of cards, Darnell - gorgeous AI background on card one, lovely coloring on card two and adorable Santa on card three! As to your med run-around, been there & done that too - I can totally empathize! I have also had the run-around helping my dad and that gets even more consternation. How about - we need the diagnosis code, says pharmacy. I say hmmmm, I've been getting this same refill all year, why the problem now? Ugh! I guess if you're retired, that's all you have to do in life is deal with pharmacies...

Jeanne H said...

Hopefully things are better today with your pharmacy & Dr. office dilemma. I had the same problem today with my colonoscopy appointment scheduling department. They keep wanting to change things, but to get help I had to go to a manager. Yikes. Hugs to you, Darnell.

Aileen said...

Hi Sweetie

Aileen here to tell you we all need a good vent every now and then and you did it so well, congratulations on surviving.. Know the pain well, who invented these bloody things anyway,

Fantastic cards, I love all three and of course the flower one is just perfect my friend. I need to remind myself to use this style as well, so good for CAS. Thank you so much for joining us at The Flower Challenge and we hope to see you there again soon. Aileen DesignTeam

Nandini said...

Awesome card! I absolutely love the bold background! Hope to see you soon in our gallery! Nandini, ATSM DT

Sandra H said...

Gosh Darnell.....45 mins later how very frustrating that must of been for you l think it can be the same in many places now and it’s not improving in the near future, on a happier note your cards are amazing love them all but that snowman and reindeer is so cute take care xx

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Fantastic cards Darnell especially the first (I must give that technique a try). Sometimes you just have to laugh at the goings on, it far better then crying. But on a serious note, I know just where you are coming from.

Sue xx

Susan said...

All of your cards are great as always but boy oh boy, am I ever laughing and crying from your vent about the doctor and pharmacist - I've been there but it was over getting a referral to get my eyes tested and felt so frustrated I wanted to throw the phone through the window. I have such a low tolerance for that kind of stupidity. Am I just being a cranky old lady when I grumble that life used to be much simpler and much more logical?

Julia Dunnit said...

Old lady blog? Nah. But, loving the inclusion of ‘rakish’. And love the results on the acetate, very successful and so striking! I hope the pharmacy and the Dr have made it up to you by getting their act together. If they knew you could turn gnomes into Santas, they’d refrain from messing!

Leanne said...

Wonderful card, love that Santa and the coloring is awesome, thank you for playing our challenge this week. Happy Crafting!

Leanne DT Member/KCC
Krafty Chicks Challenge

Nan G said...

Hey Darnell, It seems blogger is stuck in a loopy-de-loop. This is the 3rd time this post has been sent. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ luv ya bye

Donna said...

Good job venting! Getting it out helps, especially, unfortunately, to so many people who can relate to your experience. The cards as always are great I really like your Gamsol coloring!

Loll said...

I believe the trouble with your pharmacy and your doctor's office happens to a lot of people. This world is supposed to be "connected" so it's easy for these types of things happen. But it's not. Hope your next phone call straightens this all out, my friend. It's funny, until it happens to you. :)

Your cards from the retreat are really amazing. I LOVE the embossed acetate with AIs. So beautiful. Something we should do on Zoom ... maybe you'd lead?? And your pencil colouring of the flowers is AMAZING. I find colouring with pencils never seems to look smooth ... your colouring is PERFECTION! Your Santa gnome is so totally adorable. I love the grin on Rudolph's face. :) Thanks for sharing with us at CAS Christmas! Love, Lolly

TK said...

LOVE your AI card of the acetate variety, such gorgeous colors! And your pencil coloring is fantastic -- I have never made anything with my pencils and have resolved that "I don't have that talent" - ha! Your sweet Santa was a cute idea, love the Gnom-anta!

Esther Asbury said...

What a fun little Santa card! I love the big pom pom you added to his hat. I'm so happy you played along in the Krafty Chicks Christmas Challenge and I hope you'll join us again this week for some clean-and-simple fun.

I Card Everyone said...

OH goody! Thanks, D - I see it now! Just as pretty as it was the other day!

Kathyk said...

Popped across from LIM to admire your make for them, what a lovely array of cars - you HAVE been having fun at your own ToC (Table of Craftiness)

So sorry to hear of the runaround at the doctors office/pharmacy. It was hard enough pre-pandemic to get to see a doctor but now ......


nancy littrell said...

I am late to the Complaints Dept. Party...Lordy, oh Lordy what a phone hassle that is inexcusable...If you do not have high blood pressure issues now you certainly do after that encounter LOL!!! How did it turn out?

In the meantime....Loved your 3 cards. I sure want to try the AI on 3D embossing technique. Your card is Stunning!!!.....Loved your sweet Gnome turned into Santa card..so clever of you, Dolly. Beautiful soft pencil and gamsol coloring of the pretty floral stamped images...you have me so inspired my friend. TFS...Hope you are able to stay cool enough in your hot weather...Love and Hugs dear friend....Nancy

Helen said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! So sad your story is not uncommon, Darnell. But you have written it so well it makes it sound unbelieveable! I really hope they can get their act together soon for everyone's sake. You would have needed that cocktail and some relaxation time. I love your fun Christmas card. Great to see you using other images for Christmas - lots of fun! Thanks so much joining us at LIM challenge! Have a good day (and some results)!! :)

R's Rue said...

Your cards are beautiful. Hope you have a great day. Regine

Carole said...

fabulous cards Darnell...love the green acrylic an the second one with the offset flower design. Not into Christmas yet! even though it will sneak up on me. As for your rant...sounds familiar. I can see the day when you want a doctor..a drone turning up on the front lawn with a stethoscope round its neck! They seem to call all this automation PROGRESS ?? xx

Kara Lynne said...

What is up with the world! Ain't nobody got time for that! I'm so frustrated by the "leave a message" instead of getting to talk to a person. It always goes wrong!! Anyhoo, those cards are spectacular! What a great way to use acetate and the results are eye popping and jaw dropping! I love that you got two cards out of your beautiful blooms and the coloring is gorgeous. Santa and his reindeer are adorable, oh, oh, oh!

Brenda in IN said...

AI on acetate is gorgeous. I have my acetate out and will try this for sure. A beautiful card made at the retreat and Santa is adorable. I feel your pain about the calls. I can't understand with everyone connected by computer there should ever be a problem. Common sense and follow up are out the window. I think a lot of the problem is things are just too big. and they can't keep track of everything.

Lynne said...

What a fabulous set of cards Darnell, the green on the acetate is simply stunning, gotta try that. And using a gnome for santa is genius and works so well. Thank you for sharing with us at Less is More.

Stef Perry said...

Oh my goodness, Darnell, your trio of cards are beyond fab and Hammy sure gives you good advice lol (BTW that is one of my husband's nicknames for me when I'm in an animated mood and it makes me laugh)! The Fragrant Florals card is gorgeous (one of my fav Altenew sets), and I so love your beautifully colored pencil and Gamsol coloring, so glad you shared with us at The Flower Challenge!

I'm so very sorry about your prescription dilemma, I hope you have resolved it by this time. I am beyond astounded that the systems that are meant to serve patients do anything but, especially when it comes to prescriptions.

Thanks for joining TFC!


Pat said...

I love the bright alcohol inks on the acetate and the added embossing is beautiful Darnell, and the pretty pencil colouring blended with the gamsol are just perfect, and who could resist that fun Santa..especially love the cotton wool bobble on his hat. The saga with your meds must be frustrating in the extreme and luckily here it seems to work fairly well, but actually getting to see a doctor can be a bit of an inquisition with more than likely just a phone call from the nurse or possibly the doctor a few days or a week away!! Hope you soon get it sorted. x

frommycraftroom said...

Three utterly fabulous cards. The pencil colouring with gamasol is amazing.

Oh let me guess how you know HO HO HO is OH OH OH!! It happens to us all.

I am hoping that by now you have your meds. I here your frustration but can only assume the run around is due to privacy!

frommycraftroom said...

Three utterly fabulous cards. The pencil colouring with gamasol is amazing.

Oh let me guess how you know HO HO HO is OH OH OH!! It happens to us all.

I am hoping that by now you have your meds. I here your frustration but can only assume the run around is due to privacy!

frommycraftroom said...

Three utterly fabulous cards. The pencil colouring with gamasol is amazing.

Oh let me guess how you know HO HO HO is OH OH OH!! It happens to us all.

I am hoping that by now you have your meds. I here your frustration but can only assume the run around is due to privacy!

Bonnie Lynn said...

Gorgeous cards Darnell as usual. Your pharmacy issues sound like what I'm dealing with right now. The last two days are about to drive me insane. I sure hope you start the what in the world series. I might even be able to contribute a few. Have a great weekend and try to stay cool.

Cheryl W. said...

I'm playing a bit of catch-up with my blog visits. Your birthday card is brilliant--in every sense of the word. The green pattern looks like a shiny emerald. I love it! The floral card is very pretty, too. I've never been that successful with colored pencils. Finally, Santa Gnome is perfect. He would definitely make the holidays merrier.

I can relate to your rant. I just don't understand why the powers that be have to make our medical system so difficult. And I HATE waiting through all those phone options. Sheesh!

BoΕΌenA said...

Your Green Acetate is stunning! As if I was in a thicket of ferns. It looks so amazing. I love beautiful flush of the second card and sweet santa on the third card. Three great cards, Darnell.
The health service through all procedures ceased to serve people. The procedures, not the people, are the most important. Broken procedure has consequences. Broken human life is just somebody's smt and loss. The most important thing, however, is that everything is in accordance with the procedures. I know something about it, I'm in the middle of it as a nurse.