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July 25, 2019

Wipe Off That Baby!

Hello Stamplings!

Thank goodness the temperatures have cooled off for most of the country, but oops, guess wha' happened? It rolled all the way under and around the globe and came up on the West Coast! Our temp yesterday was 99F, but, hey ho, it IS summertime!

Rather than cool you off today, I took a "if-you-can't-beat-'em-join-'em" approach and I'm sharing a twofer of hot fiery sunset hues with you. (Hmm, I wonder why Samuel Johnson decided to spell it "fiery" and not "firey?") 

Put on your sunglasses!
During ESCR 2019, Bonnie taught us the Baby Wipe technique and I made these panels. Once home, I made them into cards and sent the top one to Bonnie for her recent birthday. I was amazed by the bright gloss that happens when the background and image are wiped with a baby wipe! The stamp is used is Penny Black's "At Grace."

If you haven't tried this technique before, I recommend it. Bonnie was the hostess back in May over at CAS Mix Up Challenge and she used this technique. This is the list of videos she recommended:

Baby Wipe Videos:
Baby Wipe Technique by Keenan Kreations (7:06)
Tie-Dye Baby Wipe Painting Technique by Jay Lee (5:26)
Baby Wipe Inking by Ashley Cannon Newell (7:43)
Distress Oxide and a Baby Wipe by aplaceforkia (10:27)
Hello Card Using Distress Oxide Ink Pads by Tracey Farr (8:20)


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At the Beach
 They keep growing!!!
Okay, yes, I did skooch down, but just a little bit! They're only 14! We had such a good time with them sharing a few days of their summer break before high school starts next month!


Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy! LITS!*

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Sue said...

Hi Darnell, Loving the cards, although they did make me feel hot:)

We are in the grip of a heatwave. Got to 36 yesterday and supposed to go higher today. Hope you get cooler weather soon.

Those boys sure are sprouting up:)

Hope you have a nice day. Sue

Marina said...

Ahh, lovely photos. My 12-year-old son has just overtaken me, height-wise - I keep threatening to stop feeding him.

I do love the 'fiery' backgrounds - I think stamping in black was the perfect choice for two lovely cards.

KarinsArtScrap said...

Darnell these are gorgeous cards and fab photo's

gr karin

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

WOW!!!! These cards are soooo impressive!! Love them! I will try this easy technique surely! Love the gloss effect! Thanks for sharing the video!!!
Love so much the flowers stamp your used, I have already seen it on Brenda's works, and I have to find it and buy LOL :D
Your grandtwins (I can say so?) are growing so fast!!! Two little lovely men... :)
Hugs, have a lovely rest of the week!

Julie B said...

These kids do grow quickly, my Grandson has nearly overtaken me and he's only just 9!
Fab cards and so appropriate in this heat, the thermometer hit 33' here too. It's not so much the days but the nights that are the worst. Keep cool. :)

papierelle said...

Thanks for warning us ... *smile* With these bright colors it is really important to wear sunglasses. Absolutely great and beautiful !!

kiwimeskreations said...

What fabulous and vibrant cards Darnell - I hope Hammy had his sunglasses on as your worked on them!!
Those grand-boys of yours sure are sprouting!!

oldpunca said...

Thank you for the warning. :-) I put on my sunglasses before watching those two sunny cards. I like amazing background and wonderful flower stamp. You achieved great effect with baby wipes.
Thank you for sharing fotos of your grandtwins. It seems as they are bigger on each new foto you're publisshing. :-)
Have a nice day!
Hugs, Sonja

Cat Craig said...

Darnell, wow fantastically bright and bold cards. Love those colors. Isn't that the coolest result? I loved it and will have to go back to it again. So good to see the twins, boy they are growing taller every time we see them. Enjoy your vacay and I hope its cooler than inland temps.

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Those two cards are gorgeous Darnell, they really do have a hot fiery feel to them. Great photos of your grand kids, wish I was on that beach with them right now.

Sue xx

Lisa said...

What a sweet picture of you and the boys!! I love the one on the beach, too...so wish I was there right now!! Your cards are stunning!! The colors look so amazing!! They're both so beautiful!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

HilaryJane said...

Just wonderful, really love the first one. We are struggling with heat here too but it should end soon so we can get back to complaining about our awful weather! Weather is the one thing we are never happy about in this country xx

Marilyn said...

Gorgeous cards! Never tried the baby wipe technique yet. Nice picture of you and your grandsons!
Have a great day!
Marilyn ❤️

Mrs A. said...

You are one hot Mama. These cards are terrific. Not tried this technique yet. We were supposed to go into town for an appointment but we rang and cancelled as the car park is right next door to the qoutdoor lido and the whole world and his dog will be viaing for a space. Now sat in the garden chasing the shade around instead. Already moved once.!! Supposed to be the hottest day ever today. 39C/102F.
Your grandsons are growing up literately. Next door has twin grandsons 10yrs and they are already as tall as the
Doc. Hugs Mrs A.

Pat said...

Wow Darnell, these are hot, hot, hot! Fiery is the word and love the silhouette flowers in black over the top, and I must try this technique soon. Gorgeous work, and I need to know what that flower stamp is too. Great photo of you and the boys...what handsome lads! I can see you are one proud Grandma. x

Em Louise Fairley said...

Gorgeous cards, Darnell, and of course the boys are too xoxo

Brenda in IN said...

I love those cards and the technique. But I am confused when I look at them. Where do you insert the batteries? These are stunners and that is a great stamp. Those boys are really getting tall and so cute. I'm glad you got to spend that time with them. The waves are awesome.

Diane said...

Wow. these cards are FABULOUS!!! Love those bright and vibrant colors and the stamping, would it be weird if I said they are way cool...lol!!! Your grandsons sure are handsome little (not) fellows for sure, 14 and the girls will be chasing them all over, where oh where does the time go!!!

Bonnie said...

Brilliant use of this technique, my friend! That first card is even brighter and more beautiful IRL! It's amazing how our grandbabies have grown so much! Our Gavin will be starting high school this fall too. He is very tall! Course we're not too tall to begin with.

I Card Everyone said...

That was the most fun I've ever had with a baby wipe, D... that Bonnie really shares the best stuff!
Your cards are so cool THEY have to wear sweaters even at 99 degrees!

Marcia Hill said...

WOW...let me go grab my sunglasses a minute! Those are two extremely BRIGHT cards Darnell, but I absolutely LOVE them!! Especially the 1st one with the yellow and the red...definitely an eye catcher!! They both definitely fit in with the heat wave going on! The last 2 days our temps actually dropped, but now they're on their way back up again...but it is SUMMER and I'll take the heat any day over snow!! What are your son and DIL feeding those 2 boys??!! Oh my gosh have they gotten tall! And pretty obvious how much their grandma loves them too! Great pics Darnell!! Hugs. :0)

Verna Angerhofer said...

Those cards are hot, hot, hot but I love them. Beautiful choices of design on them too. And, a great photo of you and the boys.

Karen Brown said...

I have not tried the baby wipe technique, but the effect is striking. Beautiful cards. Thanks for joining us at Watercooler Wednesday.

Jean said...

Just lovely cards! Love the backgrounds!

Great pics of the boys!

jimlynn said...

Sweet pictures of the boys (and you too)!They're growing up fast.
LOVE both your cards!!! Very dramatic looking and beautiful.

Sarah said...

OOh, I love these bright fiery colours Darnell, the backgrounds show off the black stamped images to perfection. I know I always say it but what a pair of heartbreakers these are!! xx

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

WOW! LURVE those "HOT" cards, they radiate heat and joy, fabulous cards. You must be so proud of your big handsome lads.
Faith x

Trina P. said...

They are 14, so they haven’t stopped growing yet! It’s a cute pic of you with them.
And I remember those outstanding cards, so intense, bold vibrant! xx

Lisa Elton said...

Holy smokes you brought on the fiery colors today! These are cool Darnell. And just look at those handsome boys with their pretty grandma!

conil said...

It's hotter than...oh never mind, this is a family channel so I'll keep it clean. The freaking forecasters are predicting 110 degrees by Sunday. Ask me how much I'm looking forward to that...go ahead, I dare you. Anyway, these blazing hot cards fit right in nicely. Hot colors, hot to describe their gorgeousness. (I really need to try this technique.)
Tell those boys, they don't have to grow up so fast...they're going to have plenty of time.

Redanne said...

We have had a couple of super hot days here too, we are feeling like we are melting, looking forward to cooler days and hope you get some too!

The baby wipe technique is a great one, I have never tried it but I might just have a go now. LOVE both cards, they are so dramatic!

Great photos of the boys, they really are growing even if you did crouch down a little! Very handsome chappies! Hugs, Annie xxx

Kathleen said...

These are stunning Darnell, gorgeous image and wonderful colours.
Two lovely boys and mine is 14 and he has just become taller than me and I am 5' 6"

Kath x

Viv said...

Currently experiencing a mini heatwave here Darny Day Dreams, and having some spectacular thunderstorms at night!
We DID have a sky like your first card tonight before the clouds rolled in... Loving the two little works of art. A technique I tried but not mastered - so another try required! xx

Susan said...

Love your hot summer cards!! Even Vancouver is having quite a hot day today - it's making me downright lazy so I'm heading out with a book, some iced tea, and lawn chair to enjoy a shady spot in my garden. It's definitely way too hot up in my craft room, though I need to get up there to make a special card for Loll.

You have two very handsome grandsons - and they look like they have lovely personalities too - such kind and friendly faces. Walking on the beach looks pretty idyllic for a hot day.

Bunny said...

Sizzling hot cards. Now I need to try this technique. These are really pretty.

It's hard to believe that your grandsons are in high school. Where does the time go? They are getting older. WE aren't! [Bunny]

TK said...

Bright, beautiful and definitely fiery! Love the look and the black stamped on top for a stunning contrast!
As for the boys... doesn't time just FLY when you're watching your grands grow! Amazing!

Dotty Jo said...

The boys look so handsome (and sooo tall) looks like you all had a wonderful time. Love your cards, bold and bright and beautiful, Jo x

Carol L said...

WOW, what an explosion of hot color on that first card, it's gorgeous! Love the somewhat softer colors of the 2nd equally, and thanks for the tutorials on this technique! Gosh, I can't tell those boys apart now that they both have short hair! They're getting mighty handsome too :)

Linda said...

Beautiful cards .... perfect hot colours for the summer.
Doesn't time fly where kids are concerned ....... your boys are getting sooo tall!

Gerrina said...

Both look so stunning! The colours and the techniques make these beautiful! Hugs, Gerrina

cuilliesocks said...

WOW!! what wonderful cards Darnell, I just love the bold colours and that gorgeous flower, beautifully designed cards. Must have a look at this technique it looks brilliant.
I think we are in for some thunder and lightening later today, but it's awfully hot 27 degrees and down south in England yesterday it was 39 in some places, enough to fry your brain. Super photos of your handsome young men, Kate x

Mac Mable said...

Dearest Darnell you look so very proud of those two handsome boys in the wonderful photo of the three of you.
Love the photo of the two of them walking along the shore line...They look such good friends x.
Now onto the two amazing cards....I just love them, mixed media heaven to me x. Vibrant, a wonderful technique and the most unique and eye catching cards. Glorious colours and the silhouette stamping is artsy and beautiful. If there are no takers then pop my name against the second one for next years birthday! x LOL x....
Hot in Scotland these past few days but hey it's been a long time coming x

Ros Crawford said...

Oh I love this technique and I simply adore those cards you did using it!! Wonderful! You sure have two gorgeous Grandtwins! Oh and don't mention the heat to me... Thankfully it's cool right now and I'm loving it!

Leslie Miller said...

Holy smoke and fire, your first card is fantastic!!! I love the second one, too, as yellow is always a favorite with me, but, wow, that fiery card... always wondered about that spelling, too. Anything to make the English language more complicated. Apparently the hot weather sneaked over to Europe, too. Still normal here, but we'll be heading into hot weather pretty soon on another trip. Hope our tires don't melt! The beach sounds like a good place to be when it's sweltering inland!

Chana Malkah said...

Both projects are absolutely gorgeous! I love your color selections and I would say you have this technique down pat! Thanks for the links to those wonderful tutorials!

My fourteen-year-old grandson is 5'8" and has now joined my son (who is 6'3") in calling me "shorty".

Thanks so much for playing along with us at A Place to Start. We appreciate your support.
Chana Malkah, Owner/Designer
A Place to Start Challenge
613 Avenue Create Challenge

Cheryl W. said...

Your cards are hot, hot, hot! And by "hot", I mean I scored them a 10 in the beauty department. The silhouetted flowers look awesome against those fiery colors.

OH Babs said...

Gorgeous cards. I am ready to try this technique.
Oh the boys are getting tallllll. My eldest grandson will be 13 in a week and he is up to my ear. (I think he is almost as tall as his dad.) Stay cooooool. Barb

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

OMG - your first card is jawdroppingly beautiful!!!! What a stunner! Such handsome grandsons you have! They will get even taller - and we are in the shrinking stage of our life....

Becca Sadler said...

Darnell: your 2 cards are very vibrant and great for sunshine-y summer days! Thanks for linking to APTS blog this month! Becca, resident designer

Anita in France said...

You definitely captured the 'hotness' with those fiery colours, Darnell ... your cards are bold, striking, vibrant ... and brilliant! Great photo's of the boys ... that one with you is the star of today's show ... it's gorgeous ... the family resemblance is amazing! LYAMYBLMA ... HAST! Big hugs and bisous, Anita :)

Fikreta said...

So nice cards!
great photos1

Created by Kath said...

Bright & cheery! Thanks for joining us at Watercooler Wednesday Challenges!

Donna said...

These are just stunning, like the deep colors and the flower stamp you used is perfect on top of the backgrounds. Not only are the grands getting tall, their faces are maturing so much!

Greta said...

High School?! That's impossible! Great picture of you with the boys, Darnell! Oh wow--amazing baby wipe cards! Hope your temps have cooled down. I'm ready for Fall, but also very glad to be here with just the occasional low 90 day!

Sharron said...

My, sunglasses are definitely needed! You did an awesome job with the technique! Loved your photo with the grandsons. Our oldest was so short in middle school and now towers over every one in the family. They don't live close so it was always striking to see the change at each visit!

Kuni said...

Stunning card and great colors.
Thank you for joining us at the Sweet Stampers and i hope to see you again.

Angela said...

Wow this card is really wonderful.♥
Thanks a lot for joining us at our Summer challenge by
Sweet Stampers Challenge
Hope to see you again.
Hugs and greetings Angela DT