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March 17, 2019

Happy St. Pat's, a Balloon Bunny, and a Rad Dad!

Hello Stamplings!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We always celebrate this holiday because my sainted MIL, Genevieve, was a hundred percent Irish, making the Mister fifty percent Irish, our son a quarter, and so on. I'm Irish by marriage. Plus, we all love corned beef dinner.

Time for my annual soda bread story: It became painful obvious early on that I was only Irish by marriage because of how my Irish Soda Bread turned out. One could use it to build a stone wall around the premises that would last for centuries. Everyone was too polite to tell me and then one year we went to my SIL's for Irish dinner and I was enlightened when she served beautiful tender soda bread. "Me, lass," I cried, "how does thee make this heavenly confection?" And, thus, I learned my recipe was wrong and it's not sposed to bake for hours and hours. Is there a dish you found out years later that you had been making wrong?

I don't always make St. Patty's cards, but yesterday I found I had the prettiest shamrock Washi tape so I had to make this:
Since it was too late to add my one Happy St. Patrick's Day sediment, I added a simple strip of a minty green sediment Washi tape which says, "Make today awesome." Now I can use this card for any March occasion. That's a Brusho background from my stash behind the sweet NBUS flower from "Floral Squares" by Pink Fresh. You might notice I'm trying to use my stash of Brusho makes, as well as my pp. I feel like I should use up what I have before I have another play with Brushos.


Now we will return to our regularly scheduled program which was to remind you that we are at the halfway point over at Twofer Card Challenge #14 where the brief is BALLOONS.
 The balloon my reminder cards have in common is a die from MFT.

I've used more of the beautiful DSP from Our Daily Bread, and a sediment from Paper Smooches. I used the balloon to create the body of my bunny. The head, ears, and feet are from a PTI die. The tail was shaped by Hammy. As you can see from the size of the irises, my bunny is just a wee thing.

Using the same balloon and some cool DSP from the pad "Hey Mister" by My Mind's Eye, I created my second design for Father's Day. The metallics look like gold and copper, but in real life it's all copper. Very QACAS and, well, RAD!

[As you can tell, I'm trying to tackle PP Mountain. Hammy and I are really chuffed whenever we manage to use something from NBUS Mountain and PP Mountain on the same card! I still get requests from some of you to start up my NBUS challenge again. I could do a NBUS/PP/LOAF Challenge. That last one is a new one I thought of and it stands for, "Loved Once and Forgotten." How often have you done that?! Wait. What? Yes, I see that: if I do a LOAF challenge, then I'll simply have to change NBUS to BUNS. I mean, right?! What would that stand for? How about, "Beautiful Unused New Schtuff?" Hmmm, ... .]


I would love to see your two designs using the same BALLOON stamp, die, or stencil over at Twofer Card Challenge #14. You have until the end of day on March 24, 2019 to play.
Please do not be put off by the new Inlinkz sign-in requirement when you go to link your cards. You will only have to do that one time and you'll be set for all future Twofer challenges. I don't know why they had to "fix" a format that I thought worked beautifully, but I must have been gone the day they called to ask my opinion. Don't you hate it when that happens!


Triplets now!
Both mom and dad tend the nest and feed the babies. I always thought birds regurgitated the food for the babies, but eagles just tear off a hunk of fish and give these tiny birds big pieces! That littlest guy has some catching up to do and it's hard to watch sometimes when he/she gets overlooked during feeding. But this pair at Fraser Point successfully fledged three babies in 2017 and again in 2018, so we have to trust they know what they're doing.


Thank you if you made it to the end! This was epic, even for me! Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy! LITS!*

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower! Please let me know you came by so I can be sure and return the flavor!

*Life is too short!

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Marina said...

Your St Patrick's card is really pretty - I don't celebrate the day myself (although one grandad, who died before I was born, was Irish) , but I wish you a happy one.

Yes, a little Brusho goes a long way - in so many ways! I still get mine out occasionally for various things but I always have a backlog of backgrounds.

Love the balloon cards. I've been hoping to enter the challenge but been a bit overwhelmed at work and my creativity has plummeted!

Kathyk said...

Glorious cards in post today, Darnell, loving the "RAD" Dad!

Cool pix too and thanks for sharing the catering story .... my pastry is much the same!!

Happy St Patricks Day to you and yours


Maxine D said...

Oh, soda bread bricks, now that's a new one!!

So glad Hammy had the delightful task of making the bunnies tail - that looks to be a beautifully made appendage and looks as though he has mastered it to perfection! Well done Hammy!!

Gorgeous cards Darnell!! Love the Rad Dad one - that was clever!

What with twofer's and triplets Hammy's maths is improving too, not too sure about his acronyms though... buns, loafs, what next????


Sue said...

Hi Darnell, Happy St. Patricks Day.

Lovely cards.

Hope all three chicks make it.

Hope you have a nice day. Sue

Stamps and Paper said...

Hi Darnell...Lovely St Patricks day card I always remember it as its my daughters birthday and wedding Anniversary.. Your Spring card is so pretty love the rabbit and of a great masculine Dad card.
Love your Soda bread story we've all had bakes like that!

scrAPpamondo said...

Adorable St Patrick/March card, that washi is wonderful and your brusho's piece looks great! Love the way you made the bunny with the balloon, so creative! All your cards are stunning (as always!) and loved seeing the eagles feeding their babies!

Carole said...

Great post Darnell...I love your green card...very classy and as you say suitable for any occasion! Clever use of your balloon die too. On to the birds...well I looked at that website and have been watching the hummingbird on its nest!...as if I don't spend enough time at the computer Darnell. Is there a site you can lead me to that does all those chores while you watch?...LOL. Have a good week...and hope you are feeling perkier! Hugs xx

Marilyn said...

Cute cards! Love how you used the balloon die for the body of the bunny!
have a great day!

Glittered Paws said...

I don't think I have ever had soda bread - and I am part Irish??? Just a wee part but... The st. Pats day,green card is very nice and suitable for just about anything. Then I saw the bunny and just too cute. Keep scrolling and saw Mom and Dad feeding their young, (that is the way it should be).

ionabunny said...

Hi Darnell. Wonderful post. Me too trying to use up the scraps and PP. Love the balloon bunny. Would love to do BUNS, LOAF, PP and or NBUS with you again. So much fun. HUgz

Sharyn Polesel said...

I love reading your posts, Darnell. They always make me smile. I'm loving your St. Patrick's Day card. It's beautiful. Your two-fer cards are very creative. Love the way you used the balloons in both. I've been out of commission for about a week. Last Sunday I was bitten by our daughter's dog. He got me on my right hand, which is my dominate one. I had to have nine stitches. The hand is coming along nicely....no infection. I hope to be crafting again soon. Enjoy your Sunday! I woke up to snow. Hugs, Sharyn <3

Inkyfingers said...

Happy St Patty's Day Darnell and I love your soda bread story. I have to say that my homemade bread is always very heavy (being polite about it) but my family solved it by getting me a breadmaker machine lol! I love the delicate spring greens on the first card- monochrome is a great favourite with me. Your twofer reminder cards are such fun and I love what you did with the ballon die on the rabbit card!
Carol x

Chris said...

Fabulous cards today Darnell, and a very entertaining post Love the soda bread story have never tried to make it but the once or twice I tried baking bread was, to put it mildly, not a great success!
The St Pat's card is beautiful, love the brusho background and that gorgeous washi tape. Clever use of your die to create the bunny and the 'rad dad' card is a stunner!

Donna said...

Fantastic cards Darnell! The eagle picture is great, we have 4 eagles hanging around and enjoy watching them. I am making rolls for St. Pats at DIL's today, never tried soda bread. Enjoy your dinner!

Carol L said...

Loving the St Pat's day card with the beautiful background and great washi tape. I love the story about your Irish soda bread - I don't know that I ever tried making it, but I do make the traditional corned beef and cabbage every year! Great twofer with those balloons too - I'm still pondering what to make for the challenge? LOL Happy St. Patrick's day and may the luck of the Irish shine down on you today :)

Jean said...

Happy St. Patties Day! What a pretty card! Love the others as well. Too funny about the soda bread. Have a wonderful day!

cuilliesocks said...

Happy St. Pat's Day Darnell, and a lovely card to celebrate it.
Your balloon cards are brilliantly designed too.
What a wonderful photo of the Mr. and Mrs.Eagle and their sweet Eaglets, thank you for sharing it, Kate x

Verna Angerhofer said...

I love your Washi tape on the St. Patrick's Day card. Such gorgeous colors. And, your Twofers are fabulous too. Great Iris and bunny scene. And, the elegant looking balloons on the second one are awesome too. That is a great Dad card.

OH Babs said...

Happy St. Pat's Day!
I love soda bread and found some yesterday at Sprouts. My story is over fifty years ago I was impressing the young man who lived in the apartment next door and invited him to dinner. (What I made I don't remember.) After awhile he became impatient and asked about dinner and said (as only a male would do). "Did you turn on the oven?" Actually I had not.
Love the St. Pat's card. Seriously my background paper box is as big as my NBUS. :) Barb - 25% Irish

Brenda in IN said...

That is a beautiful background on the St. Patrick's day card and the washi tape is gorgeous. Love the weight lifter and fun card that is. The balloon bunny is so cute. Newly married and hubby wanted biscuits and sausage gravy. Never made it before. He said cook the sausage, add flour and milk until thick. He did not mention draining sausage. Kept adding flour to thicken. The skillet was sooo heavy when I went to pour in it a bowl. It was not good and I told him not to eat it but he didn't want to hurt my feelings since I made it for him. Later he vomited and said it was like throwing up a bowling ball!

Leanne said...

Thank you for playing our twist challenge, love the green card. Great job.

Leanne DT/KC

KandA said...

Love your Paddy's day card with all that lovely fresh green and I think that's a super sediment. Brilliant balloon onefer and twofer and I love your little bunny xx

Lisa said...

Your cards are so gorgeous!! I love the beautiful first card with the flowers along the bottom and the pretty brusho square!! The balloon cards are both so fabulous!! Love the bunny!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Heidi MyLittleStampingBlog said...

Love your St Patrick’s day card! I just buy the Irish Soda bread! I am not any Irish, but we celebrate all the holidays, regardless!

Bunny said...

I love your sweet cards. Especially the shamrock card.

Yikes on the soda bread. It does make me laugh though as it reminded me of my since passed MIL who made my husband cole slaw his favorite way. The only problem was is that he didn't like it. Now mind you his mama was the sweetest person in the world and she would chip up that cabbage so small and fine. After we got married I had to ask him to tel her to quit making it since he'd throw it out. She never saw him move it around his plate. Egads! I'd rather know. She laughed for many years after she found out. She was that type of person. I so miss her.

I do wish the eaglet clutch only numbered two instead of three. I've seen the 3rd eaglet literally so malnourished because of not being able to fight for food. I do love watching the bird cams. They are a lot of fun.

Now, who's going to make the soda bread today? [Bunny]

Trina P. said...

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you, Darnell. The Brusho piece on your March washi tape-inspired card is beautiful. Your bunny balloon onefer is clever and fun. Your twofer dad card screams masculinity. A trio of fabulousness. xx

Lindsey said...

A LOAF and BUNS challenge is a brilliant idea. As is your Twofer challenge, and I really need to stop loafing around and enter sometime. Your three cards are terrific! I'm loving the beautiful iris paper.

Cat Craig said...

That background is gorgeous Darnell, and the white dies on top just lovely. That washi is pretty as well. YOur twofer is a great use of the balloon die...especially that bunny. Happy Green day.

conil said...

Well now, this post has everything. Beautifully created cards, an Irish story and a wildlife adventure. How well you've melded them together. Love the washi tape and background on the "green" card and that "Dad" card is awesome. Your stash must be more amazing than the last time I saw it.

Sharon Underwood said...

Love your cards, Darnell! That green is so pretty and I love your creativity with the balloon die!!! Hope you are doing well.

Stempelfrosch said...

Beautiful spring cards with cute images! Thank you for joining us at sweet stampers,
hugs Anke

Sandra H said...

Fabulous as John Barryman would say l just love your post your cards are amazing full of lovely ideas and sweet images used and not forgotten the update on the wildlife shown Take care sending lots of love xx

Redanne said...

Your St Pat's card is truly beautiful, I really love that shamrock washi tape, it is gorgeous. Love your twofer as well, very clever use of the balloon to make the bunny!

My MIL was a Yorkshire woman who could make fabulous Yorkshire Puddings but alas, no matter how hard I tried, they never turned out right. She was always so kind though and never criticised mine!

The chick really is very tiny, I hope that he or she make it to fledge time! Thanks again for sharing a fabulous photo of the family. Hugs, Annie xxx

Kathleen said...

Love the St Pats card, a fabulous design and lovely shades of green, the white space really makes the images stand out.
Your other cards are super too, especially the Iris card, with the cute bunny.
Super photo's too.

Kath x

Pat McCleary said...

Oh Darnell, the places your mind goes! How 'bout a SLICE to go with the BUN & LOAF- Still Like It Challenge Event.

JD/ Jill said...

Happy St. Pats day to you, too. This is the very first year that I am celebrating being Irish! I wrote on my blog that I found out with my DNA test that I am 15% Irish. My DNA also showed that I am 51% Italian...(that I kind of figured out for myself, because I met my birth Mother and she was definitely Italian, and my two birth grandparents only spoke Italian, But when my daughter did her DNA test...NO Italian showed up at all. Strange!

Like your very clever balloon cards...Hope you had a nice weekend!

D.L. Flowers said...

Lovely make for the Cardz 4 Galz challenge. Thanks for sharing with us! Donna - DT Member

Pat said...

That washi tape is gorgeous Darnell and the sentiment strip works well too, and such a pretty Brusho background with the contrasting white die cut flower. I love the Twofers too with the very cleverly made bunny to go with the beautiful Iris, amd the fab dp works well on the Father's Day card, and the cute vintage character lifting weights really made me smile. How great to see the arrival of the third chick and lets hope all three get to fledge. My baking gone wrong story was from way back when my ex-MIL gave me a recipe for Date and Walnut Loaf, and having never done a lot of baking I accidently soaked the dates in Bicarbonate of Soda instead of Baking Soda, and when I proudly cut the cake and we tasted it, it was clear that something was not right, and when I checked with MIL she laughed and said that it had that odd taste because of the Bicarbonate and I was mortified. In fact I'm not sure that I ever made it again...lol. x

Christine Alexander said...

great selection of cards Darnell, your St Paddy's day card is amazing. I don't make St Patrick's day cards, I have my own patron Saint (St David or Dewi Sant in Welsh :) But I do love that washi tape and could be tempted.

Cheryl W. said...

I especially love the Rad Dad card. I make lots of Father's Day cards (not because I have lots of fathers, but because I donate them), so I will hang onto your idea. Hope you don't mind if I totally CASE it. We saw an eagle in a tree by the river today as we drove up a street in St. Paul. It was huge, and was less than 50 ft. from us. We believe there is an eagle's nest in a very large, very, very tall tree not far away, so perhaps he lives there. They are just so majestic!

TK said...

Awesome cards, Darnell! I love your Brushos (ohhhhh I wanna try but am scared to picked colors), and your two-fers are fun, though I have to admit that I had to study a bit to find your balloon on the bunny (duh)! LOVE the eagles, I like to watch the eagle cam from Florida for the peeps!

Ruth said...

I LOVE your St P's card. I am myself half Irish and my Mum makes soda bread all the time - even though it's my Dad who is Irish. I have yet to attempt it. A good other make is potato scone! I'm impressed your husband's family didn't say anything to you - mine were not so polite at times! Lol!!

Birgit said...

Great cards here Darnell! That shamrock card is as lovely and Irish as can be! The brusho background is so pretty. What a great way to use your balloon die on that bunny. Pure genius my friend! So glad you figured out the fix for your Irish Soda Bread. I'm sure it's delish!

Em Louise Fairley said...

Gorgeous cards, Darnell. And as I've already said, those eaglets are adorable xoxo

Bobby said...

I don't do St. Pat's day cards either, Darnell, but I'm glad you found a way to use that lovely washi. And as you saw on my Twofer cards, I too have been using up Brusho panels. I think it makes sense to spend time making the mess to do panels and then finding uses for them later. I think I'm about out so it's time to get messy again. ;)

Jane Willis said...

Loving all your cards, especially the fab washi tape on the first. But having been MIA for a while I'm really on a flying visit to say thank you for linking your brilliant balloon card up at Cardz 4 Guyz - lovely bold masculine style and colours.

Happy Dance said...

The hurrider I go, the behinder I get. Popped in for a quick minute yesterday, but never got back to leave a comment on this trio of delights. I LOVE your first card. No. I mean really LOVE it. It's so beautiful. The greens make me all happy inside, and that flowery square with that incredible background is perfection. As are those darlin' shamrocks. Your next two, the reminder cards, are pretty darn ingenious, too. Balloon bunny. Who'da thunk it -- you of course! Sweet Springtime card. And your dad card is fabulous. Perfect masculine card, and in copper, too. You always come up with such clever ideas. These are just fabulous. Missing you and sending you tons of hugs. xoxoxoxo Bev

Anita in France said...

I'm so pleased that lovely 'study in green' is more than just a Saint Patrick's Day card, Darnell ... it's so fresh, pretty and spring-like that it deserves a whole season rather than just a day. Your miniscule bunny next to the iris is adorable ... and so creative ... glad Hammy was on hand to help with the fluffy tail, it would be easier for him with his little paws to fashion something so tiny, than for us with our big hands! Cool balloons on your Father's Day card ... the shimmery shiny metallics are really stylish! Loved the soda bread story ... and those pics of the eagles with their latest addition ... do hope that little one's a fighter! Oh and BUNS/LOAF ... a few slices for me please! LYAMYLALMA ... big hugs and bisous, Anita :)

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Fabulous bunch of cards, Darnell - just love the greens on your March card and the fun balloons on your twofer. Beautiful photo of eagles too. We have some who fly a bit east from the Mississippi River to pay us a visit. Haven't seen a nest though, very cool.

Leslie Miller said...

We celebrate by eating corned beef, which I LOVE too much. I know nothing about my heritage pre-America, tsk tsk. Don't they have a lot of stone walls in Ireland? Since clover/shamrocks/Oxalis are so abundant spring through fall, your card could be used anytime, and it's so pretty! Beautiful Brushos background and sweet die. Awesome balloon twofer, two, er, too! Doesn't that PP make the prettiest QACAS card? I never would have thought of a bunny butt, sheesh. Adorable! Your rad dad is hilarious! Oh, my gosh, love the weight lifter. I hope the baby eagle makes it. Some birds hatch two eggs and consider one a spare, or insurance, so they ignore the weaker hatchling. Sad, but it's the way of nature.

JanR said...

Such wonderful cards! I really like all the gold on the RAD one. I enjoyed reading your post too. Thanks for joining us at Little Red Wagon.

artful-notions said...

How do you 'not' use that perfect shamrock Washi tape on a St. Patty's day card?!?! Lovey bg too! My recipes came from a sainted MIL who let me cook and bake along side of her. It was where I learned all her tricks of spoiling, ah, making her man happy. To this day, I make the most wonderful Armenian food for my family that loves it! You other cards are gorgeous too! Making my way to the two-fers challenge!

frommycraftroom said...

What clever use of the balloon to make a bunny and such gorgeous pattern paper. Makes a lovely card.
Haven't ventured to brushos but suspect making the pretty paper and using it would be two vastly different activities!

Bonnie said...

Love this awesome shamrock Washi tape! What a pretty March card! My corned beef is cooking now. Didn't have time on the actual day but it's good anytime! Yum! I made Irish soda bread once. Decided it wasn't worth the bother. Maybe I had the same recipe?

Love this bunny and I need to remember as I have the PTI bunny. So clever! A perfect Father's Day card with all the metals. Very masculine but shiny and fun! Happy St. Pat's Day late!

Linda said...

Gorgeous cards as always .... love that pretty shamrock washi tape. The little bunnuy's cute too ..... clever use of that die xx

Karren said...

Wonderful cards, Darnell, and such a clever use of the balloon!

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

Fabulous cards Darnell and stunning foto
hugs across the ocean Tamara

oldpunca said...

Green is one of my favourite colors. :-) Wonderful design and fantastic combination of green shades. Real beauty. :-)
I am impressed about your idea to make bunny with the help of balloon die cut. :-) He is so cute under the iris bloom. The card for the Father's Day has a super elegant color combination and beautiful design.
Enjoy the day! Hugs, Sonja

Linby said...

I love your St Patrck's day card, the colours are wonderful.
Now your twofer - I thought where is the balloon?? then I spotted it on the bunny! Nicely done - I'm still in design stage lol!

Gerrina said...

So late in commenting...sorry! But I do like that washi; it is so super spring! And no recipe that was wrong; I have more trubble sticking to a recipe!
Love the bunny and what a great idea again! Hugs, Gerrina

Mac Mable said...

Hope you enjoyed St. Patrick's Day Darnell? x Laughed about your soda bread story and no I can't top that one x
Such a pretty 'March' occasion card and the washi tape is so delicate and pretty. Yes I have lots of Brusho backgrounds too.
Such a creative and pretty Easter card and of course the star is Hammy's bob tail x. Perfect masculine card and so classy x.
Stunning photos from Fraser Point ...Thank you for the update x

Greta said...

The eagles are amazing! A Great Blue Heron flew toward Fritz & me as we walked down the street today--never get tired of seeing them! The balloon for the bunny body is so creative & I love the balloons card!