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July 21, 2018

Splashing About

Hello Stamplings,

I had started an opening in my usual perky way, but I've changed gears to share a bit of sadness first. I promise I'll end on a happy note. All across any country, there are incidents and accidents that happen every hour of every day: car accidents, roller coaster accidents, animal bites, killings, tornadoes, falls down stairs, etc., etc. It's never-ending and sad for all those involved.

But an accident occurred near Branson, Missouri on Thursday that is so tragic it bears noting. A boat capsized on a lake when a sudden storm came out of nowhere. It was an amphibious boat. Seventeen people died ranging in age from 1 to 70. That's horrible by itself, but unspeakably, NINE of those people were from the same family.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the members of that devastated family and the other families who lost loved ones in the accident. Suddenly, your painful elbow doesn't hurt as much, the fight you had with your cousin seems ridiculous, and the scorching heat will pass. You just want to hold your family close. Nothing else matters as much.


I had a bit of a splash earlier in the week before all this happened and my first card turned out to be a bit prophetic.

The drops are from Designs by Ryn. Hostess Nancy is encouraging us to have a splashing good time this month at CAS Watercolor. You can find an excellent video about this technique here. It's as simple as it sounds. Splat some watercolor inks or scribble some watercolor markers onto a surface, spritz liberally with water, and then splash your card panel into the ink.

Personally, I think it should be called the "spank" technique because I feel more like I'm spanking my craft mat. Bad mat! Hammy, of course, likes to run in as close as he can so the pretty colors splash all over his fur. Sigh. I try to adopt that attitude, too, after having ruined a few nice tops because I forgot to change before I spanked my ink.


This birthday design is not CAS, but it is simples as can be. For this card, I splashed a whole card front panel. I thought the NBUS Bloomtangled Cover Plate #2 from Stamplorations was perfect to let the background be the star. I used a pink vellum for the white heat-embossed sediment from WPlus9 so it didn't detract from the splashy background. 

This card reminds me of a pretty summer dress with an eyelet bodice. Raise your hand if you've ever heard the word "bodice."  What a lovely old-timey word that is. Or was. Come to think of it, the word eyelet isn't exactly bandied about any more either. I think I need to up my word relevancy so I can be straight fire with the young'uns.


Speaking of old-timey ... I mentioned recently that we went to a wedding last weekend. Dan and Rachel and the young misters Adam and Henry also attended. These 13-year-olds were gentlemen and well-behaved throughout the ceremony and reception which lasted a few hours. As we left to walk to the car, the boys stopped to visit the restroom and came out looking like this! 
They did this apropopo of nothing but their imaginations. With a raised eyebrow and a pointed look, their father asked, "What's happening here?" They responded, "These are our Frontier Socks." What a hoot!


Give-Away Winner!
Several of you entered the drawing for the hamster Coffee and Tea set and Hammy drew the winning name out of a teacup. Congratulations to Lisa of A Mermaid's Craft!! Lisa, please email me your mailing address and I will get the gift in the mail to you.

(Don't mention Hammy's whiskers in your comment. He's a bit self-conscious about them. He has never been able to get them to straighten out after he was in the suitcase for so long traveling to and fro England a coupla years ago. Sshhh!)


Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy! LITS!*

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower! Please let me know you came by so I can be sure and return the flavor!

*Life is too short!

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Sue said...

Hi Darnell, Loving both cards.

Those two lads are going to break some hearts.

Hope you havwe a lovely day. Sue

Loll said...

Looks like you had a splashing good time Dolly! :) LOVE both cards. I am now headed to STAMPlorations to buy that cover plate. I had been thinking about it for a while now, but this card pushed me over the edge.

Aren't the boys hilarious!! I love the grins on their faces. Lolly xx

Loll said...

Oops ... thanks for sharing your first card with us at CAS Watercolour!! xx

Stamps and Paper said...

Two fabulous cards Darnell, I’ve got the raindrop stamp but never used it (slap on hand)
The boys are growing ip fast and so handsome love the socks !


Aquarius said...

That was indeed a tragic story to start - makes our own troubles pale into insignificance. Two gorgeous cards using the 'splat' technique which is good fun to do. Also a handy reminder that I have a super water drops stamp by
Ryn and it hasn't been used in ages. Care is certainly needed to avoid splashes when using this technique.

Julie B said...

Love the rain drops and the plate die cut is fab too.
Those two 'chaps' are going to be breaking hearts soon! :)

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

I dare to turn on the news some days Darnell as there is always sorrow and sadness. When we see and hear such things it really does put our own lives into perspective.
Love your raindrops CAS card, I have a stamp similar that has been used on a Journal WIP, now you've reminded me I may take a little time out to try and finish it over the weekend. The die cut layered card is so beautiful, lacy and effective.
Thanks so much for sharing. Wishing you and Hammy a super weekend.
Creative wishes Tracey xx

Pat said...

How devastating for that family Darnell, it certainly puts our everyday problems into perspective. I adore both your splash backgrounds and the pretty water drops on the first and then the coverplate on the second are great complementary images. Congratulations to the comment winner and glad you all enjoyed the wedding, and the boys are turning into handsome young men and love the socks...lol. x

Marilyn said...

Sad to hear about the boat accident. Love both of your cards. Your grandsons are so cute. Boys will be boys!
Have a great day!

Donna said...

Living I Missouri we are following the sinking of the Ride the Duck boat closely, so sad. Your cards are beautiful, like your raindrops and your splash background is stunning! Have a wonderful weekend!

cuilliesocks said...

Absolutely beautiful cards Darnell, especially love the droplets, and the glorious colours of your second card.
A thought provoking start to your post, dreadful tragedy. I thank my lucky stars each day knowing I have no bombs falling on me, and no one is trying to steal my home. Terrible things happen to people, and yes it puts ones issues into perspective sometimes.
Lovely photo of two very handsome young men, Kate x x

designbydonna said...

Losing a whole family at one time is just devastating. That family was from here in Indiana.
I love your watercoloring splats. I haven't tried that one. My favorite is the pink tones. I actually had an eyelet dress for my 8th grade graduation--a long, long time ago!

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

So sorry for the terrible thing happened on the Missouri. In Italy (and in all European countries on the sea) there is the massive emergency of African people that arrive on old unauthorized boats to escape from the wars and poverty of their countries... a lot o boat sink with whole families, there are a lot of babies, too... It's terrible.
Love the technique you used and both your cards looks so pretty! Thanks for the inspirations. Fun photo and answer of Adam and Henry! :D
Big congrats to Lisa for her won! :)

Jeanne said...

Such a tragic story, Darnell. Definitely puts our little worries into perspective. May those devastated families find peace. Your cards are wonderful, as always! The splatted or spanked or whatever abuse you gave it cards look wonderful despite the rough way they got their colors. I used to use bodice a lot when I sewed clothes and see it a lot on the period books I read. :) Eyelet I also see a bit, but not as much as I used to. I dunno though, could make a comeback since fashion cycles so much through the decades and we could be due for a revival. ;) Hope you have a lovely weekend. Hugs!

Bonnie said...

Great job on your spanking/splashing pieces, Dolly! Your first card was prophetic! The drops look like tears on that watery background.

Of course I remember bodice and eyelet! Your card definitely reminds me of dresses that I wore. Now I find that I trip over cutwork.

Your handsome little misters have your smile and sense of style!


Jean said...

IT is so sad what happened to that boat. Those two boys are delightful! Lovely cards!!

Vicki Dutcher said...

I absolutely love those drops! What a fun card 😊

Wanda Cullen said...

Darnell, your posts are always so uplifting and entertaining! Yes, the boating accident was on our news here in VA and I was so sad to hear of the tragic deaths. Your card replica of a summery dress with bodice and eyelet terms are certainly familiar with me, so guess that makes me an old-timer as well! Haha. As always, love seeing your creations in the Fusion gallery!

Brenda in IN said...

The boat accident is so tragic and the family that lost nine members is from here. The mother was on TV last night from her hospital bed and she made me cry. They weren't even suppose to be on that particular boat. I have that raindrop stamp too and haven't used it but you've given me an idea with this great card. The splash background is perfect for this. When I was reading the post after seeing bodice, I thought to myself that eyelet is also a forgotten word and then you mentioned it too. I remember both and have an eyelet blouse! I love the mix of pinks and blue for the splash background on the second card. That card is so pretty. Oh my gosh, those boys are a hoot. I love their sense of humor and wonder where it came from! They are such handsome young men now. Well, with the exception of their personal style!

HJ said...

The boat incident was so tragic. It makes our issues seem so minor and we hold our family a little closer. Love your beautiful cards. The splat method really makes beautiful backgrounds, especially using that wonderful die. Your grandsons are so handsome with a spark of mischief. Love that.

JoAnn said...

Love both of your "splashy" pretty cards, especially the pink one.
Adam and Henry look cute i their "frontier socks."
Have a great weekend.

Christine said...

The boating accident was so very tragic! It is so hard to imagine when remembering the fun time we had on that same tour when our son was seven years old. He was so surprised that the vehicle took the ramp into the lake, and the captain allowed him to "drive" for a while. Just heartbreaking to realize that others will see this experience as such a heartbreaking nightmare. May all who were touched by this find lasting peace!

Love your cards....ink splashing sounds like fun and the results are gorgeous! BTW, you have some grand NBUS items!

Anita said...

Thank you for your comments about the boating accident in Branson. I, too, was disturbed, heartbroken about that disaster. I'm sure there are many others who were affected, as well.
Your cards are lovely. Really liked the "bodice" card! Yep.. I sure do remember those words: bodice, eyelet and a few others. Will have to try the "spanking" technique!
Oh, yeah.... love the shenanigans of the twins! Sure keeps life interesting!

nancy littrell said...

We really must count our blessings everyday. So much tragedy in the world. Sending healing prayers to the devasted families and friends effected by the Branson tragedy.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful Splash cards, Dolly. I have the STAMPlorations cover plate on my wishlist. They have another design too. I think I will now be ordering sooner rather than later:-)

Love the boys sense of humor...a bit of their grandma in their blood?!? Really cute smiles and twinkling eyes. They are sure growing up. Aren't you glad you had your camera ready?

Have a beautiful day, my friend. Love and Hugs...Nancy

Verna Angerhofer said...

Everyday there seems to be tragedies after another. In Iowa there were so many tornadoes too, but as far as I know there were no casualties. And I feel so bad for the families of all on that duck boat.

As to your cards they are all wonderful. I love the splashes of water and I remembered I had that stamp as well. Also I love the wonderful colors on the background of your second card with that die. That makes for a gorgeous design.

Your grandsons sure look like fun young men with a good sense of humor. So glad you showed their clothing styles. LOL

KT Fit Kitty said...

I was sad to read about the tragedy, Darnell. It does make a person pause to think about all the things we have to be grateful for, our loved ones and other blessings. I feel sad for that poor family. On a happier note, your cards are both gorgeous! I love your water droplets and especially how you've stamped them outside the frame, so creative. And a big WOW on your second card! I have the Bloomtangled cover plates and I used them a lot last month - some of my favourite dies! Thanks for the inspiration!

Nora Noll said...

Oh I LOVE that first card with the "spank" technique and that fun stamp. Your second is lovely with the colors that you chose and that fabulous cover plate!!! I was saddened about the boat accident myself. All those people....

Mac Mable said...

Darnell ...yes we heard about the dreadful news here in the UK this morning on the news, my heart sank x Congratulation to Lisa and what handsome boys they are in their new fashion accessories x. Beautiful second card and yes it does remind me too of a bodice...and yes I know the word...Spanking not so much x. Perfect CAS first card with a wonderful technique and great 'drops' stamp. Sorry about Hammy's whiskers, although we shouldn't mention them but what fun running in and out of the spanking....x. Enjoyed your post Darnell x(except the first part...of course x).

conil said...

Apparently, was dozing under a rock yesterday so I did not hear about this horrific accident until this morning. This poor family...what an abominable trgedy. I feel so bad for them and, yes, I contacted my girls right after I heard the news. Just to bring them a bit closer.
Have to say, you must be a naturally with the splat, spank technique because, CAS or more complicated looks on your cards are lovely.
Did your G-sons ever hear of knickers...that's what they look like they're wearing, and very handsomely, too.

Christine Alexander said...

Such a sad tragedy our hearts go out to the families.
your cards are beautiful Darnell, those water droplets by Ryn are so pretty among that watery background, and that intricate die is stunning just like pretty filigree lace :)

Carole said...

Two brilliant cards Darnell but I really love the water droplets....so dimensional you want to reach out and touch it...and trust me for the UK to say they want rain...well what can i say!!!! Treasure those grandchildren, mine are at the other side of the world.....and you never know what tomorrow brings do you...as you say...LITS! Hugs xx

Fikreta said...

these are so nice cards!
oh I think I didnt see that giveaway.
congrats to winner
that is so cute hamster

Carol L said...

My words would never have come out as nice as your description of the tragedy in Missouri, so that's for saying them and I agree with everything you said. The cards are awesome, and I need to check into spanking my ink now LOL Love how they both turned out, and those handsome young boys have grown up too darned quickly! Love how they're twins yet each has his own distinctive look - except for the dual frontier socks that is :) Fun :)

Trina P. said...

The Missouri event is tragic for sure and definitely puts things in prospective. 💕
Great spanking - uh I mean splashing, Darnell! Both are wonderful cards, but LOVE the raindrops. It’s perfect for that beautiful background. I have that set and need to use it more often. 😉
The twins are looking dapper. Whoa... I think that word is in the same realm as bodice and eyelet(?). 😂

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xx

Cheryl W. said...

Your cards are so fresh and fun. I love the idea of an eyelet bodice. Especially one that is as pretty as your card. Your grandsons have such a sparkle in their eyes. What a handsome pair!

Tammy L said...

Your cards are stunning! Your water droplet card awed me! I just absolutely love it! I loved the background on your birthday card! It really get set off by your diecut! Such a pleasure! Thanks for sharing with us at Use Your Stuff and hope to see you again!
Tammy DT

Gerrina said...

I am such a fan of those waterdrops! They look great on the splahed background! And I love the soft look of your 2nd card; it really looks like a beautiful piece of a dress! The twins are really growing; you can see the chainges in there faces... Enjoy all yhings, even the little and have a good sunday! Hugs, Gerrina

Neet said...

What a tragedy! How awful for the relatives of that family - read that the mother survived (from one of your comments), she must be in a terrible state. Bless them all.
Love your cads, the raindrops are fabulous and the other card does indeed remind me of a bodice of a lovely summer dress. So pretty.
Love the boys by the way - great fun!
Hugs, Neet xx

Brenda said...

Oh my, I didn't heard about that accident Auntie, so sad and yes makes one very thankful!! My heart and prayers go out to all. What beautiful cards Auntie! I love your "spanking" technique looks. The one with the water droplets are so pretty on that background-I just love how it! The twofer does indeed look like a pretty summer's dress with an eyelet bodice. And yes, I love the words eyelet and bodice. lol I'm not sure my vocabulary will ever be up to the young'uns! Which I used to think we were being called onions when I was a young'un! lol The twins are so funny, what a fabulous photo!!!! I could just see their father raising that eyebrow and asking what was going on. lol Too cute! A BIG congrats to Lisa, she is such a sweetie!!!! Hugs, Brenda

Linda said...

Love your splash card and the STAMPlorations die cut is just gorgeous.
You have two very handsome young men there Darnell xx

Lisa said...

Oh, Darnell, that accident just makes my heart hurt. To loose so many people is tragic, especially the nine members of the same family. It's just so sad.

Your cards are so beautiful!! I love the raindrops!! I have that stamp and I'm embarrassed to admit I've never used it!! You've inspired me!! The second card is so stunning!! The colors are amazing!!

Those two boys are so darn adorable!! And oh my gosh, I can't believe I won!! Thank you so much!! I'm emailing you now!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

OH Babs said...

Fun cards, I like the rain drops which I have and not used.
Oh my the boys are getting more handsome with every photo. So they ever wear two different socks? Stay cool. BBB

Marcia Hill said...

Two FABULOUS splashed (or should I say "spanked") cards Darnell!! Lots of tear drops on that first one and unfortunately very appropriate for just about any day in this world we live in today! It's a beautiful card though and love that splashed background!! Your 2nd card is so colorful and am loving the die cut cover plate you used over top of your splashing...I don't think I've ever shopped at Stamplorations before (I did win a set from them a few Christmas's ago though and loved it, so I don't know why I haven't shopped there before!!). Guess I better go check it out!! LOVE the pic of the boys...what wonderful smiles!! And socks!! Thanks so much for sharing with us at CAS Watercolour Darnell...we always love to have you play along!! :0)

JD/ Jill said...

Yes, I cried when I saw on the news about the boat. So sad...my prayers are with the families.
Your cards are very cute and creative.
Your grandsons are adorable (of course, at their ages they might want to be called adorable!)

Stampin Mindy said...

That is such a sad and tragic story. My heart is breaking for all their loved ones.

Your cards are gorgeous I love the stamped droplets are so cool and really look like they're popping off that card. I love your blue background too. Thank you so much for joining us at Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge. Good Luck!

♥ Mindy

Beth McCullough said...

Darnell, you splashed your way to the top of the Use Your Stuff birthday challenge and you are a winner this week! Your card is darling! Thanks for joining us and thanks for adding us to your list of challenges. Please consider adding Festive Friday to your list as well. Blessings,
Beth :)

kiwimeskreations said...

Oh Darnell - we heard of the tragedy, but not that nine members o f one family were killed, how horrific!
love your cards, and those raindrops are amazing on the first one. The pretty die cut and underlying colours make the second one really beautiful.
Hammy is ever so handsome, and I did not notice his whiskers until you mentioned them. What fun to get multi coloured fur when you are spanking the ink - he is a bit mischievous though, doing that.

Aileen said...

Darnell wonderful cards as always, just love those water drops and the background and frame of the second, spot on. Those grandsons, looks like they have inherited your humour so we should see lots of funnies in the future. Seeing their sox like that makes me think of two of my uncles who were always stirring my dad. They were going to golf one day and invited him along and turned up with their pants tucked into their long socks like that and tried to tell my dad that was the dress rules. Needless to say my father did not enjoy the same humour as them, packed up and came home. I cant believe how much the boys are growing and getting more and more individual in themselves.

Susan said...

Two fabulous splashed cards! Love the colours in the second one. But the first one is my favourite - such a clever idea to combine a splashed background with the water droplets stamp - water splashing on splashes! Thanks so much for joining us at CAS Watercolour!

frommycraftroom said...

We have heard the tragic news here in Melbourne Australia too. Puts your own life in pospective doesn't it - very hard to imagine how the lady is feeling - numb I excpect.
Your cards are fabulous as always - must ask my kiddos if they have heard of eyelets I know they know the term bodice from me sewing for them.
The twins are going to keep you in stitches as they get bigger! :)

Anita in France said...

Such a tragic event in Missouri, Darnell ... one can't even begin to imagine. Amid all the dreadful and devastating loss for that family, at least that lady and her young nephew have each other.
Delicious splashy cards ... droplets on splashes ... wonderfully watery! The white blooms cover plate over those sorbet soft colours is as pretty as can be ... especially with that pink vellum sentiment banner!
Hahaha ... those boys ... bet that appealed to your sense of humour! BTW, they're getting more handsome all the time. Tell Hammy not to worry about his whiskers ... he's adorable however they tumble! Big hugs & bisous, mon amie, Anita :)

Em Louise Fairley said...

The cards are both beautiful, as always. The tragedy, gut wrenching. And the boys, as handsome as ever.
Em xoxo

Viv said...

Yes so many horrid things happening right now I agree Dee!...you just wonder what the world is coming to these days. We heard about that horrid boating accident and as you say so many from the same family too ;( On a happier note...your cards are just glorious Dee and those boys are growing up so fast too, you must be so proud ;) hugs Vee xx

Vikki H said...

Another fun post and two beautiful cards! Your cover plate card is stunning! The twins are a hoot! Thanks for including them in your blog for us to admire! Crank up the AC

Laura's Craft Closet said...

Very inspiring cards! Watercoloring is spot on!

Vickie Z said...

Fun cards! Interesting technique for you CTD card! Oh those boys are too adorable- maybe I should say handsome or ....how could you just not love them to pieces!!!! So happy you joined us at CTD

Lisa Elton said...

I agree Darnell, there is too much sadness in the news these days. This boat accident is especially tragic. Your cards are a bright spot though. Those droplets are fun and I love the beautiful floral card. Now about those frontier socks...boys will be boys!!!

Greta said...

The kiddos are so cute, Darnell! Wonderful cards, Darnell! The drops look so real & the Bloomtangled cover plate is gorgeous with your splashed background!

Ros Crawford said...

I have been following the story that you refer to... So very very sad. We had one of those sink right here in the Albert Dock (you remember where we took you?) Thankfully it wasn't the disaster that Missouri suffered... Though the Queen herself was on the same amphibian a week prior!
My thoughts are with those people and all their families.

Your cards are a delight and one a great result yu got with that technique! And Yes I know Bodice... even Liberty bodice! Which I wore as a child...

What handsome boys and I can see you in them easily! The youngman in the checked shirt has your smile!

Carole Pollard said...

What a dreadful tragedy so sad for those families Loving your cards as always two stunning designs. Loved the photos you shared as well handsome boys Love and hugs Carole x

Sharon Underwood said...

Love your cards, Darnell! The boys are growing up before our eyes! My Dad used to wear dress socks with his denim shorts at our family reunion. My oldest son would start out wearing short, white socks with his shorts, then at some point during the reunion get into my Dad's sock drawer and change into the dress socks. He never said a word, but would go stand beside his grandfather at the grill and look as serious as could be. We quickly caught on and cracked up. They had quite a time! Thanks for the memories, Darnell. Your pic of your grandsons brought me back in time.

Redanne said...

Serious apologies for my lateness, I have been away... How very sad about that family and the others who died, there is so much tragedy in the world today, I just heard about the 74 people who died in raging fires in Greece, one family huddled together to protect the children, but they all died.....it is difficult to comprehend such tragedy.

On a happier note, I love your gorgeous cards, especially the water droplet one, it is beautiful. And those boys, they are just so very handsome!

I had a lovely birthday weekend away and I love the gorgeous card you sent me, another beauty for my collection! Hugs, Anne xxx

Claire said...

Beautiful cards Darnell, I love the blue with those droplets of water look awesome. Great interpretation of the photo at Fusion, this one has me stumped a lil but you pulled it off fab. Also thank you for stopping by, it was really nice to read your kind comments and as always very much appreciated. Take care x

Kathyk said...

Hi Darnell,

Yes, read about that terrible tragedy and, as you rightly pointed out, one family particularly devastated by events. Let's hope it can NEVER happen again.

FAB makes particularly your water droplets .. and a lovely pic of Hammy too

Happy Wednesday


Susanne Vargas said...

Your splashed cards look fantastic! (You are right, it does feel a bit like spanking, hehe) Love the water droplets on the first one (and appreciate the reminder to use mine again)! The background together with your flower cover plate makes a very pretty card! That cover plate is still on my wish list...
Adore the twins sense of humor! Too fun!

Cat Craig said...

Love b oth cards, those drops ontop of your splashed though now and forever it will be spanked card looks so cool. Your second card is also lovely. Those colors are fabulous. Oh the images conjured in my mind as I read through this ... thanks for the giggle.

Karenladd said...

I've gazed longingly at those raindrop stamps by Ryn for years so it's fun to see how you used them. I always imagined having to meticulously shade and color each drop to get a nice result so it's wonderful to know that it should actually be approached in the opposite way. Splash, make a mess and then run for the sink!

I too am overcome at times with all the sorrow and pain in the news lately. I can't even imagine how the survivors of that family get through the next several weeks, months and years after a loss like that. A good reminder of what is really important,isn't it.

Michelle Lupton said...

Love your cards, Darnell, and your post put a smile on my face! Thanks for playing along with us at Fusion :)

Leslie Miller said...

While we were away for more than a week I had no internet, phone, or TV so I didn't hear of this devastating incident. This one accident created so much sadness. You're right about how things like this put our own troubles into perspective. I try to remember that every day.

Today I'm happy to be catching up with you and all the happiness you bring to your readers with your upbeat posts and pretty and fun cards. Love the splashy backgrounds on these two. Yes, I use the word bodice and all the other oldies, even though I'm just a youngster, myself (ahem).

Those boys... frontier socks and pioneers in the world of wonkiness!

Barb Ghig said...

I am so sorry for my belated visit...Two gorgeous cards, Darnell! I'm raising my hand for bodice and eyelet because both words are lovely :) And, I agree with your take on that beautiful cover plate!
Your grandsons are so FUNNY! I love how they thought to do that on their own, too...not to mention how super handsome they are...WOW!

Jeanne J. said...

Oh Darnell, you wowed me with those water drops.. I had to look and look.. are they real? And then that beautiful intricate die cut.. and then the boys who absolutely stole the show! Heartbreakers!

Bobby said...

I've always loved that raindrop set of yours, Darnell. They look wonderful over the splashed background. The splashing also looks wonderful with the intricate coverplate.