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January 9, 2015

Mutual Admiration CASEing Society (MACS) ~ Becca!

Never-Before-Used-Schtuff (Stamps, Dies, EFs, etc.)Hello Lovely Friends,

If you're looking for NBUS Challenge #3, please click HERE.


How about that? We managed to whoosh around to the second Friday of the new year already! Those darn Time Flies are already on the move! Today I have a very special treat for you! To give it justice, this turned into an epic post, so please go pour yourself a beverage, grab a snack, and kick your shoes off.

Let me start by introducing you to Becca Cruger, a very special card artist and a very charming young lady:

Becca's blog is Damsel of DistressedIt's about a small-town girl with glitter on her fingers and a love of card artistry in her heart! She has only been blogging since September, but she has already won many awards. More importantly, she has won over many hearts in Blogland in her short time here by her enthusiasm for this hobby and by how she has embraced her fellow card artists and left them lots of love during her frequent visits! 

As far as her style goes, I think her own words describe her best when she says she likes to mix up her card art style between vintage, distressed and grungy, clean and simple, and humorous. A style for everybody! 

Detour to CASEville

Let's take a few minutes to pull over and talk about CASEing. Or at least CASEing as I understand it and as it relates to me.

It is the ultimate compliment in our community to CASE another card artist. Blog etiquette, of course, requires that we give credit to the artists we are CASEing. (By the way, CASE stands for Copy And Share Everything.) Some people CASE by pretty much making an identical card, but I think most of us find that as we start to copy the design elements of another card, pretty soon our own sense of style works its way in. When that happens, their card becomes our card, Al Beit, still heavily under the influence. As such, our card should not operate heavy machinery.

~~~So. I've been making cards since 2002. Before I knew blogs existed, I used to cut pictures of cards out of stamping magazines and put them in binders for future inspiration, i.e., to CASE, although, at the time, I'd never heard the aackronym CASE. Did you do that? Or just save mags? 
There are literally hundreds of cut-outs in my binders. Can anyone say, "delusional!" To my credit, you can see I made an effort because every time I CASEd a card I ripped the picture out of the binder.

~~~So. Then when I found blogs three years ago, I started a "CASE Someday" folder in my Gmail. In that short time,  there are 602 entries!
Can anyone say "delusional!" Cough.

~~~Oh, hahaha, but, wait! There's more! I also have a Pinboard called Card Ideas which is really the same thing: cards I want to CASE Someday!! I started that a couple of years ago. Today there are over 1,400 cards and 21,500 followers. Apparently there are a LOT of us who aspire to do some CASEing Someday!! AND, wait, wait, what about the NBUS Challenge Pinboards I have which together and to-date have over 850 cards in the galleries, all CASE-worthy?!

Can anyone say ... okay, okay, you get the point. It's pretty delusional to think I can CASE thousands of cards in my lifetime, but golly gee, I sure like to think so! I keep hoping that darn hamster will actually start making cards!
~~~So. Last January 14th, 2014, I resolved to start a new feature on my blog whereby every Friday I whooshed around to present a card that I had CASED, calling it a DJKASE instead of a CASE just because I thought it was cute to be sort of matchy-matchy with my blog name. We won't talk about how many Fridays it took before that every-single-Friday resolution fell over and died. Sigh. But I do continue the feature when I can.

Other CASErs
Of course, I'm not alone in the idea of featuring cards and/or card artists or CASEing cards from a Pinboard. To name a few others:
  1. There is a Pinspired Challenge for turning pins into cards (CASEing).
  2. CASE-ing the Catty is a challenge for CASEing cards from the SU catalogs.
  3. For a time, Wida had a fun "telephone" type game of CASEing here.
  4. Kara of K and R Designs has a CASE challenge based on her Pinboard called "Friday Inspiration File."
  5. Noor of Paperie Designs Studio did "Fascinating Fridays" posts where she featured a total of 123 card artists before she stopped last fall.
  6. I am reminded of another former website by Maria F. It was the "Iron Craft" series over on  Chaitali's Cuts, Crops, and Creativity.
  7. Mynn has started a brand-new challenge called CASE-ing Christmas.
  8. Kelly of You and Your Big Dreams does a regular feature called "CASEing Genius" where she interviews and CASEs cards of other card artists who inspire her.
  9. And just recently, Bev of Happy Dance put a tab at the top of her home page called "Brought to You By" where she will post cards she has CASEd.
There are a couple of others that I'm drawing a blank on at the moment and I'm sure there are lots of others I haven't seen yet. If you're one, please let me know in a comment or email and I will edit this post to add your feature.

~~~So. That's the back story on my history with CASEing inspirational card artists. This brings us back to Becca!

The Damsel of Distressed Cards

Being an observant cookie and an imaginative girl in her own right, Becca recently started a feature called "Featured Fridays!" The special thing about Becca's feature is that she "interviews" her featured card artists so you get to know them as well as their cards. It's similar to the Creative Blog Hops that went around last year, except with the added delight of the CASEings Becca does. 

I had the honor of being asked by Becca to be a featured artist. I said, "Of course," but with the caviar that I would turn around and honor her as well ala a DJKASE. So she sent me her interview questions and I sent them right back to her. 

We agreed to go live at the same time and the Mutual Admiration CASEing Society (MACS) was born! I don't remember ever seeing where that's been done before with mutual live CASE postings. Someone will tell me if I'm wrong. Knowing my memory, there will be such a thing and I'll have participated in it! I'll be embarrassed, but then I'll get over it. Or. Or, maybe it really is a first!

Below are Becca's answers and over on Becca's blog are my answers. First, please enjoy this look at three of Becca's favorite cards:

Simply fantastic! Here are Becca's interview answers:

1. How did you get your start in stamping?

My grandmother was an amazing woman and she patiently taught me all sorts of everything I never knew I didn't know - including how to stamp. She let me raid her supplies and would never complain when I asked for yet another ribbon or embellishment. I would peer over her shoulder as she showed me new things and she always praised my work - whether it deserved it or not. She passed away in November and I miss her so much, but am so grateful for all those days spent across from her at her kitchen table, happily inking away. 

2. What's the craziest/funniest thing you've ever made?

I think the craziest thing I've ever made was my "Inspiration Station". When I first began blogging, I was going CRAZY trying to figure out how to keep track of all those due dates and which challenges belonged where. So I bought and old window frame, locked myself in my craft room for 5 hours and used my trusty glue gun, some cord, and lots of glitter to create an organization method. I now print out each challenge's photo and hang it on my Inspiration Station to stare at me and remind me how many things I wish I could do! 

3. If you could be any craft supply, what would you be and why?

Distress Inks! They are gorgeous, versatile, never make the same thing twice, and messy - just like me! Ok, I might be stretching the gorgeous part a little, but I'll take what I can get. Plus they are attached to Tim Holtz and - let's be honest - I wouldn't mind being in his hands all the time ... :) 

4. What kind of cards are your favorite to make?

As the last question may have told you, I really like to work with Distress Inks and any sort of mixed media. Embossing paste, stencils, textures! The more things I can throw on a card, the happier I am. I also REALLY like to create punny cards, which usually are bright and much cleaner. I'm a sucker for a good laugh. 

5. What are your favorite card making challenges?

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE STAMPlorations's challenges. They have 4 of them every month: 2 sketches, one monthly themed challenge, and one for their customer gallery. Besides the last challenge, you don't have to use STAMPlorations's products, which I also like because it gives a fair shake to anyone. And they give away a ton of prizes, in my opinion. Plus their design team members are just the nicest ever and leave lots of comments for you. 

I also love Eclectic Ellapu (although I'm a little biased because I just made their DT). I've been a long-time participant though. They have so many cool mixed media projects!

I also really like Retro Rubber Challenge, which is brand new. I'm a lover of all things vintage - including old rubber stamps and this challenge wants to see all those old stamps you've got in your collection. It's fun to bring back some of your old, forgotten favorites. 

Lastly, and this is probably technically not a challenge but still really cool, is the Card Chain Challenge run by Deborah Nolan of Society of Stampaholics. Every month there's a sign up and you can exchange a card with someone somewhere else in the world. I've made so many bloggy friends this way!

6. What is your least favorite crafting supply?

Non-blendable markers. I really can do nothing with them. They hate me.

7. What's your advice for new stampers/bloggers?

Do what makes you happy! Don't participate in challenges that don't inspire you. And comment on as many blogs as you can. If you visit a blog and don't leave a comment, nobody will know you've been there and they can't come visit you back. Also - take lots of pictures of your process. People like that stuff. I think... Or maybe it's just me.


My DJKASE of Becca

And now here is another one of Becca's pretty cards which I chose to DJKASE:
Becca's card
I was especially inspired by this card because Becca included it in her very moving tribute to her grandmother here

This is my DJKASE:
Darnell's card
I used two heart punches to make the masks and then I sponged some distress inks (oh, yes, I did!!) on a white panel. Over that I stamped the En Francais stamp by SU. The tag is a NBUS die from Papertrey Ink and the NBUS sediment is from the Waltzingmouse "Compact Sentiments" set. 

I hope you like my card, Becca! Thank you very much for your friendship, for featuring me on your blog today, and for the privilege of featuring you!!


Because I was all chatty about CASEing, you are prolly plum wore out, which isn't fair to Becca. I'd love to have you mustard the energy to go say hello to Becca, leave her some love, and join her site! And, bonus, when you are there, you can read her interview of MOI faux gras and see her beautiful CASE of one of my cards!

I hope you have enjoyed this first episode of MACS! If you like, you can use the term and acronym in your own posts when you do something similar. However, the interview questions used in my post today are Becca's, so please ask her permission if you would like to use them.

Maybe we can change the world with all this mutual love and admiration, one MACS at a time!! Hmm, now I'm thinking in terms of changing the world that it should be SMAC! Society of Mutually Admired CASErs has a nice ring to it!


Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy.  LITS!* 

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Julie B said...

What a fab idea, I'm just popping over to find out your answers! :)

Rahmat said...

What an inspiring post on Case-ing Darnell, and the card is a perfect Case, and kudos to Becca for starting such an amazing segment!

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Darnell
Well, that was a great read. I'm very partial to MACS especially of the Big variety, (with extra pickles, yum!)
Love your take on Becca's creations. Will pop and see her blog.
Have actually taken the plunge and entered your NBUS challenge.
Have a great day.
Ang x

Becca Cruger said...

Oh Darnell, to say I am in love with your post is an understatement. Thanks for the giggles and the BEAUTIFUL card (which I got in my mailbox yesterday evening). :) Thanks for going along with my crazy whim! I LOVE it and it brought back so many good memories of me and my Gram. You are truly an inspiration to the rest of this bloggy world!

Gillian R said...

A great idea Darnell, I love finding out more about fellow card makers

Happy Dance said...

Miss D., you are simply amazing. No. Wait...BEYOND amazing. This was a fabulous post, and I loved every single word in it. This MACS thingy is pretty darn cool, and I promise to head over to Becca's once my long comment is finished. Thanks for the shout out too...you'll be up PDQ. I hope to do one or two a month. BTW, Your CASE of Becca's card was beautiful! Totally loved it, and it honored the memory of her grandma beautifully. You are such a sweetie, and I'm blessed to call you 'friend.' Missing you!! Bev

Unknown said...

Great card, great idea, great post!! Love this Darnell!

designbydonna said...

I use the same method for cards to CASE. Print them out and glue in notebook. Love your MACS concept. Checked out Becca's post too.

Jane Willis said...

What a great post - a fantastic idea, a great read and an introduction to a blog I'd not visited before. Thank you for brightening up my day!

Kara Lynne said...

Wonderful post, Darnell, and thanks for introducing us to Becca! Your DJKASE is quite an amazing card with your masked, blended, and stamped background. Perfect sentiment too! Off to go read Becca's blog now...

Patti J said...

You always bring a smile to a dreary day - I love coming here! So...I love your MACS idea! Your DJKase is perfect, too - great job! Okay, so my curiosity is piqued...I am off to the Damsel of Distressed's blog!!! Hugs...and thanks SO much for stopping in to see me!

KT Fit Kitty said...

I enjoyed this! I'm a fan of Becca's - but who isn't! She's fabulous! Great card CASE too - both are beautiful!

Kathyk said...

Darnell, I always love your posts - they are delightfully quirky! Just followed your link and am now a follower of Damsel of Distressed too!

Happy Friday


conil said...

What a doll you are. MACS, SMAC, it all works for me. This is a terrific idea, sure to catch on all over the crafty blogosphere. Your CASE of Becca's card is spot on, by the way. Great for V-Day, as it's known around here. I have to go check out her blog now, excuse me.

jimlynn said...

Great interview of Becca and you did a wonderful CASE on her card! Love!!!!!

*Vicki* said...

Yay!! So excited to see the two of you together featuring each other! :) You've done such an amazing job with your CASE my friend!! I love reading what both of you have to say!! BIG HUGS

Unknown said...

Hi Darnell! I just had to pop over from Becca's blog to meet you on this Featured Friday! What a lovely way to end the week!! Love the CASE'd cards you two worked on and LOVE your little playhouse! That's just fabulous!!
Nice to meet you!! XOXO-Shari

Tracey McNeely said...

Darnell well done!! Loved your feature over at Becca's blog (isn't she the sweetest) and I thoroughly enjoyed both of your posts this morning--em...afternoon. Now I started by doing exactly what you did, magazine cutouts of cards that I was going to make. I still have file folders full of them and I tiny notebook in my night table with mag photos that I created with sketches and notes--ha ha. I have 65 Pin boards of which most are of cards I want/plan to CASE, when I have time--ha ha ha ha. Your CASE of Becca is awesome, just like you!

Dotty Jo said...

A great post, thanks Darnell - lovely see meet and greet with Becca and to enjoy your shared talents! Jo x

Sue said...

Fab post. It's always nice to find out more about other bloggers.

Hope you have a nice relaxing evening. Sue

Pat said...

This is a lovely CASEing of Becca's pretty card Darnell and I love the pretty pink you have used for it, and the pretty inked background. I like you was very moved by her wonderful tribute to her Grandmother, and I just hope if I ever have any grandchildren that I will mean as much to them as Becca's Gran obviously meant to her! x

Anita in France said...

What a romantic CASE, Darnell ... and it includes beautifully inked French script ... how could that not be perfect! Loved your post ... good to find out some more about a fellow crafter too! Just off to see what I don't already know about you!! Hugs, Anita :)

Sue said...

Hello Darnell. I really enjoyed reading your post today and learning so much about a fellow crafter. I shall be popping along to take a look at Becca's blog next and enjoy reading your answers.
The card you picked to CASE is so beautiful and your gorgeous design has really done it justice.
I hope you have a good weekend.
hugs Sue xx

Carol said...

Loved Becca's post about you Darnell and love your's in return. Fabulous CASE card, the background looks wonderful. Carol x

LauraJane:) said...

Had to put on the Brakes of my Speed Reader today when I saw Becca's Photo!!
She's such a bundle of energy!!
LOVEd the interview.. your DJKASE is spot-on Darnell!

Carole Z said...

What a fabulous post Darnell, yes I used to cut out and stick too! Going to check out Becca, hugs Carole Z xx

Lizzy Hill said...

LOL... Loved the whole post & especially the mutual casing - great jobs by both you girls....but you may as well go the whole hog & get SMACKD.... I'm sure you can figure out where I stumble on the last 2 back to front letters (winks!!!)......

Lisa Elton said...

What a fun post and how great is Becca! Love her card AND your fabulous CASE of it. I used to do the magazine thing, now I jot down quick little sketches that later make no sense!

Scrumplescrunch said...

The post was long but fun and informative. I believe everyone cases in some form or other because that is how we artists are inspired and learn. I love your interpretation on Beccas card.
I will pop over and say hello.

Unknown said...

Popped across from Becca's blog and now a follower. I love your clean and simple cards. Like Becca I'm mixed media more but love CAS. There's always something so striking about them. But they seem harder to make - to me :)
Look forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations.
Georgie xx

Cat Craig said...

Wonderful companion post to Becca's. I thoroughly enjoyed both of them. So glad she asked and you agreed. Your case of her card is beautiful Darnell. Thanks so much for the wonderful visit.

Peggy in Mentone said...

Happy New Year sweet Darnel, thank you for the wonderful comments you have left in my gallery. I don't always have time to read blogs and comment, but I sure am glad I had time to come to your blog today.It was also fun to read the introduction of someone new to me. What a cool idea to case one another and post information..I really enjoyed it ALL! I went to her blog and read all about you and perused her blog as well. You definitely leave the day brighter and make the world a happier place with your clever words and your wonderful talent. I am re-organizing my craft room to fit in my new Cameo Silhouette that I got for Christmas. I HATE cleaning and organizing my room because I can find nothing afterwards, but often find lost things during, so maybe it is a break even. I take frequent breaks (like this one) so it takes me a while to get it done. I just wanted to take the time to leave some love for you and to tell you I am hoping you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year and I look forward to being inspired by you this year!

Happy, JOYFUL Hugs,

Kathleen said...

Great post and a great case on Becca's card and just in case you don't believe me I did read the whole post, no arguments, case closed.

Kath x

Jerrie said...

What a wonderful post on a talented artist!!

Redanne said...

You know already my dear friend that I love all your posts but this one is so very special. Becca's blog and her work is lovely and so is your wonderful card. You have an amazing way with words and your CAS cards are always so inspiring - I so wish I could do what you do! Big hugs, Annie xxx

Lisa said...

What a fun post!! What a great way to get to know other crafters!! I love your answers on Becca's blog and your measles card - LOL!! Gorgeous take on her inspiration card, too!! Have a great evening :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Lindsey said...

Such a beautiful DJKASE of Becca's already beautiful card!

Geri said...

You are amazing! Your post is amazing! And your card is amazing! Awesome background, beautifully blended. I love the masked hearts.

Now I'm off to Becca's blog to read all about you!

OH Babs said...

Fun post II, and great job of CASEing.

Shelly said...

This is such a fun and wonderful post, Darnell! Love your 'DJKASE' and love reading more about Becca! I'm gonna have to hop on over to her blog and check it out! ;)

Janelle said...

Hi Sweetie! Love, love, love your CASE of Becca's card - simply gorgeous. This is the most interesting blog entry I've read for a long time, and I love your idea of MACS. You are a constant inspiration to me with your card-making talent and enormous ... heart! (What else did you think I was going to say? ;) ) Have a great weekend. Love, Janelle

laurie said...

Fun post to read, and so true about casing! I'm off to check her blog!

Bobby said...

I'm still giggling about the measles baby, Darnell. That was a fun-filled expose there on Becca's blog. Your CASE of her card was spot on and I enjoyed reading her answers and seeing what she did with your card.

Kim Heggins said...

Darnell...you are beyond amazing, seriously beyond amazing! I love this post and all the wonderful information you provided us with. I finally did some major cleaning in my craft room and tossed out page after page of card ideas I used to print to save for another day. To be honest I don't think I ever referred back to those for inspiration. I have enough idea printed out to fill 2 paper grocery bags! And on top of those I had photos too...you go to stores or classes and see wonderful ideas so why not snap a photo? Tossed all those out too. I love the idea of Pinterest and the internet and because of these it was time to get rid of all the paper taking up valuable space that could store new supplies that would be used and not just sit there an collect dust. Have a wonderful weekend and you have truly inspired me today!

Cathy said...

Hi Darnell, gorgeous CASE of Becca's card, I popped over to say hi to her too. Love her questions, Cathy x

Sheila H said...

Nice CASE! I enjoyed reading about Becca. Now I'm going to her blog to read about you.

Susanne Vargas said...

What a fun idea this MACS is! Loved the interviews and both of your CASEing! (Already visited Becca!) Looking forward to more (S)MACS!
Have a creative weekend!

alexandra s.m. said...

Thank you for a great post Darnell and great casing ;)
Thank You also for the kind and comforting words you left on my blog. They're much appreciated.

Happy New Year!

JD/ Jill said...

Great idea...and wonderfully made cards. I so enjoyed reading both you post and Becca's
Don't ask me how many inspiration books I have...(just think of all the glue I used...LOL!)
Since, Pinterest, I now just pin!

Greta said...

Great take on Becca's card, Darnell--love the pink!

Aileen said...

Darnell, brilliant read. Thanks for that. I love coming here to visit but you know that already. Just love your take on her card. Looks brilliant.

sandie said...

Love the story of CASEing and I so love Beccas window frame! Great case card, we all love hearts. Such a wonderful idea to CASE a fellow crafter, I remember how much it meant to me when you cased me, I felt like a princess x

wienerhoneymooners said...

LOVE this post to BITS!!!!!!!!! I too Adore b=Becca!

Sarah G said...

Great idea and a great treat for us to enjoy the card designs of two fab designers! I loved reading about Becca and am off to browse her blog. Your CASE of her card is so elegant - love the masked hearts and distress inking.

Kristie Goulet said...

LOVE this post, Darnell. I love Becca's post as well. GREAT CASE of Becca's card. xx

Petra Swart said...

Love your post and your great CASE of Becca's card, Darnell!! Off to check out her blog!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!

Neha said...

You are amazing, Darnell! What a great idea to introduce new crafter. I am your new follower and entering your challenge too..:) Thank you so much for loving words on my blog. Love your CASE card! Hugs.

ionabunny said...

What fun. Becca's cards are lovely and it's been too long since I visited so I'm off to say hi to her now. I love this post and the idea. You are so generous in every way. Bug hugz. I love your version of Becca's card. Hugz

Nora Noll said...

This is such a fun idea!! I LOVE Becca, and of course, your work and blog always make me smile!! Love your CASE of Becca. I have more then one Pinboard of inspirations I want to CASE. My main board was just getting to big!! I am on my way over to Becca's to see your answers!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. Popping over to see you on Becca's blog.

Birgit said...

Becca is great and has great cards. I loved what you did with her one card-nice homage to it. I also loved your answers on her page. Now I have to get to making cards again:) Love the sparkly card below you made as well:)

Milka Gubo said...

Fun fun fun post and gorgeous CASEd card :-D

cm said...

Darnell: an ultra-fabulous post! Learning more about Becca and, in turn, you, has my heart singing. Every word is a delight; your case of Becca's stunning card (the connection with her grandma...such love!), a gorgeous gem. Your MACS is mighty awesome, my friend, as are you! Love this post, the cards, the essence! Hugs~c

Taunya Butler said...

Well, your card definitely speaks the truth - I am still crazy about you, your blog and all the fun and witty things you say!! You are such a delight and this card you have made by djkaseing Becca is amazing - i am loving how you made that way cool background - what genius and fabulously cool ideas you used!!! And I will go visit Becca - I have gotten to know her recently and found her to be fun!!!

Pia S said...

I really enjoyed reading this long post, very inspirational.
Case challenges are fun, they're my favorites along with sketches. I think we actually all case, even when we don't think we do, getting inspiration from each other. There are so many talented persons out there! I don't think I'm talented myself, but I really enjoy my creative moments and hope that my cards can transfer some of that joy of making to others as well.

Shona Chambers said...

I think we all must have a file, pin board etc somewhere full of cards we would like to have a go at. I quite often look thru it and think about CASEing but it never comes to fruition. Really enjoyed this post and Becca sounds lovely. Must pop over and say hi!!!

Gerrina said...

Love your CASE-card! So many things to see and techniques ald still not to much...that is clever! Hugs, Gerrina

Ros Crawford said...

What a great post and such a fabulous card too ... I love the script and heart BG

maria f. said...

Good for you (and Becca). I participated in Kara's challenge last week and that was so fun. It puts limitations on ya, gives you direction and that is a fantastic save from all the schtuff in the craft room breathing down your neck! You mentioned live CASEs and that reminded me of Chaitali's Iron Craft. She's had some goodies.

Helen Gullett said...

So thankful to get to know Becca more here :) I met her through another challenge blog and she has been inspiring me a lot with her projects. You are amazing, Darnell!

Tracey McNeely said...
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Tracey McNeely said...

A huge Happy Anniversary to you and the Mr. 40 years is such a landmark, congratulations to you both and I am wishing you many many more! <3 I know it takes lots of hard work to get there and it is so inspiring to hear of a love story like yours. I am singing happily away now to your wedding song <3