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August 20, 2014

WOYWW #272

Happy Wednezday, Crafters!

Welcome to What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday (WOYWW) whereas the magnetic Ms. Julia Dunn hostesses our hop and wherein we show off our deskesses. It's fun and addicting and I hope you can join in!

So everyone knows about Spring Cleaning, of course. Of course! In the Olden Days it was a Big Production as the furniture was moved out to the lawn so the carpets could be rolled up and taken outdoors to be beaten. Little Pomeranian dogs had to be kept indoors because of their weak lung capacities. Servants were warned not to confuse them with dusters. People also had their annual baths and before the sun was even warm on your back, you were already chopping wood for the next winter. 

Over time, modern appliances brought more relaxing springtimes for womens and a lot of us turned our attention to the drinks trolly. Oh, settle down. I'm only kidding. Have a drink. We do still continue the tradition of Spring Cleaning to this day, only it's a Smaller Production without the need of neighbors eyeballing our furniture on the lawn.

Which brings me to how time is flying this year. Ern?

Although the calendar says August, I pretended it said April and got up to some Playhouse Spring Cleaning these few days passed. You may remember how dirty my TV and windows were, so those got a wash. And instead of wood, I axed a bunch of paper.

So this is what I'm currently working on at my desk:
It was nice to move everything out on the lawn and make the desk spiffy clean. I didn't find any money, but I did find enough dust to make a bunny and a cup and a half of sequins.

(The sharp-eyed will notice that I was obviously the victim of a robbery since you were last here. I mean, obviously. It's the only pliable explanation.)


Some of you may remember how happy I was when I got my new drawers last September. Fresh elastic will do that to a girl. But the truth was, while I was happy about the new drawers, I had squalms. I mean the papers all fit and I certainly liked them better corralled in the drawers rather than achoo and scrunched in the trays, but, well, it wasn't all that user-friendly.

With weak and thin-skinned granny hands and a bad back, how stoopid was I to establish a system where I had to bend over and lift up and leaf through 500 sheets of paper to find the one I wanted?! And, people, I have several drawers of the schtuff collected since the last century.
Not any more.

The cool thing about joining in the WOYWW hop is that it is so nonjudgmental when it comes to our craft spaces. We are sometimes horrified in equal parts by how messy / neat we keep the areas where we all do our crafty magic. But we understand that all of us are creative, no matter the condition of our desks!

Personally, the hamster and I have so much clutter and chaos happening up in the party in our head, that we work best under Neat and Orderly conditions. Thus, here now are my patterned papers cut into either 6x6 or 6x12 sheets, sorted, and tabbed.  
One hopes that now that I can flip through and easily find revelant patterns, I will actually use my pretty papers. I'm sure this was the reasoning behind the invention of the 6x6 pads that you can pop in a drawer upside down for easy leafing.

I even made a card in celebration: 
I really like this card because it's multinational and involves friend ships. I made it for my friend Kim as a thank you card for driving to Hero Arts recently. And the pp is from the factory store we visited. The sediment and image are from American Art Stamps, but they came to me in the mail from the United Kingdom, stamped off by my friend Gay, so all I had to do was color and mat them. Gay gets the award this week for BEF: Best Enabler Friend, because I've since purchased this stamp and a few (cough) others from AAS.

So that's the news from around the Playhouse. How you doin? 


Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy.  LITS!* 

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to leave a comment and/or join as a follower! Please let me know you came by, so I can be sure and return the flavor!
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Veerle said...

I enjoyed reading through your story Darnell. I cannot seem to keep my craft space tidy since it is not small it is extremely petite. The storage shelfs are not my choise they were already there and ofcourse the way I want to store things don't fit into these storage shelfs. (grumble)
I really like your card your friend will be very happy with it. LOve the sentiment. Hugs from Veerle xxx

Jackie said...

Wow all that cleaning and organising Darnell !!!!
Love how you have organised the paper!
What a fun card you made as well!
Jackie 15

vic said...

Love your craft room Darnell and whst a better way to store the paper for you, I need a playhouse he he!!!!
Gorgeous card too love the colouring
Vic x

Belinda Basson said...

Oh how you made me giggle a few times while reading this. I do like your new paper storage, makes much more sense. You and the hamster in your head...still giggling! #23

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Darnell...you just have the best craft space...and it looks super, all springcleaned. We're moving cities in a few weeks soooo I'm all out looking for storage ideas as I check out the WOYWW desks. I know what you mean about sorting through stacks of paper, so you have me thinking. I love those stamps and have a couple myself, cheers and happy WOYWW RobynO#21

Vanessa said...

I wish I was this tidy and organized!!! I am so chaotic. Love your cute card, so fun!!

Sue said...

Love the card.

Your paper storage is fab.

Hope you have a lovely WOYWW
Sue 30 (at the moment, but we know it can change:))

Sue - said...

Great post Darnell - look at that empty clean desk just waiting for you to get creative!! Love your card too - I'm thinking it would work beautifully with paper piecing to use up some your stash.

Redanne said...

Well, no one else has said it yet, so I will..... I think you deserve a very large drink after all that cleaning and tidying! Oh yes - and one for hammy too. I think you may just have as many patterned sheets of paper as I do! Well done for having a clean and orderly workspace today. Hugs, Annie xx

Helen said...

oh what a great read! do you want to come over and help me? I am looking round in horror... The card is fabulous, as is your new paper storage. Helen 17

Anonymous said...

Loved to read your post! You are so super organized. Once I tidy up, it takes me 5 minutes to ruin it all :-)
Gabriele 25

My Paper Epiphany said...

I love your beautiful clean desk, but I;m sure you'll have it covered in no time! I can relate to the bending and lifting - especially in my kitchen! It's nearly Spring here and I was thinking I might have to clean out a couple of rooms, because I'm running out of space for my finished cards! hugs. Jenny

Linda said...

Hi Darnell ...... you have been busy! I'm so jealous of that paper drawer.
Love your card too ..... great image and I love those words. Have a fab day ..... hugs Linda xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I'm just envious of your new elastic.....hitches up knickers.....
Seriously, that paper filing must have taken a while but boy, will it be worth it in the long run! I can picture you now, plucking out papers with gay abandon :-)
Hugs, LLJ 10 xx

Lyn said...

Gorgeous desk, and what a super idea putting the 6x6 pads upside down for leafing through them........Love it, thanks zillions for sharing

Sammy said...

You see, to me empty space = Not enough stash! But then, I still only have the one desk and a little corner of floor, so it makes sense, lol.
I love your new paper storage, and I'm looking forward to seeing the multitudes of gorgeous looking cardage featuring these delicious papers! x

Aileen said...

Darnell I am soooo happy to see the true photo of the chocs. My Lindt supply is also looking rather depleted, I'm sure there is a family of borrowers living under the floor boards and they are forgeting you cant borrow chocolate.

Love your card, love love Emerson stamps. Very hard to get them now. I have a few but there were some I madly wanted and they are no longer stocked. Even chased Emerson himself down to chat about it. But to no avail, I could get aprons and coffee mugs I think but no stamps.

I think if ever I get across to america I will need to catch up for a coffee. I sense our humorous is very similar.

Carole Z said...

HI Darnell...no WOYWW for me again this week :( love your card and what a fab sentiment! Great to see your empty space...but not for long! I love getting my stash out on the lawn on a good day too..it sure feels good afterwards doesn't it? Hugs Carole Z X

Karin said...

Hi Darnell, your desk looks very clean and the paperdrawer is so practical to use! I also love your cute card!
Karin x

Kylie said...

Wow! That's clean! I think you should get right in and get that room all messy again!!! LOVE the card! xx

AnyOldCraft said...

What a fabulous read and amazing sense of humuour thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.
Your playhouse is AMAZING.
Your storage systems are top notch.
You are correct in that we are all creative and work best in our own way.
I love things neat and tidy but for myself it stifles my creativity so prefer to work in organized chaos LOL
Have a beautiful day and enjoy your crafting :)

Claire Grantham said...

Hello from London Darnell..I have been shopping, so I am going to need to have a spring clean of my craft room when I get home. Love the card - nothing better than a friend who is an enabler!! I recently acquired gorgeous 12x12 paper trays for my expedit and did a scrap tidy (#271) so I am feeling pretty organised. Cx #43

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Bravo to you on the clean desktop, and new, exciting paper storage. I can see you just need a trip to the market for some more foil wrapped morsels! I am working on my zillions of unmounted/unknown stamps which I bought in a lot. I am on round 3 of organizing this lot. Nothing seems to work for keeping them ready for usage. Have a great end to the week. Love that card!

Brenda said...

Wow, your desk and window looks so shiny and sparkly Darnell! I love that your Hershey Kiss drawer is open and there are only a few pieces in it. Maybe it was Hammy that ate them from you? lol All that cleaning would require some chocolate! But so well worth it as everything looks so clean and pretty! I love your paper organization and it looks like it will work so much better than the way it was. That is such a pain (literally) having to lift up a pile of paper and go through it to find the one you want. Now that card is totally fabulous! I love the sentiment and I love the lady. It is sure to bring a smile to your friends face. Hugs, Brenda

glitterandglue said...

Wow, Darnell! Fancy doing my space now??? Wonderful job done there in your playhouse. Great card made - lots of fun - and a great truth!!
Have a great week. God bless.
Margaret #11

Em Louise Fairley said...

Wow, I need to get mine to that point!

Em x
Creative Em
(website currently offline for revamp)

Deepti said...

Oh my your craft room looks so perfectly clean :) if I was living next to you, I surely would have eye balled on ur stamp collection during ur spring cleaning of the play house lol
Sweet card !

Shoshi said...

Lol Darnell, I really laughed at your post (esp. the bit about the drawers ROFLROFL!!). What fun. Very late spring cleaning, but wow how tidy is your creative space with nothing in it lol!! Mine is a total tip at the moment - I have to be one of the untidiest workers immaginable which totally contradicts my OCD tendencies! (Shoshi's one mixed up old lady...)

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #35

Benzi said...

Sorry 'bout the robbery...hmmmmmm, Darnell, but everything sure looks spiffy in that craft room. LOL

Oh, you're getting so organized and putting me to shame. I do try, though.

Your card is a real cutie..love those green and black tennies.

adele holcomb said...

Ooh! Shiny, pretty work space! You must be itching to get to work in it.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Darnell, love your story about spring cleaning. Your desk looks great now it's clean and tidy and I have done mine in the past usually when we needed to paint the walls. Anyway I am going to pretend I didn't see this then I wont need to do mine lol!
Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 49

Hettie said...

Did you hear the thud as the world moved off its axis as I fell over in disbelieff! Good grief woman!!
Now go and lie down in a darkened room until at least Christmas.
What with you cleaning your room and me in a frock some of our buddies are going to wonder what is occuring!
Yes! I did say me in a frock!!! Yesterday since you asked.

Jeanne said...

Your desk looks amazing, Darnell! Your chocolate drawer, however looks sad. Hrmmmm, did your pesky Hammy recruit a few friends to raid your drawers?? Gasp! The card is awesome Thanks as always for sharing and entertaining!

Vicki Dutcher said...

Your desk looks so pretty and clean. I like the glass top a lot!

Anne said...

Ooh error Mrs you have been busy tidying up an all!!! It' s on my list to do - 12th of never at moment!!! Great card to celebrate. Loved the post. I'm in IKEA having a coffee while Grandpa has taken littlies to queue to play in play area. Getting strange looks as I giggle at your post :-) Anne # 33

Brenda in IN said...

You put me to shame with such tidiness. I do love clean and tidy and do clean my desk after each project. The room itself - not so much. Me thinks there is too much stuff in here! That card is the best. Love the sentiment and she is a hoot. Love those shoes!

Casandra Bennett said...

Whoa. Amazing, girl. You have been BUSY. My desk is the opposite right now, we shall say. I haven't quite worked up the courage to post pic's of it in that state yet, though. LOL Cute card!

Mrs.D said...

Well what a well organised craft space and I love the way you have categorised your papers, I always find it hard to decide how to organise papers, by colour or pattern or style or thckness, you seemed to have cracked.
Love the card and the stamped sentiment.
Chris #52

Alanna said...

Oh Darnell, I loved hearing your story about spring cleaning in the old days. So cute and funny.

Your space looks super tidy and your card is just darling.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing all that! I have a bad back too and still have not found the perfect solution for where and how to keep my pretty papers--but I might actually buy one of those carts with the colorful drawers. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #51

Patti said...

Hi Darnell! So happy to be invited into the Playhouse once again! I just love the smell of Windex : )

As I read your post I turned to look at the crazy mess on my cardmaking desk and wondered to myself... how much would it cost to get Darnell over here!?

Fantabulous job organizing your papers. I know you are right! you are going to be able to incorporate NBUS like never before!! : )

Love your card!! and that sentiment is oh so true : )

Have a happy day.


I Card Everyone said...

Really great job at cleaning, D. At first, I thought you had a boo-boo when I saw the Windex =] Let me know if you "get" this!
Really cute card, and love that your good friends enable you... we all win when they do!

cotnob said...

You do make me chuckle Darnell, what a shiny desk you have!
I love your sweet card, such pretty colours.
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment.

Sharon Underwood said...

Windex! Wow! You're really cleaning (as opposed to "wiping off")! I like it. I love your playhouse, too, as all of us do. Your card is super sweet.

Di said...

Crumbs Darnell! I thought you'd run away from home when I saw the empty desk - 'cos any self respecting crafter would always take her trailer full of craft goodies with her in such circumstances. Then I saw the duster and cleaning spray and remembered I needed to do a deep clean of our stairway/hall/landing here. Four hours later I'm back for another peek - although I did pull and prepare a load of rhubarb for the freezer as well.

So - you sat and chopped loads of paper into neat sized pieces and didn't let me know? It's my favourite thing (almost) in the world to do - I adore using scissors, trimmers and guillotines and would happily have come over for a few days to do that task for you. It looks so much more manageable now - all my patterned card and paper is now stored upright and it's soooo much easier. I think it's almost as much fun organising as it is crafting :)

Happy WOYWW!

Hugs, Di xx

Lisa Elton said...

SQUEAKY CLEAN!!! Look at you go getting all sparkly and organized. And then there is even a card to boot, you rock my friend!!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

EEK! Oh my gawd! Avert your eyes! NAKED DESK! Wow! I'll bet it was fun though to air it all out and clean it up. Sometimes I think organization is half the fun. I'm with you on the piles of papers. I had what I called an 8-foot stack of paper in various plastic bins and what a hassle to move them all around to get at the bin you wanted. I've seen downsized to a 6-foot stack of paper... in bigger bins that have handles and can sit upright next to each other, easier than before but still not idea. Someday I'll have it perfectly worked out. Or not. Great card. It put a smile on my face. PJ #59

conil said...

APPALLED, SIMPLY APPALLED that your desk and drawers are so neat while mine look like a disaster area. I'm so jealous my eyes have turned bright green. If I beg and offer sustenance (solid & liquid), will you come to my lowly craft room to clean and purge. PLEEEEEEEEEEASE! Your card, however, made me laugh out loud. I have to go now and weep into my tool caddy.

Ros Crawford said...

That playhouse looks terrific ... all sparkly and new ... And well done to you organising those papers ... I keep saying I WILL organise mine ... but all I want to do is play ...sigh
Fabulous card!! Love her shoes!!

Lindsey said...

Whoa. That is way too tidy to get any work done. I like the reorganized again paper, that should work! I still like to go through a sheet at a time, then a few months later, get the card made.
The card is fab, of course. I think you secretly made it pre-clean-up and just aren't telling us.
(P.S. Do you like the watercolour class? I'm very tempted to try it next!)

Krisha said...

Well, if this isn't Playhouse porn I don't know what is......I mean a NAKED desk!!! LOL

My Mom used to "spring" and "fall" clean that included wiping the walls down too. I inherited this, when I first got married, but I have let that concept go years ago.....grin
Now it is:
1. Keep the front of the fridge clean, cause you can see it when sitting at the bar.
2. Pick up the clutter, or you'll be next on Hoarders; Buried alive.
3. Keep the bathroom clean, cause you can't follow your guests in there and explain.
4. Dust the tops of the dark colored furniture, and of course mine is ALL dark wood.
5. Keep the blinds closed, nobody wants to look out dirty windows.

I DO do a deep cleaning, not on a regular schedule, mind you, BUT I DO LOVE a clean house, so I go to the neighbors....LOL (not really)

Paper storage is a big thing for me too. I still haven't found the RIGHT way for me. I did cut and chop some of the BIG scraps to size, but I find that doesn't always work good, for me, either. I always need it to be a little bigger, a little longer yadda, yadda! I did do away with anything smaller than an ATC size, and even some of those went!
You must keep us updated on how this storage is working for you.

Loved the card, and the sentiment is perfect!

Krisha #61

Canonbury creations said...

Well done for the spring cleaning Darnell but all your post has done is turn me a rather attractive shade of GREEN!!!! I think Hammy must have a bigger space than I do:) But at least it stops me buying too much craft stuff:)
Love the card and I think most of us would agree with your sediment.
Val x
ps Gay is a lovely lady and we have had great fun whenever we have met up:)

Debs Willis said...

OMG! You've been burgled, call the crafty police! This desk is waaaaay too tidy for a true crafter
Log the paper reorganisation, I sometimes have as much fun sorting crafty stash as I do using it - sssshhhh - don't tell anyone!

Pia S said...

Hmmm.... I don't think my desk has been as tidy as this, ever! I like cleaning up from time to time though, especially when in lack of ideas.
I like your card, and I believe Kim will to, it's a great sentiment! Fun image too!

OH Babs said...

Good for you II. Are you always rearranging? Boy I am. I have paper in three locations, no make that four. I try to get rid of paper and then lo and behold someone gives me more. Have a good week.

Verna Angerhofer said...

Wow! That is certainly clean. I stamp at the kitchen table and right now it is filled with canning supplies and such. No room for stamping now. I wish I did have a room for myself but alas, my things are found in each of the downstairs rooms except our bedroom and the bathroom. But, who knows! That could change too. LOL I love your card too. Such a fun one to give a friend.

Loll said...

I'm so impressed by your clean desk Dolly!! My desk top hasn't seen the light of day in quite some time ... the fact that I'm normally to picky about putting everything away, tells you that things have gotten way out of hand. Love our organizing of your DP. I have been slowly working my way through, cutting everything into 6"x6" pieces and labeling with the manufacturer so I can post correct info. It's a long process and very time consuming. Lost is the fact that I rarely use patterned paper ... I'm a collector mostly :)

I need to stop buying new things until I have a place to put them ... but I can't seem to wrap my head around that and just placed a new SSS order a few days ago :) When will I learn??!! :) Lolly xx

Jacquie Southas said...

The desktop is clean, but kind of sad looking - I hope it is covered in all sorts of bits & pieces by now :)
I had horizontal paper storage for a while, but quickly realized it wasn't for me (or maybe the pile of paper grew too quickly to make it work) - your drawers must be a treat to thumb through and see all the pretty pieces of paper.

Anita in France said...

Reading your post had my eyes leaking with laughter, Darnell ... of the silly, out-of-control kind! The fact that I've been 'doing' wood for most of the last 72 hours probably had something to do with it! Cool, cleaner than clean Playhouse ... fun, fabulous card ... and with a perfect sentiment ... I can so relate! Hugs, Anita :)

Anita in France said...

Reading your post had my eyes leaking with laughter, Darnell ... of the silly, out-of-control kind! The fact that I've been 'doing' wood for most of the last 72 hours probably had something to do with it! Cool, cleaner than clean Playhouse ... fun, fabulous card ... and with a perfect sentiment ... I can so relate! Hugs, Anita :)

Julia Dunnit said...

My darling says if we were robbed, they'd have to tidy up to find anything. In my room. So it's clever of me to hide schtuff amongst my schtuff. Well, it's a case.
As for spring cleaning gal...leave the drinks trolley to me, I'll see to that!

Bonnie said...

I'm so impressed that you've done your spring cleaning 8 months early! The last time I did spring cleaning was 1989. Love the card! Both the image and sentiment are fantastic! Love that background paper too! (Watch out for those 6x6 pieces. When you cut them, they multiply.)

Karen P said...

Fab story please send Hammy to UK to sort out my mess - am buried below the paper and card right now and all the other crafty stuff has taken out over lol! Fab card huni - if there is any images of mine that you would like just let me know.
Apologies for lack of visits - not deliberate just been too rough and am trying to catch up as much as possible Karen x

Anonymous said...

I am impressed with your clean room! And here I was so proud that I got my tale cleaned off, mind you I am IN NO WAY a clean scrapper but I must admit that it's nice to go in there and start fresh with a table I can actually see and a space bigger then 4x4 lol!! LOVE your card and so will she!

Anonymous said...

Haha loved your post, it was so entertaining to read, it was Art in itself :).
And your desk - wow! It does feel like spring cleaning.
How long did it take you to organize your papers? I never take into account my expansiondrift when I organize. Oh I do save some room for more stuff (make sure there is room for more stamps, dies, inks etc) but I miscalculate the speed at which it expands. I guess it's like the universe. Not that crafting space is endless, more that crafting space is always too little to hold all crafting goods. (so, crafting goods are endless..)
About LITS - Your post certainly contributed to enjoying my day! Thank you!

Debbie/Daqa #18

Carol Cel said...

I am thoroughly impressed by your mad cleaning event! Are you for hire? Great card to celebrate!

Pat said...

How neat and tidy you are Darnell,and the arrangement of the paper looks great. Love the card too and that pretty floral paper behind. I bet that was easy to find in your newly sorted stash. x

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

WoW! Can't believe how clean your desk is! I have the same problem with my 12X12's! Carri~Abusybee

okienurse said...

OMG! before I read your post I thought you had been robbed and all your schtuff had been stolen...whoa is me! I like the idea of the drawers but I have 26 plastic boxes of patterned papers...you know those little 12x12 plastic boxes from Micheals...I have enough paper for years. Want some? Have a great week. Vickie #64

aussie aNNie said...

Hi Darnell, thanks for your lovely comment...oh I want your playhouse my friend, but as I have a crafting room I doubt hubby would let me invest in one....It's nice to have the craft area spick and span but I just wished it would stay like that....I had glass top desk but invested in a new corner one with white tops and drawers, can't see the dust now..xxx

The Journey is the Start

Barb Ghig said...

You are such a RIOT, Darnell!!! And, I'm so impressed with your sparkly clean desk...WOW!!!

Thank you so much for making me LOL today! My fave one-liner in this post is when you referred to the little Pomeranian dogs, and how "The servants were warned not to confuse them with dusters" ~ Too funny!

And, your card is fabulous! Such beautiful coloring and I love the quote! Thanks for another great post ~ Hugs, Barb

Bobby said...

My my, you have been busy. I get in that organizational mode once in a while, too. Notice I said "organizational" not "cleaning" lol. But lately I've been having trouble even finding time to make cards. Oh well, there's always tomorrow, as Annie says.

laurie said...

I'm still laughing....

Taunya Butler said...

I think the idea you did with your paper is AWESOME!! What a smart idea to get it out there and make it more usable!! Also, thank you seems not adequate enough to express my feelings about your advice and encouragement!! It really meant ALOT to me!! So thank you and I will keep you posted on what my decision is!! But regardless of whether I keep blogging - I will still comment and visit other blogs because that inspires me!! See you soon!!

jimlynn said...

Oh my goodness! You're clean, organized, and made a darling card to boot! It ALMOST makes me want to do spring cleaning now.

Shoshi said...

Darnell, thank you so much for your lovely and thoughtful post on my blog. My hubby is a saint, but not so much that he can be said to enjoy doing all the things he does for us - like me, he gets very irritated by Mum who is far from easy, and he gets frustrated at times by so many interruptions in his life! I am so hoping that eventually things will settle down and the poor chap can actually start to enjoy his well-earned retirement!!

His tooth came out without too much trouble but is obviously tender. He hasn't taken Beatrice to the vet because her appetite seems to be picking up and she's eating little and often.

Thank you for your thoughts about the bereavement card, too. I should have worked on it yesterday but ended up resting and being on the computer... Today maybe! I am putting a lot of thought into it but am still at a loss for a suitable sentiment. More work to do yet, and no doubt something will come!

Have a great week.
Shoshi #35

Jenny L said...

Hi Darnell,
my what a very tidy craft room.
Love the look at your card or papers.
They look very exciting.
Wonderful storage, and collating of the drawer.
Love your stamped image and the sentiment is great.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Monica said...

I clicked Ctrl Home and jumped to the top of your page. it must be my messy mind . Does organizing ones papers result in greater creativity and production? Or do neatniks spend as mush time organizing as messies do searching for stuff. (2 words that that upset blogger spell check). I enjoyed my post much better than watching the morning news. Do you have to clean your glass desk top? it looks so impressively slick and modern.
Monica 69

Carole Pollard said...

Great post your Playhouse looks very smart after its Spring Clean. I love your card just fab love and Happy Crafting Hugs Carole x

1CardCreator said...

Wow is right, your desk sure does look spiffy! Wish mine would stay clean, but no luck there. Love your fun card, that stamp is adorable. ~Diane

Chriss Blagrave said...

Your posta always crack me up Darnell! I love the hamster party in your head, I think I have that too, but maybe it's squirrels! I like the way you cut your PP and labeled, I am about half way through now and. With my 15 minutes a day of a little chore in the craft room, I think the end of September may be a reality. It' good to set a little goal, right?
I love you old lady card, she lives with a great moto!
I have a similar old lady stamp...about being married. I found it a few weeks ago during a 15 minute "chore" ;))
Have a super week end!
Hugs, Chriss

Monika Reeck said...

I looveee your desk it has much place...my desk is a small one only 1/4 of yours and I join my desk with my dinning room...LOL

Cute card you made and lovely colors too...and lovely sentiment (SMILE)

I just back from vacation at baltic sea its only a small vacation cause my MIL getting worst in Hospital because of that my hubby decided to back to Munich earlier than we planned..I have no internet at Baltic sea...how suffer I am (LOL) now I am happy at home and can visiting you again Darnell hope you like to see my empty blog...see you soon my sweet friend...hugs, Monika

Shelly said...

Ooooh, so fresh and clean! And such a sweet card!!! <3

Nikki said...

That is one tidy space you have there now and you got your dust bunnies under control :) I like your storage for all your papers and it should be much easier to find the ones you want so much easier have a wonderful rest of the week I'm so late dropping in
hugs Nikki 2
P.S finally got tagged to what to write lol

Claire said...

That card is just fabulous Darnell - love it! Could you come over and spring clean my craft area please...yours looks sparkling!

Stamping With Bibiana said...

hey darnell: me too I need to do some cleaning!!! maybe your post will push me to do it :)
hugs bibiana

Gerrina said...

Drastic cleaning! But now back to enjoying creating I think? The card is great again!
I still have a 12 boxes to go through and then I have had them all in my hands... A part of what I found goes to charity so they can work with it and the rest needs to get into projects, so more to come...and never out of materials to play with...
Hope you have fun plans for the weekend, hugs, Gerrina

nwilliams6 said...

Wow - look at the clean surface - so inspiring. Makes me want to at least clear a path through my craft room so I don't trip over everything (sad by true). Great paper storage system. I have some of mine stacked horizontally and you are right - it is horrible and your new system is much better! Cute card too. Loved my visit today. Hugz!

Viv said...

I am in awe of your clean craft room...now can you come and clean mine too please?? lovely card btw. ...it's fabulous..and made me smile!!! ..... so many ideas for storage in your craft room too...I am going a strange shade of green now...ahem :) hugs Viv xx

Leslee said...

Just love your card and that you cleaned up too!

Greta said...

Do you hire out?! For the life of me I cannot get my space cleaned up--a bit gets put away & then more is piled on! Your card is adorable, Darnell!

Anonymous said...

So....jealous! You can't even see the floor in my little craft space at the moment. You may have just inspired me to have a spring clean, just got a couple or five cards to make first... Cx

G Peplow said...

Hi Darnell, Oh I have missed a lot again, whooshes by this time stuff, doesn't it indeed !! Look at your amazing space!! Well done with the spring clean and thanks for the shout out :D You made a brilliant card, I'm so pleased you liked the image and naughty girl, you bought more LOL LOL Tempting funnies I call American Arts :D Hugs Gay xx

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Darnell,

Oh, you and Mr. Hamster have been very busy spring cleaning! It's great to see your space empty just to see how much you have! A few years ago I cut down my 12 x 12 papers into small sheets and liked it. But then there were several sheets that I wished I'd kept large. Now I have a new "collection" of 12 x 12. I'll put them on one of the shelves in my bookshelf so they'll be handy. Not there yet but I'm coming along.

Happy belated WOYWW!!

Hugs, Kay (58)

Miriam Prantner said...

Wow, I don't think my space has every looked that clean! I don't think it's possible! I do love that sentiment though, it's so true....and a great image to go with it!

Nora Noll said...

Can you come over and clean my desk? I will let you keep some of the stuff you find!! LOVE this post and your card. I need to get some of these fun images.

cm said...

As commenter #97 (seriously, your popularity has me beyond impressed), I doubt anything I say will be original, so I'll just be a hanger-on-er and say: you are AWESOME! After having been back at work since Monday - and pouting about the whole affair (I'll get better...eventually *grin*), visiting your blog happy-therapy!