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June 11, 2014

WOYWW #262

Hello Everybody!

Welcome to the World Wide Web of What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday (WOYWW)*. This edition is a follow-up to the 260th edition celebrating the 5th Anniversary of WOYWW! My desk today shows you the amazing, faffilicious, and remarkable ATCs I received in the swaperoo!

Thanks to the magic of a monkey pic, I fingered out how to label them for you! I'm feeling pretty smarty pantaloons about that! I didn't put the webs under the names because you can find these artists via the hop list, but if that doesn't work for you, feel free to mask me.
I have a few more coming (so beciting!); in fact, here are two more delicacies that arrived just as I was drafting this:
Thank you everyone who swapped with me! They are all priceless and precious treasures and I LOVE them! I'm looking forward to seeing yours! 


Real quick, I hope Julia doesn't mind me telling my WOYWW friends about my NBUS Challenge since I'm not selling anything for anybody. It's in celebration of all my bloggie friends and as motivation to use that NBUS! If you would like to participate (and I hope you do!), here is the party link with all the deets!! 

I'd like to thank fellow desker and talented graphic artist Nikki for making this brilliant button for my challenge:
Never-Before-Used-Schtuff (Stamps, Dies, EFs, etc.)
I hired her after I saw the terrific buttons she made for Julia for the WOYWW 5th Anniversary hop. Thank you, again, Nikki! Isn't WOYWW an incredible network?!

And I had to share this very relatable funny I just saw yesterday on Facebook:
Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy.  LITS!** 

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to leave a comment and/or join as a follower! Please let me know you came by, with your number, so I can be sure and return the flavor! We are getting the grand twinglesons and their dog Duke for five days starting tomorrow, WHOORAY!! It may take me the whole week to get to you, but as long as moody Blogger will let me, I'll get there!
**Life Is Too Short!

*Edited to add this message from our WOYWW hostess Julia's best friend, Jan:

There will not be a WOYWW link today, I've just heard from Julia, she has been taken ill whilst on holiday and is in hospital. Not life threatening but she is not well. PLEASE do not email her, if you want to send a message, then do it through me. She won't be home until next week, so I don't know if there's going to be a WOYWW next week either.  Sorry, I don't have any more info at the moment but will let you know with updates as soon as I get them. Jan xx

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Kathyk said...

FABeroony swaps you got there matey and well done on the whole label-y dilemma (knew you were up to it!)

Enjoy the time with the short relatives and their pooch!

Happy WOYWW!


Jackie said...

Darnell what a great bunch of ATC's you recieved in the post!!!!! Very clever how you were able to put the names on them all like that ..... Need to learn these things
Jackie (scra bang wallop)

vic said...

Wow gorgeous ATCs you have there :) love the craft quote you saw on Facebook made me chuckle :)
Have a lovely day
Vic x

Colleen said...

Have a great time with your twins and the dog too! I am so lucky to live next door to three of my grandchildren and the other three only live 10 minutes away! We see each other all the time and have a very special relationship with them.

Sarn said...

Ooh loved seeing your ATC swaps and NO WONDER you're feeling "smarty pantaloons" about the labelling! Good job!


Hugs, Sarn xxx

Anne said...

Fablious swaps !!! Great button and how I laughed at ' I won't buy any more craftstuff etc etc :-) !!!! Anne x ( no number yet )

Gerrina said...

Great swap! And that FB-quato is super! (I won't hold you to it, as I can;t hold meself to stick to it!) Have a fun day, Gerrina

Manuela said...

beautiful ATCs on your desk, thanks for the note on my card for the HM :-)
the saying is super funny, i must giggle as I read this :-))

Carole said...

What a great collection from talented fans. The button Nicky made is fabulous. I'm sure you'll all enjoy the 5 day visit. Your atc arrived yesterday thanks so much for swapping the little purse is adorable. Hugs Carole

Eliza said...

Hi Darnell,

I always love your humor and acronyms gosh sometimes you make my brain melt seriously you are the best at them. I must get around to joining you on the NBUS one day. Also love that declaration like never.......

Hope you have a great week and pleased to see my ATC has arrived you are one clever little bee working out how to do that.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda

Pat said...

What a lovely collection and so beautifully tagged too. Still working on my NBUS entry as life is a bit busy at the moment but I'm sure I am not alone there. x

alexandra s.m. said...

What a fabulous swap indeed!
Thanks Darnell!

Redanne said...

Wow, you got some fabulous ATCs Darnell, love all of them and love that word faffilicious - must find a way to use it sometime...

You have some lovely entries into your NBUS challenge - and so many - well done you! Hugs, Annie xx

Nan G said...

Fabby lot of ATCs, Darnell! Haven't they been just amazing this year?! Love the cartoon at the end. If that ever happened the world economy would crash. :D

Brenda in IN said...

You have talented swappers, their ATC's are great. As for the poem, I say that every single month and mean it. Then I send in an order!

1CardCreator said...

Great swaps you lucky gal! Have fun with the little ones too. ~Diane

Karen Petitt said...

Fabulous ATC's Missy D! Am hoping to be able to link up a card to NBUS later on today, back allowing, lol! You do make me smile when I see your wonderful comments on my blog and I love reading your posts here too! Have a fabulous day huni Karen xx

Krisha said...

Great ATCs you swapped for! I am just tickled with the one you sent me.....LOVE IT!

I read about your NUBUS challenge, I'm a little late but hope to join in. If it happens I'll come back and get your cute button for my blog, well......maybe I'll just take it anyway (you know how "free" works.......LOL)

Shocked to hear about Julia, but knew something must be wrong. Like you I got up this morning and still not linky.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous ATC"s you received!!!

Claire said...

Wow, what a beautiful selection of ATCs - I was so sad to miss the WOYWW5 party :(
Just learnt about Julia at LLJ's blog, hence I visiting peeps from there...
Happy WOYWW x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Have sent Julia a message with everyone's good wishes...great idea to post my message on your blog, hopefully more folk will see it between us two and understand what's happened.
Take care,
Jan xx

Sue said...

Fabby ATCs.

Please let Julia know I am thinking of her and sending positive healing thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

Happy WOYWW Sue

Ros Crawford said...

Wow! Great ATC and one tidy desk me thinks!

Ros Crawford said...

Wow! Great ATC and one tidy desk me thinks!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

You must tell me how you manipulated the monkeys who do the pictures to make words. Do you give the monkeys money???

You confused me with the workdesk Wednesday stuff because it isn't Wed... in my mind. Looks like the anniversary/bday party was a success,so many great ATCs to see.

Wowza that Julia is sickie. I hope she gets gooder soon!!!!

Pia S said...

Lots of beautiful art on your desk! Lucky you!

okienurse said...

slow on the upstake here! I was reading correct words not the punny ones! Great post. Sorry to hear about Julia. I wondered what was up and feared the worse. Thanks for stopping by my desk and leaving a comment. Will try the challenge and post it on my blog. Vickie

glitterandglue said...

Hello Darnell - lovely swapsies you have received - what precious gifts!
Many thanks for your ATC - it arrived safe and sound - lovely!!
Have a great week.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Darnell, thank you so much for visiting me earlier.
Your comments are very kind.
I'm pleased they laughed at the end of that little ditty, how many times have we said that and then ignored it lol!
You must be very pleased with your collection of ATCs, they are lovely, I shall have to try and swap more if we do it again next year.
Happy crafting, Angela @Felix the Crafty Cat x

Barb Ghig said...

Thanks so much for labeling all those gorgeous ATC's for us! What a fun swap that must have been...and how lovely that you will have them for many years to come! I do hope Julia is feeling better quickly!

Carole said...

I knew there must be something wrong. Sending blessings for rapid improvement and safe return. Be well Carole

Unknown said...

Love looking at all the fabulous ATC's! I am thankful that I was able to trade with you. Shocked to hear about Julia knew something wasn't right when there was no post for today. Sending prayers. Diane @ afocusedjourney.blogspot.com

2 peas in a pod said...

Hey Darnell, Just want to let you know I'm visiting and am a new follower of yours. I look forward to keeping up with what's going on. Have a great rest of the week! Hugs

Sheila H said...

You got some great swaps! Sorry about your friend - hope she's better soon.

Jacquie Southas said...

What fun to receive all those beautiful ATC's - I always enjoy your WOYWW posts and hope Julia recovers quickly!

Lindsey said...

What a fun swap. Isn't getting a card (or many cards in your case) in the mail just the best?

Happy Dance said...

Sweet ATCs! How nice that you're doing this exchange. Have to say, though...the "funny" is sooo spot on for me. You could have an NBUS everyday, and I'd still have new supplies! Have a great weekend. Bev

Patti said...

Great cards!! I love swapping too - have not done it in years but oh so much fun to get "Happy Mail"!!

Sending BIG (((Hugs))) to Julia! and Get Well Wishes.


Taunya Butler said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog - I truly appreciate your words of encouragement and advice. I joined your site via the blue button and also added you to my bloglovin' feed!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Brenda said...

Wow, these ATC's are amazing!! Everyone did a fabulous job with them. I'm so sorry to hear that Julia is sick and in the hospital. I hope she is well and back on her feet again real soon. Hugs, Brenda

Brenda said...

Wow, these ATC's are amazing!! Everyone did a fabulous job with them. I'm so sorry to hear that Julia is sick and in the hospital. I hope she is well and back on her feet again real soon. Hugs, Brenda

Claire Grantham said...

Hey Darnell, love the ATC pic, they are all so lovely, this has been oodles of fun. You got a shout out from me on Weds...http://hamnmuledesigns.blogspot.com/2014/06/oh-ship.html

My card is SO you.


MRS DUCK said...

Hi Darnell
Wow, whose a popular girlie then!
How lovely to receive all these gorgeous cards.
Off to press your button now and see what happens lol!
Best wishes.

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Darnell
Wow, whose a popular girlie then!
How lovely to receive all these gorgeous cards.
Off to press your button now and see what happens lol!
Best wishes.

Virginia L. said...

You really know how to get the party started! I love your idea of NBUS!! I am seeing them popping up everywhere! Way to go! Thanks so much for leaving me such kind comments, Darnell! The card-making blog land is all that much brighter because of people like YOU! Thanks for sharing what's on your work desk! Looks like you have many many admirers/ friends! Enjoy your weekend! HUGS!

Bobby said...

It must have been so exciting to open up all those delightful ATCs. I haven't a clue what a monkey pic is so kudos to you for figuring it out.

cm said...

My stars but those ATCs are spectacular works of art! Mini marvels, every one! I have a package of ATCs in my stash (somewhere), so I may have to give them some jazzing up! These you've shared and those you've created...swooning! Sorry to hear about Julia - prayers and well-wishes headed her way! Hugs~c

Monika Reeck said...

woooww love thats ATC on your desk..you are really a lucky card maker dear Darnell..may I have your address and your bday date too...I would love to send you my card for your bday if you dont mind...and now wanna say your desk looks better than mine its chaotic not tidy like yours (bwahaha....) hugs, Monika

maria f. said...

Ha ha ha. Go you MS. NBUS. Hope our time with the twins was wunnerful. Thought of you just now as a baby bird crashed into my window, followed immediately by two squawking parents. Now I'm on the lookout for cats...