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May 7, 2013

CTS #26, TPDC #180 ~ Stay the Course

I hope you all are doing well.  We had a great time with the twins on Sunday.  They regaled us with the highlights of their baseball game on Saturday.  As it happened, they batted one right after the other in the lineup.  Henry got a base hit and was standing on first base.  Adam came to the mound and smoked a home run to deep center field, which meant they got to chase each other around the bases and both score!  Ah, the joy in watching their faces beam and hearing about first-ever and long-lasting memories!
Ah, the sadness in realizing on the way home that once again no pictures were taken!  
Today I have a card for two challenges:
For some reason I haven't figured out, I keep losing track of the time on the CAS(E) This Sketch challenges.  I really like their sketches, so I don't like that I can't seem to find a place to pin them to the small amount of bulletin board brain I have left.
This time I remembered!  Here is the sketch by the very talented Karolyn Loncon:
For my colors I turned to the "Color Splash" fun over at The Play Date Café.

And here is my card:

I thought it would be interesting to use both my striped and my chevron Washi tapes.  And given the words of the sentiment, trendy arrows seemed to be a perfect touch.  To me, the tape looks like real life journeys whereby the straight and smooth parts are punctuated by peaks and valleys.

I really, really was tempted to go from subliminal to ridiculous and use sequins too, but in the end I just couldn't.  "No," the hamster said, his chin perched on his paw, "stop there."  So I did.

BTW, I just have to add that the incredible DT and fans of The Ally Way Stamps are solely responsible for the hamster going hog wild with the credit card recently.  Yes, ladies, you know who you are.  You Paper Smooches peeps aren't any better; that's next on the wish list. 

And whose idea was it to call it a "wish list," anyway?  Mine is a wish BOOK!


Speaking of ladies, it is my pleasure to introduce you to new friends, Wendy Coffman of Stamping Rules! and Janelle Davis of kaards, etc.  Wendy is a seasoned blogger and Janelle is a brand new blogger, but they are both excellent card artists.  I'm sure both of them would be delighted to have you visit!  Thank you, ladies, and welcome to the party!


My blog friend, Bernie (Bernie's Craft Closet) posted the very happy news that her cancer has shrunk by at least 50%!  Hallelujah, Bernie!  Keep on fighting, my friend!

In celebration, here is a "new life" photo to share:
Yesterday I found this nest tucked away in one of our hanging baskets after noticing quite a few fallen leaves on the deck under it.  I had a heck of time getting a picture through the window of the mama bird, but you can just make her out here in the upper left:

Every spring they nest in the baskets, but I've never seen a baby bird make it.  Every spring I get excited all over again.  I'll keep you posted . . .


I won't be in the WOYWW hop this week.  I've a girls' night out on Wednesday night and then I'm working Thursday and Friday.  Since I won't have a chance to do much visiting or return any flavors, I'll sit this one out.  Hopefully, however, I'll still manage some time in the Playhouse to make a couple of cards to share.


Enjoy your day!  No, seriously, enjoy your day.  LITS*!  

Thank you so much for stopping by the Playhouse. Special thanks to you if you take the time to leave a comment or join as a follower!

*Life Is Too Short!
Paper:  PTI white
Stamps:  TAWS "Ka-Pow" and "Life Is Short!"
  (I had to buy that set!)
Ink:  Versafine onyx black; SU! Marvelous
  Magenta and Marvy marker No. 55
Washi tape:  Freckled Fawn (this week's TPDC sponsor!)
Pop Dots


Redanne said...

Hi Darnell, so many good things in your post today, it has made my heart smile - big! Well done to the Twinks on their achievement. Your card is stunning, love the way it describes life too - so perfect. And a big aaahh to the birdies, hope they have success this time round. Will miss you tomorrow on WOYWW, if I can manage it that is..... hope work is OK too. Take care my friend. Big hugs, Annie xxx

Hannelie said...

Oh my goodness!
Love it!

Cathy said...

Hi Darnell, I always feel refreshed and ready to start/ face it all again after I read your posts :) Congrats to the twinks on their exciting achievements! Hope the baby birds hatch and thrive, isn't it sweet though that the mama feels safe enough to return there? and I love your card :) Cathy x

Jessi Fogan said...

So much awesome, Darnell! HUGE congrats to your friend Bernie :) WOOT! for the twinks! And awwwww on the mama bird & eggs :) The only ones that make it here for sure are starlings - every other bird gets crossed fingers & stern warnings to the kids to stay out of their nesting zone!
And your card? Fabulousness. The arrows are beyond perfect!

Kim S said...

Oh what a happy post! Congrats to the twinks! Happy dance for Bernie! Congrats for remembering CAS(E) this Sketch! Glad your hamster is going hog wild (I love The Alley Way Stamps too!). Thanks for sharing the new life.

I so love your card! The black and white patterns are so fresh. And the splash of the arrows are the perfct touch for the sentiment. Thanks for joining us at CAS(E) this Sketch!

lostinpaper said...

Wish list? Mine's a Wish encyclopedia.... and there are so many wonderful stamps out there, it's not my fault (she whined). Your washi background is fantastic and LOVE your cool sentiment!
Thanks so much for sharing with us at CAS(E) this Sketch this week!

Ardyth said...

Love the drama of that colour combination - such a great, graphic card! Thanks so much for playing along with us at CAS(E) This Sketch this week!

Sue said...

So lovely to read your post today Darnell.
Your card is wonderful, I love the design, colours and fabulous sentiment.
I am definitely with you regarding the wish 'book'.
Good news about you blog friend bravely fighting and hopefully winning her battle
Thank you for sharing your photos.

Sue xx

Hettie said...

Great card there Darnell....seriously I love it!
Wonderful photos of your nest too. We know we have a few but unfortunately none we can see, though we know the birdhouse, which still has not been put up a tree and is sitting on the windowsill of the former stables, is occupied!
Have a good week.
PS How do you train a Hamster to spend your CC? Do I need a Hamster though? LOL!

Sarn said...

Woo hooo - way to go Bernie! THAT is good news!

LOVE your cool card today Darnell. I think the hamster was right to stop you there . . . it needs nothing else.

Sarn xxx

cm said...

Dashed to your site (seriously...dashed!) first thing this morning - and all the happy news makes for a cheerful start to the day! Your stunning card added to the mix is bonus! Yes, TAWS and PS are amazing! I want ALL their stamps and dies; ALL I say!
Have an excellent day, my friend!

Joyce said...

Your card is just fabulous. I'm so glad you remembered to play on time.

Emily Keaton said...

I loved your newsy post today, Darnell! Your card is such a great creation--you combined so much trendiness all in one card! The washi, the chevrons, and arrows. Splendid all around!

Lisa Elton said...

LOVE your splash Darnell, a very fun card!! Fabulous news for your friend on her cancer progress, I hope all continues to go well for her. And the bird's nest is SO sweet! I hope mamma has a little birdy make it this year ;)

jimlynn said...

So glad you didn't add sequins - it's perfect just as is!!! Pretty with that dash of purple!
Isn't it fun to watch the grans playing ball - so fun!
Love your photos too - AND I'm SO glad I'm not the only one with a "Wish Book" instead of a wish list!

Allisa said...

Love your card, the pop of color and your sentiment are fabulous!

shirley-bee said...

Love the strong graphic feel of the card. Love how you've used the washi tapes. Love that sentiment. Love those magenta arrows. Love it, love it love it!

Geri said...

Hey you! I have one spare minute today and just had to stop by to say hello! Fabulous...and I mean fabulous card. Love the hills and valleys concept!

Awesome pictures. I know that this is the year that you'll see a little bird fly from the nest!

Craftychris said...

Your card is fabulous and I love your thinking behind it. I am glad you had a fab time with the Twinks. its amazing news about Bernie, that is so cool! That's fab having a nest, I will look forward to an update! Have a fab girls night out tomorrow xx

Marybeth said...

The game sounds heavenly! Not to worry about the pictures … you were there and will always remember and so will the twinks. ( that you were there)
Wonderful card…good girl for stoping…. that is hard to do.
What a fun find in the baskets!

Anonymous said...

What a joyous post, Darnell, so chock full of yumminess! LOVE your peaks and valleys, straight and smooth washi tape echoing the sentiment with those wonderful splash arrows! I have a wish book too ...I just call it a wish list cause it makes it seem more manageable! Anita :)

Unknown said...

Hi Dippy - sounds like the twinks had a brilliant game. Even though no photos were taken it is going to remain forever in their memories to be played back again and again. For some very weird reason when visiting your blog when using my tablet it comes up in Irish (Gaelic)......now I know you're pretty clever but this is ridiculous - I'd have more chance translating from double Dutch! lol and before you say just go to the translate button - I have and English isn't an option.......oh the wonders of the intranet! Still, onto your lovely double whammy challenge card- really love what you've done and the sentiment is brilliant. Love the photos but you didn't mention what type of bird it is? Well, ejoy your girlie get together and don't work too hard.


Karendipity xxx

Kathyk said...

Gr8 news about your friend, Bernie

Lovely card and sketch today

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog today about the dots .... had I done them by hand? Well yes ..... and no!!! It was white card and a stamp + ink - see the stamp here ...


Greta said...

Great minds think alike--don't you think?! For once I combined challenges & these are 2 of them. Love what you did--the 2 Washi's are perfect & love the magenta arrows! Thanks for sharing the bird pictures. We don't have any nests but finally I have some beautiful gold finches at my feeders.

MackieMade Paper Creations said...

Your card is fabulous! I love the stripes and chevron washi tape! And the splash of color is perfect!

Jean said...

Love what you did with the colors and the sketch. That set is definitely on my (wishlist), (wish book), (wish encyclopedia), actually wish volume of encyclopedias ;). Glad you had a fun time with the twinks, what an exciting story of their baseball game. Thanks for sharing the bird's nest ~ I know you will keep us posted on their progress!

Carol L said...

I just love the colors and your fabulous take on the challenges! Your card is awesome my friend!

cm said...

Hi Darnell - thank you again for the heart-warming comment on my Dad's Poetry meets My Cards post! My 'cue' for what I write is, in large part, inspired by YOU and what you share with us! I so enjoy hearing about your adventures, your Mister (he sounds awesome)and the twinks! You make us feel welcome when we stop by your site - and that, my friend, is just absolutely wonderful! It's no wonder you have so many fans - and you can sure count me in as one! Yes indeed, you brighten my day
c (carol)

Diane said...

Enjoyed reading your post (as always)...beautiful card and great takes on the challenges...so glad Bernie is getting better...always love to hear "good" things...have a nice week!!

Jules said...

Hi Darnell

What a fabulous post

I love reading your thoughts and reasoning behind everything.

Love the birds nest. Every year we hope the robins will stay and nest in our garden. They come and visit each year and look around . . . but have never stayed yet.

I don't know if it is true but someone once told me that the male finds three suitable places and then shows them to the female for her approval before they nest. Clearly more picky females than me around here!!!!!! LOL!!!

Loving your card. Who else but you would see a chevron as the peaks and valleys of life!!

Have a great day.

Love Jules xx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Darnell, a terrific post - love the photos of the bird's nest, hopefully there will be a happy event there to celebrate soon. And it is terrific news about Bernie too. Your card is fab - love the vibrant pink teamed up with the black and great use of washi tape. Have a great night out with the girls :) Elizabeth xx

Happy Dance said...

To quote Dickens, "I'm behind my time". Love hearing about the twinks and seeing your little ones in the nest. It's always fun to stop by your blog! One more quote--this one from Geri..."winner, winner chicken dinner"! Your card is amazing. It wow'd my slippers off! Lalalove it. I'll be going over to Madison Saturday to watch Lily (Pookie) in her ballet recital. Should be a hoot. Will let you know how she does. Have a good Wednesday. Bev

Aileen said...

Cool card. Love the graphic details. x

Vickie Z said...

Eeeeks....those boys are GOOD!! Dang-for no pics!! Love the straight and zig-zaggy of life...so true!! Wonderful card!

Kelly Griglione said...

Hahaha, good call on the sequins! I have had to put them down myself recently. I know that in a couple years I'll look back and think ... yep, a 2013 card! But I still enjoy them. Love just a touch of purple on your card, and the strip and chevron washi look smashing together! Great sentiment : )

Kim Heggins said...

Once again, trying to get caught up in blogland. Your card is beautiful and I love that the inspiration photo is also a current fashion trend, not that I am a fashion plate or anything but it is fun to see ladies dressed like you card, so cute! So sweet that you added those photos of the birds nest, I pray that this year you see a few baby birds popping out of those little eggs.

Bonnie said...

I LOVE this card, Darnell! I love lots of your cards (and some of them are sitting on my shelf), but this one really yells at me! A wonderful sentiment and the stripes, chevron and arrows are perfect! Hope you have a little hatchling to watch soon. High 5 to the twinks! What a team!

Tamara King said...

Love your cards Darnell, especially the washi tape ... I've got a bit of a fixation with that at the moment! x

Donna B. said...

Awesome card! Love the magenta arrows and that awesome sentiment! Thanks for playing at The Play Date Cafe.

Unknown said...

TAWS is fabulous stuff isn't it?! Awesome design and I love the hit of purple. Can't wait to see what else you make with your new stamps :)