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February 28, 2013

LIM 108; LRW 174 ~ Vellum Piecing or Piercing?

Tarantulas and Taradiddles, it's already Thursday!

I simply HAD to play in this week's Less Is More (Week 108) challenge.  The challenge is to use paper piercing.

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ETA:  My friend Jessi from One Crafty Mama suggested I also link my card to the current  Little Red Wagon where challenge #174 is to use vellum.  Thanks, Jessi!

So here is another light and springy card, made especially for those of you under gray skies:

I think you can tell by the slight puffiness that the top layer is vellum.  It is so hard to photograph vellum.  I heat-embossed the flower in white and pierced around the flower and up to the butterfly.
A Tribute
It's that word thing again.  How the addition or substraction of just one letter can change the whole meaning of a word.
You might be amused to know that as of just last June, I had never paper-piEced a card before.  I had done a little pieRcing around a border, but never piecing (which I now LOVE!).  My first one was here.  And the first time I had even heard of it was from a Less Is More challenge.  I believe I entered a card with paper-pieRcing and Chrissie or Mandi set me straight.  Do you remember, Chrissie? 
One of you said at the time that now that I mentioned it, a paper pieRcing challenge would be fun to do sometime and now here we are!
My goodness those two ladies were so nice to me, a fairly new bee, just trying to get my feeties wet with challenges and figuring out the lingo.  It's a confusing world out there when you first start out. 
I also recently came across an email  that I sent to them last summer to clarify what "back-linking" was!  I had even Googled it.  As near as I could tell it meant to link-back (back-link) to your blog and I was having a heck of a time figuring out why this was not allowed, since the whole point of a blog, I thought, was drawing people TO your blog.  C & M gently explained it all to me and brought me back in from out in left field.


(Backlinking means you can't take a card that you posted once before, say, last November and "repost" it in a new current challenge. Why the heck we don't just say "no reposting," I don't know.  Please, someone, correct me if I still have the meaning wrong!)

I've come a long way in these last few months and feel like an old-timie blogger now, but I would so still be out-to-sea-without-a-paddle if it weren't for their help and the help of other challenge owners and design team members.  Now the fabulous Jen has taken over for Mandy at LIM, and she is equally a doll.
 If you are new to this crazy world, feel free to ask questions of ANY of us.  I'm sure my story is the same for all the other established bloggers in our crafting community; when they started, they were helped by those who blogged before.  I think by the very nature of our craft, we are a very nice group of people.  You don't make cards to bring joy to others without being a very nice person.  I mean, right?!  There are, however, some bloggers who don't leave comments or reply, but that is extremely rare.  If that should happen, don't be discouraged, just ask someone else.
Thank you for indulging me in my tribute to the ladies who made me feel at home and educated me SO much!  Mwah!!
A pretty for you until your own spring comes around the corner!
Just in time to help me pot some fresh flowers around the Playhouse, please help me give a warm welcome to our new friend, Kay, from 505 Whimsy Girl!  Kay is one of those multi-talented crafters who's a paint-on-canvas artist, a card maker, a knitter, a photographer, a mixed-media participator, and a truly friendly and fun person.  You'll enjoy meeting her!  Thank you, Kay, and welcome!!
I hope you enjoy your day, even if you're still up to your knee crackers in snow!  No, seriously enjoy your day!  LITS*!

*Life Is Too Short!
Paper:  SU! textured pink; vellum
Stamp:  SU! Every Moment
Ink:  Hero Arts white EP
Hat pin and SU! mat pack
Butterfly: K & Company
Brads from stash


Gillian R said...

What a pretty feminine card Darnell and you are so right our little bit of the blog world is so friendly!

Sue - said...

A gorgeously pretty card! And I fully endorse your comments about LIM and bloggers! Funnily enough when I read this week's challenge I read it as piecing and not piercing. Good job I read it again! And I'm so jealous of your lovely flowers, all I can see in the garden are 6 snowdrops!

Sue - said...

A gorgeously pretty card! And I fully endorse your comments about LIM and bloggers! Funnily enough when I read this week's challenge I read it as piecing and not piercing. Good job I read it again! And I'm so jealous of your lovely flowers, all I can see in the garden are 6 snowdrops!

Happy Dance said...

What a yum-alicious card. I know my little Lily would be absolutely in love with this! Lots to love about it. Love ALL of it! Btw, I have a hard time spelling the "p" words, so I think I'll just skip the whole parn thing. 'sides, yours is clearly a winner! Bev

Loll said...

Great paper pieRcing Dolly! Love the trail from the butterfly that goes around and around the flower (just like IRL).

So true about your blogging and crafting comments. I only started blogging two years ago and have learned so much for others. Everyone is so kind to share their expertise and knowledge. We're a sharing bunch, us crafters! Loll xx

Anonymous said...

I'll gladly accept the eye candy in the form of both card and flowers today, as all we've had in Michigan is grey interspersed with snow flurries. Yukkity yuk! Are those flowers perennials in your climate or so they need to be replaced every year?


Linda said...

A really pretty card Darnell, love your paper pieRcing. The flower looks so delicate on the vellum too.
I totally agree with you about fellow crafters/bloggers. I've only been blogging for a little over a year and I feel as though I've made some really good friends. xx

Harriet Skelly said...

Oh this card is so lovely - I love the pieRced butterfly trail!! I agree with your comments about card maker/bloggers! Hugs, Harriet

Allisa said...

Love the delicate touch of the paper piercing...funny that you mention the whole piecing vs piercing topic....I made a pieced card early in the week and knew I was going to enter it at Less is More....until I arrive and find out it is actually piercing...of which my card had none!

Chrissie said...

You are a doll too Darnell and I love reading your posts, so mwah right back!
This is an absolute sweetie... the colour is just yummy and the butterfly looks just fabbo!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Geri said...

Oh how I want to sink my hands into the nice warm dirt and get my fingernails so dirty that I need a wire bristle horse brush to get them clean! Your pretties brightened my day....as did your card and your post. Love the puffiness that you achieved and the pieRcing. I think that your photo worked out beautifully (no sign of an apparent struggle whatsoever!)

Unknown said...

So pretty in pink Dippy. I just love it - the vellum adds a gorgeous layer and is lovely. I too had my wrists smacked by the task mistress Chrissie - I inadvertently typed paper pieced for my first card....., so made absolutely sure I got it spelt correctly for my second card. Hope she's forgiven me!


Karendipity xxx

Craftychris said...

Love the card and the piercing is fab!! I agree that bloggers are friendly and helpful people - I have had to ask for help several times and am amazed at the effort people went to to put me right. xx

Tracey McNeely said...

Beautiful card Darnell and your flowers waiting to be planted are beautiful too. Again I am envious!

Sue said...

Your card is so pretty and delicate Darnell.
I agree with you and everyone else it seems. Crafters are all so friendly, helpful and have a great sense of humour!
Sue xx

Unknown said...

A really beautiful and delicate card. Love the bright flowers you have shared with us - roll on our Spring.

Susan said...

I love vellum! I really like it with the white embossing...and look at all that pieRcing! I had to read it twice too...I was all set to paper piece! Super duper job on this, girly!

MagsB said...

What an exquisite, delicate card, Darnell! So pretty!

May I second your comments about how kind and helpful craft bloggers are? Such lovely people!

Love Mags B x

Anonymous said...

Lovely ... delicate and soft and so spring like ... makes me smile! I was one of the missing r gang for a while, till I saw Jen and Chrissie's examples and couldn't spot any piecing anywhere!

Have to say what a wonderful tribute post to the LIM girls ... and you paid it forward with me just about six months ago (as you have with so many others, before and after) ... so, tribute back to you too! Anita :)

Redanne said...

Love your card Darnell, it has a beautiful butterfly so what's not to love about it. The butterfly looks like it has been flying in and around the beautiful flower - gorgeous!

I have to agree with everyone else, love blogging, love bloggers. Kay is a very talented lady too. Hugs, Annie x

Jessi Fogan said...

Darnell, this card is gorgeous! Love the soft pink - and the pearls - and the pieRcing :) Little red wagon is having a vellum challenge this week too :)
I recently helped someone out with some new-blogger issues, and she was so very thankful - but you hit it exactly on the head. I didn't learn by myself, I had help. Heck, I still get help! And if I can pass some of that help on to someone else, well darn it I'm helping whether they want me to or not! I'm just that nice :P

Kathyk said...

Such a cool card, Darnell.

I'm back from that cultural wasteland that is INTERNET FREE!!! 10 days with no internet and I was ready to swing for somebody! Thank heavens it's fixed ...... now to catch up!


Jenny said...

I think that vellum just shows off paper piercing so well and I love how the trail goes round the flower first. Gorgeous colour...pretty in pink!!!
Jenny x

Sharron said...

Love all the pink and your wonderful paper pieRcing! I rarely do that but LOVE paper pieCing so it was fun to read your comments about the words. And your flowers look wonderful! Ours are still buried under the snow!!

Rosemary said...

beautiful card, darnell... the piercing is absolutely amazing!

Carol L said...

Your pierced card is so pretty, and I love the vellum panel. I couldn't agree more with you about bloggers helping bloggers! I wouldn't be here if not for the help of countless folks along the way! Cheers to those who are kind enough to help along the way!

Bobby said...

What a wonderful love fest we're having here. It's a world I never thought I'd enter, let alone get so excited about.

Pieced - pierced. Who cares? The card is great!

Kelly Griglione said...

Ahh, embossed white on vellum ... love it!! Beautiful! And I completely read "piecing" when I saw the challenge, and had to re-read it after seeing the inspiration cards (where's the pieced paper?) So, I still don't know what back-linking is. Hopefully I've not been doing it : )

Sian Ridley said...

I love reading your posts, you really do tell it like it is! I remember spending an AGE writing my first post, it took me so long to pluck up the courage to hit 'publish'! Now, I write several a day, have them scheduled for the following days, link them here there and everywhere and I don't feel as worried!! (usually!) I spent a long time following other people before I posted my own so I managed to learn most of the lingo :)

Crafters are by far the most kind and helpful people I've ever 'met', I am always astonished by how encouraging and helpful people can be to total strangers and I love it! :) so I'm with you on this!

On that note, thank you for stopping by to congratulate me, my shout out just wouldn't have meant so much without a Darnell recognition ;)

Your card is wonderfully springy, in fact, the morning here is brighter because of it! ;) I love the paper piercing trail left by your little butterfly ;)

Emily Keaton said...

Darnell, I think you photographed your pretty vellum just beautifully! The piercing you added gives this so much dimension and movement.

maria f. said...

Happy Friday lady. Long as you don't piece your ears or pierce your nose me thinks you're OK. No kidding with the lingo. My Mom has taken a gander at my blog - "Nice cards, Maria, but I really don't understand what you're talking about."
Did someone say "card"? Love this vellum beaut.
As for those beautiful little announcers of spring - in Deutschland we call them Bellis. Just found out that the Latin would be Bellis perennis if that helps :) They are one of the first to hop into a pot on front stoop every spring.

Kim Heggins said...

Beautiful card Darnell and your flowers are so sweet. I am excited to see you and Harriet again tomorrow!

Vicky Hayes said...

Look at you Darnell sneaking in with a bit of piercing and cheering those of us under the grey sky with a burst of colour too! I love the way the butterfly looks as if he's spreading magic.

I totally agree that LiM and Blogland in general is a lovely place to play and I've met some treasures here!

Have a great weekend (or wait, are you already on your weekend? I never can do this time thing...) Vicky x

Jen Nelson said...

your posts always make me smile darnell!! thanks so much for continuing to join in and Thanks for joining us this week
Jen xx
"Less Is More"
i love the shades of pink

Jen Nelson said...

your posts always make me smile darnell!! thanks so much for continuing to join in and Thanks for joining us this week
Jen xx
"Less Is More"
i love the shades of pink

Carole said...

Terrific card...and I've gotta say I love reading all the comments your fans leave. They love you girl! Thanks for the visit and your great suggestions. It worked, see the results here: http://carolescreativecritters.blogspot.com/

Louise Sharp said...

Hi Darnell,
Love popping over to your site on a regular basis! Love this paper piercing card. Love the 'less is more' simplicity you created.
Lou X

wienerhoneymooners said...

All so very well said. Love your meanderings! I am definitely a newbie! I have been blogging since 2008 mainly family..Cards and crafts here and there.

And challenges just within the last few months. So much fun. It is great to gleam some wisdom from others like you.

Thanks for being here!

Karen M said...

Gorgeous card Darnell - I love how you used the vellum! I agree with you that crafters are the nicest bunch and I'm glad I am not the only one who has been confused with some of the lingo:) Have a great day - hugs xx

Jean said...

Oh my CAS perfection - love the pink.

scrappymo! said...

Wwonderful job on the paper piercing! I love that butterfly too!

Oh my...I wish i was getting ready to put out annuals...it is still quite cold here. I have put on annual primulas in the tubs at the front dooe. i have a covered front porch so they are protected if there is a frost.

Greta said...

My favorite color & a wonderful card using it! LOVE your piercing--brilliant!

Unknown said...

beautiful card, beautiful flowers and a sweet tribute :)

Bonnie said...

Just look at those pretty flowers! On the card and in the yard. I always have to look twice with paper piecing and piercing. They look the same to these old bleary eyes! I clearly see the piercing around the flower and to the beautiful butterfly!

Marybeth said...

Gorgeous! This is my all time favorite up to date. Oh my gosh this is stunning Darnell! Did you just use a pin or do you have one of those piercing kits? Love it in pink!

Barb King said...

Funny story about beginning blogging! I think it took me a half hour to figure how to link up to my first one at Shabby Tea Room. We've come a long way, baby!

JD/ Jill said...

pretty card!

Tammy said...

I love white embossing on vellum! I like the idea of the pierced butterfly trail!
Thanks for playing along with us at LRW!!

Kezya Wulandari said...
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