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January 20, 2013

OLW ~ Warm; CASology ~ Blue

Good Morning or Afternoon or Evening!

Ya know as a person with a couple three personalities (like a few of you), you can image the difficulty I run into trying to make one card fit multiple challenges.  I'll just let you take a minute and think about what that must be like.  Thank you.  I knew you'd understand.  Clamor and chaos vs. CAS and calm.  I don't do clamor and chaos and, okay, I'm shallow, so I usually stick to one card for one challenge. 

But then there's Time.  It runs out.

So, I sat at my desk last night with a pile of challenges that I wanted to play with before time ran out.  Picking two, I said to the other peeps in my head, "What is warm and blue and appropriate for a one-layer card?"

As usual, Smarty Pants started bouncing up and down in her chair waving her left arm madly in the air.  Mezamerized, I stared as her elbow swiveled around and around, making the whole long dervish look like a weather vane in a tornado.  Unable to stand it another minute, she yelled, "Miss, Please!  A baby boy's blankie!"  I'm not gonna lie.  I love having a Smarty Pants up in there in the party in my head.

And away we go to visit the incredible artist Heather Telford at her web studio, Bits and Pieces, where she is hosting this week's "One Layer Wednesday" and choosing for her challenge:  "Warm."  Easy for her, she has an Arty Pants up in her head, so she simply made her own sweater and wrote her own words.  Yeah, okay.

Next, we arrive at the always fun challenge at CASology, which is almost over, where this week the cue card is "Blue."  Yeah, okay.

Is it just me or are the CAS hostesses getting more and more cerebral?  I love it, actually.  It gives a whole new twist to challenges.

Armed with Warm and Blue, I made this card for you.

The adorable old-fashioned quilt stamp, which I've embossed, has absolutely no marking on it, sorry.  The sediment is from an unknown SU! set.  This card would look equally cute in pink.  Or even red for a lovely country Valentine.


Speaking of old-fashioned, at a recent outing to visit a navy ship museum, the twins were FASCINATED by a rotary phone set up on a desk on the tour.  Here is Henry, trying it out:

As the twins took turns dialing this unknown mechanical antique, wide-eyed and excited, Mister said he felt like a mothballed old ship himself!


I don't want to beat a dead anniversary horse, but I do want to thank all my friends again who set our little blog world on fire last week!  I am still overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and still visiting all of you who left your best wishes. 
Another wonderful and unexpected gift from all this love and attention has been the arrival of many, many more friends at the Playhouse!  Whoa, you can knock me over with a feather!  Thank you all so much!  I consider it an absolute honor and privilege that you want to follow my little whacky wanderings! 
Actually, I don't want you to follow me unless I'm eating and leaving crumbs.  (Why is it that old people start spewing their food again like toddlers?  I no longer check to see if I have makeup on before I leave the house, I check to make sure I don't have crumbs all over my bazooms and that I have a tissue up my sleeve!)  What I mean is, I want you all up here next to me, crafting together.  We'll put in a bigger desk! 
Please let me introduce our latest new friends and, if known, their blogs.  I know that you will visit them and make them feel welcome!  If you have a blog and it's not listed, please contact me and let me know so I can add it.
Thank you, everyone, SO much!  Mwah!


Speaking of MWAH, here's a picture of my HERO, Betty White, who turned 91 on January 17, 2013!!  I want to be her when I grow up!

"Needless to say, we didn’t have Facebook when I was growing up. We had Phonebook, but... you wouldn’t waste an afternoon on it." -~Betty White (SNL, 2010)

Happy 91st Birthday, Betty White!♥ Love her! ♥

 @[405458872848275:274:Motivating Inspiration To Inspire Ü]
"We didn't have Facebook.  We had Phonebook and you didn't waste an afternoon with it."
Enjoy your day!  No, seriously, enjoy your day.  LITS*!
As always, thank you so much for stopping by to visit the Playhouse. Special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower or leave a comment! 

Paper:  PTI white
Stamps:  Image, unmarked;
  sentiment SU! unknown set
Ink:  SU! EP blue; bordering blue

*Life Is Too Short!
(Unless you're lucky enough
to be Betty White!)


Gillian R said...

Really pretty card, the embossed quilt really adds definition to the card. Love your usual fun post as well

Ardyth said...

This card is the perfect example of one layer understated CAS being perfectly effective. Love that warm image (I'm so cerebral I didn't even think of a quilt, by the way!). Thanks so much for playing along with CASology this week, (and OLW, for that matter!) Darnell - always great to have all of you at the party! lol!

Inkyfingers said...

This is just gorgeous Darnelle and a fantastic example of a CAS card. The creative people in my head are still MIA but I'm all organised and tidy for when the mojo gets into focus again. While I've been gone you've had a special anniversary and I was so sorry to miss it! Hope you had a wonderful time and I love your wedding photo.
Carol x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I love the little blue quilt, how cute is that..... It could almost make me feel broody..... Almost :)
And I am now a follower as well...mwahaha....does this entitle me to tea at your place?? If so, get the kettle on, I'll be around in 5 minutes!!
LLJ xxxx

Carole Z said...

This is suc a pretty card...I love this quilt stamp...sooo cute!Carole Z x

Redanne said...

Really beautiful card Darnell and well thought out too! I would just love to come over and play in your playhouse - how much fun would that be with all your other friends too! Hugs, Annie x

Judy1223 said...

Darnell, I am laughing aloud as I read your post (again)! Multiple peeps in your head, spewing food like toddlers...I am laughing here! Ahhh, always such a fun visit. Anyway, I am here to tell you what a wonderful card you have shared for CASology this week...that quilt is such an adorable image! Perfect baby card! Thanks for the laughs and thanks for sharing your awesome card at CASology!

Sue - said...

Really pretty card. Love that quilt stamp.

Michelle said...

Darnell, I never would have thought of a card for warm and blue! This is fantastic! You should make cards for multiple challenges more often. ;-) Oh, and I love Betty White, too! She cracks me up.

Unknown said...

Oh Dippy - I just want to be inside your head......YES really.........I'd love to have seen the whirling Dervish! This card is fabulous - I love the stamp, the texture is wonderful.......and it is definitely CAS. Not surprised you added some more followers courtesy of the anniversary bash - who could resist popping by to see who on earth deserved such an outpouring of love? Love the photo of Henry trying out the rotary phone......doesn't it make you feel old? Well, it does me anyway.

Hugs from a snowy Somerset.

Karen xxx

Irene said...

A beautiful CAS card Darnell.

Meghan said...

Such a pretty and perfectly simple CAS card! You and embossing powder seem to be quite well acquainted! Brave soul! Thanks for joining in on the fun at CASology this week!

Sue said...

Hello Darnell.
I am so pleased to be one the many new followers that you gained last week and I'm here to stay! I love your sense of humour and your fabulous way with words.
Your card is wonderful, the way you have combined the 2 themes is fabulous.
Love the photo of Henry investigating the old phone too, he looks deep in concentration.
Sue xx

Jessi Fogan said...

That quilt is perfect! You have really got to love an image that can work for so many occasions :)
As for the rotary phone...oh dear. We've taken to referring to all such "I remember when" things as being from "when everything was in black & white." I'm still not 100% sure the boys realize we're kidding.

Bobby said...

This card looks like you embroidered it. So great!

And speaking of feeling old, my daughter, who is a language arts teacher, told her class they could type their papers. They looked at her with bewilderment and asked "What is type?"

Rosemary said...

well... i like how smarty pants thinks, darnell! your card is a fabulous CAS take on both challenges!! the embossing is perfect! and i love that quote at the end of your post...

Tracey McNeely said...

Darnell your embossed quilt image is just gorgeous in blue. Thank you so much for sharing with us this week at CASology!

Hettie said...

Love that card. The image is beautiful. Want it being a quilter! Glad you like my Snow Chook!! Waiting for Mrs A to make a Snow Donkey now!

Jean said...

I really like that quilt image embossed in blue ~ great take on the two challenges! Love the picture of Henry with the phone. My son is one year older than your twinks, and he is flabbergasted at things from the "olden days." He can't believe there were no home computers, cell phones, nooks, etc... Which led to the question "Mom were there tv's when you grew up?" I guess I had that one coming ;).

None None said...

This adorable, Darnell! I love the quilt and the utter CAS-ness of your card. As usual, your blog post has me laughing in stitches! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Carol L said...

A Big ole AMEN to your thoughts (and Betty's) on Facebook!! LOL Great card with that adorable baby quilt! Have a great week ahead :)

Jen W. said...

A perfect baby stamp and it looks fabulous embossed! Thanks for playing along with CASology this week!

mjbest said...

Hi Darnell,
I'm humbled that you have mentioned me on your blog. Sorry I can't email you. The link pops up a Microsoft Outlook set-up page. I don't have Outlook installed on my computer. I use gmail. I also do not have a blog. Sorry.

Linda Beeson said...

What a sweet, sweet little card!

shirley-bee said...

Clever you. And you. And you! Great combination of challenging personalities ;)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

You were right. it hadn't taken for some reason. Maybe because I tried to become a follower via my iPad?? Sometimes it does quite random things, even though I love it otherwise!
Anyway, I have made you a nice odd number again, 201!! But thanks for the heads-up :)

Anonymous said...

This is for each one of you Darnell (because you each had a hand (three?) in this card) ... thought it was stitched ... had to enlarge it just to check the eye/brain highway was working properly. I love the luscious texture and beautiful blue!

Wait till the twinks deiscover a trim phone ... remember those? Anita :)

MagsB said...

Oh wow, this is so simple and so beautiful! The embossing makes the image look like cross stitch! Lovely!

love Mags B x

Suze Bain said...

What a fab stamp, I'd love to make a quilt like that. I'm actually a member of two quilting groups though I've never made a proper big quilt - they're so nice, they just put up with me! (If Martina right clicks on your email link she'll be able to copy your address without opening Outlook) xx

Emily Keaton said...

A darling CAS card, Darnell! It works perfectly. Just recently my kids were asking how a rotary phone worked! So funny to think that there has never been one in the house while they have been alive. A real curiosity ;-)

Jenni's Jems said...

Love this sooo CAS and everso effective and versatile as you say ! and can I borrow smarty pants my mojo/brains are mia need someone like her to kickstart it again! x

Bonnie said...

Perfect for both challenges! I love how you've embossed it. It makes it look crocheted!

Kristie Goulet said...

I love your card Darnell! Thanks for the shout out on your blog. I will email you with my blog address. I am a new follower and will visit each day to see your creations. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the way the embossing looks like stitching. A sweet stamp and card.
Heather T

Kelly Griglione said...

Crack. me. up. what a joy to read your "columns" Darnell! It doesn't hurt that you've been turning out some pretty darn cool cards too : )

maria f. said...

Just catching up on your posts here (actually on my way to look for how many years you and the Mister have been married - yeah, you're not the only under-the-wire-challenge-combining-oh-my-G-how-in-the-world-am-I-gonna-do-this cardmaker out there) and I thought the cocker spaniel was good but now my belly aches. DD just informed me if I laugh like this for a half hour I'll burn "tons of" calories. And IMHO my dear, THAT is why so many of us love to follow you. If you could charge for all the laughs, you could get out of the office and move to some tropical island. With playhouse in hand, of course.