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August 9, 2012

CASology #5 ~ Pond; OLW #100 ~ Transportation

Good Morning Peepers!

As I had hoped, I've been able to grab a few minutes while the boys have been at morning camp, or after they've gone to bed, to make a couple of uber-doober CAS cards for some favorite challenges!

We have the still-new and so delightful CASology with its talented design team leaving us loads of inspiration.  This week the cue card is:

And guess what I made TWO cards for this challenge!  When you see my second card, which took hardly more than a few minutes to make, you'll see I'm crowing like a chicken what only thinks it's a rooster!  Actually, I don't think you can link two cards in one post.  I think you have to do two posts, but I'm too short for that.  Both literally and of time.  You can still see it if you scroll down a scotch.

BTW, who doesn't think of Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn as their reactive association to the word "pond."  No one?  How many of you have never heard of Henry Fonda or Katherine Hepburn?  All righty, then.  Move along, grandma.

Where was I?  Next we have a long-time favorite of mine, the One Layer Wednesday challenge, which was originated by Susan on her extraordinary Simplicity site and which this week is being hosted by Cheryl on her fab A Paperie Journey website.  This marks the HUNERTH challenge of OLW!!  (That's how some of us Midwesterners say hundred.)  Kudos to Susan and her inspirational design team members for all their efforts keeping this fun challenge alive and well!

This week Cheryl is challenging us to make a one-layer card having to do with "Transportation."  Hence my second, easy-peasy, UBERCAS card. 

So, first is my more-than-one-layer-but-still-CAS card for CASology (pond):

I'm not sure you can see that the scallop-potato edge is see-through, so when the card is closed, you can see the inside blue through it.  Know what I mean?

I love this sentiment, so thank you CASology for giving me the chance to use it!!


And second, is my one-layer UBERCAS card for OLW (transportation) and, could be, for CASology (pond), if only.  Violetta!

The cardstock which makes the sky is simply a sheet of blue and white patterned paper.  I inked my stamp with Marvy markers and placed it on a lighter area of the patterned paper.  Then I chalked the lighter area around the canoe to make it "sand" colored.  Done.


We have two new followers joining the Playhouse!!  I almost didn't notice Queen Lightwell of Gifts From Deeyll.  Mr. Blogger put her at the table behind two other crafters and if I hadn't happened to stand on teepee toes to reach that box of envelopes, I never would have seen her!  Welcome, Your Majesty!  Next, we have Daniella of Daniella Hayes!  Both of these ladies are very talented and I know you will visit their crafty areas and make them feel welcome here with us!


Yes, yes, this is long, but before I forget, I wanted to post a couple of photos of the twins and their enterprising little "rock stores!"  Sorry the shadows make for less-than-Optimus-Prime photos.

The rocks are on display in the bird baths because, of course, rocks are always pretty when wet.  (These guys are on the ball!)  After you make your purchase, your rock is lovingly gift-wrapped in a baby wipe!

They've been so good and the time is passing quickly.  Last night I went out to dinner with some girlfriends and Papa had solo duty . . . he even folded the laundry!  He has done more than his share of grandparenting, especially when my stamina wanes and weedles, and I'm very grateful! 

Enjoy!   As always, thank you for stopping by to visit.   Special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower or leave a comment!

Dock Rots
Paper:  PTI white, blueberry sky
Stamps:  Dock by Anticipations 1306D;
  sentiment by River City Rubber Works,
  1875-E "Dock Rots"
Ink:  PTI black, SU brilliant blue
Punch:  SU scallop
Die:  PTI Rosie Posie for "cloud"

Paper:  blue/white patterned, unknown
Stamp:  Canoe, unmarked
Ink:  Marvy markers
Chalk:  SU


Deanna said...

LOVE the dock card isn't this so true! The canoe is gorgeously created! Love the pics of the boys and selling rocks how clever..lol! Have a great week~Hugs Deanna

scrappymo! said...

Oh my gosh...they are budding entrepreneurs like my little Miss C!!! How cute kids are!

Thinking of putting them in the water was a grand idea...cuz they do look oh so much better when wet!

We are up at the lake again...Miss C has cranked out another dozen cards. She sold all the fiorst lot and had orders for 10 more. Her pony fund is growing.
Today she wore a tee shirt that said "Will trade little brother for a pony" LOL

Back to the other stuff that makes us happy...Love both cards...I will show my DH the dock...he will smile...it is so true in so many different ways.LOL
The second is so gorgeous it tugs at the heart strings...You aced them both!

Melissa said...

Hahaha! LOVE that sentiment with the dock! :) Too funny! Thanks for yet another giggle!

Your canoe card is beautifully serene and simple! Secretly, I think you should just go ahead and link it up on the CASology linky thing... :)

Love how creative your cute twinks are this summer! Baby wipes for take home packaging...VERY thoughtful! :)

Thanks so much for joining us again at CASology!

Ardyth said...

Oh Darnell - as always, very entertaining, but today, also ego boosting, since I'm on both design teams! lol! Love your sentiment and how the scalloped edge makes the water on the first one, and the second is CAS, one-layer-perfection! Thanks for playing along with CASology again this week!

Redanne said...

Hi Darnell, I do understand the Fonda/Hepburn/pond connection - does that make me old too? Well at least I am in good company. Love both cards, the sentiment on the first is so funny and that canoe one is beautiful, very serene. Good to see young ones with entreprenurial(?) spirit! Crafty hugs, Anne x

May be MIA for a day or so, my dearly beloved is 70 and we are having a family get together to celebrate. A x

Jessi Fogan said...

I LOVE coming to read your posts - I chuckle every time :) That dock sentiment...too fab! And yep, On Golden Pond was my first thought too! My oldest would adore that you called those photos less than Optimus Prime - we are Transformers 24/7 around here.

Allisa said...

Love your posts and your cards. I love how you did the scallop border and your pattern paper is perfect for your second card.

Suze Bain said...

You certainly have a pair of smart cookies there. Great humour (yes, we brits spell that differently) in the first card and the second is so lovely. xx

shirley-bee said...

Ha! I love that sentiment! Premature dock-rotting is a worry for all of us...

Both cards are great, and I agree with Melissa, sneak that second one into CASology.

Rosemary said...

both cards are perfect for the CASology challenge, darnell.. but the second one is just gorgeous!! thanks so much for playing along with CASology and for making me smile!!

Bonnie said...

I love the dock and that sentiment! And the canoe on the edge of that beautiful pond is breathtaking. Very industrious boys you have there! How much did you have to pay to get your rocks back?

Michelle said...

Darnell, for a Grandma worn out from a week with the twinks, you're on fire! So many giggles in one posts! I particularly like your OLW card, it's beautiful!

When I hear "pond", I think Henry and JANE Fonda. Katherine Hepburn sits in the periphery of my mind for that movie (although she was totally marvellous in it). I must watch it again, I loved it.

At 50c each, I think those boys will be millionaires before they leave to go home. :-) They're obviously loving their holiday.

Jean said...

At least you are a Grandma and remember On Golden Pond; I remember it too and only have an 8 year old! Both are great cards ~ I really like the one with the canoe; those are two smart grandsons making you buy your own rocks back!

Tracey McNeely said...

Darnell both cards a so fun. I love the sentiment on the first and the canoe is lovely on the second. Your grandsons are little monkeys aren't they? LOL

Tracey McNeely said...

...and of course thank you for joining us at CASology this week!

Sarn said...

Super cards and entertaining reading as usual! TFS xxx

Kim S said...

On Golden Pond - of course!! Dang...now I have to track down that movie to watch again!

(my dock has already rotted)

Craftychris said...

Love both cards - that scallop border is fab! The Twinks always make me smile and I too think of 'pond' when those two names are mentioned xx

Carole said...

You're good Darnell two cards...zippity quick. I agree that's a great sentiment and lovely card, and I love the pond scene.

Unknown said...

Hay Darnell.........pond, Katherine, Henry - YEH.......you're talking my language girl! Both cards are uber-fabulous and love the scalloped border BUT......those twinks of yours just have it in the bag.....obviously inherited genes eh?


Karen x

G Peplow said...

Hi Darnell, It's always interesting when I visit :0) Two great CAS cards, I love your humour!! Grand dads can be so helpful LOL I'm lucky with my husband too, have fun with the twinks!! Gay xxx

Carol Cel said...

Hello,I love your cards - the sentiment on the first is a hoot, and the canoe on the pond is so pretty! Thanks so much for welcoming me into blogland. I've had many people leave comments and follow me from your blog. I totally love reading your posts. Hope you had a great time with the boys.

Marybeth said...

What a sweet post Darnell. I enjoyed reading it. What a good papa too! Love the first card you made and the sentiment too. The second one is just gorgeous ! You could make a bunch of those and sell them in a vacation town. Thanks for your comments .

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Darnell, great CAS creations. Love that sentiment on the first one, it's humorous like you ! And the 2nd card is very elegant, great background and image. Have fun, Shirleyx

Karen M said...

I love your cards Darnell just like I always love visiting your blog - I never know what I might find here and your posts always make me laugh!You are truly a treasure, hugs x x

Whimcees said...


Love the cards - the shade of blue is stunning! The boys with their rock collection are so cute! Wishing you a happy day today!


Barbara Diane

Susan said...

I'll happily admit to think "On Golden Pond" when I saw the cue word! I loved that movie! Beautiful job on the canoe...and I do love that "dock"...who makes that? I can see that I might need to do a little shopping!

Vicky Hayes said...

These are brilliant designs Darnell! I love the thoughtful dock and the canoe scene makes me just want to dive straight in there and take off down river! I love your photos of the boys selling pebbles. My daughter use to 'pebble' for hours and she put hers in bird baths too as well as making strange little piles of them all over the place. I particularly like the tiny little traffic cone in one of your photos - I still come across these even now! Vicky x

MaryH said...

Sentiment is perfect on this card. Your use of paper was inspired too...made a lovely creation. On Golden Pond, back when movies were worth watching, and re-watching! They don't make 'em like Hank & Kate anymore, IMHO. Guess that dates me pretty well. TFS

Cheryl said...

Hello friend, My grandmother used to say "I hope my ship comes in...." and we would laugh together. Darnell, when I saw your adorable card with that same sentiment, I cried. Only because of the wonderful memories it brought back of my grandmother. Thank you! Thanks for joining us for the 100th OLW Challenge!