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July 20, 2012

OLW #97 Line Up; ColourQ #146

And here we are back on Friday!

I spent a large part of yesterday afternoon squirrel watching.  Not like a paid job or anything.  Of course, I had to share this with you, so for the second day in a row, I used inspiration from my own yard to make a card to fit a cpi[;e of challenges. 

[One time I typed an email to a friend who was also a life-long secretary.  While I typed, I was looking at a piece of paper on my desk, paying no attention to either the keyboard or the screen.  When I finally looked up, I had typed quite a bit with my fingers over to the right, on the wrong keys.  I thought it was so funny, having spent my life being paid to have my fingers on the correct keys, that I just left it and sent it.  She thought it was pretty funny, too, and had no trouble figuring out what the words were supposed to be!]

The two challenges:

OLW #97

This week's One Layer Wednesday (mother board) is being hosted by the incredible Heather Telford at bitz & pieces and the challenge is "to use lines on your one layer card this week. Straight lines, zig-zags or curves, just as long as they are obviously lines."


I love the great colors this week at ColourQ and hope to make another card before the week is up.  Here they are:
I hope you can join in with these great challenges!

Here is my card, followed by my little inspiration:

I was on the phone with one of my sisters, when out of the Playhouse window I saw this little squirrel pop up on the fence from my neighbor's yard with something rather large in his mouth.  He ran along, turned the corner, and stopped in the shade of our Japanese maple to chow down on whatever it was.  This went on again and again and again. 

In between one of his trips, I went over to look at what was falling on the ground and left along the top of the fence, trying to figure out what the heck it was.

I thought at first that he was nabbing baby artichokes, but I ended up deciding they must be baby sunflowers that fell to the ground and never developed.  Anyone?  I have never grown artichokes, nor sunflowers.  But Squirrel really, really likes them, whatever they are!!

Here he is, having to take a rest in between garden robbing and overstuffing himself:


I probably won't be back until Monday.  We are happily having the twins for a sleepover this weekend, along with the grand Duke.  I was at Wally World this morning and picked up a Dr. Suess "Green Eggs and Ham" movie for them 'cause they liked the book a month ago.  How things change in a month.  I forgot that they can read now and one of the little smartie-pants read that it said "ages 4+."  When I, excited, presented it to them for their viewing pleasure, I was told, basically, this:  "Well, I'm so sure, Bama, we are NOT watching that BABY movie!"

When you're seven, four is a baby.  When you're four, seven is an adult.  When you're forty, seventy is ancient.  When you're seventy, forty is a baby.

I thought that was a great profound wisdom tooth to leave you with, but from the other room is coming rawcus laughter.  I feel the need to investigate.

The Pink Panther cartoon is being played, in lieu.  Henry, in stitches:

Adam, in between stitches:

Papa, carefully attending to his grandfatherly duties:
And the grand Duke, taking a nappy-noodle cue from grandpa!

Don't tell their parents!

Enjoy!   As always, thank you for stopping by to visit.   Special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower or leave a comment!

Paper:  SU white
Stamps:  Hero Arts, Decorative Lines
  Background E29992; Squirrel, 1999
  Sky Kids, Inc.; sentiment, Endless
  Creations C42; leaf, unknown
Ink:  PTI black; SU pear pazzaz; real
  red; Prismacolor pencils (kraft)
SU Scor Pal


Susan said...

Super cute card! Love the layout of the green lines. And...your stamped squirrel is a cutie...not so much the real ones!

As for those pesky squirrels...I'd shoot them all if I had a gun and could hit the broad side of a barn. Those rodents are chewing on our gutters, the patio furniture, the pool pump handles, the grill cover...you name it and they have been there sharpening their teeth on everything. They whittled the base pole for the outdoor umbrella so bad that you could cut yourself on the sharp edges! I really "hate" those rodents and would give anything to get rid of them!!

Kara Lynne said...

That room full your men is priceless, sleeping or laughing, and where are you? Washing dishes, right? Great squirrel card! I like those lines like he's by the garden trellis. I have no idea what that squirrel is eating. From one view it looks like a dead fish.

Darnell said...

Oh, my goodness, Susan, I struck a nerve. I'm so sorry you have the pesky rats-with-big-tails kind of squirrels! I'd hate them too if ours were destructive like that!!

Unknown said...

Super cute card and great inspiration pictures. I love the one where he is taking a break. Looks like Papa and my hubby watch TV the same way..haha.

Sandy said...

Lol at the squirrel across your fence. Poor Susan she has terrible squirrels where she is. Maybe she needs to plant a few of those things yours are eating and they will be full and wont eat all her house. Twinks lovely happy photos. Love your card very cute, like the way you incorporated the lines. Sandy :)

Tracey McNeely said...

Really cute card Darnell, now I don't feel so bad watching the bird bath for a bird to come and have a bath!

Jessi Fogan said...

Carefully attending to duties...that's how I generally find my hubby watching a movie with the kids! lol I love the lounging 'draw me like one of your French girls' pose of the squirrel! No idea what he was eating. Looks like a funny-shaped scrubber. Whatever, at least it's not your house!
Love the score lines on your card, and that cute li'l squirrel :)

Sylvia said...

Love your card, Darnell, I always love your funny stories that go with them as well! I have squirrels and although they are pesty or pesky, they provide enjoyment. I just put out sunflower seeds for the bird and the squirrel comes and is always hanging upside down eating. Maybe Susan should try feeding them! I love your color interpretation using a squirrel. Thanks for joining us this week at the ColourQ and sharing everything!

Victoria said...

Such an original take on those colours and the lines work great with the squirrel. The photos of squirrels and happy twinks/sleeping guardians did make smile a lot, but I was shocked to read of Susan's squirrel horror story!

Redanne said...

Love your squirrel card, very stylish but the photo of the squirrel have a rest is just the best! Love the one of Mr having a snooze, it's putting up the feet that does it every time.....A x

LeAnne said...

LOL, I am so happy I popped over to your blog...quite entertaining! Your squirrel card is a hoot, I love it, as well as the squirrels themselves. I have no idea what it was they were eating but it certainly looked as if they enjoyed it....or perhaps it gave them an upset stomach, so they needed to rest! Your boys are all adorable--each & every one! Thanks so much for playing with the CQC this week!

Ardyth said...

Love the lines on your squirrel and that colour combination is fab! The twinks might like The Pink Panther movies with Steve Martin - my kids LOVE them.

Unknown said...

Darnell, you're at it again! Don't know why you bother with the cards......I would happily hang out at your blog just waiting for the next post of family life in the "Darnell" household! Mind, I'd rather hang out in the playhouse, but heyho........ The card is gorgeous as is your squirrel - apologies to Susan but I love watching them and agree with the comments that if she put food out they wouldn't eat her furniture! Not sure if the American squirrel has the same characteristics as the UK ones but they are so athletic and comical. Just love your photos, especially the 'flat out one. Don't think what he's eating are either sunflowers or artichokes......do you or your neighbour have a large plant with flowers that hang down like a fuschia? It looks more like that type of thing but will wait with baited breath til you fomf yjr smdert....!

Karen x

Di said...

Great card and a brilliant post! Love the photos of the boys and their 'babysitters' :)

You did make me laugh about the typing, when I got this bigger laptop a few weeks back it took an age to get used to the keyboard. Somehow, a part done garbled post I'd written whilst not looking at the keys got posted before I could stop it. Even in that short time a few bloggy pals hopped in and asked if I'd share the bottle of wine with them!

Hugs, Di xx

Jen Mitchell said...

Not such a fan of squirrels in real life, but this one is kinda cute! Thanks for joining us at colourQ!

Bonnie said...

I love your little squirrel stamp and the scored lines and the grid in front of the squirrel. I'm waiting to hear what that thing is your squirrel is eating. Never saw anything like it.

scrappymo! said...

Very cute card. The lines are effective.

I like to watch squirrels from the window or from anywhere "safe" away from them...but must admit...I don't like to get up close. They dart around too much and spook me!

kingstonmama said...

Hi Darnell, I somehow missed your cute squirrel card. On our Girl Scout camping trip a couple of weeks ago, I was leading the girls back to our site from a hike when a marshmallow came falling from the sky and plopped on the ground nearby. Some silly squirrel had carried it all the way up a great big cedar tree and then dropped it. It wasn't a mini marshmallow, either. It was one of the big ones. The girls thought it was so funny that it was raining marshmallows! :) Ann

shirley-bee said...

Great card, Darnell. I like the little squirrel in amongst the leaves. Funny how men can look after kids from behind their eyelids.

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

I love to come to your blog to read about your thoughts & adventures. You could write a book or become a stand up comedian ! However, you manage to throw in beautiful creations as well, including this elegant squirrel card.

The squirrel photos are funny, especially the last one laying on the fence ! How do you manage to capture these ?

The family photos are just too cute, your men are all good looking :) including the 4 legged family member. I assume you had a fabulous weekend, Shirleyx

Kristen said...

looks like a fun weekend to me! Great card, fun family stories to read :)

Showing bloggy love from ColorQ Challenge
xo, Kristina
Come by and see me sometime!

laurie said...

Such a cute card!

savvy teaching tips said...

Cute CAS card. And I love the little story about the squirrel. Thanks for joining us at Colour Q this week.

Jean said...

Love your card and ALL of the pics. Hope you had a great weekend with your twinks!

Jen W. said...

This is so cute!! Love the decorative lines and the scoring around the sentiment. :)

And I love the squirrel pics. We don't have squirrels here so I've always been fascinated with them. Everyone made fun of me in college for cooing over them and I came back from a trip to Canada with endless pics of squirrels and raccoons!

Deanna said...

Thank you I don't feel so bad taking pics of squirrels/creatures in our backyard...lol Cute pics!
Awesome card very cute:)

Sandy Ang said...

Such a cute little critter on your card