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June 15, 2012

One Layer Wednesday 92 ~ On The Edge!

Hello on another thank-God-its-Friday!

I love Susan's choice for this week's One Layer Wednesday (OLW) challenge of "stampin' on the edge. The edge of the card, that is. Don't go OFF the edge ... just up to the edge."  Oh, I hope lots of you join in this one ~ the possibilities are edgeless!  I may do a couple of them myself, but for sure I had to do this one:

Putting those score lines over his itty-bitty being really helps to make it look like he is barely hanging in there!

I have just the person to send this to, a friend who seems to be having the walls caving in on her from all sides.  You know how that sometimes happens?  One major cluster of chaos isn't enough, things start piling on. 

I told another friend a few months ago that the well-known phrase, "when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade" is often a too-simplified description of what happens to people in really tough, tough times.  In those times, to me, an onion is more representative of what is happening.  Rarely is a problem one dimensional or one layer.  You think you have the problem handled, you've peeled it away, you move on, and then out of the corner of your eye, you see it.  Another layer to get through.  And another . . .

You just have to hang in there!  When life hands you an onion, you just have to peel it.  Getting through the layers is what we all do.  Often with tears.  It's not like there is an alternative.  In the old days you could refuse to handle the next layer, be completely layered-out, go barking mad, and live comfortably in an asylum.  Not any more, ladies, no more cushy asylums, you just gotta keep on peeling off the layers!

On the other hand (fortunately, there are always other hands), life is not all onions or lemons, all the time.  Blessedly, we have cotton-candy, sweet-peach, and strawberry-daiquiri days as well!

Today I'm very happy to welcome Sam of Ryemilan's Ramblings as a follower!  Turns out my card today is also appropriate for Sam, as she has been having her own oniony days dealing with skin cancer on her lovely face.  I'm sure she would appreciate some love on her comments section. 

I've been there, Sam. Two years ago, I had to have one of the "apples" of my cheeks removed.  It was pretty gruesome for a few weeks as the first pass didn't get all the melanoma and another deeper, wider incision was made.  Then, thankfully, the doctor got it all and stitched me up with the most amazing skill you can imagine! 

So you hang in there, Sam!  I am sending you the above card via cybermail with bushels of positive energy! 

Enjoy!  As always, thank you for stopping by to visit.   Special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower or leave a comment!
Paper:  PTI white
Stamps:  Both SU, unknown sets
Ink:  Memento tuxedo black; Marvy markers


Ardyth said...

Ooh! That's a good one! A great word of encouragement for someone! Love that little guy - I think I sold that set - really have to stop doing that because then I see someone make a great card with a set I used to have! I agree that the scoring really adds to the card.

Sam said...

Your card is so sweet Darnell! How can it fail to put a little smile on someone's face. It worked for me! Thanks for your kind words and thoughts. I really appreciate them.

Very best wishes to you

Redanne said...

Another lovely post from you Darnell, you inspire with your words......I love the card, he is just sooo cute and such a small image really does make you focus on what is important about the card.

Susan (rainy) said...

Oh this is a fabulous clean and simple design. LOVE it!

Zippy said...

I just love this card and great words of encouragenent for any one going through bad times xxx

Deanna said...

Great card and words of encouragement to Sam. Never heard of the onion analogy before. Love it!

Laurie said...

SUPER cute! Love this girl! Awesome white space and the cutest little stamp!

Vicky Hayes said...

Darnell - I adore the way you've used this tiny image! I agree about onions but there is sometimes the option to make lemonade when you're handed lemons! Vicky x

shirley-bee said...

This is so sweet, Darnell!

Kara Lynne said...

That's one little cutie hanging there! Great idea with the score lines. I agree with your onion analogy. Sometimes it takes a LONG time to peel off all those layers!

Sarn said...

Hopped on over to see this particular post from Bernie's blog. It seems you've touched a chord.

Sarn xxx

Bumblebee said...

the card is genius! So cute how you used that tiny stamp like that. I already have a stamp in mind to do this with! The scoring of the card really works too.

MaryH said...

Loved this simple yet very effective card. Scoring just was the icing on the cake. Enjoyed reading about the onions (came from Bernie's Craft Closet). You hit the nail on the head with the onion analogy. Sure hope your friend gets her onion peeled. Was on the phone with a friend today, dealing with many layers of onions in her own life. All I can do, is be there to listen, be her friend.
Thanks for sharing..the card & your story. Hugs

Marianne said...

I clicked on the thumbnail from Simplicity and I SO didn't expect the little guy to be so tiny! Love it. And the score lines are just perfect.

Your message to your new follower is really sweet too :) Very encouraging.

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Darnell,

I'm so glad I was directed to this post (Mary H left a comment on this weeks WOYWW). Peeling the onion is what I need to do.

I bet your friend just loved her little card.


Brenda said...

Love this little card! So cute and simple but to the point which is what I love in cards! I too agree on the onion analogy and have had to peel more than one onion in my lifetime, but peeling those onions is what makes me a stronger and happy person in the long run! Mary H sent me this post so I could check it out as she knows the struggles that I deal with. I sure got a chuckle from this post, card and analogy!! Thank you!!!