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June 14, 2012

ColourQ Challenge #141 ~ Dad's Day

A Thursday Howdy!

I made a card last evening for this week's ColourQ Challenge.  Lots of Fabulous Father's Day cards being made, as there should be, and lots of really brillo tie cards.  You definitely should go over and check them out.  Here are this week's fun colors:

I made a tie out of Bashful Blue (narrow) and Night of Navy (wide) ribbon. 

Odd picture, sorry.  I had to put a colored background around it or it didn't show up and I don't have the time to take the picture again.  It's kinda cool, the tie, and even tho it would fit a normal A2 card, it's just too big or something.  I couldn't decide what to do with it next, so I went in a totally different direction.  

Here is my latest Father's Day card which I made to represent that part of every man that never quite grows up, no matter how old he gets, or how many children he has. 

(I'm no rubber stamp designer, but shouldn't there be a little bit of that fourth wheel showing?)

In the middle of creating in my Playhouse, I stopped to talk to one of my sisters and absently looked down at the floor.  And focused.  Why are the little dark striations in my hardwood floor moving?  Too much coffee?  Too many meds?  No, alas, ANTS!  I am trying, as I bump along on the other side of life's hump, to embrace all of God's creations.  Truly.  Ants, in particular, are quite fascinating and ingenious little critters, but, I'm sorry, God, I don't like them.  Or I should say, I don't like them inside my Playhouse or inside the Big House.  Hate them, in fact.  My Rules For Bugs, nothing original, is that if you're outside, I'll leave you alone; if you're inside, no such promise.  The ants quickly became toast.  I can't imagine what drew them inside.  There is no water.  I take my vodka straight.  There is no food.  Well, except for that one corn chip.

Gotta run.  We're meeting Rachel and the twins at the Winchester Mystery House.  If you think I'm cray-cray, you should click on the linkie and read about Mrs. Winchester.  Tragic life she had, really, and I shouldn't poke fun at her idiot synchrocies.  When Dan was the age the boys are now, he started begging us to take him to the Winchester Mystery House because the billboards advertising it fascinated him.  It was quite outside our budget and of no scientific worth, so Mister would have none of it. 

Finally, when he was about ten, Dan and I were treated to a tour by one of his adopted grans.  Which means that today's outing will actually be Mister's first time attending and Dan?  Well, Dan has to work, but even if he didn't, he says he is not interested in ever going again.  It's a once-in-your-lifetime-type-of-thing.  Or twice in your lifetime, if you're me.  I don't mind, you see, because naturally I have no remembrance of the first time.   Having a screw loose where the memory screw should be makes for a life that is rarely boring!

Please take a moment to check out my new follower, Cindy, of Plant's List.  Thank you for joining, Cindy.  I'm so happy to have you along for the ride!

Enjoy!   As always, thank you for stopping by to visit. Special thanks if you take the time to join as a follower or leave a comment!

Paper:  SU bashful blue, whisper white, lucky limeade
Stamps: Great Impressions G326; ASX Grass 37551;
  unmarked "road"; sentiment Imaginations! H3538;
  unmarked foam "cloud"
Ink/markers:  SU Night of Navy, Brocade Blue;
  Marvy grey


Victoria said...

I reckon part of that fourth wheel should be showing too. Maybe we should open a stamp design business together? That assumes I can draw, but alas, I can't.
Love your take on these colours!

Kara Lynne said...

Yes, where is the 4th wheel? Well, fortunately any man who loves his trucks will just know it fell off during the mash up and keep vrooming on! Fun cards for Father's day, Darnell!

Andria said...

Mhmm I think the fourth wheel should be there too, bit of a bumpy ride otherwise. Great card though, good use of the colours :).

Jen Mitchell said...

Well, even with the missing fourth wheel, this is still stinkin' cute!

Allisa said...

So, I agree...you are not 4-wheelin, you are 3-wheelin! Funny you mention the Winchester House. I had a horse that was named Winchester, for he was an endless money pit and always needed something. The name seemed to suit him well......a co-worker came up with his name based on the Winchester Mansion.

Jean said...

Great card and use of the colors!

Andrea W said...

A super fun manly card! I agree about the fourth wheel too.

Kelly Griglione said...

Love your grass Darnell! And those clouds really pop against the sky. Who needs a fourth wheel anyway : )

Sam said...

I agree with all the comments above Darnell. This is a really fun card, even without that pesky fourth wheel! I enjoyed your ant story too, and I am just drooling over pictures of your playhouse. WOW, it is like wonderland!

Best wishes

Bonnie said...

I think that's a very neat tie, Darnell. It's a good way to use some little bits of ribbon that we just can't throw away. And that Monster Truck is awesome! Luke would love that!

Sylvia said...
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Sylvia said...

This is indeed one fun card, Darnell, I absolutely love your comments on the ants! I have that conversation with God all the time. so can anyone answer, why did God make ants? Thanks for taking time out of your busy week to make this card and write this post, I really enjoyed the humor. Thanks for joining us at the ColourQ this week and sharing your card!

Anita Scroggins said...

Love your card! Thanks for playing along with CQC this week!! Your tie is just too cute!

Tracey McNeely said...

What a fun card Darnell, I think that image is too cute.

LeAnne said...

Super fun card, Darnell...and I am with you on the fourth wheel as well as the ants! I am battling them in my kitchen as we speak! Thanks for playing with us this week!