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March 13, 2017

Spotlighting Friendship, Part 2

Hey, there!

I received a few comments from some of you about my last post in which you referred to the flowers being inlaid and/or popped up. I think I referred to them as "inset," but actually the better word would be "recessed." Anyway, to avoid any confusion, I thought I would pop back in with a photo tute of the process I used. Here is a new rendition:
Step 1.
You will want a base card 4.25 x 11 folded in half, your stamp image, a single panel of card 4.25 x 5.50 (or whatever size you want your card to be), and the matching die.

Step 2.
Place your die in the middle of the SINGLE card panel and cut it out.

Step 3.
Randomly stamp your image (I used gray ink) all around the die cut opening in your SINGLE card panel. (The black scrap under the panel is just for you to see the panel better. It has nothing to do with making this card.)

Step 4.
Place your SINGLE stamped and die cut panel on top of your FOLDED card base and match them evenly. Make sure your folded card and top panel are both going the same way!!!

Step 5.
Place your stamp in the negative cut to line it up perfectly. With your MISTI or an acrylic block pick up your image, remove the top panel, and stamp your image onto your FOLDED card base. (Use Archival Ink or some other waterproof ink if you are planning to watercolor your image.)

Step 6.
Your folded card panel is now stamped with the image. Proceed to color it. Set it aside.

Step 7.
Place adhesive double-sided foam to the back of your SINGLE card panel which you prepared in steps 1-3 above.

Step 8.
Remove the backing from your foam tape, line up and adhere your top panel over your stamped and folded card base. Make sure your folded card and top panel are both going the same way!!! 

It actually goes very quickly and it's fun. Yes, I know it's pretty much the same as doing a single flower image popped up, but it's neat IRL and I like that it's different. (Thanks again, Anita!) Perhaps lots of you have seen or done it before, but it's a new-to-me technique. Now I'm looking around the Playhouse seeing what other images I have besides flowers that have matching dies!

I hope the photos helped and that it all makes perfick cents to you now!

BTW, I based my colors for this card on the real mums we have on the deck:

Enjoy your day!  No, seriously, enjoy!  LITS!*

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scrAPpamondo said...

Thanks very much, darnell!! Your step by step tutorial is just perfect and so well explained! Fabulous technique, so different and fun, and AMAZING card!! Your colouring is wonderful!!

conil said...

You're such a good person to share your considerable knowledge and skills. Simply adore this gorgeous card and the recessed flowers.

Craft-E-Place said...

Another simply beautiful card! Thanks for the step by step guide ... very clear.

Linda said...

Beautiful card Darnell and great tutorial.

Redanne said...

It is different and also very effective, love this new card, it is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful tutorial with us too. Hugs, Annie xx

Ruth said...

Absolutely perfect tutorial!! Thank you! I have a notion to try this out myself with some new things that came on Saturday. Definitely one to use with the MISTI - the magnets will come in handy to stop it all moving. I just love your use of CAPITALS to warn us of impending errors - I foresee a few coming up on 1st April for your big boo boo! Lol! xx

Kathleen said...

I can now see the need to buy a stamp with a matching die.

Kath x

cm said...

Applauding and cheering your most excellent, user-friendly, clearly detailed tutorial (although, I know I'd likely have things wonka-doodled, despite your several times italicized reminders). Such a different technique, indeed. Yana Smacula has something sort of similar on her blog using rocket ships, although she uses a number of recessed images. Cool...but not as cool as yours!
Hugs and love~c

Lisa said...

Such a stunning card, Darnell and your tutorial is perfect!! I love, love this!! The colors are amazing!! Have a great evening!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Colleen said...

amazing, thank you so much for the tutorial and talking us through all those steps...this does look fun and now I shall have to try it!! Have a great week my friend!! Heart Hugs! col

Pat said...

Another wonderful Mum card Darnell using this interesting technique and a great tutorial explaining it very clearly for us. I think I did sort of understand how it worked but still good to have it explained properly. The Misti obviously comes in handy for this technique to line things up too. I love that pretty geranium in the pot and you have got the colour of it for your flower precisely. The stamped versions on the top layer in the blue again work beautifully. x

Fiki said...

great tutorial and very nice card!

Bunny said...

Thanks for the tu-tu. Another pretty card, too.

oldpunca said...

Thank you for showing all steps how to create such a beautiful card. :-) I saw your previous post and I'm impressed. :-) It is always fun to learn something new.
(We will turn our clocks to the summer time in two weeks.)
Have a great week!
Hugs, Sonja

P.S.: Thank yu for visiting my blog and for best wishes for my colleagues. At the time my workplace safe.

Nora N. said...

Oh what a lovely RECESSED flower card Darnell!! I am off to see the original post that had everyone confused but I am LOVING this card. I could use some pretty flowers right now as we get set for a blizzard here in CT. School is already called off!! I stare wistfully at your pretty pink flowers on your deck and wish for summer!!

Di said...

Well, that's a very clever trick Darnell! Wonderful explanation (gonna bookmark it for future use) and it's strange that the flowers look popped up rather than recessed (or laid back/almost unconscious - snigger) in the photo - all to do with shadows and the fact I need new specs really! LOVE your card!


Di xx

Liz said...

Another beautiful card, Darnell. I really thought the coloured flowers had been popped up on foam pads/tape. It's strange how shadows in the photos make your eyes see what you think is there. Now you've said, they as so obviously recessed...... or perhaps I just need to get my eyes tested again! 😉 Thanks for the tutorial. xx

MaryH said...

Whatever you call it, it's a gorgeous look! Appreciate the pictorial tutorial, and had to leave at your emphasis on being sure the image & the negative space go the same way. I can see me making this mistake! Easily! And I love the way you're replicated the main focus as a pattern in the front stamping too! Adding the inked edge around the negative helped create the impression of depth so much too. Just an extra important detail. TFS & Hugs

Birgit said...

I think I might have said popped but that just tells me how great your card is because many great artists could fool the eye. This card is great and full of spring. I
We are having a winter storm right now so it's nice to see this.

Lisa Elton said...

Thanks for the step by step on your beautiful work of art!!

jimlynn said...

Great tutorial and of course it's a beauty! Will have to try this sometime. Pretty flowers on the deck too!

Cris G said...

This is a gorgeous card and a great technique, Darnell. Thank you for the tutorial! The real mums on your deck look very happy... and healthy.

Cheryl W. said...

Great, detailed tutorial. Thank you! Your card is so pretty. Love the bright pink flowers and the way they are "inset" on your card.

Helen F. said...

Beautiful coloring of this pretty flower image, Darnell. Thanks for the tutorial, will have to try this technique :-)

Sue Lelli said...

That is just Brilliant, Darnell! LOVE the inset look and the pretty pink posies! FAB card!

Milka Gubo said...

Gorgeous card, Darnell!! Love it! Thank you for sharing photo tutorial. :o) xx

Linda said...

Great tutorial with gorgeous results ..... love it! xx

Gerrina said...

Looks great! Think IRL even better... And what a great tutorial! Love the flowers on your deck; they are so bold-pink! Hugs, Gerrina

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Darnell
Great tutorial for this marvellous card.
You did confuse me (easily done) with reference to mums as your deck flowers look like geraniums or were you Malaproping geranimums lol!
Ang x

Carole said...

Great 'how to' Darnell and a beautiful card at the end of it all!

Leslie Miller said...

Another pretty card with this technique! Gosh, those flowers look gorgeous even all by themselves on the white card. You're so good to go to the trouble to demonstrate. What a great idea!

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

Gorgeous! I like the term "recessed" - doing my powder room renovation right now with a recessed medicine cabinet and a recessed toilet paper holder.....I guess you did not want to know this...

JD/ Jill said...

Wonderful card...and great tutorial...thanks for sharing.

Susanne Vargas said...

Thanks for the enlightening tutorial! This is a great technique and your cards are lovely!

Sheila H said...

Your card is beautiful, Darnell. Your tutorial is very clear. This technique makes me wish for more stamps and coordinating dies. I don't have many.

Karenladd said...

Well this is a technique I haven't seen yet...and what a great tutorial. I've only just mastered the inlaid die-cut technique but I see that I've got work ahead of me. Just when I thought I "knew it all". I find out that I don't..oh my!

Cat Craig said...

Thanks for the tute. Love this look, somehow it is more fun recessed.

Bobby said...

Look at you branching out into tutorials. What a great job on explaining it. I did a similar card and followed a tutorial by Julie Ebersole. When I got to the end of the post I said "Those aren't Mums." Then I saw your caption. Clever, Darnell, but then what else would I expect. ;)

TK said...

What a wonder-mous card -- so beautiful! Love your tutorial, made perfeck cents to me! :o)

Petra Swart said...

Another beauty, Darnell!!!! Love the real flowers on your deck and the beautiful ones on your card!!!!! Thanks for taking the time to show how you did it!!!!

Anita in France said...

As beautiful as your originals, Darnell ... a wonderful take on your germamimums! Your tutorial is fabulous ... clear, easy instructions and such great photography (of course!). You're so welcome, my lovely friend (again)!! LYAMYLLFTCS! Hugs & bisous, Anita :)