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Everyone was gathering in the conference room to celebrate the boss’s birthday so George and Winnie walked down the hall together from the lab where they were assigned. 

George was busy looking over his shoulder at 3-year-old Winnie who had just let go of the party balloon, so he didn’t notice the pileup in front of him until after he turned the corner.

Before he could stop himself, George stepped on Imogene’s tail which made Imogene howl and fall into the wall. 

This allowed George a clear look ahead where he saw that Everett was lying flat out, his terrified eyes pinned on the tiniest mouse George had ever seen. Not even in the secret high-security lab.

George knew that Everett was frozen in fear and the only way to clear the hall would require him to step into Everett’s line of sight.

Slinking around Imogene’s wide hips and Everett’s flattened ears, George locked eyes with the tiny mouse. And froze.

Darnell J. Knauss, Author
Cornelia Wenokor, Illustrator
Vol. 1 Ep. 6
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In a stroke of genius, Frank had chosen Pierce to be the new mascot in order to make the public less afraid of the police. They were used to seeing big German Shepherds as dogs used in police work, but never a dog like Pierce. 

What was so genius is that no one suspected Pierce was actually a formidable secret asset to the department. 

For instance:

  • There were the ears permanently cocked and ready to eavesdrop on criminal conversations.
  • There were the wide-set bulging eyes that never missed a movement and could look left and right at the same time.
  • There were the protruding bottom teeth, excellent for picking locks.
  • There was the stubble on the chin, the roly-poly neck, and the pork-pie hat. Actually, they had no special qualities other than to disarm the public.
  • But the flat feet were an absolute necessity for any good detective and that curly-q tail of Pierce’s could snake through even the smallest hole with a remote camera.

Yes, indeed, genius!

Darnell J. Knauss, Author
Cornelia Wenokor, Illustrator
Vol. 1, Ep. 4


At sunrise that morning, Rosy could tell there was something odd in the air. It smelled faintly of sulfur. As she walked to the watering hole, all the other hippos were already out of the pens, enjoying the sunshine and quiet before the zoo opened.

As usual, the catcalls and bullying started as soon as Rosy came into view.

“Oh, look,” yelled Harold, “if it isn’t Roly-Poly Popsicle Pinky!”

“Hey, Pinky,” added Calvin, “how do you know when you get sunburned?!”

Rosy went to the happy place in her head in order to ignore the heckling she endured since she was born as bright as a berry. It had taken her many years to escape the heckling, but at this age, she barely heard a word they said.

Instead she imagined herself with wings, bright yellow wings. They had to be yellow because yellow wings flew higher into the clouds than any other color.

As she neared the watering hole, the sky became black and the winds begin to shift and whip around her. The smell of sulfur became stronger. All the other hippos ran for the cover of their pens, but Rosy didn’t move. 

She felt a pull on both shoulders and then all she felt was wonderfully light of heart, light of mind, and light of body. She knew her imagination was becoming reality. She smiled, waiting for lift-off.

Darnell J. Knauss, Author
Cornelia Wenokor, Illustrator
Vol. 1 Ep. 3


Every dozen years the Topzwellers poked their heads through the loamy soil near the entrance to the baseball park. As Liane had turned 12 during the last phase, it was her first time as lookout.

Nervously, she looked to her left which caused her left eyeball to pop out of her head. It was like a turn signal or if she wasn’t moving, like a zoom lens.

When she saw that the target was already in place and all systems were GO, her little arms locked into the straight position, fingers splayed, and her underbelly turned yellow.

Keeping her position trained on the target, Liane gingerly touched each of the others with her tail, a signal that they could emerge. She knew that when they were all in position, this would be the greatest night of her life.

Darnell J. Knauss, Author
Cornelia Wenokor, Illustrator
Vol. 1 Ep. 2


Darnell J. Knauss, Author
Cornelia Wenokor, Illustrator

[Excepted from the Websville Community Newsletter, April 1, 2019]

Welcome to another article where we help you, our neighbors, get to know your candidates on a more personal level. We know you are all fascinated by the fact that a set of triplets are vying against each other for the one vacant Rat City Council seat and you want to know more about them.

Let us first introduce you to Abraham.
Abraham is known in the community as The Realist. When the triplets were born, Abe was the oldest and the biggest. Immediately, their mother started treating Abe as her right-hand man, especially since their father had been killed in a trap on his way home from the pizza parlor a week before the triplets were born. Abe never disappointed his mother. He saw to all their needs and never had a childhood of his own. No one was surprised when Abe became the first rat in the family to attend college and earn a degree in Logistics.

Next is Thomas. 
Thomas is the middle mouse. He is known as the Doubter. Being in the middle between his brother and sister, Thomas doesn’t know who to believe, so he believes no one. You’ll never hear Thomas answer a question with a straight Yes or No. Instead he’ll say, “I doubt it.” Or, “What makes you say that?” Or, “Let me think about it.” And his most-used phrase, said in a sulky tone: “Well, I don’t know about that.”

Last, but not least, we have Suzy.
Suzy is known as the Optimist. Suzy welcomes life with open arms. She feels that every day is a blessing and she wakes up excited to see what adventures await her. Her brothers pretty much hate her, especially when she breaks out into a rousing rendition of, “Oh, Suzannah!”

Their long-suffering mother once asked Suzy why she was such an optimist when her brothers were not. Suzy just smiled and answered quietly, “Well, that’s obvious, Mom. According to the laws of nature, there must be two polar opposites. I’m the equator.”

Vol. 1 Ep.1

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