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July 8, 2024

I.D.E.A.S. Die-Cut Day!

Hello Stamplings!

Welcome and good day to ya! I'm feeling okay and I'll feel even better once I get off the shingles meds. Thank you for all your wonderful birthday and get well wishes and prayers! You're the best!❤

I have my usual twofer for you. One is a card I made a coupla weeks ago and one I managed during the week.

The beautiful vellum butterfly image is from a company called Stamp On It. I attached it to a stitched and scalloped pink square and then attached that to a sheet of vellum, which was attached to the card front with a fold over the top. I then added the die-cut thanks from poppystamps and the sequints.

Before I added the vellum to the card base, I thought a layer of text on the card front would look lovely under the vellum crinoline, so I used my old SU En Francais stamp:
A simple W-O-W Christmas card on hammered cardstock to kick-start what will hopefully be weekly Christmas card makes from now on. Tick-tock, tick-tock! I love pure white-on-white cards, but when I go to make them, I usually end up adding a bit of color, a touch of gold embossing, a little bling, something. I'm pickled tink that I managed to restrain myself for once! (It helped that the lads are away at summer camp right now!)

The corner die is actually NBUS and it's from 2015. I mean, seriously? I really am a bad offender of not using my schtuff, aren't I?! And I have a set of these, Christmas and non-Christmas dies. Slap! Never mind, better late than never as I always tell you with your NBUS!

Sorry, I digested. The ornament is ancient (but often used) from Spellbinders, called, "2011 Heirloom Ornaments." The sediment has escaped its packaging. I'm imagining you imagining the die ripping apart the thin cellophane envelope and flinging itself into the drawer. 


The Mails and The Mister

I have one of those first-of-the-month birthdays that are a surprise when you turn the calendar, so I'm fortunate to get cards for many days after wards. I have to say that this year the mails have been extraordinary! I have received many cards from England and Canada in less than a week! Bravo!!

But then, this:
It is so sad to see a lovely handmade card mangled, especially when there was nothing on the card which should have caught in machinery.😢 On a positive note, I am happy that the mail personnel didn't just throw it away! 


Per tradition, The Mister made me a copier paper handmade birthday card, which I treasure each year. He is not usually one for quips, but he really made me laugh out loud when he wrote this in the card:

Happy 75th Birthday!
If you were a building,
this would be quite
an accomplishment.

And you still have all your shingles!

Enjoy your week! No, seriously, enjoy! LITS!*

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower! 

*Life is too short!
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Sue - said...

Love the very pretty vellum butterfly card. I always like the look of all white cards but not when I try to make them. They just never look right! How sad the mail machine ripped the card, but at least you got it, and I had quite a little chuckle at Mister’s little verse. xx

Carole said...

Oooh loving those cards...especially the first one ..it is soooo pretty and delicate. I too love white on white, but am never sure when they are done and like you usually add sparkle in white glitter..lol. xx

Jeanne said...

So happy to hear you are feeling better! Your cards are beautiful. I really like the butterfly one, but the WOW is lovely, too. Your husband's card gave me a good giggle. Why are the lads away around your birthday? Shouldn't they be giving you their special brand of schparkle??

Em Louise Fairley said...

Both cards are beautiful, Darnell. So glad you're slowly getting better xoxo

Lynette said...

Two very beautiful cards, Darnell! I love white-on-white, also, but I don't think I've ever actually made one totally white. Bummer about the mangled card. And yes, very clever card from The Mister. LOL!

Bonnie said...

Go Kevin! He's a keeper, my friend! We definitely need laughs for a 75th birthday. I hope I'll be shingleless! Your first card reminds me that I have some of those vellum images that I've never used. You have inspired me to get them out and see what I can do with them. Love the WOW card with the hammered texture! It's so classy and elegant!

Lisa Elton said...

Hope that meds do the trick and you go from just okay to A-OKAY!! Loving the cards today, Darnell, but it's the Mister's message that takes the win!!

Mitzi said...

Your cards are both beautiful. I just made my first white on white card and was so pleased with it that I taught it in my card class. I've experienced shingles and hope you heal well with no side effects. LOVED your hubby's funny verse!

Loll said...

Always fun to open birthday cards, but that is a new look for the post office. Fun to get cards throughout the month, and I think that happens to a LOT of us because the postal service is either working or not working - we never know. Happy to hear you are having an OK day and hopefully not too much pain.

Take care sweet friend and thank you for your IDEAS Challenge ... always love to see what you make and enjoy playing along. The first card is gorgeous with the beautiful images - oh that butterfly - STUNNING! Adding the En Francais text made it even more special. Your W-O-W Christmas card is beautiful. Love the texture. Love, Lolly

Cat Craig said...

W-O-W is so hard to photograph. YOu did an amazing job of it, the card too is lovely and full of texture. I do have to say the vellum butterfly card got a WOW outloud from me upon opening your post. Stunning.

HilaryJane said...

Your pink butterfly card is so pretty and what a great idea to add the french script. Your white on white is very stylish, well done for the restraint on the embellishments. I am glad you enjoyed your birthday. Hope those shingles go away completely soon xx

Bobby said...

That Mister is quite the card, Darnell. I wish mine would even buy one.
Your butterfly on vellum is gorgeous. I used to use my NBUS right away but I have been lax of late. I can't imagine that border not grabbing your attention some time ago. It adds wonderful additional texture to your hammered Christmas card. I thought I brought more Christmas stuff with me to work on but I guess not so I'm going to be way behind come October.

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Darling cards with die cuts, Darnell - hope to play along! Love the pretty pink square and sentiment on card one with the gorgeous butterfly! The corner cut-out on card two looks amazing too! Lucky for Kevin you have a sense of humor & sorry about your mangled card!!

I Card Everyone said...

As lovely as your W.O.W. card is [and it truly is] your gorgeous butterfly got the biggest WOW when I opened your post today! What a beauty!
Feel better quickly, D!

Carol L said...

Your two cards are beautiful and each one is very special with such pretty elements, but that card with the hand written message from the mister just completely cracked me up! I don't mean to laugh at suffering from shingles but your husband has a sharp wit in writing that little tidbit inside! That's a good one :) Take care of yourself and I hope you get well soon!

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Darnell... your Mister is a real hoot.. love the card sentiment and so pleased you had a great time opening all your cards although one was partly opened for you. BUT your butterfly card is absolutely beautiful... the vellum really softened the look with the soft pink shades... and WOW is one I struggle with too but your Christmas card nailed it.... have a great day and hope your shingles are improving, hugs Robyn

brandco2450@gmail.com said...

Two gorgeous cards, Darnell! Belated birthday wishes too!
I seem to have missed the last post, so I hope the shingles
are on the way out!

TK said...

Awesome cards, Darnell! Your first one is STUNNING in every way, I love the script under the vellum, the delicate butterfly and the cute, scalloped window. As for your W-O-W wonder, it's amazing in all it's whiteness too!

Your sentiment from the Mister is great! What a card to receive - lol.

Cheryl W. said...

Loving both your cards today. I can't say I've ever accomplished a pure W-O-W card. I, too, always seem to end up adding at least a bit of color. I salute you for your W-O-W accomplishment. Your DH's sentiment for the card he made for you is awesome. I can see why it's a keeper!

LesleyG said...

Such a pretty vellum card, I still rue the day I sold my en francais stamp. Well done with your w o w , and I hope to see those other nbus dies 😂. Your Mister’s quote was funny, and I hope you’re off the meds soon xxx

Julie B said...

Love both cards but the pink butterfly just edges it! Could your 'escaped' die be from STAMPlorations?
Glad to hear that you are feeling a little better. Heard at the weekend that the bride now has the lurg, better then than on Thursday. That Mister is a keeper with his sense of humour! :)

kiwimeskreations said...

Another beautiful twofer, Darnell - love your use of the vellum on the first one, and yes, I have an (ancient) corner die that I have yet to use, so you are not alone.
Its not fair to blame the boys for ending up with colour on your W-O-W cards, especially when they are away and cannot reply :(. Please give them both and extra cuddle from me when they return home.

Lia said...

A Christmascard all in white: that looks very posh and I like it!

Fikreta said...

beautiful cards!

Diane said...

Both cards are very beautiful, love the pretty softness of the butterfly card and also the elegance of the white on white! Your hubby's sentiment in you card gave a good chuckle, my hubby made my birthday card last year, those I really treasure! Sorry about your shingles, I have yet to get the shingles shot, yikes!!
Thank you for joining our challenge at Triple B and Peace On Earth!
Diane TB POE Co-Owner
{Nellies Nest}
{Triple B}
NEW {Love Those Pretty Papers}

dj said...

2015!! wowsers!! It was time to shop your stash!! We are glad you joined the fun and played along with our "never been used stuff" challenge over at Shopping Our Stash.
Deb Horst, DT #SOS525

Linby said...

Fab ditty from the Mr! I just love the first card, so very pretty and a great idea with the script. Fab wow card also.

Linda said...

Darnell, I knew I recognized that thank you card. It is so beautiful. I love it. Fantastic white on white Christmas card. And The Mister's birthday card is great. Have a great week. Hope you are starting to feel better and getting rid of those shingles.
This is our second day of 100 degrees. Ugh too hot for me. We have had about 5 days of high 90's and now 2 days of 100. Supposed to cool down to 92 tomorrow and then back into the 80's.
Take care. Hugs...

Julia Aston said...

A beautiful butterfly card on the vellum with the text behind sis - and a lovely all white Christmas creation (I have the ornament die set too!) rather freudian that your have perfect day card got it's corner ripped so it was no longer perfect???? - or maybe it's a message that being perfect doesn't mean it's perfect??!! funny quip from the MR - still getting my head around that he TYPES you a card each year!! Julia xx

Sandra H said...

You have created to wonderful cards as always the thankyou card with the butterfly and vellum is gorgeous with the lovely pink frame and the Christmas card in white with the bauble is equally as stunning love them both, weather still not good here rain again today, it does make you wonder how your card became mangled but great that you received it, so pleased your feeling much better too take care x

Susan said...

Beautiful butterfly card! But then I saw the white on white Christmas one and my heart was stolen by it. Perfectly CAS, perfectly elegant, and just enough texture from the hammered cs to keep it interesting. Great restraint on your part to leave it as is as it's perfect. I have that same corner die and like yours, mine is a NBUS from 2015 - I really must use it.

Tina Z. said...

beautiful butterfly card and I love Christmas CAS.
I am impressed by Mister's creativity :).
uf, what a post delivery ...
yes, you are always a surprise on my calendar, so my card is on its way to you.
crafty hugs xx

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Wow, the vellum card with that amazing butterfly is SO sweet, delicate and fabulous!! Love it so much! Lovely white on white Christmas card too.
Happy 75th Birthday, Darnell! Such a shame the beautiful Birthday card from your friend arrived so ruined!
The wishes of your hubby are FUN!!! :D

Karen said...

Well, I just found this tab open on my browser, and I thought I had left a birthday message when you posted it, but no, it's not here! So VERY belated birthday wishes. I hope it was a great day. I just love your butterfly card! The layers are so wonderful together--such a vintage feel to it. I once sent a friend my favorite Christmas card of the year, and when she received it, the card had been totally mangled by the post office. I take much better measures now to protect cards with any kind of layer or embellishments.

Epie said...

Wonderful cards Darnell , a little be late Birthday wishess...
Have a nice day...take care
Hugs Epie