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April 15, 2024

April 15: E is for Embossing (Powder/Folder)

Hello Stamplings!

How's your little heart pumpin' today? My computer wants that to read: how's your little pumpkin heart today? I don't think science has figured out how to do that yet.

My heart was fine last week, but my head was in a vice.🤕 I had five consecutive days of migraines, but I've had two good days now, so whatever that was, it doesn't ever need to happen again! (And bless all of you who deal with this routinely.❤) In the between times, I turned to cards to keep my mind on something else. I have to say, having the I.D.E.A.S. schedule (see side bar) has given me focus and purpose. 

This week is all about embossing. Spring flowers are popping up here in yards and along country roads. In particular, wild California poppies are abundant because of all the rain we've had. So in tribute:

This is a Penny Black stamp which I painted with Distress Oxides. It was my first time doing that and I like the chalky result, even after winking. If you look very closely you can see a bit of stenciling. That was young Stanley's work and I am proud of how he did and how smart Hammy was to choose one of my stencils with teeny tiny holes for Stan's first effort. I added the sediment from PTI and some soft DO blending around the edges.

And, after all that, because this is Week Three, I ran the panel through my Gemini with a Sissix 3D e/f. It's not something I would normally do, but I have to say, it gave the card a certain glow-up!

Another poppy design, this one from PTI called Botanical Blocks III. I embossed it in platinum powder and painted it with my Ziggies before matting. The card was embossed with a Darice e/f. 

Hammy thinks I should start a new aaacronym: WBUCSI. It stands for, "winked, but you can't see it!" (I'm doing my best to start a trend of "senior speak" to make the kids try and figure out what we're saying for a change!😂)

Threefer with a Twist

I switched over from poppies to daisies:
This quick card features a NBUS 3D embossing folder from Altenew, called "Daisy Bed." The panel was matted with black and the die-cut sediment is from W&W. I painted the background with my Ziggies and then used a small bb to blend ink on the daisy centers (WBUCSI). 

The Twist
(Not my card. Read below.)
The same day I made my daisy card, I received the above beautiful daisy card in the mail from my friend Anita all the way from France! What are the chances?! The same-wave-length-coinkydink gave me goose-bumpers and I just had to share! Thank you, Anita!


Enjoy your daisylicious week! 
No, seriously, enjoy! LITS!*

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower! If you play with embossing this week, please let me know so I can visit you and pin your creation to my I.D.E.A.S. Board!

*Life is too short!
#1 = We Love Stamping (Spring)
#2 = The Flower Challenge (add layers); 
         Snippets Playground (The poppy panel of three layers and the sediment were all made from snippets.)
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Jeanne said...

Beautiuflly embossed cards my friend. Love the poppies! Miss the poppies even after all these years. I try to grow some but it's just not the same. I remember Anita in France! How is she doing? I miss seeing her. I hope she is doing well. That's a lovely card she sent you. A beautiful way to start the week!

Sue said...

Stunning cards Darnell and the card off your friend is beautiful too! They are all so pretty hugs Sue x

!neke said...

Just all beauty's !!!
groeten Ineke

Karen said...

Fabulous cards, Darnell! It's hard to pick a favorite; I've always loved the PTI Botanical Blocks and wish I had purchased more of them. I'm also a huge fan of the daisy embossing folder. So sorry to hear about the migraines. Hope this week is a good one! We're in South Carolina so we're looking forward to a week of sunshine and warm temperatures. Hoping we'll go home to a spring that will stick around!

Sandra H said...

Ooh wow Darnell beautiful are all of the cards the embossed folders are gorgeous as is the colourings and the images too x

Marcia Hill said...

Beautiful cards Darnell, and tell Stanley he's doing a bang up job!! Love your new WBUCSI acronym...have to remember that one!! And how fun that you and Anita were on the same wavelength...both beautiful daisy cards!! Hugs, Linda. :0)

Gerrina said...

O love both flowers, but the daisies here are earlier in the season. Great way how you used the different embossing folders! Love the idea that kids have to think over what we are saying :) Hugs, Gerrina

Brenda in IN said...

I'm so sorry you suffered with those headaches but glad they are gone now. Your cards are delightful and so springy. They are much needed after all the gray, gloomy skies and rain. Stanley is doing so well with his stenciling. Does he enjoy crafting like Hammy does?

Aquarius said...

Great examples of embossing showing just how versatile the E?F's can be in the hands of someone with imagination. Hope you don't get a repeat of the migraines - that's no fun

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, those beautiful poppies! I had the California poppies all over my garden, but gone now. The DOX inks produced a markedly different look with watercoloring. I tried it once, loved it, and then promptly forgot about it. Making a note (again). All the embossing looks wonderful. I'm a fan. I like how you colored the background of the daisies. You and Anita were definitely having some kind of mystic connection. Wishing you many migraine-free weeks ahead. I was one who suffered. One day I started taking OTC magnesium for another reason, and that was the last of the migraines. I was lucky.

Di said...

Wow Darnell, what a lovely group of cards from you! Plenty of lovely embossing too. Here's hoping the migraines ease off - I had them many years ago and it's such a miserable thing to try and cope with.

Di xx

Trina P. said...

Migraines are awful! I get visual disturbance with mine, so you’re lucky you were still able to see and craft! Glad it’s gone and you’re feeling better.
Awesome 3fors showcasing embossing. I’m a daisy fan so my favourite is the 3rd daisy one.

Gail said...

Wow! Beautiful creations!
LOVE the daisies!
Sorry to hear about your head.
I get one or two migraines a year, and think I'm going to die!
Can't imagine 5 days in a row!
Have a great week!

HilaryJane said...

All these cards are so happy and spring like so thanks for bringing some sunshine into what has been a day with all 4 seasons in one. we have had wind rain and hail as well as some sunshine xx

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Gorgeous embossing, Darnell - just love the all-over embossing with the poppies on card one, the rings in the background on card two, & the crisp daisies on card three!! Lovely card from Anita too - great daisy minded synergy!!

Cat Craig said...

Beautifully done, Darnell. Wonderful cards using embossing.

Donna said...

Fabulous collection of cards, like the embossing behind the first one along with Stanley's stenciling, the second is very striking and like the embossed background, your 3D embossing card is beautiful and to receive one similar from a friend the same day-you are on the same wavelength! Glad your migraine has ended.

Bonnie said...

You and Anita were definitely on the same wavelength, Dolly! Both daisy cards are beautiful with the blue background! Love how you've embossed the whole front of the first card! Such pretty flowers and beautifully painted! The framed poppy is gorgeous! Love the yellow highlights of the petals! I hope those migraines are over and done for a long time, my friend!

Donna Walls said...

I'm sorry to hear you were suffering from a nasty migraine but it's good to know you're feeling better. Your cards are stunning, each CAS style is a bit different but so beautiful nonetheless. And it certainly was a coincidence that Anita sent you a very similar card, you both were on the same wave length - maybe the migraine sent your thoughts to France. Thanks for joining us at The Beautiful Blossoms Challenge. We look forward to seeing more of your lovely designs soon.
Donna xx
Beautiful Blossoms Challenge
Paper Funday Challenge
Inspiration Station Challenge

Lisa Elton said...

My hubby gets migraines and they're no fun. So sorry you had a rough time of it, Darnell. Glad it's behind you and you're feeling better. Your cards today are fabulous! Love the polka dotty embossing on the first one and your warm sunny colors!

TK said...

So sorry to hear about your migraines, I've not had one but I can sure empathize for anyone who has!
Your cards are all beautiful and a terrific coincidence on that final one from Anita (hi, Anita!). Love your variety of cards.
As for the "Senior Speak" -- here here!!! It's about time someone tries to figure out what we're saying... does that mean they're actually listening?!

brenda said...

A beautiful floral display Darnell and the first so effective with the embossing over stamping, many thanks for sharing with us at We Love Stamping challenge.

Totally sympathise with the migraines, you have to experience them to understand them. Currently on a nine week daily roll, emgality was a miracle for four years, now stopped working. Onto nerve blocks and radiofrequency albation now, praying it will work.

B x

LesleyG said...

My grains need to leave you alone! You do not deserve that, you have too much creativity to share with us, just splendid cards and what a coincidence with the daisy cards! Xxx

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Fabulous floral cards today, Darnell! And great inspirations as always! Love so much them all and your use of the EFs!!
Particularly, love the first one, that embossing really gives a WOW factor of the beautiful poppies!
I also want to say you thanks so much for joining us with it at we Love Stamping April challenge!

Sarn said...

A lovely post full of pretty floral cards.
Thanks for entering the poppy one into the Snippets Playground. Hope the migraines stay away. You did well to get homework done while you weren't feeling well. See you up in the Treehouse later where we can have a nice mug of hot chocolate. xxx

Kate said...

Beautiful examples of embossing (both kinds) Darnell! Being more than a little partial towards poppies, the first two grabbed my attention immediately. I love the whimsical nature of the first, but that second just knocked my socks off - beautiful colouring and the way it's framed and the placement of the sentiment are just perfect! I can't wait to get new milage from all my poppy stamps and dies by going California style for a change! Having said that, your daisy garden party is gorgeous ... plus I really admire your skill at colouring the background areas! And what an amazing coincidence (and delight) to get an almost identical card from the fabulous Anita (I so miss her wonderful cards and musings) within days of making it! Hugs, and I hope you continue to be migraine free, Kate!

kiwimeskreations said...

Oh what a beautiful trio of embossed, WBUCSI, and stunningly coloured cards, Darnell - yes Hammy was very clever in his choice of stencil for Stanley to start with!
Isn't it amazing how great minds think alike, but then to receive Anita's card the day you made yours was a bit goose-bumpy!!
As a migraine sufferer, I can sympathise with you - I'm not too bad now, but as a teen, it was twice weekly most weeks for a while... and the meds then were non-existent - now if I get to my meds soon enough, an hour sitting quiet and I'm sort of good to go

Carol L said...

your cards are all just stunning samples of embossing and beauty! I love how each one is different and unique I hope those headaches are gone too. Lately I wake up with my head feeling like a brick and it's no fun. Take care and keep smiling.

R's Rue said...


Bobby said...

There is so much inspiration on your blog today, Darnell. I have that PB stamp and haven't used it in like forever (said in that teenage way). I also have the embossing folder Anita used so I'm pulling both out to remind me to make some cards with them. So glad to hear she's still making cards. I do miss her.
So sorry about your migraines. I know they can be debilitating although I've never had one. knock on wood

Susan said...

You are on a roll with your embossing folders!! I am so impressed. All are beautiful but Twofer speaks to me with that gorgeous orange poppy that makes me long for my California poppies to start blooming.

Lynette said...

Such pretty flowers and such amazing cards - both your and Anita's! Daisies are my favorite. :-) Stanley did a great job, too. Must have a super teacher. LOL!

Cheryl W. said...

I think embossing, wet or dry, is one of our very best cardmaking tricks. Those who receive our cards always seem to marvel at the embossing and wonder how we do it. I, for one, when asked if it was difficult, plan to lift the back of my hand to my forhead, moan a little and say in warbly voice, "It took hours to do, but I do it because I love you!"

stampinwithanita said...

Beautiful work, Darnell and such a coincidence about receiving a daisy card at the same time. Thanks so much for joining us at The Beautiful Blossoms Challenge!

Diane said...

ALL the cards are gorgeous!! Each one unique and so very creative! Sorry about the migraines!!
Thank you for joining our challenge at Can You Handle The Pressure!
Diane CYHTP Co-Owner
{Nellies Nest}
{Can You Handle The Pressure}

Linby said...

So sorry about your migraines, I always feel it wastes so much time but thankfully I rarely get them these days.

Beautiful work on all these cards. I thought I had my fav until I got to the daisy card - wow! and Anita's card too.

I might try the EF technique on the first card - so effective.

Em Louise Fairley said...

All the cards are beautiful, Darnell xoxo

Jeanne H said...

I too love all your cards and remember fondly seeing poppies when I lived in CA. I too remember Anita, miss her and wish her well at whatever she is doing. Hugs to you.

cuilliesocks said...

What an array of gorgeous cards Darnell, I love the floral designs and colours, and the embossed backgrounds are so pretty, Kate x

I Card Everyone said...

D, I love your darling, layered poppies! Even more that you've shared them with us at The Flower Challenge - thank you!!
Even MORE than that to see you and Anita had a chance to play cards and it was unplanned - serendipitous moments like these must be cherished! xx

Robyn Oliver said...

HI Darnelle, I nearly ran out of week to drop by and see your gorgeous cards... I love them all - the daisies are fabulous, that's a great EF. I love that your two little friends are able to help so nicely and as for your 'seniors speak' I agree and why not, I'll be blowed if I can figure out some of the new word speak. Sorry to hear you've been laid up but hope your feeling much better now... take it easy, hugs Robyn.

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Good to hear you have improved since last week, from those awful migraines. All your cards are just so very beautiful, love them all, but I am also here with my DT hat on, for your beautiful poppy card, I love the embossing and the gorgeous colour mix and edging. With my DT hat on I will say - Thank you so much for joining us in our challenge at We Love Stamping. Good Luck and I hope you will join us in our next challenge.
Faith A DT

Pat said...

So sorry to hear you were laid low with dreadful migraines, and hope that that has well and truly passed Darnell. Stewart is back in Oz now and we enjoyed the time with him and therefore things went a bit awry on the cardmaking front so didn't manage a card for this week. I do love all the different cards you managed to make with an embossing theme using some absolutely beautiful flower stamps with some terrific watercolouring. The embossing over the whole thing looks great on the first, and then the inky background of the second, and the daises are so bright and beautiful..love that background blue and the wonderful yellow centres, and then the last with a softer background and more pretty yellow, and the black die cut 'love' and white on black sentiment strip with the black background layer finish it perfectly..just adore these daisies. x

Andrea said...

Hi Darnel., sorry to hear you've been poorly with a migraine . I hope your now wellon the mend and it stays away.
I'm loving your embossing as ever beautiful cards especially the daisy one and to receive one similar ...amazing. keep well my friend hugs Andrea x

Vickie Y said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us at CYHTP Embossing Folder Challenge.

Jan Mahew said...

Wonderful array of embossing creations and floral designs! Thank you for sharing your botanicals with us at Beautiful Blossoms. Looking forward to seeing you again each month.

mamapez5 said...

Poppies and Daisies. What's not to like. My two favourite flowers and some beautiful cards made with them. Kate P.

frommycraftroom said...

I hope the headaches have stopped.

Love the daisy cards (yours and Anitas)

Helen said...

What a wonderful collection of cards. Love them all but especially your daisy card and your friend's card too.

Thanks for joining us at the Beautiful Blossoms Challenge.

Helen x