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September 9, 2022

Late Summer Blues

Hello Stamplings!

How are you? I hope you're doing well! 

The world is paying tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II. She was beloved and her long reign was historical. During her 70 years as Monarch, she dealt with 15 UK Prime Ministers, 14 US Presidents, and 7 Popes. Whether you're a fan of royalty or not, that's remarkable.

Back here at home, our heat has finally broken. Only 106 today and going down from here. It's been a long two weeks. The migraines continue, but I'm hoping they will subside as the weather cools off.

As such, I haven't felt very creative. Today's onefer was made months ago.
It showcases "faux tearing" and it's something we did during one of our Zoom sessions. It's just as simple as it looks. You tear several strips of scratch paper so the tear lines are not the same and then use them as masks while you blend your inks. The floral image is NBUS from Paper Artsy HP1009. We got our inspiration from Karen Dunbrook and her wonderful blog, Snippets!

Note: Karen stamped her silhouette stamp and then clear heat-embossed it. I thought, heck, I can skip that step, but now I wish I hadn't. Clear heat-embossing really darkens and sharpens the black ink to make the image stand out against the strong background colors. Lesson learned. Slap. Don't do what I done.


I had a request for a ganome birthday card so I used challenges to guide my design. I used an old e/f for the background and a Simon Says ganome for the, well, ganome. You can barely see that I inked all around the edge of the card with lime green ink. The birthday gift die from PTI is also old. And to round out the ancientivity of the elements, the conversation bubble die is an oldie, also from PTI. I think. It's escaped its wrapping. 

I usually take the blame for that because of how I remove the packaging to organize my products, but truthfully, sometimes Hammy takes the packaging for stuffing his mattress. He finds the crinkling noises to be soothing. Shudder.

  • Color Hues: #48 and 2nd Birthday! Joining with Seize the Birthday with colors Navy and Lime Green and a birthday theme. Congratulations on your second birthday!
  • Seize the Birthday: Joining with Color Hues to celebrate their second birthday with the colors navy and lime green.
  • Snippets Playground: A/G using your snippets. I used snippets for the gnome, present, and sediment bubble.


Enjoy your days! No, seriously, enjoy! LITS!*

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kiwimeskreations said...

Despite your decision not to emboss the image before stamping, Darnell, that is one stunning card! And for your card of ancientivity, that is ganomenly gorgeous - and Hammy obviously needs the soothing sounds of crinkly plastic to sleep....

Aquarius said...

Two great cards and the thing with the foot was hilarious. Hope your migraines subside, not a fun thing to deal with. Take care

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Two wonderful cards Darnell, and the first one with the faux tears is just awesome!!! Such impressive look with those colours! The birthday one with the gnome is so fun! :)
I tried the directions of the right foot/hand exercise, but my foot hadn't changed direction. Perhaps there is something wrong in my brain...?? LOL :D
Hope your migraines stop quickly.

Cat Craig said...

So glad your heat is beginning to abate. I hated summers in CA. Hate the heat here too with the humidity, but it rarely goes for more than a month. We're looking at 81's for the next few weeks. Bliss.

Now, your cards...love that tear card cool effect. Your gnome is fab in blue and lime...and I bet I once had that ef.

Jeanne said...

Oh man! I hope those temps drop quickly! But maybe not as quickly as they did here yesterday. We went from a high off 99 Thursday to a high in the mid 60s Friday! That's quite a drop. And it'll be even cooler today. But then we'll be back in the 80s next week. Crazy weather. I hope your migraines subside, too. Thanks for sharing these great cards. I like your faux tear technique and I've got a thing for gnomes these days. So win, win on both. I hope you have a lovely, cooler weekend!

Viv said...

Brilliant makes Dolly.
Here's another stat..... 94% of the Global population were born AFTER the Queen came to the throne.....
What an amazing inspiring woman she was. x

Karen said...

I can imagine the heat effects everything you do! I complain bitterly about the endless cold and snow we get here, but I must admit I'm grateful not to have to deal that kind of heat. Love that cute gnome against that great embossing folder. He's a great addition to our gallery at Color Hues! Thanks for celebrating with us!

Gerrina said...

Love that blue background on the first! Don't like most of the gnooms helas... Glad to read that you are out of the hottest period! Hope your migraine will diseapere soon aswell! Hugs, Gerrina

jimlynn said...

I'm sitting here attempting to move my foot and hand at the same time......ugh! Great cards though - love them both.

Brenda in IN said...

I hope both the heat and your migraines leave sooner than later. The faux tearing looks great on your card and I just did a card I wish I had clear embossed too. Your gnome card will be a hit. It's good to use our oldies and fun to get them out and give them love.

I saw that foot trick recently and I have tried it numerous times and I laugh every time. It just can't be done without reversing. At least I can't do it. I hope you all try it. Stay well my sweet friend.

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Darnell, I love your gnome card so much fun and really both of your cards are beautiful.
Sorry about your migraine, horrible things, hope it eases soon, take care, Kate x

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Love the torn paper inked card - so pretty in blues, Darnell, and that gnome is darling!! Had to laugh - off course I tried the foot+6 thingee and sho nuf that foot went the other way. Added some years to my life while I laughed - thanks for that (along with the image of Hammy stuffing his mattress with crinkly packaging)...

Lisa Elton said...

That kind of heat must be miserable, Darnell. I'm glad is going down and I hope you feel better as it does. Cute cards today, my friend!

Sarah said...

OMG my foot really did go in the opposite direction!! Yes, very sad in this house about the loss of our Queen, a life well lived though. Lovely cards Darnell, that cute ganome did make me smile. Sorry to hear that you are still suffering migraines, I know how debilitating they can be. Wishing you brighter days ahead xx

Leslie Miller said...

Bwahahahahaha! I tried the foot/hand thing and it's true! Had a good laugh over that. Love your torn paper inked card. It's one of many techniques I've pinned and plan to try. As I said... one of many. My head swims with these things. I do love a gnome and your birthday gnome is a great choice for the challenges. All the parts on that card combine perfectly. About the heat... it reached 93 here yesterday -- very unusual for us -- and I told Rich there are people who would appreciate that temp compared to what they've got. We have no central air, but left the doors closed and the house stayed cool. Outside it was like an oven. Smokey, too, because the air was coming from the east. Better today. I'm sorry about your migraines. Also, I'm one who feels the loss of Queen Elizabeth II because I thought she was a marvel and I admired her greatly. I cannot remember a time without her. I hope you get some relief from the heat and migraines soon.

Pat said...

What a gorgeous faux torn background in those wonderful blue tones on the first with the pretty silhouette flowers over the top Darnell, and also the twofer with the cute gnome and parcel which is just perfect with the background embossed birthday words and I love them both. x

Bonnie said...

The foot thing is crazy and so true! Who would've thought? Who figures out these things anyway? They must have a lot more time and ingenuity than I have! Love your bold colors with the torn strips! It made a great background for these simple flowers! This is my favorite gnome and he looks very happy in his lime and navy duds! I'm glad it's cooling down. Hope you can get rid of those migraines!

TK said...

Love your first graphic card, and while it might not be as stark black, it's still a winner in my book. And your ganome is stinkin' handsome! Love the colors and the fun in this card

Hope you are feeling better soon, while I've never had a migraine, my eldest does and I stand in empathy.

Sarn said...

Two lovely cards Darnell. I think your flower shows up just fine on the first card.

LOVING the cute gnome birthday card using up snippets. Thanks for submitting homework to the Snippets Playground. We are all a little subdued over there at the moment, being in National Mourning for our beloved Queen. xxx

Kathyk said...

Two lovely makes from you today, Darnell, I have the same floral Paper Artsy set too!

Yes, we're all reeling from the shock despite the death of our Queen being anticipated (given her advancing age) particularly as she was seen inviting our new Prime Minister to form a government just on Tuesday! We're no longer Elizabethans but new Caroleans! That will take some getting used to.

Delighted to hear that your heatwave has finally broken - I don't cope well in extreme heat so you have my sympathy matey!

All the best


ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

As one who loves embossing I totally understand your second thoughts but it is a lovely card and blues are so soothing, and the ganome birthday card is super too.
Re crinkly I’d agree with you but hammy might have other ideas, evidently… and your last image. The way to beat it is to to the six in a clockwise design as opposed to anti-clockwise 不不不不不不
Praying earnestly the heat and migraines both evaporate. No fun either if them!
Thanks for Sharing, God bless and keep you safe, and all those you love, hugs Shaz in Oz.x

{Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Bobby said...

I'm sorry you are suffering with the heat, Darnell. I find anything over 85 as unbearable so I can imagine how you're feeling. Keep hydrated and take care.
I've been using that torn paper idea on cards lately but not for an entire background. It looks fabulous in all those shades of blue. I love that gnome in his lime and navy outfit.
Okay, I tried it a couple of times but it is correct. You can't do it no matter how much you concentrate.

Sandra H said...

Two adorable cards Darnell l love them both, l hope your migraines become less during the heat your having and eventually go and the heat reduces sending lots of hugs x

Jenny L said...

Hi Darnell,
so glad your weather has cooled down and you are feeling slightly better.
I do so hope your migraines get better soon my late husband used to get them quite often too, and the next day he would be so confused especially if he was cooking he would forget to include ingredients he usually included.
Love your onderful Twofer cards and their wonderful designs are superb.
Yes I agree the first would have stood out better is heat embossed but even though it's a very effect card and super design.
Love all the colours used.
Your Twofer is so cute with that cute gnome on and his wonderful Birthday colours.
I love the embossing folder used.
That foot thing is brilliant gonea try it later.
Where oh where do you find these things.
Lots of crafty love and hugs from my house to yours. Jenny L.

Nancy said...

Darnell, First I certainly hope the heat and the headaches are better since you made this post. I can't imagine temps that high. My son has been rather lucky living near the coast but he has had a couple days of 100. As for your gnome card...It is darling. I Love the EF too. As for your little leg trick at the end of your post. I did it twice and my foot didn't change direction. Not sure if that is good or bad. LOL. Take care and thanks for playing along at Color Hues and Seize the Birthday.

Jeanne H said...

Love your card and those colors together too. Had a good laugh at the foot thing, thanks for that. Glad to hear the heat is going away, I'd been wondering. Hugs to you.

Linda said...

Sorry, that you have been suffering with migraines again and then add heat on top of that. UGH. Two lovely cards, Darnell. The blue one with the torn papers is beautiful and then your sweet little gnome is adorable.
And lastly, I tried the foot thing and mine did not change. JK Lol. It did and I tried many times. Hope you are feeling better soon.

JD/ Jill said...

Lovely cards.
Hope things are cooler your way.
We've had the hottest summer that I ever remember! ( but then again, my memory isn't what it used to be.

Yes, I had to try the foot thing...

Cheryl W. said...

So sorry you are plagued with migraines right now. I so hope they ease as the weather cools. We've had cooler weather of late, too, and it's so nice to be able to open the windows and feel the breeze. I love your cards. I used to always use torn paper to create clouds--before I had a cloud stencil. I guess I should give that technique another go. The gnome is fun, too. I have that old embossing folder and haven't used it in an age. It's great for quick cards.

Wishing you good health and cool breezes!

Cathy said...

Love the look of the tearing technique Darnell, so many things to try!! That's an adorable gnome too and he looks fab in navy and lime green. I hope your migraines disappear altogether soon, and thankyou for playing along at Seize the Birthday, Cathy x

Marilyn said...

Beautiful cards Darnell! looks like our temps are dropping this week also. We are suppose to be in the eighties all this week during the day and sixties at night. Not sure how long that will last
Have a great day!
Marilyn ❤️

Carol L said...

2 great cards, and I'm loving that little gnome with his gift! I don't have the migraines, but I have had to take Claritin because my nose just won't stop running since that sinus infection back in June. Hopefully the colder weather will put all this to rest! Take care of yourself and be well!

brandco2450@gmail.com said...

Fabulous post! I currently have a thing for gnomies too!
Didn't try the "exercise" yet! Don't want to wish summer
away, but the heat and humidity plays havoc with headaches!
xoxoxo Sharon

Bonnie Lynn said...

Darnell, hasn't this heat been awful? Ugh! I'm sorry you're also dealing with migraines. I haven't even been able to focus for the last couple of weeks because of mine, let alone breathe. We've also been getting quite a bit of wildfire smoke on top of the heat. Thank goodness for low 90's again!! Hang in there my friend.

Donna said...

Only 106? Your cards are fabulous, the blue background is lovely and the gnome is darling. And you are right about the foot changing direction! Take care!

HilaryJane said...

Just realised I haven't visited this post. I love your bold blue sky on the first card and the cute gnome looks fabulous on the embossed background. It is truly sad that The Queen has died, but she deserves a rest now. Strange times with even more change, but at least we have plenty of pomp and ceremony to distract us from everything else at the moment xx

Di said...

Two great cards Darnell - such a fun technique on the first one and naturally the gnome card is brilliant! Your lovely BD card just the other dayarrived - huge thanks. And I'll reply to your email ASAP. It's been such a sad time this past 10 days and basically I've felt like doing 'nuffin' much). Time to snap out of it!


Di xx