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February 22, 2022

Elephants to Ants

Hello Stamplings!

How are you on this numerically historic date of 2/22/22? 

My heart goes out to my friends all across the UK and Europe from Storms Dudley and Eunice. I was going to make up a funny story about Dudley and Eunice and that third wheel Franklin, but there's nothing amusing about the damage they have caused. The photos I saw of the waves crashing onshore were incredible and terrifying. I hope you are all safe and power has been restored.

Another week has slipped by, but this week I have been kept busy ... um, I'll get back to you on what has kept me busy when it comes back to me. In the meantime, I did drop everything yesterday to make a coupla cards for upcoming birthdays and challenges.

Sorry, not sure why this looks blurry on the monitor. This design is a combination of BUS and NBUS!😂The effalumps are from an ancient set of stamps from WPlus9 called, "Unforgettable." I couldn't believe it when I finished fussy-cutting them and put them away in the stamp set, turned the set over, and there were matching dies that I'd forgotten I had. Slap! Crafting Who Old. It's a thing. We should think up a new aaaaaaackronym! 

The balloons were blended through a SSS stencil using CP inks and I used a NBUS birthday greeting from SSS (112437), cutting one in pink and one in navy to make a shadow. Hammy added scorelines with his new tricycle. I love that he can get three perfect lines with one pass!


Here are more critters, this time the insect kind using a simple and classic design to make a birthday card for a friend's grandson. The bugs are again ancient, this time from SU, but can you believe the grasshopper was still NBUS?! The ant might be, too, but I'm not sure. The NBUS sediment is from the same set. These are the types of stamps I've held on to, but now I'm trying to use them at least once and then pass them on.

Saying that reminds me of how many times I would inwardly giggle at meetings when the speaker would say, "I'm going to pass out ... these brochures ... ." Sometimes I actually wished a boring speaker would pass out! Another phrase that tickles me is when a TV announcer says, "The victim received multiple injuries, including a wound in the back bedroom." Remind me, where on the body is the back bedroom located?! Sorry, I do have a dark sense of humor at times.😊



You haven't had the pleasure of bird talk lately, so here is a back yard update:
This is my view through the Playhouse window. I was pleased to catch so many in the shot. I've seen them literally all around the bowl, but usually they are dispersed by the time I lift my phone to take a photo. (Hmmm, I think I just figured out where my missing time went ... staring out the window!)
And here is the Mister holding up a pane of ice he removed from the bird bath so the birds could get to the unfrozen water beneath. Isn't it cool how it lifted out in one piece?

And we can't leave sweet Nellie out of the gallery ~
She's discovered that she can dog-handle the living room pillows and make herself a perfect perch for the late afternoon sunshine through the window. Let's all say it together: Awwwwwwwwwwww!


Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy and keep safe! LITS!*

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower! Please let me know you came by so I can be sure and return the flavor!

*Life is too short!

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Pia S said...

Yhe pink birthday elephants are so sweet, I think it's an awesome design, perfect for a toddler or even an adult.
I like how you lined up the bugs and the senitment and used that pretty embossing folder - fun and sweet.

Lynette said...

Cute little elephants, for sure! I think I have a couple of them in my card parts that I did while visiting friends several years ago. Also, maybe even ones that our granddaughter drew of them. Your bugs are cute, too. I was enjoying the picture of the birdbath and thinking of how nice that would be. But then I was very surprised to see the ice! Oh my! And Nellie is just SO adorable!!

Christine Alexander said...

the weather in the UK is awefull at the moment, I see posts of Wales yikes the wind is howling :(
I love your little efalumps they're adorable and yep those bugs are cute ♥
the birds are all saying thank you for giving their bird bath back to them, they're flyers not skaters xx

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Your posts are always so fun to read! :D Two beautiful card and the second one is just genial with the elegant embossing, the green and the fun bugs with that sentiment! Love seeing all those birds on your birdbath and Nellie is a real adorable lady!

frommycraftroom said...

Beautiful cards. Um haven't we all done that with a die! yep and could slap myself every time.

Such a fabulous view to waste time with, see how easily it could happen. And I did hear the collective awwww - Nellie is gorgeous!

Nancy said...

Darnell, Whenever I need a bit of a lift or a smile your blog always does that for me! I adore reading every bit of it. How cool is the ice from the birdbath coming out in one piece and Nellie is as cute as can be. As for your card...those balloon totting elephants are darling too. I love the double die greeting to match! What an awesome birthday card for anyone to enjoy! Thanks for joining us at Color Hues! Take care!

Ann Schach said...

Adorable cards, Darnell! The pink elephants are SO cute. The balloons are blended perfectly. I LOVE the die cut sentiment. Thank you for playing in my Clean and Simple challenge at The Paper Players this week.

Nancy said...

I failed to say thanks for playing at Seize the Birthday too! HUGS!

Bonnie said...

Love the floating elephants, Dolly! Perfect for the colors! The second card is cute as a bug and I love the embossed background! Looks like the birds are really enjoying a spa day and Nellie is so pretty all perched in the sunshine!

Susan said...

Yes, the weather in the UK and the rest of Europe is frightful - my cousin on the south coast of England had her backyard fence blow right down.

Love the pink elephants and Hammy's clever lines! And the grasshopper and ant are very cute. Good for you passing on some stamps. I need to do that (soon... or my craft room will burst).

Nellie looks like royalty sitting up there on the cushion!!

Donna said...

Your elephant card and the lovely balloons is so cute, and the cricket card is adorable, like your embossing! Enjoyed all the photo's, that sheet of ice is amazing.

Lisa Elton said...

Dies or not, you did a great job fussy cutting those ellies! What little boy wouldn't love a card with bugs on it? These are both cute, Darnell. Almost as cute as the mister holding up the ice - pinkies out and Nellie striking a sunbathing pose!!

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Two darling cards, Darnell - love them both but especially that bug one!! And darling photos from the garden, including Mister, and I love Nellie on her pillow!!

TK said...

Ohhhhh so stinkin' cute! Love your ephelumps (or whatever you called them - lol), I have the same set but they are even more adorable with those lofty balloons. Your bugs are pretty awesome, although I don't believe I've ever called a grasshopper or an ant "stinkin' cute"!

Cool piece of ice -- we've had a big freeze here too, a bit of snow and a LOT of wrecks in the near areas due to it all.

Nellie -- now she's adorable!

Cheryl W. said...

I started out by saying "awwww" when I saw your cute little elephants. I only have an elephant die, but it's pretty cute, too. Haven't used it in a while. The bugs are also cute, even though I'm not much of a bug lover. If they're posing in a tunnel on the ant farm, it is indeed an elegant estate.

Love your playhouse view. I can see nothing but white out my window at the moment. We've just gotten five inches of snow. In fact, it looks like a yard filled with snow white Nellie pups! Minus that sweet little face, of course.

Robyn Oliver said...

Definitely joining in the awwww brigade.. Jess is too cute and what a fabulous view you have, I love the birds. And again you're entertaining us with your blurb and fabulous fun cards. The weather is surely being mad everywhere, tropical storms here too but no lovely ice just lots of heat, humidity and thank goodness for air conditioners..... Robyn

Sue said...

Hi Darnell, Lovely cards.

What a nice view you have. Love to see the birds.

I live on the coast and it was rather dramatic as each storm hit us. Lots of trees down, but no structual damage in my local area. I kept my power, but some are still without.

Hope you have a nice day. Sue

Aquarius said...

Two really super cards and such an interesting and amusing post to read - I do so love your sense of humour. Really had to smile at your discovery of a set of dies after fussy cutting the elephants 🤣 I'm sure you're not the only one to do something like that.

Sandra H said...

Yes we have had some terrible stormy weather Darnell and l too feel for those effected don’t think it’s over yet let’s hope it’s not as bad as what we have had ...... both your cards are adorable as always love them both, l like the photos too and that’s a big piece of ice so pleased it was cleared so the birds could feed and Nellie is just super cute enjoy your day xx

Carole said...

Oh Darnell...your post is so funny and made me laugh at the bit where you uncovered dies after spending ages fussy cutting....my kind of trick too!...lol. Anyway i love your fun cards, not keen on insects myself as they seem to pop up where you don't want them! What a lot of birds round the bird bath...must be the bubble bath you added that they like!. Take care xx

Marilyn said...

Cute cards! Love your bug ones
Have a great day!

Jeanne said...

What a lovely post marking twos-day! Teachers at my school wore tu-tus! :) The kinders in my class colored in crowns marking the day and I got to help them finish them up to wear them. And to think there was a baby born at 2:22 on 2/22/22 in room 2!! I think we got up to 2 degrees at one point, too, marking the occasion ;) I was sorry to hear about the storms in Europe. Your cards though are terrific. So glad you are able to go through your stash and use all your NBUS. Must feel great! I need to maybe take on that challenge, too! You have such a lovely backyard. It must be nice and cheerful when the birds are happy. The layer of ice was impressive! Have a happy day, Darnell! Thanks for all you do and share!

sandie said...

love that you forgot the dies-just the kind of thing I would do! Super placement of them and they are so cute. Loving that embossing frame with the bugs, it is so elegant and what a lovely view you have from your craft room and Nellie, what a cutie x

Julie B said...

Two fun cards Darnell.
The triple whammy of Dudley, Eunice and Franklin have passed us by now but Gladys is waiting in the wings to pound us again. The main river south of us is flooding quite an area and more rain is on the way with Gladys.
Love those colourful visitors to your garden, ours are pretty plain, black or brown in the main. :)

Gerrina said...

Your post gave me a moment relaxing and looking into your world that looks so good! Love the birds; here I don't put the birdbowl out until after Carnaval and sometimes later because we had some freezing nights in April last years and our bowl would go broke by those temps...
We are so glad that we had no dammige through the storms... Lot of trees did and the worse one took 4 lives...
Both cards are fun and beautiful; love the eliphants! Hugs, Gerrina

Pat said...

I adore your sweet ellies with their balloons Darnell..pretty in pink, and your second card with the cricket and ant are cutely depicted here..not so sure I care to be close to them in real life though..lol. I love the embossed background too. I didn't realise your nights were cold enough for ice on the water bowl, but the birds are really enjoying it in the beautiful sunshine, and Nellie is looking so cute like a doggie princess on her comfy cushion. x

Brenda said...

The whole week will be....can't remember the "name", but the dates will be able to be read forward and backwards-so cool to me! lol Doesn't take much to amuse me. Those winds and storms have been terrible and done so much damage. Wild weather, I hope things soon settle down! I love your effalumps card Auntie, it doesn't look blurry to me, looks super cute and sweet! I am really loving the embossing folder you used on your "cute as a bug" card, bugs are a kids best friend at times. lol I know I played with my fair share of them when I was a youngster! That is a beautiful photo you captured of the birds at the birdbath. Love that! A cool photo of the Mister with the ice from the birdbath-love how it came out all in one piece like that! Everything looks so lush and green, so I wouldn't have expected to see that ice! And then there is sweet Nellie, love how she wrestled that pillow to make it suitable for her to sunbath. Such a cutie pie and I bet she is a great little snuggler too!!! Hugs, Brenda

Bobby said...

Awwww! lol Another blog full of fun and creativity, Darnell. I have those elephanats and haven't used them in a while. I love them stamped in pink, so much easier than coloring and I may just try that. How fun that Hammy got a tricycle. The scoring he did with it finishes off the card perfectly.

Sarn said...

Your twofers are just LOVELy Darnell - but - frankly - Nellie is the scene stealer here! She's SO cute!

Loving the pink effalumps and chuckled at your fussy cutting them out when you had the matching dies there all along!

Thanks for bringing along the coffee 'tipplings' for evening homework sessions in the Playground Treehouse! Hic!

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Darnell, your cards are fabulous, I love the sweet elephants and the colours, and your bug card is wonderful.
Lovely photos of your little birds at their bird bath, and as for Nellie, well she is just adorable.
The UK weather has been dire, but up here in the Highlands we seem to have missed much, some snow last week and lots of rain, blustery winds through the night, but in comparison to down south it ben very tame. Hope all is well with you, keep safe, Kate x

Mac Mable said...

Yes two storms and then another one beginning with 'F'...I didn't call it Franklin, I can tell you.....It has been quite frightening at times with the noise and thinking your roof is coming off and of course the lack of sleep x. Others have not been so lucky x.
Card number one is absolutely adorable, great fussy cutting and so much better than actually using the co-ordinating dies!
Such a fresh looking second card and great use of those NBUS(?) critters and sentiment x.
Thanks for sharing the the views from your playhouse and so glad you managed to snap all those birds....What have you put in their bowl Darnell? Glad the Mister helped them get to it by removing the slab of ice......
Awwwwwww to Nellie x.
Thanks for stopping by blog for a catch up Darnell, I really appreciated it x.

Kara Lynne said...

Those elephants from Unforgettable are classic - I love them, and should pull them out! I love how you stamped them on pink and shaded them in blue! Those bugs are adorable and they look like they are walking along a backyard trellis! Speaking of backyards, I love the photo of your birds around the bath. We have a birdbath too, but it's heated. I'm always afraid a bird is going to dive in, then freeze its wet wings in our sub-zero weather, and fall to its fate. Hasn't happened yet. Nellie is so photogenic! I think she knows she's a princess.

Brenda in IN said...

The pink effalumps are so cute and I'm not a big fan of bugs but these are not threatening. I do like the diamond embossing folder. You have wonderful visitors to the bird bath and that circle of ice is awesome and not what I expect from CA. Of course, the sweetest picture is Nellie perched on her pillow.

Leslie Miller said...

Darnell, first of all, your ellies are darling! I like how you stamped on pink and then shaded. Oh, and great fussy cutting. I've caught myself in some of those moments recently. Thankfully not when crafting... only when paying bills, eeek! Your bug card is just as the sentiment says! Love the green and the embossing. My eye was drawn right to the itsy bitsy shadows at their feet. It's the little things, as always. 'Bout those phrases... at one time I did medical transcription and we kept a bloopers log of things just like that. Hilarious. "45 year old female with a hiatal hernia named Joan" for instance. On and on. I itched to correct them. Your pretty birds are a delight to the eyes! It was 25 degrees here when I got up this morning. More brrrr than usual. Our sunshine is pretty, though, isn't it? Finally, Nellie gives us all a reason to smile -- those little button eyes in her sweet face. A treasure!

conil said...

Think your use of Navy and Pink may be the best. I still have this elephant set...can't seem to part with those sweet critters. Everybody loves bug cards for some reason, in my experience. They seem to think bugs are unique. I'm sure your recipient will, as well.
Amazing! One perfect circle of ice off the birdbath. Too bad it can't be saved for Ripley or some other interested part. Ice is so ephemeral.
Nellie is no fool...warm couch, warm pillows, warm sun. Sounds like a trifecta to me.

Jenny L said...

Hi Darnell,
as always your way with words just cracks me up.
Brilliant cards and such very wonderful designs too.
Love them both as they are always such wonderful makes.
The ellie one is so darn cute and those balloons look amazing.
Your second card I love your embossed background and the very cute bugs and the colour is perfct for St Patricks Day next month.
I can understand your humour and we don't always think of things we say in the right way.
We used to have a house with 2 passages one in the front of the house and one at the back and I would always refer to the back passage and my husband used to say don't say that say hallway, so I never really thought about what I was saying till he corrected me.
No damage sustained at my bungalow this time around thank goodeness but I beleive they are having dreadful flooding up north of the country poor peeps I do feel for them.
Lots of crafty love and hugs from my house to yours. Jenny L.

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Yep! We have had an awful time in the UK and us in Wales, got the brunt of Eunice! Luckily it didn't do any damage to us personally, but our neighbour lost his shed roof!
Anyhow, it is always such a joy to visit Darnell and these cards are just awesome, so "clean" and beautiful and so much fun too. I Love them both.
Keep safe, love the birds and your hubby is good to take the ice for the birds to bathe and drink.
Faith x

oldpunca said...

There is nothing as it has to be in old Europe at the time. Finger cross it will be better soon.
I'm glad to see the birds at your yard. I did not think that there are freezing temperatures at you in the night. Nellie is so sweet! Great photos.
I like both of your cards. Elephants are cute and balloons fabulous shaded. The second card is just great for a young man. I like the grasshopper and the ant. Sentiment matches perfectly.
Have a nice day! Hugs, Sonja

Jean said...

Super cute card. Love all the birds and the big ice circle.

mamapez5 said...

Cute litle elephant. I have just made a card with an elephant and a bunch of balloons for my Grand-daughter's first birthday. i may get round to putting it in a blog post after her birthday.
You are so lucky to have all thse little birds in the garden. I love watching them. Kate P.

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

I love these gorgeous cards Darnell, forgetting you had a die that the sort of thing that I do. The picture of the birds all around the bath is fantastic.

Sue xx

Kathyk said...

Popped across from LIM, to admire your fab "cute as a bug" make but, as usual, sidetracked by your fun post and pix

Happy Thursday to you and yours!


Kristie Goulet said...

Love your sweet elephants, Darnell! Great cards! Thanks so much for joining us at Color Hues!

Carol L said...

What a wonderful pair of cute cards! Love how talented Hammy is with his new tricycle! What a HAM(star)! Love the green and embossed background on the 2nd card too. I may have that same exact ef but it hasn't seen the light of day in eons! Love the birdies and picture of Nellie, and the Mister is quite talented to remove that ice in one piece! Impressive!

Ros Crawford said...

Terrific cards and great fussy cutting! Lol! I loce seeing your photos... Look at all those sweet birds! Thank you for your kind wishes my friend

Em Louise Fairley said...

Great cards, Darnell. Love the pix too xoxo

Di said...

As always, my clever friend - such brilliant work. I'm only glad we speak via email, else I'd be here all night! The Mister looks very much like a hamster wearing clothes? I say no more! But darling Nellie steals the show as far as Dudley is concerned! Back to the cards as ever -so clean, crisp and amusing!


Di xx

HilaryJane said...

Love these two Darnell, especially the first with the shadowed sentiment and those blended balloons. How annoying to discover the dies too late, typical! The really severe winds have passed now, but they have certainly devastated some trees, which is very upsetting as the old ones are so precious. Thankfully we didn't lose electricity, but I find listening to the wind howl around the house quite frightening. Thanks for sharing a picture of the bird life in your garden, absolutely amazing to see so many at once xx

kiwimeskreations said...

Oh how clever Hammy is with his tricycle - well done Hammy!!
Loving these cards Darnell, especially the grasshopper and ant one - there's just something about that card that really appeals!
Yes, windows with a view can be very distracting, and have a lot to answer for!!
I had a birdbath that would ice up in mid-winter, and as it was shallow, I could often lift the ice off intact, or otherwise I would break it and then add boiling water to melt it a bit ... couldn't do that to the fishpond when it iced up though :)
Stay safe

Claire Broadwater said...

Hi Darnell! So nice to see you in the Paper Players gallery! I love your cards. Those pink elephants steal the show!! I love the beautiful balloons, too! Such a beautiful, bold sentiment, too! Love your buys, too!

Angelnorth said...

Two great cards! Love that grasshopper, he's definitely got attituted!

Joanne James - The Crafty Owl said...

Darnell those pink elephants with their stencilled balloons are adorable and I love the layered diecut sentiment! The winds have finally died down here - the storms were crazy though. Thanks for sharing with us over at The Paper Players this week!

Greta said...

Catching up & just browsed your blog--lots of beautiful cards, Darnell! I love the card with the beautiful designer paper! Cute cards to end my session! Oh no--all fussy cut before you saw the dies?! Love the bird pictures, but Nellie has my heart! Hugs, Greta

Inkyfingers said...

There's so much to smile about in this post Darnell. I have made the same mistake several times with fussy cutting and then finding the dies - you'd think once would be enough to ensure that I'd always check! My senior brain seems to have the attention span of a goldfish. Those Unforgettable heffalumps are always adorable but the ant and the grasshopper atop the beautiful embossed background is my favourite this time. Then comes the cheery picture of the birds enjoying the water and the perfect ice cover and my smile has gotten even bigger!
Take care, and hope you are keeping well.
Carol x
PS Thanks for sharing with us at ATSM!

Epie said...

Ooww...Lovely cards and nice pictures over here
Stay safe hugs Epie

Glenda J said...

These are both so creative! Fun, cheerful and creative. I had to lol about passing out speakers... I totally agree about boring speakers.
Thanks so much for joining us at Seize the Birthday.

Izzy Scrap said...

Sorry for the late comment. It's always a nice moment to come here and to read your fun posts, you put a smile on my face ! Love both cards, these pink elephants are so cute and I love the design of your card. Fortunately I didn't have this mistake with fussy cutting and dies, one of my resolutions is "don't buy the matching dies when it can be fussy cut easily, buy something else instead ! 😂". Love your second card too with these adorable critters and the beautiful embossed background. Fresh looking with this green....Spring is in the air ! Love the pictures, always nice to see where others find their inspiration, and Nellie is so darn cute...awwwww. Hope you're fine, take care. Hugs & Thanks for sharing and for playing along at ATSM.