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March 6, 2021

Cool Botanical Handmade PP

Hello Stamplings!

Happy March! I'm sorry to be so late popping in to welcome you to the third month of the first quarter of 2021, but I'm having a tough time leaving my hibernation in this new year. Actually, the truth is, my heart meds have been quadrupled in the last month and it's knocking me on my butt. It's all good, just tiring until I get used to the new levels. I appreciate you sticking with me!

It hasn't stopped me from making cards when I can. On the menu today:
This month's CAS Mix Up Card Challenge is being hosted by Bonnie and the ladies are celebrating their 5th Birthday! Happy Birthday and many more! Bonnie wants us to play with print-making to create our own PP! 

I used a very old stamp from SU for my focus pocus, which I stamped and fussy-cut to make my own die-cut. Following the technique on Kathy Racoosin's blog here, I made the subtle hydrangea background. This technique is super easy and fun. It's so easy that I let Hammy do it, too, and now he has new pretty wallpaper in his cage! (You can guess what image he used, lol!)

The scored frames are NBUS from "Picture Frames Die" by Waffle Flower, so I'll be sharing over at the NBUS Challenge. I used two frames to make more white space, which reduces the busyness of the background and makes the card more CAS. 

I'm also linking to SSS Wednesday (beautiful blossoms), and The Flower Challenge (shades of purple: I used Memento markers Lulu Lavender and Grape Jelly, with a pinch of Summer Sky).

This leafy panel has been in the vault for a very long time waiting to be made into a card and posted. It shows another fun way to make your own PP, this time using leaves from your backyard! We had fun doing this at one of the ESCR retreats in Vancouver. 
Christine led a technique of crushing botanicals through a Cuttlebug. You can use leaves or flowers. I didn't have much luck with the flowers, but I loved imprinting the leaves. 


Senior Commandments

I saw these on FB and had to share!

#1 – Talk to yourself. There are times you need expert advice.

#2 – “In Style” are the clothes that still fit.

#3 – You don’t need anger management. You need people to stop pissing you off.

#4 – Your people skills are just fine. It’s your tolerance for idiots that needs work.

#5 – The biggest lie you tell yourself is, “I don’t need to write that down. I’ll remember it.”

#6 – “On time” is when you get there.

#7 – Even duct tape can’t fix stupid – but it sure does muffle the sound.

#8 – It would be wonderful if we could put ourselves in the dryer for ten minutes, then come out wrinkle-free and three sizes smaller.

#9 – Lately, you’ve noticed people your age are so much older than you.

#10 – Growing old should have taken longer.

#11 – Aging has slowed you down, but it hasn’t shut you up.

#12 – You still haven’t learned to act your age, and hope you never will.

I can relate to ALL of these, especially #11, but I really had a chucklier chuckle at #9. So true! Especially when it comes to celebrities. We will be watching a movie and comment about how old some actor or actress looks. Then we will look them up online ... only to discover they are younger than we are! Ouch!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy! LITS!* Please keep being safe and sensible and considerate. We're getting there! 

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower! Please let me know you came by so I can be sure and return the flavor!

*Life is too short!

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LesleyG said...

Two pretty cards Darnell, and interesting techniques, I haven’t tried the pressed leaves yet. Sorry to hear you are below par, hope you feel better very soon xxx

Loll said...

Amazing cards Dolly! I LOVE the soft print from your hydrangea flower. It so soft and dreamy looking. And the double framing is clever and creative. A real beauty. Thanks for sharing with us at CAS Mix Up and at The Flower Chalelnge!

I LOVE your leaf print. I still have a couple left from our retreat that I need to make into cards (prints that is). I have tons of other techniques we tried that are also waiting. :) I just need more than 24 hours in a day! :) Love, Lolly

Sue said...

Hi Darnell, Hope you soon adjust to the new dose of meds.

Cards are fab.

Why didn't someone years ago think about doing that with a Cuttlebug???

Love the list....most apply:) LOL

Hope you have a nice day. Sue

kiwimeskreations said...

Ohhh - loving your cards Darnell - your hydrangea one in particular.
Oh Hammy - first winking, then assisting with inspiration and now printmaking - you are so very talented. Just don't let that human overwork you!! ;)
My friend says that it's ok to talk to yourself, and still ok to answer yourself, (which I personally find is a relief), but it's when you ask yourself to repeat what you just said is when you have problems!
Stay safe

papierelle said...

I'm so thrilled about your card. I love hydrangeas and I love how you played with them on your card. Great design!!! Wishing you all the best!!

Julie B said...

Two pretty cards Darnell, the soft print from the hydrangea is so pretty!
Love those senior commandments, certainly had me chuckling. Must admit we tend to point out how young people look in old movies! Stay safe and well. :)

!neke said...

Great cards !!!!!!
The blue one is a beauty !!!!
groeten Ineke

Sandra H said...

Ooh two really pretty cards Darnell as always l like the Hydrangea gorgeous colour and the leaves so pretty, the body l suppose Darnell getting used to the changes all will become good again soon stay say take care sending lots of hugs x

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Hi Darnell. Your Hydrangea card has beautiful colouring, off to see how after this! I love the double frame and background, an elegant card methinks. Your second leaf stamp, I very much admire the result, only because I tried to do similar and it came out an absolute mess, so yours is fabulous. Your quotes are hilarious, I'm going to copy them and send them to my (elderly) friends and family hahaha.
Hope the meds level out soon.
Keep safe and well.
Faith x

Mac Mable said...

What a beautiful hydrangea card with a wonderful and effective technique x. Another striking technique with card number two x.
Thank you for the 'funnies' at the end, which I can totally relate too x.
Sorry to hear about the side effects of the meds Darnell and sending love and hugs x.

Tina Z. said...

Stunning technique and cards, very clever with frames and such beautiful leaves. And I totally agree with your list. Crafty hugs xx

Marilyn said...

Pretty cards! Hope you feel better soon. I love the Senior Commandments
Have a great day!

Irish Cherokee said...

Loving the cards. The hydrangea is a nostalgic flower for me. Have to try the crushed flower thing. Neat !The list brought a smile. I am on heart medication. Started out light and within two weeks it was doubled plus one more added. Quite a shock to the system. Took several months to adjust. Take cate. Stay safe.

Love, Hugs and Blessings,

Jeanne said...

Beautiful cards, Darnell! Love the funnies! We definitely need to be able to laugh! I so appreciate you and your sense of fun and whimsy! Hugs!

Bonnie said...

This hydrangea made a perfect background, Dolly! Love the soft purples and greens that set off the beautiful cut flower! Awesome frames too! The botanical card is lovely and reminds me of all the card fronts in my stash. I did even more after I got home but never did anything with them. Love the commandments! All so true! Hope your body adjusts to the meds soon. XOXO

Brenda said...

I am praying that your body will soon adjust to the new levels of your heart medication Auntie, I can imagine the fatigue you must be experiencing. I also pray that it doesn't need to be upped anymore!

Your imprint card is gorgeous! I love the soft imprint background, I so need to try this technique out. I am loving that hydrangea bloom stamp, so pretty! Your double frames was a great idea, love how that looks. Your twofer of the leaves is amazing. I had forgotten that you guys did that! I need to try and remember to try that too. You got such a beautiful imprint of those leaves. Made a beautiful card...

I had a good chuckle over the senior commandments. Number 4 and 9 resonate with me. lol Yep, I see newscasters and celebrities on tv and think they are looking pretty old, only to find out they are younger than me. But would rather see them aging gracefully and not doing a done of facelifts. Some celebrities can't even more any parts of their face because of so many facelifts!

Enjoy your Sunday Auntie and I hope you are feeling right as rain soon! Love and hugs, Brenda

Ros Crawford said...

Well even with your problems you still make us laugh with those commandments! Your cards are beautiful the hydrangea is magnificent! Thanks so much for playing along at CAS Mix Up! Take care of yourself, sending big hugs your way

I Card Everyone said...

Oh D! I've always loved your cards, but WOWZERS girlfriend that Hydrangea!! It really made the most wonderful print, in all those wonderful purples! [thanks for playing!]
Hope you chuckle your way right back to feeling 'evened out' again SOON!
ps I have always pressed leaves in books - Hydrangea being my fave of all. Wondering if I send all my books through my Cuttlebug, they'll all pop out on the other end? God knows I don't remember which books have them!

Cat Craig said...

Beautiful cards Darnell. That hydrangea looks fabulous on its print made backdrop. So subtle and lovely. YOur leaf is super as well. I might have to try that crushing thing. Sounds interesting. Thanks too for the chuckles several resonated with me. Have a good day, grab a nap!

Bunny said...

Beautiful cards. I love the technique on the hydrangea.

I'm with you on #9. Sometimes it backfires though and we wonder how much "work" they've had on themselves. Number 2 is definitely fitting in with the year of COVID. I'm lucky to find something in the closet. [Bunny]

Sharyn Polesel said...

Oh my goodness, Darnell, these are beautiful! I especially love the hydrangea card. It is drop dead gorgeous! I watched the video and am anxious to try it. Hope you are feeling better soon. Hugs, Sharyn

designbydonna said...

Love that beautiful hydrangea. The background sets it off nicely. When we get leaves again, I'd like to try that leaf technique. How did you put the color on? Love the "seniors" list.I've been noticing a lot of #9 also.

cuilliesocks said...

Absolutely beautifully designed cards Darnell, lovely colours too
It's no.3 for me, take care, Kate x

Hilda Burton said...

Beautiful cards today and love that technique. I'll have to try it. Love the Senior Commandments. I'll have to pass them along. I hope you are feeling better soon. Enjoy your day!

Carol H. said...

Two beautiful cards Darnell! I especially love the hydrangea card as it's one of my most favorite flowers! I love the blues and purples of it (ours are always shades of pink due to the alkaline soil!). I sure hope you adjust to the new meds soon and are feeling back to normal! Many hugs!

Anita in France said...

First things first ... quadrupled meds?? Oh, Darnell, do take it easy and make sure you're doing just what you should ... and if that means coming out of hibernation a little later, that's just fine. You're the most important thing (if I can take the liberty of calling you a thing, that is!). Your die cut printing is just beautiful ... delicate, subtle, dainty ... and the hydrangea set against it in it's more intense hues is a stunner. Lovely leaves ... aren't they so fine and slender. We just chuckled our way through the funnies ... and can definitely relate to your experience of old actors! LYAMYLALMA ... bon dimanche! Big hugs and bisous, Anita :)

Lucy E. said...

These are two amazing cards! The hydrangea card is so lovely with that subtle background. I think that I made leaf prints when I was in Girl Scouts. I hope that you get used to your meds soon. One of my favorite quotes (I first saw it on a bumper sticker) is “Getting old ain’t for sissies!” It is true-with all of the aches, pains, medical conditions, life decisions, witnessing our children or grandchildren making mistakes, slowing down, etc. Anyway, I’m glad to see you are sticking to card making and blogging. Many of us would miss your humorous posts, as well as your card making skills!

Jean said...

Simply gorgeous cards! Love the hydrangea. I can relate to many of those. Hoping your feeling better soon.

TK said...

Two amazing cards -- pretty as can be with their techniques! Love the colors -- and yes, love the "commandments" too, as I've also found many of them WAY too realistic

Vicky Hayes said...

That is the prettiest hydrangea Darnell! I love the beautiful print background and the frames are a great technique for CASifying! I've never thought to use a die cutting machine as a botanical press and am intrigued! Your delicate leafy card is so effective. I'm so sorry to hear you've been knocked for six by your meds and hope you find yourself on a more even keel very soon. Love your senior commandment list and will share among my friends. Number 5 particularly resonates with me - and even when you DO write it down, what did you do with it...?! Hugs,k Vicky x

Bonnie Lynn said...

Two beautiful cards Darnell, as usual. I'm going to have to try that leaf imprinting sometime. I loved the commandments you posted. It seems numbers 3 and 4 are fighting like dogs & cats to be the "alpha numbers" this year and last. Thanks for the giggle. I needed it.

Susan said...

Thanks for the chuckles, Darnell!

Love the botanical theme to both cards! Love your subtle hydrangea background and the actual focal image one is beautifully coloured. The leaf print turned out well - seeing it brought back happy memories of our great retreat!

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Such lovely cards! The hydrangea one is just amazing! Love your attempt with the leaves, pretty card and interesting technique!
I wish you a speedy recovery!

Brenda in IN said...

Beautiful coloring on your hydrangea and the print came out lovely. I like how you framed it. The pressed leaves are fun to make and look great. As for the funnies, I relate to all of them, especially #3 and #4. I am becoming less tolerant as I get older and you can't fix stupid or lazy.

HilaryJane said...

Two great cards, love the hydrangea with its background print, that is so effective, great colours and framing too. I have made leaf prints with a gel plate but have never thought of using a die cutting machine. I shall have to give it a go as you got such great results. Thanks for sharing the senior commandments, they are so true, love it. I do hope things settle down for you quickly and you start to feel better and get more energy soon xx

Carol L said...

Sorry about the heart meds, and I sure hope you feel better soon! Gees, first your back and now your heart! You've gotta stop running those marathons and slow down some! LOL Beautiful hydrangea card with those frames and I love the leaf prints too. I can't stop giggling over the senior commandments. #3 and #8 are my favorites :)

Colleen said...

Darnell, I feel honored to have been able to talk with you while you have been knocked on your butt...wait you were sitting when we talked *wink!!
I sure do hope you can get back to an every day kind of normal and do all the things you love doing any time you want to! And I can hope we can meet again! I love your cards, someone said something about needing more than 24 hours in a day, that it me, my list is so long of things I want to do that I get overwhelmed and go walk the dog! then I have NOTHING to show!! Love your hydrangea flower...okay I am going to try that technique as soon as I sign off. Love your, have a great Sunday! I think we will have a rainbow, it just poured and now the sun is out with blue skies!! Heart Hugs, col

Nora Noll said...

Oh no!! I am so sorry you are not feeling well. It sucks when your health takes all the life out you and you cannot enjoy the things you like to do. I LOVE your cards. The first one is so pretty, with that really lovely background and the fabulous frames. Your second card is beautiful as well. I LOVE the delicate leaves and what a fun way to create that panel.

I hope you are feeling like yourself soon. Big Hugs.

Kathleen said...

Well i do not know what has happened but i have only just got this post, super creations with lovely images and dies. What a fabulous collections of Senior Commandments. I can relate to most of them.

Whatever, how many we relate to at least we are still here and I hope for quite a while longer but I am so pleased that we can still laugh and I hope it continues.

Had a load of problems myself, bowel problems. My Mother used to say that your bowels rule your body, thought it was an old wife's tale but believe you me, she was right.

Again just love the senior commandments, lovely to have something that brings a smile to your face.

Kath xxx

Donna said...

Two fabulous cards Darnell, making paper sounds complicated to me but it is beautiful! Sorry to hear you are under the weather, hope you adjust and are back to feeling like yourself soon. Hugs, Donna

Lisa Elton said...

Wowzer what a pretty hydrangea! Your pressed leaves are lovely too, so soft and delicate. Sure hope you get used to those med levels soon that's no fun. Thanks for the funnies, we all need a good laugh these days XO

Fikreta said...

Gorgeous cards.

Marcia Hill said...

Such BEAUTIFUL cards Darnell!! Absolutely LOVE your print making card with the Hydrangea and that lovely background and the double white frames...SOOOOO pretty! Your leaf card is just as lovely and what a cool way to imprint them through a Cuttlebug...why do I never come up with cool ideas like these??!! Loved all the senior commandments and yes I can relate to all of them too and especially #9 also...totally made me laugh!! Sorry to hear the new meds are giving you grief and hope your body adjusts soon!! Have you had your 2nd Covid shot yet? Just curious how you fared after the 2nd one. I'm still patiently (ok, maybe not so patiently!!) waiting to get a call for my 1st one and am hoping it's soon! Take care my friend and stay safe. Hugs. :0)

JD/ Jill said...

Great cards and it's so good to see you postin. Hope you are doing much better today...Please take care...Hugs, Jill

Pat said...

What a gorgeous purple/blue hydrangea Darnell and love the soft background print and love the frame with the embossed corners making them look like proper picture frames, and the imprinted leaves look wonderful on the second, running them through the cuttlebug has worked brilliantly. I love the 12 commandments and relate to quite a few of those. The thing that always makes us laugh is when we see a policemen and say they seem to get younger and younger when it's more to the point that we are getting older and older..lol. Sorry to hear about your heart meds and hope that you soon adjust to the new dose and feel much better. x

Cheryl W. said...

Beautiful cards, Darnell! I popped over and watched Kathy's video. Interesting process. She's such an artist! I love your leaf imprinted card, too. I've not ever tried that, but I fully intend to when we have leaves again. Right now the trees are bare and there is still some snow on the ground, even though it's melting fast.

Christine Alexander said...

I'm looking forward to catching up this week, hopefully you'll be feeling a little better. ♥
Two great cards, your hydrant is amazing, love the soft background print and your print brings back fun memories of the retreat. It's almost plant printing season :)
your senior words to live by are classic XX

Em Louise Fairley said...

They are beautiful, Darnell xoxo

Linda said...

Two beautiful cards ...... I'm loving your results from the print making, especially those leaves.
Hope you're feeling better hun. I had a right old giggle at the commandments, how true they all are.
Keep smiling .... sending you big hugs xx

Verna Angerhofer said...

So sorry the meds had affected you that way. I fully understand that as I have one that causes me to ache even more. But we deal with it. Your cards are so gorgeous no matter and I love both of them. I liked those funny sayings too.

Stamps and Paper said...

Two great cards Darnell and what a fab technique...hope you start to feel better soon on your new meds


JulieP said...

What beautiful floral cards!!! I'm going to have to try the embossing leaf technique. I'm chuckling over your comment about looking up celeb ages. I am notorious for that....kind of a family joke. When they're younger than me I immediately say to my hubby "Please tell me I don't look that old." ROFL!!!

OH Babs said...

Oh so lovely Darnell.
Hope the meds kick in quickly and you begin to feel like your old self.

conil said...

Both your cards are stunning...you never disappoint. LOVE the hydrangea card with those soft prints behind the focal bloom. Brilliant use of those frames, they really tone down the busy-ness well. The leaf print you made at your retreat is lovely, CAS and kind of graphic.
The commandments had my laughing so hard, I almost had an accident (you know the kind). I can so relate to most of them, especially #'s 3-5.
Hope you get used to those meds soon and come back in fine fettle.

Jeanne H said...

Love your cards, especially the leaf one. I'll try it when we get some leaves here again! I hope since you posted this you are feeling better - sorry to hear more of what's going on with you. Warm hugs and love.

oldpunca said...

Senior commandments are so true. All of them. 5# is the best. And #8 too. :-) But I'm visiting you because of cards, just to tell you that both are wonderful. I like the gentle die cut print on the first one. The leaf panel in purple shades is great. I like the technique. Something new to try out. :-)
Take care and stay safe! Hugs, Sonja

Robyn Oliver said...

Always wonderful to visit your blog Darnell... you always inspire us and give us a good chuckle... two fabulous cards, love the hydrangea print - so soft and pretty and a great idea to 'squash' some leaves.
And the commandments sure do fit with me but do take care, hugs Robyn

Celeste Goff said...

Both amazing cards Darnell! Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite flower so I'm definitely partial to the first card.

Tracey McNeely said...

Lovely cards and I am super impressed that you tried crushing leaves for your patterned paper. So pretty!

Leslie Miller said...

#s 5, 8, 9, and 10 are the ones that stand out most for me. Thanks for the laugh! Now... I'm loving on your hydrangea card so much! It's absolutely beautiful and so artfully accomplished. Good idea to make a faux die cut from the stamp. I'll have to remember that... oops... #5! I KNOW I've seen the technique you used on your leaf card, and pretty sure it was from Christine. Told myself at that time I'd remember it... again #5... but now I'm writing it down. Lately I've been jotting all that stuff down on a post it note pad I keep by the computer. Hold on... okay, got it written down, yay. Your skeletonized leaves look fantastic!

frommycraftroom said...

Two fabulous cards. What a great technique to use flowers/leaves!

Thanks for the laugh at the end!

Lindsey said...

Gorgeous cards! Beautiful hydrangea stamp, and it made wonderful patterned paper, too. The framing sets off everything perfectly. I'm with you - I've had better luck with leaves than flowers when squishing them for prints. This one turned out so well! Thanks for linking up with us at Seize the Birthday!

Linby said...

Hydrangeas are one of my fave flowers and I might even have this version. I love how you used it, and the double frame - just beautiful.
Love those quotes at the end - fabulous! I hope you are feeling better now.
L x

Aileen said...

Darnell I knew there was a reason I have finally started drifting around card land again, I had forgotten how wonderful your posts are and how they always lift me up. Your card for our challenge is just wonderful, I love that flower and how you have made the background. Though I have to look into it more to understand the concept I LOVE the result.
I do hope you are okay sweetie and health issues are settling down.
That post for all us oldies, yes well that certainly fit me and John every one of them. Maybe we should get this blown up into a big poster to remind ourselves to be patient with those not as clever as ourselves xx hugs Aileen

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Dear Darrell been wondering how you are so popped over. Mind yiu I can't talk as I've not much blogged in 2021.
Can so relate to how those heart meds knock you for six. I'm finally feeling more like myself since heart attack 9 mths ago, and now able to go 9ff one lot of meds which were heart ones and am I ever glad. It really put on weight too.
Praying your meds settle aASAP. And that you'll adjust well, and back to yourself.. pray too back is healed.
Life and getting old does present some hiccoughs.
Love that old SU hydragea stamp set amd think adding background with it is perfect!
Now I've not squished leaves in my CB but sounds a good idea. I have plenty! My bug is like that, still going and used tonight, and 11 years this month, as bought in March 2010!it still has original plates, but new ones too. Broke it, just a minor thing, able with advice from fellow blogger to repair it at 13mths and fine ever since!
Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X

{Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Arrgh! Auto correct. Sorry typed Darnell.. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™

Greta said...

Your hydrangea background came out great! I should try the technique again. Wasn't that happy with my previous attempt. Love the leaf card! Fun list & I certainly can relate!

nancy littrell said...

Hope you are getting use to your new meds, Dolly. We can not afford to lose more energy at our age...Your old age commandments are so true and funny when all written down..lol! Love your print making background for your gorgeous watercolored and fussy cut hydrangea, my friend. TFS your dried leaves background card too. My leaves turned out the best too. Take care and TFS and joining us at CAS Mix Up my dear friend. Love and Hugs..Nancy

Maria Rodriguez. said...

Darnell, this is such a gorgeous card for our THE FLOWER CHALLENGE theme, love that amazing background with the flower in beautiful rich colors in front.
Thank you for sharing with us at THE FLOWER CHALLENGE.
Stay healthy and safe.

My Paper Epiphany said...

That purple bloom is truly stunning! The technique with the leaves looks intriguing and the result fantastic! No.9 my fave:) I hope you adjust well to meds really soon.
So glad to have you join in the celebrations at CAS Mix Up!

Zoechaos said...

I'll start at the end that fabulous quote at the end of your post, think many of us can relate hahaha. Cards are gorgeous especially they Hydranger and printed background. Had no idea that you have heart medication to have it quadrupled! that must have been a bit scary. Stay Safe, Keep Well & Have Fun x

Bobby said...

I'm so sorry you are having a difficult time with your meds, Darnell. I haven't been around lately and I've missed you and your wonderful way with words. It looks like I missed a lot about what's going on with you too. Prayers that you will soon be feeling like your old self again - and I use that term loosely. ;)
Your hydrangea made a magnificent print for your background. Thanks for sharing that one at The Flower Challenge. I'm intrigued by the leaf print. It turned out great.

BoลผenA said...

I love this plant printing technique. There are so many beautiful panels to use, unfortunately they are still waiting for their chance. How do you deal with excess plant juices in this technique? My juice flies like in juicers :-(