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January 21, 2021

Stencil Time and A New Dawn

Hello Stamplings,

Yesterday, thank goodness, was a great day of inspiration, calm, and peace here in America as a centuries-old transfer of power took place. It was a celebration that brought me to tears. I know many of you from around the world join me in feeling uplifted and thankful. 

I realize there is much disagreement on issues, but we need to compromise and communicate to find solutions for things that impact all of us. And I hope from now on our leaders and representatives from both parties will resist the pull of greed and the thirst for power by remembering they work for us, that they act like adults, treat everyone with respect, tell the truth, and practice the Golden Rule. After all, isn't that what they learned from their parents and what they teach their children? 

It will be okay. 
A little CAS mixed-media for you with this one, which, as you might know, is not that easy to do! Thanks to my friend Lolly generously sharing her skills on Zoom, I now dip my toes in ink and Gesso ... wait. What? Oh, heck, go ahead and use your toes if you want! Life is too short!

For this technique*, we were to tape off a border of our card and as you can see, I naturally picked the widest roll of masking tape I own, which left me with a teeny-tiny rectangle of workspace. We gessoed that space to add texture. Because it acts as an emboss-resist, we then blended distress inks through a stencil. My stencil was made by Tim Holtz. Or maybe Mario made it. (They don't put their initials on them, but in case they read my blog😆, I think they should.)

I finished my card with an vintage MFT butterfly, a simple timely popped-up sediment, and schplatters. Hammy winked the DI inks and you can't really see it, but the panel was adhered to a black card base.

* Videos:

This QACAS birthday card uses an unmarked circle stencil and CP inks. I made several of these in various colors and Hammy went to town with the winking ... I can stop telling you that, right? You all know he's addicted now. I don't know what I'd do without him and it's super cool that his fur is a permanent shade of schparkle!




On the far, far off-chance you thought that really was my wedding photo in the last post, this is the real one:
Many of you have seen it before. I didn't have toilet paper in my ears, but it does look like I had price tags on my headpiece. What can I say? That was the style, along with empire-waist "Juliet" wedding dresses. (I still remember how difficult it was sewing those puffy sleeves out of some kinda stiff shimmery fabric.) Just look at us! What children we were! You'd think people were still getting wed in 1971 as young as Romeo and Juliet were. I mean, we weren't, but that's how rumors get started.


I hope you get a chance to see and hear the United States youth poet laureate Amanda Gorman's recitation at the inauguration ceremony. She is only 22 years old and she'll knock your socks off! You can find it on YouTube here and the full text of her poem is available at various sites. What an inspiration!
The new dawn blooms as we free it,
For there is always light.
If only we’re brave enough to see it.
If only we’re brave enough to be it.

Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy! LITS!* Keep safe!

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower! Please let me know you came by so I can be sure and return the flavor!

*Life is too short!

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papierelle said...

It was the best day for America in four years !! And you did it because you chose to change something. Thanks!!
Thank you also for your beautiful card that you are showing today. I like this CAS style and it's a nice suggestion.

Gerrina said...

You both look so young at the beautiful weddingphoto! (For not wanting to be put in a certain time by our weddingphoto I choice a weddingdress that is timeless...with lace on the top and sleeves...maybe I will put aphoto in my blog once...)
Your gesso card is such a beautiful one! And MM+CAs is a beautiful, but not that easy combination and you nailed that!
Since yesterday I breath a little bit leighter; a toddler that only could react by trowing himself on the ground and screem and cry when the toy that was given to him by the money and effort of others was taking away from him because he wasn't at an age to deal with it correctly has gone... (I just look at what stood out in the news and that was the picture that I got from all of that)
On to a world that has an eye for all people!
Hugs, Gerrina

Tracey T said...

Love the card, love the wedding photo and loved Amanda Gorman's poem yesterday. We've been following events very closely from Scotland and I truly hope that yesterday's events signal the beginning of much better times for my American friends.

Tina Z. said...

Yes, yesterday was a day of hope for the whole world. We were watching it with our kids. I was deeply touched by this poem and she is so young....
Your cards are stunning and I should try this technique, very interesting.
Crafty hugs xx

Sue said...

Hi Darnell, Watched the proceedings. His speech was fab.

If we all treat others as we would wish to be treated and look after the planet and all that live on it, then what more would we need.

Love the cards, especially the first one.

You stay safe.

Sandra H said...

I watched and enjoyed the change over for America the young poet was amazing what a lovely tribute and the singers hopefully America will be more at ease now...your cards are absolutely gorgeous l do love the stencilling you do must try that myself one day and ooh you both do look young but what a lovely couple you’s are fabulous dress and loving the tags too enjoy your day xx

Marianne said...

Your first card is a stunner and just perfect for today, which does feel like a new dawn, with hope for the future. As you know, I've been following developments in the US closely for the past few months and I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders while watching yesterday's celebration of democracy live on Dutch TV. Hubby also said he felt happier.
Amanda Gorman's poem was so powerful and inspirational. In the Netherlands, the news editors had decided not to provide Dutch subtitles for the poem, since they felt it would only distract from the essence of what she was saying.
Love your wedding picture. I was 26 when I first married. I thought we were pretty mature at the time, but looking back now, I can see we were still babies. ;-)
Hugs, Marianne x

Mac Mable said...

I couldn't agree more with your opening comments and sentiments Darnell x. We didn't go far from the television yesterday and we too felt uplifted, thankful and grateful x.

Had a little chuckle at you using your widest tape on your first card. The remaining part looks so pretty Darnell and what a fun technique. It will be OK and your card is really beautiful x.
What fabulous blending on the second with the prettiest of colours and Hammy did a wonderful job x.

Thank you for sharing your romantic wedding photo and yes just babes....x

Yes Amanda Gorman sure did blow our socks off....tremendous and uplifting words and boy did she deliver it to perfection x.

Thinking of you and hopr your back is on the mend?

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Two lovely CAS cards and particularly love the first one with the gorgeous big butterfly!
Hugs and sorry if I don't read all, I'm in hurry

G Peplow said...

Gorgeous cards Darnell!
I have to say I too shed a tear in relief and hope, what a wonderful celebration of democracy! we watched it all and thought that it was a great day! The poem was amazing as were the singers but I did feel sorry for Mike Pence he looked very lonely there. Here’s hoping that we can move forward into 2021 correcting some of the most outrageous policies.
Happy days ahead my friend 😘

G Peplow said...

Ooh I nearly forgot, what a beautiful wedding photo, you both look so beautiful 🤗😘

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Two gorgeous cards, Darnell - card one eloquently echoes what many of us felt yesterday (beautiful inauguration and subsequent events) and I love card two with the bubbles and schparkle, as you like to say - Hammy did great as always! Thanks for sharing the true wedding photo, lovely as the previous one was (some ancestor, maybe?). Anyway, you two kiddos look great and perfect for the times - hope you had a wonderful day!!

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous cards, Darnell. Love, love, love the butterfly one. I feel like I can exhale a bit now. Not that troubles are gone, but that order will be restored and calmer minds will prevail. I was glued to the tv all day, what a remarkable event. Amanda Gorman showed what is right and pure in our world. More of her, please. And thanks for sharing your wedding photo. Your leap of faith sure held true as well! :) Have a beautiful day, my friend.

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Darnell, I so agree with your opening comments, and the world feels a safer place now. If only the UK could get rid of the lying PM and his minister, this Island would prosper, but the greed is still here, and will never go away until these Tories are out of power.
The young poet was marvellous, such powerful words, and read so beautifully. I've been riveted over the last few weeks with all that's been happening in your amazing country, saddened and shocked in equal measure, but hopefully better times are now on their way, and thank goodness Mike Pence had a change of heart at the eleventh hour.
It was wonderful to see the Obamas too. President Biden's acceptance speech
was very poignant and moving, I hope he does have the opportunity to change all he wants to.
Now for your cards, both are absolutely gorgeous, lovely butterfly image and colours and I do love the bubbles on your second card.
Keep yourselves safe, hugs Kate x

Carole said...

Two lovely cards Darnell, I especially like the zingy second one. I hoe your back is improving and you are taking care. xx

Pat said...

I love your mixed media piece with the beautiful butterfly and then the circles on the second are so pretty and love all the winking on both skilfully done by Hammy. Thanks for showing us the proper wedding photo in which you look beautiful Darnell, and the Mister very handsome in his DJ and bow tie, and not a bit of toilet paper to be seen..lol. x

Karen said...

Absolutely love your CAS card with the butterfly! I couldn't agree more with your commentary about the inauguration. So many moments moved me to tears of relief and hope for the future. I was married just three years after you---made my dress which had just one puff in the sleeve--not as elaborate as yours--and I wore a hat with real flowers on it rather than a veil. Your photo brought back fond memories!

Darlene said...

Your cards are just beautiful my friend ... very inspirational and I agree with your comments in reference to the state of our country. I have never watch an inauguration as intently as I did yesterday! Very uplifting and helped to bring my BP down a little bit.
I had seen an interview with Amanda Gorman a few nights before the inauguration on PBS News Hour and couldn't wait to hear her speech ... it was AMAZING and she is quite the young lady! Inspiration for sure!!!
Loved your wedding photo ... my 1st wedding dress was of the same style! (you notice I said 1st lol) ... took me 3 times to find the right one and by that point we were married on the courthouse steps and I had on a black pants suit LOL. Obviously my wedding outfit didn't make or break the marriage as we've been married for over 25 years now LOL
Thanks for always sharing such wonderful posts ... you've lifted me up today!

Em Louise Fairley said...

Beautiful cards, Darnell. Love the wedding pic too xoxo

Lynette said...

So much to comment on, Darnell! First - thanks for sharing your wedding photo - very cool. You made your dress? - awesome! Your cards are both fabulous. We can breathe again now. Enough said!

Bonnie said...

Amanda Gorman is amazing and I could listen to her read this over and over. A much better It looks like that butterfly is attracted to it too! I love the colors of your stenciled and schparkled dots! A great card for a tween! I'm still in awe of your sewing skills!

Brenda in IN said...

I, too, watched all day and I especially love how sincere Biden is about doing the work for our country. I hope both sides can come together and get things done. The poem was so touching and I even watched the entertainment and enjoyed the three past presidents speaking. I love the zoom card you made and the circles are so pretty. You both look so young in the wedding picture and your dress is lovely.

HilaryJane said...

That first card is just amazing, I love it and the sentiment is perfect. You have achieved something special with those splatters they are perfect. You are right, it will be OK, but everyone needs to play their part. Democracy is about compromise and we seem to be losing that skill or is it an art? Thanks for putting us straight re the wedding photo! You both look so happy. Have you linked these cards to the challenges yet? I don't see the first on in the Mix Up gallery xx

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Your paragraph about leaders should apply to ALL leaders over the world, well put Darnell.
Your first card is Stunning, I love the black over the beautiful stencil and colours and the so relevant sentiment. Your twofer is gorgeous too, beautiful shading AND schparkle!
I sent a copy of your wedding photo blog post to my SiL, who said "you looked so sad" I nearly fell off my chair laughing. Although the one today does look happier hahaha As far as getting married young I was 19 in 1966 and considered to young to marry by my father. Aw Bless. Yes! the young poet was inspirational, and the world does now seem a calmer place!
Keep safe
Faith x

Verna Angerhofer said...

I too pray that America will flourish and be united. And, for those cards you made I think they are both awesome. Beautiful blending on the stencil designs.

conil said...

I still have tears in my eyes caused by the joy, calm and relief I felt by yesterday's Inauguration. Was completely blown away by Amanda Gorman's poem and just her confident presence...her talent is prodigious.
As is yours, showing off your twofer here. Let's just say, the butterfly card is stunning. Your masking really shows that critter off. Aren't you smart to stencil several fun birthday cards at one time. Starting 2021 off right, aren't you.
Hope you're recovering and feeling better.

Leslie Miller said...

Your two cards are pretty and clean and colorful and I just love them! I was glued to the inauguration proceedings yesterday. First time I've watched the whole thing, but this was one of our most important days in American history, I believe. I breathe a sigh of relief. Amanda Gorman's poem made me feel teary. It was beautifully delivered, too. It's a treat to see your wedding photo. You two made a lovely couple then and still do. Thanks for sharing everything. I was delighted to see your card at CAS Mix Up. Hugs!

Bonnie Lynn said...

Two fabulous cards as always Darnell. I totally agree with your opening sentiments. I was talking with my hubby last night and we both stated we felt uplifted from the days events especially in light of what happened two weeks ago. Right, left or center of the political spectrum, we all need to treat each other as we would want to be treated. I was, and still am, amazed at Miss Gorman's poem recitation and her wisdom. She is such an inspiration indeed.

Susan said...

I am so happy for all of my American friends that yesterday's inauguration went off without any problems and that you can all take a huge breath and let go of all the tension of the past four years. Even being a Canadian, I watched most of the inauguration. Amanda Gorman was the highlight for me - what a brilliant poem and an amazing young woman.

Thanks for correcting our impression of your wedding - ha ha!! You look gorgeous in your dress - amazing sewing skills!

And of course your cards are wonderful. Your gesso /stencil background is perfect for the black butterfly and splatters. And the bubbles are lovely and I'm sure super sparkly in real life.

nancy littrell said...

OMG....Dolly, Your CAS stenciled over gesso with Distress Oxide Inks design is so beautiful, colorful and joyful. I Love how you used your mixed media products, masking, stamping and stenciling. You have me inspired to try your gesso technique very soon! So pleased you joined us at CAS Mix Up Splatters! Your 2nd card is beautiful too, especially with Hammy's generous WOS covering all the circles.
TFS your sweet wedding photo too. You looked so cute and full of mischief even then:-) Looked like Kevin was ready for the challenge:-)

I felt a huge relief and filled with Hope after watching all the Inauguration activities yesterday:-) President Biden and Vice President Harris are caring, experienced, intelligent and already working to overturn the damage done the last 4 years. Wasn't it wonderful to see all the smiles on both sides of the aisle and seriously ready to tackle all the critical issues world wide?!? We all need to do our part too....

Amanda Gorman is an amazingly talented poet so beautiful inside and out! Her presentation was as wonderful as her poem. TFS the link to her video. I would love to watch it again.

Thank you dear Dolly for sharing your thoughtful and beautiful cards and your photo of two sweet love birds:-) Love and Hugs....Nancy

HilaryJane said...

Ahh, there it is looking beautiful in the CAS Mix Up gallery, thank you for joining us with this wonderful card and delightfully subtle splatters xx

Loll said...

I love our Zoom sessions where we get to learn and play with new things. I'm not a gesso user, but I hope to be now that I know how it works. :) Your first card is GORGEOUS. I love that sweet rectangle with so much colour. Perfect with your beautiful butterfly and schplatters! :) And another wonderful design using your circle stencil. Love the colours and all the schparkle there too! Hammy does have fun. Watch the ceremonies yesterday and was very moved by the speeches, performers, and especially Amanda Gorman's poem. We will be hearing about her for years to come!

Belated congrats on your wedding anniversary. You know that I am in a total funk right now and my brain isn't working. I hope you and Mister had a lovely day and that you enjoyed it without too much pain. I do love your wedding picture ... you were both SO YOUNG! Take care my sweet friend. Love, Lolly

Jean said...

BEautiful cards and your wedding photo is lvoely!

Redanne said...

Yesterday was a very good day indeed, I can feel a sense of normality coming on and yes, Amanda's poem was excellent, she certainly is a beautiful and talented young women. I am not sure I will be around then but I truly hope she gets to be President in 2036, as is her wish.

Your cards are beautiful, I particularly like the small rectangle on the first one and the butterfly is so pretty - as are you and Mister in the 'real' wedding photo (well pretty and handsome).

Mario doesn't make the stencils, that would be Ted from Stampers Anonymous who also makes Tim's stamps - a bit of useless information for you!

Take care my lovely friend, keep safe and well. Hugs, Annie xxx

oldpunca said...

We saw the ceremony and were thinking of you. Miha says that it is everything already better in the States. :-)
I knew the wedding photo in the previous post was a joke. This one is much better. You two guys were beautiful. And so happy! Nice memories.
Both of your cards are fantastic. Fabulous stenciling. Butterfly card is a work of art. Birthday card is perfectly sparkled. Amazing CAS.
Take care and stay safe!
Hugs, Sonja

Kathleen said...

Two really super creations, especialy the coloured panels the first card really sets off the lovely butterfly. Love the colours of the second one and the shine effect.
Great news on the election, so glad you are pleased.

Kath x

Birgit said...

Your cards are so pretty and sweet looking with the pop a soft colours. I like the wink of Stella on the second.
Your picture is so nice looking and this is pretty nice for the 70s because that decade was never the nicest fashion wise. You could be paying homage to Minnie Pearl but I like it.
I heard that beautiful young lady who truly showed what grace and elegance plus intelligence can do. I posted a funny, but negative, funny about the orange man(It is the Sound of Music piece, So Long, Farewell but the lyrics are very, very different) and my cousin's wife, a full on Trump supporter called me rude and ignorant! I just don't know about people especially someone who has known me since I was 8.

Chris said...

I watched the inauguration on TV- a historic moment, full of hope for the future, I hope that the new government brings stability, peace and prosperity to your country.
Your card is gorgeous- a fabulous combination of great techniques and beautiful stamping.

Ann said...

Your cards and wedding photo are all beautiful! I'm glad you are all feeling so much more positive now about the state of the States - I'm from Australia but have visited USA 5 times when our daughter and family lived there so have a special place in our heart for you all. I appreciate it's not my place to offer opinions, so ultimately just wish you all the very best for the future. Ms Gorman's poem was very powerful!

Carol Cel said...

Wow, Darnell. I love this post. I especially like your well-worded second paragraph about compromise and communication. I think Biden's intentions are honest and honorable. And I hope that people will be able to work together. I feel such a relief.
Oh, and your cards . . . I really enjoy them. And more congrats on your anniversary.

Lisa Elton said...

Your butterfly card is striking, love it and who doesn't love a sparkly polka dot! As wonderful as they both are, the bride and groom steal the spotlight tonight!

TK said...

Amen to peace, respect and humility! Enough said...

Your two cards are purely fabulous! Loving the colors, the design and the fun! Yes I tend to enjoy fun every now and then

Heather said...

I guess we will have to agree to disagree as far as politics are concerned. BUT as far as these cards are concerned I for one think they are fabulous!! Love the first one with the bright stenciled background and that beautiful butterfly! I didn't see your last post, so now, I will have to go check out that photo. Curious . . . Thanks for playing with The House That Stamps Built.

Christine Alexander said...

What's Rachel Maddow going to talk about nightly. We're all so happy normal service has resumed in the US, although there's big clean up job to be done but I think they're up for it. Wonderful inauguration :)

Love both of those cards,your stenciled gesso is CASerfic, love it with all the taped white space :) and your stenciled circles are so awesomly winked.
Hee hee, love that photo ♥

Cheryl W. said...

Yesterday's inauguration and celebrations were amazing! I had tears in my eyes more than once. And Amanda Gorman is the essence of A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! She will be an important voice in the years ahead. Your cards are lovely. I'm a big fan of stenciling, so your first one really caught my eye. The sparkly circles on the second one reminded me of bubbles. Oooooh, wish I had a glass of bubbly right now. I don't want to stop toasting to the "peaceful transfer of power." You looked beautiful in your wedding dress. I was also married in 1971 and had an empire waisted dress with puffy sleeves. Just one "puff," though. and I had yellow ribbons on my dress (which I also sewed). I remember the fabric cost only $12. Those were the days!

kiwimeskreations said...

loving your beautiful schparkly cards Darnell - Hammy really has got winking them down to a fine art. The black, lacy butterfly against the softly blended inks is perfect.
Loving your wedding photo - I married in '74, and had a straight gown that fell off a high yolk, and wide sleeves that fell to a point and shoed off the bright coloured lining. I can't wear white, so had a rich cream fabric with orange lining!!
Stay safe

Neet said...

Such a pretty card and what a lovely butterfly. I think I would have gone for the smallest rectangle I could too. Love the end result.
Also love your wedding photo, so young and pretty, but then you are pretty now.
Yes, watched the inauguration over here in the UK and was so relieved it went without any incidents. It was a beautiful occasion and he had done a magnificent job of including people from all walks of life, colour and creed. I wish you all four years of healing and peace.
Hugs, Neet xx
ps and the beginnings of a covid free country

Carol L said...

Two very pretty cards, but I'm just loving the first one and how you put that together! Hopefully you're feeling better these days and not over-doing. Great wedding photo too, did you actually make your own wedding gown? Amazing!

Donna said...

Fantastic cards, like how you let the stenciling shine! So glad you shared the real wedding picture-beautiful!

Linda said...

Darnell, I think we have all taken a sigh of relief and felt the immediate calmness. Wonderful day.
Well, glad to hear that wasn't your wedding photo that you first showed. HaHa. I see this picture of you and amazed how similar your dress is to mine. If I can I will text you a picture of mine. I got married in 1970.
And now what a lovely card you have created. Love that big beautiful butterfly and your stenciled background. Hope all is well with you.

Cris G. said...

👏 I'ts definitely A New Dawn!!! I was "glued" to my TV screen during the whole ceremony, for two reasons: 1st - I was making sure that something very good was happening and I didn't want to miss anything! 2nd - In my mind I was also playing the ten differences game :).
Unfortunately, I couldn't understand Amanda Gorman's recitation in full, but I will look for her poem on internet. Thank you Darnell for the excerpt that you shared!
Two beautiful cards for a bright and lovely day! Stencils are a must have and a lot of fun to use, right?
Your wedding photo is just the sweetest... you look dreamy and absolutely happy!❤️


Robyn Oliver said...

You said it all Darnell, please let everyone including those in authority realise it is about us all across the world - it's been one seriously awful 12 months.
I did wondering about your wedding photo last post... so it's nice to see the real one.. you look gorgeous. Now also must say that I do love your stencilled cards too...gorgeous colours and splatters on the butterfly one. Stay safe - it WILL be okay, hugs Robyn

frommycraftroom said...

So much in your post today. All well said.

I too wish they, Tim or Mario, would put their names on things it would make our lives easier ;)

Fab cards by the way.

And I do like your wedding pic - our anniversary is in a week (have I mentioned that before? sorry if I have) but I wont be sharing a pic of us.

Kate said...

As always, your post was clever and funny but this time it reflected the ray of hope that came out of Washington DC as President Biden was inaugurated! I think the global sigh of relief would have been heard off planet (if the vacuum that is space could relay a sound wave)! I do feel for some of those poor souls that have been duped though, many of whom will be recruited by people even more evil than "he who should never again be named except in court proceedings"!
That young woman was inspirational - not only did her words move the world, she has had to overcome a lot to get to where she is today - speech impediment and bullying among them!
But I digress from what I really wanted to talk about and that is that Tim and Mario SHOULD read your blog - they don't know what they're missing!

Sharon Underwood said...

I love your words of wisdom & reflection concerning the beautiful Inauguration day. We can feel the peace flowing throughout our nation, & others as well.

LOVE your cards!!! Your use of stencils is very inspiring. Keep up the good work...or fun...or splattering...

Celeste Goff said...

Love the actual wedding photo vs the old one you posted on last post. Look at you two young pups! You and the Mr were practically babies! Love both of your gorgeous stenciled cards, the butterfly one is my fave!!

Brenda said...

Your stenciled cards are fabulous Auntie, but I have a question. Why do you paint the gesso and then stencil?? Love the wedding photo of you and the Mister, how time goes by so fast! Hugs, Brenda

Bunny said...

Beautiful cards and wedding picture.

I'm praying for world peace, a healthy world and no social media for any President from now on. Plus, I'm praying that our nation will work together immediately.

KerrynM said...

Gorgeous cards, Darnell. Love, love your playhouse and fantastic view of the backyard. Gorgeous wedding dress

Pip Lewer said...

Nailed that stencil background Darnell. Oh and I have to say I’m in love with your playhouse...I want it! Thanks for playing along with this month’s theme at AAA Birthday.

Greta said...

You picked my favorite part of the poem & yes, she is amazing! I only wish our leaders would read what you wrote & realize how many of us agree with it. At least there's a decent human being in the White House, but so far to go for real change, I'm afraid. On a happier note, your cards are fabulous! Love the artsy butterfly one & the festive BD card! LOVE seeing your wedding picture & can't believe it was 50 yrs ago! So glad you enjoyed your day in spite of the pandemic! Your dinner sounds wonderful--think I need to fix that for us soon!

Jane said...

Gorgeous cards! Love the wedding pic too. Thanks for playing at AAA Birthday, hope to see you join in with future challenges. Stay safe and keep crafting!

Barb Ghig said...

LOVE your cards, Darnell! You have really mastered splattering on a CAS design...I love them both and I'm not at all surprised that you've been selected for Top 3 at CAS Mix Up! Thanks so much for sharing your wedding photo with us...you were a BEAUTIFUL bride ~ Barb xx

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

Gorgeous makes hun, both of them.
As for you wedding photo, you both look fabulous

Thank you for sharing with us at 'A Place To Start' this month
Stay safe Hugs Shell xx

mugdha gujarathi said...

WOW!! Both the cards are sooo beautiful. Love both of them. Lovely wedding pic.Thank you so much for playing at AAA Birthday.

Izzy Scrap said...

You made wonders with your stencils, Darnell ! I don't know the technique with Gesso but I will have a look to the videos for sure. It's always great to discover new techniques. Love how we see the fabulous stencilling through the butterfly wings. Gorgeous combo too for your second card. I think I have the same stencil (mine is a rectangle one on green Mylar from Kaisercraft and it is named Bubbly).
You are gorgeous on your wedding photo ! I wouldn't have recognized you but I can tell you that I see your grandchildren in your husband in this photo. Thanks so much for sharing and for playing along at Uniko.

Chana Malkah said...

I love the composition of your card, Darnell. That gorgeous butterfly keeps the eye directed to the focal grouping! Everything about this project is "just enough and not too much!

I am a big Amanda Gorman Fan. She definitely is a point of light!

Thanks for your awesome submission to our challenge at A Place To Start! I hope you will join us for our February Sketch Challenge!
Chana Malkah, Owner

Chana Malkah said...

You were chosen as a Rising Start at A Place To Start for the week of January 17th-23rd. Please stop by our blog and grab your badge. We hope you will join us for our February sketch challenge!
The Resident Design Team

Beverley said...

WOW! Loving both your cards, the colours and layout of the first are wonderfully striking in a really CAS way. I adore the colours on your second. Thank you so much for joining in on the fun at Uniko. Crafty Hugs Bev x