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September 13, 2020

For You

Hello Stamplings!

I hope you're doing okay today.

This is my inaugural launch of the New Blogger, so if anything looks wrong, it's not my fault, their fault. I finally gave in because when I reverted to Legacy and came back just five minutes later, they had switched me to New Blogger again. We played that game of Tag You're It about 30 times and I finally gave up. There was a time when I was ornery enough to keep clicking back til I'm blue in the face, but now, shrug, ain't nobody got time for that.

It seems New Blogger was created to make it easier for people to blog from their phones, which is the way of the future. Unfortunately for some of us, blogging from our phones is impossible due to eye problems and/or arthritis in our hands and wrists, so we just have to be grateful they are still making a laptop/computer platform available for us to enjoy while we can. Sala Vee.

To be honest, it isn't as bad as when I first tried it, so they have fixed quite a few things. If you are hesitant or if you tried it once, please try again rather than giving up if you enjoy blogging. We will help each other through the transition and to that end, I have a couple of questions after my cards.

My friend Nancy Leppek has started a new challenge blog called Color Hues and I wanted to make sure I got a card made to support her. I'm very becited to have this new challenge in Blogland and she has a very talented Team working hard to inspire us! 

I kept my design very simple so the yellow and green colors could be in the spotlight. The beautiful butterfly die is "Delicate Butterfly" from Memory Box and  I cut several layers to give it more dementia. The layered stitched squares are from MFT, the little NBUS tag is also from Memory Box, called "Classic Tags," and the sediment is from Creative Time, "Teeny Tiny Greetings."

  • Color Hues: Yellow and green.
  • NBUS #18: Never Before Used Schtuff.
  • Pixie's Snippets Playground: Anything snippets goes.
  • Retro Rubber: Also colors! The butterfly die is from 2019, the stitched squares are from 2015, the little NBUS tag is from 2011 (what?!), and the sediment is from 2012.
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This design was a bit of struggle. I wanted to try embossing with dies and I really liked a video I saw where the card had both the usual embossing with a folder (evergreen branch from Stampin Up) and embossing with a die (evergreen tree from Taylored Expressions).

First, I dry embossed with the embossing folder. Check. Next I watched several videos about embossing with dies, but they all used the Big Shot and I wanted to know how to do it with my Gemini Jr. I did find one video, but the sandwich the lady showed did not emboss for me. It cut through the paper when I tried it and mustard went everywhere. Three hours later I still didn't know, but I saw lots of other interesting videos when I veered off onto Squirrel Alley. 

I finally got out my Big Shot and was able to emboss without the die cutting the paper. Check. Then I gold embossed the sediment, rimmed the edges of my panel with gold ink, and then attached it to a gold panel. 

Hammy and I thought it needed a little sumpum sumpum, but nothing too busy like sequints, so we decided it would be pretty to add another tree to that little empty space just waiting for it. We dressed it in gold, and stacked it six times.
I'm sorry I didn't ground my trees. There was just too much snow everywhere to get in close to them. Of course, the tree and sediment don't even look gold above, so here's a closeup to prove it:
jingling all the way!Right Click to Save

You might have noticed my images have a sort of sepia glow to them. That's because of the smoky haze, or smaze as one of our weathermen calls it. At least it's not weirdly red anymore, but our smaze is still thick and for several days it has been at the very unhealthy 180-200+ mark. Now they are saying it won't be safe to go outside until next Tuesday. I feel so sorry for all the critters. And, of course, poor little Nellie doesn't understand why we aren't doing walkies any more. 

New Blogger Frustrations: [Already tried to find answers via Blogger/Google black holes.]
  • I've discovered that I am no longer receiving notifications of blogs to which I am subscribed, including challenges. Has anyone heard if this is temporary, or if we have to resubscribe to blogs, or what the blazes? 
  • Does anyone know how to wrap text around images in New Blogger so they can be placed somewhere other than centered? For Nellie's photo above, my hack was to revert to Legacy to place the photo. Then when I went back to New Blogger, it stayed to the left, but I don't know how long Legacy will be around. 
Thank you!


Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy, but stay safe and well! LITS!*

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower! Please let me know you came by so I can be sure and return the flavor!

*Life is too short!

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Aquarius said...

Two lovely cards and great explanation how they were achieved. The new Blogger hasn't been without some frustrations but I think (hope) it is gradually getting there. As you say not everyone can use their phone for internet stuff for the reasons you mentioned. Take care in these trying times.

kiwimeskreations said...

Loving your cards Darnell - the butterfly one is stunning, and the gild tree in the second one is perfect - well done to you and Hammy.
I have had relatively few hassles with the new blogger... maybe the kinks straighten themselves out as they travel down under??? ;) ;) ;).
So sad to hear about the fires and resultant smaze...

Lynne said...

Fabulous cards as always Darnell. I love the first one woth those gorgeous colours.
I'm not keen on the new blogger either and mine keeps going back when I revert too. Why do they have to change things all the time? If it aint broke, don't fix it is my mantra.
Lynne x

Julie B said...

Love how the colours on your butterfly mingle to create that gorgeous effect Darnell.
I didn't realise that you were housebound as a result of the fires, that must be awful. My OH is in contact with a buddy online out in the forest around there. His neighbours lost everything in the last blaze but he was lucky. They are all staying put this time as most of the lives lost last time were as people tried to flee. He lives on his own and has generators and the like in case the electricity goes down but none the less I wouldn't like to be in his shoes.
Keep safe and I hope the rains come soon. :)

Lisa Babitz said...

I love the yellow and green colors on your butterfly die cut; so pretty! Love all the layers as well. Your double embossed CAS card came out great. The gold elements you added are beautiful. I completely understand your frustration with the new blogger; wordpress just did the same thing. I fought it for a while and kept trying to use the "classic editor" but that really didn't work very well so I finally gave in and am forcing myself to learn the new way. For the most part, it is going well and better than I thought it would be, but I am also having issues with positioning photos (in the new wordpress editor). Odd that this is an issue with both.

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Darnell, two beautifully designed cards, both are so elegant.
I've not had too much bother with the new blogger, and sorry I can't help with your queries.
The fires are so awful, it's just like your poor country isn't getting a break at all just now with one thing and another. I hope you stay safe, poor Nellie though not able to get her walk, take care, Kate x

Jeanne said...

That butterfly card is gorgeous, Darnell! I love the colors and the card design. Your embossed card is very pretty and I'm glad you got it worked out. :) I am SO sorry about all the fires out there. You guys have the smoke so much worse than we have. I feel for everyone out west. Such a scary time. I pray for rain and relief for all. As for Blogger, I'm no help. I haven't blogged hardly at all recently. I do hope all the quirks get worked out to make it run more smoothly. Please take care! Hugs.

Stamps and Paper said...

Two lovely cards Darnell...I was especially drawn to your butterfly card.....the pictures of the fires shown on our tv are horrendous and can’t imagine what horror people are suffering...Stay safe my friend ..


I Card Everyone said...

I'm fighting it, tooth and snail, D... blogger that is. With all the hand-holding you gave when I was starting out, I just can't wrap my head around it, or why they had to change things because someone can't put their phone down.
Okay. I know. my old is showing... but damn it all anyway, I hate it!
I've been worrying about all of you Californians... please do be safe. I can't wrap my head around how one would prepare for evacuation either - makes my heart hurt!
Thanks for this prettiness this morning... our last few flutterbys will be taking off soon!
=] M

Donna said...

Lovely cards, your butterfly card is stunning - beautiful colors and the white space highlights your butterfly beautifully, your dry embossing is beautiful, just the right amount of gold to highlight! Some of us did not know we could switch back to the of blogger and had to adjust quickly, that would be me, sorry I can't answer your questions. Stay safe.

Marilyn said...

Beautiful cards Darnell! Love the gold in your second card. Preparing for a hurricane headed our way! Hopefully it will turn away from us but as of right now it looks like a dead hit.
Have a great day!

Loll said...

Two beautiful cards Dolly! LOVE that gorgeous circled butterfly done in yellow and green. So pretty with the all white background. And great work with the embossing with dies. The tree looks wonderful next to your pine sprig dry emboss. Adding the gold tree is just the perfect sumpum sumpum! Thanks for sharing your card with us at CAS Mix Up and CAS Christmas! Love Lolly

ionabunny said...

Fab cards. I love the way you used the tree die to emboss then added the gold die cut. Very elegant. Also love your clean, but not so simple butterfly card. Thanks for the link to the new challenge. It's always fun to find new places to play. That said.....stay tuned for new(s)....... Things is in the works.........

Regarding new blogger. Yes, they have addressed a lot of issues. They sorted labels out last week and now they are quite fun to play with. I hope they leave it there and don't tweek that bit more. It is definitely worth sending feedback. Afterall, they are the ones who will make the changes so let them know. I have no experience of either of the problems you mentioned. I seem to be getting blog feed and I have never wrapped text, but if I stumble across fixes/suggestions I'll let you know. Stay safe. Masks may be useful for more than just virus control LOL. HUGZ

ionabunny said...

Oh yeah, meant to say, I had to consult my tablet the other day cos new fb (another nightmare don't get me started) won't let me view or edit files on my laptop. I was able to view them on my tablet, but aren't they tiny!!!!! I think it's cos I have an old tablet and as you know everything shrinks with age bwahahaaahahaahaaaa. HUGZ

Viv said...

Dolly Daydreams - these are two yummy cards! Not normally a fan of yellow and green together but your flutterby is soooooo pretty I'll forgive you.
Likee the second one a lotee. Embossing with dies is trickee - I have lots of bits of card here which have nice partial cut dies in them....actually they're not that nice really. Simply tattee.
Am glad you shared your goldee tree with us at CAS Mix Up and am thinking of you amongst all that smaze.

PS - moving the pic once you have done your post takes a bit of doing but it IS possible. I placed the cursor (note it is spelt with an o not an 'e')by the text where you want to put the pic, then drag it. It's a bit of a nuisance and I have found it easier to simply do my typing then add the pics afterwards by the text that I want it to be and use the drop down box (click on the pic) to position it left right or middle. Probably none of this makes any sense and I suspect someone cleverer than me will be able to explain!! xx

Pia S said...

I just learnt about Color Hues yesterday, and I’m not a home yet, so will probably not be able to enter a card, but it’s so good to see some new blogs starting after many being closed. You really made a beautiful mix of green and yellow on your butterfly. The winter card, I love the concept of embossing in different ways, a great way to stretch your stuff. And the golden tree was the perfect finishing touch.

Karen said...

So pleased to see your beautiful butterfly at the Color Hues Challenge. I love the way you've colored that gorgeous die, and the three layers of stitched frames are the perfect background for it. A wonderful CAS design! Thanks for joining us at the first Color Hues Challenge! Hope to see you again soon. Stay safe; I can't imagine the terrible situation all along the West Coast!

Bonnie said...

What a pretty green and yellow butterfly, Dolly! It looks lovely on the stacked stitched squares! Your Christmas card is so elegant with all that vanilla space and the little gold tree and sentiment! How do you get your gold embossed edges so smooth and even! I still have to go back to the legacy blogger sometimes. One thing I've noticed is that things keep changing on the new blogger. Seems like with every post there's a "What???" I'm with you on the phone!

Christine said...

Dearest Darnell,
So sorry for your air quality, take care.
Love the butterfly card but the second card sounds very difficult, still good though.
I struggle with new blogger but I am on an old windows system so I have stopped blogging regularly. I only blog now when I feel strong enough....which isn't often!!!

conil said...

The new Blogger sucks...that is all. I went through the same back and forth you went through and is still sucks. Not only do we have the COVID and SMAZE nightmare but they give us just one more sucky, suck, SUCK thing to deal with. I may be shipped off to the funny farm any minute now. Clearly, I'm having the same issues you are. Doing the phone thing would take me hours with my fat fingers, so that's out. Besides, I'm not convinced it would be better. Anyway, both your cards are lovely...I'll check out Nancy's new Hues.
Here's a laugh for you...heard the new Twofer was posted so, without even checking their blog, I made two detailed cards only to find out the cue word is "Trees" not "Leaves". See, I told you they're going to cart me away in a straight jacket any second now.

Jo said...

Covid, fires and Blogger? ...my heart goes out to you dear Darnell. At least Blogger is keeping you inside ...I know, NOT funny. Hope the light will shine through soon, truly.
Back to the post. Well I totally enjoyed both cards. Will take a peek at Nancy's new challenge blog.
THIS Christmas card is a jewel. I'm so happy that you got the Big Shot out because this is a Regal Beauty. The gold brings this masterpiece to another level...perfect for our CAS challenge. I love the balance you brilliantly created in your composition too. Thank you so much for joining us at CAS Mix Up! Take care dear special lady xx

Jean said...

Your cards are wonderful. I have not tried to emboss with die cuts but yours looks wonderful. Maybe someday i will see if can figure it out.

So far blogger has been good to me and I can work with it. But, then I tend to keep it pretty basic.

Stay safe!

designbydonna said...

Your butterfly card is very pretty. I like how all the stitching layers draws your eye right into the butterfly. I haven't tried the embossing with dies yet. Yours turned out very well. You filled in that blank space with exactly what it called for. So many people affected by the smaze. Hope you stay well and safe. I haven't had any trouble with the blogs I follow but I do get a "redirect" screen for everyone of them. It took me a couple of time to figure out how to add pictures and links. I heard there was a turtorial but could not find it.

Bonnie Lynn said...

Beautiful cards Darnell. I'll have to check out the new challenge. As for Blogger...well...I HATE HATE HATE it!!! Have I said how much I hate it? That and the new FB too. Don't get me started on that. I can't use my phone for Blogger because of my migraine issues. I have been fighting tooth and nail to avoid the new blogger because it sucks so bad. I've keep going back to Legacy but now stupid Blogger keeps switching me back. I haven't hard the word wrap issues since I've done all my posts in legacy, but I have had problems of needing to edit scheduled posts from legacy and the new blogger is adding extra line spacing when adding links. Make sense??

I've got the same "sepia" smaze here too and it's making breathing for me really hard; not to mention the migraines getting worse (just as I was finally getting them a little less intense). Take care of yourself.

Nancy said...

Hi Darnell, First and foremost the fire situation has had me so concerned and saddened for all of you dealing with the smoke. Not to mention the poor people that have had their lives turned upside down. God bless the fireman too! I can't imagine a more dangerous, tiring, and depressing job! I wish I could send the rain we are having today to all the Westcoast! I pray things to improve soon. As for blogger, I have been switched over since the beginning, and let me just say some days were really tough and the constant changing has been a little bit fun to keep up with. I will say there are a few things I do like about the new format. I like the checkbox to open the link in a new window feature. I do not wrap my text on blogger but I am familiar with that feature on my personal WordPress blog and I can see why you would miss it if you always used it. I would miss it over there for sure. I hope they get the subscribe problem figured out soon. Now onto your cards, I can only imagine how gorgeous the paper was that you either created or cut your butterfly from. Love how the colors flow throughout the butterfly. Love the way you framed it in and the cute little tag was perfect too! I love the gold and white Christmas card too! You take care and I pray you all can get outside safely soon. Thanks so much for your sweet comment in your post and for joining us at Color Hues! I so appreciate your support!

Colleen said...

Fabulous cards, Darnell, love your yellow and green butterfly card for color Hues and of course after all the struggles I adore your CAS Christmas card and adding the extra gold tree is the icing on the cake and how yummy it is! Our current EPA air quality is 310, so we are NOT going outside today for any reason! YEAH, a good excuse to stay in the studio and play! Thank you ever so much for joining us at CAS Christmas my friend!

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

What a lovely effect on your green and yellow card,beautiful use of all the dies. YOur Christmas card is really lovley, another great use of dies and love the layered Christmas tree and sentiment. As for new blogger, I just have problems adding more than one piccie and then trying to place it anywhere other than central. I have got used to it - BUT!
Sorry you have been indoors with the fires, such frightening events for everyone, I'm glad your safe.
Faith x

Craft-E-Place said...

Two fabulous cards, Darnell. My favourite is the green and yellow one it is simply beautiful ... I was so inspired that I checked out the Color Hues challenge and just had to play! Thanks for keeping visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments they always lift my spirits and my spirits are low down at the moment.
Take care of yourself, Elaine

Verna Angerhofer said...

Your cards are both so beautiful. I know when I emboss with a die I have rubber sheets that work, but it has been so long since I did that perhaps I don’t remember correctly. You certainly did great designs using dies that way.

Redanne said...

Both cards are gorgeous, I do love the colours you used on the butterfly one, so fresh and clean looking.

I have been using the new Blogger for about a month now, there are still things that puzzle me but I am trying. I too, have found that I do not get notified so I am with you on that one but I am sorry I don't know how to do a wrap around, I am afraid that is a new one on me.

I truly hope that the fires die away soon and that you can get back to some kind or normality. Thinking of you. Big hugs, Annie xxx

Kathleen said...

Love the colours, image and design and all the lovely die layers.

Kath x

Celeste Goff said...

What gorgeous cards Darnell! I especially love the butterfly one!

Jeanne H in MN said...

I too love your green and yellow card. Just lovely, Darnell. I'm getting used to the blogger thing, so far so good. I can't imagine trying to blog using my phone. Stupid idea, I think. I've noticed I didn't get notifications from blogs I've subscribed to. Di recently deleted my subscription and I signed up again. We'll see if I get a notice next time. Hugs. Be safe. My walking Willie helps my sanity...hope you can do that soon with your pup.

Cindy Beach said...

Hi Darnell!
I've been reading through your lovely comments to see if you got help with the new platform on blogger - cuz I need all the help I can get with that too!
The fires you're experiencing out west are horrible but I'm so blessed as always to come here and chuckle and your writings and play on words.
Not to mention your delightful cards! The bits of yellow and green of your butterfly really pop against those pretty white stitched layers.Thanks so much for joining in our first challenge at Color Hues!

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Hey Darnell - thinking of you all out there in the smaze & hope it gets better soonest!! Two beautiful cards, especially love the butterfly in circle on card one and the gold tree add the perfect touch to your embossing on card two! Poor Nellie - I'm sure she's confused about the lack of outdoor activities!! As to Blogger - there's a new challenge daily but at least it stopped publishing blank posts (I thought there was a page full of written material - gone like smoke). Haven't tried word wrap in there so, sorry, I'm no help...

Pat said...

Two beautiful cards Darnell and love the yellow and green you have cut your butterfly circle frame from and the layered up stitched squares and the little circle tag are just perfect, and your dry embossed tree worked a treat in your Big Shot machine, and love the ferns EF to go with it. I can empathise with your comment about not being able to emboss a die properly with the Gemini. I have been trying for ages and either it doesn't impress the die at all or else making the sandwich thicker justs cuts or crushes and mangles it, and in one case bent one of my dies, luckily I managed to flatten it out. Unfortunately I don't have any other machine to use. The new blogger was annoying me with a double spacing issue so I did go back to the old one, but it switched me back again recently so thought I should stick with it as it will I'm sure eventually disappear all together. I was told the way to fix the spacing is to press shift and enter which does seem to work, but I'm afraid I don't know how to fix the problems you are having. I think I have only used the basics not being very adventurous when it comes to things computery..not a word but it will do..lol. I am so sorry the air is still bad which keeps you all indoors, and can see by Nellie's sweet little face that she can't see what the problem is. We must all hope that you get some really heavy rain to damp things down, perhaps we can send you some of ours. I feel for everyone that has been affected by these fires and do hope the situation eases soon. x

Lindsey said...

New Blogger, ugh. Today was the day I gave up the fight, too. And poor Nellie! Hadn't thought of that wrinkle. :(
What a beautiful die cut butterfly in the yellows and greens! Love the little tag for the sentiment. And such a pretty Christmas card with the embossing, debossing, and of course, gold.
Thanks for playing along with us at the first Color Hues challenge!

Cat Craig said...

I do not have any answers for your questions. I read my blogs through Bloglovin. The wrapping thing has always been a mystery to me. What about clicking on the pic and using the formatting right left center buttons? Would that work? No idea. But on to your beautiful cards. The green and yellow butterfly is gorgeous, Love that circle of color against the pure white. Your Christmas card is STUNNING and elegant. Hang in there. Hugs.

Lisa Elton said...

I'm frustrated with this new blogger stuff too and will keep reverting back to the legacy version until they take it away! I have never blogged on my phone and don't plan to LOL! Anyway... wonderful cards today. Stay safe. My heart goes out to all of you on the west coast XO

Brenda said...

Your yellow and green card is just so pretty Auntie! I love the mat layers, your inky background is just so pretty and made this butterfly circle image just gorgeous. I'm totally in love with your twofer, a great way to use an embossing folder and then an embossed die. The extra tree in gold put this card up to the next notch as well as the gold embossed sentiment. I wouldn't have a clue about the Gemini sandwich, but I would think it would be the same for embossing, only using the rubber mat so the die doesn't cut through. Last time I used blogger, it was doing pretty good with the new platform. I have no clue how to place text around a photo as I never did it in old blogger. I still get my notifications, so not sure what that issue is about. I don't get my notifications on You Tube for anyone that I follow there, so not sure what is going on. Wish I could help. I can't imagine living through all that smaze! I don't know much about living in CA, or the smog and all that. But I just cannot fathom all the fires and how it effects the air. Guess I'm spoiled where I live. Please be safe and stay inside. I pray that the fires aren't close to your home, I pray for all in the line of these fires and for the firemen fighting these fires. So heartbreaking for sure. I'm sure Nellie isn't understanding why there aren't any walks anymore. Poor baby, but she must stay safe too and not go out in the bad air. I am assuming you run an A/C since it is so hot there, so you don't have to open any windows or doors. My prayers are with CA and you and your family Auntie! Love and hugs, Brenda

TK said...

Wonderful cards, Darnell, love them! Your butterfly is quite lovely, and the colors unexpected yet wonderful.

As for blogger, I got my own issues! But I did e-mail in case I can help...

Cheryl W. said...

Your cards are so awesome. Love the bright green and yellow, love the gold, too. Always fun to see your creations. Our kids in Portland and Vancouver, WA, are also dealing with poor air quality. At least they are still safe from the fires! I have had difficulty with the whole photo/text placement thing, too. I've found that I can put photos on the right and text to the left of them, but not vice versa. Sooooo, my workaround is to always place my photo on the right and type my text into the space left of the photo. Then, when I want it reversed, I simply click on the photo and tell it to go to the left. That pushes my text to the right and all is well. Maybe give this a try?

Greta said...

I really love the butterfly card! Good for Nancy starting a challenge--will have to check it out. Love the addition of the gold tree to the second beautiful card! Pretty sad when mid 300s sounds good for our air quality because it was mid 400s! Just wish we could get some rain & a little wind to blow away the smoke without fueling the fires.

Sue said...

Hi Darnell, Loving the cards, with the first one being my favourite.

This country has had the effects of the smoke coming from your way. Not enough to really effect most people, but the orange/red colour.

I don't have a blog any more, so afraid I have no idea about your two questions. Hope someone can help.

Hope you have a lovely day. Sue

Chrissie said...

Wonderful post as ever Darnell!
Your cards are beautiful, the thumbnail of the butterfly jumped out at me from Bloglovin email. Love it! I think the double embossing card is great too... I like it with the added tree, I had fun with this technique too. Blogger is still irritating me, but not as much as at first and I’m trying to see off I can post this comment using my phone (I didn’t know that that was supposed to be one if the improvements!). I never could previously.
I have thought about you often especially seeing about the fires, do stay safe! What a year we’re having well let’s see if this will publish!

nancy littrell said...

Two Gorgeous CAS card designs, Dolly. I love them both and am so pleased you joined us at CAS Mix Up Embossing with dies challenge. I love how you and Hammy decided to add the beautiful 2nd die cut tree to your design:-) Isn't it fun to have another paper crafter to play with:-)

I switched to the new Blogger early on and when I got stuck would go back to the old and then switch back again. They have made many improvements and now I rarely have an issue. I did read thru all your comments to see if I could pick up helpful hints. Viv and Pat both had good tips...thanks girls. I even wrote them down...knowing after a good sleep I would never remember..lol!
Glad you got a little thinning of your smoke for a day. We are still getting your smoke on the OR coast with more from all our fires in Oregon, but today not as bad. I am afraid it will continue for you (especially) and us until the Fall rains begin...hopefully soon!

I pray that our fire fighter heroes and many good su-mary-tons are safe. I feel so sorry for all those who have lost their homes, businesses and lives lost.

BTW...I do not get notices anymore either...did not think it could be related to the new Blogger..hmmmm...Take care and stay safe my dear sweet Dolly!!! Hope you can go walking in the near future...I have not walked for almost a week...I can't imagine it being weeks or months...lol!!!!!

Carol L said...

Your cards are all lovely, and I'm especially fond of that beautifully colored butterfly! I switched to the new blogger when it became available. After going back and forth, things finally settled down enough that I was able to figure things out, but there were many glitches along the way. I am one who doesn't own a smart phone, and I'm finding myself drowning in a sea of advanced technology I just don't understand. I'm still struggling to figure out Win10 to be honest - the whole app agenda just boggles my mind most days LOL I think my brain is locked in analog yesteryear, so I'd be of no help to you unfortunately! Good luck with it, and I hope your air quality soon improves. We've all had so much to deal with this year, one wonders when it's all going to end. hugs

Leslie Miller said...

I changed at the beginning and just never reverted so I could have time to get used to it. When you click on the picture there are options for placement. Maybe it works if you don't revert. Also, I follow blogs through Feedly, so I don't know about your other question, sorry. I'll never blog on my phone. That sounds horrible! People need to put the dang thing down once in a while. Anyway, I was loving on your cards until I got off on a rant. Very pretty how you did the yellow and green on your butterfly die. I really like the green ink for the sentiment, too. You have a lot of sticktoitiveness to manage to get your second card made. I definitely would have given up. Your double embossed Christmas card is very pretty! Poor Nellie. This is such a hard time, but counting my blessings that all we're getting here is a little smoke. It's much better today. Hugs!

Ros Crawford said...

Pretty cards my friend... I love them and especially the added tree to the Christmas card. I'm really glad that you are all okay but I know it must be a horrible situation - as if the pandemic wasn't enough to keep you in and poor Nellie! How do you explain it to an animal?
Sorry I can't be of any help with blogger... I'm still trying to get used to it too, though I've not had problems with blogs I subscribe to. Enjoy your day my friend... thinking of you

oldpunca said...

Obviously we all have the same problems with the new blogger. :-) And obviously no one is willing to hear about it. Computer programs developers are thinking only of young generation that needs something new every day. Othervise they are bored. Our generation needs something stable for not to spend hours to search one command on the computer, because we have better things to do. I'm trying to addapt. With a lot of loud words each time when I'm writting the post. :-)
I like your CAS butterfly card with a lot of layers and dimension. The yellow and green color choice is wonderful and fresh. Two different kind of embossing on your Christmas card is perfect. It was good decision of Hammy and you to add a gold tree. :-)
Poor Nellie! I hope the weather prognose is right and there will be soon air clean enough to go out.
Stay safe! Hugs, Sonja

Linda said...

Two beautiful cards ..... I love the butterfly design, so pretty in the green and yellow. Your Christmas card looks so elegant with the gold accents .... and great job embossing with the tree die, I must admit I had a few mishaps with this technique but I got there in the end! Thank you for playing along at CAS Mix Up.
Don't get me started on the new Blogger ...... I'm not a fan. Like you I've been switching back to the old version when I can't find how to do something. Why can't they just leave things alone!!
Stay safe my friend ..... sending hugs xx

Hannelie said...

Hi Darnell !
Thank you so much for joining our first challenge over at Color Hues. I love your fresh crisp design! Beautiful!

Em Louise Fairley said...

Gorgeous cards, Darnell. Stay safe! xoxo

Bunny said...

It took me so long to scroll to the bottom I forgot what I was going to say. Nice dog, bad air, bad fires, badder blogger. Oh and cute cards. Especially the beautiful hues. [Bunny]

Maria said...

Beautiful cards, Darnell!! Such a pretty butterfly on the first card in lovely color! And, second card is beautiful with the gold against the white and embossing! I'm praying that the fires improve along the west coast. And, poor Nellie not being able to go out. Pets certainly don't understand as we do. I pray that it won't be long until she's able to get out and that the fires are contained very soon. Take care and stay safe!!

Brenda in IN said...

What a great card you made for the Color Hue challenge. The design is so pretty and a soft blend of colors. Your persistence paid off with embossing with dies and the gold tree looks lovely. Blogger is making me feel my age. I'm not sure who is winning as we go back and forth. I can't understand the reason to change or update if something is working. I will be wading in when it forces me and hope by then the bugs are worked out. I'm not a big fan of bugs anyway.

Bobby said...

Wonderful cards, Darnell. I love all the layers on the butterfly card and the gold tree was a good addition to the lovely embossed Christmas card.
I didn't read all 56 comments to see if you got an answer to your questions. The first one I don't know about since it hasn't happened to me. As for wrapping text - when you place your photo, you have the option of putting it right or left (those little lines that appear with the + in the middle that lets you enlarge the photo.)

I see that they have changed the label portion of the blog so that you can just type them in like you used to. My only problem is trying to center things I've copied directly to the page. They ended up going to the top of the page when I tried to center them. I did send them feedback. I did find that if I send things to the right, I can then center them.

Di said...

Gorgeous cards as always dear Darnell. What a time you're having with the smoke and other stuff. And dear Nellie won't understand why no walkies. I got embroiled with your Blogger questions and feel that the developers ought to resolve them soon. Viv's idea is a good one although I always just centre my images so haven't needed to try that one out. When Jeanne was saying she wasn't getting notifications I eventually went into Feedburner for my blog. Jeanne's email address was there with everything turned on as it should be - eventually I deleted her ID completely and suggested she should sign up again. So far I don't know if she gets notifications or not. But, behind the scenes, it all looked like it should be working anyhow - before i tinkered! And I promise you - you would not want to do this for all of your subscribed followers. I think it's an issue that is linked to blogger and the new interface somehow. It will get fixed I'm sure, They certainly sorted out the labels botch up. Sigh - I'mm off for a lie down now!


Di xx

*Vicki* said...

Your butterfly card is beautiful with the colors and layers here Darnell! Love the beautiful Christmas design with the textures and pretty gold too! Hope you're able to adjust to blogger soon! HUGS

Bobby said...

Oops, I should have said 'to the left of the + is' not on either side.

HilaryJane said...

I am so sorry that you are being impacted by the fires, it is a simply horrendous situation ad just seems to keep getting worse. I have been using the new blogger and have an issue with placing my pictures. /they often seem to jump around and refuse to go where I want them, it drives me nuts. I usually like to try and work out why things happen so I can understand it but this one has baffled me.
You 2 cards are absolutely great, the yellow and green die cut looks stunning matted on white like that and your embossed dies card has turned out really well. I love that touch of gold. It was such a good move to add it and the shine looks great. You can't beat a bit of shine on a card. Thanks for sharing this at CAS mix up this month xx

Vikki H said...

Delightful cards! While I love your U of OR Ducks colors on the butterfly, I'm even more befuddled over your Christmas card! It's gorgeous. I'm with you on the smoke getting in my eyes is getting old but then I'm so thankful to have a secure home with AC and not sitting in a hotel/high school gym due to fire evacuations like we have in Oregon. Blessings.

Carol H. said...

I LOVE your cards Darnell! Especially the dry embossed one. The gold touches are gorgeous!!! As far as the new blogger, I can't answer your questions. I don't find it too difficult to use it overall. What I do not like is how many clicks I have to make to upload a photo. I sure wish they would change it back to where we could just drag and drop the photo directly into the draft post. Why all the clicks?!!!!! LOL! I sure have been praying that the fires are tamed asap! I can't even imagine what that all must be like. Many hugs my friend!

JD/ Jill said...

Your cards are so lovely, Darnell.

I just sit at my computer in absolute disbelief of all the awful things that are happening these days. It's such a powerless feeling.

but I do keep praying everyday anyway. ((Especially for you, and my family in California. so far, they are all OK...but things seem to keep happening all thes time.

Christine Alexander said...

What year we are dealing with, COVID and now fires. Some times life is just not fair. Stay safe and inside- the smoke has even made it to Vancouver.

Wonderful cards with perfectly with your CAS trees and the colours of your flutterby :)
thanks for joining us at CAS Christmas

Anita in France said...

Those fresh, zesty yellows and greens are delicious on your delicate framed butterly, Darnell ... the stacked framing draws the eye to them beautifully! Gold and white elegance for your Christmas card ... it was delicious enough in it's first version ... with the second with the addition of the gold tree, it's positively gorgeous! Sorry you're having issues with the new blogger ... wordpress is always an option if you get sick of dealing with those pesky bugs! I'm thinking of you, my dear friend ... and praying for better days ahead. LYAMYEDMCA! Big hugs and bisous, Anita :)

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Two fantastic cards Darnell. I love the butterfly one and the colours on the die cut, and the embossed card with the touch of gold is gorgeous. Hope you are safe where you are Darnell, my heart goes out to all those families that are have to get out of the way of the fires 2017 saw us driving up through California, Oregon and Washington State and these beautifully forested areas, nature sure is very cruel sometimes.

Sue xx

Linby said...

First of all glad you are all safe and well - terrible events on top of everything else.
Great cards as usual but the first one has blown me away, how you managed to make what is essentially a stack of squares look so wonderful is a miracle! Your topper looks beautiful in the zingy colours. I will go and check out that new challenge.
Blogger has its issues! the notifications thing has been around for some time. sorry I don't have the answer to your wrap question.
L x

Barb Ghig said...

Gorgeous butterfly, Darnell! I love how you stacked the frames on this card, too...the stitching adds so much charm to your design! LOVE your beautiful Christmas cards, too! I think the gold accents work perfectly with your white-on-white background...you really nailed it with both cards, my friend ~ Thanks so much for playing along with us at CAS Christmas!
As if you don't have enough on your plate, you have more fires! I'll be keeping you in my prayers that you and everyone you love gets through another crisis...Big Hugs, Barb xx

Becca Cruger said...

Stitches for days! That butterfly card has me wanting to faux stitch all the things because it's just so pretty!

And your twofers are oh-so-elegant. Trying new techniques sure can be challenging, but also lots of fun. I do love the popped up gold tree - it adds a touch o' glam.

I'm probably one of the weirdos who is super excited about the switch to the new blogger because i've been frustrated for... well since I started blogging... that I couldn't write and format things on my phone. We millennials ruin everything. ;)

Trina P. said...

Wonderful twofers. So refreshing to see you use the color hues on a non-floral card. Beautiful texture and design. And your Christmas tree card is so pretty and classy with the gold. Thank you for joining us at CAS Christmas.

I think we’re all feeling the new blogger pain! I’m still using legacy until I’m forced to switch.
The smaze has drifted up here, too. It’s been horrible. Poor Nellie. What else can 2020 throw at us!?
Anywho, hang in there. Hugs. 💙

Linda said...

Darnell, love your beautiful embossed trees and branches and the addition of the gold tree and sentiment. Very elegant. Also, love your butterfly above for the Color Hues Challenge. So pretty in the yellow and green. I think I might have that die. Sorry it's been so long since I have visited. Busy times and yet a lot of no mojo too....Hugs and glad you are doing fine.

Maria Rodriguez. said...

Dear Darnell, I apologize for being so late in commenting, I've had some internet problems with our server, interruptions for "updating the systems", ughh!! not a fan. But I want to thank you for sharing this gorgeous card with us at RETRO RUBBER, the way the colors play together on this beautiful butterfly is amazing.
Thank you for sharing, please stay safe and tell sweet little Nellie to hang in there, poor baby, just look at that face.
And now, the new and "improved" Blogger Interface.............it sucks!!!!!!!! I too am getting used to it but, for the life of me, I don't understand why they had to go and change things so radically, I mean, they didn't even ask for an opinion from all of us "golden" bloggers????? Sheeesh!! I guess we will just have to make the best of it, I trust in time, we'll get the hang of it, that is until they feel they need to "improve" it again, ughhhh!!
Stay safe, my dear friend and please, keep us posted, ok?
Sending lots of love.
Maria Rodriguez.

Ida said...

Both are really nice cards. The butterfly card is so pretty. The Tree card is very elegant looking. I like how you stacked the gold tree.

Mischelle Smith said...

Yup, out here near Death Valley, we too have the days were the sky is Marigold orange. Kinda creepy.

Yup, I have tried dry embossing. SO- So.

But, I love the butterfly card. I am planning on hopping over to your friends blog. Thanks for the share.

My dog is wacked too with the wierd smoke in the air. I try to help her. She is a service dog, and yes, I service HER alot.

Thanks for blogging, Darnell.

I hear ya on the next blog
Ta-Ta for now, (as the cool kids said in the 80's)

LeAnne said...

Darnell, your butterfly is just beautiful, and your blog looks fine! It is true, they have improved a lot of things and I just saw another feature...you can increase the size of your photo manually, which I like! ANYWAY, we are so happy you persevered and shared this pretty creation with us at Retro Rubber this week!

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Lovely cards, and that butterfly in the circle is a true beauty!

Glittered Paws said...

Another great twofer - love the simplicity of the butterfly and then the Christmas one is very very pretty. I struggled for a couple of weeks with the new blogger but I think I have it figured out. But now Facebook has changed formats and I am going crazy. Will take ma a week or two to figure out how to navigate it.

frommycraftroom said...

Two lovely cards.

I hope your air quality is getting back to normal.

As for blogger questions sorry I use wordpress, although the Unstampabelles challenge is run on blogger I don't write the posts. I do often begin my posts on my phone really just adding the photos then go to my laptop to add the wordy bits. I don't like using my phone the screen is too small!

Claire Grantham said...

Oh Darnell my friend!! that butterfly card is just AH-MAZING!! Love it and I love that it is on stacked white layers.. lovely. Thanks for joining in the fun at Retro Rubber this time Claire DT

creative lady said...

Beautiful card! I love the butterfly and the layers on your card. Great take on the challenge. Thanks for joining Retro Rubber Challenge Blog.

Greta said...

Congrats on the shout out at Retro Rubber! Well-deserved!

Vicky Hayes said...

I do hope things have improved on the smaze front Darnell. I have been thinking about you and poor Nellie. I agree that the new Blogger isn't as bad as it was - there's a whole bunch of techies working on the glitches so I expect we'll continue to see improvements. Lots of people do blog via phones and tablets but I can barely find my desktop computer let alone look at a tiny teeny little screen and try to use a doll house size keyboard!! Your cards are beautiful - especially the green and yellow one with its delicately cut butterfly. I love that Nancy set up a new colour challenge and will be joining in as much as possible :)
I'm so impressed with the results of your embossing with a die. I can never get a proper impression when I try that technique! Loving the white on white with gold trim too.
Take care, Vicky x

lauren bergold said...

i love the phrase, "i veered off into squirrel alley" lol (ME TOO!) almost as much as i love that gorgeous golden/embossed/cas masterpiece that looks entirely perfect to me! so happy you could join our JINGLE BELLES fun!

SmilynStef said...

love the white-on-white with a touch of gold ... so glad you joined our GOLDen Christmas at Jingle Belles.

Julia Aston said...

Hallo Sis! two lovely cards here on my visit to you today! Love the dies you used for your green and yellow butterfly - I'll have to check out that challenge! although I just HATE to be told to use certain colors - my mind just goes completely blank!! Good for you persevering in getting your die to emboss and not cut - every cutting machine seems to be different! I have no answers for your new blogger questions as I don't try to do those things you are asking about. I'm sure someone will advise you! Hope your smokey air clears up soon - what horrible things are happening all over our country this year! Thanks for playing with us at CAS Christmas! xx

BożenA said...

I love the first card, this die in your color palette looks like a breath of spring. It was so fun to immerse yourself in the spring atmosphere for a while. And the second card is wonderfully designed. Embossing with a folder and a die in one card is like challenging the world :-) And of course you won this fight. Great card xx