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February 14, 2020

Simple Card and Other Schtuff

Hello Stamplings!

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you are feeling loved today and I especially hope you love yourself! Which you should do all the time!

My speed is on DASH today and lemme tell you, when I flipped it on, it was so rusty, I had to pump it a few times! I don't normally do anything faster than my favorite setting: SD! WTF! (Slow Down! Where's The Fire?!😂) 

But more on that later. First we'll do a card for those who stopped by just for a card:
I made this card a coupla days ago and I'm so glad I am getting it posted before the Less Is More challenge closes. The card is cut using an MFT "Stitched Rounded Rectangle" die. I made the sediment on my computer and I do feel like your giddy aunt having thought up the punny design. The ancient little stamps you see there are from Rubber Stamp Tapestry. Hammy really enjoyed winking the card symbols because they are tiny and he didn't have to work so hard going back and forth a thousand times like he does for my bigger images.

  • AAA Cards: CAS Game: Up to 1/3 + optional twist of hearts.
  • Addicted to Stamps and More: AG.
  • HLS February CAS Challenge: Positive. Lending a hand to help someone is a very positive selfless thing to do.
  • Less Is More. Less (tiny and few). Congratulations on your 9th blogaversary with sincere thanks for all the amazing challenge briefs and DT inspiration over the years! This challenge is being generously sponsored by Uniko where Bev is celebrating her 8th blogaversary! Congratulations and thank you, too, Bev!

Hold On!

My poor Mister had a major setback this week. I thought we were going to have to get an ambulance again to get him to the ER. Fortunately, the doctor prescribed some medications that knocked back the inflammation pressing on his nerves. He is an overachiever and when he was told to walk, he overdid it. They will do further imaging next week to make sure all is well.

I haven't been spending as much time on my computer, but what time I have spent has made me aware of some strange new thing Blogger is doing to disrupt Blogland. What's happening is that when I click on some of our favorite challenges in my Challenge tab or click on some of your post notifications in my email, I get this pop-up box:
(I've redacted the name of the blog)

And I've heard from a friend that it's happening to her when clicking on my blog. Naturally it is off-putting, if not downright scary, to see such a message. Sometimes when you click "Proceed Anyway," it takes you to the site and sometimes it won't let you go there no matter how many times you click it. Then you have to go to Goggle and type in the URL of the site to get around it. Please, child, ain't nobody got time for that!!

I know years ago there was a kaffuffle about how Blogger thought any blogs that had "too many" links were dangerous blogs. "Too many" being a subjective term; they never said how many too many was! Those of us who play in challenges are going to have a lot of links. And, of course, the challenges themselves have dozens of links from the entries who link up!! We might as well all close down our blogs and go to Instagram if they take away our ability to have links or access each other's blogs. Grrr.

I mean, I don't know, I'm just guessing this is the reason. I don't know what else to think. Is it happening to you? It's plain silly because my blog and the blogs I visit are certainly not blogs that have anything dangerous about them. I'm going to complain to Blogger (and it would be great if we all did that), but if you know of anything else I can be doing - or not doing - I would appreciate knowing what it is. And if I get any answers, I will follow-up this post with more information.

Thank you all!! Mwah! (By the way, I'm getting this message even on blogs that are https!)


The Last Laugh

After all that we need a funny "Zits" cartoon drawn by Jim Borgman and Jerry Scott. It should all cheer us up that these two gentlemen have drawn a popular cartoon which shows the world just how hard it is to make a handmade greeting card!! Bravo Jim and Jerry and thank you!!


Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy! LITS!*

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower! Please let me know you came by so I can be sure and return the flavor!

*Life is too short!

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Jane Willis said...

What a stunning card and a fantastic, Darnell-worthy pun. Brilliant!
Hope Mr Darnell is going to be a sensible boy now and take his recovery at a slow and steady pace.
And that Blogger alert thing - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO please don't let it be too many links or we're all doomed! It might not be that though - a few years ago people were getting that when they visited my blog, and my coding-whizz daughter checked it out for me and found that the problem was a third-party app. You know the kind of thing we all have in the sidebar - maybe a visitor counter, a weather forecast, kitten of the day, that kind of thing. Sometimes they are developed and added to the Blogger library then the developer goes away and forgets about them, not updating them, so they are left vulnerable to hackers who can then use them to hide malicious code within the app that can attack not only the blog but the computers of those who visit it. So I'd urge anyone who finds that potential visitors are getting that message to remove ALL non essential bits and bobs from their sidebar.

kiwimeskreations said...

thank you for the LOL cartoon Darnell - because I did laugh out loud (much to the cat's consternation!)
Love your fabulous punny card, and so glad you gave Hammy a wee break by using small images :) - he's such a sweet and good boy (mostly).
Thankfully I have not had any nasties from blogger - yet!

Julie B said...

Oh no, hope the Mister hasn't done anything too serious with his over enthusiasm.
Love the card and a great sentiment too, glad you aren't working Hammy too hard in his old age.
Not come across this new thorn in the blogging world but will be forewarned! Could it be something to do with the http thing? I changed to https but notice that many have not. :)

cuilliesocks said...

I hope your husband has not done any further damage Darnel, obviously not good to push things.
Love your CAS card, brilliant design and colours.
Super little cartoon too.
I've not come across this on Blogger, but there always seems to be something brewing with Blogger, have a lovely weekend Kate x x

Stamps and Paper said...

Hi Darnell firstly sorry to hear Kevin had a set back but hopefully he's behaving and taking care hopefully his new painkillers will help...
Just loved your card it is stunning so simple so oh so effective..
I haven't come across that in blogland yet but thanks for the warning Darnell..
Have a good weekend

Anne x

ionabunny said...

Hi Darnell, sorry the Mister is over doing it. Typical man thing I think. Mine's got his in a sling at the moment and is complaining it's hurting more than it did yesterday. Well, yes, you are supposed to be taking it easy!!! Ah well, I hope everything goes well with the scan and the Mister recuperates fast. I love SD, WTF!! Very lovely cards. The pun is fab.

I wonder if that warning is more to do with your anti-virus program rather than blogger. It looks like one I sometimes get. I don't ignore things like that but you could make sure your computer is all up to date, run a virus scan, clear your cache, cos mine sometimes hangs up there, and maybe retype the blog address instead of following a saved link, cos sometimes they get corrupted. I don't know much about computers, but I have had to learn a few things just to keep hopping LOL. Good luck to you both. Hugz

ionabunny said...

Jane Willis's comment is very good advice. We often have forgotten gadgets on our blog and some of them are better gone. Hugz

Marilyn said...

Pretty and simple card Darnell! Sorry to hear that the Mister had a set back with his back. My husband had a couple of surgeries on his back and telling him to slow down was like talking to a brick wall. He knows he is not suppose to lift real heavy things and do certain things but guess what he does them anyway. Hopefully your husband will slowdown now
Have a great day!

Mac Mable said...

Yes thank you Jane for the tip and also Iona. Lets hope it is not a clicking on links issue and we have to start typing in all the sites we visit x.
Clean and crisp CAS card with a fun sentiment Darnell and well done to Hammy x. Sorry to hear about the Mister....tell him to take it easy ...it will take time x. Great funny at the end of your post too Darnell x.

Pat said...

Sorry to hear The Mister has had some issues from overdoing it Darnell and hopefully no lasting damage. The temptation is when we begin to feel better we think we can revert to more or less normal behaviour and the body says..noooooo!! I love your card suit symbols along the bottom of your card, and what a great sentiment and also the rounded stitched shape works so well. x

Heidi MyLittleStampingBlog said...

Love your card it is super cute. I hope that DH will have smooth sailing from now.

I am wondering if that warning comes from your personal computer settings, maybe the firewall or something. I haven’t had any issues. Good luck!

Bunny said...

Whew! I'm so glad you explained WTF.

Kevin isn't the only person to over do, When we get to feeling a little better or we're told to do certain exercises we think more is better. Until later. EEK! Been there. Hopefully today will be a better day for him.

I absolutely love your card. It's a great CAS card.

I haven't experienced any of the blogger problems as of yet. If I do, I'll go to blogger and complain. It's better when a LOT of us go. [Bunny]

Loll said...

I LOVE your sweet card Dolly! Those images are perfect for the LIM challenge. LOVE all that white space. :)

So sorry to hear about Mister's set-back. Glad the meds helped and maybe he'll slow down with his walking so it doesn't happen again. Poor Mister ... poor you!

Have not seen the error message you are getting at blogger ... yet! There always seems to be something. Uggghh! L.L.

Donna said...

Fabulous card Darnell, I know a lot of men that would like this. Sorry mister is having a rough go, sending prayers. My blogger problem has been an endless circle when trying to enter challenges, I have switched to Firefox to enter the challenge but have to get my link from Internet Explorer. Life is never dull!

Carole said...

Hi Darnell...sorry to hear your mister has been misbehaving and trust he will have had the rap on the old knuckles from you!..lol. seriously I hope he mends well and SLOWLY now. Haven't come across the blogger thing but thanks for the heads up. Now onto the card...fabulous and a clever pun..and of course the cartoon we can all identify with...and that makes us smile. Thank you for making me smile today.... hugs xx

Em Louise Fairley said...

Such a cute card, Darnell xoxo

HilaryJane said...

Love this card, so simple and brilliant. I hope all is calm and back in recovery mode in your house this weekend. I haven't encountered your on hold problem but I am now forewarned. Thanks for the smile at the end of your post - so true xx

Lisa Babitz said...

I LOVE your card; you are so clever!!

I am so sorry to hear your husband is having complications. Praying all is well going forward and that he is comfortable while he continues his recovery. Praying for you as well as you nurse him back to health.

This blog issue you mentioned is awful; hopefully it is just a snafu and will be corrected soon. I did not have a problem visiting your site, but thanks for the warning.

Jean said...

Gorgeous card. Sorry to hear about the mister. I have gotten that message a couple of times in the last week or two. Not sure why.

Kathyk said...

Love your card, it's CAS and VERY cool too - perfect for the LIM 9th anniversary challenge.

So sorry to read of the Misters issues and hope he will soon be properly on the road to recovery.

Not (YET) had the issues describe but, knowing blogger, it can only be a matter of time - thanks for the heads up!

FAB cartoon too

Happy Friday


Stephanie Lanzalotto said...

I just LOVE this card, Darnell. It is absolutely PERFECT for our challenge at Less Is More! I love it! Thanks so much for playing with us!

OH Babs said...

Your simple card is : AMAZING. Genius under pressure.
Oh so sorry for Kevin (and of course you). Happy Heart Day!

Marcia Hill said...

What a cool card...LOVE your sentiment on it!! And bummer about the set back for hubby! Hope he chills a bit and lets things continue to heal before doing a marathon again!! I haven't had any messages like you did from blogger, but oh my gosh, why can't they just leave things alone?!!! Definitely keep us posted if you learn anything more about it! Take care. Hugs. And Happy Valentine's Day!! :0)

Glittered Paws said...

Love the simple less is more card - 4 images and a simple sentiment and wow the card is done. Very creative, I think I have those stamps in my collection "somewhere".
Men - sometimes you just wonder - but anyway glad he is doing better, tell him to take it easy does it.
I have had no problem with Blogger - YET - and hoping I don't as my computer skills are basic at best.
Happy Valentines Day.

Daffodil Cards said...

WELL! what an amazing thought process went into this! Brilliant and definitely QACAS card, I love it.
I'm sorry to hear hubby is poorly, sometimes medicines don't make us better ay? Hope to hear he's feeling better soon.
Blogger? I haven't had that particular problem, but I do have one blog, that I cannot get into, but all I get is downturned mouth face on that one, just as well I am an email follower. BUT! I do get inappropriate followers! I've sent 3 emails to Blogger and after a month still no reply! I wish you good luck in your contacting them.
Faith x

Anita in France said...

Very cool, very CAS, very crisp, very clever, Darnell (thought you'd like the alliteration!) ... great punny sentiment! Hope Kevin is feeling easier ... thinking of you both. My anti-virus protection puts up a screen like the one you showed when it's in over-achiever mode ... p'raps there's been an update that added some extra layers? LYAMYSMMA ... HYB! Big hugs and bisous, Anita :)

Susan said...

So sorry to hear the Mister had a set-back - hopefully the new meds will get him right.

Loved the cartoon - brightened my morning.

And love the pun on your card - made me smile! A great CAS card!

Sue said...

Hi Darnell. Great card.

Sorry to hear about your hubby. Hope the imaging shows all is ont he mend.

Take care. Sue

Brenda said...

What a great card Auntie! I love those stamps you used and have some ancient ones like that-not that design, but on wooden blocks like that. Or I used to, not sure if I still have them or not. But anyway....I love how you have used these and the pun is just perfect. A great CAS card for sure. Glad Hammy enjoyed winking these puppies up. Oh no to the Mister! He is definitely an overachiever and he needs to dial it back a bit. My prayers that when they do the imaging next week that all will be well. Now to the Mister, "slow it down, slow and steady wins the race!" I haven't had that issue, I get other issues like the links not working for me, but that is it. Wondering if people need to clear their history/cookies and such. Wouldn't hurt to try anyway! Happy Valentine's Day to you and the Mister, although I know he isn't probably feeling to happy right now. Big hugs to you both, Brenda

Brenda in IN said...

This is the greatest card! I love it. Very clever and the stamps are perfect with the sentiment or the sentiment is perfect with the stamps. Which came first, the stamps or the sentiment - oh wait, that's about the chicken and egg. Never mind. I hope you get good news today and that Kevin is healing. You may have to sit on him at times but he has to take this slow. I haven't gotten that message yet and wouldn't know what to do about it if I did. Happy Valentine's Day.

Jeanne H said...

A super card, Darnell. Very clever. Hugs to you and DH Kevin. Hope he feels better soon and you don't over do it taking care of him. I care. Hugs and H-V-Day.

Maura said...

Thanks for the fabulous CAS card, Darnell - love it's simplicity and fun!! Tell the Mister we are all rooting for his continued recovery - and for his patience with the process!

Thanks also for the blogging info. As you know, I don't have one, but I do follow a lot of people. Haven't seen that message yet,.....

conil said...

I do believe you've just won the Less Is More challenge...this card is simply perfect. Love the clever shape and I am a sucker for a punny sentiment. Good thing you kept those card suit stamps, too.
Having and being a bit of an overachiever, I really feel for the Mister and what your fretting is doing to you, as well. He may just have to take it a tad slower in his recovery. Fingers crossed that no real damage has been done.
As you know, being a techno-idiot, I have no answers for you at all. But I have noticed that my notifications haven't been appearing in my email lately. But I don't know what to do about that...yet.

Sarah said...

Hope the Mister is soon back on track and that all goes well with the scan. What a great card as always, love the sentiment. I have not come across any messages like that on blogger...yet!! xx

Verna Angerhofer said...

Fantastic CAS card you have made. And, I love how perfectly spaced you did the symbols. They go so well with your punny sentiment you computer generated.

So sorry the Mister had a set back but I sure hope from now on he is feeling better and well on the road to recovery.

And so far I have not gotten any of the messages like you did. I sure hope I don't either as I would have no idea on what to do with them.

Also the cartoon made me laugh. I even feel like he did some days...no ideas seem to pop up for a great card. In fact, had one this past week but I made a card anyway. Not too sure I like it very well though.

Kara Lynne said...

I am praying for the Mister and you! I haven't seen that message on my computer. It's not from you own firewall or ad guard is it? That is a great sentiment with your playing card symbols and I love your CAS design!

jimlynn said...

Perfection plus on your card!
Hope the Mister is ok now. Tell him to take it easy. Yikes!
Not sure what that is you're getting with the message on your computer. I haven't seen that one - yet. Hope it clears up.

Kathleen said...

What is it with men? Always think they know best.

A really brilliant CAS card the sentiment is fantastic. I have no stamps like those but my Brother-in-Law plays poker on line so for his birthday last September I got an old pack of card and did him a top winning hand and the sentiment I put was Another Birthday.... No Big Deal.

Kath x

Redanne said...

Oh no, my dear friend, I am so very sorry to hear about Mister, what a shock for both of you! I truly hope that things work out well for him and that he continues to improve. Please give him our best wishes....

Your card is stunning and how clever are you coming up with that sentiment, you should get it made into a stamp, I love it!!

There are a few blogs that I cannot access and it has been quite a few months now but I have not seen that message (yet) that you get. Blogger can be so stupid at times, I hope it gets resolved for you! Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day! Love and hugs, Annie xxx

Bonnie said...

Love your "hand", Dolly! It's always good to lend a hand! Hope Kevin is behaving and healing as he should now. Not getting this message but get one often from my Virus program. Who knows what goes on in Blogger! Hope you're having a good V day!

Tina Z. said...

great cartoon :))))))) and your CAS card is just perfect.
I am sorry to hear about Mister, I hope he is feeling better now.
I don't know this problem about blogger yet! but I know they are changing & updating it again, uf ...
crafty hugs xx

TK said...

Great card, and I LoVe your pun -- such wit! So sorry for the Mister and his set-back, I sure hope all is well!!!!
As for Blogger, I have not experienced that but please let me know further details in case I do in the future :o)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Carol L said...

oh my gosh, I just LOVE this CAS card, and what a great sentiment! Hope your valentine's day was filled with love! Sorry about the mister being in pain once again......that's no fun for either of you. As for that warning, I've not seen that in my travels yet, but there is one site where I cannot link up a card to save my life and I have no idea why? Hope the weekend brings relief for the Mister and a fix for that warning. I'm still fumbling my way around windows 10 and trying to avoid using apps

Lisa Elton said...

What a cute card. I come from a family of card players, so this is right up my alley! I'm SO SORRY about the Mister and hope he's doing better SOON. I haven't had the wacky box pop up yet...fingers crossed it doesn't!

Lindsey said...

First off - I love the card, and it is definitely perfect for the Happy Little Stampers CAS challenge! Positive AND punny!
Second, I have NOT seen that blogger alert and hope you haven't jinxed all of us who haven't. Blogger has been reasonably well-behaved now that I use it in Chrome and not Safari. Fingers crossed...
Third, hoping this is just a bump in the road to recovery for your guy - they do like to push the health boundaries, don't they?

Sue from Oregon said...

I haven't had those blogger issues happen to me! so far....
This is such a neat card....I can think of many reasons to use this card! ♥ Sue Kment

frommycraftroom said...

Love the card!

Hoping the Mister is OK now.

OH I hope I don't have that issue! I am a very bad blogging friend and agree I don't have time for extra typing!!

Sandra H said...

Aww I love your card as a child my family and l played cards a lot so your card with the suits as the image brought back many a happy memory...so so sorry to read of the setback hubby has endured hopefully he will be back on track and understandably your not crafting as much you have to prioritise your time with more important life’s doings ending lots of love xx

Linda said...

Oh no ..... sorry to hear about the Mister. Glad the meds are helping.
Thanks for the heads up about the Blogger problem I haven't had any issues yet!!!
Love the card .... so simple yet striking. Great sentiment!
Hope you have a good weekend xx

Jeanne said...

Oh goodness, your card is fantastic! I think you could maybe use a hand to get the Mister to cooperate with is recovery better. I'm so sorry you and he have had to deal with this setback. And I hope he's learned his lesson!! So sorry to hear of new issues with Blogger. Oy. I think your friend might be on to something with problems with gadgets in the sidebar. I've run across a few blogs that I cannot get to because of the potential for malicious stuff. This was a year or so ago. I've not run across anything recently. Hope it settles down! Hugs and hope you have a good weekend!

Cat Craig said...

First off, healing and patience wishes to Kevin. Hope his issues resolve soon. your card is fabulous, you know the place poker holds in my heart. Its clean, crisp and the sentiment is spot on. Thanks for info on the message. I am pretty early into my blog visits today...but I haven't seen it at all. I hope yours fixes itself.

Vicky Hayes said...

I'm so sorry you're having a rough week Darnell. I do hope The Mister gets better soon - hopefully this is just a setback but I do understand how frustrating it must be for both of you. And you certainly don't need Blogger playing up as well!
I love your gorgeously CAS card! I'm very drawn to card icons but have never figured out how to use them. This sentiment is perfect!
Sending hugs and wishing you a peaceful weekend :)
Vicky x

Leslie Miller said...

Hmmm... I've never had a message like that, but I use Feedly to follow blogs, rather than getting all those emails. Been a couple of days since I checked Feedly, so here I am, way behind. I was wondering if I missed something about The Mister, so stopped here specifically. Dang, sorry to hear that, but hope it will be better. It's hard to keep a good man down! LOVE your card! So CAS and perfect. Cute homemade sentiment, too. Look at all that beautiful sunshine!

Bobby said...

I always love a good pun and this one is great, Darnell. I'm so sorry the Mister is continuing to have back issues. It's never fun I know. I have not come across that pop-up in any of my blogging. I hope those who do can work it out. Nothing more frustrating than not being able to go where you want to go and do what you want to do in blogland.

scrAPpamondo said...

Brilliant pun on your CAS card, it makes me smile! :D You are always so clever!!
Sorry for your hubby's health issues, hope he get better sooner!
I haven't seen that message, but my browser after its update blocks some tracing cookies


Maria said...

A stunning CAS card!!! It’s perfect, so fun and the sentiment is perfect! Sorry to hear that your hubby took a set back. I sure hope that he gets back on track and improves very soon. I haven’t received a blogger message that you have received. The only problem that I have at times is trying to comment and it says error. It’s very frustrating typing a long comment and it’s all gone with error response...grrr! Anyways, great card and hoping you’re having a great weekend!:)

Cheryl W. said...

I think your card is a very big deal! That's the best pun I can come up with. I really do love it, though. Hope the mister heals and all is well with his back. I have no idea about the whole Blogger issue. I got that message whenever I visited one person's blog, but after a while I ignored it and hit the "proceed" button. The message has since disappeared, and I'm not sure what it all means.

Craftychris said...

Love your card, it is soooooo cool and your pun very clever! Sorry Kevin has had a setback, I hope he recovers soon, bless him! I haven't been upto blogging much so haven't come across the problem you are having. Have started commenting a bit more today so I will see if I find the glitch. Take care my friend. Hugs xxxxxxxxx

KandA said...

Amazing card Darnell, CAS perfection and super little stamps xx

Wiebke Kommerell said...

Darnell, your card (with this theme and sentiment!) fits perfectly to my gamer-soul! We are a boardgame-adddicted family and it's lovely to see more gamers in the crafting world! :-)

Greetings from Wiebke (KomMa-designed)

Christine Alexander said...

I hope hubby behaves himself after his set back, I'm sure you'll keep him in line :)
Great CAS card, and love that sentiment.
hugs Christine

Greta said...

Oh I love that comic--thanks for sharing it! So sorry The Mister had a set back. Hoping by now he's doing much better. Your card is so creative--just love it, Darnell! That warning scared me, but I finally realized something wasn't right. Hopefully they fix it soon.

Joy Dsouza said...

Absolutely beautiful CAS card. Thank you for joining the AAA Cards Challenge.
- Joy

Fikreta said...

Its beautiful card.

Ruth said...

Hahaha! Quirky cartoon and your card is just the epitome of clean and simple and classy. Just like you ;) Sorry to hear about the Mister. Sometimes slow and steady and more drugs help. Hope he is on the mend soon. As for blogger, I have no words. Just a sigh. xxx

Izzy Scrap said...

Just fabulous ! Clever you with this fun design and this great pun sentiment. Love these tiny wood stamp, I've got some boxes of them and I didn't even think to use them. But I do not have Hammy working with me, only my cat who prefers to have a good nap ! Honestly, I love your CAS design and the tiny touch of red and black over this huge blank space. You rock with this card. Thanks so much for sharing and for playing along at Less is More and at ATSM. Hugs x

Quillish said...

Wow, your card is just perfect! To say anything about it is like showing Sun a candle. Brilliant! And that cartoon is hilarious :D I hope blogger doesn't behave like that for any of us. May be they know who's the most loved on the blog land and are jealous (wink ;) you know what I mean!). Thank you for playing along at AAA cards - 100th card was yours :) Love & hugs ~ Ishani

Gerrina said...

I love the card; great to see a card made with so little that still has such an impact! Hugs, Gerrina