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June 22, 2019

Schparkly Wishes

Hello Stamplings!

Welcome to the weekend and the second day of summer for those in this spherical part of the world! I hope those of you slogging through weeks of rain get some relief soon.

The handsome grandtwins arrived yesterday for a four-day stay and they brought the granddogs with them, so when you include The Mister and Hammy, that's a whole boatload of Testosterone going on! We're off to the County Fair and the horse races today, so let's get toit.

I borrowed a stencil and made this card front at ESCR 2019. The talented Lolly taught us how to use Pearl Ex powders through a stencil. In order for the Pearl Ex to stick to your card, you Versamark your image through the stencil and then pour on a heat and stick embossing powder, which you then heat set until the powder melts. Then you brush on the Pearl Ex and heat set it again to make sure the Pearl Ex sticks to the heat and stick layer. It's fun to watch the magic happen!

Once home I added the sediment from Simon Says, added some Brilliance gold speckles, and attached the panel to a white card base.


Next is a QACAS card made with a DSP panel (bordered with a lime green panel) and a die cut present from Avery Elle's "Holiday Glass" set which I colored with my Ziggies and popped up on the card. Simples, but not nearly schparkly enough, so Hammy took care of that! Good boy!

Snippets Playground Badge

Witness Protection or What?
I found the photo I was talking about in my last post. If you look closely, you can see that he has both hands covering the side of his face and he remained that way as the waitress took a few minutes to take three photos! It's been fun reading your comments about what you think his story is! What shall we call him? Floyd? Peter?


Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy! LITS!*

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower! Please let me know you came by so I can be sure and return the flavor!

*Life is too short!

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Cheryl W. said...

Fantastic cards. I especially love the Pearl Ex powder on the first one. I have some of that, but not the heat and stick EP. I think I'll have to add some to my crafty shopping list. The guy with his face covered in the photo most definitely has a secret he's trying to keep from someone. I think he's probably on the lam and his poster is up at the post office. He doesn't want to be recognized and hauled back to jail!!!

Loll said...

Your Pearl-Ex card is AMAZING! I'm so happy it turned out for you. It was a tough class with many not liking the product. I've always had it work for me ... and so happy it worked for you. The flower is GORGEOUS! And so schparkly! :) Thanks for sharing with us at CAS Stencil!

Speaking of schparkly ... Hammy did a great job schparling up that gift!! :) Love the lime green and gray colours ... non-traditional Christmas colour and fabulous! Thanks for sharing with us at CAS Christmas!

What is with that guy ... two hands to cover up his face, really??!! I'd say he's on the lamb, but recognizable so he didn't like that camera! :) Love, Lolly

Sue said...

Hi Darnell, Your cards are fab. I love the glittery one.

Definitely Floyd:) LOL

Hope you have a fab time at the County Fair and the races. Sue

Sandra H said...

Fabulous cards as always l like them both but l love the card you stencilled the floral arrangements totally stunning enjoy your extended family for the 4 days they enjoy the planned country fair and horse show sending lots of love x

Redanne said...

I think more than anything I love the texture that the first card has, if you had not said how you did it you would have had me wondering. I think it is beautiful.

I really love the grey on the second card, not a colour I would think to use but it really is lovely. Hammy did a great job, as always too!

What a strange guy he is in that photo, I think I am going for Floyd ... it seems to suit him.

Enjoy the country fair and horses! Hugs, Annie xxx

Dotty Jo said...

I do enjoy your posts, Da4rnell, you are so witty! Lovely cards. The sparkle on your CKC card is gorgeous and I am very impressed that you managed to capture it through the lens! Thanks for playing alaong again, always fun to have you on board, Jo x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Fat fingers lost first comment, Der, take 2!
Love the card .. black with those colours is so utterly vibrant well done indeed. Love the twofer too, lovely colours, as well.
I actually have current brushos card where I use TH dotty mask and used Versamark through mask and just added with perfect pearls on top and very fine light spritz of water to set perfect pearls. It’s on way to UK but def was set.
And worked out you used a PB stickeroo on you half card, that was very clever way to send die cuts!
Thanks again dear Darnell.
God bless you, Mister and Hammy.
Love Shaz in Oz.x

{Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Bunny said...

Lovely cards.Beautiful embossing and sparkling. I have some Pearl Ex. It's sitting on my desk. For months. Literally.

The stranger's name is Boris. I told you he stole the QACAS.

Marilyn said...

Cute cards! Have a great time with the twins
Have a great day!

Kristie Goulet said...

Gorgeous card, Darnell! I love the schparkle! ;)

Pat said...

Wow Darnell the stencilled flower looks fabulous so bright and pretty, especially against the black card, and love the clusters of little black dots and a very apt sentiment to finish. I think there is definitely something dodgy about that man and he must have something to hide, and has made it so obvious by using two hands like that. Have a great time with the boys. x

Donna said...

You have been very active crafting lately, thanks for the mini tutorial on your beautiful stenciled flower! Enjoy your grandsons!

Bonnie said...

What wonderful schparkle, my friend! Love the lime green! Do you suppose he's wanted by the law or in witness protection? Or maybe he was just having a bad hair day. A great picture of you and your sisters though. Thanks so much for sharing this with us at CAS Christmas!

Bonnie said...

Oops, I forgot that this beautiful, schparkly, stenciled flower was in this post! You did an awesome job of getting a crisp image with two colors! And your black is so clean and crisp!

Jeanne said...

Your cards are wonderful, Darnell! I hope you have a spectacular weekend with your grandtwins and their dogs and don't wallow too deep in the T! Such a funny photo of that guy. Thank you so much for sharing!

Trina P. said...

Ooooh, Dolly, I remember that sparkly card from ESCR... it’s even more stunning IRL.
And what cool paper you have for your Christmas card. The fresh gray/lime green captured my non-traditional color loving heart. Thanks for joining us at CAS Christmas.

With all that testosterone in the house, it’s a good thing you’re heading out to the fair. Have a lovely time. xx

Linda said...

WOW! That senciled flower looks GORGEOUS!!! I love the texture.
Great Christmas card too .... well done Hammy for the perfect sparkle xx

Christine Alexander said...

The sparkle of your beautiful flower against the black is stunning Darnell. That was such a fun technique :)
Hammy's a dab hand with the sparkle pen, mine never look like that.

Have fun with all the family at the fair and the races, sounds like lots of fun :)
Hugs Christine

Lisa said...

Both of your cards are so gorgeous!! I love the technique you used with the stencil and pearl ex!! Truly stunning!! The second card is fabulous!! That picture it too funny!! He'd definitely got something to hide ;) I hope you have a wonderful time at the races with the grands!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

KraftyKoolKat said...

This is a beautiful sparkly creation Darnell. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely creation with us at Sparkles Monthly Challenges.
Cathy DT Member

OH Babs said...

Love your sparkly cards Darnell. Why wouldn't one just turn their back away from the camera. Covering your face with your hands makes him stand out more. I would call him Jerry the Jerk. Maybe he on America's Most Wanted.
Happy grandsons time. I get my on Monday for two days. But next week we go to your area for granddaughter #1 college graduation. Hope the weather is good. Happy Summer! Barb
What are some of the comments?

Viv said...

Two gorgeous cards Dee! must have a bash at that 1st card (so amazing with that flower)and method you shared with us...now if only I can remember where I saw it and what to do lol! your second card is lovely too, so much sparkle. Hmm that man is called George... don't ask.. I just 'know',he is hiding from his wife in case she sees the photo (she may be a card maker... who knows!)AND he is now with that man opposite who isn't hiding as he isn't bothered ;) hugs Vee xx

Cat Craig said...

Darnell, I’ve just returned from vacation and this morning I scrolled through your posts while I was away.

That sparkly bloom is gorgeous. I might have to try something like that! I love the gray and green holiday card. So bright and festive.

The bloom on the direct to stamp image is gorgeous, I need to try that more often. Love your split diagonal design too.

Your bee cards made me smile and the cartoon elicited an outright snort!

I am still loving the collaboration between you and Corneilia and this story/image combo might be my favorite yet!

Your blues look happy to me!

Enjoy your weekend with all that testosterone!

Verna Angerhofer said...

Your Pearl Ex card looks so stunning with that flower against the darker background. And, I love the Christmas card design too. As to Floyd/Peter let's hope the guy sitting across from him doesn't give his identity away too. He might have been just in a habit of doing that sort of head rest thing too. I guess we may never know.

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Sparkly cards? LOVE 'em, that stechnique sounds like something I could do! LOVE your colours on each card too.

Now as for the man, he's my husband and shouldn't be there, he should be in Spain working!

NAH! only joking, perhaps he's MI5 meeting his nark?

nark in British
(nɑːk ) slang. 1. British, Australian and New Zealand. an informer or spy, esp one working for the police (copper's nark)

Thanks for the fun.
Faith x

conil said...

Maybe he's a serial killer out to lunch with his next victim...then his name could be Jeffrey. (Obviously, I've been reading too many mysteries lately.) Love the look that Perfect Pearls technique made. I'll be it shimmers like crazy. And your Christmas card is perfect for a man...or, actually, anyone.

Sarah said...

Fabulous twinkly cards Darnell, love the lime green of the second one. Another great blog post. Have a fun time with your boys xx

Kathleen said...

Great vibrant colours against the lovely black background and loving the luminous green against the grey, two really super cards.
Seems to me he was somewhere, with someone he wasn't supposed to be?

Kath x

Fikreta said...

beautiful cards

Craftychris said...

Love the first one, gorgeous colour and fab texture. Cool Christmas card too. Love the photo - highly suspicious the way he is hiding his face lol! Thank you for your lovely email about my bee cards - so appreciated my friend! Sorry haven't replied yet. Have a fab time with the twins. Hugs xxxxxxxxx

Mia said...

Both cards are gorgeous, Darnell. But I lllllllllove the technique of your first card.
Well, men usually do not like photos!!!!!! Unlike us!!!!!!! Ha ha!!! Hugs, my dear friend.

Julia Aston said...

Your pearled stenciling really pops off the black card sis! Love the colors you used and the scattering of dots - your sentiment is perfect as well! thanks for joining us in the CAS Stencil! (and that photo is too funny - like no one would recognize that body if they were looking for him?!) xx

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Cool effect with the pearls through the stencil, Darnell and I love your sweet present with the do not open warnings repeated. Wouldn't work on my sister - she loves to surreptitiously open her gifts and rewrap!! Looks like you and friends had a wonderful time - too bad about Floyd in the bg - LOL!

Lynette said...

I like your cards and the picture of you and your sisters is so fun:) I do believe I have some Pearl Ex and some Heat and Stick powder. I'll have to give that a try! Thanks.

Rufus said...

Cards are awesome, but 'usually are, so that's nothing new. Have to say Hammy has been working extra hard lately. As for a name it can't be Tom since he's def. NOT peeking! lol def. up to no good, somehow, some way.

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Lovely cards, I have never tried the technique you used for the first One, is very effective and the flower looks gorgeous!!
Seems that you have a fabulous time with all your grands 😄

jimlynn said...

Two fantastic cards! Love both of them.
Maybe the guy is on the 10 Most Wanted List!

Leslie Miller said...

I think you should call him Sneaky Pete. Gee, the other guy doesn't look too worried. Pete doesn't seem to realize that most people would recognize him even with his hands over his face. Aren't your sparkly birthday and Christmas wishes pretty! Gosh, the sunshine shows everything up so beautifully. I hope you had a great day at the fair!

Marina said...

I'm having to wear my sunglasses to look at your fabulously sparkly cards!

Carol L said...

That sparkly flower is WOWSA!! Love how you created that and it looks great on black! The sparkle of the 2nd card looks great with that textured card stock too. I know you all had a great time outdoors yesterday and I'm glad you can all spend time together doing fun things. As for that photo, I'm betting the guy is just camera shy - I can visualize myself doing the same thing as I hate having my picture taken. I'd be inclined to call him Clyde for some reason? LOL

Joyce said...

Love both of these pretty cards. Especially the glittery one!

Lisa Elton said...

Two wonderfully sparkly cards Darnell! Does that guy seriously think those that know him wouldn't recognized him behind the double layered hands LOL!

nancy littrell said...

OMG Dolly, Your sparkly flower over your black CS is Sooo Stunning!!! Even more so IRL! TFS again and joining us at CAS Stencil Card Challenge. Fun seeing your CCC Gift card and the candid camera photo of the guy covering up:-) Too funny! Love and Hugs..Nancy

kiwimeskreations said...

Oh Darnell - I can sympathise with all that testosterone ... but think of Jacob with 12 sons - what a tent full of testosterone that must have been!! I trust you have survived the first few days and the fair,, and you and Hammy can escape back to the playhouse!
Love your cards with all the schparkle and shine, especially the textured schparkle of the flower.

Anita in France said...

Wow, such luscious, texture-y sparkly goodness, Darnell ... and so dramatic against the black ... this first card's a stunner! Cool, contemporary Christmas card ... Hammy's shimmer adds such a great touch of festive fun to it! Enjoy every testosterone loaded moment of your long weekend! LYAMYLALMA! Big hugs and bisous, Anita :)

Sharyn Polesel said...

Wow, love the sparkle! I've never worked with that product....always something else to buy. lol I'm still trying to recover from vacation. We spent a week in Sanibel, Florida with our daughter and her family. It was a strange week. Five of the seven of us ending up getting sick....not the way you want to spend a vacation. Not sure what we came in contact with but it was evil. Enjoy your time with your grandsons and granddogs. Not sure what to think about the guy covering up his face....strange. Hugs, Sharyn

Em Louise Fairley said...

Great cards, Darnell xoxo

Colleen said...

His name could be "Scott"...my husband does that exact same thing....really? In a restaurant? It is embarrassing ...probably a hard day of working...or just old and tired. Ha ha. Hey back to you fun gift on the card for CAS Christmas ..Hammy sure jazzed it up beautifully! Thanks for sharing! Heart hugs, col

TK said...

Great cards, and thanks for the tutorial via Loll! She's brilliant... Speaking of -- so is that first card with the sparkly pp, and the sparkle that Hammy laid on the second!

Mr Covert Operation? Shouldn't he be a John Doe...?

Gerrina said...

Love the look of the first card; a technique I never tried (don't have Pearl ex...) And the super fresh green is one of my favorite greens... Again 2 so different, jet both beautiful cards! Hugs, Gerrina

Ros Crawford said...

Oh my you rocked that stencil challenge ... Beautiful! And another terrific christmas card to boot. I did laugh at the photo and the camera shy guy!

Stamps and Paper said...

Great cards Darnell and I love your glittery stenciled one it really pops off the card
Sorry I've not been around much but we've been away and I'm busy with other projects at the momoment but thought I had better post a comment before I forget how to!!

Hugs Anne x

Di said...

Both cards are fabulous Darnell! Love 'em both the same and the zingy colours are super- and how weird is that guy covering his face - on the run if you ask me!


Di xx

oldpunca said...

I am a little late with my comment due to certain circumstances: too much rain, too much heat, a new book that I am reading and a national holliday in Slovenia. :-)
I like your sparkly birthday wishes. Wonderful motiv. You've used fantastic color combo. Christmas card is a perfect CAS. Nice idea from Hammy to add some sparkles. :-)
The guy covering his face looks like Floyd. :-)
Have a nice week! Hugs, Sonja

Kath said...

Fabulous cards Darnell, especially the beautiful sparkly one.
Kath x

Jen W. said...

Clearly he's a criminal/serial killer/witness protection dude of some sort. How funny to catch him like that! :)

As for the cards they're both fabulous. I especially love the second - how the green pops off the grey and how you highlighted parts of the sentiment.

MariLynn said...

Love how the pearl ex looks with the solid background. Thanks for sharing with STAMPlorations mixed media challenge.

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

That Pearl-ex thing sounds too complicated for me, but it sure worked great for you!
The dude in the picture - he just doesn't want to be recognized as the guy who ate too much. Or maybe he gets seizures from a flash.... Alternatively he is secretly in love with you and didn't want to give it away.....

Greta said...

You make me want to do the technique as that BD card is a stunner, Darnell! The Christmas card is so festive & fun with the lime green & beautifully sparkly gift! So glad you joined the Christmas Kickstart Challenge--Greta, Guest Elf

Bobby said...

That Pearl Ex sparkle is ...well sparkly, Darnell. And it looks dimensional too. I didn't know about using the sticky ep.
My guess is 'witness protection'. LOL