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January 17, 2019

Owl You Doing?

Hello Stamplings!

You know how much I love birds and you've seen my photos ranging from tiny hummingbirds to massive hawks. I have a drawer full of every kind of bird stamps, but for some reason, I rarely make a card with one of my owl images on it. What the owl?!

I remedied that and had such fun playing with these owls from Paper Smooches Chubby Chums set.
For this anniversary card, I used a panel of gold-embossed DSP for the background. The stitched heart is cut from a gold-striped Bazzill snippet and filled with a soft green center. The owls were cut from an alcoholic Yupo snippet, and the beautiful gold-embossed "love" sediment is from GKW.

Speaking of anniversaries, yesterday the Mister and I celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary! We can't figure out how that's possible since up in our heads we are only 32 years old (and sometimes 12!)! We met 50 years ago this coming September! You know, when I was six.

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Here is my twofer graduation card:
The sediment is from Endless Creations. Hammy rightly suggested we give this very smart owl some googly eyes and a glittery tassel on his mortarboard.

I am really proud of myself because I thouAgHhEtAD when making this card and realized that in May the twins will be celebrating their 8th grade graduation. So I made another one for the other one!
That's Henry's card on the left and Adam's card on the right. How do I know? Because Henry's favorite color is yellow and Adam's is blue! (It's the tassels.)

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This post is a reminder about the current Twofer Card Challenge, so here is a photo of both my Twofer cards together. 
The prompt this month is BIRDS! The Twofer Card Challenge is open until January 24th, so you still have lots of time to play along! Thank you!

The New InLinkz Sign-in Requirement

If you play in challenges, you are familiar with the InLinkz button you click to enter your card. You may have noticed that InLinkz is transitioning to a new sign-in process, which you will eventually see on all challenges that use InLinkz. The new InLinkz sign-in requires you to enter challenges either via Facebook, Google, or your email account/password. I was being asked questions about the process, so I wrote a letter to Maria at InLinkz to ask her about the situation and let her know that many challenge players are wary of entering challenges because of the new requirement.

According to Maria:
The sign in requirements we have instituted, it is not an actual sign in but rather a verification of emails and it is a needed change due to the GDPR.

The GDPR states that email and IP address is personal data. As such, we, as a processor, cannot provide data to a controller (you) without getting the consent of the owner, which is done through email or facebook/ google accounts. In simple words, we cannot gather emails without making sure they come from whom they say they come from (hope this makes sense).

The confirmation process is something that entrants need to do it only the first time they enter a link in a new linkup. After that, they will not need to re-confirm for any subsequent linkup they participate.
I hope that makes you feel more comfortable about signing in to continue playing in your favorite challenges!


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Stamps and Paper said...

Love your owl cards Darnell and a perfect anniversary card...


Aquarius said...

That is some really cute owl stamp and you've made great cards with it - owls are perfect for many occasions

Jane Willis said...

Aha, that explains why I've had to go through that palaver on some sites and then not had to do it again the next time I've visited, thanks for the explanation. And I thought the whole point of GDPR was to cut down on spam and make our lives EASIER!!!

Your owlies are adorable, and gorgeous cards you made with them. And congratulations on 48 years together despite obviously having had an arranged marriage as babes in arms.

Julie B said...

I've not encountered the new sign in as yet, so thanks for the heads up.
I love a good owl card as you know and these fit the bill or should I say beak! :)

Sue said...

Hi Darnell, Loving the Owl cards.

For some reason I wasn't notified you had a new blog post, but I do usually check every day myself, so luckily found it.

Hope you have a nice day. Sue

Sandra H said...

Oh so adorable Darnell are your owls my grand-daughter just loves owls and they are coloured so beautifully too! both cards are just amazing take care sending lots of love x

Lynn said...

How in the world are you celebrating your 48th? So happy for you...but REALLY you don't look old enough! So so wonderful!

And the grad cards - Adorable with a capital A!

Marilyn said...

Cute owl cards! Happy Anniversary!
Have a great day!

Jean said...

Cute cards! happy anniversary!

Carole said...

Fabulous cards Darnell...and my you are organised with the graduation cards. Congrats on your 48 years of marriage...here's to the next 48! Hugs xx

Brenda said...

I was wondering if that grad card might be for the twins! lol Glad you got another one made, I think they will love them as I know I do. I love the first card as well. I really should have used my owls to make twofers as they are a NBUS. Hugs, Brenda

Cheryl W. said...

You mean we need to start thinking about 2019 graduation cards already? Sheesh! Where does the time go? Your cards today are fun--owl kinds of fun!! Have a great weekend.

Bunny said...

Somehow I think this all counts as a therefer since you made one of the twofers twice for the twosome. Anyhow, they are cute.

Happy Anniversary! Wow, it's always exciting to hear when couples have been married so long. One thing I like to tell newlyweds is that marriage is never 50/50. Speaking of 50, won't it be exciting to have reached that 50th anniversary milestone? [Bunny]

Bobby said...

Happy Anniversary to you and the Mister, Darnell. You know you had me at owls. I love them in any way, shape and form. I think I have a couple of these that Joyce stamped for me a loooong time ago. Love those gold encrusted papers you used.
Thanks for the explanation of the sign-in and I'm glad we only have to do it once per challenge.

Chris Dring said...

Wow! Firstly, Happy Anniversary to you and the Mister!
Your cards are all so adorable! Love that owl, and thank you for reminding me that I own it too. (*koff I'm a hoarder koff*) Thanks for linking your first card up at Shopping Our Stash!

P.S. Your other cards would look great linked up at the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers, where we have a book challenge going on. (Snark is always optional there!)

Lisa Babitz said...

Those owls are perfect images for both anniversaries and graduations! Great idea!! And thanks for the heads-up on the new requirements for linking cards.

OH Babs said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Kevin. Time does fly and just think you have probably been married well over half your life. Who remembers life without being married?
The owl cards are the cutest and how fun to use some Chubby Chums.
Have a good one - B.

Happy Dance said...

Congratulations on your 48th wedding anniversary! How wonderful that you two love birds have shared your lives through all of life's ups and downs. You're a fine example for the rest of us! And cute, too! Very cool card all dressed in pink and gold and green. Those owls are adorable, and I love the font on your sentiment. The boys are going to love their cards, and will most definitely notice the tassels in their favorite colors. Thanks, too for the InLinkz info, too. While it might be a hassle for a bit, it's really not all that bad. We just have to jump through a little hoop. Sending hugs. xoxo Bev

ionabunny said...

Darnell, you is a funny lady. Your owl pair are cute. Your pair of owls are lovely. I assume the book stack is a die cut from patterned paper?? Thank you for your investigations into the inlinks ting. You calm my troubled heart. Does that mean we are going to be able to stop ticking those boxes to say i accept the privacy policy and i've read something else do you think?? It's all a load of bullshit and overkill. Since you seem capable of talking to people how the flip do you get a reply from blogger regarding their removal of the all comments except anonymice ones option do you think?? I have sent feedback many times complaining about the removal of that option and it's infringement on my GDPR right in that I can't require people who insult me to leave their identity. Has anyone else complained to blogger about that?? Hugz

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

These owls are the super cutest!

Loll said...

Happy Anniversary to you and the Mister!! Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating together.

Two fantastic owl cards Dolly. I love those sweet images from the Chubby Chums set ... they make me smile! :) Your anniversary card is so pretty with that beautiful pink and gold splattered background. Having the graduation cards personalized with the boy's favourite colour is a nice touch. They are growing up so fast!! Love, Lolly

Cat Craig said...

Happy Anniversary to you two! YOur owls are fabulous, and they are reminding me to get on the stick and get my cards done for the challenge.

I love that you changed tassel colors for the twins.

I have been mildly annoyed with the inkinkz and I did pass up a few challenges because of it, but then I'm not sure how its all that different for the google sign in to comment on blogger posts...or the wordpress sign in. SO I got over it...but I have had to sign in more than once to used it, but I am not sure if its because of new challenges or not. I'll have to keep an eye out. In any case thank you for chasing that down. YOu are a font of knowledge and I appreciate that you share it so willingly. Hugs.

conil said...

What a trio of terrificness (new word?). That little owl has always delighted me and you've showcased him beautifully. Good to know you're using your alcohol ink scraps...I struggle with that. And the grad cards are a pure delight. Always a pleasure to know there is another yellow-lover in the world. And those googly eyes are perfect. The twins will love them.
Thanks for the inlinks info...being a techo-idiot, I just went with the flow but it's good to know why, huh?
Hope your anniversary is really amazing and that love abounds. Since you met him when you were a child, it's quite special that you're still chugging along. Happy Anniversary!

Leslie Miller said...

Mine was a child marriage, too, ahem. Happy anniversary! Cute threefer for your twofer reminder! I also don't know why the few owls I have are still sitting in their drawers. Birds of all kinds are one of my many weaknesses. Love the book die and googly eyes. Nice to be that far ahead! Thanks for the inlinkz info. I can see they're trying to do the right thing. Darned if you do, darned if you don't!

Pia S said...

I love owls because I find them fit for almost any occasion and a person of any age and gender. I never get enough of them.
Your first one feels contemporary and romantic, the pink and gold DP is a beautiful background for this sweet card. I’m sure the twins will love their cards too.

Shelly said...

Oh, these are sooo cute!! And Happy Anniversary! :)

Lisa Elton said...

These are both adorable Darnell! And how wonderful that you're celebrating 48 years of wedded bliss with the Mister ~ CONGRATULATIONS!

Jenny L said...

Hi Darnell,
what very super twofer cards and their designs are so wonderfully created.
I am very fond of Owls hence my blog design.
Love you super owls they look very clever standing on those books and the quirky ones are cute.
Love the super heart too.
Love and big crafty love and hugs from my house to yours.
Jenny L.

oldpunca said...

Your owls are so cute Darnell! Anniversary card is adorable in pink and gold. Congratulation card with the smart owl with googly eyes is super nice. :-) I'm impressed as always by admiring your work. <3

kiwimeskreations said...

Adorable owls Darnell - and Hammy was inspired with the glittery tassels!
The grad cards are cute, but the anniversary card is stunning. Congratulations on your anniversary - by my maths and your stated meeting age, it makes you married at eight :) :) :)... were you cradle snatched, or are your American maths different to my Kiwi maths? ;) (giggle)

Craftychris said...

Ooh happy belated Anniversary my friend! Gosh you must get married so young over there!!!!!! Love your anniversary card, awesome background, and the twins will adore their gorgeous graduation cards - love the Owls with their googly eyes! Hugs xxxxxxxxx

Mrs A. said...

Happy Anniversary Darnell. The Doc and I are right behind you. (Knew those ducks feet would come in handy for something as just added em up and it will be 48yrs and 50 for us too). I had a challenge come up with that knew log in requirement and lo and behold a confirmation email in my in box which I ignored. So worried about clicking on anything these days after being hacked insensately last year. Don't buy anything on line anymore either.
Super cards with those owls but my head is still getting round the left and right of whose card is whose! Hugs Mrs A.

nancy littrell said...

Thank you for explaining the confirmation process, Dolly. TFS your sweet owl cards too. I will be adding my cards in a few days:-) Hugs, Nancy

Christine Alexander said...

love those little smooches owls, the graduating one looks a real smarty with his books and cap, and those two love birds are adorable. I can just see you and hubby :)

Maria - Ivyleaf Crafts said...

Congratulations on you anniversary Darnell. Love the owl cards especially the graduation ones xxx

Gerrina said...

The colours on your first card look great; love how fresh and bold they look together! (Didn't think they would fit together)
And the other owls are beautiful too! Enjoy the weekend!

Sharon Underwood said...

Love the owls, Darnell! AND, I love how you created two cards just about the same except for the tassel colors. I would've never thought of that! What a great mind you have. Thank you for the update on Inklitz. (sp?) I will definitely consider all that you've explained.

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Wow! Big congrats for your 48th wedding anniversary, Darnell!!! :)
The card you made for the celebration is delightful and so fun! Love the cards for the twin's graduation, too, such fun eyes you added to the owls and great personalizing them with the tassels colours!

Greta said...

Good ol' laws--haha! I suppose it's intended to protect us, but I almost didn't go through the process first time I saw it. Of course, we'll get used to it--can't stop entering our challenges--haha! Adorable cards with the cute birdies, Darnell! Happy, happy anniversary to you both!

Pat said...

Firstly congratulations to you and the Mister on 48 years together Darnell and I hope you did something nice to celebrate, and thanks for the heads up about the new InLinkz sign in procedure which I haven't come across yet. I love your two gorgeous cards using the cute owls, and such pretty colours for the anniversary card, and the graduation card/s will be great for Adam and Henry when they leave their present school, and the googly eyes are really fun and look great. x

Carol L said...

What wonderful owl cards for the Twofer and congratulations for thinking way ahead to the DGS's graduation cards! Love the tassel ID colors :) Thanks for explaining the latest change in blogging - I skipped playing in a routine challenge I've played in for years because I didn't feel it was necessary to enter a password just to play! I suppose everyone will adapt to this process sooner or later?

Brenda in IN said...

These are the cutest alcoholic owls on that fabulous paper. I like the Bazzill striped paper too. Happy Anniversary to you both on 48 years. You are so talented as a card maker but so lousy at math! What cute graduation cards those are. Adding the mortarboard and googly eyes made these owls look so smart!

Viv said...

Aww what sweet little owls Dee! glad you managed to use them in the end as they are so lovely, great cards too all of them ;) hugs Vee xx

Sharron said...

Love both of your sweet owl designs! They're adorable and the pink and gold is perfect for an anniversary. Congrats to you and the Mister!! And the caps and tassels change your little owls into the best graduates!

Mac Mable said...

Thanks for the information on the linky.....there's always something.
Adorable first card and those owls sure have had a lot to eat.
What a clever idea to make the two fabulous graduation cards...genius! x
As always Hammy is quite correct to add the googly eyes and glitter on the tassels....Clever Hammy too x.
Hope you had a wonderful anniversary and I can't believe it's 48 years either?....you are looking good on it.
Fabulous inspiration Darnell....Thank you x

Donna said...

Happy Anniversary! Both cards are fabulous, all the details on your anniversary card are fabulous and your Congratulations card is adorable!

Glittered Paws said...

Love your chubby owls, they are just too cute and the twofer (threefer) is perfect. Just remember where you put the graduation cards for the boys. Happy Anniversary.

Loose Stitches said...

Fabulous creations Darnell, love the owls and designs! Thank you for sharing with us over at The Creative Crafters. We hope to see you again.
~ DT Sherry xx

Happy anniversary!
I have had to sign in to Inlinkz that way a few times but thankfully not lately.

Redanne said...

Oh, Happy Anniversary to you both, 48 years really is some achievement for a couple who are so young!

Your owl cards are just adorable, especially the ones for Adam and Henry. They are wonderful graduation cards!

Apologies for my lateness. Big Anniversary hugs, Annie xxx

Susan Powell said...

Love the touches of splattered gold on the background and those owls are adorable! Thanks so much for joining us at The Card Concept.

Karren said...

Super cute cards - those owls are just adorable! I hope you had a wonderful anniversary - what a fabulous accomplishment.

JD/ Jill said...

Thes owl cards are adorable! I've made lots of cards with owls on them...because Hubby loves owls.
I did it again. I was thinking about you yesterday, because I knew that your anniversary was sometime in January but I could NOT find the date. Can I use the fact that I lost my 2018 date book where I had it written, and my documents in word when my computer crashed a few months ago (it was very OLD...like me...smile) it also HAD a document with birthdays and anniversaries on it.
I'm glad you wrote an explanation about the verification for Mister Linky. I just finished putting my twofer cards on my blot post, but I haven't tried linking them yet...Hope it works for me...
Hope you are having a great weekend.

Helen F. said...

#What! How in the world can you and Mister be celebrating 48 years of wedded bliss? CONGRATULATIONS to an amazing couple!!
The owlies make such Adorable cards and yours always highlight the images in a really fun way, Darnell.
Appreciate the intel on InLinkz ~ which in never clear to my non-tecky brain, but thank you!

Anita in France said...

Whooooo (tee hee ... get it?!), Love Owls, Darnell ... how cute ... especially so with all the luscious gold and of course, the alcohol, because well ... ya know, Odessa! Those wise owls on their stack of books are downright fun ... love how you made them colour co-ordinated for the boys! Thanks for doing the digging for the new InLinkz system ... it'll sure help me bumble through it! LYAMYHMA ... LOFTA! Big hugs and bisous, Anita :)

Em Louise Fairley said...

They are so cute, Darnell xoxo

Nora Noll said...

Oh my goodness!! These little owls are DARLING!! I love the first with the alcohol paper birds!! So fun!!! I LOVE your second two cards with the books, though. So FUN and perfect for graduation cards!!! LOVE both of these designed cards!!

cm said...

Your owl-some cards are a hoot! LOVE them (even though I have bird terror!).
hugs and love,

Linda said...

Your little owls are simply adorable Darnell .... love those graduation cards.
A very late Happy Anniversary too ..... 48 years, that's some going. Here's to many more xx

Chana Malkah said...

Your anniversary card is stunning! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Shopping Our Stash!
Chana, Designer

debby4000 said...

Love all the fabulous owl cards but my favourite is the cute graduation cards.
Thank you for joining us at Simon says Stamp Wednesday Challenge.

Fikreta said...

these cards are super adorable!

frommycraftroom said...

I have this owl! cough cough uninked for sometime! Love the twins cards how organised you are.
Congrats on your anniversary - fab achievement. Hubby and I will be married 25 years this coming week and I've known him 30 years! Yeah we must have met when we were babes too!

Thanks for the info on the linky I really need to get creating and enter a few challenges.

Cut, Fold and Glue said...

Thank you for entering Creative Crafters Challenge #12, Anything Goes! The owls are so cute and perfect for 8th Grade Graduates!