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March 31, 2014

Blog Follower Button and Missing Stamp

ETA: This post disappeared from my blog and I had to recover it. Hence I needed to hit "publish" again. Just disregard. Sorry for any confusion.

Hi there,
Me and the Mister are both feeling a little better today. I made a card and got to posting it and the post got long, as my posts tend to do, so I am splitting it up. I think I just heard a collective sigh!  I'll be back in a bit with the other post.

Blogger Follow Issues

Several of you have asked about problems with following other blogs or you have written about it on your blog. I'm not sure if what I have discovered will work for the particular issue that you might be having, but it has proved to be a go-around for the inability to process the follow request when you click on the blue "Join This Site" button. (I can't help but wonder is this isn't another purposeful wrench to get us to switch to Google Plus? Grrr.)

Anyhoop, here is a way around the problem that may work for you.

When you click on the blue button "Join This Site" on someone's home page, you get a popup window like this:  (well with your name and face, not mine)
Darnell J Knauss
Darnell J Knauss

Follow this blog
    More options

Darnell J Knauss
We're sorry...
We were unable to handle your request. Please try again or return a bit later.
Instead of clicking on the "Follow this blog" button, click on the "more options" button. That will take you to a screen that is very similar. Near the bottom of the popup window, you will see this:

Click on THAT "follow" button on the second screen and the popup will disappear for a second and come back and say "DONE," the same way the first screen used to do. Then just "x" out in the upper right corner of the popup box. Your face/icon will then appear in the person's follower thumbnail photos.

I hope that works for you. I know there are some other error messages happening that are causing PITA frustrations and if I get any more information, I will share it.


Missing Stamp!

I hope one of you can help me out. As most of you know, the twins call me Bama. Bama is in big trouble. 

The boys have been enjoying the Playhouse the last two and a half years and making cards every time they come for a visit. For that entire time, Adam has had a postage-size "signature" stamp that he always applies to his envelopes, and sometimes to his card. It is known as Adam's Stamp. Here is a photo of the image:
So they came for a sleepover last weekend and went out to make some cards. Adam asked for his dolphin stamp and it was not in the usual places. I have looked high and low and narrow and wide this whole week and I can't find the darn thing anywheres. I have no idea the make or model of the stamp. BTW, I have a couple of other small dolphin stamps, but they don't have "stars on them."

I feel like a really bad grandma for losing his stamp and a really bad card stamper that I never even noticed it had stars on it!

It's hard to search online for a stamp when you don't know the name or the manufacturer. If you recognize it and can give me that information, I will be forever in your debut!! Thank you so much!!


Sue from Oregon said...
Oh Gwamma-his stamp will certainly show up soon. Probably stuck to the bottom of one of your crafty tools! At least that is what happens to me!
Good Luck!
Charlene said...
I have had the same trouble following people lately :-(...I don't recognize the stamp but I sure hope you find it!
Barb Ghig said...
Thank you so much for sharing this info on following each others' blog...you're the BEST, Darnell!

As far as the dolphin stamp goes, I'm so sorry, but I can't help you out with that. Hopefully, someone will recognize it so you can replace it right away, unless of course you find it first.

I'm saying a prayer to St. Anthony right now...he always seems to know where things are :-) Good luck, Bama!!!
Anita in France said...
So sorry Adam's stamp is missing, Darnell ... I'm with Barb, St Anthony is the man to check with! I'm sure it'll turn up, just when you don't expect it! Hugs, Anita :)
Suze Bain said...
Oh dear, I'm sure it will turn up where you least expect it. (And is it just me, or does that dolphin look like a banana!) xx
Suze Bain said...
In the meantime, you could just photocopy it, cut it out and stick it on like a real stamp! Xx
Redanne said...
That is a great tip, I will try it out next time I want to follow someone - thank you for the info.

I am so sorry, I do not recognise the stamp but I do hope it turns up soon. That's a good medium term solution that Suze suggests though. Hugs, Annie xxx
Sammy said...
Thanks for the heads-up Darnell! I can follow folk again! Woohoo!

And I hope the stamp turns up soon! x
Casandra Bennett said...
Thanks for the tip! I thought I was the only one having problems with Google. The search button is missing at the top now, and the only way I can get to edit now for my blog is typing in blogger.com these days. Very frustrating. Internet Explorer is so slow but the features now show up better in it to edit from. Not sure why Google wants to be so disloyal to us. I suspect your theory is right!
Brenda in IN said...
I wish I could help you find the stamp for him. It is probably there and will show up when you aren't looking for it. Thanks for the info on following. I had one blog that every time I tried to follow the whole follow bar would disappear. Oh the quirks and hiccups we have to endure.
shirley-bee said...
... have you checked Hammy's cage?
cm said...
Whenever I lose something, I ask St. Anthony to help me out. He truly does work miracles of all shapes and sizes. I'll ask him...Hugs~c
Laurie Unger said...
Thanks for posting the go around to following blogs! Was driving me crazy. I get you 10 bucks you end up finding that dolphin stamp when you least expect it. That's the way it goes with me anyway! LOL.
Bobby said...
Gramby to the rescue, Bama. I found the stamp on eBay, in case it doesn't show up. Here's the link.

Pat said...
Sorry a precious stamp has gone missing Darnell, hopefully it will turn up, but I see someone has sent a link so hopefully it can be replaced. x
Jacquie Southas said...
I couldn't help check out Ebay too, but it looks like Bobby beat me to it! I can almost guarantee if you buy the replacement, the original will show up :)
Roxie said...
I hope that stamp shows up soon, my granddaughter loves to play in Grandma's room too.
Thank you so much for posting the follow directions, it worked for me...now to get my photo back, it all went bad when I tried to change the photo a few weeks back.


stampwithsandy said...

Oh, Darnell! I was so excited when I saw the photo on your blog post because I thought you found the missing dolphin stamp! I must say that I saw someone else mentioned that maybe it is stuck to the bottom of something else. That has happened to me before. Check all your bottoms!!! And you must let us know when you find it!

Unknown said...

Hi Dippy.....I'm so glad you reposted this post! I was advised of it via Bloglovin but when I clicked the link it was nowhere to be seen - so you see things do appear again!!! lol Glad you've got the link to the stamp on eBay now but I bet it turns up....but at least you know you've got a back up stamp for the future. Now, seeing as you are so fabby dabby brilliant at sorting problems do you have an answer to mine? All of a sudden I have lost the ability to paste any text that I've copied on my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet. I've looked high and low on the internet and the most I could find was there may be a fault with Chrome....,I've also tried with Dolphin browser but still no luck.......so if any of your myriad of followers can help I would be forever in their debt! It's driving me bonkers..........(more?) hehe


Karendipity xxx

Greta said...

Hope the stamp has appeared by now. So frustrating how things can disappear like that!

Petra Swart said...

I've had the same problem trying to follow new blogs - thanks for letting us know how to solve it!!
Hope that by this time you've got a new dolphin stamp or found the old one!!! It must be SOMEWHERE!!!