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March 14, 2014

DJKASE #12 ~ NBUS #112

Hello again, friend!

I hope you whooshed through your week without any dafficulties! 

I'm scheduling this post because Friday morning I'll be meeting up with my bloggie friends Kim and Harriet to go to the Scrapbook Expo that's coming to the Bay Area. It's always a really fun event with a huge turnout. This scrapping and stamping hobby is booming!

Friday means it's time for me to draw the name of another follower to DJKASE and the card artist chosen for a copyliment is the lovable and talented Sue of Ollie's Mam
About Me
Paul and Sue
Sue is one of my lovely followers from the UK. She named her blog after her handsome little cocker spaniel, also known as "His Lordship":
'His Lordship'
Ollie's Mam has been blogging since 2013. She is a sweetheart, always signing off with lots of "huglesssssss!" Her cards make me happy, whether they are bright and colorful or subtle and elegant. She does either style with impeccable skill, as is evident by her many awards and design team appointments!

If you haven't had the pleasure of following Sue, I recommend that you head over for a visit and a cuppa! When I was writing this, she had 99 followers. Let's help her reach that 100 milestone and many more!!

Browsing through Sue's blog, it was difficult to decide which card to DJKASE. Then I came across this card which reminded me that I needed to make a "new home" card IRL:
Sue's card
See what I mean about bright and happy? How adorable is this card?! I love those patterned flowers! 

I managed to put a few little layers on my card. I hope it's enough to do proper justice to Sue's yummy layered delight!

Darnell's card
I know it needs trees but I just can't seem to manage it without making the card look too busy. It really is a skill I don't seem to have! So let's just say that the house is in a brand-new development and the trees haven't been planted yet. Yes, let's say that.

And I'm sorry I don't have a cute little dragon pet sitting inside my house. I did have, but please see the above paragraph. When the movers were bringing in the furniture, they left the door open and he ran away. I don't want to talk to about it.

I hope you are pleased with my card, Sue! Thank you so much for all your support and encouraging comments when you visit the Playhouse!! Mwah and Hugglessssssss to you!!


I used a lotta NBUS on my card, all listed below. The only thing that I should mention is the house die. I used the Manor House die from Memory Box, which come as two stories with lots of gables and gulliards and manteridles. In other words, way too high-on-the-hog for my friend, so once again I did a little amputation by using my scissors to cut off the top level. Then I used them again to cut out a triangle for the new roof. 

Speaking of scissors, I know a lot of you may not know what I'm referring to when I use that term. Especially you younger card artists ~ and how I love that there are younger card artists ~ who have entered this hobby in the age of die-cutting machines like Cuttlebugs and Big Shots. Perhaps you have a Cricut or a Biscuit. Oh, wait, I just made that one up. More than likely, you have a computer programmable die-cutting machine, such as a Silhouette. 

I imagine you might have a tiny pair of snippers for those itty fussy bits, but I thought I would show you a photo of what I still sometimes use for larger cuts:
Aren't they something?! I'm fortunate to have two of these antique devices because I keep one pair dedicated only for cutting ribbon (brilliantly, the one with the piece of ribbon tied to it). I hope you enjoyed this brief history of card-making tools, class. I'm sure over time there will be many more antiquities I can share from this blog and I don't mean just me and the Mister.


Enjoy your day!  No, seriously, enjoy.  LITS!* 

As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to leave a comment and/or join as a follower!  Please let me know you came by, so I can be sure and return the flavor! 
*Life Is Too Short!

Project Details
PaperPTI spring rain and white; unknown DSP
Stamps    None
AccessoriesDies: Memory Box NBUS "Manor House" and
"Puffy Clouds"; unknown NBUS fence;
PTI NBUS "congrats"; flowers from punch

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Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

Fantastic home
lovely card
have a lovely weekend
hugs Tamara

maria f. said...

And I remember rotary dial too! You lucky duck, strolling thru paper heaven. I'm looking to hit Hobby Lobby and Johanns next week in MI. Your new home reminds me of the Playhouse.

Sammy said...

I'm playing catch-up at the moment, as Blogger is finally playing nice, and it's such a treat to come and visit the playhouse! And how fantastic you've chosen Sue for your inspiration today! She was one of my very first bloggy friends and also happens to be the one that's responsible for my recently discovery of - and subsequent addiction to - liquid pearls! :-)

As for those antique tools, yes, I own several of those also. Without my scissors and my craft knife I would be lost! I don't own a guillotine, so cut all my card bases and mats by hand, and I certainly don't have a silhouette! I only discovered recently that the cutting out of images was a function on said machine, and I have to admit I was a little disappointed that this was not simply a skill I could learn (at least, not easily!), but a machine to purchase. I'm resisting this one for now, as I want to try and keep as much "handmade" as possible about the card while I can! :-) x

Aileen said...

Love your posts, they always bring a smile to the dial! I too have some of those antique devices but mine are even more special, being a lefty, I had to hunt high and low to find the best. Nothing more relaxing than sitting and cutting as I listen to the mad family all going flat chat and
I just snip snip away. Could do without the mess though. And thats referring to my snipping not my family :) keep the posts coming, I love them.

Redanne said...

Sue's work is always bright and cheerful and I think you have done her proud with your card - how awful that your dragon escaped though...sorry, don't want to upset you, just saying...

Hope you have a wonderful day with your friends, I am off to one tomorrow with a friend, after which I think I may be bankrupt!

I loved the brief history, it was fascinating....I love my scissors too! Huge hugs, Annie xxx

Kathyk said...

Lovely makes and photos today - me? I STILL use scissors daily!

Have a lovely day in the Bay Area with your pal


Gerrina said...

Without trees nit looks perfect! Love the little flowers; looks "homy"like this! Have a fun weekend, Gerrina

Meg said...

This is a great case! I hope you have a fabulous time at the scrapbook expo!

Sue said...

Oh wow Darnell I'm so shocked lol I thought blogger had gone crazy when I saw that picture of me and Paul hahahaha! thank you sooooo so much for all your kind words. I love your card and I'm sorry about your dragon but he's actually here having tea with mine, I'll send him home as soon as they have finished eating ok???? have a fabulous weekend and once again thank you!!! hugglessssssssssssss Sue xxxxxxxxxxxx

Benzi said...

What a cute card to honor Sue and I see she says your dragon has run away to have tea with hers. Guess they'll have a play date and then he'll head on home. Not to worry. I love your sweet house and flowers. No worry about trees...they drop so many leaves, anyway. I KNOW.

Pat said...

This is a great DJKASE of Sue's lovely fun card, even without that pesky dragon, and makes a wonderful new home card too. I love all the dies you have used, and the pretty punched flowers. I hope you enjoyed the show today and have a lovely weekend. x

Viv said...

Lovely card Darnell - and I prefer to use antique implements for cutting too!!!

Sue said...

Awww I am so pleased to see you CASE one of Sue's gorgeous cards. I agree with you, hr cards are always so cheerful. Your new home card is beautifully designed and I love the colourful flowers.
I hope you have a good weekend.
hugs Sue xx

Sue said...

Awww I am so pleased to see you CASE one of Sue's gorgeous cards. I agree with you, hr cards are always so cheerful. Your new home card is beautifully designed and I love the colourful flowers.
I hope you have a good weekend.
hugs Sue xx

Sharon Underwood said...

Fantastic card -- adorable scene, Darnell!

cm said...

I'm rather smitten with this new home in the new development...when can I move in? And I know, somewhere in the floor plan, you've included a craft room - a real one, that is NOT the kitchen counter *grin* Fabulous card, Darnell, and a most delightful take on Sue's. As for the scissors, I have several of those antiques, too! Love the 'oldies, but goodies.' Enjoy time with your friends...the Scrapbook Expo sounds like it will be amazing!! Hugs~c

Deepti said...

I like the way you DJKase ur followers, This is such a delight to read n see ur card featured and u talked about on someone whom you follow. That's such a big thing. I loved ur card and also ur tribute to scissors. I am a scissor person till now... I just can't think of spending so much in one go for my hobby, but I obviously have it in my dreams LOL :)

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

Hi Darnell, buying more for your stash of NBUS??? Just kidding - have fun! Great card - I guess inspired by your playhouse? Congrats on your GDT stint at ATSM!
Hugs, Cornelia

jimlynn said...

Adorable little house and scene!! Just like home! Precious!
Hope you have a wonderful time with friends at the craft show!

Karen Petitt said...

You have CASE'd a wonderful, kind, sweet and generous lady Darnell. Sue is one of my blogging buddies and she's always there 'for you' if you know what I mean lol.
I love the dragons that Sue uses and loved that card. It's lovely to see your take on it - both of the cards are beautiful! Have a lovely weekend huni x

Karen Petitt said...

Ooops forgot to say - I have three pairs of scissors:
1. only ever to be used on ribbon which is why they have a ribbon on the handles
2. Tim Holtz cut through everything scissors
3. tiny scissors for little trimmings

These days I use my craft knife to trim a lot and my ribbon scissors! xx

Ros Crawford said...

Sue's card is such fun! And I love yours ... Love how you did the sentiment on the clouds ..

None None said...

What a gorgeous card to CASE! Sue's dog looks so charming too. :) Love your DJKASE - the sentiment on the clouds is genius!

Hope you have a great crafty time at the show! Sounds like a lot of fun and time with crafty friends is icing on the cake.

Lisa Elton said...

Sue's card is adorable, love the dragon all scrunched in there!!You did a superb job with your interpretation of it too. Sorry your dragon is missing, I'll be on the look-out! Enjoy your outing, sounds like fun!

Viv said...

Hi Dee, well this is such Dee...lighful card. Love the little house scene and the pretty colours.I also keep a pair of scissors just for ribbon cutting too. We had a shock this week as we came home to a burglar trying to break in our house....I don't think he was after my craft stuff either!Have a great weekend :) Viv xx

Susanne Vargas said...

While I am typing this you are strolling around paper crafter paradise with friends! Lucky you! Hope you will share a picture of your new goodies!
Another great DJKASE! How clever to just chop off an upper floor of a great mansion to make that cute house! Too bad, though, that your dragon ran away cause I loved the one peeking out from Sue's wonderful card!

Laurie Unger said...

Funny - amputation! I get such a chuckle out of all your made up words! Wonderful case!

Nan G said...

Lovely DJKASE! Oh yes a new development house. :) And what would one do without proper cutting antiquities ?! Especially for ribbon. Ah I see your dragon snuck off to have tea at Sue's LOL giggle. Have an awesome day at the scrap show...don't spend too much. Remember, NBUS should be decreasing not increasing. wink wink Thanks as always for the chuckle! Wherever I'm having an off day, I visit the playhouse for a chuckle and a smile! Thank you! I may not always leave a comment but I'm here visiting.

Bobby said...

A scrapbook expo?!!! I'd love to be able to go, too. Have fun and don't buy too much. That NBUS number is pretty high as it is. You did a great job CASEing Sue's card by making use of and altering what you have. Who doesn't want a house with a white picket fence.

dottielottie said...

Sue's card is indeed a bright and happy one and you have done a great job of DJKasing it, I don't know why but as I was looking at your card the theme tune to Dallas came into my head, maybe it was the talk of gables, gulliards and manteridles that did it or maybe I need to lie on a couch and have a chat with 'someone'?!! I too have scissors dedicated to certain tasks, unfortunately they are all sat in a drawer in the same abused condition because their owner didn't stick to the rules "shame on me". Hope you have a great time with your buddies I'm sure you must neeed to top up on your NBUS stash, and it will may help take your mind off your missing Dragon !
Hugs Lottie x

Carol L said...

That's the little white house in the country that I've always longed for - right there on your card! How did you know?! LOL Very cute, & I love the sentiment in the clouds!

Shannon J said...

Awwwww, Sue's card is so sweet and cheery!! And with that dragon peeking through the window, it would brighten anyone's day! And your DJKASE is just delightful! Trees, schmees...who needs 'em! I just love the way it turned out!! Those dang movers though, letting your dragon loose like that!! That's even worse than the ones I used who used my credit card number to go on a shopping spree! Stinkers!

Kathleen said...

Brilliant card and a great post and while I do use a great deal of dies I also do a great deal of paper piecing and I have yet to find a die that can do this so I do use various pairs of scissors but not as large as yours.

Have a great weekend.

Kath x

Geri said...

Cricuts and Biscuits...you're hilarious!

First of all, the clouds and the Congrats sentiment were made for each other...perfect fit with the puffs of the clouds and the curve of the letters! Amazing movement/depth with the angled sidewalk...totally draws the visitor right into the front door! Nice yard too! Perhaps a follow up card will be forthcoming once the trees grow!

Kim Heggins said...

Darnell...wanted to thank you again for a fabulous day and Harriet had such a wonderful idea about going to the Scrapbook Expo...but so over whelming too. So many ladies and so little time. I love your story about the scissors, just so funny but I have to admit mine really never get much of a break even with having dies and Lucy to help me out. Looking forward to your next feature on this. Now on to your card...what an adorable and sweet little house and it just screams of spring and I can't wait to start seeing more blooms. Just too cute my friend!

carol (krillsister) said...

Darling card. I just love that white house. Those flowers are so cute and perfect for the little garden you created.Those clouds are so sweet. I think your card is perfect as it stands.

Jean said...

OH, I just love this one ~ you're right ~ it would have been too busy with the trees. The tulips are just perfect! I wonder if the humane society would help you look for your missing dragon ;).

Jill said...

LOL! You are so funny, Darnell! :-D LOVE your card! Your house scene is charming and I especially like how you layered the "congrats" die cut over the clouds!

Anita in France said...

What a fabulous scene, Darnell ... spring's bursting out all over it with those sweet tulips! I'm thinking your escapee is a homing dragon ... after all he has Hammy and his new little friend nearby! Hope you had an awesome time with Kim and Harriet ... look forward to hearing about it! Hugs, Anita :)

Katie Melhus said...

Great DJKASE Darnell, what a cheery little scene. Oh and thanks for the history lesson, I have heard of those tools... scis-sors. Hmmm, I think I will have to give them a try after your ringing endorsement, lol!

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Darnell you've highlighted a sweet lady who yes creates cheery cards. Love your sweet DCASE, too bad the dragon ran away, and the trees will grow in time :) Have a wonderful weekend, Shirleyx

Bonnie said...

You have captured Sue's bright and happy style with this card! What a welcoming little house!

Happy Dance said...

I love your card. It looks like springtime. All blueskied up. Tulips, and crisp, clean whites. Perfect. We're finally getting a taste of that here, though we will likely get more snow before Spring springs. I do have a Sillywhet machine and love it, but also have 3 pairs of skissors used for various cutting jobs. It's always a happy time when I visit the playhouse. Thanks for that, my friend! : ) Bev

Vanessa said...

Super card, Darnell! Love how you cased Sue's cute card! Have a fab weekend!!

Sue from Oregon said...

Laughing at your antique devices...too funny. Love your card case...I tend to like unfussy cards, so I think this is just perfecto!

Petra Swart said...

Hi, Darnell, terrible that something like a pair of scissors can give one's age away, hey!!! LOL!! (and with all the new tools available even my CB might tell how old I am!!)
Your card is super sweet, just a pity that the dragon got away!!! The sweet little flowers are so cute!! Lovely card!!

Pia S said...

A pretty little house with a beautifully trimmed garden, what a well put together scene:)

Craftychris said...

I have followed Sue for a while so it's lovely to see her showcased here and I am sure she loves your card! I do too! I have several pairs of the antique cutting tool and use them all the time! xx

Brenda said...

I love Sue's card, so fun and so bright and happy. I also love yours too Darnell. I am like you and can't do "busy" without it looking bad. I admire the people who can do it and make it look fabulous. lol I am off to check out Sue's blog. Hugs

MaryH said...

Well done on your DJCASE of our Sue. She does fab work indeed, and love reading about His Lordship. Love her dragons, and so solly that yours be runned away. I'm loving your stylish house. It's called minimal landscaping. The bestest kind to have, then you don't have to rake leaves & debris. Loved your tulips...they don't make as much to clean up. Very well done on your bright & Clean looking card. I like it- lots! I have a Biscuit. Think this will go into the Blog-anitions. I'm going to give its definition as a Cricut that sits lonely and gathering dust. What you think? I got those scissors. They gather dust too! Hugs & TFS

JD/ Jill said...

Both your card and Sue's card are just fabulous! Well done!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Hee! Love your card with it's happy garden of tulips. I agree, new development so no trees. It would spoil the card anyway with too much stuff. It's a good skill to know when to stop.

My favorite craft scissors are my hair dressing scissors from when I became a beauty school dropout.