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September 3, 2013

Music Class and a Thank You! ~ ATCAS #21; CCIC; NBUS #48; PIXIE'S #88

Welcome to September! 

On average September is the most beautiful month of the year in America and the most comfortable.  September begins on the same day of the week as December every year, because there are 91 days separating September and December, which is a multiple of seven (the number of days in the week). No other month ends on the same day of the week as September in any year.

I gave you the above information because on average September is also the beginning of a new school year.  Return, recommunion, reconnecting, and resurgence of the leedle gray cells.  Hence, the theme of today's lesson post.  You might wonder why I am giving you math trivia when the post title is music.  No reason.  I just thought you would find it interesting.  Notice how I also slipped in the fact that there are only 91 days until December.
Get up.  It's gonna be all right.  It always sneaks up on you, but it always ends up all right.
For my card today, I am playing in the Addicted to CAS (ATCAS) challenge, where the code word is "Music."
Thank You!
Before I proceed, I want to take a minute and thank Kylie and all the ladies on the fabulous Design Team for honoring me as one of the first inductees into the Addicted to CAS September 2013 Wall of Fame, along with six other outstanding card artists!!  I am thrilled by this unexpected recognition and very grateful!
I am also playing in the Curtain Call Inspiration Challenge (CCIS) where the theme is "Back to School."
And because schools have playgrounds and I used snippets on my card, I am taking it to play at Pixie's Crafty Snippets Playground

Please click on the links for these fun challenges for any sponsor information, rules, etc., and please join in the fun!!


Finally, my card:

This was a QACAS card!  That NBUS black card base with the white background music text and the chalkboard-like musical note swirl and the words "music time" is a single sheet of patterned paper.  I know, right?!  I simply cut, scored, and folded it in half.  I added the musical score die cut, the NBUS sheet music cut from an ancient scrap of musical images, and some enamel dots. 
The musical score was the only thing that took longer than a minuet.  I stacked the colored snippets next to each other onto masking tape and then ran it through the Big Shot.  Even though I anchored it with a piece of tape, you can see that it slipped, hence the white bits. I decided I was okay with it that way.  Walla!

The doorbell to the Playhouse has been quiet for a while, but today I am delighted to introduce you to two new friends!  Please meet Dianne Thomas of The Mouse in the Corner and Oma of I'd Rather Be Crafting!  Again, LOVE those blog names!  These two talented card artists represent the full spectrum of inspiration our community has to offer:  Oma has been blogging since 2008 (!) and Dianne has been blogging since just last month! 
Whether you are a seasoned blogger or brand new, you love visits, you love comments, and you love followers.  I appreciate that all of you take the time to do that for me and that you visit our new friends and leave them some love, too!  Mwah!  Welcome, Dianne and Oma, and thank you so much for joining in the fun over here!
So I did a dumb thing.  Remember when I last saw you I was going out to do some gardening?  Well, I did.  It was a glorious day and I had a blast bringing new color and life to the yard and around the Playhouse.  It looks beautiful, if I do say so myself.  I will get out there and take a couple ten photos for you.  The dumb part is that I overdid it.
I felt great, you know?  I'd been restricted following my surgery, and it was wonderful to get out and get busy.  Sadly, at this age there is often a "mind-body disconnect."  I scooped and dug and squatted and carried and bent and reached and patted and watered.  Whoopee, I did it!!
Unfortunately, yesterday morning I couldn't get out of bed.  I know better, dammit.  That's what's so irritating.  The doctor has shown me X-rated evidence that I am a severe degenerate.  (The rude bastard!)  Back pain makes me a potty mouth.  Okay, that's not true, I'm always a potty mouth.

I think I will change the mind-body disconnect phrase to the "Delusional Mind-Body Disconnect."  Or.  How about DUMB for "Delusional Use of My Back?"  I'd laugh if it didn't hurt.  It's so hard to remember you have a bad back when you are not actively in the throes of a bad back attack.  So DUMB.  I know some of you are also degenerates, so you feel my pain.
The upshot is I am unable to sit at a desk for anything but short periods of time.  It has taken me all morning to write this.  My posts in the next few days may appear less often.  I may just do a few photo posts. 

But in the meantime, even if I'm not here every day to nag remind you, I hope that you remember to enjoy your day!  No, seriously, enjoy.  LITS!* 
As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to leave a comment and/or join as a follower!   

*Life Is Too Short!  

Paper:  DCWV or K&Company;
  scraps from stash
Die:  Memory Box, "Virtuoso Music"
Enamel Dots:  My Mind's Eye


Anonymous said...

Great card Darnell-love those music notes,great take on the theme!
Huge congrats on your Wall Of Fame-how lovely :)
Yes,isn't it easy to forget you have anything wrong with you until you just push it a teeny-weeny little bit too far(well,ok-sounds like you went at full speed Mrs!)I do hope your poor back recovers quickly(you have my sympathy hun,i went upstairs on all 4 a couple times this week after spending my 3rd week on the sofa downstairs playing nursey to Jay!)
Hugs,Nessa xxx


A fabulous Post as always Darnell - so sorry your back isn't working properly - as a degenerate myself, and a long-time back pain sufferer, I know exactly how you feel. A hot water bottle tucked down the pants can sometimes help, together with a bottle of wine (just for drinking - not for tucking down the pants).

Oops - almost forgot to say - your Music card is fabulous - the bright colours really pop from the black background. Love it!
Thank you so much for joining us again at ATCAS, and huge congratulations on being featured on our very first Wall of Fame!
Hugs, Sylvia xxx

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Such a wonderful and lovely creation!! And congrats on the wall of frame (clap... clap....)
Sorry to hear about the backache, I know right, my whole body sore after painting my girl's room, I need to learn how to take my time instead of rushing everything out in a day or two, old age, what can we do about it?

Sammy said...

Wonderful card, but please be careful and look after yourself! My dad has suffered from back problems his whole life, and I hate seeing anyone go through such things :-( x

Jessi Fogan said...

Oh crap, Darnell. It is totally DUMB, and I love that - I'm going to have to remember it next time I overdo it! That really sucks. I hope you get over being a degenerate soon. No, that didn't come out right. Crap.
Love the rainbow music, btw. That's awesome.

Colleen said...

Great card, great honor...now sit down and do what the doctor tells you to do...don't be so DUMB! Seriously, I do hope you will take it easy and go slowly so you can get back to crafting and all other things you love. Prayers for quick healing!

Deepti said...

Congratulations on your Wall of Fame :) love your quick colorful card. I always enjoy reading ur post for a simple reason... I learn something new, if it was not you I wouldn't have know this Sept and Dec fun fact :), more interesting part is ur terminology straight from ur dictionary :) I wish u an early recovery so that I can read more of you :) sorry I am being selfish ;)

Kathyk said...

Sorry to hear your back has taken its revenge upon you and hope it will ease soon - don't lose your sense of humour. Love your music card too


Sue said...

Wonderful card Darnell. I love the multi coloured music score, may have to borrow that idea.
Congrats on having your card in the Wall of Fame, it is well deserved for sure.
Sorry to hear about your back, try to take it easy. I hope you feel better soon.
hugs Sue xx

Carol L said...

This is one fantastic musical card! Wow, I love those wildly colored "notes" and letters! As for your back, welcome to my world of degenerates! I'm wearing ice packs as a new fashion accessory these days:)

Oma said...

Awesome card Darnell! I love it! My son is a DJ and spins records (not CD's) in a few night spots around this fabulous city of Toronto and I just know he would love this card!
I hope your back feels better soon and stop being so DUMB!! Thank you for the shout out to my blog but I have to correct you. I've been blogging since 2008 and at that time I had just really gotten into the whole cardmaking thing.

Mrs A. said...

Well blow me down with a feather. I never knew any of that!!!! Is there anything else I need to know do you think. Tell me about the back pain. Just had 6 months of acupuncture on my right side. Shame about the left side!!!! Been chucking great clods of earth around to day as Miss will testify as some landed in her garden. Three bag fulls of weed and about a 12" patch of earth to show for it. Hope your feeling a bit better as the days go on if not there's always the drink to fall back on. Hugs (but only gentle ones) Mrs A.

Mrs A. said...

Tis me again!! No we never tried any more speedys we just handed the pond over to the croakers. They were making a devil of a racket out there today too. I think they were practicing for a concert!! Hugs Mrs a.

Sazzle Dazzle said...

Lovely card Darnell and love the rainbow musical score... Looks just perfect. X

jimlynn said...

Oh, I love your card!!! Those pretty colors against the black is popping! So pretty.
Hope that back gets better - take care of it for sure. Know what you mean about the mind saying one thing and the body something totally different!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful card! I love that it was so simple to do! Congratulations on your Wall of Fame at ATCAS! You are so very talented and deserve the honor. Take care of your back!

Joyce said...

So sorry to hear that you overdid it. I hope you can get some rest. Your card is just fabulous--colorful and fun.

Di said...

First of all - well done on the ATCAS wall of fame Darnell, really well deserved.

I love your snippets card, striking bright music and letters against the 'blackboard' - perfection!

Now, what's this about overdoing the gardening? Any more of that and you'll be barred from the seesaw 'cos that's bad for your back too. It's no fun though - and I think we only remember once we've overdone things and it's too late :(

Did I tell you the last time that happened to me I bought a sooper dooper strong heat/painkiller spray? Len had to use it on me and the stink (from the spray) was appalling - a bit like embalming solution or summick. Apart from feeling like me back was ablaze I had to keep moving in an attempt to stay ahead of the ghastly pong!

And yup, there were clods of earth flying over the house here today from Mrs A's gardening frenzy :(

Gentle hugs, Di xx

Ardyth said...

So sorry to hear of your back pain - I hope it's better soon! Love the colours on the black - that's always a favourite look of mine! Take care, my friend!

Tracey McNeely said...

Darnell I love your chalkboard and embossed musical images! Just brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing with us for the Curtain Call Back to School challenge.

Tenia Nelson said...

Super cool card!!! Congrats on the honor and thanks for letting me know!!! You ROCK, Miss Lady!! :)

Denise Price said...

I too am a degenerate, and I do feel your pain. I hope you feel better soon!

Congratulations on being honored in the Wall of Fame. You're famous!

This latest card of yours is so cheerful and colorful. Love it!

Jeanne H said...

I too add my congratulations on a well-deserved honor! Am so proud to "know" you! Hope your back is better quickly. Cyber hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

Oh you stinker for overdoing it!!! I think every message and email that I have send you says the EXACT OPPOSITE!!!! I am pretty sure that I kept recommending REST!!!

ok, rant over ~~

LOVE THE MUSIC notes !! SCHOOL Themed card and all of the NBUS !!

you are the coolest CAS gal that I know!!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week ~~ FROM YOUR BED!!!! xo

Hannelie said...

Thanks Darnell for the info... love those kind of stats!
As for your card... Love the rainbow colors against black!

alexandra s.m. said...

Oh no...you Poor Thing! I hope you feel better now...
I love your card!
a big Hug to you~

Jacquie Southas said...

LOVE the calendar facts - I'm a little nerdy like that :) Hate that you overdid it - take card of yourself !he card is so pretty - music & color are a perfect pairing!

Jean said...

I am so sorry you are in such pain. Love your bright music card ~ so very fun and festive. Thanks so much for the calendar facts (I love that fun trivia.) And lastly, a HUGE CONGRATS on being of the wall of fame at Addicted to CAS!!!

Anonymous said...

Stunning, Darnell ... and QACAS too ... bright and vibrant and happy! Just the thing to help remedy a vengeful back ... hope it's easing and is soon a bit more normal (!) Congratulations on your ATCAS wall of fame recognition ... soooo well deserved my friend! Anita :)

Redanne said...

Firstly, well done on the Hall of Fame, you so deserve it for your gorgeous cards!

Secondly, love your music card, love the wonderful colours and the 'chalk board' background.

Thirdly, I am not going to say I told you so......cos it's too late for that....but I am sending you gentle healing hugs, my lovely friend, please take it EASY! Yes, that was me shouting..... you are very precious! Hugs, Annie xx

Karen said...

Ouch, you have my sympathies with your back pain! I know only too well how much it hurts. Take it easy for a while and don't overdo things.....as if we listen huh! ♥ Karen ♥ 68 x

Kim S said...

You make it so hard to feel bad for you as I am laughing the entire time I'm reading about your troubles. I am sorry that you are in pain, you are too vibrant a person to be laid up for long. This getting old thing is not for wimps, is it??

Congrats on the Wall of Fame. Isn't it just a day-brightener to receive unexpected craft news!! And I love what you have created for music. I can't believe the paper worked so perfectly.

Rest up and feel better. I can't do without my daily dose of Darnell!

Cathy said...

Hi Darnell, huge congratulations on your wall of fame, so well deserved.

Love your musical card too. Sorry to hear you are sore and sorry :( Take care and rest up :) Cathy x

G Peplow said...

Hello there Darnell, Woah poor you I hope your back improves soon!
Many congratulations on your cards being on the Addicted to Cas wall of fame, well done indeed!!
I love your music card, super coloured die cut and lettering, works brilliantly!
Thank you so much for your kind comments and letting me know about the CASology results :D
Feel better soon, hugs Gay x

Brenda in IN said...

I'm so sorry that you are in pain. I get so caught up in your stories that I forget about your card! Thanks for the info regarding September. Who knew? Carrying all that information around in your brain is probably what made your back hurt so much!!

Loll said...

Hi Dolly. Fabulous card ... love that background paper - perfection!!! And I love the rainbow-colored musical score and sentiment. So cheerful and fun!!

Congrats again on being on the Wall of Fame at ATCAS. We so appreciate your wonderful creations and your support of our challenge blog!

Sorry to hear you're a degenerate ... me too!! :) And sorry to hear you overdid in the garden. Take care and rest up, my friend!! Lolly xx

Leigh Penner said...

I'm so sorry for your back pain, Darnell! That's no fun at all! I hope you feel better soon!

Harriet Skelly said...

Yay I got your blog post delivered in my email today!! Yay I got to have breakfast with you and Kim today! What a great day - and your back pain didn't limit you from visiting with us today! I love your colorful music card!! Thank you for playing with us at ATCAS. Also, congrats again on your induction to our Wall of Fame.

Geri said...

Wow! I can tell all my friends that I know a for real "Wall of Famer" ...you are so deserving of the honor! Our blog world would be so ....yawn....boring....without your hilarious and entertaining posts!

Back pain...ouch! Why is it that we work so hard and long to get to that 'mature' point and once we get there, we just wanna go back cuz everything hurts way more now than before! Nothing a nice shot or two of Butterscotch Ripple won't cure!

Fabulous card - the colors are so cool. You sure had me fooled using the DP...I was sure that you did one of the most precise paper piecing moves EVA!!!

Feel better soon!

Kim Heggins said...

Darnell...congrats on your fabulous honor!!! So excited for you, your cards are awesome. So sorry about your back too, no fun and as we say in my house, it sucks getting old! Love your card, so fun with the music theme too! Loved meeting for breakfast this morning...looking forward to next time! Take care of yourself and feel better!

Unknown said...

Your mind set never fails to amaze Dippy........who, apart from you would know all that about September/December? That said it was very interesting. So glad you were pleased to be picked on our first Wall of Fame - so well deserved. Sorry that you overdid it in the garden, but we always think just a little bit more won't hurt eh? As a serious degenerate I am more than aware of the situation and definitely feel your pain.....but I'd rather not as I've got more than enough to share around! Love your musack card, so clever. Thanks so much for joining us for this challenge at A2CAS.


Karendipity xxx

Carole said...

Yes... congratulations on being on the Hall Of Fame. Well deserved. I'm sorry to hear abut your pain...you gotta slow down...slow down sweet working woman...and take care.
Love the musical card. Do take care my friend...be good to yourself.

Judy Cook said...

Congrats on the Hall of Fame. That's big. I understand your pain. I've been in your shoes many times myself. Please take care and don't over do it because, as you know, you'll just start all over again. We want you back on here with all your joking. I look forward to that. In the meantime, try to relax and get back to yourself again.

Bonnie said...

I'm so sorry that you overdid it! I knew you would. Those of us with OCD never learn. And when I wake up, before I move, I think I'm 21 again. Talk about delusional! Love the card and especially that all that was on a piece of DP! Wow! Now behave yourself and feel better!

MackieMade Paper Creations said...

First...CONGRATULATIONS on your wall of fame honor! That's fabulous! Second...your card is so cute!
I wish you were feeling better! Hope your back heals quickly!

Greta said...

Oh so sorry to hear your wonderful work resulted in pain! But I bet it does look wonderful. Hoping with some rest you're back to your old self we love! Very creative challenge entry--love it! Take care of yourself, Darnell.

cm said...

Congrats on the well-deserved Wall of Fame honour! Fabulous - and this card here is yet more evidence of how spectacularly clever, talented and created you are! Big round of applause *clapping hand wildly - which is weird, but I'm all along, so who cares!* Now that back issue is another story...poor you! Recuperation time, as per doctor's ordered needed; hope Mister is ready to spoil and pamper you (excessively) for a bit longer! Wishes for a speedy recovery! Mwah to you - and another mwah to make the 'hurt' go away!!

Marybeth said...

Great post and very funny.
Congrats on the wall of fame ! You so deserve this! I saw the cards....so pretty!
I am so sorry about your back....you are going to have to start listening.
What a fun and neat colored card. Music to my eyes!

Karen M said...

Hi Darnell - I love your rainbow music card - it looks amazing:) I also wanted to give you a big hug and congrats on your wall of fame - it is so well deserved....woot woot...I am so happy for you my dear friend! Sorry to hear that you have overdone it in the garden - I hope you feel better soon - hugs xx

Nan G said...

A well deserved honor, Darnell! Congrats!love the music card.

Elizabeth said...

Another entertaining post, Darnell, nice to know you can laugh in the face of adversity. Super snippets card too. Elizabeth xx

MagsB said...

Dear, lovely Darnell, your card is fabulous, the bright colours look fantastic against the black background! And many congratulations on your Hall of Fame achievement, it is well deserved!

I hope your back is feeling better!

love Mags B x

Bobby said...

I'm behind in my blog reading and was at your later post where you mentioned your pain and had to find this older post to see what was going on. I know what you mean about feeling good and overdoing. Just make sure you also overdo the resting. I love the colorful music card - after all music IS colorful.

Sarn said...

Hope you've recovered somewhat since you wrote this post Darnell.

LOVE Your very striking musical card

Sarn xxx

Debs Willis said...

Great card Darnell, and you made me laugh with your DUMB definition :-)

Debs x

Stacey Schafer said...

great card, Darnell!

Unknown said...

perfect use of color! i love the black background too :)

hoping your back is being nicer to you? hugs!

Carol Cel said...

OMG!! I had my first ever sciatic back attach this summer -- it is just starting to feel normal now (after almost 2 months!) It was s__ky summer! I really feel your pain!! Hope you are doing better.

maria f. said...

Totally deserving you wall-of-famer and me hopes your back has had a good rest now.

Unknown said...

I hope you have recovered from your over exertions in the garden.

A huge congratulations on your award - totally deserving.

Love the musical notes on your card - fab card.