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September 23, 2013

Fall Is In The Air! CFC #115; NBUS #53; Pixie's #91; and Simon

Hey!  How's it goin'?
I found lots of wonderful fall papers while cleaning and it's gotten me further in the mood for autumn colors and cards.  Today I was toying around with smackin' acetate again.  I first tried it here with cool colors, so it was fun trying it with warm colors.
Which took me straight to the current CAS-ual Fridays challenge, sponsored by Simon Says Stamp.  We are to use fall colors and a leaf on our project.
I'm linking again to the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge.  During Stamptember, we are to use any product that Simon Says Stamp sells in the store. 
Since I used snippets, I'm also taking my card over to show my friends at Pixie's Crafty Snippets Playground!
And since I've made a card of thanksgiving, I'm linking again to Susan Raihala's 2013 Thanksgiving Crusade on her blog, Simplicity.

Here's what I made:
I scribbled fall-colored markers onto a sheet of acetate, spritzed it with a fine mist of water, and overlaid a piece of glossy paper to pick up the colors.  I die-cut my leaves from that and then stamped on the matching image.

My NBUS today is that fantastic "air vent" border.  It's made from a die from Simon Says Stamp.  I loved that thing when I saw it on other blogs and I'm very happy to finally have a chance to own it and use it!
My PhotoI'm also happy to welcome a new friend today, both to my blog and to the Land of Blog itself!  Please meet Brenda of Inkspired to Stamp!  I hope you can find a little time to go over and make her feel welcome in this huge new world she has entered.  With your help she will find what I have found: a close-knit, generous, and supportive community!  Mwah!

:( :( :(

On a more sobering note, yesterday I came across some disturbing information related to my blog and a whole other community that exists out there.  I've mentioned before that occasionally I would have "unsavory" links in my audience stats, which karacked me up because I'm not ezackly babe material!  Well, it turns out they weren't here checking me out, the crudballs were keying in on the term of endearment that I've used for my grandsons since they were first born. I won't use the word again now that I know.  I wanted you to also know since you've all come to call them by that term, too, and you might wonder why I've stopped.  It really fries my turnips, but there's nothing I can do about it. 
:) :) :)

What I can do is turn that frown I gave you upside down!  We've come to the end of blueberry season around here.  We love to eat them fresh, but I decided to use these last ones in something baked.  Being busy and lazy (yes, you can be both of those things simultaneously!), I hunted around for a recipe that was QAE.  I found a lovely crisp that fit the ticket. 
After tucking it in the oven, I tidied up and got quite a start when I returned the sugar jar to the pantry.  Sugar?  Ernh?  I don't remember scooping any of that!  Oops.  Another flusterating sign of aging, I'm sure.  I understand how I can be both busy AND lazy, but I don't usually like to use the words "healthy" and "dessert" in the same sentence!
(It tasted pretty much as you would expect!)
Enjoy your day ~ don't forget the sugar!  No, seriously, enjoy.  LITS* 
As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to leave a comment and/or join as a follower!
*Life Is Too Short!  
Paper:  PTI rustic cream; SU! tangerine tango
Stamps:  Memory Box "Fall Leaf Trio" F1776
  Hero Arts "Fall Leaf Thanksgiving" F294
Ink:  Kaleidacolor "Autumn Leaves"; SU! markers
Dies:  Memory Box "Fall Leaf Trio" and SSS "Air Vent"
Bow is embroidery floss


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Fall card Darnell-fabulous leaves and the border sets them off perfectly :)
Sorry to hear you have been bothered by Morons with nothing better to do with their time-can't believe something so innocent would attract something so vile-how very sad :(
Have yourself a good day-and take a little extra sugar with it!
Nessa xx

Tracey McNeely said...

Oh those leaves are so lovely Darnell and I love your marker technique so much, and the air vent border--LOVE! Have a good day!

Sue said...

Such a beautiful card Darnell. I love the way you have coloured the leaves and sentiment. The border looks wonderful too.
Sorry to hear about your trouble, it's such a shame.
Take care
hugs Sue xx

Di said...

Fabulous Fall inspired card Darnell. Love the way you did the leaves, and the strip down the left is a lovely fresh contrast.

That's too bad about your blog being targetted - the most exciting thing that folk seem to search for on my blog is 'liver and bacon casserole'. Although I do notice a couple of sites trying to hack in on a daily basis - it's a sad world we live in when folk have nothing better to do :(

OMG though, my teeth itched at the thought of no sugar!

Hugs, Di xx

Cathy said...

Lovely Autumn card Darnell, the vent die looks fab too. Lucky you are canny enough to work out what the unwelcome visitors were searching for. Hope they don't bother you again. Cathy x

Redanne said...

Hi Darnell, I am definitely going to try that smacking acetate now that I have seen you use it again, it is so effective in those fall/autumn colours. LOVE your gorgeous leaves and the border really pops!

So sorry to hear of the difficulties with those unwelcome visitors, never ceases to amaze me why people do such things.....I will try not to mention the word again either. Big hugs, Annie xx

Sue - said...

I'm really going to have to try smacking the acetate! Your card looks great. Sorry you've been having unwelcome visitors - it's one of the reasons I don't post pictures of my grandsons as you never know who's looking at them.

Hannelie said...

First of all... Love your card!
The colors are perfect!
And then... I also have links showing up in my stats that worry me...
Love and hugs

Karen M said...

Love your card Darnell - Autumn colours and leaves always look amazing to me:) Thankyou for the beautiful words on my blog - I am so blessed to have a lovely sweet friend in you - hugs xx

Laura Sterckx said...

Great Thanksgiving card! I love the Autumn inspired color you used and the fun border! :)
Thanks for joining us at the Simon Says Wednesday Challenge!

Ardyth said...

Down with crudballs - they take the innocent fun out of everything! Boo! On the upside, I love how you've coloured your leaves! This is crisp and cool, just like the days up here!

Kim Heggins said...

Sweet fall card...love the different colors, so beautiful. So sorry you have to stop using a name for your sweet twins, but sometimes the internet can be an ugly place. And as for your blueberries, that is just too funny but so true, this getting old thing can be a real pain sometimes! But your card is simply fabulous so all is well.

alexandra s.m. said...

I love your card Darnell and I love to hear what goes on in your life. Thank You!

Colleen said...

A vent die? Love it!! Fabulous use of acetate for coloring your leaves! and the sentiment is cool too with the many colors. Sorry about your blueberries...should have just popped them into your mouth, it turns out!

jimlynn said...

Very cool technique and a gorgeous card for fall! Lovely! Makes me wish fall was here now.

Happy Dance said...

Really lovely fall card. Love the strip down the side, and the multi-colored sentiment. Beautiful card. Sorry about the nasties. Wish there were a way to keep that kind of stuff out of our lives!!! Katie's in labor, and sometime soon we'll have a new little one in the family. Will keep you posted. Bev

Geri said...

Mother Nature is smiling down right now, gazing lovingly at your beautiful card, her heart warmed by the stunning fall colors that you have captured in your leaves! I'm sure she might even be throwing a fist pump or two!

Now about those scumbags that have nothing better to do....what goes around, comes around! Take that you beasty meanies!!!

Cheryl said...

Curdballs! Love it. You tell em' girl... On to nicer things. Your fall leaves are gorgeous. Very colorful.

Brenda in IN said...

Thanks for sharing this, I can't wait to smack MY own acetate. Sounds somewhat mean (like don't hit your little sister) but I'm up for it. Your leaves are just like fall and that air vent is very cool. I'm so sorry there are wicked people out there causing trouble. They are the ones that should be "smacked". Thanks for much for introducing me to great bloggers. Some have visited already and I'm ready to meet so many more. I think everyone in blogland reads your blog. You are so funny and warm and helpful to all. Your family and friends are so lucky to know you IRL. Thanks again, Darnell and keep up the great work.

Sian Ridley said...

What a cool card! I love the effect of that 'smacked' acetate - so pretty!

All I can say about your 'curdball' visitors is I bet they were surprised when they found a blog about cardmaking! Ha ha! Serves them right! ;) I'm sure it won't take long for you to come up with another adorable name for your Grandsons...you are the Queen of language!

It sounds lie your baking was even quicker and easier than intended! He he, that made me chuckle! ;)

Denise Price said...

Ooh, I love the rainbow effects on your card. I'm happy that fall is in the air, too.

LOL on the blueberry crisp. It reminds me of the time that my husband and I made pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, and we made the same mistake of leaving out the sugar. I think everyone has done this once or twice in their lives. :)

shirley-bee said...

Love the smacked leaves falling near the grid ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! The world can be such a strange & unsavory place!! I'll have to pay better attn to those link ups -- I haven't even looked!!!

-- your smacked card is so cool !!! I really need to try that technique !!

cm said...

I'm always stunned when I hear about people preying on innocence; and that you've been the target of such unsavory behaviour irks me even more! Grrr to them! On a positive note: your card is gorgeous! You and the acetate appear to have a warm connection, based on how lovely this is! And the blueberries - with or without sugar, I'll take 'em!! We so rarely have blueberries here (and if we do, they're so darn expensive!!), so I'm a wee bit green with envy at the moment. Enjoying your dessert vicariously...I wonder if chocolate chip cookies will make me feel better!! Hugs to you!

MackieMade Paper Creations said...

Your card is so pretty! I love the acetate leaves!

Unknown said...

Fab card Dippy. Love this way of laying down colour. Can't believe what some "people" do............it just gives me the creeps imaginging them sitting at their computers looking for goodness knows what! Think you should change the name of your method today.......never know what the word "smackin" will do to these morons! Can just imagine your face when you saw the sugar jar.....hehe


Karendipity xxx

Anonymous said...

Curdballs ... exactly ... yuk. Your card on the other hand, is gorgeous, Darnell, what a fab technique and the most yummy autumn colours. Your sugarless blueberry recipe ... could these goodies be used with melted chocolate? Just an idea! Anita :)

JD/ Jill said...

Beautiful Autumn card!

Mrs A. said...

That air vent die is going straight onto my wanted list! I haven't quite managed the non sugar lark but have missed out dropping the yeast into the bread maker. Suffice to say you wouldn't have wanted it dropped on your toes!! Hugs mrs a.

carol (krillsister) said...

Love the way you did those leaves. The air vent border is awesome on this card.

Cindy Brumbaugh said...

Lovely autumn leaves- love that left sided border, too! Oh, and it is so sad- you will have to come up with another endearing name for the Twizzlers!

Sarn said...

Lovely Fall card.

Perhaps you'll just have to call the boys the Tinks instead? How about that? Or your little Stars. Please don't fry your turnips. LITS 'n' all that!

GREAT fall card BTW!

Sarn xxx

Loll said...

Hi Dolly. Fabulous autumn card. Love the technique and will have to give it a try. Great technique for the sentiment too, incorporating all the colors. Lolly xx

Carole said...

I agree with Loll...love the technique, the sentiment and the air duct die will probably be sold out or put on l lot of wish lists. Sorry about the few...joyful about your shifting response to the nastiness that is. Hugs Carole

Kelly Griglione said...

A big "boo" for people who make blogging something other than 100% fun and pure. Glad you figured it out though!

The shine on your leaves from the acetate is really something else. Glad to see you playing around with new techniques and material combinations again. And, of course, happy to see you at CAS-ual Fridays!

Bonnie said...

Pretty, pretty leaves! I've got to try that technique! I've forgot the sugar before...more than once. Seems like I always forget something when I bake. I think I need to stay out of the kitchen and in the craft room!

Debs Willis said...

Lovely colours, really representative of the leaves - lovely
Debs x

scrappymo! said...

Gorgeous hand tied fall leaves...Love the glimmer...

Alice said...

great colors and design! lovely card! thanks for joining us at CAS-ual Fridays!

Wida said...

the edging on the card is so cool. and I love the ombre feel of the sentiment. you are a happy soul my friend :) Thanks for playing CFC!

Wida said...

the edging on the card is so cool. and I love the ombre feel of the sentiment. you are a happy soul my friend :) Thanks for playing CFC!