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August 11, 2013

Yum, Pie! CASology #55; FMS #98; TAWS #34; NBUS #35

Good Day!

I was wondering if you know you can buy a new Logitech keyboard these days from Amazon for $9.99.  Remember all those times your heart stopped when you dumped over that beverage?
I hated my home computer keyboard for the last mnfphn years because the delete key was in a different place than where it is on my keyboard at work and it drove me nuts.  I assumed that keyboards were expensive and anyway I would get used to it.  I never did.  Finally tired of hearing me batch about it every day, Mister looked into ordering me a new one.
I promptly christened it a few minutes ago by dropping a big glob of my Fudgsicle on top of the N and M keys.  Luckily, the keys pop right off for easy cleaning, a fact I didn't realize until after I'd licked them clean, but that's all right. 
The card I made for you today is based on this week's great cue card word at CASology: "dessert."
I used this week's sketch at Freshly Made Sketches, drawn by the talented Jen M:
And I'm also entering The Alley Way Stamps (TAWS) "Be Inspired" Challenge, where we have this inspiration photo:
I've used some of my other TAWS stamps in the past, but this is my first time playing along in one of their fun challenges!
As always, many of the challenges I enter have awesome sponsors and prizes, so I hope you will click on the links for the details, meet the fab Design Teams and Guest Designers, be amazed by their inspiration cards, and join in these fun challenges! 
Here is my square card:
That is obviously a key lime pie!  The striped metallic paper is by K & Company.  The image is from a NBUS stamp set from TAWS called "Adorabowl."  I colored the pie with Spica pens.  The enamel dots are from My Mind's Eye.  The Yum was handdrawn by yours truly.
Yours truly means me.  It used to be an old-timie closure above the signature lines on letters.  Letters were documents that your grandparents and preceding generations used to write by hand or on typewriters and, yes, even on early computers.  Typewriters were machines ... oh, forget it.
I'm thrilled to have a whole passel of new friends to introduce to you today!  Please join me in welcoming:
Penny Ward from Penny Ward Ink
Teresa from A Magical Whimsy
That's a lot of fun inspiration surfing for you to enjoy as you become acquainted with our newest friends!  Thank you, ladies, and welcome!!
My mini-myrtle tree is now almost in full bloom, so I thought you might like an updated look at it.  I want to save it forever by putting it under one of those glass dome thingies that were a hot home décor item back in the 1900s.  It's just so adorable.
And how about squirrels?  Do you find them adorable?  I know opinions vary widely.  I find them adorable when I don't think about what terrorists they are towards birds.  As a bird lover, it presents a conundrum.  Our little neighborhood squirrel, named Miss Creant, came by today.  My guess is she planted a peanut here:
Ya think?  Perhaps this is how the birds get their revenge.  Any peanut-loving bird would spot this hidey-hole a mile away!
Enjoy your day!  No, seriously, enjoy.  LITS*  Eat pie! 
As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to leave a comment and/or join as a follower!
*Life Is Too Short!  


Unknown said...

I love this. I've never had key lime pie...thinking I should now. Love the fab striped bg.

Squirrels are cute in my world. I've always let them do what they wanted in my various gardening attempts. They're just trying to live too...although it resulted in many head shaking moments watching them go...or the results of their 'hard work' lol

Sue - said...

Lovely bright card Darnell. Had to chuckle over your explanation of a letter! Squirrels are OK so long as they don't eat ALL the peanuts I put out for the birds. Not that I've got many birds coming since I had a family of foxes last year.

Neets B said...

Haha you do make me laugh, Darnell. I know exactly what you mean about keyboards. I use a laptop at home and I work as an Audio Typist during the day so I'm constantly hitting the wrong keys and letting out little un-utterables! Love your card its such fun, I love key lime pie but my diet won't allow it at the mo...hmphhhh! x

Jessi Fogan said...

Ketchup was what killed the last keyboard here ;) We actually keep a spare on hand now, just in case. I find that as long as I'm using a full-size board I do get used to it - laptops, netbooks, forget those. Anything with a tracking pad instead of a mouse is too small for my fingers!
I love all the sparkle of those stripes! and the enamel dots are so fun & perfect :)
Loving that myrtle tree. Seriously. How cool would it be under one of those domes? :)
And I love squirrels - we have a few living in the trees next to the house, and I can see them doing acrobatics while I'm on the computer. They seem to be coexisting well with the birds this year - we've had birds for years there, but this is the first time we've had squirrels in 10 years.

shirley-bee said...

Look at all the food colouring in that key lime pie - you'll be bouncing off the ceiling!

I sent No.2 son an airmail letter last week (UK to Oz). I tried to buy an aerogramme (remember those?) but they stopped selling them - no surprise there. He's not on the internet in current flat so no Skype/facetime, and texting is sporadic, so I thought I'd show him the old-fashioned way of communicating. I'd forgotten how long it takes....

stampwithsandy said...

Darnell your stories always crack me up! I hate my keyboard too and you are inspiring me to replace it. Sparkles and rainbows and sweet things? My daughter would love this card! Very cute.

roffeycreations said...

Love those stripes - shiny too - and I love how you explain things what a hoot... Mxx

Karen Petitt said...

What a gorgeous pop of colour! Have had key lime and my DH loves it - I'd rather have lemon meringue myself lol! But this looks so delicious! I have murdered at least one lap top and many, many keyboards due to random acts of muscle spasms with cups of tea and glasses of squash - the tea dried out eventually and the keyboard was usable - the orange squash was the killer to the laptop and to several keyboards lol! Have a lovely day Karen x

Karen Petitt said...

p.s. not a grey squirrel lover as they have driven out and affected our red squirrels, but could never hurt one - too cute and fluffy lol! Karen x

Tracey McNeely said...

Darnell I would love some of that key lime pie and maybe a Fudgsicle too! You make me laugh. Thanks you for sharing your stories and card this week at CASology!

Meghan said...

I've had key lime pie in Key West Florida this summer....it's yummy! Yours looks even yummier because it is bigger! Love the cheerful colours in this card! I will ship all our squirrels out to you no charge! We have way too many! So glad you joined us at CASology this week!

Laurie Unger said...

The pie looks yummy! Squirrels run across my back fence hoping the dogs don't see them and give chase!

wienerhoneymooners said...

Ohhhh Key lime pie! - absolutely would be a weakness for me. Thankfully they steer clear of me, otherwise they would be sorry!

Love the wee Myrte! Glad to see if fairing well.

Thanks so much for joining us at CASology - LOVE it!

Way to rock your combo challenges!

Lisa Elton said...

That is one yummy looking slice of pie!! Happy and summery for sure! Your tree sure is PRETTY!!!

Sue said...

WOW!! A Wonderful burst of colour. The striped papers is fabulous. I feel maybe I am missing out by never having tried key lime pie before. Not even sure if it's available in the UK?
Glad mini-myrtle is doing well
sue xx

JD/ Jill said...

Love key lime pie! But it's too sweet for me to eat these days...just have to dream about it! Your card is dreamy! colorful, and cute!
and yes, I remember typewriters...had a job using one of those things for many years...at the time I thought I was coming up in the world at work...It was electric! My typewriter at home was a manual one..couldn't plug that one in...LOL!

Ardyth said...

I'm rushing to head out of town, haven't read the whole post (sorry). I love the bold, cheerful colours of your card and the use of the ceramic dots! Thanks so much for playing along with us at CASology this week!

Redanne said...

Loving the fabulous colours of the stripes and the beautiful Key Lime pie - yum... The Myrtle tree is more beautiful than ever.

Squirrels? We have a life size plastic one in the garden to keep the real ones away from the birds - seems to work. I don't think I could hurt one but would willingly scare them away.

Keyboards? I use a laptop but have a separate keyboard for it because I am prone to spilling drinks etc, so only ever buy cheap ones. Enjoy the rest of your day and thanks so much for your lovely comment on my Chemist shop - you are the best! Hugs, Annie xx

G Peplow said...

Brilliant! I love your Key Lime Pie card Darnell, well done for combining the challenges :D Your Myrtle tree looks magnificent I'm so impressed how much it has grown. You must have very green fingers :D Gay x

Spyder said...

Love it! I don't have a nut burying squirrel but I do have a lady black bird who digs out all my pots looking for bugs and worms!

jimlynn said...

WOW!! Fantastic card. So bright and pretty and FUN!! VERY cute - and yummy looking too!

Not sure if the pie or the Fudgsicle would taste better but I'd take either one. Hope you got most of the Fudgsicle eaten before you dropped it!

Squirrels.....um....well, the are cute little animals and Rambo loves to chase them, but I don't care for them digging up all my pots planting pecans either!

JD/ Jill said...

Darnell! I left you a message on my blog! After reading your comment...You have me convinced that you are the most creative, funny person I know...(on line that is...LOL) My husband's comment made me laugh too.
You went where? and did What?

Happy Dance said...

Mmmmmm...pie...my favorite dessert! And key lime?, well, this looks pretty darn tasty. Great card, again, Darnell! Delicious. And what a sweet little baby tree.

carol (krillsister) said...

Yummy! Love key lime pie. Cute card. The metallic paper is cool. Love the pics of your mrytle tree.

Terri J said...

What a fun card! I love the bright colors! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment!

Marie Bingaman said...

LOL, Darnell, you are too FUNNY! Have you since wiped the keys off, or are they still a bit sticky? :) I love key lime pie flavored things (yogurt), but I'm not sure I've ever had an actual piece of pie. Yours looks yummy! :)

Carol L said...

YUM! I haven't had key lime pie since my trip to FL in 1995!! I love all the glittery stripes in the background, and I hope you've had your shots up to date after licking your keyboard! EWwwwww!!!!

Joyce said...

This is so cute. You are making me want Key Lime Pie, and I normally only eat dessert if it is chocolate. I do love fudgsicles, though, but perhaps not keyboards.

Penny Ward said...

First off...thank you for the lovely welcome on your blog...how sweet is that? Second...Your card is adorable...I can't believe you hand wrote "yum"...great job! Third...I have a Myrtle, but mine is purpley looking...assumed they only came in one color. Fourth...squirrels are cute until you run over them, then you have a bad day...just sayin' as I have a lot of experience.

cm said...

Fudgsicle? Key lime pie? Sparkles? Rainbows? I'd like a hefty serving of all, please!! LOVE your card, your post, your photos! So much to delight in, and laugh about! My mom's been treated to your blogs daily since I've been here; she's not a card-maker, but I think you have a new fan, regardless!

Linda Suarez said...

Yum! Key lime pie is my favorite dessert! Fabulous card! Thanks for joining us this week at Freshly Made Sketches!

Greta said...

What a fun card! Love your miniature "tree" in full bloom.

Leigh Penner said...

LOL about you licking your keyboard, Darnell! Too funny!
Great card-- os colourful and fun!

Geri said...

"Yummy" creation Darnell! Love the enamel dots connecting the sentiment to the pie!

What a prolific bloomer that wee myrtle tree is! She must be trying so hard to keep up with big sister!

It would appear that Mr. Squirrel needs a lesson in house keeping and/or secret keeping!

Company just left, so my apologies for missing your posts! Likely to continue for the next two weeks as Brady will be home in just a few short days!!!! Yahoo!

Kim Heggins said...

So sweet Darnell...love your card, so creative. Your yard photo's are just as beautiful. Must be all that heat you get!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

LOL! Well.... it's not really funny, but your story about licking the keys was! I'm sorry that happened, but who knew you could get a normal keyboard for so cheap! FAB! I hope you don't get confused looking for the delete button--- I know after you change to something new, sometimes you tend to do what you used to do!

Your card is just toooooo cute-- great use of the diag paper for this inspiration photo! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I LOVE that key lime pie-- makes my mouth water!! MMMMM!!!

OHHHH! Look at your full bloomed tree-- beautiful! LOL! Squirrels are terrorist towards birds?? Interesting! I think squirrels are cute on the ground... but in my tea cup bird feeder-- NOPE! Or on my wall (climbing around and clinging to the wall)-- NOPE! :) I love that you named the neighborhood squirrel and that she buried a peanut in the pot! ADORABLE:)

Inkyfingers said...

What a great bright card made all the more delish by the wonderful pie that looks good enough to eat. It's good to see how the little tree is coming along. We have squirrels nesting in trees in our garden and even though they cause a rumpus, I do like to see them.

Robin said...

What a great card! Now I want pie, key lime pie, lots of whipped cream...and I thought I was the only person who spilt and licked their keyboard, lol!!! I have to go with the birds, they are way too smart and always get what they want. I'm now enjoying my day. Thank you! Hugs, Rasz

Anni said...

Wow, what a fun card! The striped background is stunning!
Thanks for playing along with us at the TAWS Be Inspired challenge!

AppleApricot Wen said...

Happy yummy card! Oh how I would love to have a piece of it...
Squirrels versus birds... hmmm... Love them both! Can't decide! And ya, that hiding spot is kind of not so well hidden, lol.
Hugs and enjoy your day, Wendy

Bonnie said...

Bright, festive and delicious! Yum is the right word for this!

Jenny said...

Hi Darnell, I've missed a whole chunk of blog posts again!!!
Thought I'd start back again at the show-stopping card.... Oh boy are those stripes bold!! Love the zingy owl ours and the perfect dessert to go with them :0)
The tiny flowering Myrtle is adorable, I know what you mean about it being a perfect bonsai specimen!
Jenny x