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July 18, 2013

Mish Mash We Were Having a Blast . . .

Hi there!

I have a mishmash of goodies for you today.  I looked up mishmash because I thought it might have a fun origin to share with you, and this is what I found for the definition:  hotch-potch. 

Alrighty, then, that was helpful.

I took some time off from my at-home work project (sshhh) and met up with two crafty bloggie friends for a delish and unique lunch of the most ginormous crepes imaginable:

Seriously, people, that is a quarter-fold crepe on a full-size plate!  Oh, but they're so light and airy.  We made short work of them! 

And here I am (left) with my fun friends, the talented card artists, Harriet of Ally Cat Cards (middle), and Kim of Cupcake, Cards and Kim (right). 
We had a delightful time together, sharing talk about our hobby and ourselves, sprinkled with a whole lot of laughter!  Especially awesome was getting to see Kim's craft room, which is so cozy and welcoming.  It is brilliantly decorated in a tribute to Mickey Mouse (with a splash of Lucille Ball).  It is also THE most terrifically well-organized room ever!  I thought I was well-organized, but she can come over and redo the Playhouse any time!
If you ever get a chance to meet up with your bloggie buddies, go for it!  It's a blast!!
Do You See What I See?

Once in a while you will see a challenge in Blogland where the directive is to use a stamp in an unexpected way.  I didn't enter any such challenge, but on Monday week, I posted this card:
(which I'm thrilled to say was a Pals Paper Arts Pick!) and I wanted to let you in on a little surprise about this card:  those ornaments (baubles) were actually made with a beach ball stamp!  Tee Hee
In order to further confind and befuse you, I hand-drew the little thingie that you would expect to see on the top of Christmas ornaments for hanging the hanger on.  I did say in my ingredients list that the image was from the "Summer" stamp set by Technique Tuesday, so it was right there on my post, however, I decided not to mention it specifically because I perversely wanted to see if anyone caught it.  (I'm not such a sweet old granny now, am I?!)
Stamper Carol of Inky Fingers was the only one who came close in her comment:
I think you are so good at the dreaded one layer card Darnell, and I love this particular example. As we are bathed in beach type weather here, I recon you could redo this one as a beach ball card with a little selective inking!
Very good, Carol!  You win a day at the Playhouse!!

So don't be afraid to look at the stamps you have in a new light.  They might have multiple hidden personalities!!

I wanted to share a card that I made for my bloggie friend Bonnie of Stamping With Klass who had a recent birthday!

Bonnie is such a sweet lady I wanted to make her a sweet card.  On it I was happy to showcase one of the incredible crocheted mats which you can purchase from Jessi of One Crafty Mama.  It is such a unique handmade touch on a card!
Those chubby little bluebirds look like they are going to slide right down and off that branch.  I'm just sayin'. 
I also wanted to share a photo taken by my sister, Diana.  She has made appearances before on my blog.  Diana's hobby is photography and she is highly-skilled.  Recently she had the thrill (I'm SO jealous) of being visited on her patio by a gecko.  They sat companionably for quite some time, as Diana clicked her photos trying to get that "just right" shot.  After a bit, she captured this:
Honestly, this photo is not doctored or photo-shopped!  Isn't it cool?!  I asked her if I could share it with you.  Look at those nails, eek! 

Doesn't he look like that insurance gecko dude?  You can almost hearing him saying,
"Lady, stop already!  I beg you! How many photos do you need of me!" 
I think she should sell it to that insurance company or to some company for a poster or other ad campaign.  There are endless captions you could use with it! 
Last, but not least, it is a pleasure to have you meet our newest friend Sammy of Sammy Jean Crafts!  Sammy is fairly new to Blogland and I know you have a lot to offer each other: you will find new inspiration from her great cards and she will appreciate your visit and your encouragement!  Welcome, Sammy, and thank you!!

Enjoy your day!  No, seriously, enjoy.  LITS*!  
As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to leave a comment and/or join as a follower!
*Life Is Too Short!  


AppleApricot Wen said...

Oh my goodness, what a great shot of that green fella with eek nails! And lol, no I wouldn't have noticed your clever stamping trick. Your chubby birdie card is gorgeous, Darnell! The beautiful crochet makes it a cozy nest.
Thank you for your happy visit and sweet comment :)

Hugs and enjoy your day!

Kathyk said...

And, one assumes, the definition of hotch potch is "a mish mash"!!!

Lovely projects from you again today Darnell and well done on re-visiting the beach ball as an ornament - true thinking outside the beach!! (sorry, box!)

What a fabulous gecko pic - I have loads in my collection but none quite as cool as this one!

Happy Thursday


Lesley said...

Congrats on your well deserved win! Looks like a nummy lunch and a great time.

Sammy said...

Thank you Darnell, both for the kind introduction, and for making me hungry with that picture of the ginormous crepe...
Now I don't have a pan quite that big, but I'm sure I can just make a few smaller ones! ;-)
Have a fabulous day!

Cathy said...

Congrats on your win Darnell, great idea to up the ball to a bauble! :)

And Wow, what a fantastic pic of the gecko, he looks amazing! Cathy x

Sue said...

Congrats on your win Darnell and for using the stamp in such a clever way.
Your bluebirds look adorable and I love the crochet frame.
Such an amazing photograph, will show my hubby later as he is a keen 'quirky' photographer.
sue xx

None None said...

Congrats on your PPA pick, Darnell! It is well deserved with that awesome card! Who would have ever thought you used a beach ball? Love the out of the box thinking.

Now I am in the mood for a crepe... Only problem is that we don't have a creperie around here. :(

Love your sister's photo - she should definitely send that in for publication!

Danni said...

So many fun things in your post today!! I adore Harriet--how fun to get to hang out with her!
Congrats on the PPA pick!
Love the card with the birds, so pretty!
and your sister's photo is just awesome!!

Karen Petitt said...

Fantastic photograph from your sister! I thought it was holding his hand up waiting for Diana to high five him or saying 'how you doing' or 'wassup' lol!
I do love those rather rotund birdies - yep they are going to slide down soon! Must investigate these mats Karen x

Allisa said...

OMG, I thought the gecko was the GEICO lizard! Great pics!

Colleen said...

Although I loved your card, and think you are quite clever...your stories cannot be beat! You have such way with words...were you an author in your other life? ha ha...love that gecko pic...OMG, he is just like the guy on TV...awesome! Thanks Darnell for making my day!

Redanne said...

Many congratulations Darnell on your well deserved win and for using the stamp in such an original way!

Diana's photo of the gecko is just genius. I think she should try to sell it too, it is amazing!

The crepe - wow, it sure looked good.... Hugs, Annie xx

Lisa Elton said...

Congrats on your beachy Christmas card win!! Lunch looks like it was yummy and filling! And holy cow on your sister's photo, how CUTE is that little neon fella.

Kim Heggins said...

Darnell, what a wonderful post and I see you know the same ladies that were on Harriet's blog too, too funny! Congrats on your win and that photo that your sister took is just too darn cute. Oh and your card, so pretty.

Kristie Goulet said...

So much fun stuff to comment on today! First off, congrats on your win and thanks for sharing the picture of the yummy crepe, love crepes! The photo of the three of you is GREAT! So fun getting together with bloggie friends. You all look so happy together. :)

Great cards too!

cm said...

Friends, good food, fine card-making, an amazing photo to gaze at: sounds like one fabulous day!! Congrats on the win - and guess whtat - today's lesson in Summer Card Camp is using holiday stamps in a unique way. I wonder if using non-holiday stamps in a holiday way would qualify? I say post it in the gallery; it's a winner after all! Thanks for sharing such cheeriness!!

Unknown said...

The crepe looks delicious and I'm glad you had such fun meeting up with your crafting buddies. I find it hard to believe someone could be more organised than you and your playhouse.

Love the photo of the gecko - he looks like one cool dude!

Clever use of the beach ball stamp too.

Jenni's Jems said...

Congrats on your win and very well deserved too! I love the photo and your right I had sooo many captions running through my head when I looked at it too! Haven't visited for a while but wow some lovely creating going on! x

Unknown said...

Oh Dippy it looks like you had such fun with Harriet and Kim.......and those crepes look amazing! Strangely when I read your recipe at the end of your bauble/beachball post and saw the stamp set you'd used I couldn't figure out why they would have a Christmas bauble in a summer set.....,.but then I just thought "well, it's American..........!" lol. You crafty little so and so - brilliant :o) Gorgeous card for Bonnie and love the crocheted mats. Love the photo of that cute gecko with freshly manicured nails! Obviously talent runs in the family.


Karen x

Craftychris said...

ooh the Gecko is the cutest thing ever! What an amazing photo. Love both the cards - the bauble card is so inventive and I love the birds. The crepe looks so yummy - it seems like you and your friends had a lovely time and the photo of the three of you is lovely! xx

Geri said...

Seriously? A beach ball....you so cleverly and adeptly planted the seed that yes, it was a Christmas ornament and most of us never thought twice about it! Love the resourcefulness of it all :)

Beautiful card - what an incredible way to showcase Jessi's handiwork! Gives the card a beautiful vintage feel. Love the colors of the flowers in combo with the birds.

Stunning creation dear friend!

Now about Mr. Gecko....After, a kazillion pictures, I'm sure he is likely telling your sister:

"Don't make me come over there..."

Deepti said...

I would have ever realized tht it was a beach ball stamp if u hadn't mentioned it :) that's known a maximization of resources :) and the photography of your sister is super cool, she captured an amazing moment :)

Jessi Fogan said...

Ah, helpful definitions. Sometimes I think those compiling dictionaries are really just messing with us.
Crepe. Crafty friends. Awesome!
LOVE how you showed off that mat - and yep, those birds are going to slide right off. They make me think of the Pixar shorts 'the birds', actually, since those birds were also blue.

Bobby said...

hotch potch? Have I been saying it wrong all these years? I thought it was hodge podge. lol Congrats on your win with the schizophrenic card. You also won on Color Throwdown. Looks like a good week for you. I love the idea you get together with bloggie friends. I wish there were some around me.

JD/ Jill said...

Congrats on your win! So clever to use that stamp. and NO, I did not pick up on that...smile...
Great pics on your blog today. (actually, there are always great pics on your blog) Looks like you had fun with your crafting buddies. and did I ever tell you that crepes are my favorite? I have a favorite place to go for breakfast and they make the best crepes there.
I like the card with the crocheted edge, it might inspire me to get out my crochet hook...maybe...
and before I forget...I gave you another shout out on my blog today.
Hope you have a great weekend!

Viv said...

How are ya doing Dr Arnell?:)could just eat that crepe, gorgeous cards and love that cute gecko too. Have a lovely weekend, boiling here too :) Viv xx

Vicki Dutcher said...

Oh good grief - where to start.. So [jealous]happy you all get to stamp together -- I would love that! -- great use of the beach ball -- and YES your sister's photo is so TV COMMERCIAL bound -- she seriously needs to upload that to Geiko!! [Facebook anyone?] They could voice over and WA LA - your sister could be famous, just like you. :)

Bonnie said...

That's an unbelievable shot of that gecko! He's much cuter than the one on tv! It makes me chuckle that he's waving to her! And I'm still enjoying that beautiful card. The darling bluebirds are staying well perched. No sliding at all! Thanks again, my friend.

Renee said...

What a creative way to use a beach ball...
I would have never guessed!
And adorable little birds...
I know your friend appreciated it more than words could ever say!
And so jealous that you got to see Kim's Mickey room...
and hand with her...
she's just a doll and I absolutely adore her!
What a great shot your sis got of that little guy...
seriously should send it to Geico! :)

alexandra s.m. said...

Oh Darnell it is always such a pleasure to come and visit you! Love the cards (of course) and the precious pictures. Love the fact you could meet some Friends from the blog land (that crepe looks delicious!) and the Geiko? what?! Incredible!
Thank You, Thank You!

Vicky Hayes said...

I had to look up hotch potch to see if it said mish mash but it didn't - it said hodge podge which it then said meant a stew. Then my brain hurt so I moved onto cards. The beach ball as a bauble is just the kind of clever thinking I'd expect from you Darn Ell! Love the photo of you cavorting in the craftroom with your bloggy chums too and then there was a bonus card with the cutest chubbiest birds on it - love it! Vicky x

Ros Crawford said...

Hi there! Thanks so very much for your comment ... I don't ever mean to be intimidating Lol! It's a simple project but I think the drama of black and white and the photos perhaps give it something a little extra.
I love your idea of the beach balls for baubles ... I wouldn't have notice if you hadn't have said ... and the crochet mat is beautiful!
The photos crack me up ... what a terrific shot!
Have a lovely day ... you have a great name BTW!

G Peplow said...

Hi Darnell, Great to see a lovely pic of you with your crafty friends:D Beautiful cards here again today, love the beach ball baubles LOL And what a cute lizard, he is posing beautifully! Congratulations on your card being showcased at LIM, great job and many thanks for your kind congrats to me :D Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Gay x

Anonymous said...

So... What you're telling us is that you are clever & tricky!?! Oh boy, we better keep an eye on you!!!
I saw that über huge crepe on Kim's blog & I have to say that I was drooling ... Lol. Glad you got to hang with your peeps!!

Most important news of all -- CONGRATS on your featured card!!!!!!!! It always feels amazing to have that kind of positive feedback !!!!!!!! :) :)) :))

Anonymous said...

Uh, love the lizard /- he's super cool in a creepy kind of way !! Lol

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Wow! This post is filled with inspiration, yummy goodness, and a fab photo by your sister!

LOVE that crepe-- OH MY! I want a bite right now! YUM!

I love that you were able to meet some of your crafty friends-- that's awesome!

I know I've said it before about that card-- but I LOOOOOOOOOOVE that you said you created the little hangers for those ornaments! You can't even tell- looks like it's part of the stamp! LOVE!

And that photo from your sis is AWESOME! LOVE how you can see the nails/etc. What a great shot!

ps...THANKS for stopping by my blog! You've made my day! <3

Jen W. said...

Your crepe date sounds like so much fun! I think one of these days I'm gonna do an around the world trip where I visit all my bloggie buddies. :D
Your card rocks! Genius use of the beach ball stamp - you can't even tell that you hand drew the hanger on thingies!
Your sister's photo is brilliant! What a gorgeous gecko and clearly he just wants a high five. Or maybe a cold drink...

Karen M said...

I love that cute gecko - he looks like he is waving to us all. Great card too but I can hardly take my eyes off those yummi looking crepes...how I wish I lived closer to you all! Hugs xx

Unknown said...

that gecko is adorbs! i love that you tricked me ;) onecraftymama's crocheted mats are gorgeous!