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July 5, 2013

Aaahh New Baby ~ ATCAS #16; Fusion #13; NBUS #17; Pixie's #79; PDC #189

And we're back around to Friday ~ whoosh!

I hope everyone in the U.S.A. had/is having a wonderful 4th of July holiday/weekend.  I was out of sorts and laid low.  Fortunately, our long hot spell is spose to break today and it can't happen soon enuf for me.  If you are wishing for heat where you live, I'm sending it your way!   
I tried to find the origin of "out of sorts."  It seems ill-defined and most often connected to May Laze, a pale woman from a well-known French family dating back to the 12th century.  My guess is that once again, a lack of enunciation was the true root of the term. 
I think we are all familiar with those days, no matter what country we live in, when we have ten hundred things to do and the husband yells from the bedroom, "Hon, I'm out of shorts." 
And so, of course, it happened that one morning in Olde England, Mariel was having tea in the kitchen with her neighbour, Samantha, when the call came from the back of the house. 
"Whatever is he bellowing?" asked Samantha.
"Oh, tush, ignore him," replied Mariel, "he's just out of sorts."
My card today is for several challenges.  Many of the challenges have sponsors and prizes, which is always appreciated!  To shorten my post, I hope that you will use the links to check out the details.
Addicted to CAS (ATCAS) where the code words are "take flight."
Fusion Card Challenge which is lasting a whole month and where the inspiration is this adorable hypothesis:

I fused the two team challenges for my card, using birdies in my take of Jackie's sketch.
Pixie's Crafty Snippets Playground where the only requirement is that you use a snippet (scrap) or two, or however many you can, on your card.  Oh, and it helps if you like to engage in shinanagins.  Gins, you say?
The Play Date Café where the theme is "trendy colors" of burgundy, terra cota, and icy blue:

My card:

The stamps, both Hero Arts birds and PTI sediment are NBUS (never-before-used-schtuff).  There are four birds in this Hero Arts set.  They came to me in a grab bag a long time ago, and now I can't wait to use them again!  This card is so cute IRL, and looks like it needs nothing else to my CAS eye, but now that I'm looking at it on the monitor, I think a little eye bling wouldn't hurt. 

The doorbell to the Playhouse has been quiet lately, so I'm pickled tink to introduce you to our new friend, Rasz, of Rasz Art.  And she's not kidding with that blog name, this lady creates some incredible art!  You'll truly enjoy your visit to meet her!  Welcome, Rasz, and thank you for joining in our funfest!!

Did I tell you we've had our granddog, Duke, again this week?  It's been so bleeping hot that every evening he's cooled off by trying to catch the evil spray from the garden hose!

Hello, Papa?
  Slight problem here with this rag you're using!

Enjoy your day!  No, seriously, enjoy.  LITS*! 
As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to leave a comment and/or join as a follower!
*Life Is Too Short!  

Paper:  PTI spring rain, vintage cream
Stamps: Hero Arts "Decorative Birds II, III, IV,
  PTI "Baby Button Bits"
Inks:  SU! bravo burgundy, PTI spring rain,
  canyon clay
Dies:  Memory Box "Leafy Branch" and
  PTI "Take Three"
Corner Chomper


scrappymo! said...

Awww...that dog is so darned cute! Must be fun to have him for a few days at a time! Almost as good as having the twinks!!!

Kathyk said...

Love the dog pix!!! So glad NOT to be where THE HEATWAVE is - bad enough at 30°c!

Love your cute card, Darnell and have a splendiferous weekend


Di said...

Super card Darnell - and I love your out of sorts explanation :)

I think we ought to adopt Duke as our Playground Mascot - how does he get on with sheep, a goat, a donkey etc. etc?

And you did send us the sun - yay! It's set to be hot here over the weekend - no doubt the country will be 'out in their shorts'. A sight to behold in the supermarket - amongst the skimpy sundresses. The UK does go a bit mad and lose all sense of propriety at the glimpse of sunshine!

Hugs, Di xx

Redanne said...

Hi Darnell, so sorry to hear that you have been out of sorts, hope you feel much better today (despite that heat!). We have sun today....yay! Love the pics of Duke, bless him for trying to stay cool. Love the card too, I have that set of stamps....somewhere in the depths... Hugs, Annie xx

Anonymous said...

You know, my youngest was out of shorts today, too!!! I need to do the laundry!! It's still piled high from vacay & it just won't wash itself...!?! ;)) ;))
But, seriously (for a moment anyway!) -- I do hope you feel better soon! It's been a really rough spring/summer here in the Carolinas & the allergies have been off the charts. I feel out of sorts & with a migraine every other day! (Hope you aren't feeling as bad as I do... Because it's not pretty!!)
Speaking of pretty, I love your clever card & how you were able to FUSE all of those challenges together!
You are a pro for sure!
Feel better, Darnell !!!

Sue said...

Sorry to hear that you have been feeling out of sorts Darnell. I hope that you are feeling better soon and that your weather cools down.
I love your card, cute images and fabulous design.
Gorgeous photos of Duke, thanks for making me smile!
Take care
Sue xx

Di said...

Forgot to say, your link was fine Darnell - and the photo is there :)

Sheesh - it's already a scorcher here today. When I go to the supermarket I JUST might have a quick lie down in the freezers to cool down :)

Hugs, Di xx

Carol L said...

That's such a cute baby card, and those are such amusing photos of Mr Duke! Who knew a dog could stand so tall to catch some water spray! Funny! Stay cool if you can - our humidity in the east is suffocating!

Anonymous said...

Super card Darnell. Good luck with the challenges. Thank you for playing along with the ATCAS challenge and for sharing your project. Beautiful dog!
Florence x

Bobby said...

You are just too funny. :) Great that you could do one card for four challenges. And use NBUS besides. Doesn't look like you're out of shorts to me.

Jenny said...

Hi Darnell, I finally grabbed a moment to blog hop thanks to our spell of hot weather because I should be walking our mutt but its just too hot!!! Love your thoughts on the origins on "out of sorts"... you're most probably right :0)
Sweet card, love the birdies perched in the branch and a good challenge combo too :0)
Jenny x

Beanie said...

reading your blog always brings a smile to my face! I think it's great how you combine so many challenges into one card.. that is so amazing!

Mrs A. said...

Now where'd you learn that turn of phrase!. You sure he wasn't shouting where's the Port!!! I like your birdie card very mucho. Do hope Miss Di is not referring to me senses of propriety.
Twill have a sundress on at the weekend but I have been instructed to put pegs on the bottom and wear me bestest knickers. Hmm there wos just one incident when I wasn't but agin it wos all The Docs fault and we wos all at sea.
Hugs mrs a.

Craftychris said...

I love your card, those birds are sooooooo cute! Love Duke's photos too xx

JD/ Jill said...

As always, Another great post from you. You always start my day with a smile. Your card is absolutely adorable, and I hope I can case the idea...Love it! Hope you are feeling better. I was really out of sorts last week, when I didn't have any A/C.

OH Babs said...

Sorry you have not been feeling well. We were on vacation in Angels Camp for a week with our two sons and their families and the heat was bearable until the humidity arrived. Thank goodness we had a pool close to the condos and AC. Yesterday we left for home and the temps hit around 107 someplace along I-5 and when we reached Oceanside it was 73. I can't wait to get back to card making. Hope you feel better.

shirley-bee said...

This card is so sweet! When you look at the images, they're definitely daddy bird, mummy bird and baby bird.

Hope your sorts are now back in. For all our sakes.

jimlynn said...

Darnell, this is so sweet (tweet) and pretty. I'm in total love with that color blue and love your design for this! Fabulous card.
Duke really must love that water....so much fun!

Unknown said...

Hi Dippy - sorry to hear you've been out of sorts (nothing to do with the shock of becoming a year younger?)!!! lol Seriously though hope you're feeling better soon. Love your explanation of "out of s(h)orts" - classic and another Knaussism......d'you reckon I can copyright that word??? Love your card....those birdies are super cute. Thanks so much for joining us for this challenge at A2CAS.

Karendipity x

Anonymous said...

Totally cute card, Darnell ... and a wonderful explanation of 'out of sorts'! Seems that Duke is a cool dancer ... this demo proves it! Anita :)

Joyce said...

Hope you have cooled off and are feeling better. Your card for today is wonderful, and how cool that it is for so many different challenges.

Kim Heggins said...

Looks like Duke has the right idea about keeping cool...fabulous photos Darnell. Your card is so cute and your sweet little birdies look so adorable on your wonderful branch...love those little guys!

Linda said...

Great card Darnell and glad to hear you are feeling better. BTW, Happy belated birthday....

cm said...

Hope your 'sorts' get reined back in; swelter-fests are just too dang taxing on the body, psyche, nerves, the works! Your card is darling - which suggests that despite out-of-sortedness, you can still work magic! And grandson, Duke - I want to give him hugs and smooches! Excellent post, card, photos; excellent YOU!!

Carole said...

Sweet baby card and fun pics of your grand dog...he's really tall. I hope your out of sorts gets sorted out:)

Bonnie said...

I think this is perfect as is, Darnell! No bling necessary! I hope you've got your sorts reined in!

Ardyth said...

This is a really neat idea - I love the way the bird panels are 'tucked' into the tone on tone tree!

~amy~ said...

Love your take on the Fusion Challenge...cute puppy too:) Thanks for joining us at Fusion!

Karen M said...

Really cute card Darnell - I love all the birds:)I hope you haven't melted with your heat-wave.....I am looking at snow covered mountains - maybe we could meet in the middle for some perfect days LOL - hugs xx

Kelly Griglione said...

Hahaha, I totally believe you! I just heard a couple days ago that same darn question re: the shorts. They are folded on the laundry room floor because no one has picked them up yet!

Love your sweet birdie take on the FUSION challenge, thanks so much for playing! The tone on tone branch is such a nice touch. I always leave your posts wishing I could have you over for a craft night.

Jessi Fogan said...

AND YOU'D THINK I'D LEARN not to be drinking coffee while reading what you've written...but no. I am a slow learner. May Laze, indeed. LMAO!
And yes, the bleeping shorts. I'm sorry to hear that you were feeling out of shorts yourself. I do NOT do well in the heat and even my heat-loving hubby was a monster this weekend. Do not send any more heat up here ;)
That photo of Duke's nose poking out of the rag is just too cute. What a pup!
I'm lucky enough to have just gotten that sentiment from a friend, and I can't wait to use it. Birds are so fabulous for baby cards!

Leslie Germain said...

what a sweet new baby card. Love how you used the birds along with the colors. I am so happy to be sponsoring this play date cafe challenge. Stop by and say hi.

Jen Cuthbertson said...

What a fun take on the color story this week! Thank you for playing along with us at The Play Date Cafe!

Rachel said...

what a lovely creation and beautiful granddog!!! Thanks for joining us in the Play Date Cafe!
-Rachel w k

Lyndal said...

Fab baby card Darnell! So glad you joined in the fun @ FUSION :)