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April 18, 2013

LIM #115 ~ OLC Film d'Piction of Old Broads

Greetings, Cardlings!

An expression that has always intrigued me is "to rack one's brain."  Am I the only one who gets a mental picture of brains being squished into that little triangular rack on a pool table, just so, and then POW they are smashed with a mental cue stick?  What's left behind on the table, like magic, is whatever fantastic idea or answer that's been evading you?
Well, no wonder, that's prolly why I'm having my grains, all that racking and smashing trying to come up with a card idea for this week's Less Is More challenge! 
Chrissie and Jen want us to make a card inspired by a film.  Oh, and just for torture, they want us to make a one-layer card! 
The hard part was not thinking of a film, the hard part was thinking of a film that I could express with stamps I own.  This was the best I could do:

I'll wait here for a couple of minutes while you rack your brains thinking what the heck movie I'm trying to d'pict. 
Give up?  Well, no wonder, and I'm in trouble with Chrissy and Jen for that very reason, because they included this fine print in their challenge:  "Any film will do, but preferably one that most people will have heard of."  Oops. 
So I look at it this way, I got to play in a fun challenge that I rarely miss, which is the main thing, not so much the winning.  Which I won't be doing because ... well, have ANY of you heard of this film???

Just look at all those awesome iconic movie stars together in a film we've never heard about, or at least that I've never heard about.  And I love that the movie poster says, "They're Back!" like this is a sequel!  I've never heard of this one, let alone a prequel or a sequel!  But there it was, as big as life, in the Googler bucket so I grabbed it and used it to inspire my card!
If you've been with me since this time last year, you may remember that we had a little lizard that lived in the back yard.  Her name was Lizzy.  We had to rack our brains to think of that name for her. 
Unfortunately, I accidentally killed her with snail bait.  It made me extremely sad that I did that, so you can imagine how happy I am to share that I was visited yesterday by a new little Lizzy in the backyard! 
She is still pretty shy, so this was the best photo I could get for now:
It's hard to tell scale from the picture; she's only a couple of inches long.  We have this block retaining wall with cracks which are just perfect for her to live in.  And, no worries, I am content to live with whatever snails Lizzy II doesn't dine on!
Enjoy your day which is very close to being the weekend!  No, seriously, enjoy your day.  LITS**!
Thank you so much for stopping by the Playhouse. Special thanks to you if you take the time to leave a comment or join as a follower! 

**Life Is Too Short!
Paper:  PTI white
Stamps from Art Impressions
Ink:  Versafine black;
  Embossing Arts black EP
  SU! markers
Corner Chomper


Carol L said...

I just want to laugh when I look at your card with that group of ladies having fun! I'd like to be among them right now :)

Redanne said...

I like the ladies too, especially the one with the rollers in her hair and the fabulous slippers! Sorry but I have never heard of the film either but it looks like it might have been fun....... Lizzy No. 2 is so cute and so tiny, you did well to get the photos, you clever girl..... Hugs, Annie xx

jimlynn said...

Cute little Lizzie and a precious card! Yes, I actually remember the movie too - an oldie but goodie for sure! CUTE!

Bonnie said...

I thought of Steel Magnolias when I saw this card! I'll bet The Old Broads was a firecracker of a movie. Can you imagine Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor together in a movie! I'd think there'd be some sparks flying unless it was before Eddy strayed. Giving away my age aren't I.

Ellen Taylor said...

That is a tough challenge but you sure rocked it! Love that image with the old broads having a good time~Anything that makes me think of Carol Burnette makes me smile!:) A winner in my books.
So happy you have a new backyard friend!

Bobby said...

I thought of "Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood". Google that and see if you don't think it fits your adorably funny card.

Cathy said...

Hi Darnell, your image is fabulous! I don't know the movie but then I don't watch many :)

Your Lizzy is gorgeous, we had a lace monitor that used to come onto our verandah to eat my garlic chives and mint!! Fortunately its moved on now! I'm just happy with the frogs clambering on my windows to eat the bugs at night time!:)

Lisa Elton said...

You are such a hoot Darnell!!! I love to come visit and what a FUN card today. Lizzy II is cute too...well I guess if lizards can be cute ;)

Happy Dance said...

How did you get a stamp with me in it?? I'm the one on the far left...This is a great card. I think you've captured "These Old Broads" perfectly! Great coloring and I'm enamored with the image. With a name like Lizzy, she's going to be a good girl. Have a good evening. Bev

JD/ Jill said...

Cute, fun, card. But I'm sorry to say that I never heard of that movie either...Like Bonnie, I thought it might be steel Magnolias.

Virginia L. said...

GREAT choice of stamped card inspired by a movie! I love your coloring on the women--so vivid and fun! Thanks for sharing the photo of your new Lizzy.

Joyce said...

Oh, I do love this card. A real hoot.

Sue said...

I love that fun image, they look like they are having a good time!
Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Oh i LOVE it Darnell- Who cares if we have never heard of the film-although it does look like fun !
And what a fabby stamp-those girls know how to enjoy themselves LOL !
Please look after little Lizzytwo this time will you hun ! :)
Hugs,Nessa xx

Sue - said...

Just love that fun stamp. Never heard of the film but never mind 'cos not everyone had heard of mine even though I consider it a classic - but very British!!

Amanda said...

Perfect card and the images did remind me of the characters on the poster too, never heard of that film but before I saw the poster I was thinking of the first wives club with goldie hawn lol. Sorry about Lizzy. Hugs, Amanda x

Vicky Hayes said...

If we were to have a 'ladies night in' Darnell, it would look a bit like this I'm sure! Please can I be the one with the green PJs and those (squee!) rabbit slippers?! I don't care whether I've heard of the film or not - the card is perfect! Vicky x

shirley-bee said...

... Or it could be an advert for Tena Lady?

Love the fun image and your sentiment :)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

The middle two gals are dead ringers for me and Julia!!! Lol. We definitely fit into the Old Broads category....and nope, I've never heard of that film either!
LLJ xx

Anonymous said...

Don't know the film, but it is a fun, fab image! Anita :)

Craftychris said...

I haven't heard of that film but its got to be fun with that cast! Your card is fab fun too! Its so cool you have Lizzy II. Bless! xx

Kelly Griglione said...

Well look at all those broads! I don't even want to think of how long it took you to color all this in. So many colors, it looks printed. Fabulous job!!

Allisa said...

Sorry to hear of Lizzie's passing! I was scrolling through pics in my reader and thought there is Lizzy and then I read your text! Hopefully Lizzy II will warm up to you soon!

Ardyth said...

That is a fun image - I love the colours you've used and the looks on their faces! I also love that you're so welcoming to the little critters in your back yard. I'm quite happy to look at your photos, not sure I want to come across one outside (too cold here, anyway!)

Sian Ridley said...

What a fun image! I think that's how my other half see's me and the girls when we get together!! :) I'm pretty sure the ladies at LIM will let you off with this one - it is a film after all :)

You're so lucky to get such interesting creatures in your garden - the most exciting thing we've ever seen in ours is a frog! Slightly different climate over here though, I'd be worried if I saw a lizard! :)

Jean said...

Fantastic coloring ~ (even if I didn't guess the movie) ~ Love your card!!! Thanks for sharing the new Lizzy.

Chrissie said...

I'm sorry this is such a late visit, but I have been cruising on the Rhine for a week and have just got back.
It's a super card Darnell, those gals sure look the business... my brains were racked too!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Jenny said...

Haha.... not sure what the joke is but I wish I was in on it too :0) brilliant stamp, I have one of that range which I bought because I laughed out loud over it!!
What wonderful wildlife you have, lizzards (big or small) are rarely seen over here..especially in gardens but do remember seeing them a lot when visiting the vinyards around Lake Geneva :0)
Jenny x