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April 8, 2013

LIM 114; Pixie's 67; ~ and A Heartfelt Thank You


I made you a limeandblack card for this week's Less Is More color challenge.  Is it just me or does "limeandblack" sound like a fancy drink with about five ingredients?  After you have one, you start thinking you're Edward Lear and begin to recite limeandricks.
I hope you get a chance to play this week.  Chrissie and Jen outdid themselves with their outstanding cards!  After I post this, I'm heading over to see all the other entries.  This is such a well-loved challenge that I always find noodles of inspiration.

And because my lime is but a snippet (no one seems to have much of it!), I get to join in the fun at Pixie's Crafty Snippets Playground!  It always feels good to be "green" and use our snippets, even more so this week!
Here's my card:
I used the Memory Box "Crisp Bows" die.  It comes with two bows, but I have only used them as flowers, so far, coz I think they make the cutest flowers.  I'm not sure if you can see that I inset the discarded bits into the negative die for the two side-by-side "petals" and then added a third "petal" snippet in the middle. It reminds me of a flower doing a courtesy curtsy.
A curtsy and a "hi" are definitely in order today as we happily welcome four new fantastic friends to join us!  It's my pleasure to introduce you to:
Diane of Nellies Nest
Nancy of Sweet Gatherings

Sharon (Glittertastic) of Making the World Sparkle
Thank you, ladies, and welcome!  Once again, a Vera Table of enjoyment and inspiration will be had when you visit these links!!

Bloggie Gratitude

I've reached a breath-catching milestone in writing this little bloglet in that I now have over 250 followers.  Like life, it feels like not very long ago I was checking every day to see if I could find ten people who would hit that "follow" button (wishing, please, please, please) and now here I am surrounded by all of you! 
It is impossible to put into words, even my kookie made-up words, how appreciative I am of your following and your support and your encouragement.  I've never even had blog candy for you either, which makes you even kinder than kinder!
So I was thinking.  Then I had to have a lie down.  Then I thought, what would I do IRL to show my gratitude?  But of course, I would send you a thank you card!  So I would like to send each one of you, every special one of you, a homemade thank you card.
If you would like to receive one, please email me your snail mail address.  I can't promise how quickly you will receive one, but you will receive one, wherever you live in this wonderful universe.  My email address (typed out to avoid spammers) is:  darnell dot knauss at gmail dot com.
  Thank you, again!  You guys are the best!  Enjoy your day! 

*Life Is Too Short!
Paper:  PTI white, true black;
  unknown lime
Die:  Memory Box "Crisp Bows";
  Parker "Small Alphabet"
SU! pearl


carol (krillsister) said...

Cute card. Your flower intrigued me. Very creative to use the bow die.

Lisa Elton said...

What a snazzy flower Darnell you clever girl!! Looks great with the black and white. Thanks for the special welcome ;)

Chris Simon said...

What an eye-catching card. Your bow/flower is so clever! It never would have occurred to me to make a flower from the bow, but it's perfect.

Greta said...

How clever using the bow die cut for flowers--love it--& love your card!

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

Fantastic card, gorgeous idea,
hugs Tamara P.

Anonymous said...

Fabby lime and black card this week Darnell(you know when i first read the challenge all i could think of in my head was Larger and black!!)Hmmm a drink from my youth-might have to let my tastebuds revisit one day !
The reason you have sooo many followers Darnell is because you are a lovely genuine,kind a witty lady(not to mention awesome cardmaker!)-my daily visit to your Blog always makes me smile.
What a lovely offer of your cards (you arn't serious are you hun?)you will never see the light of day if you have to make 250 cards ! that wouldn't do-i NEED my Darnell happy fix each day.
xxx Nessa xx

Di said...

Wow, I love your lime LIM card and such clever use of that bow Darnell!

Now, about making 250 cards, you wanna'nother lie-down while you rethink? For us, seeing your fun creations on-screen and reading your blog is much more important honey. I'm lucky as I do have one of your delightful cards, but it would be a back breaking undertaking for you!

Hugs, Di xx

Kathyk said...

Well, we were happy to follow your talented and uber witty blog Darnell - careful what you wish for because you COULD end up with all 250 of us sending our snail mail addresses!!!!

Happy 250 followers mate!


Kathyk said...

Oh darn it Darnell! You quite put me off the purpose of my visit! Your lime and black "cocktail" card is divine, dahlink!


Sue - said...

Absolutely stunning Darnell. It's our pleasure to follow you as your posts are always happy ones and give me a good chuckle each day.

Sue said...

Such a fabulous card Darnell. I love the way you have used that MB die.
I have to agree with all your other lovely blogging friends, we all enjoy visiting you. You make us smile with your words and wonder at your wonderful creations.
Sue xx

Jen Nelson said...

congrats on your followers.. I was very much the same when I started.. starting blogging was an adventure for me and I've just gone over 300 follows...
I love seeing your creations and reading you fab stories as well as getting your amazing comments!

Keep it up sweetie...

Jen xx
P.s Thanks for joining us this week
"Less Is More"

Brandi said...

Wow! Stunning card with striking colors!

Happy Dance said...

Oh you clever girl. This is so fun. Love lime (ade mixed with gin too!). Your pretty little flower just pops with the black. Yum! And as to writing 250+ TY notes, well, that is such a wonderful and kind thought dear friend, and I suspect, the thought is all your followers need. We feel your love every day. Why not drink a toast to each of us instead?! Woohoo! Bev
P.S. we'll toast you back!

JD/ Jill said...

Cute card....that design really pops!
Congrats on your milestone...Your cards and comments make your blog always a joy to visit.

Annette Allen said...

wow this is so cool...love the color combo and great design..

Suze Bain said...

You're so clever creating a flower from a bow and I love the little smiley face. Well done on your huge following too, you're like the blogging pied piper - we can't resist following your witty waffly tune! Xx

Unknown said...

This is a genius use of the crafty bits we often discard. I love the perfect die cutting and layout. I'm so totally sending you an email. I would love to have my very own Darnell original! xx

shirley-bee said...

I think you got up from your lie-down a little too early Darnell! Apart from the time it would take you, imagine the cost of the postage! I think Bev Happy Dance's idea is wonderful - you drink a toast to each of us (not in the same night, though), and we'll toast you back. My choice is G&T, ice and a slice (lime, of course!).

Anyway, love your clever use of the dies on this fab card.

Chrissie said...

I love to read your posts Darnell, they always make me smile!
Very many congrats on all your lovely followers, I know why you have so many!
You are so complimentary about our blog and our cards for which I can only thank your most heartily!
Your card is as cute as ever and as for the reference to Limeandblack as a drink... it could possibly be lime juice and Guiness?... sounds awful!
Let me know if you ever try it!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Nan G said...

Love it! One limeandblack 'to go' please! :)

Susan said...

Darnell, your card is fabulous! I love how you've combined the lime and black. As for the drink....yuck! Sounds terrible!

Geri said...

Stunning card and yes it does look like the flower is doing a pretty little curtsy...just for us :)

250 followers - Wow! Just shows to go ya girl how many of us out here just love you to bits and cannot imagine a day without your fun, encouraging, entertaining posts that accompany the beautiful cards that you make. It should be us sending you 250 cards to say thank you for being wonderful you!

... plan B would be Bev's idea !!!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Love your take on the lime and black card. I have lots of lime paper! And no idea what to do with it.... it is so bright. It goes great with black though so I may have to think something along those lines. And yes, limeandblack sounds like a drink with 5 ingredients (or more) and yes, I think I'd like to have one right about now.

Anonymous said...

So stunning, Darnell, such creative use of the bow die and the extra snippet in the middle ... just delicious!

Equally delicious is your idea to celebrate your 250 followers (250 of us with great taste!). I'm with Bev, Shirley, Geri and many others ... reading your posts and seeing your fabulous cards each day is a thank you in itself from you to all of us ... our cardmaking world is all the better simply because you're in it! Anita :)

Aileen said...

Love your pop of lime on the black. The flower is just so cute. Well done on all your followers. You are such a treat to follow. x

Kristie Goulet said...

I absolutely LOVE your card Darnell and HUGE congrats on your 250 followers! I for one am so very thankful to have found your sweet blog. Your posts and cards always bring a smile to my face. :)

Anonymous said...

Such a striking and clever design Darnell! Fabulous!

Congrats on your 250 followers and many more to come, I'm sure!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Darnell, brilliant card - love the clover (or is it a shamrock).

Congratulations on reaching 250 followers - not surprising though - you write an entertaining post :) Oh, I so remember those days too when I'd check to see if anyone was interested enough in what I have to post to bother to follow on.

I think a 'lime and black' drink would probably be a mix of something awful like lime juice and Guinness - not for me but the EM might try it :)

Elizabeth xx

Carol L said...

I just LOVE this color combination and that wonderful floral die! Congrats on your large following too! Your offer is quite noble and I admire you for your generosity, but I couldn't think of putting you through such an expense! You thank me enough with your enjoyable posts and wonderful sense of humor on a daily basis, and that's all I need :)

Bobby said...

While a handmade Darnell card is tempting, the entertainment value of your blog alone is all the thanks I need. Your card is a stand out - or is that outstanding? ;)

Carol Cel said...

Hi Darnell,
Love your card. What a great way to use the bow die. And especially congrats on your 250 (now 250+) folowers. My life (mostly work) has been very hectic, and I've not been able to craft as I'd like -- but I always make time to check out what you're up to! Keep going, girl!

Jenny said...

That's such a creative way to use the die Darnell, I've used the waste as petals but never thought of using the whole thing as a seedling!! Perfect for the challenge :0)
Congrats on your growing following, your blog posts are always fun to read and usually thought provoking too..mmm Lime and black.... apple and liquorice ???
Jenny x

Carole said...

Brilliant clever and unique...Congrats on the milestone!

Sian Ridley said...

Well done you! Although it's hardly surprising that so many people love to drop by here - your cards are fab and the banter is awesome too :) I mean, a curtsying flower - that's just too good for words! Ha ha! A beautiful curtsying flower it is though :)

Jean said...

Love your bow / flower and how you combined the lime and black. A huge congrats on reaching 250 followers ~ of course it is no surprise since I would continue to follow even without any cards ~ just to read your very entertaining posts!

scrappymo! said...

Great idea to use the bow that way...yes...it does just look like a flower curtsy!

No need to send a card...you will fall over from exhaustion if you had to make that many...just fine with checkin and visiting you!

Bonnie said...

Thank you for all the joy you bring to so many! Perfect card for LIM!

MaryH said...

Firstly, LOVED your snippet card...I saw some of the limeandblack cards too...not a color I have in my arsenal either. Loved the MB die(don't got that one either!-couldn't figger out how I'd ever use it!). When you have time (LOL) I'd love a card from you! Who wouldn't?!!!! here's my email: jmhave44@charter.net (plez delete from comment), and I'll very happily send my snail crawling back to ya. TFS & Hugs

MaryH said...

Oh yez, forgot to say (how excited about the card I might get! LOL) BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!! And just saw the comment from our Bernie...another lovely to see as well!

Jenni's Jems said...

well done on making such a fab card(& really clever to use a bow die) and on reaching 250 followers!! x

Viv said...

What a fabulous card Darnell, I love your posts too....so funny...I tend to ramble a lot lol.Thankyou so much for the lovely comments too :) Viv xx

Gillian R said...

Fab card Darnell, I just love this colour combo, congrats on getting to 250 followers!

Craftychris said...

250 followers, how cool! You deserve them, your blog is blogtastic! I haven't been around much lately, sorry! xx

Kim Heggins said...

Darnell, congrats on 250+ followers, but I am not surprised. Your card is fabulous too. I love the green and black, so clean!

Sarn said...

Congrats on 250 followers already Darnell. I'm sure it'll be 300 before you know it as you are sooooo very entertaining and upbeat.

Not to mention talented too!

Sarn xxx

Bubbles said...

What a simply clever little card :)
Just visiting from the Crafty Snippets Playground,
at Patchwork Apples
# 35

Cathy said...

Hi Darnell, cute card and very clever use of the die ! Love visiting your blog, seeing your fantastic creations, and hearing your entertaining stories. I agree with the others, just keep going!! :) that's enough of a thank you Cathy x

Amanda said...

Gorgeous card Darlene, love that bow die too. Congrats on the 250 followers really well deserved. Hugs, Amanda x