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March 20, 2013

WOYWW 198 ~ Spring Postcards

Hi Guys!
It's Wednesday, it's hump day, and it's time for What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday (WOYWW), starring the mahvalous Julia Dunnit as hostess!  Please click over and see Julia for the details and join in the fun!  

I missed you last week!  I was knee-deep in satisfying chores at my sister's.  All went well, her house is staged for sale, and I'm back to playing!  Yippee biscuits!!
My desk for your today:

I am in between making birthday cards and Easter cards and playing with my brand-new chevron dies.  You can scroll down a bit to see the first card I made with the chevron dies; I am late to the craze and now I can't stop messing with them! 

I thought, especially if you're still in the convulsions of winter and getting snowed on, that you might like to see some Spring pretties from my plot on the planet.  No?  Thumb on down then and look away, quietly weeping.  If you're of sturdier stuff, gaze, and be filled with hope as it Springs eternal . . .
The blue carpet on the back wall area is Vinca. To think I was considering ripping it all out a month ago!! It is stunning in periwinkle blue all the way along the property.

Below is a nosegay of Pansies and Primroses.  Um, no, more like a posy, since nosegay means sweet-smelling.  I guess these would be called eyegay then, would they not, since they are sweet-looking? See how easy it is to make up a new word?  Just pass it on.
Enjoy your WOYWW blog hop or however else you're a participator in the day!  LITS*!  As always, I'll pop around to visit as many as I can.  Please let me know you stopped by so I can be sure and return the flavor!

*Life Is Too Short!



Redanne said...

Hi Darnell, it is lovely to see your desk with signs of play after being away for so long....... Glad that you are still enjoying the chevrons too, your last card was so striking! Love the pics of the garden, I am so happy that the nasty winter did not manage to kill everything off! Happy WOYWW, my friend...Hugs, Annie xx

Almo said...

Hi Darnell, Glad to see you back and that you managed to get all your chores done at the house. I like your chevron card in the last post, I cant see that its wonky though, or is that just me up to early! I can just see myself sitting in your Pretty garden there sipping a long glass of chilled wine - lovely. Hugs Mo x

Kathyk said...

Looking forward to seeing more of your work .... your "eye-gays" look super too btw!


Unknown said...

Hi Darnell,

I did still quickly photographs my working place this morning before I went into the office. I show my messy working place tonight.

I would so happy when we also had spring here in Hamburg, finally, but there's a lot of snow and it's very cold out there. I hate it!

Greetings from Hamburg!

Helen said...

so nice to see some spring flowers, it is taking so long to warm up!! Have a fun week. helen 8

CraftygasheadZo said...

Your desk is looking fab and I bet you are loving that new die! Thanks for sharing your lovely area, I can imagine sitting there and those flowers are stunning! Can't wait for my garden furniture to be uncovered and to be able to sit out in the sun! Enjoy desk hopping. Take care Zo xx 87

Jenny Marples said...

Oh Darnell that looks like one of the most wonderful places on the planet to be right now. Happy WOYWW, hugs Jenny #92

Sue said...

Your desk looks fab, all ready for action!
Gorgeous pictures too, thank you for sharing
Sue xx

Neet said...

Your lovely open window and the sunshine outside is a joy to behold. And be envious of!
Busy looking desk, lots to snoop at on there.
Great photos of the garden with those pretty flowers in the bed at the back and the pansies and primroses look fabulous bathed in the sunlight.
Off to look in your playhouse.
Thanks for sharing - Hugs, neet xx (2)

Sandy said...

Looks like you are having fun in the play house with lots of goodies all spread out and in use.. Your garden looks so sunny and the Vinca blue carpet just looks so pretty..
Sandy :) #9

Debs Willis said...

Hi Darnell, love the colourful garden, makes me smile :-) And glad you;ve had the chance to play again

happy woyww
Debs #85

Carol L said...

Happy first day of spring! Your flowers are just gorgeous, and I love the rich purple color of the pansy! My daffodils are currently popping up in spite of the recent (and future possibility of) snow! LOL

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

It's no longer St Paddy's Day but I'm GREEN with envy looking at your background with GREENery & beautiful flowers. I look out my window at snow.........sigh.......... But Spring will come soon and I have more time for crafting vs gardening! Always look at the bright side of life.. right:) Have a good one! Cheers, Shirleyx

ria gall said...

so good to hear that everything went well over at your sister's house. I think it is really lovely that your two sisters are going to live together how wonderful for them to suppport each other.
I am going up to York next week to stay with my sister for 10 days and we will craft together. She likes me to teach her new techniques and things so if is a lot of fun.
Your garden looks stunning it looks like snow is coming again for us.
Wishing you a very Happy WOYWW

Deb said...

Looks like spring is in full bloom there, it looks so lovely! Nothing is blooming here, not even daffodils although they are beginning to poke through!
I also noticed your window open, I so look forward to it being warm enough to open my windows again. I did it last week while I was cleaning on a warm day for just a little while, so lovely!

Karen said...

The gorgeous plants make us feel that spring should come soon....hopefully....!!! Happy WOYWW! Karen 140 x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers. I just commented on your private oasis too. I am in love with your new space. lol! Sue #126

Karin said...

I love the view from your craft desk, it's so light and airy.

Happy Wednesday #142

Jackie said...

Pleased it all went well at your sisters and the house is all staged and ready for sale....... It was kind of you to go over and help her out in that way!
Flowers look colourful and your garden is ready for sunny warm days
Jackie 17

Carole said...

I'm particularly passionate about purple pansy's...cute little monkey faces, and so hardy.Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the virtual visit to a land where it is actually spring. I try to maintain a c'est la vie attitude toward winter, but I am so, so, so sick of the cold and white. And here you are with pictures of blooming flowers and an open window and a cheery, busy desk . . . ahhhhhhh. Happy WOYWW! ~ Laura #115

JD/ Jill said...

I know it goes without saying...You are delighted to be back in your playhouse! I drool every time I see your playhouse and the beautiful patio surrounding it. Your photos are lovely, thank you for sharing...makes me believe that spring will soon be here...I am so ready!

aworkofheart said...

Hi Darnell, I spotted your name right away when I was posting on WOYWW for the first time today! What a wonderful workspace you have, and what a beautiful garden you are surrounded by...yes, I almost had to jump past it as we have so little green here, but instead I sucked it up and sucked it in...the colors are so gorgeous, and you are so kind to share them with me. Glad you are able to be home and playing, its so heavenly to be able to play! Cheers, Cathryn

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Vinca's pretty colour is its redeeming feature cos it's a bit of a thug in my garden...spreads like the devil!
Could ya spare a half hour's warmth and sunshine, ma'am?? We's mighty chilly over here and we needs some cheerin'...Pass me that sippin' liquor.
Where has Spring gone???
Hugs, LLJ #45 xx

Ali H said...

SO jealous that spring has sprung where you are !! Enjoy it whilst we are all still shivering away !! have a great week ! Ali # 22

lisa said...

I've just enjoyed a half hour sitting in your oh so comfy garden chair admiring those pretty blooms with the sun on my face. What bliss. Thanks so much for cheering up what has been another snowy dismal day. I know you've already heard it but send Spring over here pleeeeeese!!
Glad you are back to playing after being a great Sister and helping out with the chores.
Hugs Lisax #71

Bonnie said...

Your egay is gorgeous! The purple and bright yellow are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hi Darnell, Thank you for visiting me today with such a nice welcome to WOYWW. :) I appreciate your comments on my work too. Thank you! Hugs, Sue#126

Queen Lightwell said...

So happy to see you back and to hear things went well at your sisters. :) I love that your desk has that I've-been-knee-deep-in-creative-juju-and-no-one-can-get-me-out-of-here look to it! I'm late to the chevron party myself but it is fun to play around with, huh? Take care! Deeyll #161

Stampin Boots said...

A busy desk means fun has been had!!!

Beautiful flowers, very jealous of your Spring weather!

Happy WOYWW!

StampinBoots x #144

Eliza said...

So please to hear all is well with your sisters and those pansies are just beautiful, spring is in the air for you.

Happy Belated WOYWW
Eliza 24

Kim S said...

You know I love you...but sometimes I don't like you much. I cannot believe you can wander out of your playhouse and sit in that beautiful and peaceful area. Everything is brown in my corner of the world and, even if it weren't brown, I live on the prairie at the edge of Denver and I am surrounded by prairie grass and cactus - all of which I am allergic to!!!

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Darnell,

I love vinca! Oh, so glad you didn't rip it out. It's the perfect low-maintenance ground cover. Your chairs are so inviting. I may just look you up if I'm out your way again..... now that I know where you live! tee hee

So glad you are back from helping your sister. I imagine the three of you had quite a wonderful time, mixed in with some hard work.

Thanks for visiting me already. I'm slowly getting around to desks.

Kay (48)

Anne said...

Great work area you have, the 'eye gays' are so pretty. Anne x #162

Loll said...

Hi Dolly. Glad to see you back and happy to hear that all went well at your sister's. Lovely spot you have on this planet :) Beautiful garden and I'm jealous of all the colors you already have in your garden!! I have "periwinkle" too in my garden ... that's what us Canadians call it. Haven't looked out to see if it's blooming yet (it's at the side of the house that I don't use too often). Wish I could come by for a nice cup of tea with you on your beautiful patio. Lolly xx

Hettie said...

I am a little green with envy now having seen your pretty little garden!! Brrrrr! I am currently hugging my hottie over here! Our daffodils are confused and still not all out properly and I just heard the news that we are in for more white stuff this weekend! Grrr
Ho Hum...weekend is nearly here!
Happy Belated Hump Day!!

April said...

All that eye candy! Flowers and open windows! Lucky girl. April #138

Elizabeth said...

Hi Darnell, it's been a while since I popped in to see what you are up to but so glad I did. It looks to me as though you have your window open - it's bone-chillingly Baltic here - did someone say it was spring? Your garden is lovely and a cheering sight though - surely this cold snap won't last forever! Enjoy the weekend. Elizabeth x #55