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March 27, 2013

Bloglovin Confusion?! CFC95 ~ No Stamps II; LIM112 ~ Beads; CASology 37 ~ Hope

Happy Happy Thursday!!

Before I get into my card for today, I wanted to comment about all the blog chatter having to do with the demise of Google Reader, the push towards "Bloglovin," and the rising panic I'm sensing from blogs about losing followers. 

If I understand it correctly, the impact of the shutdown of Google Reader in a few months has to do with how you read blogs.  You will need a new way to read blogs, but it has nothing to do with losing followers.  If you use Blogger to read blogs, you don't need to do anything.  You don't need to put a Bloglovin button on your site for followers unless you want to freely advertise them as a new reader for people to use.  Feedly and others are also available.  You don't need to encourage everyone to switch over to any particular one just so you don't lose them as followers.

For detailed information and advice, I turned to my friend Kim S. over at Joyful Creations With Kim.  She has written an excellent post, entitled "Google Reader? Followers? Bloglovin? Confused??" which explains it all very well.  I urge everyone to click over and read what she has written and, of course, if I have misunderstood, or you have further clarifying information, please let me know.

~~~ Back to our regularly scheduled programming ~~~

I made a card to play in some of my faveright challenges.  The first is Less Is More hosted by the famous Chrissie and Jen.  This is week 112, it's a Recipe week, and the recipe is to use "beads."

I used beads on my card and since I also used no stamps, I'm entering a second time (in the last hours) in this week's fun "no stamps" challenge (week 95) at CAS-ual Fridays.

Here is my simple card:

The beads have been in a little baggie in my embellies stash for ages and ages, nicked off a store-bought card.  The paper is Bazzill.  The feather is from another container with other found feathers.  It is so strikingly white, I think it looks like it came from an angel's wings.

And even though it doesn't have a sentiment, because I think my feather looks like it came from an angel's wings, I think it is representative of "hope," so I am entering my card into this week's CASology challenge where that is the cue card word.

I keep a folder of inspirational quotes, but it wasn't until I went to bed last night that I remembered them.  Then when I got up this morning, my friend, Bonnie of Stamping with Klass had beat me to it, leaving this beautiful appropriate quote in her comment:

"Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all-"

by Emily Dickinson
Thank you, Bonnie!


Speaking of feathers, I thought you might like to see this old hummingbird nest I found in the yard yesterday at the foot of a small crepe myrtle tree.  I think it's a hummingbird's nest, but it might be a wee finch's nest.  I'm no ornery thologist. 


It was an interesting day for finding things down low and up high, cousin I looked up, I saw this:

I think the pilots were having a little Spring fever!  Or King of the Hill!  Or Chicken, Chicken!  Yikes!


Enjoy your day!  No, seriously, enjoy!  Look high and low!  LITS*! 
Thank you so much for stopping by the Playhouse. Special thanks to you if you take the time to leave a comment or join as a follower!


*Life Is Too Short!



Kim S said...

You just explained in a paragraph what it took me PAGES to explain. Great job! You are absolutely right!!

I love the stark white feather with those rich colors - truly gorgeous!

Susan said...

Girl you are some kind of craaaaazeee! Love it! I'm not too worried about google reader, I don't read my blogs that way. Kim did write a very thorough overview. LOVE your purty feather...or angel wing...it's still striking!

Unknown said...

Hi Darnell,
Love your feather.
Also thanks for providing the link to Kim's site where she explains about the confusion re the 'reader' thingy...very informative and my mind is now at rest lol.

Joyce said...

I love your feather card. It is perfect for all those challenges. And, thanks for those thoughts about Reader--I'll take your advice.

wienerhoneymooners said...

It is fresh and COOL!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ha ha Darnell.

I rather did feel bit Chicken little but dont think the sky is falling in.
The pilot was having fun wasn't he??

Couldn't make up his mind about which way to go..

a really great card, love the whole, and great post so agree with start, middle and end - God bless your Easter Shaz in Oz.x

Jenni's Jems said...

Great card Darnell it really tickled my fancy hee he and thanks for helping clear up all the confusion through Kims page x

Sue said...

Gorgeous card Darnell. I unique and beautiful design with the beads and feathers.
I am always amazed when I see the amount of work that has gone into building a bird's nest.
Thanks for sharing your fab photos

Sue xx

Kathyk said...

Smashing projects, lovely pix, sensible information for the technologically challenged AND humour? THE perfect post Darnell!


Janice said...

Thanks for the report on Bloglovin - like you I think its a panic over nothing and ain't rushing to do anything! Love your Hope card - very simple but very lovely too! As for the flight paths, bored pilots mucking around I'd say, then again it was maybe a secret kiss to someone special - that would be nice! Have a great day, Jx

Jessi Fogan said...

A CAS card with beads? I don't think I could do it! I love how they look on the feather - and I love the idea of the feather signifying hope.
The itty bitty nest? Aw! We get hummingbirds visiting occasionally but so far none have nested close by. They are simply magical to watch!

Stempelomi said...

oh how lovely is that!!

Redanne said...

Hi Darnell, I went over to Kim's place yesterday and she does explain it very well. I did sign up for Bloglovin because so many other have but they give you a list of those you follow but it is one whole day out of date!! Not much use to us regular bloggers.

Your card is stunning, the white against the blue is fabulous.

Sweet little birdie nest too, how intricate, neat and tidy..... Big hugs, Annie xx

Carol L said...

Your feathered card is beautiful and so unique! I L.O.V.E.
Thanks for sharing Kim's post! You've both cleared up a lot of questions for me in this fast-moving techy world! You're both awesome ;)

Bonnie said...

The first thing I thought of when I saw this beautiful card is

"Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all-"
by Emily Dickinson

I love the angel wings thought!

JD/ Jill said...

Beautiful card...I have lots and lots of beads...(have used very few) so you have inspired me to get them out and USE THEM! Thanks for sharing kim's post, I have bookmarked it to read later...I am NOT computer literate...so I am so happy when someone "helps" me to understand what is going on...
(I need all the help I can get...LOL)
Hope you have a good day...

Ardyth said...

Great combination of challenges - love the angel wings and the clever use of the beads! And I certainly HOPE we see skies that blue some day soon! Thanks so much for playing along with us at CASology this week!

Marybeth said...

Love the lone beaded feather! It's a beautiful CAS card! Sweet bird nest. We have two trees that hummingbirds nest in ever year, and so fun to watch from start to finish. Happy Easter to you and your family Darnell! Off to check out about readers.

Suze Bain said...

That feather is so fluffy, I'm envious of the lucky recipient of that beautiful card. How lovely is that ickle birdies nest and as for the sky - well it's a Scottish flag! Xx

Zippy said...

Lovely card, adore the feather xxx

Kristie Goulet said...

Beautiful use of beads and feather! So striking! TFS!!!

Harriet Skelly said...

Ooohh I love that feather with the pretty beads!

Gillian R said...

This is lovely Darnell

G Peplow said...

Fabulous Card Darnell, I love the bright blue card base and your beads on the feather work beautifully:D Mad pilots or wind? LOL Does look a little challenging I have to admit LOL Nature is so clever the little birds nest is a wonderful feat of engineering on the birds part, the magic of Spring, enjoy :0)Gay x

Pamela said...

Oh wow! Beautiful feather and I just love the way you string the beads in the middle! CAS-ual Friday Challenge!

Geri said...

A HUGE THANK YOU to Kim and Darnell for enlightening me....cuz I didn't have a flippin' clue about any of this stuff! Nice to know that I don't need to panic, although a new front end (and back end for that matter) would be nice!

Beautiful card Darnell. Absolutely love the sweet simplicity and the feeling of hope that it creates!


Anonymous said...

A beautifully adorned angel's wing, Darnell ... utterly gorgeous! Anita :)

Craftychris said...

I will pop over and read up on this whole blogging panic, thank you. Your card is stunning! The effect is gorgeous - I never think to use beads on my cards and I have loads! Maybe I should try! xx

Carole Z said...

Fab card - beautiful! Thanks for the explanation, I now know I don't have to do anything! Carole Z x

Alice said...

cool idea! love how you dressed up that feather! thanks for joining us this week at CAS-ual Fridays Challenge!

Kim Heggins said...

Stunning card Darnell and your info on Google Reader, fabulous. Don't you just love Kim S.??? She is amazing. I love your photo too with about the planes, I would like to think of it as King of the Hill but chicken, chicken sounds a bit scary!

Di said...

Lovely feather and beads there Darnell! Hmm, but did you mean the typo about where you got the beads? :)

Bwah, ha, ha - at least those pilots didn't draw a heart with an arrow through the centre.

And, the Playground is open as usual over Easter - just closing for Saturday afternoon like always - so I can clear away the sweetie papers and hide the Easter eggs for Sunday's egg hunt :)

Hugs, Di xx

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Darnell & Happy Easter weekend to you! Thanks for the link to the Google Reader info, it's as I thought, no panic required. Your card is beautiful, I love beads and this works so well in the LIM style. Such a sweet little nest you found. Cheers, Shirleyx

Karin said...

Gorgeous card! Great idea to use a feather, very beautiful!

Meghan said...

I will admit to a teensy bit of panic over the demise of Google Reader but I found Feedly so I'm okay! This is a gorgeous card full of hope! So glad you joined in on the fun at CASology this week!

Jenny said...

The beads and the feather put me in mind of a dream catcher... Love how you dressed up the angel feather :0)
Wow that nest is soooo tiny, what amazing creatures birds are!!!
Jenny x

Unknown said...

*sigh* gorgeous and oh so ethereal!

Kelly Griglione said...

LOVED your card for the CASual Fridays Challenge, Darnell! So glad you joined : ) The white and blue together with just the hint of color from the beads is simply heavenly. Great design! Hope you end up keeping the hummingbird nest. I saw one at a flea market for $20, isn't that crazy?!

I'm trying out Feedly too. I never really had a good blog reading habit ... just hop around. But maybe I can get a bit more structured now : )

Jen Nelson said...

simply fab darnell!!

Thanks for joining us this week
Jen xx
"Less Is More"

Judy1223 said...

Darnell, it is alsways such a pleasure to visit your blog...I always chuckle! Beautiful card...yes, that angelic white feather evokes great feelings of hope! What I really chuckled at was the fact that your beads were nicked off a store-bought card -- I thought I was the only one who did that sort of thing! So glad to know I'm not alone! Thanks for playing along at CASology this week!

Jacquie Southas said...

Love the angel feather for "hope" - great interpretation of the cue word. I was also wondering what the Google reader had to do with followers & your explanation summarizes everything so nicely!

Jean said...

This CAS perfection ~ love the feather and beads. A feather is a great symbol of hope!

Chrissie said...

Do you know I could have sworn that I had commented on this gorgeous creation already, but I don't seem to see anything from me here. What it is to be getting old!
This really is fab Darnell and I'm sorry I'm SO late in leaving a few words!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Melissa said...

How could this card NOT be hopeful with a feather from an angel's wing and that brilliant blue smiling from behind it?!!! So pretty, Darnell! I just happen to L.O.V.E. that quote you mentioned too... :)
Thanks so much for joining us yet again over at CASology! It's always a joy to come visit you!!

donna mikasa said...

This is a winner in my book, Darnell! CAS perfection! Thanks for stopping by to congratulate me on my HM shout out at CASology, too. You're such a sweetie!